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REVEALED for the FUTURE of HUMANITY! Galactic’s Want YOU TO KNOW! Aliens & ET’s | Viviane Chauvet

She is an Advanced Acturian Hybrid Avatar.

Viviane is an emissary and clear conduit for a delegation of enlightened and spiritually advanced intergalactic civilizations. Assisting humanity in repairing the mind, body, and spirit to reach a state of wholeness. Encouraging everyone to embrace their Divine Grace and ascend to their original Universal Time Matrix.

Viviane Chauvet is an advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar, published author, international public speaker, creator of the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® and the Arcturian Healing Arts Program, and owner of Infinite Healing from The Stars. Over the past decade, Viviane has conducted 22,000 private healing sessions worldwide for transformative changes and quantum evolution. Her presence emanates the radiance of the Arcturus 13th Light Dimension system.

In 2007, she underwent a significant awakening and energetic reset and received her holographic and quantum healing training with the Arcturian Council. She furthered her studies and became certified in Crystalline Soul Healing®, Unity Field Healing®, QHHT, and ThetaHealing®. She is an emissary and multidimensional conduit for various Star Delegations, including the Lyrans, Sirians, Andromedans, and other interstellar group consciousness.

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Viviane Chauvet Transcript

00:00:55 Luisa
Vivian, welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m so excited to have you on the show today.

00:01:02 Viviane Chauvet
Thank you so much.
Luisa, it’s wonderful to be back with you and be back with everyone. It’s just a joy and it’s just. I’m very excited to be here.

00:01:12 Luisa
I’ve got so many questions to ask you and I did get over excited with all the topics. My list was too big, but I guess I’d like to start for me and for the audience who and what are extraterrestrials?

00:01:28 Viviane Chauvet
But that’s a beautiful question. So think of it this way. The word extraterrestrial is just another cement.
Stick to express civilizations or simply existing or have evolved beyond the Earth plane so I always use the word star brothers and sisters or star people. So this way it reduce the the bridge of separation and it brings more the arguments and earth into this more.
Like the communities, because it’s as diversified as a life is diversify on this.
Planet. So This is why that that word even though.
Personally, to me this word is filled with love and energy and high vibration and recognition is just to bring it’s an umbrella that just refer to the intergalactic or interstellar communities that we are part of. We’re simply remembering now we’re simply reconnecting.
And a more conscious level. And that’s the excitement behind it.

00:02:31 Luisa
So there’s no doubt in your mind that there are other are other beings or life forms on other planets and planetary systems.

00:02:42 Viviane Chauvet
Well, if you take a look at all the secret site and.
The structures left behind, whether it’s symbols, whether it’s traditions to many aberrational tribes, whether it’s all the star seed around the world, who have known this since they were children.
That their home.
It’s among the stars, so to speak, that only you’ll come here with a purpose. A a sole motivation that brought them here at this point is it is quite an obvious statement. We are part of a very large intelligence multiverse. Can you imagine the diversity?
Diversity of cosmic intelligence and we here on this Earth are part of this community.

00:03:29 Luisa
I mean we.
Have all these movies in the condition to think of aliens and what they look like and extraterrestrials.
Do they have?
Physical form.
And that’s a human question, probably a ridiculous question.

00:03:49 Viviane Chauvet
No, absolutely not. At this point, we said we always says nothing is mundane anymore. Nothing is ridiculous anymore.
We we expect.
Boring together new possibilities we’re opening. We’re reopening new doors. So let’s explore this. It’s a really good question. Some will have more undefined physical form as you used to have here. Your body is very physical. You feel it and you take care of your body. I mean, there’s a lot of to relate to.
Some of them will have some very similar physical form, other we have a non humanoid humanoid form. Others are known. Any needs to embody into a physicality and their more pure consciousness. I have encountered Ultra Celestial being.
They’re a projection of the all. They’re an aspect of prime Creator. Other are just pure presence.
Consciousness, light and other are really very defined physical form and those are aquatic. More water based or there are more air energy or air based. So there’s a vast diversity of.
Expression if physical and non physical, look on the planet.
Look at just the insect.
Of the water. How many aquatic being coexist? Some of them are just like almost like plasma energy with, you know, light coming from them and you go like, wow, this being live in our ocean. And the answer is.
Yes, right here on this earth.
So imagining the same level of projection of.
Opportunity to feel.
The diversity of form shape.
Well, ultimately we all our essence of light and we simply experiment at different level. What do you call yourself an argument, a galactic fairies? You know, what are you, an angelic being? Whether you call yourself a luxuriant.
Ultimately, we’re all connecting to the point that we all coming from the all there is so.

00:05:57 Luisa
Yes. Absolutely. Umm, thank you.
I mean that.
Was beautiful. I guess the question is, are extra-terrestrials visiting Earth?

00:06:11 Viviane Chauvet
What do you think, Luisa? Do you think it’s a possibility or?

00:06:14 Luisa
I think they I think they I I don’t always go there but I I anything’s possible. I do believe it’s I I in my belief yes.

00:06:25 Viviane Chauvet
Love it? Perfect, then.
Again, if you look at the ancient paintings, look at the Renaissance time paintings of Saint with Ello and they will have those round objects in this pain in the background, whether it’s, you know, in different pyramids around the world, not just Egypt, this pyramid even in.
You know South America and other places, Bolivia and different beautiful pyramid in Bolivia, all the symbol of these cosmic astronauts that shows that they came into craft on different crafts to the world.
So we’re again we reconnecting. It’s a map that we are rediscovering.
And many of them have food in visiting the earth for thousands and thousands of years. The thing is, have always been part.
Of the earth.
‘S true history. Let’s just say that this aspect has been filtered out greatly and yet.
The paradox of it is we put in movies and TV series and fictional. What do you think the world always getting used to this as he we’re here. We’re letting you know and we want to project it to entertainment or you know movie industry and music and all of.
That it’s a reality that we’re finally coming back to and simply reconnecting with natural and ease. It is just as natural as you accept. There’s a moon in your sky or the sunset every day.

00:08:01 Luisa
It it it is perceived in whether it’s through the media that there’s something.
To be afraid of.

00:08:11 Viviane Chauvet
It depend what media are you listening.
To OK.
OK, think of it this way. The 3D traditional media form views government officials communicates some aspect of social media depending on what source is like a radio station. So depending on which station you TuneIn.
Well, their role will be to preserve.
The three dimensional narrative.
And it’s more convenient to bring the population overall.
To a more fear based energy. This way you’re not asking questions, not asking, you know, looking beyond your sky, you’re staying within that comfortable frame of reference or frame of reality that those medias whose job is to create a frame for you. And they’re really, really open, you’re going to say.
Yes, and accept it.
But it change radio station again to higher station and this is more spiritual, more open, more empowering sense.
We have star seed on the planet. Those * cedar soul emanations have come from a multitude of advanced intergalactic groups.
Or multidimensional groups against semantics to bring in the frequencies to help to raise the consciousness, to help to raise the Earth back to her original state. And that’s you alone with her.
So you have to look at two different radio channels broadcasting two very different messages.

00:09:41 Luisa
Which one are you accepting as your own reality? That’s the question we have for you. Well, that was beautiful. But you also answered my next question. Why are they here? To raise the consciousness of humanity in the planet.

00:09:55 Viviane Chauvet
Since most of them are coming back, there may be those who come just as observer because they’re.
At one of the most historical moment in the universe, to see an entire planet and potentially a civilization on the midst of the the most important evolution. So those will come just as observer because they’re learning. They may be historian in their future time frame and they want to look.
In time, something phenomenal happening. Now we’re alone in in every day. And so we have a different view of this historical moment. But at the same time, it just gives us perspective.
But most of them have come to really make us support to bring us to incurring the next level of higher frequency so we can get out finally free ourselves from these band of forgetfulness. So we’re no longer so engaged of playing our roles or identities. And you know, we get some so much.
Emerge into this 3D form and it says what if there’s so much more to you? What if there’s an entire universe beyond your box? What will you discover?
And so we’re here to really support empowered, inspired help everyone to remember. We see you in your light. We sit simply observing that you have forgotten for a while. Nice time to remember again.

00:11:22 Luisa
So this really is a monumental time where there’s only now in civilization of humanity and the earth.

00:11:31 Viviane Chauvet
Absolutely. A planet had sunk so deep into a.
Decreasing in density and regressing in consciousness, bring yourself back into rising again. It is a phenomenal time and we’ll say that what the Earth and the entire civilization of Earth humans are going through right now into the rise back into their natural state, they’re returning into their natural.
Celestial Divine state will inspire many other planets and civilizations who are also on the verge of the very important evolutionary process.
So what we are doing here will lead the way. Think of it this way. We’re like The Pioneers that creating history, just like in our books here on the planet, all we know, we talk about this person and their crusade. Who discovered this continent and now it’s becoming a marker in history where we are defining.
A huge marker in the universe and I will.
An example set an example, a foundation for other own worlds that you have no consciousness of. That’s just to show you how much we are so interconnected to all. There is. There is no separation, just the illusion and the impression of it.

00:12:52 Luisa
It’s just so interesting. Thank you. You spoke. You mentioned the word before. Creator. One can call it God or source. What? What is your definition of the creator?

00:13:05 Viviane Chauvet
Yes, this is profound. So our perspective.
Of Supreme Creative Force or Prime creator, it’s all there is is the omnipotence, the omnipresence, the supreme intelligence that we all part of the best image I can think of is think of it as a giant, the most magnificent pure.
Clear quartz you’ve ever seen or imagining, and that clear quartz.
It’s all there is, and each fragment or expression of that clear cohorts represent an aspect of Prime Creator that each fragments or fractal of it will go out and experiment in different dimensions, experimenting as a non formless.
Or coming into physical density or rising back again into higher frequencies to return to pure consciousness. But everything is interconnected.
And this is just an image, but it’s a beautiful image to keep in mind and I am part of this.
Magnificent omnipotence.
Crystal I’m I’m. I’m a fractal of. And that fractal of me is also another fractal. My expression in this lifetime. So in reality, when we come here on this earth to experiment.
We’re here to experiment, to feel, to learn, to gain more light, to gain wisdom.
And so all the roles that we play like myself, I am an unturned being in this hybrid form. That’s the role that I play to represent Trump trader in this reality.
Just like you, Luisa, your life story change what you believe. Your connections, your core values. It is the role that you play that represent from creator all there is.
And the beauty of it.
The beauty of this visa is ultimately we all are made of the same substance that made up stars and planet and galaxies, and that substance is the pure love frequencies of prime creator.
This is the ultimate substance that we are made of.
And that’s the grand return of remembering to identify ourselves. What is beyond this identity? I always says every day it’s Halloween because we’re playing all these.
Role and we.
Put clothes on and we do our hair and makeup. It’s.
Is this part of the experience your soul is experiencing?
And I’m very conscious of it when I brush my teeth, I know it’s my soul experiencing me brushing teeth.
I do it because I love my teeth. I.
Do it because I.
Choose to take care of them. It’s a choice.

00:15:58 Luisa
I love this interview because you keep answering my questions. It’s perfect, but we do get so caught up in our reality of.
What we are?
I really want to ask you a few.
Other questions but.
So Luisa, who I identify with is Luisa having experiences in other galaxies and dimensions.

00:16:18 Viviane Chauvet
That’s a great, great question. Now Luisa is busy having an Earth experience here, your soul or your higher self, or that divine part of you that has no identity to the resolver recognition of your soul as a divine being, that part of you has a multitude of multidimensional.
Experiences. Think of it as.
In this world, we have been programmed people overall for generations have been programmed to adhere to a linear time. We come we were born.
When I grew up, when I was young, that was in my 20s now and today it’s the present. My future. As I get older and I leave this planet right and I.
Move on back to.
The light. So we have a very confined and very predefined concept of time, past, present and what the future.
Old, but in reality it’s more than that, that a linear perspective of time only exists in this reality, meaning that as long as we are in the game of the Treaty world experiencing this life as Louisa Louisa perceived herself in a certain way, trade personality values.
Philtres belief systems, core attachments and the recognition of that.
Time. Are we agreeing on the time and date so we can meet? That’s a point in the linear time when you start to get outside of the linear time, you realise that it’s just a projection that we all agree to keep so we can function in this reality. When you start to connect with intergalactic intelligence, the leader.
Time is nonexistent.
Why? Because everything is coexisting all at once. That means that all of your past lives are still a part of you. It’s just that.
That beautiful.
Sparkle of you. That fragment of you known as Louisa. The oath of Passion, Harvest and all the good that you do. That part of you is experiencing here.
But the rest of you?
It’s connected to all there is, so therefore that linear time is not proceed the same way, but that part of you understanding that fractal of view.
Is experiencing here in this 3D reality in a linear time. I always use my crystal as an image because it’s so easy to relate to.
So time is perceived very differently. Once we start to identify ourselves back again.
I identify myself back to my my higher self, my divine self.
You can still coexist here function beyond time like this morning. I brought my kids to the dentist. I was coming back to have this conversation with you, and I know my schedule. The rest of the day.
I know how.
To function in this reality, the only difference is that I am conscious that I am this being.
Having this experience here.
And so time is completely be redefined. So to answer your question in a very simple way. Of course you do. You are a multidimensional being.
As opposed to be a 3D linear being.
So This is why you can have flashes of deja vu, deja vu remembrance, what brought you to a country, then to another what what is attracting you to maybe your music or a place on the planet. It’s feel familiar. Feel like home. Well, that part of you that existed, let’s say in France or New Zealand.
Or Australia.
It’s coexisting with you.
It’s just that.
The identity of your today’s visa is busy living this life here, as you need to.
But it’s all part of you. It’s all there is.
And you know.
But how we define the future?
The future is defined as they’re now unfolding onto itself indefinitely, and as we move along and we shift it in consciousness vibration.
Will release core of attachments we evolve. That’s simply going to redefine the direction of that future probability still in the now unfolding into itself. And that’s the beauty of it.

00:20:37 Luisa
Ohh my gosh you explained that so beautifully. You spoke just a quick question. So you spoke, you spoke about past lives, what we term as past lives, or fractals of the soul.
Does that include future lives? Is it all in the in the mix of the soup pot?

00:20:57 Viviane Chauvet
Absolutely. It’s a. It’s an ingredient of your soup because that soup, I love this. This is great.
Soup contain all the ingredients that is making you that is part of you. So yes it is even possible to ask to yourself to communicate as it serves you the most or to communicate to an aspect of your future self.
Absolutely you can do that. Says I wish to communicate, but remember those are potentials. No predictions. No one really can predict in time and space. You would say well, in the past astronomers and other very famous ones were able to see. Yes, they were seeing.
Bigger marker of historical possibility that come to pass, and there’s also a lot of those prediction that was simply redirected because we shifted the directions that we’re in. And right now we have done that beautifully in a positive way. Positive way, yes, why?
Because more and more and more people worldwide.
Are shifting their their thought forms the shifting how they question their reality, their opening themselves to bring the possibility of those multidimensional aspect of selves communicating with your guides, connecting with your higher self, reconnecting with your star families.
That shift, the directions of where we’re moving to, we’re no longer as sleepy civilizations overall. There’s a lot of move.
I meant there’s a lot of resistance too. It’s simply out of fear, out of fear, to lose, so to speak, frame of reference that feels comfortable because we’re used to them. But we’re going to be using getting used to new ways, too. You’ll see. We’ll settle in into new ways.

00:22:55 Luisa
Thank you, Vivian. So what’s your advice or tips for the audience to connect with the the divine or the higher self or you probably get this question a lot or their multiple lives or multiple realities?

00:23:11 Viviane Chauvet
Yes, it start with you and the here and now it really start with you where you are.
It depends a lot on are you still holding on to? Well, I was raised that way. It’s just the.
Way it is.
You know? Or that’s impossible. You know, our government says that or on the news, they say this, allow yourself to detach from all of it. Release them for a moment. Imagine yourself slipping out of.
The Bucks that you’ve known.
And rediscovering the being inside of you, there’s no need to go looking far. It’s start to rediscovering your own internal universe. Connect with nature.
Feel the pulse.
Did you feel the Earth create shifting and you feel her core? Can you feel the heart?
Of three nations, their roots talking to each.
Can you feel life unfolding around you? Start to reassume your senses beyond the I touch what I touch. I see what I see. I hear what I hear. What else there is beyond this frame of three dimensional.
Census there’s more. Let’s open another door.
Take the time just to listen to your heart feel. Let your heart beat the way in your life as opposed to be so ingrained to listening to the 3D logic mind. And I know that the 3D logic mind will philtre philtre out pretty much everything would convey so far.
However, your soul understands.
Your heart grabs the wisdom.
Your body breathes into it and recognise the energy behind the words have been shared with you.
Don’t mind. May be speaking loud. They’re louder for now.
Everything else around you is attuned your body’s consciousness. Understand the language of energy knows what to do with this, whether it’s a distortion energy, whether it’s a higher frequency energy. Either way, the body knows what to do with it.
So and a distortion. Energy will create physical symptoms. That’s how the body communicates to you or higher frequencies. The body will create more balanced vitality energy.
That’s hard communicates to you. Nonetheless, it’s already communication. So listen.
Take the time every day. Just even just 10 minutes. Sit down.
Clear the mind says mind. Remember that you’re part of this. Let’s elevate. Let’s see what else there is. What else possible?
And ask your heart what does my heart think about those star people?
Yes, there are negative and positive ones for sure. There’s no denying there. It’s like on the planet we see positive negative. This is what we hear for we hear to clear heal the polarisation and duality, energy.
We’re here to bring ourselves back into unity and that unity start with you, so no more living into what we call a divided house.
And what it means is that your logic mind will pull you in that direction, but your heart tells you this. Which way to go? Where am I? I’m confused. Now you start to feel more depressed and things are not moving. That’s why it’s called living in a divided house. You are in division with yourself. The unity consciousness that we speak of.
Start with you. How do you live your life every day?
Just explore, I’ll tell you one thing very wise and my very first. My very first spiritual teacher taught me I was in my early, early 20s, just barely 20.
She was more than twice my age, wise like his old master.
She will always says.
Spoken words of wisdom and then shall pause and said Vivienne believe nothing I said. Call experience.
It for yourself.
And every time she would say I believe nothing. And I say just go experience it and see and we’ll come back and we’ll talk about.
It I will always come back and says.
Well, how did you know?
At first I would reject what you’re saying, but it would stay on the back of my mind.
And sure enough, I will go back to my teacher and says I experienced XYZ. How come? How did you know?
She always says. See, I told you, there’s nothing to believe. It’s all to experience.
Now you know for yourself. Now you gain the knowledge to gain the wisdom.
And I grown so much with her until she went back to the realm of light she transformed.
Umm, but the time should transform.
I know it’s isn’t that critical.

00:28:11 Luisa
Thank you.
So thank you for sharing that. So Vivian, you’re an actuarial in hybrid avatar, that’s how if you define yourself what what does what does that mean?

00:28:33 Viviane Chauvet
Yes, yes, yes. Let’s explore this. It simply means that even though you see me look looking very human.
Relating to me.
Emotions, feelings, words, warmth.
Even though I would apply myself to sparkle a few humour in there just to bring the vibration.
Who I am beyond this human form is I am an electrician being I’m one of the high arcturian come from the consul.
And as an ascended being, I’ve already reached level of Ascension. We’ve already reached the level of Enlightenment I have chosen to set.
An important part of my octron avatar self into a vessel or a physical form that will have just enough baseline of humanity energy. So I can relate, understand, remember what it is to be an earth humans. What is it feel like?
Having the emotion having the understanding of the challenge to go through the reality to be go through rejection of being ridiculed and all of these experiences that all of us go through at some point in our time.
And so and search my arcturian delegation where our advanced positive technology took generations to perform and perfect this perfect vessel that will allow an octagenarian advanced being to be physically on a planet and a such level of density.
And polarisation.
This polarisation is very toxic. It’s very challenging to hold the density. The gravitational pull of the planet is very heavy to hold, so I have to have a physical form engineered in a way that will allow me to be here so we can talk today so we can connect so we can do the work in a way that.
I am here on a very high, important.
Mission that I feel and I knew even by the age of five years old, I knew, and I was here.
To bring an entire planet back to its original state, and that means billions of life here.
And would talk about her humans, the animal Kingdom.
Life of the ocean.
Nature, we’re talking about a multitude of conscious life expressed in different shape and forms. There are so much life here. Can you feel them? I do.
So I define myself as yes, I’m a nocturnal hybrid, but what does it mean is?
I am a prototype.
Or my kind in the sense that I’m a direct altering being, who embody this very uniquely engineered physical form that allow me to coexist in this 3D and still being able to maintain my higher dimensional integrity self. It is no small task.
I can tell you back.
But that’s what it means in a.
In an essence.

00:31:45 Luisa
My gosh. So.
So how does it feel? I mean, do you suffer in your humanness in your avatar as Vivian?

00:31:59 Viviane Chauvet
Well, what a great masters would say.
Suffering is optional. Do I feel pain in my body, like many of us, will have, you know our aches and pains, that’s 3D. But The thing is that.
The challenge for me to hold, to feel the density in a physical form that technically I am meant to vibrate at a much higher level. I am meant to be a more baseline 5th dimensional and six dimensional frequency energies in a retracted third dimensional way.
The challenge is to maintain the integrity of the body.
Health balance functionality.
You know, so I require a lot of assistance just to able to stay on the planet. I can feel it on my spine. The pressure on the planet. I can feel how everything here is by bringing a lower state. And This is why I’m so eager to see everyone start to raise their frequency and not just.
Of course, this is beyond me. This is for an entire planet.
That or to see the energy start to elevate, to have different form of more conscious, higher intelligent conversations to elevate our soul, elevate our minds beyond this density, this polarisation, this false identity of duality and separation. That’s what the pain is the most is.
Let’s heal that. Let’s release ourselves.
And most importantly, let’s honour each other and that means honouring other life.
Including the animals.
Including the trees, they’re not there to cut at wheel just because you want to put a pool in your yard. It’s a living being. Have you ever seen the spread of a tree? I have.
I have I have. I helped a wonderful tree that was huge. We helped to its soul, its consciousness, to transition. Well, the body was cut down because.
The new neighbour felt that it was no longer necessary and they want to put rocks and pools and object in his place.
We came with my group. I asked the galactic fairies to assist me in the consciousness of Mother Gaia, and we helped the tree with dignity to transition its spirit.
Because his body was cutting being cut down.
And I witnessed it.
And I can tell you, I will always remember.
What I saw and what I felt.

00:34:40 Luisa
So it it’s almost as.
If you know, as you said, we’re here in our humanness, we have a veil put upon us. We we don’t remember. We’re so separated. We don’t feel the connection. But you haven’t you have direct connection with your star seed origins.

00:34:56 Viviane Chauvet
Yes, because this is exactly why I came as a Acturian being.
The thing is.
That I have been on this planet a very end full-time of. I have very few incarnation on this planet. I only came at the most important historical timelines, meaning at the time where we found the earth was moving into the next level of very important evolution.
There’s a lot of karmic ties and I have no no need for. There’s a lot.
Non attachment that I have I will travel the world and recognise and feel certain place. I recognise them from a galactic perspective, not from a human perspective. I have been here just enough time to understand the functionality here. When I come from a civilizations where we are millions of years old.
We are very ancient. We have gone through our own evolution process a long time ago. We understand the value of life. We represent aspect of Prime Creator and this is what we do when we work with a multitude of other.
Units and delegations and councils, A multitude of them.
So my perspective on life is very, very different from that perspective. It’s an invitation for you to start to remembering to your for eye release, your destruction in the 3D mind. Come back here, connect to the bridge, the heart, and feel life around you.
Many people have experienced that our Blu and walls become liquid or just portal.
That’s because there’s nothing really super solid. It just appeared to be that way because it vibrate at a certain density. Otherwise nothing is truly solid as the appearance of it. Same thing with separation is the appearance of it and those veils. Louisa, I’ll tell you the one most important veil of all.
With the veil around the heart.
Numbing down our emotions so.
So that by fear of being hurt.
That’s a big number numbing.
Veiled and needs to be released, healed and resolved.
Because the when I just share to you when I share with you and all of you about the tree, the transitioning of this tree spirit that day.
That is cool. That would open your heart in a new ways.
To understand that you are we are together, steward and guardians.
Of a plan.
That that has such a level of presence the moment you start to connect with Gaia and feel her.
You understand exactly what we speak of.
She’s very hard to resist, actually.

00:37:45 Luisa
Thank you so much so.
You have obviously. Well, you’re.
An avatar do the Arcturians have any messages for the passion harvest audience?

00:37:55 Viviane Chauvet
We have been conveying worldly to the messages for our entire time today, but we’re simply going to add it is true time. Believe in yourself more than ever, release the generational hooks and social belief systems obligations, distraction, especially from the media.
Release or realise how much everything is shifting. Allow yourself to perceive higher truth beyond what is being put and shadow and power to your eyes.
Get to know who you are.
By the simple act of reading every day to your heart and reaffirm.
I choose to be of service.
Show me the way.
My heart. How can I support you?
My heart. What do you need?
And allowing your heart centred assist more than a spiritual cliche. Everyone this is a grand return. This is the gateway of your enlightenment. This is the gateway of your Ascension. This is the gateway of your grand return to finally understand. Really, truly who you are. And that will change.
Behavioural patterns towards each other.
On a cultural level.
On a planetary level.
That will change those whole behavioural patterns.

00:39:23 Luisa
Beautiful. Beautiful. Vivian, where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:39:28 Viviane Chauvet
Thank you for asking. My website called infinite healing from I do have a what’s called an essential library. A multitude of three meditation.
That you can listen to. You can even join us every month. Ioffer two free meditation per month, including a new series on the Rays of Creation. We just finished our universal principles, or universal laws meditation series. The universal laws are great tools to rediscover, relearn.
00:40:03 Speaker 1
Understand and apply in your life and see how it does for you.
All dimensions of your life and help you to return to be more of a cosmic citizen as opposed to a 3D linear being.

00:40:19 Luisa
Thank you for.
All the work you do, that’s amazing. And I will leave a link below in the show notes as.
Well on a.
Final note. Gosh, I I just love talking to you, but is there anything I haven’t asked you that you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience?

00:40:33 Viviane Chauvet
Well, indeed. Thank you so much, Louisa. We’re about to go on a about to lead or Co lead. Let’s say a beautiful, mystical journey in Egypt. I have been called and offered by the intergalactic delegations and my octane father.
To go to Egypt this year and to reactivate and realign certain many of the secret site, we want to also work to restrengthening and balance the oceanic grid on the planet through the Nile and doing a lot of important work, especially around these things and the reactivation of very old.
Ancient archives that will also be connecting to Uluru and Australia through the grids to the new interdimensional grids coming through. We are there to also help to heal and restore Africa.
To reconnect the north of Africa back to the continent and to reunify, to bring back unification to Africa, and never going to Greece, I’m going to be also in Santorini to help to clear restore.
And rebalance the Atlantean timelines. And of course we’re going to be at the beautiful Stargate Global gathering on the island of Kosh, where I’m going to be offering a workshop and going to be.
And then many people, there are thousands of people are going to be there. It’s going to be a global gathering on the island. It’s also on my website, under conference calendar and there’s a live stream and we’re about to help to ship the planet to the next level. And it’s an invitation to join us.

00:42:14 Luisa
Ohh, that sounds amazing. Well, I can’t wait to look at that. Well, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. I really appreciate your time.

00:42:23 Viviane Chauvet
It is such a joy to connect with you and no matter the time training, whether it’s two years, five years, 10 years, six months, you know that my door is always open to you. Luisa, thank you so much.

00:42:32 Luisa
Bye. Thank you so much. Bye. Bye. If you like to this episode, please do subscribe for weekly passionate, inspirational interviews.


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