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Man DIES & Touches the UNIVERSE! Receives 3 PROFOUND Messages from the OTHER SIDE. NDE | Holden Lee

He Died which resulted in an instant kundalini awakening that shifted the course of his entire life.

It took Holden Lee nearly 10 years after his Near-Death Experience (NDE) to fight his way back from rock bottom, reconstructing body and mind in the process through trance meditation and psychedelic use as well as hard work in the physical world–diet, exercise, and education.

Holden is a healer and teacher. His mission to bring people back from the darkness and into the light.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Holden Lee

00:00:18 Luisa
Holden Lee, welcome to Passion Harvest and really can’t wait to hear your journey and your incredible native experience today.

00:00:28 Holden Lee
Thank you so much for having me.

00:00:30 Luisa
It’s really a pleasure. So I guess for the audience, let’s start with your near death experience.

00:00:37 Holden Lee
OK, that sounds good. Well, I was 17 years old and it was summer late summer and I was coming back from work for the day with a buddy we were working at a sandwich shop and I was supposed to get home by 5:00 to go to a college prep class for exams.
To get into college and I didn’t want to go. And so he was driving. He was driving a 91 Chevy Blazer, and he was driving us back from work. And I told him, miss the exit.
So I’d get home late enough where my mom wouldn’t make me go to this class.
So I drive up another mile or two on the highway, gets off it, started to rain. At this point, I’m 17. He’s 60. And so he’s like a brand new driver.
And he turns over, gets back over the highway and gets on the on ramp. And while he’s speeding up to go, the his truck starts the fishtail and.
I know that he went to hit the brakes and instead he hit the gas and so as we’re getting.
The highway. He’s suddenly flooring it right off the highway, and that’s when we run into this. Start running into this chain link bank fence and and that’s when everything just completely slowed down.
For me and three, things went through my head at that very moment that I’ve never left. They’ve always been there and it was just this matter of fact. You’re going to die now.
And it just washed over you completely and there wasn’t worry about it. So you’re going to die now. And then the second one was, I wish I could have said goodbye. And at that moment, I saw a flash of my parents and I saw a flash with my best friend Dave. And he was smiling at me. And then the third that came in this moment was, but they will understand.
And that came with this context that I didn’t hear. It was just ready made, like downloaded context that they will understand didn’t mean now it meant that they will understand it in death and that you can’t understand death in life and.
And that was just there for knowing and and and in that moment you knew that they’d be with you before the blink of an eye. It was that was just downloaded to you. And then. So I’m ejected from my body.
I’m all of a sudden just floating.
Sort of. I I would say I always thought it was sky felt like I was in the sky.
And I just had bliss wash over my body my entire body. I was.
There was No Fear, it was just cradled in pure comfort. Like there’s no words to really describe what it was.
But it was just perfection, and there was this brilliant, beautiful light, just like right above here. I would say it was like, right.
And it was it was an entity. It was a guide. It was something. It wasn’t the tunnel that people talk about. It didn’t feel like that. My near death experience didn’t go.
Like way into the depths of, you know, the crossing over experience, but it was just being held there in this light.
And it just enveloped you and you knew the accident was down there.
You know, but I didn’t really want to look, but I could. I could tell it was there and and I’m just in this loving bliss and I’ve just had these three things go through your mind, that I’ve never left. I’ve tried to write about it my whole life. I’ve tried to just verbatim. You’re going to die. I wish I could have said.
But they’ll understand.
And that doesn’t mean life. They will understand death. And here I am, floating and just with this light.
And then the next thing I know, boom, rushing back in to my body and I’m hanging upside down in a car that’s rolled off the highway, we’re in a business parking lot that’s like down a hill. We’d rolled several times and slid across on the.
Into the middle of this business parking lot and I’m hanging upside down. I’ve got glass in my eyes.
I got my face all cut up with blood in my eyes.
And I remember seeing radiator fluid leaking out of the car and and and in that moment.
And of course, there’s a sense of shock. But it was up more like where I had just been. I’m hanging there and I’m thinking, what am I doing here?
I don’t want to be here.
You know, I was 17 years old and you know, I it always fought depression and anxiety and things like that growing up and suddenly I was had this taste of the divine.
Of this beautiful perfection moment and all. And I was hanging upside down. The corner was very much like I don’t want to be here.
And my buddy had all he had managed to climb down my car side of the car was a.
Little more.
Crunched and it and I didn’t even I could have probably got my buckle out, but I just. I didn’t have any sense that I wanted to move. I was really in shock that I was back and I didn’t want to be there. And then the paramedics had to climb in through the back window and.
Ended up pull me down and out and went to the hospital and cleaned me up and.
You know, sent me home and.
That brief moment for the rest of my life has it guided everything since that. Since that day, I mean it changed the course of my life. It changed the things I pursued, everything I went after. I mean, I was. I came from a very Catholic family business family. You know, I was going to.
You know.
Go into, you know, probably some kind of finance or something. I had a an internship set up for the following summer for, you know, a finance internship.
Shipping and it was after that moment.
Well, it was really after that day what happened was I went to bed that night.
I hadn’t had any emotion like since the accident. It was just like, why am I here? And I got back from the hospital.
And it was in the I took a shower and in the shower I just collapsed. I collapsed to my knees and I balled. It was like right out of the movies, just overwhelming emotion, just pouring out of you. Just sobbing.
And then very much in a weird way, I woke up the next day with energy just in my body, coursing through my body.
In and like in a very physical real sense, you could just feel it. You could direct it and it could go in your head and down. And you know, it’d probably be 20 years later until I kind of learn more spiritually what that might be. But at the time, I’m just a 17 year old who’s suddenly.
Completely empathic, completely feels everything anyone’s feeling. Just from that. It wasn’t like that before. It was not a bad kid, but I didn’t have a sense of.
You know the life within the life around you that all of a sudden I came back from this moment with.
And or your spirit guide or whatever the universe, and suddenly.
And suddenly I just have this energy in me and I feel everything and and I feel love and and. Yeah. And suddenly you couldn’t really relate to the world around you. You couldn’t.
You just kind of saw it all for what it was, at least all the corporations, the greed, the money, you know, didn’t mean anything.
And and that was a reckoning in my life for years to come following that.
This experience never got far away from me and never did to this day. But you know, there were years of.
You know, worsening depression and anxiety no longer fitting into a world suddenly. And you know you’re 17 years old when this happened and set it before. You’re just sort of trying to figure out how to talk to girls and, you know, and and suddenly.
They suddenly the world’s flipped upside down. And you, you very much feel like a freak. You’ve got energy inside you and and you can’t really relate.
To what’s going around you. And so it took a long time to figure out, but eventually it did. Through years of, you know, meditation and spiritual practises and, you know, different medicines of nature and.
And would evolve from that was where I am today and a teacher and a healer and.
Have a beautiful outlook for life, but yeah, it took it wasn’t like this near death experience just happened. And then you were enlightened.
You’ve touched God. You touched the universe. It’s sort of whatever you want to call it. There was no sin.
That there’s any religion.
In what this was, it was, you know, that it was just a sense that it’s a loving, beautiful piece that all are connected to through consciousness and subconsciousness and.
Is this very much this sense that the mind is connected to A to a web of an entanglement of consciousness that we sort of feed and we feed from?
Ebb and flow with kind of light and darkness. And yeah, those are, you know, that’s all sort of things that I was able to glean from that experience. So yeah, took years to kind of get it back together, go through some dark times. But it, you know, sort of rebuild yourself on the foundational principles.
You know what? It’s what it means to live a good life and and that, you know, eating right, you know, meditation practise prayer, practise journaling, I mean.
All these things exercise all these things to feed our body so that we can feel our mind and really keep a clean mind and connect more powerfully to consciousness and expanding consciousness and rising consciousness. There’s always this sense that.
That we’re sort of given this beautiful gift.
Of empathy and love and grace, and and potentially our whole purpose on Earth is to is to just raise, raise that vibration for those who don’t have it. Almost take an ape like mammal and give it consciousness. That’s sort of my what I’ve gleaned over the years after that.
Experience and through transmutation prayer, different medicines.
Is that, you know, we’re really here as almost a experiment and love and grace and beauty to take. Take beast and make a God in a way.

00:11:37 Luisa
Holden, thank you. That was so beautiful. And thank you for sharing your experience. Life can be incredibly.
Filled with suffering, can’t it?

00:11:49 Holden Lee
It absolutely can. And beauty, I mean, it’s all things.

00:11:49 Luisa
And beauty.

00:11:54 Holden Lee
Life is all things, and that’s what really has come across. That’s what I’ve learned from all of this is, you know, there’s so much suffering in the world.

But we always have that chance to.
To renew in the moment.
And you know, change does a lot of people want change to be instant, but change takes time.
True, true change takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of work and we live.
In a world where.
Where I don’t think people people fight doing the real work that it takes to change a lot of times and that’s facing hard truths about yourself, your life, your past. But it’s also facing the reality that.
You know.
That it’s that it’s up to you.
No one can change for you and want, and you have to accept that you really are like the eye of God on Earth.
You are here like God is within you. God. The universe is within you and you have the power to create.
Beauty and perfection and to fix yourself and to fix others.
But you have to do the work and you have to.
Into the right, the right energy fields, and you have to. With that said, you have to avoid the negative ones you have. You know, it’s so easy to get consumed and.
The mindless media trap. It’s all negative and it’s all just sort of meant to keep our attention and dump our dump. I mean, and you know, violence and movies and, you know, all these things sort of sort of suck from. And this isn’t coming from a Christian ideology. This is just coming from a.
The idea that we feed.
Sort of this conscious web entanglement of reality.
And we take from it and we feed it and you you choose if you feed it beauty or if you feed it misery, you choose. If you receive beauty or if you receive misery. And and that’s not to say that all of us have some easy lot or that life is fair, that everyone’s have some equal playing field. But there’s very much a sense that.
You chose that coming in. You chose your journey, you chose your challenges, and it’s just part of what you’re doing to grow stronger during your time here and to do your little part hopefully in altering.
The course of aeons of history I I guess I always picture like.
Evolving over aeons, whatever that means, linear or nonlinear, is beyond our ability to really understand it. It’s always just sort of like we’re doing a little Ant mine part.
In this beautiful colony.
That’s beyond we can only see the universe. Perhaps it’s way beyond the universe.
You know, perhaps it’s a billion universes and we’re just a speck of sand on the knee of some entity that we couldn’t even fathom getting up to the brain of it. It’s so much larger than us, and it’s beautiful and.
I guess if there’s one message I want to give, you know, so many people are afraid. So many people are in fear. So many people are in fear of death.
But from my experience.
There’s nothing you ever have to fear. You’re just this moment was wrapped in just pure beauty and bliss and.
You know, I’ve heard about people who have these near death experiences and they experience sort of a health type.
Situation and that comes back to my idea that.
This starts, starts in the subconscious. It starts in your mind and people want to dismiss that because they dismiss the mind, but they don’t understand what the mind is. It’s an antenna to all consciousness and it what near to a near death experience may start in the mind, but it can quickly your soul, your energy, your consciousness.
Returns to this web of entanglement back to its home. Wherever it comes from.
And so. So I really do believe when people start off on these really fearful near death experiences, that is sometimes a subconscious upbringing. Maybe they were in a very strict, you know, Christian upbringing or Muslim upbringing and and they have a lot of fear. But often you hear these things break through.
Into enlightenment and I feel like that’s sort of getting past their initial subconscious and that’s when their energy is starting to cross over in those moments to to more the truthful.
Greatest God consciousness, the universe consciousness which which I believe is allowed to give.
Free reign, free choice, but at the end of the day, it’s an experiment in love, and all my travels, all my journeys, my dear, that that experience brought me to that conclusion that we are light beings of love, and we’re very much on a mission.
To to raise that light and to increase consciousness and to make the world better for animals, people, nature, all of it. It’s all part of it. Animals are part of it too. Nature is part of it. I mean, we even know now that you know these plants communicate underground in a.
Mother tree can.
Divert water underground by a root system for a younger tree. I mean there’s consciousness everywhere and we’re all all what we’re a part of. It’s not a separate thing. It’s all one thing. So it’s our job to.
To make it to do our part to make this world a better place.

00:17:39 Luisa
Holden, you are adorable and intense and so sensitive. I mean, I I love you.

00:17:45 Holden Lee
Ohh thank you.

00:17:46 Luisa
It’s at 17 to come back.
And to be so sensitive that to the world must be incredibly hard. I know you suffered after your near death experience from depression and addiction.
Yes. Do you mind sharing that I find a lot of people that are incredibly sensitive and open to the world can suffer addictions.
And how you overcame this?

00:18:11 Holden Lee
Yeah. So.
I you know, I always maybe had a propensity for.
Depression, even from a younger age, there was some abuse in my young life.
But I managed, but after this it was it was different. It was more like.
It was more just as if you.
Saw through all the power structures here to.
Here, just to control and make money and whatever they do and you couldn’t relate to the idea of.
You know, just going out and getting a job to to make money to work for 30-40 years and then.
You know, have these great years of your life just sucked away. It was. It was the idea that you don’t need that much money. You you could choose happiness and flexibility and and not everyone gets these choices. So I realise.
There’s a paradigm of, you know, trouble. I can get myself into and saying these things because not everyone has beautiful choice. A lot of people are stuck in awful situations and and that that’s truly awful. What I’ll say to that is from my senses that in a way.
This is part of your journey and you chose that. But anyway, back to back to my stuff. Yeah, so I and I also think what I wanted to what I was trying to do is I had this moment of bliss.
And I think I was trying to recreate it for so many years.
And through drugs, through alcohol and.
You know, just through not making great life choices. And you’re young and you’re, you know, I left my I moved out of the state. I dropped out of school and I left. I, you know, I very much felt like a freak.
And I didn’t come from a world where people would understand me, and I didn’t have a community for for any kind of understanding, for what I’ve been through and what I, you know, felt inside. So I left and and I was just on my own. And I knew for many years I was walking the line.
Between light and darkness, and it was almost like I knew I had to. I was almost pushing to see how far I could go.
With always hoping I could come back.
And and maybe recreating, you know, certain experiences, maybe the near death experience trying to.
Have a moment?
What I felt again, and that’s not to say I knew this was a spiritual thing within me. I knew it. You know, you get, you know, I’ve done a show a couple of these shows now and some you get people in the comments saying all kinds of weird things. Oh, you’ve got a demon in you and this and that. You’re like, now this nonsense. It’s just, you know, you’re feeding.
Nasty stuff, but like no, it’s God, it’s light. It’s just this loving beauty. But at the same time you’re you’re a kid and you’re.
Kind of messed up anyway, you’re just trying to figure out life and.
And so yeah, it took me on. It took me on some dark path and we’ll just say this eventually. I sort of just sort of had an epiphany that.
None of that was was going to lead me anywhere and.
And so I think I cleaned up my life by I started working out. I started walking. Really. One of the main things I did is I started walking every morning. I’d get up at.
Or 30 AM like way before the sun was up and I’d walk for 5-6 miles.
And by the time I got home, the sun was rising, and then I’d go to work, and that was so powerful for me. Just in the quietness. I didn’t even I wouldn’t have headphones on. I just walk in the quiet of the pre dawn hour and just.
Something about that was very powerful, and so walking was so big, and then they changed my diet. I I really, you know, I figured out I had some dietary issues. I I there’s a gene mutation called MTHFR.
They call it the ************ gene. You can edit that out, but anyway, it’s a gene mutation where you don’t process B vitamins really well or folate. And I realised I had that and for a lot of people with depression, anxiety and even ADHD and even they’ve seen it in.
Autism and stuff.
They have this mutation.
And you start taking a metal.
Related B vitamin and you start you don’t want folic acid which is added into cereals and stuff and kind of gross when you learn what that process is. But you do folate. And once I started doing these vitamins my energy just turned around and suddenly I was just had all this energy like at first it was too much.
Which is buzzing with energy from from finally being able to absorb vitamins so.
A lot of times we focus on the external for depression and anxiety, but for me a big factor was just figuring out some things with my body and apparently you know, up to 50% of the population has some sort of one of these gene mutations on this on this thing and they just don’t know it. And really if you just start taking.
Methylated B vitamin your body is suddenly able to absorb it a lot better and I saw instant results with that, so that was a big thing. And then I had to wean off anxiety, medication and depression and medication, but it became like a thing for me.
Like I’m going to do it. And you know, sometimes you need medicine in acute moments in life. And of course you should do that. But but I, for me, at least, to really feel the world again, I knew I had to. I was in a place.
Where I could?
Get off things. Get off antidepressants. Get off anxiety medications.
All the drugs were gone, so I weaned off that stuff and suddenly, I mean, you know, it just takes time. It takes hard work and alcohol, too. I stopped drinking. I mean, at least for me, that helped a tonne. And marijuana. I stopped smoking marijuana. A lot of people, that’s very casual about that these days, at least in the United States. And I don’t think people understand how much.
You know, it’s a beautiful medicine when used appropriately, and we everyone just abuses this here. It’s like a daily it’s more popular than drinking in the US Now I just saw that in the news yesterday.
So I got up, but I just, you know, you gotta clean that body. Clean that mind to get closer back to the universe. Closer back to the source of love and life. And I always still had this energy within me. It was always there. But you know, I started to respect it and I started to understand, you know, through education, reading more about it, you know.
What someone told me, what I tend to believe is that I had had a kundalini awake.
You mean?
That that can be an instant culinary awakening near during a near death moment. And if you’re not prepared, that can send your life into chaos. And I believe that that’s what happened to me, and it would take me about 15 years to realise that maybe that’s what I had undergone and sort of the serpent energy rising up in your body, which is a divine energy.
And so I was able.
To just appreciate it and and.
You know, I don’t know. Here’s where I, you know, there were psychedelic medicines within my journey of healing. You know, you can always take that out if you need to. But I do. That was a big part of my healing and finally connecting.

00:25:45 Luisa
Plant plant medicine. You did mention that a few times.

00:25:48 Holden Lee
Plant medicines. Yes. Yeah. I mean, I’ve always been an explorer. And I think more so since the near death experience because I just wasn’t able to fit into regular life. So, you know, I.
Went into the woods for five weeks one time.
In Washington state, with giant bag of, you know, golden teacher mushrooms and tents and some protein bars and water and.
And I just meditated and and took journeys and bought demons and really exercised a lot of this, you know, **** from my past that hadn’t been resolved. And you know, so, you know, I had already been on my healing journey at this point.
But when I came out of there.
It was almost as if I was had been fully healed.

00:26:42 Luisa
Five weeks. That’s a long time.

00:26:42 Holden Lee
Yeah, yeah, I, you know, my whole life’s been kind of odd. Things like that. Just pushing the boundaries of.
You know, I really went in there saying, OK, I’ve.
Done all this work.
But in the core of me.
A lot of people can feel this because it’s.
Deep childhood trauma, something that happened to you in childhood, you know? Then I I remember being a kid, you know, a teenager. And just being before my near death experience even and just saying feeling like something was missing from you. Something like a hole was gone or a taste, a sense of smell. It wasn’t there. I lay in bed at night.
Feel like something was gone and and what? The plant medicine allowed.
Seemingly was to fix.
That final hole in me.
Like I came out and I no longer had this sense of.
Inferiority or a lot of people who have had abuse or sexual abuse have that sense of.
That they just something missing. Something’s been taking from them that they’ll never get back and or the sense of just yeah, not belonging complex or I’m not putting the right word on it. But you know what I mean. And. And. And I feel like it came out of.
I came out of that.
That those words just very much healed and I don’t have that anymore. And and I do. I did a lot of hard work and I still do the hard work and there’s daily meditation practises and daily journaling and exercising and eating well and abstaining from, you know, substance.
But yeah, I do credit that for for maybe closing, doing some final healing. I mean that’s an intense thing I did. And I’m not gonna get too deep into the in and outs of what that month entailed. But you know, there’s there are.

00:28:43 Luisa

00:28:51 Holden Lee
And and many things are facing down with their light. The dark. You’re coming to terms with a lot. And I feel like.
Came out almost as if there was a final a growth mission, yeah.

00:29:05 Luisa
Thank you for sharing that. What’s your advice for those of the audience that is perhaps want to be clean, know what’s right and are struggling with addiction?

00:29:17 Holden Lee
Well, here’s the first thing I’ll say and let me first say I talk about addiction and drugs and then I talk about psychedelics in the next breath, and I get people who come to me and say, what are you talking about? This is just a junkie. This is just.
And what you have to understand, the psychedelics are not street drugs, that is.
Heard this from the truth, and anyone who claims that just has no experience with psychedelics. If you’ve taken mushrooms or you’ve taken DMT, you know, I mean they’ve there’s some study that two out of three atheists after taking DMT no longer claim to be a.
Yes, I mean it is a direct connection with with the universe. And then there’s 3 tracks.

00:29:56 Luisa
Yeah. So I’m so just to interrupt, I’m glad you clarified that because I wasn’t referring to that.

00:29:59 Holden Lee
No, and I know you’re not. I’m just picturing the listener in my head who comments on my YouTube channel. Who, who really disregards psychedelics, is just another drug when it’s the furthest thing from the truth drug.
A street drug. You wanna do more of?

00:30:19 Luisa
Ohh alcohol or even stuff?

00:30:19 Holden Lee
You wanna do it? You want? Yeah. You wanna do it? Yeah. Or alcohol or cigarettes. I used to chain smoke.
00:30:21 Luisa
What you were talking about?

00:30:25 Holden Lee
You you want to do more of it, cycledelic, so you can do it once and you have. I mean you do DMT and and now I’ve done it several times, but most people will do DMT.
And never again. But they’ll be changed forever and they will suddenly believe in something. So these are not to be conflated as the same thing As for someone experiencing addiction.
And feeling hopeless, I guess with an addiction.
You know.
It’s all going to be a personal journey.
For me, I never did A and then America. That’s Alcoholics Anonymous. I’m not sure if that’s the same in France.

00:31:08 Luisa
Well, most of the audience is in America.

00:31:11 Holden Lee
OK, OK, OK. Good to know. Yeah. I mean, I’ve had family members with addiction issues and they’ve had great luck with a they just really think.
You’ve got to flip the switch within yourself.
And you’ve got to do the hard work. Like I said before, there is a moment for acute medication and pharmaceutical drugs if absolutely necessary.
But there’s no easy there’s no easy pill to swallow to fix your life, and that’s part of our societal issues. Is everyone just wants it so easily.
But it’s true, the reward is in the work, and that’s what I found over all these years. I mean, years of hard work and still building. I would never say the work is done. It’s never going to be done. It should never be done the second you think you’re some kind of complete being is when it collapses. I think everyone knows that in life the second you think you’ve got something is when it all goes away again.
You’ve got. It’s a continual journey, but the work becomes a reward. So for years there’s always, like, you know, smoke that joint.
Take that drink. Have that cigarette.
Even Morse.
And it’s instant gratification. It’s instant gratification, but makes you feel like ****. So the next day you feel like ****, eventually.
You stack days and you learn and you get to a point where it’s just like you wake up feeling good and you don’t want to lose that feeling. And some of this comes with, you know, just maybe age. I mean, I know people are facing addiction at all, but I have kids now, so maybe that helped overall too in the long run is just you don’t have the time or.
Energy to to mess around.
But yeah, you’ve gotta you’ve got to do the work. I mean, you just have to look at yourself in the.
00:33:00 Holden Lee
And say life is so much better.
It it is better, I mean if you I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a drink if you’re not. If it’s not a problem for you.
A drink. But if it is a problem for you, you need to face that and know that you’re worth it and know that if you do the work.
And get your **** moving. Get running. Go on long blocks. You know, get the stuff out of your house, you know.
You gotta have people you know if people are in your life, they’re gonna age you in a negative way. You know, you’ve got to separate from them. There’s just hard choices.
So you got, you know, but but it’s gotta be your choice at the end of the day you, you know, I think that’s what they always say is, you know, no one can make that choice for you. And you’ll know when the time is right and you gotta gotta see how it’s affecting your life. And but I promise you, you put enough time in and you put the hard work.
And it it changes you immediately. Like I have a YouTube channel now like it’s small. But you know I’m doing videos and I gotta get better about doing them. But you know, it’s growing. And back in the day when I, you know.
I was drinking.
Like you just didn’t get anything done and suddenly, you know, you know how you do anything. And and you just.
Your your energy goes into projects. It goes into more beneficial things and.
And yeah, I’m rambling, but that’s what I’ve got.

00:34:24 Luisa
No, you’re not for the audience. Please, what is your YouTube channel? I will leave the link.
In the show Notes.

00:34:29 Holden Lee
Ohh, it’s YouTube channel is at Holden Lee Dash 333.

00:34:37 Luisa

00:34:37 Holden Lee
And so, so I talk about, you know, a little bit about my near death experience in a video. But I’ve talked about some plant medicine journeys and yeah, and I I sort of plan on.
Plan on melding the two worlds and and my take. You know, from what I’ve learned along the way, through all these issues and coming out on the other side to sort of teach and reclaim my power that I sort of a gift I received during that near death experience all those years ago, a gift of.
Having the energy of the universe sort of within you and feeling it at all times and you know squandering that for many years, but then, you know, sort of understanding that that’s part of your journey and everyone has a journey and it’s.
It’s never too late. I’m in my 40s now and it’s never too late to say.
You know, this is the time that I’m going to change for good. People think it’s too late so often. But what happened before you is just the past and you can’t hold on to the past. You have to create your future in the now and live in the present moment and appreciate that present moment and.
I think if you do that every day, you know you can build on that and make a good life.

00:35:55 Luisa
Thanks, Holden. Where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:35:59 Holden Lee
I would say the YouTube channel and the comments. Yeah, I like to.

00:36:03 Luisa
So you always respond to them and reply and.

00:36:06 Holden Lee
Yes, yes, most of the time I do. You know, sometimes it gets a little, a little overwhelming when you’re talking about the things I’m talking about. It tends to rub multiple groups the wrong way.
So you you know you you get people think you’re doing the wrong thing.

00:36:22 Luisa
You can’t please everyone.

00:36:24 Holden Lee
You can’t please anyone so, but I do. Yeah, I do like to get in there every week or so and respond and.
And and that’s probably the best way, yeah.

00:36:34 Luisa
Yeah. OK. Thank you. When you had your near death experience, you said one of your thoughts was I wish I could have said goodbye. So many loved people that have lost loved ones think that I wish I could have said goodbye or the final goodbye. What do you?
About that.
Because it’s a powerful thought.
From both sides of our worlds.

00:36:53 Holden Lee
I think I.
Yeah, you know, I.
I thought about.
You know.
If I could have said goodbye, I seen my family there, but it was in the next moment that you realised.
That it.
It wasn’t that wasn’t a thing on the scope of time and how fast life is, it just wasn’t a thing. It was a thing, you know, you want to. You wanted to comfort the living. You didn’t even really mourn it because you just understood intrinsically that they were going to be with you in the next.
So it was like, yeah, it was. Really. Yeah. There’s no reason to worry about this. I’m going to be here. I’m going to be with them in a second. Like a second. That was the sense it was like a snap of a finger. And they were all together again.
And so, you know. But when my mom died.
You know, I had this, you know, people do reach out from the other side. I mean, it happens all the time. You talk to any, any spouse who’s lost a loved one or a mother who’s lost to a, you know, a son or daughter.
And people reach out all the time and the night my mom died.
You know, I woke up and my brother woke me up in the middle of the night to go over to the Hospice. You know, he woke me up. I’m half out of. He said Mom died.
And so we were getting up to go over there and middle of the night. And as I’m walking by, it was her chair where she sat and she always talked to my sister on the phone.
Hours. And as I’m walking out, the phone just starts ringing in the middle of the night.
And I pick it up.
And there’s no one there and I just get the chills and I hang it up. Don’t think much about it.

00:38:34 Luisa

00:38:37 Holden Lee
We go over there and we, you know, are with with my mom, with the family, and couple hours later I come back with my brother and we’re having coffee. And and I had asked, I said, who called when we’re over there.
And no one had called.
And I went to the phone and there was no caller ID. There was no record of.
Hall and there was just nothing in the middle of the night, just this right. As I walked by the phone, it just started ringing and I really there was a sense that was mom sort of saying goodbye.

00:39:05 Luisa
Beautiful message.

00:39:06 Holden Lee
Yeah. And then, you know, a one other at her funeral.

00:39:13 Holden Lee
We’re Catholic. I was raised Catholic, my family’s Catholic. And you know they have the incense where the priest lights the incense and waves it around. You know, as he walks up.
And down the aisle.

00:39:23 Luisa

00:39:26 Holden Lee
Frankincense and my mom always hated it. She hated it. She openly discussed how much she disliked that. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the sense itself or the OR. I don’t know. But she just hated it. And at her funeral, the priest is sitting there and trying to light it and won’t light. And he tries for about 10 minutes.
I mean, it’s really all about, you know, with the Catholicism. It’s all about the the, you know, the tradition and and he finally gives up.
And at the end of her service, he comes up to my dad and my brother and he’s he’s profusely apologising.
And we’re just kind of looking at each other because we we were just like that was mom. She did not want that way, he said it was the only time it had ever happened.
And she had openly talked about how much she hated that her entire life, and that her funeral did not work. So, you know, we we get messages all the time. Just be open to it and be open to.
The idea that you know there’s so much going on around us that we’re connected into and your conscious is part of it, you’re conscious.
And your consciousness and subconsciousness entangles right within.
The next realms and these are think of them as fibre optic freeways.
Where we get energy and we give energy and you can communicate and that goes back to just try to make your inputs good. Try to make your outputs love and peace and beauty and volunteer in your community and do the best you can. But but yeah, where this isn’t, there’s no separation between well, there’s no death.
There is no death.
We just go on, we just we go right out that Energy highway to the next, the next round we return to our people and and you should take comfort in knowing that.
Because we can sit in fear. What’s the point of sitting in a life of fear? You’re here for a reason. And you’re here to do some work. And. And that’s what I implore everybody to do. Don’t just sit here and fear, like afraid of afraid of death. I mean, what’s the life? Sitting in fear of death?
You just have to go out and live your life and try to do good where you can and don’t worry about being the perfect Christian because I’m telling you.
There’s a total sense that it’s not about that at all. When we pass on and it’s the energy of God is in everybody, it’s not. It’s not secular, and it’s not just split up amongst different people. That’s just once you have a near death experience that just comes across as absolutely nonsense. It’s just, you know, that’s man’s power. That’s man.
Building power, how they developed power over each other. That’s not real. God and real God is just love and universal consciousness of love and growing love within us and for us to grow within others. That’s that’s what I’ve learned along the way.

00:42:24 Luisa
Thanks Holden. You’ve got such a passion for life.
For those that perhaps have feel they’ve lost passion or certain amounts of joy in their life, what is your advice?
To rekindle that, to find that.

00:42:43 Holden Lee
You know, you’ve got to find purpose.
To have passion, you have to have purpose and so you have to.
Meditate on your purpose.
Quiet your mind. Shut out the crap.
And realise what your purpose is and so many in our society, at least in America, just like mine washed with the idea of purpose somehow being money and that just couldn’t be further from the truth. I mean, yes, everyone will hopefully needs enough. Have enough to live and eat but.
Your purpose should be what you do.
Naturally, what comes to naturally comes to you naturally. What you’re good at, but you’re maybe afraid of doing.
You know for mine.
A huge fear of public speaking.
Huge fear. Even talking to you right now. I mean, I had hard crying. Yeah, but I.

00:43:32 Luisa
You’re doing a great job. It’s only me.

00:43:35 Holden Lee
Had a faith.
I had to face my fears to, like, get there in life. I used to have such anxiety that I would have my hand shaking as I gave a barista money to pay for coffee.
You know, and I’ve totally.
Been able to heal myself and that wasn’t with pharmaceutical medications. That was with meditation, exercise and eating right. And finding out my gene disorder and, you know, getting proper vitamin station.
And and plant medicines.
But you gotta find find what you’re passionate about, and if you can’t do that for a living, at least pursue it passionately as your hobby.
I mean, we all aren’t fortunate enough to do what we absolutely love to do for a living, but you can do it as a hobby and and throw yourself into it. You know what? What’s the saying? Is too many options make us make a tyrant of us all.
It’s not necessarily about making the right choice, it’s about making a choice.
And pursuing that choice is where the growth and the journey will come from that bring you along the way.
So that’s what I would say as far as passion, but it’s a tricky one. It’s another one where, Ian, how?
If you just can’t get off the couch.
If you’re just so.
Depressed. You can’t get off the couch.
You know, just get out in the sun, take off your shoes and put your feet on the earth and ground in the earth. There’s a magnetic energy field within the Earth itself. I mean, this is actual science.
That will just calm you within 30 minutes. Get those feet into some grass, go walk at the park, sit in the sun. Start walking. I mean, that really did. That was a big first step for me. Is just start walking in walking. Somehow it don’t have your earbuds in. Don’t be listening to music. Don’t be listening to podcast.
Yeah, except yours. Just kidding. All yours.
Yeah. No, but yeah, you just can’t. You gotta let the mind quiet. You gotta let the mind.
You know, chill out and just.
Get the heart rate going a little bit. Start by walking. Start by maybe just take your shoes off. If you’re fortunate enough. If you can find a park and walk around a park barefoot, even if it’s just that, don’t worry about other people. If you’re fearful of other people, what they might think of seeing you, that is not something you should worry about. So many people are just.
Mostly worried about themselves and not really. Most people aren’t thinking twice about anybody else and.
Just get out there and try to interact with people. The other thing I’ll say I mentioned it briefly, but the one of the best things you can do if you have no passion and you’re feeling depressed is volunteer. Go volunteer. Just go to a soup kitchen, go to anything. It’s gonna. It’s.
It’s literally a.
Life hack for yourself because doing that act makes you feel good, but you’re also helping other people, so that’s so I would say, yeah, if you can barely do anything.
Put your feet in the grass face in the sun.
Get for a, go for a walk.
And volunteer if you can. Somewhere, it’ll make you feel better about your life instantly. That’s like a one day hack. You will come back that day feeling good about your life. That’s just so look at it like a hack and just go do it. You know, we sit and over. Think about everything. You just have to part. My thing is, I’m just in the season of saying yes. Just say yes.
The life you know, it’s so easy to say no to things and I, you know, and I’m just like, yes, yes. Opportunities come relationships grow. Yes. And you start saying yes to life and and I swear I’m just watching things transform in front of.

00:47:33 Luisa
That’s great advice and and The Walking I love. I mean, I think walking’s incredible. But for those that don’t necessarily meditate it, walking is almost like a meditation walking meditation.

00:47:44 Holden Lee
Everyone wants to I get questions like that. Everyone wants to act like meditation is some secret. It’s not. You’re right. Walking is meditation. Anything? As long as you’re just quieting your mind.
Feel that breath. Focus on that breath. I mean, just the in and out of a nice deep breath and how that feels on your body and just focus on that and don’t try to overthink it. Meditation doesn’t have to. It’s not some secret. There are different levels of meditation, but it’s not some secret. It’s very basic breathing exercise that.
You know, calms, calms the body down and calms the mind down. And walking is most certainly a form of meditation. So yeah, absolutely.

00:48:28 Luisa
Yeah. One more question. You do healing work now?
Yeah. Do you mind sharing a little bit about that with the audience?

00:48:36 Holden Lee
Sure. Well, you’re getting into another, another huge story with healing work, but.
So yeah, I do. I I you could call it life coaching if you will.
But I you know, after I started doing my healing journey and healing with plant medicines, I began to I was put into contact with various people and started doing sort of retreats with groups and not just medicine.
Retreats but meditation retreats and almost like just therapy retreats.
Just talking, putting insights, walking, being in nature, camping retreats, them things of that nature. Yeah, just.
Just sort of allowing people to express themselves and and maybe, I don’t know. I’ve always had a real natural ability to.
To just give insight into people’s lives and. And so I’ve been able to do that. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to do that for certain, you know, groups of people, individuals, even families. I’ve spent time with families just for a week or two and just sort of.
Just been able to sort of help them communicate better and bring peace in their lives and reevaluate what’s important and what’s not. And the yeah, sometimes I take that for granted. But you know, I guess people, you know, there is a need for it and. And so yeah, it’s not by any means some kind of full time.
Deal. It’s just sort of have been contacted from time to time by different people and and.
So we’ve worked out, you know, worked out a way to make it happen. So yeah.

00:50:30 Luisa
Wonderful. Well, it’s very much needed in the world, that’s for sure. Holden. I’ve loved. I’d love. I’ve loved having you on the show. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion, harvest audience that I?

00:50:33 Holden Lee
Yeah, yeah.

00:50:40 Luisa
Haven’t asked you to do.

00:50:42 Holden Lee
I would just say if there’s a final message, it’s just.
This world is this existence. Your existence is to raise consciousness. It’s to to put love out into the world and. And you need to just know.
That you have nothing to fear in death and you are reunited with your people, with your family. It’s like everyone you’ve ever met comes from the same.
From the same place that we do and you know them, it’s so much larger than we can.
Kind of put our mind to. So just don’t worry about death. It’s not yours to worry about.
The body has mechanisms for transferring over. It’s not even, you know, it’s temporary pain, but it then it’s.
And and knowing that and knowing that you don’t need to fear death, live your life. You you have more purpose.
Then, living in fear, you your purpose is to impact the world around you, your family, your community, you know, and and do your best to.
To make it a good place for everything.

00:51:52 Luisa
Beautiful Holden Lee, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest.

00:51:57 Holden Lee
Thank you so much for having me. This is.
A lot of fun.

00:51:59 Luisa
Ohh, it was great fun and thank you for your incredible messages.

00:52:04 Holden Lee
Absolutely. Thank you for having.
Me. OK. Bye bye.



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