"Are You Ready for a Whole New Life? "

Discover the Fullness of Your
Multi-Dimensional Self.


What is
Mystical Mastery?

Mystical Mastery with Luisa is a one – one, in person online 16-week journey of spiritual evolution as we explore and create a unique vision for your life.

Discover a deeper meaning and purpose for your life – find clarity in why and what you have come to experience in this incarnation. Mystical Mastery is designed to fast-track your growth and allow you to recognise your Divine Soul Aligned path.


‘Are You Ready for a Whole New Life?’

Is Mystical Mastery right for Me?

If you are ready to learn how to develop your gifts, talents, strengths and intuitively connect with your Divine non-physical support team to transform your timelines and align with your true soul path then Mystical Mastery is for You.

Mystical Mastery will challenge you to explore your higher purpose, release cyclic wounds, overcome fear, and allow you to connect and embrace the life your soul has come here to live.

What’s Included in Mystical Mastery?

Whether you are just beginning or perhaps you have been on the path for a long time –

This 16-week Private Mastery Coaching Program with Luisa provides the fundamental elements to your profound spiritual growth.

  • Private Coaching. one-one

    Private Coaching 1-1 each week with for 90 minutes with Luisa.

  • Intuited Energetic Healing

    Each week Luisa will connect with your soul and read your energetic field and scan your physical body to understand what is asking to be cleared, healed, or released allowing you to move forward towards your most aligned path.

  • Recordings

    Each week you will receive tailor made Guided Meditation to raise your conscious awareness and elevate your field to expand and develop a deeper connection with Divine Light, bringing this Light back to your human incarnation.

  • Manifesting

    To allow you to attract your hearts deepest desires in alignment with your life path and purpose.

  • Intuited Communication

    Luisa will intuitively receive and identify for you each week new ways to energetically organize your life to make space for your continued soul growth manifestations.

  • BONUS Included with Mystical Mastery

    You will also receive weekly Intuited Readings with Luisa, new ways to energetically organize your life to make space for your continued soul growth manifestations.

    The information source may vary, from Ikshar (who I was in a past life where I had the gift of sight), Higher Consciousness, the Multi-Dimensional Realm, the Non-physical, the Quantum Field,- although always information of the highest vibration.


What is the Core Program in
Mystical Mastery?

While the sessions are Intuitive, the Mastery Training covers an extensive range of foundational and advanced skill to help you develop your dreams into reality.


How to Embody Love!

Build a strong Foundation to Thrive.

  • Explore a deeper understanding of your connection to greatness.
  • Clarify your life purpose and soul lessons.
  • Re-program your emotional signatures.
  • Heal your wounds – allowing the space to nurture soul lessons.
  • Navigate conflict and contrast and transform your life experiences into an opportunity for spiritual growth.
  • Nurture a greater connection with self and overcome fear.

You will have a clear understanding of the foundations of your reality and how to navigate your life to the life you desire. Understand the nature of consciousness, recognise the power of love and the energy spectrum field to embark on your most aligned path.


Your Soul

Explore a Deeper Connection with Your Natural True Essence

  • Identify your soul lessons.
  • Trust the many ways your soul is communicating with you.
  • Uncover layers of your soul growth across lives.
  • Align and nurture your soul path, to positively change the timelines to your most aligned life path.
  • Work with the Elementals & The Power of Nature to support your growth.
  • Reclaim your power.

You will have a deeper understanding of how your Soul intuitively connects with you and guides you. Explore parallel timelines and other incarnations of your over Soul. Recognise teachings and lessons in this lifetime that are guiding you to remove cyclic layers and take a journey to clarity of how you can become Whole.


Communicate with Your Guides

Feel and Recognise this Divine Supportive Relationship

  • Embrace a greater connection and method of communication with your Spirit Guides & Angels.
  • Luisa co-creates with the multi-dimensional realms – always of the highest loving vibrational order, opening you to higher vibrational frequencies both on the physical and nonphysical dimensions.
  • Call in your non-physical team to recognise - signs, symbols and synchronises.
  • Explore the many ways your transitioned loved ones are communicating with you.
  • Create the foundations of mediumship and channeling with automatic writing, frequency integration and verbal and non verbal communication.

Develop your mediumship skills to communicate with the frequency of the non-physical dimensions. Recognise how to feel your Guides and establish a loving relationship with them. Listen to messages from loved ones and develop and awareness of trust and presence.


All the Tools!

Allow the New Version of you to be Embodied

  • Understand energy and how to bring it into form.
  • Clarity of the timeline you wish to journey and understand how to achieve it.
  • Work with your non-physical team to offer you Divine Guidance.
  • Review your perceptions of reality and consciousness.
  • Clear and release patterns of awareness that are inhibiting your desired experience.
  • Recognize and execute strategies to bring you back in alignment with your most empowered self.
  • Leverage your unique platform to be the best version of you and create your life with Freedom and Joy.

Be ready for a New You. The Future You, that you wish to be. Allow, love and trust yourself with your most creative heart Song and recognize that You are a most unique and special gift in this world.

How much does Mystical Mastery cost?

The investment for Mystical Mastery is $3,680 USD.
A payment plan (4 monthly payments of $920 USD), $230 USD per week.


‘Are You Ready for a Whole New Life?’

This is Your Time!

Mystical Mastery is designed to fast track your growth and allow you to explore your Divine Soul Aligned path.

I would be honored to take this 16-week journey of Self-Discovery with you, and I am REALLY looking forward to meeting you!

Luisa x