‘I Intuitively open portals – connect with your soul, read your energetic field and scan your physical body with the Divine loving assistance of ISIAH.’


$100 USD
Private one-one 30 minutes session

During our session I invite ISIAH to enter and clear your field and heal your body. This can often be felt very strongly though physical sensations during and after the Reading.

I intuitively connect with your soul and read your energetic field and scan your physical body in order to understand what is asking to be cleared, healed or released allowing you to move forward towards your most aligned path.  The information received is individual for each soul, for each human incarnation, from this present life or from you many other lives.

Love is the greatest power there is and though love and intention the results from these sessions have been remarkable. This session encourages your field to open portals to dimensions of consciousness. We often hold on to past hurts, traumas, fears in order to keep us safe, but this can also hold us back from our soul path and journey. We have come here to experience the fullness of life, freedom and above all love.