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Expert REVEALS REINCARNATION Research! What REALLY Happens & Why? How to END Karma? Joanne DiMaggio

She is a respected expert on the topic of reincarnation.

Joanne DiMaggio reveals her research on past life exploration, soul purpose and soul writing.

From 1964 to 1972, Joanne DiMaggio was the president of a Beatles Fan Club. Fifteen years later, she began pursuing a career as a past-life researcher and therapist. In those ensuing years, she always wondered how she, a Catholic girl from an Italian-American family living in Chicago’s southside, went from being passionate about the Beatles to becoming passionate about reincarnation research. Did anything happen during the heyday of Beatlemania that may have planted a seed leading her to an esoteric career long after the group disbanded? Joanne revisits the past to answer that question and tries to discover how the Beatles influenced not only her own spiritual journey, but the spiritual journey of countless other fans.

Joanne DiMaggio, MA, CHt, is considered a respected expert on the topic of reincarnation and Soul Writing. She earned her Masters in Transpersonal Studies and her Spiritual Mentor certification through Atlantic University. She has had numerous articles published and given talks on the subject of past-life exploration, the pre-life planning session, and soul writing to global audiences. In addition, she has been a guest on nearly 100 radio programs and podcasts.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Joanne DiMaggio

00:00:25 Luisa
Joanne DiMaggio, welcome to Passion Harvest, really looking forward to our conversation today.

00:00:32 Joanne DiMaggio
I am too. So thank you so much for inviting me.

00:00:32 Luisa
I’ve had done a bit of research on you and gosh, you’ve done a you’ve a wealth of information. I’d love to briefly start just for the audience. If they don’t know about you, your journey and your intricate spiritual connection with The Beatles.

00:00:52 Joanne DiMaggio
OK, well.
Briefly, I was president of a Beatles fan club when I was a teenager, so that gives you an idea how old I am and I had that club for eight years.
And then after they broke up, about 15 years after they broke up.
I saw Shirley Maclaine’s miniseries on out on the limb on.
Her book.
And she was talking about reincarnation. And I had been reading about reincarnation prior to The Beatles coming into my life. So when I was a a adolescent, I had grown up, I was raised Catholic. I had a lot of questions about Catholicism that weren’t getting answered.
And so in my summers, I was picking up books about Edgar Casey than books that were written by the leading writers at that time, which was Ruth Montgomery and Jess Stern, and people like that. And they were talking about reincarnation. And I read a book about.
Bridy Murphy the search for Bridey Murphy? That was the first book about reincarnation that I read as a kid. And then of course, The Beatles came all around in 64 and then after that I didn’t really think about reincarnation until like I said, 15 years later after they broke up and then Shirley MacLaine comes out without on a limb.
And I saw that and it just reawakened my interest in that topic and all through the years I kept wondering, you know, why was I so passionate about the topic of reincarnation when, you know, I was raised in a blue collar neighbourhood in South side of Chicago, nobody talked about reincarnation.
And I, and I often wonder well, where where were those seeds planted? And so then the thought came in my head. Maybe it was The Beatles. Maybe it was those eight years I was involved with the Beatle Fan club and thinking about that, that was sort of germinating for.
For a while and finally I thought you know what I think that’s exactly what happened. And that’s what led me to write my new book, the Inner Light.

00:03:09 Luisa
A big congratulations. The inner light. How The Beatles planted the spiritual seeds in our souls. I’d love to discuss a bit more about that later in the interview, but you are a you are a past life therapist and and reincarnation.
Have you?
Experience past lives yourself.

00:03:32 Joanne DiMaggio
Oh, absolutely. I don’t think anyone should really go into this as a profession unless you have thoroughly done.
Your own work.
So looked into your own past lives. I’ve worked with many other past life therapists prior to my becoming.
I did a lot of research. I started a past life research and education organisation when I lived in Chicago and had a lot of the leading edge speakers coming in. I was involved with AR E which was Edgar Casey’s Association for Research and Enlightenment.
And they had a lot of speakers coming in. So so between a lot of those people that were past life therapists who came in to do tax, I usually would book a session with them. But I also had a small circle.
Of of like minded souls and I was doing an awful lot of work on my own past life journey so that I would understand it from all aspects of it before I would, you know, the the privilege of working with somebody. I really want them to know.
For me this is something I have been working on for a very long time.

00:04:49 Luisa
For those of the audience that haven’t experienced the the sensations, the awareness, the consciousness of a past life.
Are you able to describe perhaps some of your most profound experiences of your past life, and how they’ve assisted you in this life?

00:05:09 Joanne DiMaggio
Well, from my own experience and yet from the.
Thousands of people I’ve actually worked with over the years from all over the world. Most people come into it with the same question. Why am I here?
What is this life all about? I don’t understand why this is happening to me. I don’t understand why I have these problems. These patterns keep repeating themselves.
So for me, the most rewarding aspect of this work is when somebody has an aha moment.
In other words.
We’re we’re talking about what’s the source? What’s the underlying cause of what’s going on in your life?
You know, and they may have examined it from all aspects in their current life, they may have been going into psychotherapy.
They they may have been working with other practitioners and they’re not getting any answers. So we we you know I when I do a regression with somebody, I ask their soul to take them to the lifetime that’s most impacting them right now because we’ve had many, many, many, many past lives. But you’re not working on issues.
All of them. There was one in particular that happened, and it could have happened 1000 years ago. We just.
I don’t know that there’s some unfinished business, something that you may have done to somebody, or they may have done something to you. It’s set up this unfinished karma and you decided when you were planning the life that you have now in your pre life planning session you thought, you know what, this life I’m coming into, this is the perfect one.
And to work on the issues from that particular past life. And so we bring them in with us and having a regression will help you to see that they’ll go to the source, you’ll understand. Where did this all start? What role did I have to play in all of this? Who are these people that are in my life now? And what role are they playing?
Were they in my life before? And you know, what do I do with this information now that I have it, how do I apply it so that I could move on and be free of these issues, though they’ve been plaguing me for my whole life?

00:07:27 Luisa
So when we transition from our physical body, what we identify as Joanne and Louisa, we in some way are imprinted and we carry traumas and hurts and cyclic wounds through our many lives.

00:07:42 Joanne DiMaggio

00:07:45 Luisa
Gosh, life’s tough and.
And what I’m also hearing is that the people that we meet in lifetimes, we meet them sometimes over and over again to heal karmic relationships and patterns.

00:07:59 Joanne DiMaggio
Oh, absolutely. We travel with the same group of souls. We’re like, I’d like to think of this as a pod. Well, soul pod, a family of souls. We’ve been together since they’re very beginning of time.
So lifetime after lifetime after lifetime, we Incarnate together, but we change our roles and we change our gender. So your mother in this life could have been your brother in a prayer.
It’s like, you know, your best friend in this life could have been your father in her previous life. So that’s one of the benefits of the regressions that you’re able to identify because the souls, the essence of the soul, remains the same.
And you know how Shakespeare said the eyes are the windows to the soul. They are the eyes remain the same. The body changes the role we play changes. But there’s just something about.
A person that you can usually identify as I know them. I know them on some other deeper level and and that happens all the time. When you meet somebody you’ve never met before and they feel familiar to you somehow. Like I think I sense that I know them on some level.
So we travel together.
Lifetime after lifetime with the sole purpose of helping each other out. So if you if you establish, you know, this is my mission, it’s like.
You know, say that you say you want to work on the issue of abandonment because you may have abandoned somebody in a prior life and now to balance that out, you’re going to experience that. So these souls will come in with you and they’ll go, you know what? I’m going to help you out with that at some point in life. I’m.
Going to abandon you?
You’re gonna know how to.
Feels now that’s a simplification obviously, of how this works, but that’s the role that we play with each other. We come in as a support system. Sometimes we encourage each other, sometimes we create challenges for each other, but nonetheless, it’s all with the same identical purpose, and that’s to enable our souls to work through the issues that we decided to work through.
So we could.
Be free of them and move on.

00:10:09 Luisa
Yes, the lessons are always pleasant. And once we’ve once we’ve overcome what we’ve chosen to in our pre birth plan.
We don’t need to repeat those lessons again, is that correct?

00:10:25 Joanne DiMaggio
That’s right. That’s right. Once once you completed that, you know, think of it as school going to school. Think of it as a
School and.
Your little soul coming in from.
Spirit’s got your little backpack on you, but you’ve worked with the Council of Elders, which I equate to like school guidance.
Years you’ve looked at everything you need to work on, and you’ve you’ve drawn up a curriculum so that you know when you come to Earth and you enter the school called Earth that you have certain lessons that you’re going to be working on in this lifetime. Once those lessons are complete, you don’t repeat them, just like you wouldn’t repeat it if you were in school.
So the idea is complete the lesson.
Hopefully get a passing grade and then you can move on to the next level.
That’s how that works.

00:11:17 Luisa
Is there an end point to this the reincarnation cycle?

00:11:22 Joanne DiMaggio
Ohh yeah, but at some point you don’t need to come back anymore.
I haven’t met too many people who are in that in the above position.
A lot of people think they don’t have to come back again.

00:11:37 Luisa
Well, I have many people say to me I would never choose this earth plane to come back. Do we? Do we have free will to choose make that choice?

00:11:46 Joanne DiMaggio
Sure you can. You don’t have to come back to the earth. There’s other places you could go to. But like Edgar Casey said, anything that started on the Earth has to be completed on the Earth. This is the best school that that souls have. I mean, this is our. We made this decision at the beginning of time that we would come here and experience what it’s like to be a spiritual being.
Inhabiting a physical body, there are things that you can only learn in the physical on the earth, so these are things that you can relax.
OK, in spirit world, so you know, all of us are are taking whatever course we need to take graduating and moving on and eventually you don’t have, you won’t do it anymore. You won’t have to do it anymore and and or some people. Some souls don’t have to come back to Earth.
But they come back anyway to be in service.
Two other other other souls here, so especially people that come in with, you know, physical challenges or emotional or mental challenges. Some of those people, you know, we think to ourselves. Well, I wonder what they did to earn that kind of karma. Well, it could be that they’re very advanced souls and that they’re coming in.
To enable you to enact with them and the lesson really is about you, not about them. So that’s why it’s good not to judge anybody at any point in time, because you just really don’t know what their sole agenda is for that lifetime.

00:13:14 Luisa
And we always looked like to look outside of us for the answers or the cause of our suffering or the problems. But I guess it really is all within us.

00:13:23 Joanne DiMaggio
Yeah, I mean I I.
The one thing I’ve heard over and over again in my practise is people like to blame, you know? Oh, it’s my mother’s fault. My father’s fault. It’s my husband’s fault. It’s my teachers fault or whatever. When in actuality, we only have to look at ourselves because we designed.
This life to be the way it is to present the challenges to us that we need.
To resolve some unfinished karma so that we can move on. So it’s all. There’s nothing random. I don’t believe in life. I am so it’s it’s to me. You know, one of my books is called. I did it to myself again, you know, meaning that I plan this out so that these things.
Would have the the most likelihood to come up so that I could deal with them.

00:14:18 Luisa
So just just backtracking so the soul is in another dimension, the soul. We’re we we are an aspect of our soul. Is that correct?

00:14:30 Joanne DiMaggio
Yes, I would say that’s correct.

00:14:34 Luisa
And it is. Is it? I mean, there’s so many different theories and thoughts on this. Is it your belief that we have an over soul or a soul and we’re having multiple incarnations at the same time?

00:14:47 Joanne DiMaggio
You know what? I’ve heard that I’ve read that and that’s I never say no, nothing is not a possibility. But I have found in my practise that I tend to go with the more simplistic.
Explanations of what’s going on, because the majority of people in the Western world do not believe in reincarnation, and so when you start talking to them about it, if you start to get into some of these theories that.
Are really challenging to understand.
You lose them.
And my goal is to provide healing.
For people at whatever level they’re at, so I don’t really.
Talk to people about parallel lives or walk-ins, or, you know, quantum anything. I just don’t do it. So I I I keep it as simple as I possibly.
Can so that they understand it completely and thoroughly, and then later on, if they want to look into all these other theories, they’re welcome to do that. I just don’t include that in my day-to-day interactions with people.

00:16:05 Luisa
No, I absolutely respect that one more complicated Question Time.
Are all? I mean, I’ve had many people say to me because I’ve remembered past lives, future lives in the the now, is it all happening now?

00:16:24 Joanne DiMaggio
That’s another one of those questions, you know, at the end of the earth on the earth, time is linear, right. So it’s like we’ve got the past, the.

00:16:26 Luisa

00:16:31 Joanne DiMaggio
Present in the future.
It isn’t that way in spirit. Obviously there’s no such thing as time and spirit.
I’ve heard people who say that they can enter in and out of different times.
Periods. I’m not one of them and I have not really worked with anybody that’s been able to do that. So I just, you know, I I’m sort of a student of Edgar Casey and you know, it’s one soul, one body, one soul. I don’t believe like I live in Charlottesville, VA.
And this is the home of Thomas Jefferson.
You would not believe the number of people who think they were Thomas Jefferson in a prior lifetime. You know, do some of that, that and then if you talk to them, they’ll come up with all kinds of theories about how more than one person could be somebody famous. It’s like an aspect of his soul went into this one. And then aspect of his soul went into another one.
And I’m of the theory it’s one soul. One, one person SO1 body. So I sort of I I’m not a believer of that. I mean I respect them and I they have their reasons for.
For believing in all of that, but it just isn’t part of my.
Day-to-day work with clients.

00:17:50 Luisa
Thank you. Thank you. So in in regards to the past lives, have you had clients or perhaps yourself that have had past lives not only on Earth but other dimensions, other galaxies, other planets?
00:18:05 Joanne DiMaggio
I can kind of count on one
hand the number of people who have said they’re from another star system.
Like I said, you know what? What Casey said, whatever starts on Earth has to end on the earth. And so I have had a few who have said indicated that they’re here and they talk about how lonely they are. And it’s hard to adjust and.

00:18:18 Luisa

00:18:31 Joanne DiMaggio
You know, they talked about that. I’ve had one who brought in with him some medical and scientific knowledge that was not native to our civilization.
Who described a another life in in.
Which they had a different colour skin like blue skin. But like I said, I there have been.
Only maybe a half dozen out of the thousands that I’ve worked with who said something like that.

00:19:11 Luisa
I know you do some work with accessing your past lives through soul writing. Would you mind sharing that and some perhaps some tips for the audience who would like to start with that simple? Well, not simple with that technique.

00:19:27 Joanne DiMaggio
OK, so writing is basically a written form of meditation. So if you think of prayer as you talking to God.
And meditation is God talking to you, so writing is you taking notes.
It is not automatic writing. That is the term that most people are aware of just because it’s been around longer the the term. So writing something I came up with when I was working on my master’s degree, but it’s based on the work of Edgar Casey. He called it inspirational writing and.
Basically, it’s writing in a in a altered state of consciousness. So if you’re going into your meditation.
You’re putting the pen down to the paper and you’re asking spirit to provide a message for you. Now it can be used in a lot of different ways. I I’ve called it soul writing, because when Casey called it inspirational writing that was back in the 1930s.
In 40.
And if you were to type in inspirational right now in Amazon to look for books on it, you’re going to get all Christian genre books if you type it automatically, you’re going to get all books about the occult. So there was no term to describe what Casey meant by doing this sort of guided writing.
So UM, so I did my research and I came up with the term solar because it was it to me it was, you know, it’s coming from above coming through you out your soul and then out on the paper I used it for a lot of different ways I teach it.
Matter of fact, I’m doing a whole summer Sol riding series for the ARE 10 weeks from in July through the end of August, once a week on Zoom, and basically I use it for I do use it a lot for past life work. You can at the end of a regression.
I’ll ask a client.
Do you want to do the soul riding? And if they do, I’ll walk them through it. If not, then I’ll do it for them and many times the slow riding will give you additional information that you did not get in the regression. In other words, it’ll give you the back story. It’ll answer any question you might have. It’ll give you the guidance like what do I do with this.
Information. So basically it’s just.
While you’re already in an altered state of consciousness, or if you choose to go into one, you know, make sure that the important steps are that when you go into your meditation that you surround yourself with white light, put that impenetrable bubble of white light around you to keep you safe because one of the problems with automatic writing.
That people were complaining about possession because they weren’t protecting themselves in any old, you know, lower level energy was coming through and and impacting them. So you, so you surround yourself with the white light, you say a prayer.
Of protection and just put the pen down on the paper and wait for a message and you can just say to spirit, you know, can you provide a message for me? That’s for my highest and best. You can ask a specific question about a past life. You can actually have a conversation with your past life aspect if you choose to.
You know where where you’ve had the regression, and I’d say your name was John. In your previous life. And I’d like to talk to John. I want to know what life was like for him back in that time period or ask him any questions.
About you know what lessons did you learn in that life that I’ve brought in with me? You could use it for developing your psychic abilities. You could use it for a lot of composers and artists. Use a form of soul writing. It’s the process that’s that going into that meditation and allowing spirit to come in.
And inspiring you to write something that you wouldn’t write if you were in a in a conscious state. So as a matter of fact, in my book on on The Beatles, I write a little bit about how John and Paul.
Both used aspects of soul writing in writing, some of their music. For Paul it was yesterday and let it be or John across the universe and nowhere man. But they’re not the only ones. I mean, we’ve got like Mozart and Beethoven and Bach and even.
Stephen King is more of a contemporary writer and he’s in in.
A lot of writers have talked about where is this inspiration coming from, and it’s basically, you know, they say it’s like somebody’s dictating something to me or it’s like I’m in a dream state and I’m pulling this down and it sounds a lot different than what you would write.
In a conscious state, in normal, you know, and I’ve been a writer all my life, and I know the difference between when I’m writing commercial copy as opposed to when I go into meditation and I’m.
Reading through this already, so I have a a whole book about soul writing and I also have about using it for past life information so so it’s available if anybody wants to pursue it. And I also like I said, I do teach it, I do do private, so writing lessons for people if they choose to.
Pursue it.

00:24:58 Luisa
And I will leave a link below in the show notes for people that are listening.
How so would you, for the sole writing, would you write just say you have a question, would you necessarily suggest the individual write the question on the page or telepathically ask it?

00:25:18 Joanne DiMaggio
Either way, you can write it up at the top of the page, or you could do like a mental mantra. You could repeat it over and over. Just a spirit that knows exactly what it is that you’re asking. I’d like to write it on the page because when they go back and reread.
You know which.
It’s not always good to read it immediately when you get the message. Sometimes it’s good to let it sit for a while, cause it’s like a fine wine. It ages really well and you can go back. And oftentimes it’ll mean something completely different to you.
And when you read it later than it than it did at the time that you first wrote it. So having the question at the top of the page will will enable you to remember what were you dealing with at that particular time.
So date it.
And put the question and then wait for the answer and you can have a whole conversation you you can put the question.
And and then get the answer and then if you want to have a conversation with spirit, you could put another question in there as if you were talking to somebody you know and and get another answer that way. So it’s it’s very interactive.
And if anybody can do what you don’t need to have a special talent skill or an ability, it’s your God given right.
To have access to this information. So so people have found it a tremendous a tremendous tool of healing as well. I had a woman contact me who was diagnosed with breast cancer and she was given my book and she started to do the soul riding. And she credits that writing.
To her, part of her healing.
And other people have said the same thing. And as a matter of fact, I was at the University of Virginia Cancer Centre and I saw something where they’re advertising teaching people how to do journaling. So you might teach it a little different than what they’re teaching, but it’s the same idea that, you know, it’s very cathartic.
To put this information out there and the writing will.
I have a whole list of of how to go about doing it? It’s anybody wants it, they can contact me and I’m happy to send it to you. It’ll give you the list of all the ways to use it it.
Will tell you that.
The steps and how to do it and then it’ll also give you side by side.
The difference between automatic writing and soul writing so that you know one from the other.

00:27:50 Luisa
So I mean, it’s so interesting. I know you’ve got the list of people can contact you, but when you say go into an altered set of conscious, is it consciousness? Is it a quiet meditative space? And for how long?

00:28:06 Joanne DiMaggio
How long your whole session will be are you?

00:28:08 Luisa
Now, how long would you quiet your mind and relax your mind?

00:28:12 Joanne DiMaggio
It depends on. It depends on you. You know, I mean I think the the more you do this the shorter.
You know, I could usually get it, get into it within a couple of minutes. I mean, it’s like, you know, just close my eyes and and block out everything I say. My prayer protection. See. See that white light surrounding me? Ask that only information from my highest and best come through invite my guides.
And ask them, you know, to, to work with me and then wait. And sometimes the waiting for the pen to start moving is the is the longest part of it. But some people, you know, you you may start out and you may just get a a word here there.
Other people will get a a phrase.
Other people will get start getting a full sentence and then others will start getting, you know, paragraphs. Some people will get poems.
And other people will be will get images in their mind that they want to draw. So if they’re more artistically inclined, they can get their information that way. But basically the the process is the same. It’s the going into your meditation surrounding yourself with that white light saying that.
Their protection connecting to spirit. It’s like I like to think of it.
As a 24 hours.
Very big phone home card. So if you ever get into trouble, you know it’s like call home because there’s somebody every one of us has guides. We’re assigned to us, you know, in Catholicism we believed in in Guardian Angels.
It’s basically the same thing that there is. There is an energy higher entity.
Is always there for you, but you have to. You have to connect with them in order for them to help you. So you know, I think of it as like, you know, they do these telethons and they have everybody behind the the tables waiting for the phones to ring. That’s how I figure spirit is like, they’re waiting for us to call, you know, so they can help us because.
If we don’t ask for the help.
We’re not going to get it. So they’re there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call anytime and that’s the beauty of it, that you know you’re never alone. And whenever I’ve done research projects using soil running, that’s the first thing people said that it was comforting to them to know that they weren’t alone in this world, that there was, there was somebody, something out there always.
Looking out for them.

00:30:53 Luisa
Yeah, very comforting. And perhaps the soul writing is a simple technique. As you said, it’s accessible to everyone to communicate and I guess the The thing is, people have said this to me before. I’m just making it up. I’m just writing it. So to actually believe that it’s coming through a higher power.

00:31:13 Joanne DiMaggio
Well, I think that if you.
Are honest with yourself and you know the way you write and you know the way you think you would know that this is something. For instance, one time I asked Spirit what’s the difference between the 10 Commandments and universal laws? Because I had heard that there were, I don’t know.
Trying to find out how many universal laws are there really, are there 50 or are there 200 and so?
I was writing connecting and and you always connect with someone who’s like an expert in that particular question. So I was sitting on my front porch. I’ll never forget this and I’m riding away and then all of a sudden and this happens a lot, I think of it like an Oreo cookie. It’s like when you first start doing the writing, you get the hello.
So glad to be here kind of thing. The message comes in the middle. The meat of it comes in the middle and then at the end it’s the, you know, goodbye kind of thing. But in the middle of this message I got.
There is no such. There is no universal law that begins, thou shalt not.
That was the answer to the question was the difference between them, and I never in my conscious state would have ever thought of that.
That went right over my head. I was like, I had to actually stop writing and look because I thought what I would never have written that.

00:32:41 Luisa
So that’s how.

00:32:42 Joanne DiMaggio
I knew that I was working with somebody at A at a different frequency, different level, and it was very comforting to me. And then I built that way, I believe.
The information I was getting because I knew it was from a very high level source, you might say in the universe. So yeah, so that’s how you tell, you know, you know, like even when I was mentioning.
To you about.
People, authors and composers, you know, they say the same thing. I never would have written that in a conscious state, you know.
I I worry about. Is this plagiarism even you know where? Where did this come from? It didn’t come from me. I don’t like like that. So that’s that’s pretty common when you’re doing this kind of writing. But it’s best to just let it unfold, you know, let you know. Surrender to it.
Go with the flow.

00:33:33 Luisa
Yeah, very comforting. Just a couple more questions.

00:33:37 Joanne DiMaggio
Yeah. Yeah. When I do a regression with somebody, that’s one of the first things I ask them when they go into I I do a very long induction, getting them to be very relaxed. And then I say a prayer protection, surround them with white light. So when we’re in this total relaxed state of being, which by the way, for those who’ve never experienced this, what it feels like is.
You know when you first wake up in the morning and you’re lying in bed, your eyes are closed, but you’re.
You feel really.
Deep in the mattress, you’re just so relaxed you could open your eyes and get out of bed if you want, but you don’t want to because you’re so relaxed. That’s the feeling. It is. So then the first questions I asked them.
When I ask them, I take them across the bridge. I have them walk into a forest. Then there’s a bridge. The bridge takes them from the here and now to the lifetime they’re sold once.
Them to see we get to the other.
Side of the bridge.
I’ll start asking them identification questions. I’ll ask them are are your feet there or are they covered? What are you wearing? Are you male or female? How old are you? What colour is your hair? What colour is your skin? What’s your body makeup like?
And what’s your name? Where are you geographically and what year is it? So we go through all those types of questions that they get in their minds, eye and identity of who they are or what they look like.
And they could picture it the way you would a movie like I tell them. Well, somebody’s made a movie about your past life. What are you seeing on the screen? So they can pretty much see themselves that way. And and it’s pretty interesting to hear what they have to say.

00:35:21 Luisa
So, so fascinating, and even to geographically pinpoint to some extent the the life is it hard sometimes for people to perhaps give the date?
Is that a common thing?

00:35:34 Joanne DiMaggio
Yeah, I know some people like some people, the date will pop in their head and they’ll go. Yeah, it’s 1632.
They’re sure of it.
Others will say I don’t know. It’s the 1600s sometime and then others will identify it by what’s going on historically.
So they’ll say I’m in ancient Egypt or I’m in the American Civil War or I’m in mediaeval England, so they identify it that way. We try to narrow it down as much as we possibly can.
People get less likely to be more specific if it’s BC. If they’re talking about before Christ, or they identify it as ohh it’s pre industrial. You know something like that, but it helps them to have the date because if they want to do research later on.
You know, they died of a plague and they say it’s 1692. They can go back and look at what? What were there any plagues in England in 1692? You know? So. So that’s that’s how it’s helpful. It’s also helpful to know what’s going on.
Morally or culturally at that time period, especially for women, you know, like, if, if their lifetime is in the.
Centuries century, you know, and they had so many limitations on what they could do and their fears about if they were, if they had special skills and talents that they were natural born healers, for instance.
I have a lot of healers who come to me and they’re blocked. They feel like they need they could do healing in this life, but they’re afraid to because there’s something stopping them and that’s the memory of what happened to them the last time they did it. So. So that’s all really helpful when you’re trying to pinpoint a date.

00:37:26 Luisa
So interesting and you’re working with the soul too. As you said, we’ve had many, many, many incarnations. The soul takes us to a point.
In another life that we need to learn from just one more question on this. Generally when there probably is no rule, but when you’re doing a regression with someone, do they usually go back to a similar age or do they go back?
As a child.
Is it generally a similar age that they identify with in another life?
Not at all. OK.

00:37:55 Joanne DiMaggio
No, but all over the place I’ve had them be. Yeah, they’re four years old. They’re teenagers. They’re 30s and 40s or older.
Yeah, this is where we first meet them. And then when I asked them to go to the significant event in that life, they may go to the time when they’re younger or older cause we can move back and forth, you know, so it’s I say to them, tell me something significant that happened to you and you can start at any point in time. But it happened when you were a child, a teenager.
Young adults or older, and sometimes they’ll they’ll jump to when they.
Or, you know, middle age and and then and then I know. Well, we’ve got all this all these years prior to that age, there may have been something important that happened growing up. So then I’ll move them back. But yeah, it’s it. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. It’s all over the place.

00:38:50 Luisa
And have you done a regression with someone who’s experienced dying and leaving the physical body?

00:38:56 Joanne DiMaggio
Ohh all of them.
All of them. That’s one of the questions after. Yeah, after they get done with the telling me the significant event in their life, then we go to their death.

00:38:59 Luisa
Ohh OK.

00:39:08 Joanne DiMaggio
And I tell them they don’t feel anything. It’s like watching a movie. So then I asked them, where are you on the day that you die? How old are you? Are you alone? What are you dying from? And then the important questions. What were your last thoughts as your soul left that body? Because that often sets up.

00:39:09 Luisa

00:39:26 Joanne DiMaggio
The next lifetime I had a woman come to me. She had head to toe psoriasis. She wanted to know what’s the source of the psoriasis and she went to a past life in which she was a prostitute in the old.
And at the point of death, I said, well, what were your last thoughts when your soul left that body? And she said, I don’t want to be touched.
Anymore. So she comes into this life and and manifests the skin condition in which nobody wants to touch her. So that happens a lot. So understanding what your last thoughts are when your soul leaves your body is real helpful. And then I’ll ask them, what do you have in common with?
The person you were back then? Do you see any behaviour patterns that are similar? Any parallels? And are there any people from that life in your life now? And if they are, why what role are they playing? And the last question is, you know, why do you think Spirit wanted you to see this life? What’s the lesson in it for you? What what was the message?
Now if they.
Choose to go further and they want to do the pre life planning session. Then we get into more about what what they were doing in the afterlife to plan this next life. But if it’s the traditional regression it it stops at that point.

00:40:38 Luisa
Wow, that’s so incredibly interesting. So you do pre life as well and pre life planning.

00:40:44 Joanne DiMaggio
Right. They they they go through the regression and then I bring them back to the here and now. And then I back them up so they get younger and younger and younger. Then they go into the afterlife too. Before they were conceived in this life. And then I start asking them questions about what their experience is and the afterlife, you know.
When they appear before the Council of Elders, what is what’s the list of karmic issues, list of karmic attributes? What’s their suspicion going to be? Why did they choose their parents? Because that’s our choice. Our mother and father.
You know what other souls said? They’d come forward to, to help. And why did they pick the body that they have now? Why did they want to be male? Why did they want to be female? So those are those kinds of questions about planning the next lifetime.

00:41:34 Luisa
I got it so interesting and and the in between lives. We could call them.
They what’s the feeling that is they do they have a similarity for all people? Do they say they’re conscious? I’m answering the questions of their consciousness. What does it feel like for them?

00:41:49 Joanne DiMaggio
You know what, when I I.
I did a research project for my.
But I did it to myself again and I I had.
I had read all of Doctor Michael Newton’s work on life between lives.
There are some things that he wrote that I didn’t.
That I had not experienced in my practise with people and also they did not really sort of fall in line with what Edgar Casey was teaching and of course, to me, Edgar Casey is my my greatest teacher. And so I decided to do my own research project on what goes on and their their answers were surprisingly.
Similar and and what I hoped would happen and did happen was that by understanding what that process was like, it would alleviate people’s fear of death.
You know, it was almost like, oh, I’ve done this lots.
Of times. Here I go again.
You know that kind of.
Thing. So yeah, it was pretty surprising. Surprisingly similar. And and these people didn’t know each other.
And yet, the things that they were telling me were eerily similar to.
The person before them and the person after them said in terms of what they saw, what they experienced, and so all my findings are in that. But most of my books are based on research projects and that was where I actually have client people, volunteers who’ve come in to do the regressions.
And the other work with me and then I’ve taken that those case studies and turned them into.
A book. And that’s the one on the pre life planning. If anybody’s interested. I did it to myself again. It’s called.

00:43:35 Luisa
To myself again, I love that and it must alleviate suffering and and and and provide some sort of enlightenment that they chose this incarnation.

00:43:48 Joanne DiMaggio
Yeah, if they would, if they understand that, yeah.
You know, in other words.
You plan this out? Work through it.
Don’t throw in the towel prematurely.
Because you don’t want to deal with it because you’re going to have to deal with it eventually anyway, and and it also helps you to look at the people around you with new eyes. Even the people that have hurt you. Because when you think about it, you’re part of your soul group. They came in to help you learn a lesson. OK. Yeah, they hurt you well.
Well, what did you learn from that experience?
Because if you learn something from that experience that they did their job, you know they said I’ll come in and I’m going to do, I’ll, I’m going to be this to you. I’ll be, you know, a husband who leaves you or or abuses you or and you know. And also I want to make it clear that not all past lives are traumatic. There’s not drama in all of them.
You know, most of us are just.
You know, ordinary people. Some lifetimes. People are extremely happy, they’re happy and they’re they have love in their life. They’re not lacking for anything. I tell them that’s a vacation life because you may have had a very traumatic life prior to that one. Or you may be getting ready to have a traumatic life after.
So you’re coming into Earth. What Earth was originally designed for, which was like a little vacation hotspot for us.
So just enjoy it. You know, there’s nothing that says that you had to be tortured or or, you know, died from some terrible disease in any given lifetime. Some of the lifetimes you’re happy, healthy.
And have love and justice and sit back and enjoy those because we’re entitled to those just as much as anything else.

00:45:40 Luisa
Ohh yeah.
Thank you, Joanne. Big congratulations on your book. The inner light, is there anything you’d like to share about the book with the audience?

00:45:50 Joanne DiMaggio
Well, the book is is sort of a unique perspective for me because I the first chapters are all about the years I spent with The Beatles fan club, starting my own fan fan club and then becoming national chapter.
Director for the official Beatles fan club, which was operating under Apple Records in New York.
What happens when the clubs were disbanded? How that all came about? I have a information there about the concert for Bangladesh that I attended. There’s a chapter in there that which I interviewed other Beatle fans to find out if they were impacted spiritually by The Beatles.
I have a whole chapter on soul riding which is where I get into, you know, John and Paul’s use of that method to to write and then at the end is all of the comments and and.
The the quotes from the different four of them, not so much, Ringo, but mostly John Paul. No, mostly John and George on different aspects of.
Study so there is information there not only about how they felt about reincarnation, but also how what they felt about death and things like numerology and and.
Psychic abilities and kundalini and a lot of this stuff, that’s all part of our basket of metaphysical goodies that we study and how they in fact just just planted that seed in our generation that you know, for me it blossomed into a whole career doing main carnation research and therapy.

00:47:31 Luisa
Two more questions. Wait, do you still listen to Beatles music?

00:47:36 Joanne DiMaggio
All the time.
I I have, I have The Beatles channel on SiriusXM and play it constantly. Yeah, I love it. Yeah.

00:47:43 Luisa
Wonderful. Wonderful. Well, my final question, it’s not really a question. Is there anything you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t?
Asked you today.

00:47:53 Joanne DiMaggio
No, but if they’re interested in in my work, they they’re welcome to come to my website, which is Joanne I have all the books on there. I have case studies on there. I have a blog and also the different types of services that ioffer if you’re interested in a regression.
For learning soul writing, you can book that right online and I think I have a a big question and answer section as well, so I hope that hopefully I.
Anticipated any questions anybody might have so, but I’m very I’m very approachable if you want to send me an email, I’m happy to answer you. If you’re experiencing anything that you would like to discuss in private, I’m here for you. And I thank you for this opportunity.

00:48:42 Luisa
Oh, wonderful, wonderful joy and DiMaggio. Thank you so much for being on passion Harvest.

00:48:48 Joanne DiMaggio
My pleasure, Luisa. Thank you for inviting me.

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