International Passion Ambassador, motivational speaker, coach, lightworker, bringing you back into alignment with your most empowered self to live your dream life.

‘I believe that by understanding and realising your passion you have the ability to change your life!’

Luisa, International  Passion Ambassador is a mother, a warrior and a dreamer who embraces life and seeks the fundamental truth of who we are. Luisa passionately embraces connecting with people across the globe to discover and unlock their passions.

This is one of her purposes and a fundamental part of her journey is to spread passion, fun, life and joy.

Luisa has the intuitive ability to connect you with your intrinsic passions, your souls yearning, your truth.

Luisa recognizes your fundamental desires and executes strategies to bring you back into alignment with your most empowered self, to help you create a life with meaning, purpose and Freedom.

'I am no sage from the stage, I am just Luisa, a girl once lost, who woke up as a woman and looked around and decided to jump and in that ability to find my Freedom and follow my Passion, I know
that I have the same ability to help you.'

Through her Podcasts, Videos, Passion talks, Passion Mentoring and A Passionate Life courses, Luisa embraces her passion and her upmost desire to active you soul’s connection, the purpose of who you are, your unique you.

'Your Passion is your Soul connecting with you.'

Truly thank you for reading this whole page and if this resonates with you and makes you think, and makes you dream then its the right time to connect with us.