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What if we could remember the Future? 

When we start to become more conscious it is then we are able to shift our interaction with time.

Everything that has happened and everything that will happen is occurring right now as time is positioned in space.

I often wonder if fate and free will are the same?

Life is filled with unlimited possibilities and probabilities, I truly believe we do create our reality, I also believe that the future has already occurred, time is not linear as we are taught and that infinite timelines are available to us depending on our thoughts and actions and everything is happening in the eternal now.

This may not make sense to you yet, I have learnt that life does not make sense if we think with the mind but if we allow our heart to lead us, we are able to nourish possibilities and in essence we become our own portal.

Over the last 2 years I have learnt to, listen with my eyes, see with my ears and taste with my heart.

What is Future Memories?

Future memories in my experience are series or sequence of events that have already occurred, they are not a premonition, they are a lived experience, a reality, much like remembering the past. It can be called a mental time travel.

It is the act of living in the advance, it is an emotional and very real reality, somehow time has overlapped the present, taste, smell, touch its all there.

It is not a past life, I have recalled many of those, this is different, I am Luisa in my future memories and what it indicates is a transformation in consciousness and stretches the boundaries of what is real.

Basically, it’s like growing the capacity of time in another direction, as opposed to looking back I look forward.

When we start to become more conscious it is then we are able to shift our interaction with time.

Everything that has happened and everything that will happen is occurring right now as time is positioned in space.

If we were to “look down” on the universe, we would see time and events spread out in all directions.

This would mean that time is not linear, as we have come to believe, but rather everything is ever present.

The whole concept of present, past, and future only shows up in relationship to consciousness. Without consciousness, what we call the future could just as easily be called the past, since time-flow has no meaning nor measurement outside of the experience of it.

The only reason I feel like I have a past is that my brain contains memories.

Having said that there is only the present, now, right here, right now, always.

Which asks the question, has the future already occurred?

The answer is yes. Has the past occurred, yes.

It is my belief from my experiences that the past, present and future has already happened.

I have been told – everything has been perfectly orchestrated, in divine timing. If you had met Edward too soon, you would never have got to know him, you would have never opened up to him, it is surprising, but in fact it is rather hard to get to know me on a very deep level and with this current global climate, I have spent hours speaking with Edward on the phone, something that may have taken many lifetimes.

I have learnt to connect more deeply in the non- physical realm, embracing the spiritual touch in the absence of the physical touch.

I have learnt to surrender to a higher power, I have learnt to trust my intuition – knowing that there is true freedom in this. I have learnt patience and compassion and discovered so much more about me, Luisa and most importantly I have learnt to embrace more love for myself which in turn I am able to offer to others.

Don’t allow circumstance to limit your potential, but rather see them as an opportunity. So often we become consumed by the details, that we forget to step back and look at the big picture.

Click the video here to understand my experiences

Here is my advice

You truly all have this capability, to embrace Future Memories. Here is my advice from my experiences.

Nurture relationships and value those who journey alongside you and don’t be afraid to tell them what they mean to you…often.

When we realize that we are the ones that create the story and that fear and our internal conflicts are all experiences of the soul, we allow something else to take its place, joy, hope, even love.

When you trust and surrender to a vision that you can’t fully see, choosing love not fear – this will offer you great freedom.

Fear holds us back but when we surrender to our guidance, intuition, faith we are following the soul’s desired path.

When we follow our intuition, we are able to open doors to portals of possibilities and alternate timelines.

We create our future dependent on our choices, like a sliding door. We always have ‘free will’

In the bigger picture there is no wrong choice, it’s just a different path, a different door. Although I do believe that the major events are unavoidable.

What if you followed your intuition and trusted that you were never wrong? What freedom that would be – leaving a job – what if? Moving cities or countries, what if? Following your passion, what if? Making that call, what if? Closing that door and choosing another, what if?, Living a full lived-life, what if?

Joy can be a catalyst for growth as opposed to suffering as a catalyst for growth – In future I always choose Joy.

At every stage of life, people make decisions that profoundly influence the lives of the people they will become.

Magic is there is you believe in it, if you wish to bring the magic to form as miracles you must just believe….

The fundamental meaning of it all of everything is – we are love and we come here for love, this is the greatest power we have, love is all there is and, in each moment of connection, there is the possibility of love – we are love in human form.

Now, here is the surprise! … Edward is planning to interview me for a Passion Harvest episode to be released in the next few weeks, so keep a look out for that its going to be fun.

Until next time, bye for now x

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