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Woman DIES! What happens next is the MOST PROFOUND Near Death Experience (NDE) EVER! Sara Jayne

She had one of the most profound Near-Death Experiences I’ve heard!

Sara Jayne had an NDE where she experienced an incredibly detailed life review, met her lost loved ones, she calls the’ Welcoming Party’ and received powerful insights on time and space. Her life changed forever.

Sara Jayne is a cardiac imaging specialist with over 20 years’ experience in the medical field. Her career was cut short with the diagnosis of a life-threatening autoimmune disease, which ended her career and began another. After a decade-long fight for survival, Sara had a near-death experience which ignited a new passion beyond the anatomy of the human heart, to the anatomy of the soul.

After her NDE, Sara trained in mind-body medicine, meditation, and mindfulness-based stress reduction, which she now integrates into her work as the Founder and Director of Mindful Medics, an organisation dedicated to improving health and wellbeing of healthcare providers. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of The Autoimmune Project, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping support those living with autoimmune diseases.

Sara is now dedicated to sharing her story to help others connect with their soul guidance, and to uncover their life purpose and path.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Sara Jayne

00:01:00 Luisa
Sarah Jane, welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:01:16 Sara Jayne
Thank you very much. I’m really.
Happy to be here.

00:01:20 Luisa
You have a profound nudity experience, but first I’d just like to start.
With the just.
A background for the audience. I know you’ve you’ve had.
A many many.
Years in medicine and you were diagnosed with a severe autoimmune disease. If you don’t mind sharing that for the audience.

00:01:38 Sara Jayne
OK, so like the the Cliff notes, the compacted version, yes, I.

00:01:42 Luisa
Whatever suits you.

00:01:45 Sara Jayne
OK, so I yeah. So I’ve dedicated most of my life to my love of the heart. I worked in specialty cardiac imaging.
That was.
With I should say with my father, I trained and worked in his practise along his beside him and.
That was like the most fulfilling, rewarding role. And I did that for 20 years, peppered in amongst that. I had a few things that we kept saying. Ohh, that’s bad luck too. And probably in hindsight I now look back and go. They were warning signs that something wasn’t right.
The first was.
When I delivered my first second baby, I had what’s called a broad ligament hematoma, so I bled out internally, and then I actually had.
I was taken to surgery and had my first near death experience on the operating table delivering him and.
Do you want me to talk about that? Because.

00:03:03 Luisa
Sure. Yes, please.

00:03:03 Sara Jayne
It was not as consolidated as the second.
But I view.
00:03:07 Luisa
Just to briefly, if you don’t mind, thank you.
It now I view it now as like.
I think that happens to prepare me for the second one, even though it was many years before I was taken to surgery, I had. It had been hours.
Before it was.
Discovered and at the time, there weren’t many described cases in the literature. The surgeon did say he didn’t know what he could do to save me that he would try on. I was in immense pain on the operating table.
I was aware.
I had. I was above my body watching the operation.
The anaesthetist saying my blood pressure was crashing and the surgeon saying he couldn’t stem the brake bleeding. I was at the base of the bed on the right hand side above, near the operating light. When I say I, my consciousness was above watching.
The body down below, which was mine and.
I was aware of everything that was being said and where everyone was, and then I felt.
The energy or presence of my grandfather next to me and he just said it’s not your time you need.
To go back.
And I felt his love. And then the next thing I know, I was waking up in and post-op recovery ward and.
I did tell my surgeon and anaesthetist afterwards that I had observed myself dying on the table. I clinically died on the table and I told them what they were saying, where everyone was and they both.
Collaborated with what I was saying. They agreed with. They had said a joke before things went South and I was aware of that.
And yeah, so that was my first near death experience. The reason I think I didn’t I I talked to them about it. I think the reason I didn’t really.
Think about it much after that I was very sick. After that I had a lot of cardiac complications. I had my first episode of Heart inflammation, which we again went. That’s bad luck. So the hematoma, the pericarditis, the.
I couldn’t sit up for two months after it. I kept passing out cause I’d lost so much blood. I couldn’t have a blood transfusion because of the inflammation of my heart. So I was really quite sick afterwards and just trying to get back to health and I just went back to work and.
I didn’t really.
Think about it. I don’t know. I I look back now and I’m like, that’s weird. I probably should have gone on, you know, I existed out of my body and but I.
Just went back to life and went back to work.
I had a few episodes of.
Inflammation of my heart. Over the next couple of years.
I was told not to get pregnant again and that I would not survive fertility assisted pregnancies. We all thought, well, that’s not going to be a problem.
But I fell pregnant again 3 1/2 years later.
And when I delivered that baby I had.
A stroke and.
That was another thing.
You know, we all put down too bad luck.
So I won’t go into that too much, but it was a stroke on the left side of my body which affected my speech. I had to learn trying to talk again and walk again and all those fun things post stroke.
We just, I just kept everything that happened.
I just kept getting back up and going again.
But when I turn 40.
I just started.
Getting really, really.
Exhausted, started experiencing brain fog, started all my joints started hurting and that was the beginning of.
The presentation of a rare autoimmune condition, which was saw me like over 4 to 8 weeks. I slowly started getting worse and worse and worse and saw me in hospital.
With complete start in organ failure and heart failure and initially the disease.
Autoimmune disease.
You how I would explain it is it picks an organ in systemic cases that and it just doesn’t recognise it anymore. So it could be blood cells that doesn’t recognise your own blood cells. For me it was my heart. So it was like having a heart transplant and you had to have an anti rejection therapy. So you didn’t reject your own heart.
That’s what I was commenced on.
It took about six months to get the diagnosis. I was in a cardiac ward in hospital and really sick. I couldn’t walk with arthritis.
And that started a 10 year.
Thought where?
It not only attacked my heart, my disease started attacking my brain as well, so I had.
8 episodes of meningitis over 10 years and I was in heart failure I couldn’t have.
Stem cell treatment because I had a heart attack, so I had lots of life threatening experiences over 10 years.
And ultimately.
Failed every treatment that was available and.
Got to the point where in the last year.
I don’t know. I say last year cause I still have some symptoms that I’m not in a full flare, but in that final year before my NDER.
I had failed everything available and was.
Commenced on aggressive chemotherapy and the highest dose that you could.
Have every week.
Kept me going, but I was not really going. I was really sick. I didn’t live. I just existed anyway.
Ultimately that failed.
And when a treatment fails for me, it’s me developing meningitis, heart failure, fluid around the heart, inflamed myocardium. And that’s how it presented like it had every other time. So we knew it had failed. And I’m in hospital.
Trying to survive.
That The thing is, what do we do? So we were waiting for approval to use an experimental treatment.
Which was proving hard to get approved because it was experimental.
And I was stabilised using a treatment that we.
Had had some success, which was very high. Doses of Methylprednisolone pulsed into your body, which is dangerous in itself, but it’s.
The necessary evil I had that and I was stabilised. I was in heart failure, but I was.
A loud home.
Because there was not much else that could be done while we waited for this other drug and I had three children at home and I was in a Sydney.
Hospital and I.
By this point, after 10 years of being pretty much in hospital, a lot, I wanted to be home. I was allowed home to wait.
And that was.
When my second ND happened.
The treatment that I was on in hospital had stabilised me but was starting to wear off, meaning the inflammation in my brain was.
Coming back again so encephalon meningitis I.
Was in like excruciating pain and my heart function was so low that I couldn’t really do anything other than breathe, like I couldn’t care for myself. But I was there and the kids could come home from school and sit on my bed, and I couldn’t really interact that much with them, but.
I was there to hear them, to see them, to hug them.
So on the day of my NDA.
That’s how I was pretty much living. Breath to breath. I could have been in hospital but.
I didn’t see the point. They couldn’t do anything else.
I woke up.
Knowing that it was going to be my last day and I can’t even tell anyone now how I knew I’d.
I just knew I I woke up with a knowing.
That this was.
My last day, and I wouldn’t be here tomorrow.
I wasn’t distressed about it because I was pretty.
Sick and exhausted and.
I knew there was not much else we could do, and let’s try and get this new experimental treatment.
My husband.
Brought the children home and they just did what they usually do. Sat on my bed doing their homework, chatting.
Chatting to me.
I was probably quite a.
Comedic scene because when you have meningitis you can’t handle white so.
I lived in dark.
Big Dark Hollywood style sunglasses and I had no hair from chemo, so I had a big scarf around my head to.
Keep me warm.
And I looked back at like, I think we got one photo from that time and I was like, if I had any idea what I it’s just like, it’s quite funny. It’s like a desperate Hollywood star.
Looking really funny, but anyway I looked quite comedic in the bed. My children.
I remember really drinking them in. I I mean I I used to do that anyway because life had been quite.
Touch and go with a heart attack and other experiences, but I do remember being very.
Very aware that I was just drinking in every.
Trying to through the pain, the pain of the meningitis and trying to just drink in every moment.
Of being with my babies and.
They went to bed.
Probably 839 o’clock. They were still young.
When my husband came in to check on me, he asked if I was OK and.
I mean, like, I was just OK.
As you could.
Be I just said, yeah.
And I said.
I need you to know that I love you.
And I need you to know that this is my last day. I’m not going to be here tomorrow.
And look in saying that now people say to me, why would you not have gone to the hospital and that is what he said to me. Well, if you think that.
We should go back to the hospital.
I just. I didn’t want to die in hospital. I wanted to be in my bed and.
I guess I.
Had spent so much time in hospital and I knew what could they do.
And anyway, so I convinced him we had a little pact. I said OK and he he did say, look, you’ve been sick like this before. You always fight. You always come through.
And just being my cheerleader and.
So we made a pact and I said, yeah, you’re right. I just feel sick. It’s OK.
If I still feel like this in the morning, we’ll go to emergency and emergency for, for me, couldn’t be the country, country hospital. It had to be a City Hospital so that they were equipped to deal with me.
And he I know he tried to stay awake watching me, but he fell asleep as you two. You can’t beat that overpowering and.
I was aware of my body.
Shutting down and the only way I can explain that is I was conscious of.
Breathing became harder.
And I was conscious of it, sort of like if you went around the house turning the light switches off.
It felt like that in my body, it felt like all the light switches were being someone was going round and turning all the lights.
Switches off and.
I mean, I was anyone who’s had meningitis would probably understand I was in so much pain. I’d actually begged my husband, like, cut my head off. I can’t do this anymore. It’s just so painful. It was just I was in so much pain.
And I could feel my.
And look at this time a point in my life.
I didn’t even know the word soul. I didn’t know the word.
Consciousness or energy? I didn’t talk like that. I talked in medical, scientific terms of what the body was.
Going through.
And that’s how my body was probably registering what was going on or in medical terms, not.
My energy is leaving my body, but I was aware that it felt like my energy was.
Leaving my body and how I can say it? Is it left through my feet?
I was aware that my energy or my.
Consciousness or awareness? I I was aware that I was.
Up at the ceiling.
Height looking down at my body.
I wasn’t distressed.
I was actually the moments before I left my body. The pain had been taken, had gone, had just.
I remember the moments before feeling.
At peace and the pain had dissolved. I remember being aware that the pains just gone.
And I felt at peace.
And then my.
Energy left to my body, so I was not distressed. I was.
At Peace, I was observing my body.
And I was thinking, which is a weird thing to say because I no longer had a mind or brain to think, but.
I was thinking thoughts.
Looking at the body.
I think the first thing.
I think the first thing that I thought was that’s weird. That doesn’t look like me.
And I think in retrospect now, looking back, I think when your energy leads your body, you don’t look like you anymore.
I didn’t feel attached to my body. I actually felt quite detached.
And I’ve heard a lot of compassion. I remember feeling sending compassion to that body that had been through so much suffering. I remember sending compassion.
The other thing.
That I was very aware of was that.
I felt like me.
Completely like me, like the whole me, my like I had still had a body like a.
I guess I would call it a phantom body. Like if you amputate A limb, an amputee would.
So they can still feel their limb. They can feel phantom pain, and they still feel.
Maybe it’s a hangover from having that body for that life, but I.
Even though I wasn’t in a body, I felt like I.
Was me exactly.
How I was.
In my human jumpsuit and even down to.
How I feel like my personality and my characteristics, and I’m a curious and inquisitive.
Them, and that’s sort of how I was, I was curious, I was curious that I was aware I was.
Like now I’m thinking like.
It was no different to being in the body, only I wasn’t. So it’s just like.
Same me. I was just me.
I was then aware of.
I’d like to.
Say the word pulling, but it wasn’t a pulling.
It was like an anti gravity.
Pulling me through the ceiling which left like there was no ceiling to go through anymore, but pulling me.
And even then, I feel resistant to say up because.
00:20:44 Sara Jayne
I feel like.
There’s not an up or a down or.
A sideways it was just.
A transition from this dimension to the other one.
Without wanting to give it direction.
But it was an anti gravity pull towards what I was then.
Aware of of this?
Magnificent bright white light.
That was.
Emanating everywhere and.
Had no sauce to look for a sauce. It was just.
00:21:32 Sara Jayne
It was the most.
Beautiful love. That’s the only way I can describe it was.
I knew the light was love.
I knew it had.
It I knew it.
Was consciousness, I.
Knew it was where I had come from. I knew.
It was part of me. I knew it was where I returned to.
And I knew.
It was the foundation.
Of everything I I just I.
I had not like it’s like I know I I know this without even thinking about it.
But it but the light was love.
It was just love.
And it.
More powerful than anything I’ve felt.
On Earth, in my human life.
It was unconditional.
This unconditional, non judgmental, beautiful love that loved me.
And I was.
Was really.
I I guess I would say that.
Conscious thought was that’s God.
That light is God, but that light is love. God is love. I I guess that’s what I was aware of.
At that point, it was just that awareness that oh.
Yeah, like when I was little, I was told God is love. Ohh. And then it hit me. Ohh God is it’s love. Love is the foundation of consciousness. It’s what created me. It’s the foundation of everything.
Love and.
There must be just the most beautiful, most magnificent.
Love. I don’t know how to give it any more language than that.
I was aware.
And I can’t even give it time. It’s like.
Time. I can’t tell you how long I existed in this.
Above watching my body or in any.
Part of my NDA time.
Dissolved, sort of like my pain dissolved like.
I wasn’t experiencing any.
Definition between me.
And anything else. So like my physicalness sort of dissolved everything, sort of.
Dissolved so that there’s no time. There’s no physical boundary of.
Made to anything else.
It’s sort of that’s the only way I can explain. It dissolves a funny term, but that’s all I can come up with. I feel quite limited with words. I feel like I need a new dictionary. I have a whole lot of new words to try and explain and experience that.
We don’t have the language to explain and I wish I did. I wish I had.
A whole new book of words to.
Try and eliminate.
What the experience was like for me.
The next.
Pot with.
The so in the light.
That the awareness and presence of beings like.
Aware of.
And then.
The awareness of knowing things that.
You just have a knowing like I know they’re my guides.
These are guides that I’ve known forever that have been with me in every incarnation and that are guiding me through each incarnation.
I was.
Telepathically and no words. There was telepathic communication.
From there seem to be.
A more prominent or league guide, and that’s probably an inaccurate way of describing it.
More of a presence.
And I knew it was that my master guide. And then there were two other guides.
That I also recognised as guides from every lifetime.
The communication was a review like there’s a review of the life that I’ve just lived.
Now I’d like to say a screen appeared.
But as with all things in this experience.
Like saying a room or a door.
It’s not like a physical room or a physical door, but.
An energetic representation of so I will, I will say a screen.
Where I.
Not only viewed.
But I experienced scenes I viewed, experienced and reviewed.
Scenes from the life.
And not just from my perspective, but from the perspective of others that were in that.
Seeing seeing it was a weird way to.
Talk about life, but.
That what I was viewing or partaking in.
And how I viewed it was through feeling.
Not only how I felt.
But how the other person felt?
And if.
I had said or done something that had.
A positive effect.
Then I would feel the effect of my words or my actions that the other person was experiencing.
But I was also aware of.
How that rippled out?
In their life and the ripple effect.
On many others.
On the other hand, if I had said or done something that had.
And negative effects like pain or suffering to another.
I experienced that as well.
The negative impact they that may have had on going.
To others.
It was.
I felt experience.
Of my life.
But of everyone that was in my.
Life. And so how I had impacted.
And it has.
It’s it’s like it’s had a huge impact on me now coming back knowing that. But I think the other thing that I was aware of in that experience was.
The intent.
Held within me behind what I was saying or doing.
The intent of it.
Was what was reviewed or what was felt, so it’s intention how we.
The intention with which we put into our words and our actions are actually really important, but they’re really important. The intent is important.
Into how it interacts with.
Consciousness with what we create, like what we’re creating, the reality we’re creating for our life and others.
And I hadn’t really given that thought while I was alive. I don’t think I actually. I actually feel like I didn’t give much thought, but I didn’t give that any thought while I was alive.
About my intents.
I do now so.
I’m not able to say what how long that took it could have taken 30.
Years it like it.
Could have taken.
100 years it.
Seemed to take a long time, but it.
Was it may have been minutes. Seconds. I don’t know. There’s no time continuum.
When that ended.
I was then aware of.
The guides seem to recede. Their presence seemed to just.
Recede a bit.
And it’s hard to talk about space in like a dimension that’s not defined by space. Really. They seemed to recede, and then I was aware of my father’s.
Energy. But his presence, and he had passed.
A few months prior, when I March, this was no end of November. He had passed and.
He was communicating telepathically. We weren’t talking.
His love for me and.
I was so happy to see him.
He was communicating and he looked. He looked so different. He he passed when he was 92 and he looked like he did when he was.
Big curl hair, like robust, physically.
Fit healthy.
In his suit with his stethoscope around his neck, how he always looked.
And he just looked young and healthy and he communicated.
That he knew what I’d been through.
And that he was proud of my fight.
He held out his hands like you would you know, when you have little kids, you hold out your hands to.
Beckon them to come.
And then he communicated Sary Fairy to me, which was what he called me when I was a young girl.
Turned his head towards the right, so his.
Awareness. He directed his awareness to the right and off to the side, and I followed.
He sort of like energetically. I knew to follow his awareness, to look in, to look through my awareness. I don’t have eyes. I don’t. I’m looking through awareness, I guess that’s.
The only way to describe it, you don’t have a mind to think, but you have consciousness that is.
Aware and you are looking through the lens of your soul, I guess through your awareness.
I was looking in that and I was actually curious because.
I was aware of.
What I was placing my awareness on.
Seem to unfold and expand infinitely.
And I don’t know how to explain.
The expansion of consciousness, I guess that’s the unfolding and expansion of it was like.
I remember watching when I was a young girl, the Scottish Moors and the fog rolling over the Scottish Moors. That’s the only metaphor that I can sort of.
Liken it to.
Is just the.
Unfolding of consciousness. And I knew that’s what I was watching, and I knew that.
What I placed my awareness on?
That’s how it interacted with consciousness, and that’s what happened. Your awareness.
Is a powerful tool.
Because that’s what happens and I I guess that’s what happens here in physical form. What we put our awareness on.
Expands or becomes your reality and unfolds.
I was looking at looking at that and.
I guess the.
Communication was more like not like a lesson about it, but I think it was more like, I guess my impression was.
I’d like to say how cool is that? Like he was always. He was my mentor through medicine and he was he sort of like.
Look at.
That and I.
Remember thinking like thinking, being aware of that.
And then.
It seemed like that my guides.
Moved back into presence to my awareness, and my father receded again and it was communicated that.
I had to. We were going into.
A brain.
It’s not a room, but it.
There was a doorway, but there wasn’t a doorway. There was.
A distinction between places where I went from this to the other, and they were very distinct different areas and this when I passed through.
A doorway.
It was like a.
A chamber that was.
Semicircular curved. But there was no physical, it’s.
It’s almost like I I.
If I had to describe it in physical form, it was like a curved.
Room that was a chamber, and it was. But there wasn’t any.
Physical representation of that, but I knew it had a defined.
Curvature to.
But and that it was a safe place.
And that my guides communicated to me was like.
A healing room.
I get. I guess I call it a healing chamber.
Through the telepathic communication I was directed to the centre of this healing space and then I was aware of three other beings. If so, if I I.
I like to say I lay down and I I know it’s weird saying I walked or I lay down when I didn’t really have a physical body, but I had a.
Presence or essence that could lie down my lie down and head and toe feet. And so I lay down and my master guide was at by the head and then my 2.
Other guides were beside me about here, and then the other three beings.
Were at the base of my feet and then to the sides of me, and they so they were a circle around me.
And I was communicated that I would be having a healing from all that my soul had been through.
In the physical human life.
It was a by it was vibrational.
It was.
Like a like a, like a vibrational hum.
That they all.
Were emitting even though they weren’t speaking or there wasn’t.
Noise coming from a mouth. It was a vibrational frequency that I can only liken to sort of like a a hum that was held within the space.
That went through me.
Like through me?
And felt like.
And like warm liquid like.
The heat, the healing.
I don’t know how long I was.
In that space for.
At the end of the healing, it was communicated to me.
That I was to.
Go back out to the entrance and when I went out, my father was there and.
He did play quite a significant role in my NDE. I I.
I didn’t. I didn’t know what ND’s were, and I didn’t.
Really know anything about them? But I know everyone has it. Now I understand everyone has a different experience and that was mine.
He was waiting for me and he.
Motioned to me that we were to go off in another and I don’t want to say direction, but I guess that’s the only way I can use it in human terms.
To go off.
Into another direction, and when he looked, and I followed his gaze where he was looking like with his telepathy communication, it was that I was to follow him and we both moved in that direction together. And what?
Within that direction was.
I had ever known and loved in my lifetime who had passed and.
They will wind up either side of when I got up to them on either side and one side was.
All my father’s parents, like his parents, who I had never met, my grandparents and all of his sort of lineage from the human incarnation and my.
Mother’s side was on the right hand side was my grandparents and all of her side. And then after that was dear friends and.
That everyone that had I had love for in my heart, they were all there and it was like.
A party atmosphere like a.
Like a part like a like a really lovely Christmas lunch where everyone comes and everyone’s happy to see. Everyone’s like, come in, come and have some food or that sort of energy was happy and.
Send everyone vibrating. So much. Love to me like and me back like this. The love that was held there.
Just all welcome. It was like welcoming me.
Like into a party.
And I.
Was progressing closer and closer.
With my father beside moving and progressing and then.
And just.
Like happy to see everyone. I wasn’t giving any thought to the life I’d left behind.
I was.
Wasn’t in what was happening. I didn’t. I was not.
There was nothing that was going through me about what I had just left.
And the reason I say that is because.
As I progressed further.
It was like an.
Energetic shock that just stopped me.
And I I just literally stopped and.
Was aware that.
If I stepped.
Over they stepped but.
00:41:53 Sara Jayne
If I stepped over a threshold so like a threshold to a door, and there wasn’t a threshold, but there was an energetic threshold.
I knew if I stepped over that.
I wouldn’t be going back.
Which you know now, when I think about it, I wasn’t even thinking about.
I go back or anything, but I I all of a sudden that knowing hit me. It was like it just hit me and I turned to my father and telepathically I communicated.
If I go on to, does that mean I don’t go back and he’s? He nodded and communicated to me that that’s right. If you go over, if you go past this point.
You have a.
Choice now, but if you go past that point, you don’t go back. There’s no choice, but you get a choice now.
You can stay here with me and we can go on.
And you can be.
Free of pain, healthy and live like free. I think free of pain was the main thing that struck me because I had had so much pain but free of.
Pain and healthy and it’s all OK.
Or you can go back.
To your body to that life. But you return to yours. You return to being sick and you return to.
Quite, you know, challenges ahead of you with your illness and pain. And you go back to that.
No choice is wrong. There’s no there was no judgement.
It was. There was nothing that was communicated that.
Either one was wrong.
But in the instant that it was communicated.
I was.
No, I and I hadn’t been thinking about it, but it was like instantly.
No, I I my love for my children. Just I I I’m not. No, I I want to go back. I want to be back with my children and.
It was pretty much as soon as that choice was made.
I felt myself.
Like falling, like just falling and free like a free fall back to my body.
While that was happening.
Like I can’t give it a time that while that fall was happening, which was instant at the moment, I said no, I don’t wanna. I wanna go back. I don’t wanna stay.
It was like I had a.
Plug and I plugged into.
Consciousness or and as I was falling, I was aware of.
Downloading things that I had been thinking about like time and space and energy and how that works and past lives and.
Just information downloading quickly as I was coming back to my body.
And then.
I was aware.
In getting in like getting into my.
Body it was.
Dense and heavy and hard and.
That was the.
Only time I.
Was aware that.
When I was not in my body, it was a lot lighter and not dense and free and expansive. I wasn’t aware of that contrast until I was.
Back in.
Trying to fit in my body trying to like, I felt very. I felt like I’d put on jeans that I’d put in the dryer like way too tight like this, who shrunk my jeans like I was.
It was tight and it was.
Just felt on that was the feeling that I remember feeling. And then.
But I do.
The the You’re not. I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t breathing. Obviously, I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking about it, but I was aware.
Of trying to get air into my like trying to breathe trying to get air into my lungs and that woke my husband up and because he was asleep next to me like my trying to breathe and.
It was like an instant thing where his hand went over and just grabbed my pulse and he was, I guess he’s a medically trained that.
Was always his.
I guess his instant thing to do when he felt I was crashing or something was to feel. Do I have a pulse? Is it?
Thready. What’s?
And he was saying, are you OK? Are you OK? And I was.
I’m back.
And I’m back in my body and I’m.
Back in my life and.
I could have been gone for 100 years, or I could.
Have been gone for.
10 minutes it there was no.
Sense of how long I had been gone for.
But I was.
Back in my body and I was back in.
Immense pain and.
How I was before I left really sick and.
Needless to say, I was taken to hospital and.
Managed to get the experimental treatment, managed to get it into me and.
And it rescued the experimental treatment that.
I was able to have.
Was, UM.
An infusion that was, you know, like day zero, day, five day. It was infused in oncology over months.
That it rescued me and pretty much has got me into remission. I’ve now been in remission.
Four years, which is.
That I never thought, but I.
I knew I don’t. I knew when I came back that I.
Would be well again I I even.
While I was having all the treatment, I never doubted that.
I would get back to this. The person that can run kilometres and swim and think and.
Talk and have a coherent thought process and not be in pain and.
My heart functions back to normal and.
Pretty much living.
Normal life now and.
But a very different one.
Very different one that’s.
Been very much informed by what I experienced.
I have tried to.
I really didn’t talk about it much when I.
Came back. I know that’s a weird thing to say. When I came back.
Always thought medical colleagues would say what they always say. No.
When you die, you die, and that’s it. Your physical body dies and lights out. That’s what I was trained. And that’s what a lot.
Bye. So I kept it.
To myself.
00:49:48 Sara Jayne
Until I told a friend and.
I gave myself.
The space.
To sit with it all and let the insights and knowledge.
My limited brain software that the human brain is.
Took time to really.
Really think about all that.
I experienced and actually what it means like.
We exist with the, you know we exist beyond this and.
They’re all.
One part of 1 consciousness. We’re all individual aspects of it, but we’re all connected.
The main.
The main thing I’ve come back.
Where there’s we’re all just love. We’re all. It’s really simple. We’re all.
Or individual aspects of love.
And we all express ourselves in so many beautiful, different ways. But at the foundation.
We’re all here.
To be love for each other and be love, not a verb, be it be just to be love, to express love, to be, whatever our purpose is, do it.
In service of others and with love as your intent, my your intent is to be love in.
Everything every.
Me. It’s it’s like, I mean, I’m human, like, we’re all human. We all fall off a little bit. We all have challenging experiences where.
It may be a little bit hard to turn to love as our intent.
But I think we’re given.
Opportunities in life.
To help us remember who we are and remember what we are and remember where we came from and what.
We’re here to be.
And I think those opportunities sometimes turn up as an illness or as loss.
They are perceived as challenges or suffering or pain.
That they’re.
Portals to opportunity to remembering.
What our true essence is, and I think.
I have a very different perspective of what.
The decade or a little bit more?
Preceding my NDA was and.
I don’t call it suffering and I don’t call it. I look at it all now as.
Really lovely. Lots of lovely opportunities to.
Remember that.
I’m love and I’m compassion and.
I try very hard now and that’s why I’ve actually made a necklace and what I have inscribed on it.
What would love do?
And in those challenging moments, I now hold it and.
Every question I now answer with that question.
What? What would love do here? What would love say? How would love turn up?
How would it have me act and?
How how would love have me be in this moment? And I try very hard to anchor into that all the time now.
I guess that’s my main.
My main intent, because I understand my intent’s important and next life review. I want to see what my intent was in each moment to do that.
00:53:41 Luisa
Sarah, that was that was so beautiful and amazing and it is really hard to put into words. But you did a great job of it. I don’t even have any questions. Kind of kept answering all of my questions. Wow.
Thank you so much for sharing that honestly and openly and so brave.
I guess.
My big question is you’re doing some incredible work. Where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:54:10 Sara Jayne
I’m trying very hard to put together I’ve.
I’ve got a a, a few things that I’m working on, but for as far as I’m trying to step into I I I haven’t really stepped into my role of what I.
How I want to share?
This story and.
How I want to share insights and.
What? You know what we can do with what we can learn from ND and.
I am. I’m going to try and put workshops together. I am writing in the process of writing two books and so I’ve.
Got a website that’s being built at the moment under my name, which is Sarah Jane. That website dot AU. It is construction at the moment. It will be up and running soon so it will showcase.
The offerings that I’m going to start putting out there online and in person work.
Also, there’s soul to soul conversations, which is a podcast I’m about to start doing. All the social media for. Soul to Soul is on Instagram and Facebook and and my charity, the autoimmune project.
That’s on Instagram and Facebook, so you can always contact me through those things and hopefully when my website is up and running and I’ll have the Instagram running alongside that.
And yeah, I’d like to try and consolidate a little bit of sole work now I.
I have been felt.
Really challenged with how do I?
Apart from healing, how do I how do I step into what I know I’m here to do?
I am aware that my purpose now is a little bit different to before it was I’m I’m always a healer. I know that I always step into a healing role in every lifetime. It’s a little bit different each time and while.
Prior to my NDEI was healing and my love for the heart was right. You know I love. I love the.
Heart. I just.
I loved diagnosing. I loved working with the heart. Now I’m.
I’m not abandoning that. I’m just understanding.
The role of the heart.
As a communicator from the soul through to the body and how the soul.
Communicates via the heart through our somatic experiences.
To give us.
Feelings within ourselves. Our tummy. I’m. I think we can. All TuneIn to our soul and get guidance and help direct us for our meaning and our purpose on an individual level. I’d like to walk like work towards that a little bit more. So that’s what I’m working on at the moment.

00:57:14 Luisa
How I can wonderful and I will. I will leave a link below in the show notes for people to connect with you.
Gosh, I’m just thinking about your experiences so detailed and so beautiful. Thank you so much. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience? On a final note?

00:57:20 Sara Jayne
Wonderful. Thank you.
Live your life with passion, but with your soul, with your soul. Like connect with your soul and it it really does, and it it infuses our passion. I I I feel like if we tap in and listen, our passions are soul directed, like what we become so passionate about.
Our curiosity leads to that.
But that’s like the knowledge of your soul guiding you, isn’t it? It’s just.
I just. I feel like we can dampen down being passionate about things in life and now I’m like no ramp up. Let’s do it. Let’s do it all with so much passion. Like if you even just walking on the beach and feeling the water, it’s just everything’s amazing. Like when you can’t do it.
And then you’re able to do it.
Just being aware, awareness is your tool. It’s like awareness is a really important tool and having awareness of your awareness is something that I think if we all could.
Master that a little bit better and be able to direct your awareness. Like I said in.
The other dimension I understood awareness was really important in what unfolds and expands in your in that dimension. It’s the same here. Your awareness is very powerful.
And I think there’s.
Just a few little tools.
That we can use to infuse our lives. Make them.
Like you say, just full of passion and joy and love. My last word is just everyone be love, everyone just let’s just all be love.

00:59:10 Luisa
It’s all about love.

00:59:12 Sara Jayne
Yeah, it’s simple. It’s really simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated. And yeah, just let that be our intention.
So I don’t know, I feel like.

00:59:21 Luisa
Thank you. That was beautiful and a great way to end the show. Sarah, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. Really, really amazing.

00:59:28 Sara Jayne
My my pleasure. I really enjoyed being with you and thank you very much. I feel really privileged to be able to come on and talk with.

00:59:35 Luisa
You. Thank you. I’m. I feel privileged. You’ve come on so thanks so.
Much bye bye.


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