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Therapist REVEALS DETAILED PAST LIVES! WHY We Reincarnate? & Lives on OTHER PLANETS | Simon Bown

Ever wondered about the mysteries of what lies beyond death?

Simon Bown has encountered remarkable experiences that sheds light on past lives, in-between lives, reincarnation, parallel lives and life on others planets.

Hypnosis is an amazing thing. It gives us access to the subconscious, to our higher selves and beyond. When someone is hypnotised they find themselves in a wonderfully relaxed state where the conscious mind can take a back seat and allow room for a more enlightened view of the universe.

Being guided through a past life regression by a certified hypnotherapist is a powerful experience. I have a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy from the UK National Council for Hypnotherapy and a certificate in Past Life Regression Therapy from the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. I have full professional insurance.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Simon Bown

00:00:37 Luisa
Simon Bown, welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m really looking forward to our conversation today and welcome.
To the show.

00:00:44 Simon Bown
It’s really nice to be here. I’ve I’ve watched your YouTube videos and it’s quite exciting to be here.

00:00:49 Luisa
Ohh and I’m so happy to have you here. Well, let let’s dive in. And the work you do is very, very interesting.
One of my favourite topics past life regressions.
For the audience, if you don’t mind, well, you can start wherever you want, but past life regression and and some of your experiences with past life regression.

00:01:10 Simon Bown
Well, there’s so much to say. I could talk for hours.

00:01:14 Luisa
You you can say whatever you want or your journey and life changing experiences, whatever. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

00:01:22 Simon Bown
OK, well I was taken through my first past life regression back in about 1980.
Seven and I would go to the College of Psychic Studies in London and not as a student, but you could pay a little bit of money and all the students could practise on you. So I saw a medium there and psychics and a trance medium. And there was somebody doing this. So they took me into this past life regression.
And it’s this thing where all these emotions come to you, and all the imagery comes to you in.
Your mind’s eye.
And so you you really get a powerful experience. And I found myself as a 7 year old girl in a park in London.
And it was 1895, and I just knew the year and I could see a woman and a man, and they had a pram with a baby in it. And that was my mum and dad and my little brother. And there was a dog running around. And I knew that was my dog and I recognised the father as somebody that I knew in this life.
So that I just knew that this person was a father in past life, but they were my best friend and this.
And one thing is that two years later, I was in a part of North London I’d never been to before, and there was the park exactly as I’d seen it in the past life regression. And it was.
On a very.
Steep slope. So it was quite unusual as as parks go a, you know, a town planner wouldn’t look at that space.
And think, ah, this is a great place for our park and also the Victorian houses in that area would just like the houses that I’d seen in this past life regression.
And I went further into that life. And I saw myself as a nurse in the First World War and that I was in these kind of army hospitals that were just a couple of miles behind the front lines. And all these soldiers were coming in with these terrible injuries. And it was very.
And kind of stressful. And there was a lot of anxiety and rushing around trying to help all these men. And I can remember this, the emotions that were there and one of.
It’s it’s not an emotion.
Or a thought I.
Had before, but the nurses uniforms were very long skirts, down to their ankles and I was rushing around the beds and I felt this annoyance were like, why do we have to wear these long skirts they’re getting in the way all the time.
And that’s not something I’d ever felt before, obviously, and it, but at the same time, it felt like it was an old annoyance that I’ve been thinking that way for a long time. And so that past life regression really stuck with me and really informed me on what it’s like.
Like and I went through another past life regression and another one, but it was over a number of years and I got to this point where I felt like I wanted to take people through these.
And as well as having a deep interest in near death experiences and mediumship and all this kind of what you might say about consciousness surviving death is how I’d kind of say it. And so I wanted to do it properly. So I got a full diploma in clinical hypnotherapy.
He and then I went on and got a certificate. In past life regression therapy. So now I take people through.
Past life regression.
Therapy and exploration because when I was doing it, I just wanted to explore just to see what came up.
And it was one of those later past life regressions, I returned to that life.
Where I’ve been a nurse and this time I was married and I was in London and I was just in this scene where I was standing next to a car on the street and I was with my husband and we were getting ready to get in the car and there was something going wrong. And I was I was saying and I’ll sort it out. But the husband was very patronising.
Of a kind of. Oh, you’re just a woman. You’re a silly little woman. You wouldn’t know how to sort these things out. And I felt this terrible anger. And it was this feeling of how how can you think that? Just because I’m a woman, I’m not capable. And this feeling of this, all the things that I went through in the war, the the terrible things we had to deal with.
I’m a strong person. You can’t treat me like this. So that was really insightful. Getting this woman’s viewpoint of being treated like that by a man.
And that that was really insightful again, and it’s these things that come up in past life regression that can be so unexpected but so useful in a way in in life. And I’ve done hundreds of sessions with people and sometimes things come up that’s so unexpected.
But they make perfect sense and how they relate to our current life, and that’s where they can be so healing and so insightful and so useful.
So that’s why I go through them and I take people through them.

00:06:20 Luisa
That was wonderful. Thank. Thank you, Simon. And you were talking about that past the past life that you experienced. It’s so specific. You had the date. You had. All these experiences. Are you?
For those that haven’t had a past life regression, you’re so you’re not only observing you in another life, you you are feeling all the emotions, experiences of that individual.

00:06:46 Simon Bown
Yeah, yeah. And when I take people through past life regressions, I often see people in.
And afterwards they they never tell me off. How dare you make me cry? They’re they’re more like. Wow, that was amazing. And it’s almost the thing now where I I finished the session. I can go and see my wife and go. I made them cry and my wife go. Yeah. Excellent. Well done.

00:07:09 Luisa
So what? What?
What, for example, what does give that example as you as the child or as the nurse? How does that assist you guide you in this lifetime as Simon?
Having that experience.

00:07:23 Simon Bown
I I suppose of for that past life, it’s about being more insightful and aware of a woman’s experience in life. I mean, I obviously that’s just a little couple of flashes I had, but it was just that feeling of the way the man.
Was treating me and that I I would never experience that in any other part of my life.
And and that and there was another past life I went to actually where?
I was so myself as a dancer, a woman in London, in the Big West End musicals and finishing work and going to a nightclub at like 1:00 AM. And so I was sober and tired after work, and we was with the friends just having a quick drink. And these guys were trying to chat to us all the time. And so I had the feeling there of.
With these bloody men, why do they? Why can’t they just leave us alone? Well, they have to keep trying to chat us up, you know.

00:08:21 Luisa
Well, I guess in this life, perhaps you have certain sympathy or empathy for women. Different perspective.

00:08:28 Simon Bown
Yeah. Yeah, just a little.

00:08:30 Luisa
Bit and interesting how we people often say we’ll return with, you know, the same souls, the lifetime of the nurse that was your father is now you said your best friend.

00:08:41 Simon Bown
Yeah, yeah. And that this is this idea that, you know, there’s a soul group that we all Incarnate with and every life. Well, I suppose not every life. It’s it’s I kind of see it like it’s a a play and you have an ensemble of actors and just like before you start the play you cast the roles. That’s like the saying before life you.
Talk to your.
Sole group. And who’s gonna play which role in your life and what they’re gonna do and how they’re gonna help you learn your lessons.
So that that’s kind of how I see it.

00:09:13 Luisa
Have you told your best friend that he was your father in a previous life?

00:09:18 Simon Bown
Yes, yes.

00:09:18 Luisa
OK. And he didn’t think you were too weird?

00:09:23 Simon Bown
No, he knows I’m weird anyway, but he’s not really into all this stuff. So he didn’t fuss him at all. Really.

00:09:25 Luisa
And have there. Obviously you do. You’ve done so many past life regression regression sessions have there. Do you mind sharing any with the audience that have just been profoundly insightful for you or for the client?

00:09:46 Simon Bown
Yeah, there there was one where.
I was taking a woman through a past life regression and we found her in this past life scene. It was the Victorian era. She was standing in front of the stove and she was doing the cooking and she had a husband and two children at the table and she said, oh, my brothers just walked in and I said what your your past life brother? She said no. My current life brother.
He died a year ago.
And he’s just walked in, he said. He’s just come here to.
Tell me he’s OK.
And so for her, that was very insightful. And she was in tears when that happened.
And there’s also point to every past life regression where I take the person into the space between lives, where we hope to encounter their spirit guide. And we can ask them all sorts of questions.
I can never guarantee they’ll show up because they don’t always show up, but there have been times in that space deceased, loved ones have shown up to say hello. Well, they’ve even turned out that the grandmother was their spirit guide or one of their spy.
The guides.
And there’s all these things you can ask them about what is my purpose in this life? And am I on the right path and can ask them all about their past lives and that.
Can be really.
Useful from a therapeutic point of view as well as just getting insights.

00:11:06 Luisa
Absolutely fascinating. So from your experiences and your aggression sessions, what happens in between lives?

00:11:15 Simon Bown
Well I I read.
These books by Michael Newton, I’m not sure if you know his stuff, and there’s the you might meet with the soul group and your spirit guides and there’s.
The Council of elders.
And there’s, you know, other places you might call it the Hall of Knowledge or the Akashic Records, and then a place of healing. And then you start to prepare for your.
Next life, you might choose your body and like you choose who’s going to be in your life.
I have had it where we’ve got to that space and the spirit guide is there and that that is supposed to be all we do because it’s it’s not a long life between live session, but the spirit guides kind of hijacked it and said, no, we’re we’re going on now, we’re going to see the Council of ours. Well, we’re going to meet with the with the other people, people in your soul group.
And so that those do spring up those things. And if they happen, then I go with them because.
Whatever happens in a past life regression, it’s kind of chosen for you by your spirit guides and your higher self and they know all your past lives and they’ll show you what is best for you. So I always feel that if they want to take you on somewhere, then we we gotta go for it, cause it’s going to be good for you.

00:12:26 Luisa
So interesting. And have you do you do regressions with taking people to the point of death from their physical body when their physical body dies?

00:12:35 Simon Bown
Yeah, yeah, yeah. And there’s different techniques for that. There’s this thing you don’t want to read traumatise people, but if you see it, it’s like I say, the Spirit Guide showing it, you showing it to you for a reason. So we can get to that point and I’ll be able to say to the person.
OK, now you can be a third person in the room and you’re watching what’s happening.
And leave that.
Body behind leave behind the emotions and the sensations. But you still get an understanding. You still get to see what the spirit guides trying to show you, but if if it’s more traumatic then I could say OK, now you’re outside.
There’s a big, heavy locked door there, but there’s a little window and you can see through the window what’s happening, but you feel this tremendous protection from this big, heavy door. So we we move away from the trauma if we need to. We don’t always do that. It depends on the therapy that we’re doing. And I once had a client, there was this guy.
And he was crying his eyes out. And there was he was at the point where somebody in his family was dying. His past life, family. And I said to him, OK, we can move away from this now. And he said no, no, no. I have to stay here. I have to see what happens. And so he he really went into it and he found it to be really useful.
But it it’s a thing where sometimes you do past life regression therapy and you do several sessions and it kind of builds up and gets more intense as you go along.
But because you’ve done the earlier sessions, you know how it feels and how it works, and you’re more prepared to get into those spaces.

00:14:11 Luisa
It’s it’s just absolutely fascinating. So with sole purpose and I mean, I’m always asked what’s my sole purpose, is there common themes for a sole purpose or lessons that we choose to learn in this lifetime?
And what is the sole purpose for the audience if no one knows?
Well, I suppose there’s there’s.

00:14:34 Simon Bown
The thing is, what is your purpose in this life? Why are you here? What? You’re here to learn. That is the the kind of thing. And like we can ask the spirit guide that when we get to that point, if if they want to talk about it. But it’s it’s like a an example I would give is myself again, my past life regressions.
I have seen three different past lives where I was rejected.
And I found that the lesson that I had chosen to learn in that life was rejection.
But in one of the lives I was with a partner and they said I’m, I’m just going to go off and see my family for three or four days and I’ll be back, was like, OK and then you hear from them and they sent a letter saying I’m getting married. I’m never going to.
See you again.
So that’s a terrible rejection.
But then I saw another life where I seemed to be a man in Mexico, and he wasn’t too clever and his parents looked after him his whole life. And if ever he had a job, he he made a right mess of it and lost his job because he just wasn’t too clever. And then his parents died and he ended up living on the street.
Seats and the whole town was annoyed with him and this it seemed to be about 3 or 400 years ago and I saw him dying on the street of malnutrition and.
That’s another form of rejection. A whole town rejecting you because of that.
And so you could say, oh, I’ve, I’ve come my lifes purpose is to learn about rejection. But you might have to do 10 or 20 lives and each one’s a different.
Form of rejection.
And then you might have another 10 or 20 lives. You’re learning about something else, and so your soul is always trying to learn all this stuff from these different angles. So you have lessons and that’s that maybe your your life purpose, what your soul is trying to learn.
But at the same time, your soul doesn’t put its in its whole self in the body in the life.
And it may just decide to put 20% of its energy into that life and then 20% of its energy in another life.
And so we get parallel lives happening and they get.

00:16:42 Luisa
Oh, my God. Such a fascinating subject.
And then please go on, sorry to interrupt.

00:16:48 Simon Bown
And then it gets more complicated because I’ve had people on my podcast who I’ve interviewed have said, yeah, but.
The spirit the soul might put energy into lots of lives, but they’re on different earths and different universes, so there may be 10 louises living right now on different earths and different universes. It’s one soul experiencing all these different lives and each one takes a different path because you might make a different decision.
About some major life thing and takes you off in a.
Right. And then the other idea of it is that because in the afterlife there is no time, everything’s happening in the same moment your soul is experiencing all of the lives in the same moment. They’re not one after the other. They’re all happening right now.
And I that’s why I kind of see it as like a tree that, you know, tree of life kind of thing is.
The the.
The the trunk and the branches are the soul, and each leaf is a different life and the trees experiencing all the leaves at the same time, so that that’s that’s a way of looking at it.
And this another guy said to me when one of the your other lives on another earth dies, they come and join you in this life. They don’t go back to the the centre, back to the soul. And it’s only when all of them have joined together they go back into the soul and the soul learns from all of this.

00:18:18 Luisa
It’s so complicated, I feel the same way. So just to clarify for the audience, the parallel lives.
People have different terms for it. It’s it’s multiple.
Incarnations of Louisa, based on the choices I make.
And then our past lives are all happening consecutively.
Because there is no time.
Yeah. Concurrently. Yeah. Concurrently. And we have an oversoul. We have one soul that governs watches, learns from.
All the individual units of consciousness, we could call them.

00:18:58 Simon Bown
Yeah, yeah.

00:19:01 Luisa
OK, no, I agree. But it’s just it’s almost mind blowing and complicated.

00:19:09 Simon Bown
Yeah, I know. And one thing I I was interviewing a guy recently. He’s written a book about coma and near death experience and people in coma have these out of body experiences and even go on with full near death experience. And they’re rigged up to some devices and they doctors can see that.
You know they’re not dead.
But their their brain is kind of almost flatlined, not that they’re dead, but it’s at a very low level and they can register any consciousness or.
Any thought or?
If you’re having dreams and they register nothing and the doctors may say, well, you cannot experience anything in a coma, no dreams, no nothing.
But this guy’s written this book and he’s interviewed so many people and they talk about how they find themselves standing next to their hospital bed, looking at their body and watching what happens. And then when they come out, the coma, they describe it.
And the people go.
That’s that’s correct. Ask how could you know that stuff?
But he’s also found there were people who say they lived another life.
And there was a guy who was in a coma for seven days and he came out of it and he said I lived another life for 22 years on another Earth.
And I fought in a war for a year, and I had a job and a family, and the doctors would say it’s just a delusion, you know, hallucinating you you when you came out of the coma, you were full of drugs. But he he was saying absolutely not that that I thought this was the dream. And then he came across a woman who was in a coma for 48 days and she said.
I lived another life on another earth for seven years and I had a baby.
And now she’s come out of the coma here, the baby’s gone, and she went in.
This terrible grief.
Cause for her. She’s lost a child.
And so that’s almost sounds like a connection to your soul having another life on another earth in another universe.
And it’s that’s not just those two people who told him this sort of story. He’s heard it from several people. So there’s something weird there going on because these people are absolutely sure that it was just as real as our lives are now. There was no sense of it being a dream or a delusion.

00:21:27 Luisa
Well, I guess what is real when you say another earth? What? I mean, I’m thinking in humanist terms, it’s another physical, it’s real for them. Are there other Earths?

00:21:40 Simon Bown
You know, it seems to be what what they were saying is that one of the guys said there’s the same places, but they’re in a different place.
He said if you look at the map of the United States, there’s all the same states, but they’re in different parts of the.
And he said that, you know, it’s like McDonald’s here, the signs are red and they’ve got the yellow M but there it was green with.
The blue M.
So everything was a little different and a little off kilter is another earth.
But it it seems pretty much the same.

00:22:14 Luisa
Have you done regressions with people as potentially extraterrestrials? Or living, of course, on other planets?

00:22:23 Simon Bown
Yeah. Yeah. And that’s that’s kind of spontaneous. It’s not that I choose which past life they see. And I I had a guy who went to a life where he said it was kind of aquatic. He said it was not like whales or dolphins, but at the same time, it was like whales or dolphins and that he was working with this much larger.
Sea creature and it was terribly, powerfully psychic, and it would send this positive energy out amongst the planet that he was on, and there were several of them, and he was an apprentice and he.
Have I don’t know how many years, maybe 100 years and he would get to that point where that was his job.
And we met with the Spirit guide. They said what was the point of this life and the spirit Guide said that was you in training to come to Earth.
As part of your job on Earth is to just be positive and send out, you know that positive vibes to everybody.
And it took a whole 100 years on another planet in training just to have a normal life on Earth.
And because that’s, that’s the sort of impression I get is that Earths are really tough school and you’ve gotta go through some easier ones before you come.

00:23:36 Luisa
Yeah, it it can be very tough. I mean, there’s so much in consciousness that we.
I’m not aware of there’s so much there. It’s it’s just mind blowing Earth. Well off often can be a tough school. There’s no doubt we’re going to experience conflict.
Why do you think this one? We all of us in at some point suffer so much?

00:24:01 Simon Bown
It seems to be it’s part of the learning that the experience the souls want to have.
And I have wondered about this and talked to people on my podcast, this idea that perhaps there always be suffering on Earth because souls will always want to experience that.
And we may look at it from two points of view. One is the human point of view and the other one is the soulful point of view where we’ll be living a life and thinking that’s it. I’m done. I’m never coming back here. I don’t want to reincarnate.
And your souls looking down on it and the life and what it’s learning, thinking this is fantastic. I’m definitely coming back here. I’m learning a lot.
In this place.

00:24:42 Luisa
People often say I never want to reincarnate again onto Earth, and there’s no way do you think we have a choice?

00:24:52 Simon Bown
This seems to be that’s what they say.
And I also think that.
Sometimes we have a view of Earth as being the centre of everything.
But actually it’s just one planet amongst the billions of planets in this Galaxy amongst billions of galaxies in the universe. And we’re not the centre of everything. We’re just another sort of average earth, I suppose. And we can Incarnate all over the universe, so maybe we won’t come back here. Maybe we’ll go and have.
Five or six lives on an easier school and then come back here.
But it seems to be the goal is to get to that point where you don’t Incarnate and you don’t become physical again.

00:25:32 Luisa
So there is an endpoint that’s in your opinion.

00:25:36 Simon Bown
Yeah, this is what I hear because I’ve I’ve done over 300 episodes of my podcast and all all this different people I’ve talked to, it seems to be, you know, your it’s almost like you have your lives wherever they are, whichever planet, and eventually you get to a point you don’t need to Incarnate anymore some people or some spirits.
Souls choose to reincarnate anyway, but.
You could then graduate and you become a soul guide and you you have all that experience, so you can guide souls who are on Earth or wherever, and then you might move up from there and you become a member of the Council after you’ve done a certain amount of soul guide work. And then from the Council, you move on somewhere else. And I I’ve heard of someone calling it the grand cycle.
That you, you come down and you work your way up and then you go back to you know what they call source or the creator and you go back there and you spend time there and it’s almost like that’s the goal. That’s the end.
But then you get sent out again to do another grand cycle.

00:26:41 Luisa
Ohh no.

00:26:44 Simon Bown
Yeah. So.

00:26:44 Luisa
What? What is the point of?
It all.

00:26:47 Simon Bown
I have no idea.
We we just gotta live our lives. Yeah, what one thing I’ve I find is that when I talk to people I’ve had near death experiences, they seem to have great insights. And, you know, they talk about how it’s.

00:26:51 Luisa
Honest answer.

00:27:04 Simon Bown
All about love.
And they tend to move away from materialistic things. They don’t try and get lots of money in a big house and a.
Nice car. It’s more about helping people and being selfless.
And I think that’s more the point of living a life on Earth is it’s not all about you, it’s it’s about others and.
You know, not being selfish, not being inconsiderate.

00:27:32 Luisa
Something it seems to be all about us.
Simon, where where’s the best place? I will leave a link in the show notes. Where’s the best place for to connect with you? And you mentioned your podcast as well. Do you mind sharing that?
With the audience.

00:27:49 Simon Bown
Yeah. So the podcast which right there is, yeah, I’ll, I’ll paranormal afterlife that’s over 300 episodes and each one’s an interview with somebody with some kind of experience or was doing research. And I talked to near death experiences mediums doctors who researched deathbed.
Visions children with past life memory.
Is and that is, you know, Spotify and Apple and everywhere. And my website is past lives and offer free consultation. You can go on my calendar and book it and we’ll talk for 20 minutes. And if you want to do a past life regression, try and work out.
If it’s what you need, if it’s what you want, and I’ve got another podcast which is the Alien UFO podcast. And that’s 100 episodes I’ve done so far, and that it’s interesting because it’s kind of linking up with my other podcast where we’re seeing.
Afterlife stuff showing up in UFO stuff and it’s it’s all connected in some way.
And even though I’ve done 400 episodes, I’ve I feel like I’m just starting. There’s so much to learn.

00:29:05 Luisa
There is. I want to ask you about Alien UFO course. You’re a busy man, by the way. Just one last question on this spirit guides. Have you seen in your minds eye or in your regression what your spirit guides look like?

00:29:20 Simon Bown
I have it. That’s like one thing I come across is spirit guides have a great sense of humour.
And it’s almost like saying, you know, it’s the afterlife is not all solemn. You don’t all just sit around and study and try and learn things. And when I was in this past life regression.
I was saw myself as a young man on the streets of London. I was 17 or 18 and I had a new suit and I just had a haircut and I thought I was fantastic and I was walking down the street and I walked into this pub and then I shot up and went right out of the.
Roof and went higher and higher and eventually I was in orbit looking down on the Earth.
And there was this big black hole to my right. The hole in space. And I went over to it and I looked in it. And it was, I was too scared. And then suddenly I’d ZAP I was back in the room with the hypnotherapist.
And he hadn’t directed me to do any of this, but I felt my spirit guide with me. And if it was almost like their cheek was touching my cheek and they were looking down, their huge smile on their face.
And to my right, there was a wall about 3 feet away, but I could see 20 feet away. There was a whole group of people, maybe 20 of them, with this really bright light behind them. And I could just see the silhouettes and I got this message that said, we’re so pleased you came here and did this today and.
So I kind of got a vision of my spirit guide there, but then I passed.
Until another past life regression I went in.
So that between live space and it was like a disco and it was always like my soul group was there and there was that Saturday night fever floor with all the lights and they all dancing. And there was a disco ball and my spirit guide came over dancing and he was doing the Macarena and walking like an Egyptian and dancing around. And.
We were talking about certain things.
And then it seemed to get serious. And the thing was, the Spirit guide morphed into a woman.
And it was. It’s almost like now, if ever I.
Encounter the Spirit guide.
You see the woman and I think I we’re getting serious.
But with the spirit guide that when you presenting as male it it changes clothes and appearance and there was a time where it was changing its appearance like every second I’d see a different person.
And it was kind of like the message was don’t look at me as one person. I’ve had all these lives. I’m all these.
And so that with the spirit guides, it’s almost like they can present themselves in any way they want, male or female, young or old, in any way they want to look. And it’s a thing.
Where the unexpected spirit guides can show up sometimes as well. I’ve had them show up as horses or dogs, and they they’ve shown up as just a ball of light. I’ve had them show up as like your grandparents.
But they’ve said I’m not really your grandparent. This is just a a way of appearing that will make you feel comfortable while we talk about this stuff.

00:32:35 Luisa
I love how you express that, because we always think they’re fixed in one visual image, but of course their energy, their consciousness. So of course they can transform into whatever.
We notice.

00:32:49 Simon Bown
Yeah, yeah.

00:32:50 Luisa
Whatever we need at the time, so that’s a really interesting way to describe it. What’s your advice for the audience? How can we connect with our spirit guides more?

00:33:01 Simon Bown
Well, that’s a question I asked them.
We’re in that space and.
I’ve got a whole.
List of questions I work from and that’s one of them. How can we have stronger contact with you going forward? I almost always say meditation.
It’s. It’s a thing about having a clear mind and getting in that mind space, but there’s also a thing of.
It’s weird. It’s almost like if if you were doing the dishes.
And it’s something you, you you can do on automatic. And so you start daydreaming and your winds, your mind starts wondering and your mind goes into a different space then. And it’s that sort of mind space as well that can have a connection.

00:33:41 Luisa
Yes, like sort of something monotonous and you just switched off. You’re not thinking that I love that.
Now I have to ask you about your podcast or aliens and UFOs.

00:33:53 Simon Bown
Yeah, but I for me the the way I am, it’s like the more weird it is, the more interesting I find it. And so I’ve been talking to a lot of people who say they’ve had this thing of alien abduction, but that they don’t like to call it that they call themselves experiences, and they they encounter ET’s.
But it gets very weird. It gets very bizarre and it’s it’s something to do with consciousness and they talk about how when they go off with the EMT’s, sometimes they look round and their body is still in the bed. So it’s like their soul or their consciousness is taken and not their body.
But at the same time, sometimes they wake up and they have a mark on their body that a triangular cut or something that’s obviously not accidental because it’s so triangular and straight, and what have you. And I talked to a guy last night for an episode. This is Steve Neil. He’s a special effects guy in Hollywood. He builds.
The Starship Enterprise and Spocks ears and these things.
But he went to a get a an X ray cause he had something in his arm and the, the radiologist said. When did you break your arm? And he said I’ve never broken my arm. And they looked at the X ray and.
His bones were cut.
And it was a really straight cut, like a laser had gone through them. It wasn’t a snap. And he told the radiologist. I’ve got no idea about this. And the radiologist threw him out because he thought he was lying to him about never having his arm broken.
And then there’s these things with fake scenarios where it seems like they put you through something to see what your emotions are like they’re testing.
Yeah. And it’s just it gets so weird. And just finally on this side of things is Whitley. Strieber had his book out called Communion the late 1980s, which had this picture of this alien face on it. And lots of people saw that book and that face. And they wrote to him and said I recognised this face.
You got over 10,000 letters.
Because, you know, it was before the Internet and his wife read them all, and it’s now a book called the Communion Letters. But she said two things about them is that she’s more likely to believe it. If it’s really bizarre. And the other thing is that this is somehow connected with death.
That there’s something going on with consciousness and the afterlife, and that it’s connected to it.
Because the Whitley Streep has said that he’d be in his cabin in the woods and he’d have wake up, and as an EMT sitting on his bed.
And then somebody was staying with them in the basement bedroom. They come out and say.
I saw a spirit.
A dead person downstairs. I woke up and they were there and it was kind of like the ET’s were showing up.
And the spirits were showing up, and it was somehow connected.

00:36:54 Luisa
Why do you think? Why do you think we’re we’re? Why do you think it is? Are here.

00:37:01 Simon Bown
I don’t know.
It it’s, it’s that thing of consciousness and there’s a physical side to it.
There’s been all sorts of reports of children, hybrid children that so many, many.
Of these, people talk about whether they’re taken on board a craft and ET show them a child. It could be a baby, it could be 7 years old. And they say this is your chi.
But they don’t look human. They’re there’s it’s like they’re a cross between a human and alien, and there’s women who have medical records that show their pregnancy disappeared maybe three months in. The baby’s just gone and they go and see the doctor. And the doctor says, oh, you had a miscarriage and the woman’s. No, I didn’t. I woke up and it was gone.
And so that that’s something disturbing. And that seems to have kind of died out. That was happening in the 90s and now people are saying they don’t encounter that so much anymore.
But there’s also.
A thing where they’re trying to educate people.
They they sit them down in front of what they kind of describe as a three dimensional TV, and they’re shown scenes of the earth in a terrible state, and the aliens will say to them, look, you’ve got to sort out the climate, you’re destroying the Earth’s climate.
And they were doing that back in the 80s before we’d heard of climate change and or global warming and what have you people were reporting the aliens saying to them you’ve you’ve gotta sort the earth out. So it just gets more and more complicated. It’s like reincarnation. You’ve gone forever.

00:38:39 Luisa
So OK, I could. I could go on forever, but the the, the majority of experiences are abductees was it were they terrified? Was it a horrific experience?

00:38:52 Simon Bown
Yeah, yeah, almost all of them. And they talk about being picked up by them, sometimes twice a week, sometimes once a year. And it seems like the if they take an interest in you, then that’s it for life, they’ll be contacting you, picking you up as you get older.
And it seems to change when you get much older.
That they start treating you more like an equal, and I think there’s this terrifying thing where they turn up and they take you and they they can pick you up anywhere. It could be your bedroom at night, but it could be out of the car while you’re driving to work. Or it could be out of a restaurant.
And they I wonder if they control you and they lock you down and you’re paralysed. It’s cause we’re crazy humans. Of course they’re gonna paralyse us. We’re going to start punching them. They they have to protect themselves in some way.
And when you get more used to them, they realise or they they judge you in a way and sort of think, well, I think they’ll be alright. Let’s not paralyse them.
And we’ll show them around the ship.
And people talk.
About that, getting a tour of the ship or.
All sorts of weird things, and it’s it’s unpredictable and very confusing, and so you can’t really have any answers.

00:40:10 Luisa
And a little bit scary, I have to don’t you get scared by these interviews?

00:40:15 Simon Bown
Not by the interview so much. The couple of nights ago I it was 3:00 in the morning and there was a flash of light in the bedroom and I was awake and I thought, what was that? And I opened my eyes and there was a shadow figure on the other side of the room.
And I realised it was my wife and.
She gone to the bathroom and then come back and opening the door as the flash of light and she was having a sip of water on the other side of the room that.
Was her as a.
Shadow figure and so that that for me that’s like ohh no, they’ve come to get me.
But you know, it was her.
No, that that would scare me. I think waking up at 3:00 in the morning and finding them in.
The bedroom would scare me. I don’t know.

00:40:56 Luisa
Anytime would probably scare me, yeah.

00:41:00 Simon Bown
And that where I have seen a couple of UFO’s close up so.

00:41:02 Luisa
Have you?

00:41:04 Simon Bown
That was quite exciting and I wish I’d had a camera, but one of them was the early 90s and, you know, there were no mobile phones with cameras.
And the other time I was driving and there was no opportunity to pick the phone up and take a picture. But I I I saw a stationary craft 25 feet off the ground just 200 feet from me and it was completely silent. It didn’t move an inch. It was covered in lights.
And I I don’t know what it was cause you kind of go through a mental checklist and you think, well, it’s not a helicopter would be making a lot of noise. It’s not an aircraft because it’s stationary. It’s not a hot air balloon and you can’t kind of say exactly what it is. But at the same time I wouldn’t say it’s definitely an alien spaceship. I I just can’t say what it was.

00:41:54 Luisa
As we both said before, there’s so much out there in consciousness that we’re just not consciously aware of.

00:42:04 Simon Bown
Yeah. And also I think there’s a thing where we’re all on a path. You might call it spiritual path, where you get little baby steps and there’s something might crop up that kicks you along. Just one more step for some people, they have a near death experience. It’s like a mass.
Step, but for the rest of us, you know I’ve had little psychic flashes and we all get them. I think you might think of a song and then 5 minutes later it comes on the radio and you think ohh, that’s a bit weird. And then if all these little things start happening and you start beginning to think, well, there’s something to this.
And I I wonder if UFO’s in the sky, me seeing it like it did. It wasn’t an accident. They knew I was coming and they showed themselves to me. And it was just another step on my part.
And that’s where I find it’s all kind of connected.
That there’s all these little things like these dreams that crop up and.
You know, I had a dream after my mother-in-law died where she came and visited me in the dream.
And that dream was like no other dream I’ve ever had. It was so clear, and I can see it in my mind right now. Every part of it. And what happened? And I don’t have dreams like that.
That was very lucid and it’s almost like there’s another step and it was my mother in law coming to say I’m OK, you know, and it and she came to me because she’s like she knows I’m into all this stuff. Maybe if she’d gone to my wife, my wife would have just missed it as a dream.

00:43:39 Luisa
Yeah, nothing happens by accident. I don’t. I don’t think so.

00:43:43 Simon Bown
Yeah, yeah. And can I talk some more? You’ve just reminded me of something.

00:43:45 Luisa
Of course, of course. But yeah, we.

00:43:49 Simon Bown
I took somebody into the past life regression and we went into that space between like.
Lives and this was one of the times, the Spirit Guide said. Right, we’re going on somewhere else. And she said, right, I’m inside this massive library. It’s so big, I can’t see the other end of the room and there’s shelves to the ceiling full of books and the librarians given me a book and. And apparently it’s my sole book. It’s all my lives are in this book.
And I said, well, what does it say? And she said I I can’t read it. It’s some foreign language.
So I said, let’s ask the librarian. Why are they showing you a book if you can’t read it? And the librarian said this is just to show you that everything happens for a reason and there’s no accidents.
That came from a spirit guide that’s that’s kind of what you were.
I love her.

00:44:38 Luisa
Saying on my and you were. It’s almost like they’re cashing records of people have described it like they’re cashing records. Well, Simon, I’ve loved having you on the show. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion, harvest audience that I haven’t asked you to do?

00:44:53 Simon Bown
Not really, I suppose. Just that thing the spirit guides will always say they’re always with you and they’re always on your side. And if you need help, you just need to ask.
And I sometimes ask them, well, why don’t you just help anyway, if you’re there and you’ll see we need help, just do it. And they say no. They’re this free will. We can’t step in unless you ask us. But you you can just say it while you’re driving or think about it. Hey, spirit guides. Can you come and help me with something? And they say something will happen.

00:45:26 Luisa
Lovely weather in the show. Simon Brown, thank you for being on Passion Harvest. Really, really insightful and a lot to think about.

00:45:33 Simon Bown
It’s been really nice talking.

00:45:35 Luisa
To you? Ohh. It’s a pleasure. Bye bye bye.


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