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PRE-BIRTH EXPERIENCE. Life Before Birth, Reincarnation, Spirit Guides, OBE & Astral | Arke Muratova

She remembers her life before birth.

Arke Muratova has profound detailed pre-birth memories and also remembers why she chose to incarnate on earth.

She has also experienced many mystical and out of body experiences.

Arke’s Vision:

I discovered how opening up and healing my own heart had the incredible ability to change not only my life but also the lives of others.

Through this profound transformation, I have found my purpose: to help people around the world heal, grow, and embrace their true selves. It is a calling that fills me with immense gratitude and inspires me to spread messages of love, resilience, and empowerment.

The Universe has been my guiding force, sending me beautiful signs and synchronicities that affirm I am on the right path. It is a humbling and awe-inspiring experience to feel the divine hand leading me toward my purpose. I have learned to trust in the unknown, embracing the pathless path with unwavering faith.

Compassion, authenticity, and personal growth are the pillars of my values. I strive to create a safe, inclusive space where individuals can embark on their own healing journeys, unearthing their inner strength and embracing their unique authenticity. Every person has the power to overcome their challenges and thrive, and it is my mission to help them tap into that wellspring of potential.

As I walk this path, I remain committed to humility and continuous learning. I believe that true inspiration lies not in grandiosity but in the genuine connections we forge with others. My heart is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to serve, and I am driven to find innovative ways to reach even more people, providing accessible resources and insights that can spark transformative change.

Together, let us navigate the intricate tapestry of life, fearlessly charting our own paths and uplifting one another along the way. With an open heart and a humble spirit, we can create a world where self-healing is accessible to all and where each person has the opportunity to thrive, shining their unique light in the world

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Passion Harvest Interview with Arke Muratova

00:00:31 Luisa
Hello and welcome to Passion Harvest. I am Louisa, your host. Thank you so much for joining us today. Our guest today is Aaki muratova. She remembers her life before birth. Arcade has profound, detailed pre birth memories and also remembers why.
She chose to Incarnate on Earth.
She has also experienced many mystical and out of body experiences. OK, welcome to passion harvest. I’m really excited to have you on the show today. Welcome.

00:01:06 Arke Muratova
Thank you, Luisa. It’s an honour to be here.
Thanks for inviting.

00:01:12 Luisa
Well, I guess first of all, I would absolutely love to hear about.
Your pre birth memories pre birth experiences.

00:01:21 Arke Muratova
Awesome. Thank you so much for asking. I’ve shared it a year ago and I think my life has drastically changed after that. My previous memory came back to me when I was 4 around fourish. So my mom was visiting me with my little brother from the city.
00:01:41 Speaker 1
And I was living at the time in a small village, and I actually didn’t even know that she was my mother, cause I would call her sister, and I would call my grandparents, my mom and dad. So I actually didn’t know who she was until she told me that she was my mom.
And she was breast feeding my brother. And I think at the time, I was just looking how my brother was on her chest and just.
Her feeding base, feeding him and then I just suddenly regained everything I the memory how I was.
Being a.
How I was coming to Earth and that was in a very black.
Void, almost like a black.
Space, I guess, but at the same time, I felt like I had no physical body.
And I was.
Nobody at the same time, I had no identity, nothing like that. I was just pure energy. I guess you could describe it.
As that.
And the only thing I was.
Seeing was this bright white light at the end and it was coming closer to me, it was moving closer to me, either me. It was me getting closer to that white light or the light was moving. I couldn’t tell. It was just you couldn’t tell anything. But I remember just.
Just waking up and asking.
A question which was like wait.
Where am I going?
And what is happening and I didn’t know what was happening and also I didn’t know that I could ask questions.
Cause I felt like it.
Was so weird. Who am I? What’s happening? What is?
It and all of these things.
And this there was this gentle, I think it was a female voice because I felt like it was a.
Feminine presence.
She was really gentle. She and she kept saying you’re going to Earth.
You’re going to planet Earth, and I I was like Ohh awesome earth. And I felt like I should have known what that is. But I guess I couldn’t remember again. And it was so frustrating because I was like, I think I know what she’s talking about. But at the same time, I don’t know. So I asked again. So what is Earth?
And she said it’s a planet.
It’s your new home.
And I was very excited. I was like, wow, that’s so exciting. And then again, I felt like I needed to ask more questions, but because I was nothing.
And I felt like I had no idea of what, why or where anything or what is even a question. So I didn’t know what to ask for that and I got distracted by the white light because there were three figures like humans, but I didn’t know what The Who they were, what they were.
And they were yelling and screaming. And I I got distracted and I.
Said, well, what’s?
Happening. Why? Why are they yelling? What’s happening? And.
She said.
Ohh they did they.
Were screaming something like keys, keys, keys.
The energy I could feel how excited they were. So I said what what is happening? I want to know. And she said that in their language they’re saying.
A girl, a girl. A girl.
So I was like, wow, awesome. What’s a girl? And she started explaining to me the difference between a boy and a girl.
And how there are two genders on the planet and they have.
Two different physical bodies and the power of the feminine body of female body, which is a reproduction of which is life that we give life. We we are the ones that keep the life going on that planet and and again the difference between the male body.
Nobody. And I was really, as she was describing, I was really happy about the female body cause, she said. You’re gonna be born as a girl. I was like, that’s amazing. It’s like a superpower. I can make babies. I’m. I’m gonna be very, you know, feminine and this and that. So I felt I kept saying so. Lovely. It’s so lovely.
I felt like my character was like the the the state I was in is very pure and just very curious and excited.
Like a child. Almost.
Anyway, so yeah, she said. You’re going to be a girl.
And and then the light kept getting.
Closer and closer. I I.
Felt more and more sleepy.
As if I was.
In a trance, some sort of a trance I was.
Barely hearing her voice, and she kept saying it’s time to go. Now it’s time to go. And I was like, I don’t want.
I have more questions but I keep.
Forgetting what I.
Wanted to ask, it was very frustrating so I was getting closer and closer but.
I tried my best to not fall asleep, but then she was in the background, fading. Her voice was fading, but she kept saying remember, remember, you’re so loud, you’re gonna be welcomed. You’re gonna be loved.
Everywhere you go.
And we’re always with you. We’re always with you. We’re gonna protect you so.
I think she said. Remember this and I.
Said OK, I will remember.
And I and I woke up in a.
In this tiny, stiff body in a baby’s body, I guess.
It was really stiff. It was very different.
From the state I was in because.
I was so free. I was.
This pure energy, I could feel that.
The feminine voice vibrating through me when, whenever she spoke with me, I could feel the love and support. And now when I was back in, when I was in this tiny baby’s body, I I felt disconnected. I felt it felt heavy. It felt stiff. I couldn’t control what I was doing.
And I felt some emotion. Somebody was holding me and they put me on.
My mother’s chest.
But I was freaking out. I was freaking out. I said I don’t like it. I don’t like it. What’s happening? What’s happening? And as they put me on my momma’s chest, I could hear her heartbeat.
And I started calming down. And I I couldn’t understand the.
Language you were.
Speaking in because I I still couldn’t understand the language, but.
It felt like as if it felt like a wave of energy through my body, and it felt like as if she said I love you so much. And I’m gonna protect you. And at that moment, I was like ohh wow. They were right. I am so loud.
I am so.
Happy. I am a girl. I am here. I’m here.
And I fell asleep. So I.
Was four and I told.
My mom when she was breastfeeding my brother.
I I think I yelled.
Out. I was like, Oh my God, you.
Are my mother. I remember the.
Day I.
Was born anyway. She she thought I was.
Just being a kid. But then she was really happy when I said like ohh I remember I Remember Remember being born. I remember that you my mom. I know that you love me so much.
But yeah, that’s where I shared that.
And going up, I kinda never shared that with anybody because I thought like it was a normal thing.
At the same time.
I don’t know. I I think when I was 23, around 22 or 23, I was discussing this with my friends and I said Ohh, do you also remember?
Being born and, you know, choosing the body or anything like that, they were all like, no, we don’t. So that’s when I was like ohh, I guess that’s not very common.
But I found more people like me.

00:09:35 Luisa
Yes, you have and that that was so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that.
Can I ask you a couple of questions about about that?

00:09:46 Arke Muratova
Yes, absolutely good for it, so.

00:09:49 Luisa
Do you think?
You had a a choice to come to Earth.

00:09:55 Arke Muratova
I think so, yes. And the reason I.
The leaves are is because I’ve had many.
Multiple actually out of body experiences where I have been shown my.
Life’s Little life review like.
Up till the moment.
I am like up till the age of was it 20?
It was 2320.
Four, so up till.
That age I was showing my life to you. And even when I said I want to go to Earth, I want to.
Go to earth.
And how excited I was like.
Oh, I want to go and help. I want to go and help. It sounds so good. It’s. And we’re gonna make it. And I think that the I said something along the line of Ohh. We’ve forgotten the we forgotten that it’s about fun. I’m gonna tell them that it’s about having fun. We’ve forgotten to have fun. I think I said that.
And I.
Yeah. And then I I I kinda.
After that I felt.
A lot more peace with my being and with my existence on this planet, I guess, and started to have fun myself. And I’ve been seeing a lot of changes within me and other people around me.
Without me doing much actually, but yeah, I I I I was showing that and I when they were showing me I remembered everything and it was so quick. It was so quick. It’s it was a very.
Very quick experience and when I came.
Back to earth. It was my human consciousness was.
Just couldn’t believe everything. I was like. What was that? What was that? And I started sharing with everyone to find the answers. Like what happened to me? And because at the at the time I didn’t know anything about spirituality or much. Actually, I wasn’t a believer or I wasn’t a believer in God or anything.
So to me.
I think I was really.
Unprepared but at the same time, I needed that. Yeah.

00:11:59 Luisa
And who do you? I mean, I’m talking in human terms. Who? Who? Who was that presence that was speaking to you? The the female energy that you spoke about that you were asking questions before you were born in a physical form?

00:12:15 Arke Muratova
That’s a good question. I’ve never questioned who she was, but I feel like I’ve had.
Ohh well, I’ve had one of the biggies. This was one of my.
One of the recent out of body experiences where I was.
Taken into a room with full of.
People, it was just the very bright light room and they were like and a little couches everywhere. But people were standing and they put me in.
Centre and I was sitting there and I I was really. I was very conscious. I was. I knew that it was an astral realm. I knew that I’m I’m still a human. I knew everything and and the people they were standing.
There were everybody I knew from Earth, even like the the customers I met were strangers I met on the street or a homeless man I used to talk.
To or like everybody.
I met in my.
Life they were.
All there and standing I think about.
So like probably more than 5050 people. Yeah, I would say. And they were all standing. And I was like, why are you guys like, I know that I’m in the astral now what’s happening? And why am I seeing you? Cause you guys are all still on Earth and why are we here? Why are we meeting here? And they said, oh, we are actually your guides.
And your ancestors.
And I was like, there is no way because those people are actually still on Earth, like that guy is a homeless man. This guy is a big guy. This, like, there is no way. And they were like, we are using their faces. So you can remember us when you wake up lucky.
And then that in that moment, it made so much sense, and they were telling me that we have so many, so many aunt sisters and spirit guides guiding us. So it’s never like one person to people like that. It’s always a group and always that we have so much support. So they kept telling me to tell other people.
That we have so much. We’re getting so much support and.
It was actually a.
Very fun experience and I and I think I asked towards the end.
I really wanted to know.
I think I said something like.
So who’s the main spirit guy or whatever I like? I sense all the time. Who’s the one that I sense all the time? I feel like I speak to one and and everybody just pointed at this lady with red hair. She had red long hair and she stepped.
Forward and she said it’s probably me cause I talk to you all the time and we’ve we’ve had multiple reincarnations and work too.
Yeah. And I said Ohh yes, I.
Remember you. I remember your voice. So my best guess would be that it was her because it felt really nice and her presence was really angelic, like the voice and every how she was talking to me. It was really familiar. I knew her, but at the same time.
Her face was.
Over someone I knew from Earth, but her energy was different so that I would say yes, that was her again I I think.
There are there are many guides and answers to supporting us, so it doesn’t really matter I guess, but I’m I’m really grateful that.
She stepped up and she made sure that I could remember that I’m love.
Because when I had one of my out of body experiences, I was really, really proud of myself.
For remembering my pre birth experience because it had to it, it was supposed to play a big role in my life, so I was really proud of myself and I remember flying around Earth and saying I did it. I remember it. I told you I’m going to do it and I was like I woke up. Yes, I did it and.
Really, really excited. But again, yes, that’s what.
Happened in short.

00:16:32 Luisa
I I love how you explain it. So spirit guys. Yes, they’re all around us, but they can.
Also be represented in physical form as what we term.
As alive in humanness.

00:16:41 Arke Muratova
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So angels or guys can come to us as a physical person as well to offer us assistance.
Exactly. Many people ask me how I can’t. I don’t. I don’t hear anyone. How do I connect with my guides? I’ve tried everything. What? What’s your advice?
How do I connect with Guides?

00:17:08 Arke Muratova
In the present moment, for me is the biggest, I would say thing. So when we are in the present moment, when we are not thinking about the past, the future worried or in our head, we are fully connected and aligned with our higher self because the current version of you now is your highest.
00:17:27 Speaker 1
Version of yourself, right, and the one that has grown a lot from everything. And so I think when you are in the present moment, that makes you so powerful that you are able to connect with your intuition with your guides, anything that you want, especially if you want to feel the love and connect with your own.
With yourself and everybody.
In the present moment, if you do meditation and just feel that.
Try to feel that really, really integrate with that feeling. You’ll connect with anything you want and a lot of other things like I do before bed is asking a question as I ask question, I say thank you, I say good morning in the in the morning I say good morning to to my guides to mom.
Whatever everything, to good morning. To the to, to the world and say thank you. I woke up today because, you know.
I could not, but I still did. So I’m I’m I say thank you, that I’m still going on this human journey and throughout the day, if I have a question, I ask in the morning. Please show me. Please guide me for for the interview I’m doing.
With Louisa today, please help me to be more present and please help me to help other people and use my voice.
Which was given as a gift, and I’m grateful that I have a voice. Some people don’t have a voice, some people can’t hear, but I was born very healthy and I say thank you and I trust I trust. And they they send signs they send synchronicities.
But not only them, I think the whole universe is actually you. So you whatever you need. You project through the universe. I guess whatever you ask for, you get in return.
And I say goodnight and ask questions before bed. Show me my dreams. If I have a question like I I think I’m struggling with my path, but I’m really, really open to exploring. You know how much I love learning. Please show me my dream. Something that that I’m missing, something that I need to see. OK. And I’ll pick up one of that. I promise.
And they do that and they give signs and as long.
As you show I think.
The the curiosity as long.
As you show that you are.
Here to connect your open mind that you have an open heart, you’ll get the signs that.
You are looking for.
And even more, even more than that, in the not, I wouldn’t say that to expect.
Something miraculous to happen, like don’t expect the.
To to talk to you telepathically straight away because they send signs to people. Sometimes people, you have to be observant because sometimes people tell you things that you need to hear. People trigger some things you need to in order for you to go so you can see the signs, see the abundance. See what?
You are meant.
But yeah.
I would say meditate.
There are a lot of.
If you want to be more practical and you want to get.
More practical advice is I would say meditate. Get clear about what you why you want to connect with them, what you want to know, and also there are billions of videos and hypnosis access accessible online and we live in a wonderful world right now everything is online.
And and as long as you have an open mind, the hypnosis work because every hypnosis is a self hypnosis. So you can connect with your spirit guide with your higher self to get the answers.
That on an everyday basis, I would just say you always have the access in the present moment as long as you’re open, you’ll receive it through your intuition.

00:21:21 Luisa
Yeah. Thank you. You mentioned before.
The your main guide or as you said, it doesn’t really matter who it was before birth.
That you were.
That you are deeply loved and will always be with you. Many people feel lost and alone. Does everyone?
Have guides.

00:21:43 Arke Muratova
Yes, yes. Everybody has guides. In fact, we’ve all been each others guides. We’ve had so many reincarnations. Actually, we ended up the the actually the reincarnation we think about. We think in a linear way, like in a human way. But it’s not like that, but it’s.
Actually crazy. The amount of lives we had and in in Buddhism we in Buddhism a lot of people say when.
You meet someone and.
We’ve had so many lives together that we’ve probably been each other’s mothers, so you’ve probably been my mother, Louisa. And I’ve been your mother in the same thing.
We’ve probably been each other’s guides while we were not on Earth and just guiding each other. And even now here on Earth, we’re still guiding each other. And and and I think.
I I well, I hope that people, I think once you open your heart.
Space, which is.
The most important.
Part, which is the most important channel, so once you.
Open your heart.
Space. You’ll be able to feel the love not from only beyond, but here as well on Earth, because the the the journey is about learning about love on.
Not waiting for not just hoping that owner, somebody there in the heavens or somewhere loves me and that’s enough. No, just learning to love everybody here and love yourself here and connect with everybody.
But absolutely, we are always loved and supported and protected in every way. It’s possible we always have that intuition telling us no, this is not right. This is.
Not going to be harmful for you. The intuition and the the voice of our.
Spirit guides and the higher self is really gentle, so it’s sometimes easy to miss and we are very prone to listening to our ego’s voice because our ego is louder. Ego speaks louder.

00:23:44 Luisa
And easy to ignore.

00:23:47 Arke Muratova
Yes, yes, exactly, but yeah.
We are all loved and and I think.
It’s easy to feel that the actually the.
Proof. I think we.
We are Love Actually. We are very loving beings. That’s who we are and and the proof that we need is I think.
When you love something, it evolves. When you love someone, you want to.
Help them grow.
When you evolve, when you love painting, you keep painting in and you keep improving your paintings. When you love music, you keep writing more music and exploring the genre.
So when you love your creation, it evolves. So the humanity is still living. You still get me improving the evolving. I believe in it and you can see a lot of good things.
And and and I think that’s the proof that we are loving beings and we were created with love in our core, which is the proof that we need that we still going, we’re still growing and yeah we are loved and we were created with love. And when you love something it lives on and on.
It never die.
Yes, yes, that’s good.

00:25:05 Luisa
I absolutely agree, and it really is what it’s all about with love. But people, people also talk about individual soul paths or soul purposes. And you did mention there was a reason you remembered your pre birth memories did were you given any indication?
Of what? Your it’s.
A broad term, but your purpose or your path is, aside from love, which it’s all about in this life.

00:25:30 Arke Muratova
Yes, I was indeed. And I I also want to mention that yes, we do have our individual paths, but it serves a very big role in a massive collective path as well. But individual path for me, one thing they told me because I kept asking, I want to do more.
How can I help more? How can I do more in like on Earth? How can I help more people? How?
Should I reach?
Out to people and they said you don’t.
Do RQ you just be.
You have to be yourself, and sometimes we think that we can bring a change. We can make a change, forgetting that we are the change. When you start working on yourself, being yourself, loving yourself and and doing little things, you inspire others to be and offer themselves and inspire them to be.
Safe in your presence, in your environment so they can create safer environments.
So it’s like a ripple.
Effect. But main thing they kept telling me is to have fun and just be yourself. You’ve done so much, OK. And at the time, I was really.
In the dark so.
I felt like I haven’t done much, I.
Don’t I don’t.
I think I barely.
Lived the life and and that they showed me how many people and it goes towards everybody.
I think I go see everybody. Have they have shown me how many people I have made smile. I’ve made them cry as well. I made them angry and triggered them. How many lives I have changed by little things I did in life and it was really fast it.
Was like that but.
It was so fascinating. It was. It was so exciting. How I I could feel the emotions of other people. My emotions in those moments, every like the flashback. And they said, look at that, how much you’ve done. You’ve done so much and you’re still going and just be yourself. And I think that’s.
That was my. That was what I was told and.
And yeah, I guess my purpose is just to keep learning live and learn and have fun, and also along the way, just tell people to have fun and and make sure that they are safe in my prisons. And sometimes we forget that the best prison we can give to someone is being.
You know our presence.
But yeah, that’s for me.

00:27:53 Luisa
Well, what a.
What an inspiration you are and you when you when you say it only happened in a second or a moment. As you mentioned in our humans we have time, we think of linear time.
Yeah, yeah.
But really there.
Is no time, do you think? Do you feel or sense that it’s hard to to conceptualise, but all these incarnations?
All happening now.

00:28: Arke Muratova
Yeah. If The thing is.
I it’s very hard to explain now.
I don’t really feel as much as I used to in the very beginning of my spiritual experience, like an awakening I would call.
He was in 2021, so I kept having astral projections and I kept experiencing my other lives and simultaneously travelling to other realms or higher realms and Jelly Realms, and having those experiences then. It was really amazing, but at the same time.
I was told.
To focus on human journey and just go back so.
I don’t feel that as much connection as before, but whenever I’m really, really focused, because in the very beginning of the awakening, I must say we we get, we activate the spirit element and.
We get so.
You know, we get so inspired and we get so dreamy.
And magical. Ohh my God, life is magical and things like that. But over time over years you will look around yourself and come back to the human experience and.
Fully integrate with.
The world. So that’s what happened to me, and I don’t feel as much of those other experiences going on. And I don’t astral projects as much as I used to. But I do get pulled out of my body whenever there is a message or strong something I need to.
Know like someone passing away.
And they want to tell their loved ones can. Can you tell them that?
I’m getting sick. I need and I need to go like, tell them something, something like that. But it’s not like outer will.
Like, how can I say it’s like and it’s not extraordinary like before, it’s more like Earth related related like human experience related.
If that explains uh.

00:30:21 Luisa
Yes, yes, yes, thank you.
With your astral projections, is it everyone has it in different ways. Is this when you’re sleeping or when?
Yes, OK.

00:30:33 Arke Muratova
So when you are asleep, your body falls asleep, but your consciousness still is awake, and then you can feel how you are separating from your physical body and you become this your your, your astral body is.
Really. Well, I I I.
From my observation, is really white.
And you can feel the separation and go from there to places. Sometimes you’ll be on different planes of existence some.
Like you can be on the Earth plane, which is mostly what we travel to when we are here and in the Earth plane is exactly the same as this.
Planet your room or wherever you are at, it’s just it can have slight little slight differences, like your kitchen may be a little different but and the thing that you will notice is.
Well, for me on Earth plane, you are oftentimes very dizzy, very.
I’ll confused like what’s going on and but yeah, you can see and then you gain your consciousness and it’s really easy for you to get scared. But if you get scared, you attract like scary experiences like your energy matters and and and astral. Well, you can feel that your energy matters so much because it manifests so quick.
If you’re scared, you’ll get scary experience. If you’re happy, you get happy experience. If you’re at peace, peaceful experience. Same thing as on Earth, but it’s on Earth. It’s.
Hello I guess but there it’s faster.

00:32:08 Luisa
Yeah, the manifestations take a lot longer. And can you astral travel at will when you choose to?

00:32:17 Arke Muratova
I can so I don’t do.

00:32:20 Luisa
So did you train to do this or it just?
Happened to you?

00:32:24 Arke Muratova
I I I actually I was able.
To do it since I was a kid.
But I have.
I think at certain age I stopped doing that and then I’ve completely forgotten about it. And then I remembered after they were wakening like ohh I could do that before I used to love doing this. I used to love going to bed as a kid because I grew up in a very.
I would say not a very good household for a kid if it’s very with a lot of violence at home. So it was my, my my escape I.
Would rush to bed and close my eyes and natural travel and just go to different places and think of a like a happy places, but yeah.
As as I started getting older in the very beginning of my spiritual experience, as I mentioned before, you activate the spirit element and you get so excited that you don’t want to be on Earth anymore. You just feel this high. You get this honeymoon period. Then you kind of a honeymoon period. And I I remember.
Being very, very addicted to Astral Realms because I astral projections I I guess I guess I was abusing that skill as if I wanted to escape this reality.
Like and and in that moment I’ve been told few times on the astral realm by these beings that I.
I need to go back that I am still on the mission. I still have a mission. I need to go back. So I stopped abusing it and the more I started enjoying the human life and experience and learning about earth and people and our nature and where we’re going.
How we feel? Emotions, how we work.
How we evolve?
I kinda lost interest in the astral realm.
Naturally, it just happened, but whenever I wanted.
To I could go, yeah.
I just have to make sure that I’m not in a.
Fearful state that I’m in a peaceful state and I can control.
My state that if if if I am in.
A fearful state. I go there.
It’s and it’s not going to be very pleasant, although nothing’s going to happen, I’m still going to come back, but just not going to be pleasant and after that.
You don’t actually want to.
Go there. So I just try to make sure like I want to go. I have a very good intention, a very strong intention that I want to know something and that’s something that is that can be useful, practical, helpful.
On Earth and also that I’m in a good state of mind.
And I’m doing it.
For the good of all for the.
Good of everybody. Not only myself, yeah.

00:35:15 Luisa
Oh my God, I almost I just lost my.
Train of thought.
For a minute, it’s it’s OK your time.
You mentioned, yes, it is all about love, but the question you probably receive.
As well, why?
Are we here and is there an end point of the reincarnation cycle?

00:35:35 Arke Muratova
Why are we here? It’s a good question. I would I would think why not? Why not? Because when?
I was in there.
And it was like out there.
Out there probably fit it with.
I was.
All I could feel towards Earth was love. And when we are out there, our consciousness is completely different. It’s very peaceful, it’s very loving and earth seems like a very exciting experience and.
It it it, it is very hard and you know that. But at the same time, we have so much love for the.
Planet for the the experience that.
We really want to go.
And evolve and expand, because every experience we’re having right now, likely you as Louisa looking at me is a completely different perspective you having which is unique to you and the whole experience you’re having as a human is so important and it’s unique and it’s special and it’s expanding.
I’m looking at you and I’m expanding with you and I’m learning something from you right now, like asking questions or how to hold yourself during the interview or something like that. So I am expanding this well and.
When we are.
There. It’s so fun. Like, oh, my God, I’ve experienced this. I’ve expanded. I’ve learned this, and and then it’s like and never ending.
Expansion it’s never ending like as I said before, love is evolution, love is expansion. So we love what we are doing here. We love what we are creating here and as creators, we come here to create something even more new. Even, yeah.
Something new. That’s why we forget that we are gonna play a game of a human being and we play together because it’s much more.
And we know that we’re safe because we created it together. We’re doing it together.
And and there is a lot of things actually going on, but there is out there when you look because I was showing the earth there’s a.
There is always a.
Universal balance going on like even though there are like sufferings pain going.
On but then.
On the other.
Side without the suffering and pain, you don’t know how beautiful joy and peace is love.
Is like you.
Learn that the other side of the pain is beautiful, actually, and it’s worth it. And you learn about compassion and it’s.
A huge balance going on, it’s.
There is a huge system actually.
Yeah, but we while we’re here.
To extend to learn to live.
And also to have fun, that’s what I’ve been told. And yes, maybe we forget that when we when we depart from this life, we remember instantly how.
While we’re here and offer that, oh.
That even though maybe a lot of us have suffered and experienced a lot of trauma and things like that, you don’t feel that out there. You feel only love and you feel lonely.
It will seem like a dream to you. Like the earth will seem like a dream to you, cause it felt like that to me because it was like, ohh, that was so realistic it’s like.
We have dreams every night, don’t we? And actually, I think that’s the key. Like, our dreams are telling us. Like we dream at night and we think it’s so real. And we wake up sweating, crying or not being horrified. But we know. Ohh, it’s just a dream. So it’s just like that. I think it’s. It was like a I think it was given to us. So we remember that that’s gonna happen.
Again, so just to keep in mind that we are actually dreaming right now.
But yeah, the the answer would say just to love, expand more and learn together and create even more realities and more worlds and more experiences.
Yeah, and have fun. Will we ever stop doing that? I don’t think so. I think so. I think that we are evolving now and it’s going to get easier. It’s going to get more fun.
And less probably traumatic and less scary and hard. And the more we evolve because if you look at children that are coming.
Right now like.
I I talk to a lot of teenagers.
And if you talk to them, they’re so passionate. They’re so wise and already have so many spiritual insights. It’s just natural to them. They don’t even know much about, like.
Anything in the world, but just very natural because they’re they’re still, they’re still in the they still have that Stewart element very active in them. So they’re very connected and still aligned. So you can see how many changes are going to happen just by looking at them how?
You know how beautiful children are and everything in the world.
But I don’t think we’ll ever stop coming here.

00:40:53 Luisa
Thank you.
No. OK. You did speak about we. Yes, we take this reality. Me too. So seriously. But suffering and conflict and contrast it can be incredibly brutal.
What’s your advice to those that may be experiencing whatever degree of suffering?

00:41:20 Arke Muratova
What would be my advice?
I would say surrender.
Sometimes suffering happens when you reject the pain. When you resist the pain and when you just surrender. It may sound weird, but you surrender to the pain, you accept what’s happening, and from there you come back naturally to your present moment, to your natural state.
She’s acceptance and love.
And it’s like a compassion to yourself and you come back to that in some way you can create with your free will the, like, the the life that you want because.
Actually, the destiny, like the destiny we create, is we create with our free will and our destiny also create creates free will, free will creates destiny. Destiny creates free will. It’s it’s a connected thing. I would say to surrender to wherever wherever you are at and know that you are exactly in the moment that you’re supposed to be in.
And whatever you’re going through, actually it’s meant for you as a good lesson. I know. Sometimes we go through something.
That is heavy and traumatic, and sometimes we feel ashamed to share those things. But your life experience matters, and your life experience makes you the expert in your life experience. And through that you can share and help other people. And I know in this society it’s easy to think I I am self, self, self.
Developments of independence, or whatever, you know.
Things like that, but.
With itself it also.
I would say no matter how we disconnected, it seems like we are all connected. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. And also if you’re suffering, the bravest thing that you can.
Do is ask for help.
Say I’m not OK, I need help.
I need someone. I’m not OK. I don’t know what to do. Ask for help. Whether it’s the spirit or the humans, it’s the best thing that you can do.

00:43:26 Luisa
Ohh, beautiful beautiful advice. I’ve got one more question.
What is it?
In your experiences or what, what do you think happens when we die? When we leave, when our physical body dies?

00:43:42 Arke Muratova
You will get back to.
That source which?
Is who you are, the the the. I think you become everything. If if that makes sense. We are actually everything and nothing at the same time. So it’s weird. But you become everything you you get. Get, get go back to.
You as a creator, us as a creator together.
And that’s what will happen, I think. Well, for me it was.
Me, remembering that we are us and that we’ve created this world and.
And then then I I felt really, really grateful for the human experience I had, and I was really happy. And I think every single one of us is gonna look back and sit and think, Oh my God, I was. I was Louisa with curly hair. Ohh. I was Charlie with Bold head and I was losing that and I was gonna do so much fun to look back on.
But not only human experience. We’ve had so many other experiences on other films and planets.
So it’s just.
It it is something I guess we can just now.
We can. We can.
Talk about what we can guess we can wonder, but we can’t tell what is gonna happen for sure. But from what I’ve.
Experience and from what are other people have experienced from their near death experiences we.
Put the puzzle pieces together and just get a little taste of it and see that it’s gonna be actually very nice and peaceful, and it’s worth it. It This human experience is worth it, and while.
We’re here, I guess.
Just focus on the fact that we’re here and.
Leave that for later.
You know this surprise for later.
And just enjoy the now.

00:45:43 Luisa
Excellent advice here. If people would like to connect with you, where’s the best place for them?
To reach you.

00:45:50 Arke Muratova
I’ve got a thank you. I’ve got a website, it’s IQ morado, which is basically my name,, and I’ve got a YouTube channel which is the one inside. And yeah, you can contact me from there.

00:46:05 Luisa
I I will.
Leave a link below in the show.
Notes as well on.
A final note, is there anything you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?

00:46:17 Arke Muratova
Well, what can I say?
I would say.
Thank you once again for inviting me. I feel really, truly honoured. Haven’t done these interviews in a year or so, so I’ve been really nervous, I hope.
That all of us.
Believe in miracles and wonderful things in the world.
And learn to accept.
The things that go.
That happen in the world and just make sure to balance and stay stay in that balance and just.
I guess.
The main thing I would say to to people, to people, to focus on is self love and and with self love and self discovery. I think opening your heart to other people and you will see that we are actually not very different. We may have different life experiences but the lessons are.
Almost the same.
And we are very connected and we love each other on a deeply level, even though sometimes we may hurt each other on say say say somethings, but none of us mean that we are just protecting ourselves in the best ways we know. So things happen. But we are teaching things.
One another and there is a huge impact that we don’t know about and we have on the world and on people around us.
So I would say.
Love yourself, love your neighbour and love everybody around you and.
Learning to be more compassionate to yourself.
Because it’s your first life.
As a human being and.
We’ve, I mean, we’ve probably had many lives, but again we can’t prove it. So I guess just focus on this life as the first life and keep going and be proud about being a beginner in life and make mistakes. Learn again and.
Yeah, just be a beginner in life and be proud of it.

00:48:28 Luisa
Yay, that was so beautiful. What a great way to end the show. Hockey. Thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. Really. You’re. You’re a bundle of joy and a bright such a bright light and so wise for your young years.
Thank you.

00:48:46 Arke Muratova
Well, thank you.

00:48:48 Luisa
Thank you so much. Bye bye. If you liked this episode, please do subscribe.

00:48:48 Arke Muratova
Thanks for having me.

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