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MIND-BLOWING! Woman Journey’s through DEATH & TIME. Past Lives & 200 Years in Future! |Dean Merriam

How do our deeds impact the process of rebirth and our journey though time?

Life doesn’t forget anything – neither your good deeds and vows, nor your wrong deeds or thoughts that you tried to hide from all. Dena Merriam explores the Universal Law of cause and effect and how events, thoughts and reactions hold the key to birth and death.

She is the author of several books, her latest is called, To Dance with Dakinis.

Dena Merriam began working in the inter-faith movement in the late 1990s when she served as Vice Chair of the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders held at the United Nation in New York in the year 2000.

She subsequently convened a meeting of women religious and spiritual leaders at the Palais des Nations in Geneva and from that gathering founded the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) in 2002, an organization chaired by a multi-faith group of women spiritual leaders.

In 2008, Ms. Merriam was one of the founding members of the Contemplative Alliance, which later became a program of GPIW. The purpose of the Alliance is to bring together meditation teachers and practitioners in a collective effort to uplift and transform society, while caring for and honoring our Mother Earth.

For over 40 years, Dena Merriam has been a student of Paramahansa Yogananda and a practitioner of Kriya Yoga meditation. She is also a long-time student of the great texts of the Vedic tradition. Ms. Merriam received her master’s degree from Columbia University and has served on numerous boards. She is currently the Chair of the International Advisory Council of the Auroville Foundation in India.

In 2014 she received the Niwano Peace Prize for her interfaith peace efforts and holds an Honorary Doctorate in Peace Studies from Mahachulalongkornvajravidyadara University (MCU) in Thailand.

She is the author of My Journey Through Time, The Untold Story of Sita, When the Bright Moon Rises, Rukmini and the Turning of Time and To Dance with Dakinis.

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Passion Harvest Interview with Dena Merrian

00:00:55 Luisa
Welcome to passion, harvest. I’m so honoured to have you on the show today. Welcome.
I absolutely, absolutely love everything you.
Talk about in it.
Especially your incredible new book to dance with dakinis, but I’d love to talk about, I guess, to start with your the the concept that you talk about the journey through time.

00:01:20 Dena Merriam
All of my books deal because this is what I know best. I mean, I can only speak from my own experience.
And so my books all talk about this law of cause and effect, what it is, how it affects us, how we can.
And work with it consciously, not unconsciously. I mean clearly we can’t change the past, but we do shape our future. I think there there are few important misperceptions that need to be that I that I always seek to clear up. One is that comma is a system of reward.
Punishment, which it’s which it’s not, it’s it’s.
It’s it’s a process of learning and awakening and it’s it everything that comes to us as a result of what was started in the past, A cause that led to an effect and in the hope that we can learn from it. And so it’s meant to help us grow and learn spiritually.
There’s no judgement. There’s nobody judging us. We are the shapers of our own future. Everything that comes to us, we ourselves have created and we in our current life are creating our future and that’s we can do it consciously or unconsciously. But we are creating our future.

00:02:41 Luisa
So you you, you talk about how the universe works. The law of cause and effect, our present moment shapes our future. What about our past? You and these are too many questions cause I’m getting excited, but so calm. It’s not as if in a previous life I’ve been a terrible person or murdered someone. I have to pay for it.
In some way or retribution in this life?

00:03:07 Dena Merriam
It’s not about.
A retribution. It’s it’s actions to create an energy. Everything in the universe is energy, where energy bodies thought is energy. And when you put something out, it reverberates and it’s like gravity. If you throw something up, it comes down. I mean, if you throw something up, it doesn’t wander off into space.
Disappear. It comes down and meets a neutral law of the universe that was designed to hold things together so that we stay in our orbit so that the moon stays in its orbit so that we.
Stay on earth mean it was a a purpose for.
That law of physics, and just like their physical laws, laws that physical physicists work with and and and try to understand where deeply.
There are energetic laws, spiritual laws that have to do with with, with, with, with our energy that we.
We are energy bodies.
And so and we’re very powerful, much more powerful.
Than we know.
So if you create harm to somebody, your deeper self.
Wants to repair that.
Your deeper self knows that you’ve.
Unconsciously done something that causes harm. Whether it’s killing somebody, doing something that negatively impacts somebody and you, you want to make up for it in some way, it doesn’t have to be an exact to kill somebody. He kills you back. But in some way you want to make up to that to the harm that you’ve put out.
There and it’s a very complex life, spent my life trying to understand it. The only way I’ve been able to understand it is to.
Look back at my.
Own past births, many of which I remember, and to see how things initiated in one life carry forward into the next life and how you are able to.
Repair damage done, which is a healing. I mean, if you do something wrong, it’s not only the person who’s been hurt, it’s the person who hurts who also needs healing. And so how do you heal? There are multiple ways in which you can heal yourself and not repeat that behaviour.
You know, as I I I said earlier, if you knock your head against the wall, it hurts, but some people get it right away and they don’t do that again. Some people, it takes 10 times of doing something that’s causing harm for them to wake up and say ohh I shouldn’t do this anymore. This hurts.

00:05:36 Luisa
Yes, sometimes I’ve been a slow learner for, for example, for those of the audience that have an experience past lives, would you mind sharing an experience or some experience as how past lives have impacted this present life of the dinner that I’m talking to?

00:05:56 Dena Merriam
Yes, there’s so many, so many examples, and in all of my books I tried to show example of of about about how and it can manifest in so many ways a relationship that didn’t find fulfilment in one life can manifest in the next for me, for me it was interesting because I sort of.
Backed into my work, it was not something I consciously thought out before I started. Really devoted myself to write.
Seeing 25 years ago I started an organisation called the Global Peace Initiative of Women. I found myself in the interfaith world and I found that the women’s voices were absent. No women there. I go to meetings and I’d be the only women. And so I’d say I’m representing half the human race. And so I wondered why.
I I found myself in this position looking back over my past several lives, I saw that I found I felt I had no voice.
As a woman.
And my life was determined for me. You’re talking about, you know, the last century and the century before that, and the century before that, which was true for majority of women, for almost all of us, our lives were determined by our, by our fathers, by our husbands and some cases by our sons, you know, and in some parts of the world, it’s still that way.
And so I felt that I wasn’t in control of my own life. So here I found myself.
Having experienced that again and again and again, creating a global platform for women to raise their voices and I organise dialogues and conflict areas around the world with women so that women would have a voice, I used the UN as a platform. Sometimes I work with US State Department.
I mean the.
And I I was sort of surprised at myself.
Because I’ve always had complete freedom as a woman. So.
I said to.
Myself, why am I called to do this? It was only when I looked back at my previous births that I saw that this had been an issue for me numerous times where I was not in control of my life and and finally I was in a position where I could do something not only for myself.
But for other women who didn’t have the same opportunities that I had, so it was, it was the culmination of aspirations over many, many lifetimes, and I think.
Those of us who find ourselves successful in the world, it didn’t just come about in one month time, it was something that we we earned through struggling for it over a course of numerous lifetimes.

00:08:28 Luisa
That’s that’s so wonderful. So what you’re doing in this lifetime is that some in some way healing your past as we term them the past lives.
When you were suppressed as a female.

00:08:43 Dena Merriam
It’s definitely. I mean it’s not an issue for me anymore. It’s it’s been a, it’s been completely healed. I mean, it happened to coincide with the time when.
This was a global.
Issue for women that they can step forward and and assume leadership positions. But when I first entered the interfaith world.
And again, I backed into it and I I organised a meeting of religious leaders at the UN in 2000. The UN had wanted to do this.
And they wanted the senior religious leaders.
And there were no.
Women. So. So of the few women who were there came.
To me, and they said, you know, we.
We didn’t have a voice here again.
Echoing my own feeling over past lifetimes.
We want our own platform, so we went back to the Secretary General, who at that time was Kofi.
Annan and he said yes.
Good idea. Go to the Palais de Nacion Geneva. So we did. We brought women leaders.
Although they weren’t considered, they weren’t the top. You know, they weren’t the Cardinals and everything, but they were doing so much on the.
Ground and.
And that to me, as I stood there with these women, leaders of the UN in Geneva.
I didn’t realise that then, but afterwards looking back, I said to myself, this was the culmination of all of those lifetimes when I felt I didn’t have a voice here, I was able to give the women a plat. This is the year 2220 years ago, so it was a a different time and now of course.
There are many, many women, religious leaders and women in the interfaith world has changed in 20 years. But when I started it, it was really something I had to work.
Hard to break.
Through and so that now it’s done for me, it’s like that part of my life is done.
It’s completely healed.

00:10:35 Luisa
Ohh amazing amazing. So everyone recalls their past lives in different ways. How do you recall your past lives?

00:10:45 Dena Merriam
You’ll ask me that, and it’s hard for me to describe the process. You know, I’m a long time meditator. I’ve been meditating since I was very young and and when you meditate and practise meditation techniques, pranayam and other things.
Things happen and energy moves. It’s not just, you know, calming and feeling peaceful. Things actually get stirred and you know, it was about 20 years ago when I first began to vividly recall my past birth, which was at the turn of the last century.
And over the course of many months, I saw many details. I see it and I hear conversations. It’s almost like I’m thrown back into that time.
The frame, which initially was destabilising because I had to function I was a, you know, newly divorced. Raising two kids had to function at a job, and here I was being whisked back into the past and I had to like function in two time periods. Now it becomes very easily to me. I was much younger when this first happened.
And found it difficult, so I don’t advise people to go digging. I always say whatever comes to you comes to you. But if it doesn’t come to you, you don’t need to know. I I believe that whatever we need to know somehow comes to us.
And I believe that I’ve been able to see as much as I have for the sake of sharing it. I think somebody asked me recently.
What is my greatest learning?
What have I learned from seeing the past?
And I would say.
If there are multiple learnings, one is to see.
That changed my relationship with death.
Death is not the end. Birth is not the beginning.
We are on an ongoing journey with different chapters and OK a chapter closes in a new chapter opens.
It changed my sense of identity and so I identified less with this personality cause I’ve seen many personalities that I have and.
Yet there’s a constant threat. There is a constant and I see each personality within myself now, as if on the combination.
And the other.
Great learning. Perhaps the greatest is the power of love, because in in each of the births I’ve I’ve I’ve I’ve seen how the power of love continues and people that we’ve loved, we meet again.
There’s no ending.
To anything.
And so this concept of I think it’s sort of the last frontier.
And I think scientists will speak about it differently, what we call the celestial worlds, they’ll call dimensions. So already certain scientists, physicists are talking about a multidimensional universe. What are these other dimensions?

00:13:45 Luisa
So in your.
Experiences what happens when our physical body dies?

00:13:52 Dena Merriam
They talk about that and I do remember my past death, and I remember the in between state.
It’s interesting because what we call dead.
Is a celebration in that world because we we return to where we’ve come from.
And when we are born.
It’s sort of a death to that world because you forget.
And there’s sort of like a great forgetting that comes over you. And yet that world, I mean, of course there are multiple different experiences. No2 experiences are the same. I talk about my experiences. I I think there are two sections in in the latest book to Dance with bikinis.
I talk about 3 lives, three different lives, but I also talk about the in between stage, my own experience of of being able to recapture your memories.
So when this personality, when this body dies?
You sort of assume you’re.
You come into your greater being and you can recognise people from past births. You’re no longer limited by the.
We we know scientifically that our perceptions are very limited. Our site is limited. We see in a very narrow spectrum. Our hearing is limited. We hear in a very narrow spectrum, a whole experience is limited to the to these limited senses. But when you leave the body.
You you have an expansion and you can see things that you couldn’t see in the body and hear things and interact with people. My father, who I was very, very close to passed away two years ago and soon after he passed I was able to see where he is and was able to converse with him.
There are quite a few people.
Have this ability to.
It’s just crossing the bridge, just like we can cross the bridge of time, we can cross the bridge of dimensions.
People simply move into another dimension of existence when they leave the physical body.
In some cases, it’s the more beautiful depends upon where your mind what’s in your mind. If you have an angry, hateful mind, I can’t say you’re going to move into a beautiful reality. You your mind creates the reality.
And and that’s why it’s so important to watch your mind. The more love is in your mind, the more you’re attracted and drawn into a place, a very loving place. The more you’re filled with anger and hate, the more you’re going to be drawn to a place where.
Other beings like that and have it.

00:16:30 Luisa
Yes, I’m in absolute agreement. You spoke before about meeting loved ones or you’ve spoken about some people term at Soul Family. So we have multiple incarnations with.
The same souls in different incarnations. Have you experienced this as well? So for example, one life it could be your mother or your father, or your husband or your child. What? What are your thoughts on that?

00:16:58 Dena Merriam
The the well, that’s definitely true. I mean, my 2 closest friends since I was in my early 20s, I recognise both of them have having been.
Friends from my previous birth, but it doesn’t always work. Next birth. I have a grandson who I write about in the introduction to my dance to dance with Dakinis and he was the one who opened the door to my memory of Tibet. And I know that I’ve he’s been my son before.
He’s been a dear friend before.
And now that he’s my grandson, it’s funny because we function. He automatically when he was young, just started calling me by my first name. Just came very naturally. He always treated me as a peer, as a friend, until his mother said she’s your grandmother. Call her grandma. But that didn’t come naturally to him.
And so.
I’ve been able to see multiple people in my current birth.
Who I recognised not just from my last life, but from most many lifetimes earlier and and some people who.
I’ve had more.
Difficult relationships with I’ve been able to see that that’s been carried over. I had a difficult relationship with my mother and I see that was carried over from earlier lives many, many lives ago and I was able to resolve it with her. It took me a whole lifetime to resolve.
It with her.
But I was before she passed away last year. We ended on a beautiful note.
But she’s somebody I know that I will meet in the future because there’s still unresolved feelings on her part.

00:18:38 Luisa
Healing to do.
You like to do? Yeah.
Do you think that all we turn?
Them past lives or perhaps even future lives. Are they all happening right now?

00:18:55 Dena Merriam
My experience and.
I’ve I’ve experienced I II time sort of became very elastic to me and then collapsed because I was.
Sometimes finding myself like many thousands of years BCE, and it was happening as if it was.
Now and what?
When I was, when I write about something, I am in the now I’m. I’m experiencing it now. But when I finished to dance with zucchinis, I thought, well, what? What am I? I don’t know. What’s next?
Every time I finish a book, I don’t.
Know what’s next and.
Then things begin to come to.
Me, I’m now in the middle.
Of a book called Memories.
Of a future life.
And it takes place 200 years in the future.
I really see my own trajectory. I know things. I know, aspirations that haven’t been fulfilled. I see relationships that need a little bit of a little bit another encounter.
So to speak and.
I’ve been trying to see the collective, which is much harder because there’s so many dystopian visions out there, and that’s not my gut feeling. My gut feeling where, you know, according to the Eastern philosophy, history is cyclical. It doesn’t repeat itself, but it moves in cycles, the yugas and.
Everybody knows colour. You the term colour you got, right? It’s it’s a. It’s the time when we our only see the material and can’t see the spiritual at all. Satya Yuga, the Garden of Eden. We have the memory of the Garden of Eden. Eden. Somehow in our collective memory. Right.
That’s Satya yoga. When there is complete harmony and the living according to the to the principles of Dharma, in harmony, harmony among the animals and humans, and and much less of a an ego identity, much more of.
Being part of the.
So we’ve just passed through.
The call yuga now on an upward movement there.
The four side 4 yugas, Satya Yuga traited wrapper colour. It goes down a loss of spiritual knowledge and then a gaining of spiritual knowledge. So we’re just at the beginning of of the Dwapara Yuga moving out of colugo. So this dystopian future that people see I don’t see.
It doesn’t mean that there won’t be earthquakes and conflicts. That’s always part of life. But we also are gaining this the the spiritual awareness is increasing on our planet.
Spiritual knowledge, which was kept hidden among the initiates, is now available to anybody who’s who’s searching. Anybody can find meditation practises on the Internet. And so while you have the normal ups and downs of physical life.
We also have a growth in spiritual awareness, so I see a a more positive future. And yet whenever there is transition that dislocations.
So the economic, political, social systems that we have have now need to transform, will they transform gradually, easily or violently? That’s up to us. We collectively are creating our future so we can do it consciously and not just be thrown about by the forces.
And so that’s the purpose of this new book is let’s consciously create a good future for the human community.
And again, as I’m writing, I’m in the now.

00:22:36 Luisa
No, no one of my favourite, my one of my favourite topics. Future memories. What? I mean. You touch on it. But what does humanity look like 200 years in? What we term as the future which is happening right now?

00:22:36 Dena Merriam
It’s happening now.
I see. I see sort of like a a focus on local communities. You know the, the, the place where I’m born is in India, but it’s a spiritual community, a spiritual lake community in the South of India. I see much more integration. You know, there’s much more people.
Have all kinds of people are mixed.
We see it today, but it’s much more so where you can have A1 grandparent from here, 1 grandparent. From there there’s an intermingling and yet, and yet the common the common feature.
And I see the religions becoming much less powerful and the common feature being spiritual practise.
And people moving away from things that separate us.
And moving toward a common spiritual practise, prayer, meditation and internalisation of of, of, of going inward in order to manifest something more beautiful on the outside, I see the increased use of of what?
We’re just beginning.
This process of of robots.
A decreased population which we know is going to happen, but it will be it will be create some dislocation the decreased population, but ultimately it will be it will help heal the earth fewer people on Earth, greater use of of of.
Androids which create another set of problems. It’s not as if we’re not going to have problems. The challenges will change.

00:24:35 Luisa
So a decrease of the human population.
And an increase of AI or robots.
Whatever you term them, gosh.
So you you this life that you experience is in India. Have you seen other parts of what we?
Term as the world for.
Example, the US what? What that might look like.

00:24:56 Dena Merriam
And the life.
That I see is 2 lifetimes ahead. My next.
Birth will be in the US.
That’s when there’ll be. There will be a lot of climate events, so looking toward the end of the century, this century, early next century, there will be a lot of climate events, but.
It will help in the Reformation and the and the and the reestablishment of a rightful relationship with the natural world.
In terms of of how we understand and treat the natural world, see the earth is alive. Treat the rivers respectfully.
A lot of cleaning up to do you know, it’s taken us several generations to mess up, and it’s going to take quite a while to clean up. And so I see a lot of cleaning up and I see.
Not one powerful government in the world that has said sort of like a weed localization with a lot of communities.
At different levels, some deeply spiritual, you know, and I see the turning point, what’s going to help alleviate? Well, I don’t want to give away a lot of this is in my book. What’s going to help alleviate the worst spiritual practise. I mean that the spiritual community is growing.
It needs to grow exponentially in order to have an impact.
You know, I I.
Colder, colder gathering in the US some years ago of of contemplative leaders from all religions, those who are doing contemplative practise to look at.
Is it having an effect? You know, if you look on the outside, it looks like our country’s going backwards, more polarised, more angry. And yet there are more people who are doing spiritual practise so.
How do we understand this?
We didn’t come to any conclusion except we said.
If you look over a period of 10/20/30, forty years, you see a lot of changes. We couldn’t talk about Karma.
20 years ago and have it be widely understood. We couldn’t talk about reincarnation 20 years ago, meditation was considered a cult thing. Now it’s in. It’s in the business realm. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 20. Now it’s so easy to be a vegetarian. At that time, people thought you had a disease. You were sickly.
You know, and they’d give you if you went to a restaurant, they’d give you boiled potatoes, string beans and carrots. And you know that.
I mean that.
Was all you had and so.
They they have.
They’ve been sea changes that I have seen in my lifetime, and yes, it hasn’t manifested.
At at the political level? Yet because they’re always.
Retro retrogressive forces you take 2 steps forward and then.
They’re forces to pull.
You back?
People are frightened of what lies ahead.
And it’s this fear that makes people cling to the past.
And and I think that’s part of one of the most important functions of the spiritual communities right now is to help people deal with this fear. A lot of fear, a lot of the anger is in response to fear. The world is changing very quickly. You know, the 1950s change came slowly in the 1960s.
Change was gradual. Things are changing quickly here now and this is causing a lot of fear and and causing people to sort of want to go back to.
The past.

00:28:42 Luisa
Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing that. I can’t wait to interview you for your next book and can’t wait to read it. Have you seen why?
What circumstances lead to a decrease in and? I won’t ask too many questions because people should read the book when it comes out. But what is it circumstances that that lead to the decrease in the human population?

00:29:06 Dena Merriam
I focus on the on the, on the natural. We know that places like Korea and Japan and China, their population is declining. There’s panic about it, because who’s going to support all the older people? But it’s it’s a process that I think is natural. People are having small families.
In Korea, Japan, people have one or two children. There’s no need to have six children, ten children and.
More also there’s a.
Decline in fertility, they say fertility is down 25%.
And so there’s been a messing up of.
The hormones, I mean all.
The hormone disruptors in the environment is playing havoc with the hormones and and it, you know, they’re always the natural disasters, the earthquakes, the flooding, the Hurricanes, the conflict. I mean, that’s.
Ongoing in our history, you know and that that.
You know, is that will continue whether there’ll be more intense storms, there’ll be adaptation, but I see a lot of the decrease as as sort of like the natural decline in the size of families.
And the decline in fertility and over 200 years, I mean that the scientists are already projecting that.
The world population will grow for another few decades and then begin to decline and decline and decline.
And we should not.
See that as a bad thing?
And that’s where the the.
AI will come in to take over a lot.
Of the jobs.
You know the technical jobs that that people there aren’t enough people to do.
I mean that that seems to me, but again it’s all how it’s managed.
You know, it’s all the consciousness if this is done in a conscious way, a lot of people also choosing not.
To have children.
I know a lot.
Of young people are.
Are choosing not to have children.
So I think if if, if we move ahead through the adaptation phase of climate change in a conscious way of the human community will come out in a better place.

00:31:18 Luisa
Well, thank you so much for sharing that one more question on the future and then I’ll move on. But people often talk about you hear war is coming, global, another World War. Have you seen anything in the future like that?

00:31:34 Dena Merriam
I think that that.
You know, and you know, when I started my work at the Global Peace initiative, my first attempt was because we were called, there was Israel, Palestine in 2002. We did so many dialogues there.
And and and my.
Preoccupation was how do you cannot this.
Collective karma.
You can work more easily on your own karma. You can if you really have introspect, you can see.
What work is set before you’ve set for yourself in terms of your, your, your career, or your or your relationships, financial, whatever. But to and not collective karma.
I know that my my Google Yogananda once said.
That the US.
Has positive and negative karma. The positive karma is all the immigrants that it is.
Welcomed to its shores.
Negative Karma is the genocide of the people.
Who are living?
There, the First Nations and and slavery.
So we see that this karma is still with us today.
We’re struggling with an immigration issue in the.
US and it’s it’s it’s we haven’t been able to solve it because.
That’s part of.
Our strength is welcoming people who come in from desperate places, and yet we can can we to even take care of the people who are here, you know, to want to.
Overwhelm the system so.
We don’t have.
The wisdom yet to figure this out and you can see the the issue of slavery, the issue of the the.
And just injustice is still with us in the US, and I saw when I dealt with Palestine in Israel on both sides, it was like a competition of of, of tragedies whose tragedy was great at both.
Sides had complaints.
And so how do you? I’m not this collective, karma. It’s it’s too complicated, you know, it’s you have to. You have to see who everyone was before the people who were born in this world. Where were they before the people who were born in Palestine? Well, where?
Were they before their?
Karma LED them into those spots. What are they?
Meant to work out.
Well, obviously, you know live together peacefully.
Figure it out.
So so conflict until we are not. And if you look at many of the hot the, the hot spots in our world today unresolved from World War 2, even Ukraine and Russia.
Russia is calling them Nazis. Well, why are they obsessed with this? They’re not Nazis, but they’re obsessed with this. They’re fighting the Nazis. They’re still carrying the shadows. They’re it’s shadow work. They’re still carrying the shadows of.
That, and they’re still carrying the shadows of their empire. They still can’t let go of their empire.
To back in.
China have long history together, which I try to show in the book. And so, you know, it’s all the past, the past that hasn’t been resolved. And so we need a higher consciousness in order to resolve these karmic knots.
And so how do we get this higher consciousness?
Where we’re sort of like being forced to.
Move right now.
In order to move on beyond this karma that has been.
With us for generations now.

00:34:56 Luisa
Yes, God, I mean it’s. I mean it the the possibilities are unlimited. It’s so complex and complicated for us. It’s certainly in our humans to comprehend. You spoke earlier about, you know, right now we’re creating our future.
For those of the audience that are not necessarily.
Joyful or happy about their present or what they see in the.
Future how do we how?
Do we change it?

00:35:28 Dena Merriam
I I I think that you know, I always encourage people to engage in some spiritual practise, whether it’s prayer or meditation or whatever it is for you. But I think along with that introspection, looking at your life.
And looking at the relationships that are difficult.
And making a conscious effort to work them through, you know it’s it’s one way to sort of to gauge how you’re doing is if you have no reaction, as long as you’re reacting.
To another person or situation.
You’re still in it. You’re still in the game, so to speak, and and our our goal is to get to the point if somebody is mean to you or say something hurtful, as long as they’re a reaction, you’re in the game. But there comes a point when you cannot not react and say, well, that’s a shame. They’re still carrying that with them and see it as their burden.
But not take on that burden yourself. And so I think, looking at your life, what is it you want to change? And it’s being realistic, not fanciful. Oh, I want to be a billionaire on my.
Next life well.
You know there.
Are some people who are born into that you have to look at their comment why that some? I mean it didn’t happen overnight that there have been many lifetimes of maybe many lifetimes of struggle and suffering before they were able to get that to develop the initiative and to be able to create the businesses to get there.
But what is it you really want?
What makes you happy?
To to introspect in your life and to see, you know, often the question comes why does a good person have ill health? Well, nothing is accidental. Sometimes you take that on in order to burn off a lot of, you know, Karma. In one lifetime. People I know there was. I don’t know if you know there was.
A spiritual teacher.
Mohammed, US who?
About 10 years before he passed a few years ago, 1020 years.
Before that I.
Think when he was in his 60s he had a massive stroke and was paralysed on one side. He had to learn how to speak again. He called it fierce grace.
He called it Grace and he said that was the greatest teaching of his life because it helped awaken him. He disassociated with the body. He knew he wasn’t the body. OK, his vehicle was not functioning. His car broke down. But he knew that he wasn’t the car. He was just riding his car.
Though all of our situations are to help us get to that point.
Where we know.
That we’re just in this vehicle for short.

00:38:06 Luisa
Thank you. Just a few more questions and you probably get this question all the time suffering it can be brutal in our humanness. What what would be your advice to those that are?
Experiencing conflict or suffering or?
Going through hard times.

00:38:24 Dena Merriam
Well, you know when we’re in it, it’s very real and we can’t minimalize or you know.
And now we’re until we realise that we’re in a dream body shedding dream tears. The tears are real and I think those who have health crisis, those who lose a loved one ending at all times on the planet they’re suffering, going on. People are losing loved ones as we speak and and I think.
I think to.
Try to remember that he will meet that loved one again, that there’s no long term loss as.
A short term loss.
And you know, of course, that doesn’t go away. You have to live out the rest.
Of your life without that loved.
One, but love reaches all corners of the.
Universe and and.
And I think I think it’s just important to remember that we are eternal beings and that we’re in one chapter.
Of the play.
We want to play our role the best we can, but but we want to also realise that.
This life will pass and we’ll have another chance. We’ll have another opportunity to achieve what we want to achieve, to be with our loved ones and we don’t have to wait. You can still be with your loved ones, even if they’re.
In another dimension, because there are ways to connect and communicate through the veil that separates the dimensions.

00:39:53 Luisa
Thank you. And and do you?
Think there’s an end?
Point to the birth and death and reincarnation cycle.

00:40:01 Dena Merriam
I do. I I think that you know, for most of us, we gradually awaken and learn more and and become more in tune with who we truly are. And then at one point.
We we become part of the of the infinite whole or we recognise ourselves as the infinite whole, and that’s a very blissful experience where you can.
Be the director of the play, not just a puppet in the play or an actor in the play, but you become the director of the play.

00:40:36 Luisa
Thank you. So those are the audience that haven’t read your book. Is there anything you’d like to share about to dance with dakinis?

00:40:45 Dena Merriam
To dance with Dakinis takes us back to 12th century Tibet.
And goes through a little bit of the.
History of Tibet and then ah.
Recovers the life in mediaeval Europe and goes forward to a life in India the 13th century. But. But aside from showing the the process of how cause and effect a love that couldn’t fulfil itself in my life, times, times, total fulfilment in the following life, there are.
Beautiful teachings that come from teachers, that who and who who are trying to awaken the love, the greater love within within me and.
To me, it was a powerful experience. I I still live with those beings. As I said, once you remember something, it doesn’t leave you and it becomes part of the now. So I hope all of you will enjoy the book.
And find benefited from it for your own life.

00:41:48 Luisa
Yes, it’s wonderful. On a final note, is there anything that you’d.
Like to share?
With the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you.

00:41:57 Dena Merriam
You know, while we see so much suffering in the world, that individual suffering and.
Then then the.
The collective pain. I don’t think you know when there’s more going on. We all are part of it because we’re part of 1 one world community. I think it’s important to remember the joy as well. The joy of life.
There has to be a balance. We suffer and we rejoice. We go through both.
And so it’s important to remember.
That and so I hope, I hope you.
All are able to tune in to.
The love and.
To the joy that.
Fills the universe.

00:42:34 Luisa
Oh, beautiful Dena, I’m so honoured to have you as a guest on Passion, Harvest and and thank you so much for being on the show.

00:42:43 Dena Merriam
You, Luisa. Thank you.

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