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Ascended Masters CHANNELED: The FUTURE of Humanity & How to Shape Your REALITY | Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson is an international speaker, consultant and author who has been channeling since a spontaneous event at the age of 18. With almost 30 years of delivering wisdom and teachings from multiple aspects of Source including Masters Serapis Bey, St Germain & Kuthumi, she delivers current, leading-edge information about humanity’s paradigm shift to multidimensional experience, the mechanics of reality, and the human blueprint.

Rebecca works internationally and collaboratively in many fields including natural medicine, business, education and new technologies, and is becoming recognized as a “teacher of teachers”, assisting those already working in the field of New Energy to amplify their capacity. Rebecca has facilitated thousands of channeled messages and has conducted dozens of workshops, seminars and retreats all over the world. She is the author of 4 books, The New Human Experience, The Game of Purpose, The Agreement and Fu – the Return of the Magnetic Human.

Born and raised in Australia, Rebecca travels the world sharing her perspectives and her profound love for humanity.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Rebecca Dawson

00:00:41 Luisa
Rebecca Dawson, welcome to Passion Harvest. I can’t wait to our conversation today and welcome to the show.

00:00:50 Rebecca Dawson
Thank you. It’s so lovely to be here with you. I’m excited to see what we’re going to Explore today.

00:00:53 Luisa
Me too. You’re you’re another Aussie that as well that both live in different continents. So that’s it. That’s a nice connection.
You, you channel the Ascended Masters, which is with profound insights for humanity. I’d love to start just a bit of a background for those of the audience that don’t know of you. You had a a spontaneous event when you were 18 years old that started your connection or channelling with the Ascended Masters. Do you?
Do you mind sharing a bit about this with the audience?

00:01:26 Rebecca Dawson
Of course.
As you can probably imagine, channelling not something especially 30 years ago that that was, you know, a very sensible thing to be doing or pursuing or trying to learn how to do. And so none of it was on the radar for me at all. I was at university studying and just beginning.
To bloom out into life, and I had found.
An old set of ancient Egyptian tarot cards in a little shop in the mall in the city, Perth, where I was where I was at the time and I was just really drawn to the imagery and the symbolism. And there I wasn’t really interested in tarot or knowing anything about it and I learnt going through the instructions in there what these different symbols.
With me and then started playing with them and I discovered that after a few weeks and I was actually quite good at it.
And so family and friends started coming to have an experience of what I.
Would do with.
Cards. Again, no sort of formal learning or anything.
And then one day, someone came to sit in front of me, who’d been through a bad breakup, and we got about two or three minutes into me interpreting what I thought they needed to know about their situation, and suddenly my my body felt huge. I call it the big head experience, where everything expanded outwards, and I felt.
Enormous. Like, I filled the room. And then.
Suddenly, it wasn’t me that was speaking, and my voice changed and the content and the information that came through was very specific around this persona’s experience and why what was happening was happening and what history was around that. And and it felt like just 10 minutes and.
When I sort of snapped back into into my regular persona, it had been about an hour.
And the person was furiously squiggling down all of the information that came through, and that was it. That was the beginning. So that wasn’t difficult. What was difficult was what to do with that afterwards and trying to figure out what that meant for my life. It changed a lot of things for me.
Yes, I was 18.

00:03:47 Luisa
Wow. And young. Yeah. So the travelling or the source spirit that came through you?
Did you have a choice?
In that moment, when you talk about it was spontaneous, was it?

00:04:05 Rebecca Dawson
It really was spontaneous.

00:04:05 Luisa
Was it?

00:04:08 Rebecca Dawson
So I wouldn’t say that it was a choice. It was rather a choiceless choice because it was happening. There wasn’t very much I could argue with it, and it was happening in such a way that there wasn’t really a moment to argue with it. It was more. This is what’s happening, and it was almost as if.
Was gracefully.
Pushed to one side to allow it to occur.
But this certainly was one of what a great question. Thank you. It certainly was questions of choice after that.
Do I really want to be doing this? How is this affecting my?
What other choices need to be made around this if I’m going to accommodate this capacity? So in the beginning there was no choice and then there was a.
Lot of choices that follow.

00:04:53 Luisa
And is this weird? I know I’m going to get this question from the audience. How do you know? And. And I believe you do. But how do you know? It was beings of light opposed to.
Other energies.

00:05:08 Rebecca Dawson
I think because it felt so.
Expanded right and the type of wisdom and the loving compassion that came through it was just so it was so helpful for the person. It was really like a blessing.
We were certainly concerns around safety, not my own concerns, but concerns of other people and other spiritual practitioners who I went to for assistance after this.
Could that perhaps you?
Could be bringing through something that isn’t of the light. It’s dangerous. You really should.

00:05:38 Luisa
It is always. I’m sorry to ask you, it’s always the question of many people, yeah.

00:05:38 Rebecca Dawson
Be doing this?
Yes, of course.
You’re too young and all of those sorts of things, but in essence, I’ve learned over the years that the true state of channelling, which is really relaxing back into the source consciousness.
That you are.
It’s like being a branch on a tree.
And you relax back into the whole tree itself, and now you can access all of these other branches of consciousness. So when you begin to realise that we’re all connected and we’re all one, it’s very difficult for anything to come through you that isn’t already a part of who and what you are.
And if you yourself.
Fairly awake and fairly conscious, and you are focusing on expanding and being the best version of yourself that you could be. It’s it’s my belief that you’re only going to access more of your greatness in that way.

00:06:44 Luisa
Beautiful answer. Thank you. Thank you so much. Some of the ascended Masters, for example, Saint Germain.
And I and this goes back to channel.
Thing how? How do you know the difference and how do you you connect with the channel? Many people want to channel, they just don’t know how to do it. What are your tips and advice for the audience to connect with ascenders, masters or their higher self or their soul or perhaps even automatic writing to start with? I’m answering your questions.
I’m sorry. Please go on.

00:07:16 Rebecca Dawson
No, no, no. You’re you’re all.
All of those, all of those are really are.
Really great questions.
Again, for me, in the beginning, my understanding, I had more of an interest in Esoterics and metaphysics. Back then I studied a lot of that when I was a teenager, I started meditation classes very young because I had a lot of what you would call psychic sense already. So I was trying to make sense.
Of all of that.
So I had.
A really good grounding in an understanding of a hierarchy and or hierarchy of sorts of spirit or levels or layers. So I did have an awareness of what those things were. So my.
Understanding in the beginning was this is something either more advanced than me or outside of me that I’m trying to bring in. Or perhaps they want to come through me. And in that there was sort of a sense of separation.
And that made the experience more cumbersome, and it took me a good, maybe five or six years to move through that experience where the energy shift was so great and it took a lot of focus and concentration the first time it was spontaneous. And after that there were spontaneous moments, but.
I had to learn almost channelling on demand, if that makes sense, and when I had an understanding that it was something separate to me it was much more of an effort to get myself into the state, you know, to meditate to what humans would say, where is your vibration in order to allow that to happen.
And and and sometimes it used to be tiring and sometimes it used to be. You know, I couldn’t drive afterwards or I needed to sleep because the change in energy was so much.
After about five or six years, I realised, through my deepening of awareness, that if I see it as something separate to me it’s much more difficult to do.
And instead of something outside of me coming in, which is how I experienced it in the beginning, I started to look at it as something inside me coming out.
And that is the easiest way to begin to open to channel is to actually start to relax back into yourself and allow another aspect of your multidimensional consciousness to come out, because in reality, we can’t really.
Channel anything that isn’t already a part of our multidimensional lands.
And that’s a wonderful thing for people to know who are afraid of.
Afraid that they might bring something through that’s not of them. If you always go within and allow it to arise out. Not only is it easier on your body and your energetic system, and you can move in and out very easily.
But you’re always going to bring another part of your consciousness and your greatness, so it’s going to allow more of you to become embodied in this reality. I hope that makes sense.

00:10:30 Luisa
That was a beautiful, beautiful way to express it. Thank you so much. A lot of your thank you, Rebecca. A lot of your channelings about are about the earth, the human race and other planetary systems. For I love your channelings. But for those of the audience that haven’t heard.
What are what are your channelings about?

00:10:53 Rebecca Dawson
Well, we’ll really talk on a number of different topics.

00:10:56 Luisa
In the concepts of time, and I’m so sorry.

00:10:57 Rebecca Dawson
If time is space, no, that’s OK. So what we do, we do, we do some personal sessions for people, which explores anything that they’re experiencing at a certain time. But we also principally do a lot of seminars and workshops and retreats around the nature of reality and in context of the nature of reality, the nature of the.
Human expression and design because.
How we perceive reality gives great context to the functioning of ourselves as humans or our human capacity. So we talk a lot about how reality really works, how time and space really works, how matter is really formed, and in that we also talk a lot about the human design and what our bodies are really designed for.
And how our consciousness expressing through our physical form can shape reality. Once we understand the principles for how reality actually works. And it’s an exciting time now, you know, we’ve been doing this for a long time. It’s exciting now because now it’s not just conceptual.
Or seem to be metaphysical. Now it’s becoming. It’s becoming a science because so much of science now is being reinforced with the nature of reality, particularly through developments in quantum physics and new Biological Sciences. So.
It’s how does this.
How does everything really work? Because otherwise it’s like having a Ferrari and.
You know, you’re not really turning the engine on properly or you’re not using half the pitch and.
On attach, yeah.

00:12:28 Luisa
I don’t even know how some of the buttons on my car work, but that’s fine, so I love it. How you say we who is we when you refer to we?

00:12:31 Rebecca Dawson
Well, we when when we’re talking like this we that’s myself and the other aspects of myself, which is the masters that come through. But we we like to talk about ourselves as one humanity.
Too. So we as a humanity, this is our design. We we appear as individuals, but we all have the same capacity. We all have a very similar blueprint and construct and it’s important for us to remember that we’re not walking around alone in this world. But we are a collective consciousness and as such we’re very powerful.
In what it is that we can create?

00:13:14 Luisa
And we as humans all know that. But sometimes we just get so caught up in our little isolated bubbles of reality.
So what? What?
What do the ascended masters when they come through you? What? What is reality?

00:13:29 Rebecca Dawson
Well, reality is always going to be subjective and this is so interesting because most of our sciences look at how do we base belief and a a view of life on objective reality. So if there are many different people that can agree that something exists, then that’s it. But all of those.
Viewpoints are situated outside of ourselves.
Whereas as the Masters explained, reality is is based on subjectivity, particularly within this Earth realm, which means that whatever we experience within ourselves is the reality that we experience. So there is no one set reality there is.
And natural movement back towards the awareness that we sit in the centre of our individual sense of reality. So how would you describe it as like the?
Let’s say all of humanity is sitting in a room as individuals in a giant room, and each human is driving a simulator like a A flying simulator and you.
Learn to fly.
And so you’re in the simulator and you’re.
All playing the same game.
And so it appears as if you’re all flying around the same map, but you’re all having your own individual experience of.
And depending on how you fly the plane and how you experience it and where you choose to go, you’re going to unlock different features or you’re going to see different things.
And so we’re all sitting in the same room together, playing the same game, but we’ve lost awareness.
That that’s what we’re actually doing, so we lose.
Sight of each other.
And we only see each other through the appearance of other characters that you’re playing, turning up within your screen rather than as a collective. We are all meant to be evolving and developing new maps within that game. So if we think about what we’re viewing inside that individual.
Simulated. That’s the earth real.
Quality and the more we awaken to the fact that we can choose to go off the map if we want to, we can choose to do things that haven’t been done before. We can choose to be curious and and go.
Off the path.
To a certain extent, that’s when we begin to unlock and open new experiences for all of humanity.
So that’s that’s how I would metaphorically describe what reality is.

00:16:01 Luisa
No, thank you.
Our our consciousness perceives our realities.
Right. And I know you’ve done seminars on all of these things, but how, how, how, how does one if if if it’s not pleasing, how does one shape the human design you talk about, how does one shape their reality to they’re perhaps their preferred reality?

00:16:27 Rebecca Dawson
Seeing the interesting notion here is that what we have come to believe, and this is somewhat contentious because there’s a very popular set of beliefs around this, we like to be a little bit controversial sometimes is that thought shapes reality.
And that is true to a certain extent. However, that has been a development over the evolution of humanity, where thought has become king and thought can shape reality. But thought can only shape reality in a limited context. And we say that because all thoughts.
Are based on memory.
Unless you already have a reference point for something, a thought cannot be completely new. It’s very difficult. So in that way, if we are creating with thought, we keep creating permutations of the same things over and over again. So say there’s something that you think that you want in life or that you desire.
It’s very likely that that’s shaped by thought. And how do you have a reference for that? Thought there’s a memory somewhere about that. I once saw someone do this and I want to do this or I have a belief that this is what I need in life.
And inevitably, what you’re wanting to create has already been created somewhere.
You’ve seen it somewhere before, or you have a reference for.
So in that way, we keep creating the same experiences for humanity.
And the invitation now in moving to a newest reality, is to begin to create things that haven’t been done before. This is putting new sections on the.
Map of the.
And so in that way, we.
Can’t really create with thought if we’re going to create new things.
Because thought can only be referenced by historical reference.
So this is where we begin to create with a feeling state.
And so we start to go into what is it that we want to feel.
And when we start moving into that state, we start tapping into our natural state of vibration. In other words, the unique vibrational signature that is your being or your soul. You might want to.
Say, what does?
It want to create for its greatness and its ultimate evolution.
And so when we start to ask the question, what is it that I want to feel rather than what is it that I want to create? That’s when we become very powerful.
Because vibration can create far more potently than thought can.
And it can create in new and unexpected ways that we would never have thought of.
So that’s how I’d answered that.

00:19:04 Luisa
No, I love that. I mean it. It’s very popular to manifesting, but.
It’s not. It’s not. Almost, it’s not so specific like I, I want this House and I want it to look like this, but it’s how I want to feel. Walking through my new home as opposed to this is what it has to look like. Or this is the car I want to.

00:19:22 Rebecca Dawson

00:19:23 Luisa
Drive. How do I want to feel?

00:19:26 Rebecca Dawson
Yes. And in that way, you’re actually unlocking a whole set of potentials and possibilities that weren’t even on your radar on your map before because you’re not limiting it to what you already know or what you can already think.
About or reference.
So it opens you up to more if you focus on what you want to feel.
Rather than what you think you want.

00:19:46 Luisa
So not only me, but many people have tried this and it’s not working. What’s your advice?

00:19:54 Rebecca Dawson
Well, because that’s when the mind comes in and says I want it to look like this.
Or I want it to look.
Like that. But here’s here’s the magic in it.
If you focus on what is it that I want?
To feel.
You need to be able to feel that feeling.
So if you say I want to.

00:20:09 Luisa
In the next so sorry, but now not not when it comes.

00:20:12 Rebecca Dawson
No, because how?
How do you know what the feeling is you want?
To feel unless.
You can feel it right? So.
If you can say.
Well, let’s say for example, I want to feel what it.
Feels like to be in a.
Home, where I feel safe and comfortable.
You must already have a reference for that in your conscious.

00:20:30 Luisa

00:20:31 Rebecca Dawson
You must already know within your capacity, what that feels like, because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to.
Have a knowing that you want to feel it, and so in your body you begin to say, oh, that’s the feeling I want to have. And in that moment your body actually starts to feel it and your cells begin to vibrate with that vibration. So in that moment, you are beginning to create it, and it creates a magnetic field.
That now allows that reality to become generated in accordance with that feeling. But you’re not so focused on what you need it to look like, because that distracts you from having things.
Yourself. And then what?
You begin to realise, and here’s the interesting thing.
Is that actually?
I can feel this feeling whenever I want to.
Without even needing to create.
What I think I need to be able to feel that feeling.
So we’re realising that point the humour, because what humans do is they try to create things to give themselves a feeling when they can actually just have the feeling without having to go through all the effort of creating things. And when you realise that everything just starts to manifest in accordance with you.
Less effort, more feeling.

00:21:46 Luisa
Course this humanness is complicated, isn’t it?

00:21:49 Rebecca Dawson
Well, we have.
Everything backwards. This is where the masters always say we are in an inverted version of.
Reality with our beliefs.

00:21:58 Luisa
People get OK. This is the mind thinking. People get into specifics. How long do I need to create this emotion for and per day to achieve this?
Manifestation. Do you have? What are your tips or advice for?

00:22:13 Rebecca Dawson
That well, again, we’re trying to get the manifestation to feel the feeling when it’s available to us any moment. So once you realise that and you say ohh, I’m just going to go into the feeling of feeling this. Things can happen very, very quickly and it’s really letting go of the expectation of how it needs to happen.
When it needs to happen, and that’s when life starts to match you. So it’s not really a question of time, it’s a question of how much you embody that feeling.

00:22:39 Luisa
Embodying it, it’s almost like fake it till you make it.

00:22:43 Rebecca Dawson
I love that yes or.
Being authenticity with it so that it can arrive for you.

00:22:49 Luisa
And believe it to be feeling the yes.

00:22:54 Rebecca Dawson
Well, because, yeah, sorry ultimately, ultimately we don’t actually want that thing. We actually just want the feeling.
It’s like having.
A relationship I want to have a particular relationship with this kind of person. What is? We don’t. We don’t really want all of those specifics. We want the feeling that we think that will deliver and if we can generate that feeling within ourselves, you’ve just begun to master your reality. That’s when reality begins to agree with.

00:23:26 Luisa
Because everything happens within our external internal landscape, why do we keep searching externally for things to please us, to bring us joy? I know it’s for the.
Feeling. But why?

00:23:39 Rebecca Dawson
Because we live in a belief reality where everything is a means to an end.
Where we believe we have to outsource to get something and it’s the same with the money system. You have to have money to be able to do the things.
You want to do.

00:23:56 Luisa
Ohh well, money’s a big one. What’s your advice? It’s.

00:23:57 Rebecca Dawson
When in actuality.
It’s the same principle. We believe that we have to have money in order to have permission to experience things we want to experience rather than just choosing to experience the things we want to experience. And then the money arrives in accordance with that. It’s the same principle.
So what we always do is we always.
Move away from.
Ourselves and sacrifice things to go out here and then bring it back so we can have the things that we want.
And that’s not actually what humans are designed for. We’re designed to be creators. The earth reality was designed to be the greatest creative experience. There’s so much permutation and possibility here because of all the individuation.
But we are in a in experience, we have come to move into an experience where we have forgotten that we can create. So we outsource to create.

00:24:53 Luisa
And in our humanists, we I mean, of course, terrible things happen, but we can suffer so deeply.
Yes, for those of the audience that are in a suffering.
Whatever the situation may be, conflict, contrast, loss of a loved one. What’s your advice?

00:25:18 Rebecca Dawson
It’s very easy to believe that.
The more that we evolve and the better we become as humans and the more we do the right things in life that we move from.
An experience of negativity and ill feeling and darkness towards the light.
When in actuality, we live in a world of duality, the earth designed for duality.
So it’s interesting because I speak to many, many people around the world all the time, and one of the most common questions we hear is how come if I’m doing all the right things and I’m meditating and I’m eating clean and I’m a good person, why do I feel so much suffering?
Why is there still this experience within myself? Why do I still get anxiety? Why do I still? Why am I still angry? These sorts?
Of things and.
What we always say is this.
Life is not linear. We don’t move from the darkness to the light.
The more awaken we become, we begin to expand beyond the spectrum of what’s available. So.
In other words.
It’s like turning the volume up on your stereo. The more awakened you become, the volume turns up, you sinks more, you feel more, you become more empowered. You have a greater sense of your existence. With that, you experience every aspect of that spectrum of human emotion.
More intensely.
So you are going to feel intensity of anxiety, maybe even more than you did before, or flashes of anger even more than you did before. It doesn’t mean you’re regressing or you’re not doing well because you’re sensing that the difference is you’re suffering. Is that suffering is the idea.
That what is happening is not OK.
And this can be a difficult pill for humanity to swallow because we still like to divide up between good and evil, light and dark, rather than these are all the versions of life that happen within the Earth reality.
Suffering in essence is.
I cannot accept what is occurring.
And yet, when we begin to move into a sense of grace within ourselves and say, well.
Yeah, there’s I’m experiencing anger at this time or. Yeah, there’s anxiety happening or, yes, there’s grief happening. We move more into a state of grace with it that then allows us to move into the next experience more quickly.
So there’s an incredible amount of ownership that humans have over the emotions that they feel.
Rather than, these are experiences that we move through. That’s that’s how I describe it. I don’t know if I’ve answered your question.

00:28:11 Luisa
Beautiful. But I love the words, he said. I cannot accept what’s happening.
I thought that was wonderful.

00:28:19 Rebecca Dawson
Yeah, it’s a. It’s a tough thing do.

00:28:20 Luisa
And allow it to transform as well, but it’s very.

00:28:24 Rebecca Dawson
Yeah. Because, you know, we all, we all experience it.
It’s I I I’ve never met a human and I’ve met some really amazing illuminated humans. I’ve never met a human, and as far as I’m aware, the masters tell me that there isn’t.
There isn’t a human in this reality at this time that doesn’t experience all of those things. It doesn’t matter how awakened you are.
If you’re in a human form and you’re in the human reality, that’s part of the spectrum of experience.

00:28:57 Luisa
A couple more questions. Thank you, if that’s OK. Again, you’ve done workshops and seminars, but first I’d like to ask you and I will leave a link. Where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:28:59 Rebecca Dawson
Probably my website which is just my name’s Rebecca There’s lots of free content on there and channelings and all sorts of things for you to explore.

00:29:20 Luisa
The question we were speaking before I get asked all the time you do as well. Why are we here and what is our purpose?

00:29:29 Rebecca Dawson
Well, I love this question.
Because it can be answered in so many different ways, but the most simplistic way is this to become the greatest version of.
Yourself that you possibly.
Because if you are focused on your own evolution and stepping into your greatness, you’re also doing that on behalf of humanity. So human consciousness also expands, and that enables us to move beyond the containment of the 3rd, 4th dimensional Earth reality and into what we call the new Earth.
Experience, which is a sense of freedom to create what you want to create and more of a sense of connectedness.

00:30:07 Luisa
I’ve heard this. Thank you. I’ve heard this term a lot. The new earth. What? What does it mean?

00:30:13 Rebecca Dawson
Well, we wouldn’t say as many people would say that there’s an old earth and then there’s going to be a new Earth and 1:00 will be destroyed and.
One will be.
Created. It’s really a new perspective of the Earth reality because if you consider that time, for example, in the karmic system, the time loop that’s kept our awareness within a particular.
Sphere very contained and tight experience where you know you kind of recycle in and out and everything subject to time and limitation. The more our consciousness expands we begin to move beyond the limitation of that. So we begin to become aware of ourselves as perhaps having multiple aspects living in multiple.
Places at once or we begin to. Some people are having more experiences of past life experiences or the future where they could be that’s accessing the multidimensional self and we begin in that to see each other as part of the whole.
So we begin to.
Act in different ways. We begin to become more aware of ourselves as a humanity. We make different choices. We begin to become more creative, and we stop doing things on repeat.
Because life as we have known it, at least for the last 300,000 years, has being repetitive. Humans keep having the same experiences over and over again, the same traumas, the same.
Life patterns, links and reps.
And so this is about surpassing that to to to move more into that 5th dimensional reality.
Enables us to begin to now create new possibilities and blueprints. You asked about the acceleration effect as each human becomes more conscious.
We are like.
Fractals of A1 consciousness. So as each human becomes more conscious, we’re all becoming more conscious, and this is an accelerated exponential.
The fact that’s occurring so the I know a lot of people have been saying, well, when’s it gonna happen and when are we going to transition to the newest reality, the.
The next 12 years is such an accelerated effect an accelerated principle. It will be difficult for people to remember what it was actually like in this experience now. And we say that because consciousness is expanding so quickly now.
That our memory of who we are were is starting to dissipate and that’s why for so many people, it’s getting harder to remember.
What they used to want, what they used to feel like, what it felt like to be in certain places.
All of that is part of the experience of moving out of the containment of third dimensional reality, because the first thing that begins to drop is your identity.
So the acceleration is really happening now and you’re probably seeing it and hearing it everywhere. People saying I don’t know what I’m doing here anymore. What is my purpose? I feel as if I’m not resonating with all of this that I’ve created and that is highly symptomatic of that acceleration consciousness. So it’s happening quickly.

00:33:30 Luisa
Thank you. You also, you know channelling you speak about other planetary systems.

00:33:38 Rebecca Dawson

00:33:38 Luisa
Are there other life forms on other planets? Is that?

00:33:43 Rebecca Dawson
Well, yes. And there are other human species on other planets too.
So we’re not the only planet that has that has humanity or has humans, but we are a more contained version that hasn’t been able to evolve and develop.
As as well.
They want perfection, but we haven’t evolved and developed as other human versions have.
There are other.
Human versions that exist in.
5th Dimensional version of Reality in on other planetary systems. And then there are other what we would call species who are.
More developed or more conscious or more expanded, and then they exist in different dimensional realities. So what’s interesting to me and what I find very curious is that, for example, space exploration from the Earth perspective is looking for other life forms in the same dimensional fabric. So we’re looking for other.
Life forms that exist in the same 3rd, 4th density.
And there’s not really that much.
Because it’s it’s it’s a fairly contained experience, so if.

00:35:07 Luisa
It makes so much sense, it makes so much sense.

00:35:07 Rebecca Dawson
It’s more like a right because we’re more likely to assume. Also, as humans exploring space, that if we do find other life forms in 3rd, 4th dimensional density, we’re also going to be experiencing duality, which means there’s also going to be concepts of war and peace and conflict and resolution and all of those things.
So is that what we really want to discover or do we want to expand beyond that? And then?
Discover other life.
Forms that are beyond 3rd, 4th dimensional reality, and I personally don’t think that it’s an accident. I think it’s an ingenious design, actually that there’s not so much.
Knowledge or contact?
Between Earth, humanity and other third 4th dimensional.
Expressions of life? Yes, I think that’s probably.

00:35:58 Luisa
And I can’t. I I love that and it can’t be done through.

00:36:02 Luisa
You know, a rocket ship. It has to be done through consciousness.

00:36:05 Rebecca Dawson

00:36:07 Luisa
Not right. Call space physical ship.

00:36:10 Rebecca Dawson
Right. And and of course there are in other dimensional realities technologies that allow transportation.
Ships, as you call them to move in and out of.
Different dimensional densities.

00:36:24 Luisa
And are these higher dimensions? Other planetary systems, humans or extraterrestrials? Whatever you want. Are they? Are they interacting with us on this earth that I’m talking to you now on a frequent basis?

00:36:38 Rebecca Dawson
That they are.
And they are.
Also, interacting in the 5th dimensional version and other versions because it’s not just one version of Earth reality. There’s many different dimensional realities. So as we begin to evolve more and expand beyond containment of that third 4th dimensional, we call it a time lock. But it’s also a vision lock. It’s hard to see.
Anything else outside of Earth, we’re just beginning to stretch beyond that now. With sciences, we’re beginning to experience and see more.
So it’s really our.
Question of what is that we have the capacity to sense at this time and what we have the capacity to.
To understand.

00:37:21 Luisa
What’s your advice for those? Perhaps of the audience that are listening that would like to experience high dimensional realities?
In some shape or form?

00:37:31 Rebecca Dawson
What a great question I must the best place to do that and the easiest place is within.
And this is something that the masters always talk about, the body being the portal we tend to see our body as a container, but it has a membrane and it contains all of these things that we’re are some of parts. But they insist that that’s just because of the version of reality that we’re viewing ourselves in.
But actually the body is like a black hole or it’s like a an opening.
And if we understand that, then you realise that when you move into meditation, instead of moving out, if you move deeply in, you’re actually going through that gap in space time and you’re actually able to experience other versions of dimensional reality through your body because this is your.
Entry and exit point into the well.
This is what your consciousness is able to peer through to be able to perceive this reality. So something very simple like meditating, and this is very easy visually for people and actually going into your body, going into going into an organ or going into your bloodstream and going into one cell.
And then going deep into that cell, so you keep going deeper and deeper, the space between spaces all time the space between spaces, you’ll arrive at a point where there’s nothing.
And if you actually bring your focus and attention into that nothingness, that’s when you begin to experience other dimensional realities.
So all of this is available within the technology of your human body, but we’re not taught how to do that.

00:39:18 Luisa
I will try that technique. Thank you.

00:39:20 Rebecca Dawson
It’s it’s wonderful. And it’s also very rejuvenating for yourselves.

00:39:27 Luisa
On a final note, would you feel comfortable offering some channelling for the passion harvest audience?

00:39:33 Rebecca Dawson
Of course.
Would you like to begin with a particular question, or would you like us to just?

00:39:42 Luisa
No, I don’t have any questions.

00:39:47 Rebecca Dawson
We’re all out of questions. That’s a good place to be. OK, I’ll just. I’ll just give me a moment. I’ll just go in a little bit deeper.
Greetings to your blessed one. We are with here.
We are with humanity.
Humanity, in our view, is the greatest of all species.
Because they have the ability to transform.
So many of you wish to transform your realities. You wish to transform your lives. However, your greatest skill is your ability to transform yourselves.
And truly, this is the last thing that humans want to do. Is it curious, perhaps, that humans only wish to transform upon a point of suffering?
You have asked the question about suffering. Let us say this suffering is an experience that invites your attention back to yourself, because when you suffer, your focus is concentrated.
You feel it within your body. You feel it within your heart. It is a refocusing away from what you perceive to be a natural reality and back into the potency of your own existence. It is in those moments of suffering that all of your focus comes back.
To who and what you are, and that is the point of transformation.
Once humans begin to reclaim their ability to transform not only their identities, their cells within their body.
How they feel, what they know.
You begin to become once again responsible for your own evolution in a way that feels like freedom.
You no longer rely upon the conditions of your reality to tell you whether or not you can grow, expand, evolve. You no longer have to wait.
For the constructs and systems within your world to be able to create freely and feel your sovereignty.
And so suffering in the 3rd 4th dimensional context for humans is a mechanism which brings you back to the potency within yourself.
Because when you are suffering, you are in a state where you realise that nothing beyond you can help you.
And this is a way for you to return.
To the source consciousness that you are.
It is why so many humans go through incredible transformations.
Because they focus all of their energy back on themselves.
In this way, as humanity begins to evolve, suffering will no longer be required in the way that it is for you to give yourselves permission to continually change your state of reality.
It’s so curious to us that humans come to a complete state of despair before they will choose.
To change.
And it is not that you are flawed in any way.
It is not that you are mistaken.
It is not that you are somehow desecrated.
It is that it is a natural state of your design to be continually transforming, continually creating the human is not designed for repetition.
It is what limits you in your conscious expression.
Therefore, we say unto you that when you feel suffering, no, that it is an invitation for transformation.
And see it as a gift that brings you back to yourself.
Perhaps the only state in which you give yourself permission to be at one with yourself.
Do have a question in this moment, dear one?

00:43:59 Luisa
I I first I just had to say I had to. I had to laugh because even though suffering is not wanted, it’s true the the intense transformation that occurs when they’re broken and down on our knees. One can call it letting the light in.
I guess my question is, is there an endpoint to this human incarnation experience this reincarnation experience?

00:44:25 Rebecca Dawson
Indeed, the transformation is occurring at this time because just as we have spoken about the individual experience of suffering, so too there has been a collective experience of suffering.
And So what you see in the world at this time in your collective reality is a suffering that is encouraging humanity to return to the seat of its own immortality, its own sovereignty, so that humanity may once again.
Continually create its own reality, the Garden of Eden is about continual creation, and so this is invoking, inviting humanity collectively to begin to once again reignite yourselves as the greatest creator of species.
So this type of suffering or this type of sensation is not required once humanity has.
We discovered once again it’s innate birthright to continually change.
Humanity becomes so committed to creation.
Hear our words. If you create something, you become so committed to the management of it and the survival of it that you become a slave to your creations.
Humans have learned that if you create something, you must see it through to the very end.
And in this way you become a caretaker rather than an igniter.
It prevents you from creating more in each particular life experience.
It is your greatest honour and your greatest capacity to continually transform and create, and This is why great ones know, for example, such as the Buddha.
Have always encouraged.
Non attachment.
Because when you are attached to your creations, you cannot keep creating.

00:46:27 Luisa
So true, I have one more question if that’s OK.

00:46:31 Rebecca Dawson
What is your question?

00:46:33 Luisa
Why? Why do humans have so much fear? And how do we overcome fear?

00:46:40 Rebecca Dawson
Or, fear, of course, is a natural experience within your dualistic world.
It is one flavour of the spectrum of experience that is available.
So it is not your fault that you feel fear.
Fear is one of the experiences within the human blueprint, as you have known it.
The question is, how do you give yourself permission to experience fear without taking possession of it?
Because what humans do is they say, well, I feel this. Therefore I own it. Humans have become very territorial.
I feel fear.
Therefore, it’s my fear I am responsible for.
It I’ll give.
It a name and an identity, and I’ll keep it with me so I can draw upon it at any time. This is how trauma is first.
Rather than I am visiting and experiencing this marvellous Earth reality, just as if you would go through an art gallery and you would walk past many different views and experiences. You do not choose to take them with you. You nearly pass through one room and into the next. Fear is an experience.
When you make.
It yours. It’s very difficult to leave it behind.
So it’s very wise for humans to begin to reconsider that you are great aspects of consciousness. Walking through experiences of reality. Do not seek to accumulate them and add them to your own collection.

00:48:17 Luisa
Yes, just reminded me once someone said, you know, we have a backpack that we carry all these this baggage on our back and keep accumulating all of these.

00:48:25 Rebecca Dawson
And you accumulate in your body because you’ve come to believe that your body is a container, and we collect things. We collect memories. You collect experiences. You collect traumas, you collect your creations, and it becomes a burden. And that burden is what keeps you in the comic cycle.
So it’s wise for you to see that you walk through.
Experiences viewing, visiting be a tourist, be a tourist being not attached and in this way you can come to appreciate fear. That’s an interesting thing. That’s an interesting experience of fear. I can see how powerful that is. And then you move on.

00:49:10 Luisa
So this simple awareness of that can help us move through. As you said, trauma fears all the baggage that we seem to collect with us over lifetimes.

00:49:19 Rebecca Dawson
Yes, you like to collect things as humans because you believe you need it to survive, and yet your freedom is to be found in seeing yourself.
As the viewer, rather than the experiencer.
You do not need to collect all of these experiences of Earth reality in order to come to know them.

00:49:41 Luisa
One of the biggest fears?
For humans, is the fear of.
Of the physical body.
What happens when we die?

00:49:52 Rebecca Dawson
Well, let us say this, in our view, it is not the fear of death that is the greatest fear is the fear of not belonging.
Because humans, when they die, they are fear of fear of death. They are having a fear of not belonging to both reality anymore and not belonging to a certain identity.
Not belonging to certain people.
When the physical body.
Dissolves it is the same as the leaf falling from a tree.
The tree itself does not die. It is only that outermost.
Expression that falls so that another one may be birthed.
When you die, or when your body dissolves as you say, your identity drops.
When the identity.
For example, the one known as laser drop.
You are now identifying as the tree.
Belief of that identity has dropped, but you still exist until the next identity is formed, so you don’t go anywhere. You relax back into the totality of your cosmic consciousness.

00:51:08 Luisa
Thank you. That was beautiful.
I think that’s all my questions for the day. Unless you have any anything else you’d like to share.

00:51:17 Rebecca Dawson
Well, let us continue for a moment with our death and life, because the inhalation and exhalation, the exhalation is the expression of your identity. The inhalation is relaxing back into the totality of.
Who you are.
And in this way, death is not so violent.
More so dramatic, it is simply an inhalation and exhalation of the cosmic breath of life.
There will always be a new leaf.
It is our great joy to be with you in this way.
Peace be with you.

00:51:58 Luisa
And thank you so much.

00:52:04 Rebecca Dawson
Thank you for your questions. They were amazing questions.

00:52:09 Luisa
Thank you so.
That was wonderful. Is there anything else? On a final note you’d like to share with the passion Harvest audience?

00:52:20 Rebecca Dawson
Honestly, I love. I love the title, passion, harvest. I absolutely love it and really it is all about passion. We we we don’t give ourselves permission to really be passionate about things in life.
And what is passion? It’s a it’s a great sense of joy with whatever it is that you’re doing. And we take ourselves so seriously. As humans, we take this human business so seriously.
When it is just as mass has just said, an inhalation and an exhalation.
Experience as much as you can.
Is what we say.
Sit visit as many galleries of life.
As you can.
Just don’t take it all with you.

00:53:04 Luisa
Love it, love it, love it. Thank you so much, Rebecca. Rebecca Dawson. Thank you so much. And. And. And the ascended masters and your US. Your team. Thank you so much for being on passion Harvest.

00:53:17 Rebecca Dawson
Oh, it’s my absolute pleasure. I’ve loved every moment of it. Thank you.

00:53:20 Luisa
Me too. Thank you so much. Bye bye


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