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We all came from love and we will all at some point return to love and we so often forget this. We look outside of us for people, places or events to offer us the love that we feel is lacking within us, when all the while, it is never lost, just forgotten. When we give away our feelings, our power our emotional dependence to the external environment we become dependant on this to bring us love and joy, which can never last.

Everything at some point disappears and the only thing we can be certain of is that we will remain.

When someone wants love what they are really asking for is happiness. And we all want that!

We struggle so hard for love, but it is one of the things we seem to be the most afraid of. What if we could embrace love with all its depths?

What if we could offer ourselves to love and be love, what if we could love all the unlovable parts of us.

What if we could speak and act and be from a place of love most of the time? … Well then you become a powerful manifestor to attract more love into your life.

Thoughts are energetic and feelings are magnetic so the more we think about love and the more we FEEL  love, we will bring more of this into our conscious reality.

Love is truly, the remembering and feeling of who you are in your essence. Love is sovereignty and freedom and excitement and passion, love lights up your heart.

We often make the object of our love the reason for the feelings of our love, but in fact it is us who creates the feelings and intensity of love. Love energises and inspires you, love makes you want to be a better person each day, love is freedom, love makes you whole. We can often confuse love with need which can lead to uncertainty, anxiety and fear – this is not love, this is lack or a cry for love, this is the absence of love.


When you come from a place of need, I need a partner to fulfill me; because I am lonely, because I want security, because I want children, because all my friends have a partner, because my mother has been planning my wedding for years and she is driving me crazy, because I am bored. Whatever it might be these are none of the real reasons.

All the material things you want about a partner is not what you really want?

Security, sex, status but that’s all the wrong reasons. That’s all material and yes, that counts too – its not lasting.

If you are coming from a place of Lack and Need – Best to wait until you are at your best – so you can find your vibrational match.


So if you go to vibrational (I just made that up) you will find your vibrational match, but be careful because if you are not at your best and you have not even completed half of your list of what and who you want to love – you will find your perfect match.

Would you want to go out with you?

Write down all the things you want in a partner and then become them. Be the love that you want – Make a list and be it

So, the secret is, in order to create your desire future – find love within you now. Don’t wait until you meet your partner, it doesn’t usually work like that. That is like saying ill be happy when this happens, or when I have this, or when I get this. You are still needing something outside of you to fulfill you and again that thing on the outside can also make you unhappy and will at some point disappear.

When you stop looking outside of yourself to fix you and look inside your internal landscape for nourishment it is then that the magic occurs. When you can sustain love within yourself and not wait for that person, place or thing to complete you, to make you happy, to fill you with excitement, its then that the miracles happen.


Unfortunately, YOU CAN’T ORDER LOVE LIKE PIZZA, but when it does happen its breathtaking and what you can do is show up, be vulnerable and be honest.

When you meet someone, who comes from a place of wholeness, that is something wonderfully rare to find. When two people are willing to come together, show up honestly, grow together, be willing to learn and be open – that’s when the magic happens.

Its not work – its when you don’t have a choice not to compliment each other and you are so whole that it becomes not so much what this can do for you but what you can do for the other. How can I make them feel? what do they need? what do they need to feel safe and heard and listened to and understood.

People spend lifetimes in unhappy, destructive and unfulfilling relationships, because their afraid, they are not honest with themselves and their partners and they do not love themselves. If they did, they may just move forward alone, whole completed.


In some relationships, to Be honest, be vulnerable and grow together – is not always possible.

But what you can do is, look at what you need to change within you. It is then your partner can either come with you or not.

Often the difficult relationships bring the greatest teachings and if we are consciously aware, we are able to transform and grow from the experience and learn and discover more of who we are. When you are finding someone hard to love, remember in part they are a reflection of you and a part of you that perhaps you are finding difficult to love, that really needs to be healed or released from within you.

A true loving relationship can offer deep fulfilment on all levels – emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. The key is to be yourself, work on yourself first, evolve together, show up at your best, always choose love, embrace freedom and be vulnerable.  Commit fully, allow your heart to open, allow you’re your heart to be broken because if you never took the chance, what’s the point?

If that person can’t meet you and show up at their best – they’re not the one and if you keep embracing love, the one will come, there can be no other way in this magnetic universe, it is the law of attraction.

Don’t settle for ok, don’t settle for average, don’t settle for anything less than wonderful, magnificent. While it will most certainly not always be easy, listen to your heart, it will tell you and deep down you will know, it just feels right, it feels whole, it feels as if it has always been, it feels complete.

Always, The greatest relationship is the one you have with yourself and when that’s whole, when that is built on a foundation of true love, of showing up at your best most of the time, this is when the miracles happen. This is when passion is realised, this is when your heart is open and ready to receive, this is when synchronicities occur frequently, this is when dreams are realised.

When the love you have for yourself takes precedence, it is then you will connect with others that have done the same and when you can meet on that level, you will be met as deeply as you have met yourself.

Much Love and until next time.


Luisa x


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