‘I am not always aware of what information will come through, but the loving energy will always be what the client needs to hear.’


$180 USD

‘We all have this ability, it’s just that some of us have just forgotten, and when we remember we come home.’

The information source may vary, from Ikshar (who I was in a past life where I had the gift of sight), Higher Consciousness, the Multi-Dimensional Realm, the Non-physical, the Quantum Field,- although always information of the highest vibration.

I align best in a quiet meditative space and focus on your energetic field, exploring your questions and any other details you have provided. This information is received telepathically but mostly visually.

Whilst the information comes through me, we live in a universe of free-will and sovereignty. It will be your responsibility to choose what you do with this information and indeed which timeline you choose.

When booking you will be able to include any details, questions, issues or anything else you would like to be explored.

The reading will be emailed as an MP3 audio file – sent as a link to the email address you provided in the booking. The recording generally runs for about 50 minutes.


“I did a HUGE healing
around all that you
brought forward.”


“I don’t like spending money or giving things away; I’m so tight that I check under the bed every morning to see if I’ve lost any sleep during the night! So if someone like me says that spending money on an intuitive reading from Luisa is money well spent, then you can take that as a guarantee. I’ve spent almost fifty years on this planet and the forty minutes or so that Luisa spent talking about me was the most enlightening thing I’ve ever heard. Take the plunge, you won’t regret it. X”


“Listening to Luisa describe what she saw after telling her my story sent goosebumps through me. I felt like she truly understood my experience. Her third eye ‘site’ is incredibly clear. But more than that. Luisa has the capacity to not only see what most people miss seeing in the unconscious realms, she has the ability to feel and sense and hear it all at once. She also had the worldly experience and sensitivity to explore what can best made use of with this information in a safe way for you.

To open up a portal of hope. To discover a new, brighter pathway. To trigger a creative idea. To remember and harness the truth of who we are. Luisa is the perfect guide for you to begin to develop your own skills to take this insightful journey between worlds.”

Clinical Counsellor, Health and Well-being in Life and
Business Mentor, Shamanic Path and Practice Practitioner.