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UNCOVERED: Evidence of HIDDEN KNOWLEDGE GOD & Source DIRECT LINK to Quantum Physics | Joseph Selbie

Do you live with one foot in Heaven?

If we are, one with God in our divine Self, why don’t we know it?

Joseph Selbie explores the Physics of God and the dynamic relationship of our dual existence between our local physical body and our nonlocal energy body and offers insights on how to achieve life-changing, extraordinary states of Superconscious awareness. He is the author of Break Through the Limits of the Brain.

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Joseph Selbie enjoys making the complex and obscure simple and clear. He is the author of Break Through the Limits of the Brain, how neuroscience supports spiritual experienceThe Physics of God, a unification of science and religion, and The Yugas, a factual look at India’s tradition of cyclical history. He is known for creating bridges of understanding between the modern evidenced-based discoveries of science and the timeless experience-based discoveries of the mystics. A dedicated Kriya yoga meditator for over fifty years, he has taught yoga, meditation, and universal experiential spirituality throughout the US and Europe. In 2022, Joseph was nominated for Trailblazer of the Decade, by the OmTimes Magazine.

Joseph is an active speaker, teacher, and conference presenter. He has been interviewed on Deepak Chopra’s The Chopra Well, Regina Meredith’s Open Minds on Gaia, Rick Archer’s Buddha at the Gas Pump, George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM, Sandie Sedgebeer’s What’s Going OM, David Larimer’s Science and Medical Network, Alex Ferrari’s Next Level Soul, and scores of other programs. He is a frequent speaker at the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge, as well as at Yogananda Fests, and hosted conferences on the yugas and The Science Behind Meditation with Amit Goswami. Joseph appeared in the movie, Finding Happiness, starring Elizabeth Rohm.

In 1975 Joseph became a founding member of Ananda, a spiritual community and movement inspired by the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi. His role as teacher and minister, and decades of study under Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Yogananda, gave him a deep dive into Eastern philosophy, meditation, and comparative religion. Joseph is also a critical thinker grounded in science having studied physics, chemistry, and microbiology at the University of Colorado.  His presentations, classes, articles, and books always blend science and spirituality.

Now retired, Joseph was a founder and the CEO of Tristream, an early pioneer in experience design for the web. He collaborated with Jakob Nielsen, the thought leader in experience design, to write Best Team Practices for Web Application Design and spoke at many Nielsen-Norman Group conferences in the United States and Europe. Tristream clients included Cisco, Logitech, Ariba/SAP, Manpower, Tektronix, and Wells Fargo.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Joseph Selbie

00:01:13 Luisa
Joseph Selbie, welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:01:22 Joseph Selbie
My pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me.

00:01:25 Luisa
I absolutely I’ve just finished your book. I absolutely love it. Break through the limits of the brain and I’ve got so I’ve. I’ve got too many questions for you. But I’d love to start with. I just love how you talk about. We have one foot on Earth and one foot in heaven. What does that mean?

00:01:45 Joseph Selbie
Well, that I think is one of the more profound things that.
Spiritual teachings and scientific teachings tell us.
We are.
Existing within two bodies.
And these two bodies are seamlessly interconnected.
But one is our physical body and the other is what’s known as our astral body, or in scientific terms.
One is a body made of atoms and molecules and the other is a body made of pure energy.
And in scientific terms, that physical body is local.
And the energy body is non local.
And this may if it’s your first introduction to this concept, this may seem pretty strange that we would have these two bodies at once, so to speak.
According to science.
If we did not have.
The non local pure energy sort of counterpart to our.
Physical body made of atoms and molecules.
The physical body couldn’t exist. It depends on this.
Foundation of energy.
And this is echoed in spiritual teachings that.
What is often called the the astral body.
Or the energy body.
Or subtle body.
The foundation for the physical body in spiritual teachings as well, so this is one of the.
For me, very pleasing. One of the great intersections of physics science in general and spiritual teachings.

00:03:52 Luisa
I just wanted to read this quote from the book.
That kind of answers my questions. Most of us by late childhood have unintentionally rendered ourselves neutrally blind to everything except what the senses reveal the physical. So why? Why do we detach ourselves from our divine self?

00:04:13 Joseph Selbie
It’s a great question and it’s really the heart of the book breakthrough. The limits of the brain.
Our brain is.
A a good friend and a good enemy. It can be helpful to us, and it can be detrimental to us because.
The brain is a sense in a sense, neutral to whatever we want to use it for, so we can use the brain and by using it I mean we can programme it to do certain things.
More easily for us than if we had no neural support. So this starts when we’re.
Tiny starts in the womb. It starts when we.
First try to use our physical bodies when we’re infants.
We struggle when we’re infants to use the physical body. We don’t have the neural.
Sets. We don’t have the neural programming in place that makes moving hands, arms, feet, walking, talking.
But every time we do something, and if we do it several times, some.
Studies indicate it can be as few as five or six times.
The brain will create a a network of neurons.
Make that action easier and so we don’t have to concentrate on moving our hand or moving our arms. Certainly as adults, we don’t even think about it, but as a child that was a big deal, right? Just being able to get your hand to grab that ball and grasp that ball.
That was triumph because.
You didn’t have the neural programming in place that would just enable you to do that easily and without thought.
But that became the foundation for us to create.
Literally millions.
Neural circuits, neural networks that support everything from.
Actions physical movement to emotional response to triggering thoughts. All of that complexity is in our brain.
And it’s not that the thoughts.
Are in the brain.
Or that the emotions are in the brain.
By creating a neural net, a neural circuit in your brain.
You can make.
Accessing that emotion.
A. A habit you can make accessing those thoughts a habit.
This also is true of perception.
So we.
Perceive the world now that we’re adults.
As a.
You know collection of physical objects.
And it is obvious to us, because our senses are bringing that into the brain and then the brain is interpreting what they are. And part of that interpretation is what we call the minds eye view that.
We have a picture of reality that is created for us by the brain.
And as we get older.
The minds eye view becomes.
Better, clearer, but it also becomes.
Firmer, it becomes more.
Sort of absolute what we experience because we’ve simultaneously with firming up our our minds eye view and all these other things I’ve been talking about.
By creating neural circuits, we make our response to the world around us.
More and more habitual and stronger and stronger.
To the point where, as most of us as adults.
When we.
Gaze through the senses of the world around us. We see.
The world of the mind’s eye view and nothing else.
But this wasn’t necessarily true when we were.
Infants or even toddlers. There are many, many stories about young children.
Seeing angels of young children seeing auras of light around people of young children seeing other people, a lot of psychic children.
Don’t realise that what they’re seeing is not what their adult parents are seeing.
Until they’re, you know, far older. But in their young childhood, they see other other people within that same world that most of us.
Normally see nothing but the background of of the physical world.
This ability that we have.
That is there when we’re children, not all of us exercise that ability. I have no memories of.
You know, seeing other people or seeing auras around people or seeing angels.
But we all have that ability.
To do that.
We just.
So much crowded out and that’s what I mean by we tend to make ourselves morally blind to those more subtle realities by creating more and more.
Neural circuits that automatically.
Draw us into habits of perception, of thought, of emotion and of course of, you know, physical ability.
There’s nothing permanent about that.
If we decide we want to.
Proceed more subtly if we want to perceive subtle spiritual realities. If we want to perceive our subtle body.
We can do so.
But we’ll be fighting at this point against all this other neural linkages that we’ve created.
That tend to pull us away from that kind of perception. So we have to rebuild our perception. It’s possible. It’s just more difficult when we get older with our when we’re children, it’s more natural.

00:11:41 Luisa
Gosh and and and this is also about rewiring the you know, the the, the subconscious super potential. But we take our our our local body, our humanness, the reality of what we perceive so seriously. As you mentioned, thoughts, emotions, memories and habits.
It’s it’s challenging and the suffering in our humanness can be so real and so overwhelming. What’s your advice to?
Move through this.

00:12:15 Joseph Selbie
Well, the number one.
Advice ioffer to.
Anyone and everyone who will listen is to develop a practise of meditation in your life.
People have many different reactions to meditation.
It can be practised in many forms and in many ways, but then the core of it is.
By becoming mentally and physically.
Or as still as you can.
You begin to perceive things.
That are not being offered up to you by your habitual neural circuits.
Neural circuits respond to.
Action. They respond to us initiating things of of.
Moving forward in our life in a way that you know is very familiar to all.
And as long as we are doing that, all these circuits are just going to keep firing and they’re going to keep providing us the experiences that they’ve they have been and and that we trained them to do. So we need to step back from that.
To experience spirit to experience inner peace, to experience.
Mental tranquilly.
The single most.
Direct way to step back from that.
Is to literally learn to sit still.
And by sitting still, you’ll find that your mind.
Also begins to still, it’s just it’s automatic because your mind has been.
By physical movements and actions.
When you.
Quiet that part of your normal life.
You’ll find that habitual thoughts. Emotions.
Begin to subside and you do start to proceed.
Subtler aspects of yourself, and this in and of itself, might seem like a.
You know a parlour trick. OK, now I’m perceiving things that I don’t normally perceive.
But the key is.
Those things are wonderful.
They make your day.
That feeling of well being, of peace, of joy that comes when you start to connect to your inner self, you start to connect to inner spirit.
Is just moving transforming life changing.
But unless you initiate it, it is the experience you’re likely to have you have to.
Deliberately create new circuits that support that.
But they will in.
The same way that your brain created circuits to support the ability to walk.
If you take up a practise of meditation, the brain will create circuits that support the practise of meditation, in other words.
When you were.
First beginning to meditate, you will almost always everybody I’ve talked to almost always says they find it difficult to sit still because we’ve become used to just moving all the time.
If you stick with your practise of meditation for even a short period of time.
The brain will create circuits.
Make you still.
Sees the motion that stop the habitual, you know.
Reactions in your muscles to to to move.
And you will slow down. And the more you meditate, the more circuits you build that support meditation and the more circuits you build that support meditation.
The more you begin to.
Directly experience those subtle realities.
That might have been more accessible to you when you were a child.

00:16:50 Luisa
It’s almost a bit like reboot rebooting the computer. Yeah, definitely.
Is. I mean I I was I.
Spoke about well, I thought about tools and tips for achieving our super conscious potential and meditation in your with your research and your opinion is the key to do this or stilling the mind.

00:17:14 Joseph Selbie
Yes, because it is the.
Drawing of anything you can do.
You know, deep prayer, inspirational chanting.
Getting out in nature and being still in nature and embracing.
The beauty of nature. These are all also wonderful things to do. And you know there are thousands of variations on those things.
And if you do any of those repeatedly, you will build circuits that support that kind of experience and draw you to that kind of experience.
When you’re in the right environment, but meditation.
Is the most focused and concentrated. It is the the one practise that transforms your neural circuits most rapidly. That most rapidly rewires your brain for that kind of behaviour, which will then make.
Focused prayer, chanting, being out in nature, even.
Better even more fulfilling.
Because they’re supported by this ability to become still and sort of withdraw from the the.
Fireworks show of experience that is mostly what we we tend to experience on a day to day basis.
So they all go together, but I recommend always meditation first because it is the most effective and.
Unless people have a really hard time with it, which is possible.
It’s also one of the most immediately.
Pleasing inner experiences that I know of and that people tell me has been so for them as well.

00:19:15 Luisa
You spoke before about habits. People have habits that they probably may or may not like or emotions or thoughts were repetitive thoughts or memories that they.
Aren’t pleasing is is meditation also a way to move rewire the brain?
And move through this.

00:19:37 Joseph Selbie
Yes, with one caveat and it’s an important caveat. Meditation doesn’t.
Rewire the brain.
By rewiring the all the circuits you’ve already created.
Once you’ve created a neural circuit.
That supports any kind of habit, whether mental, emotional or physical.
It’s there, it’s it’s fixed in your brain.
It’s just like, you know, cells in your body.
Unless you create.
New circuits.
Those will run your life.
And habits can be good habits.
Really bad if you can have habits that are very helpful to your health, you know, habits of good eating, exercise, etcetera, you can have good habits of mental efficiency and your your emotional life can be positive. All these things.
Can be good and be supported by.
Neural circuits that.
Formed as you did, those more and more often.
But if you have negative habits.
And most of us have some, right? They’re they’re ones that we wish we didn’t have.
We find it difficult to.
Let go of them because they’re sort of.
Poised and ready for us when a particular thought makes us interested in that habit, when something we read or see triggers that habit.
That habit has real power over us. It it takes us into behaviours.
That we don’t necessarily want and.
Those kind of habits.
Are the ones that tend to fight against.
New habits of meditation, of going within.
And yet, meditation is not going to.
Eliminate those habits for us. But what meditation does do and what spiritual practises and spiritual perception and you know, spending time in your mind with?
Spiritual thoughts with metaphysics, with.
The whole world of.
Spiritual perception is that it gradually builds circuits that are stronger than.
The negative circuits, so it isn’t the negative circuit that immediately grabs you. You know when you get up in the morning or when you something happens during your day that normally would draw you into that negative habit.
Instead, you get drawn into more positive habits, so it’s really a matter of rewiring the brain and then strengthening those circuits that you have rewired.
To be the first ones you’re drawn to to be the ones that have the most attraction to you and that automatically trigger when certain things happen in your life. So. So let me be a more more specific so.
If you’re trying to establish a habit of of meditation or of positive thoughts.
And yet.
The first thing it happens when you get up.
Is is a older habit. Takes.
A hold of you and that older habit.
Has you reading the news, reading about politics?
And as you read the news and read about politics, it triggers.
Emotions of.
Maybe outrage, maybe anger, maybe fear, maybe not feeling safe.
And that is the.
Foundation of your day, if you will. Right. That’s you’ve started your day by.
Some of the more negative emotions that.
You can have.
If you meditate.
You have the opportunity to awaken the opposite.
Kinds of meditations.
Or you feel calm, you feel safe. You feel that?
All’s right with the world. It’s a it’s a big giant cosmic motion picture of which I am a part. But it is not me. I’m not it. I don’t have to feel.
Bad, because the world has problems. I can feel good within myself.
Those two choices are with us all the time is that we can choose to awaken and feel and experience.
More positive things.
Or we can allow old habits to draw us back into negative feelings, so it’s always always our choice. The choice is always easier to make.
When we’ve developed.
Stronger neural circuits that support the positive choices and that is we have to build, we have to work at. We have to be deliberate about.
What we want to experience, what we want to support.
In our day to day life.

00:25:39 Luisa
Thank you. Thank you. I just wanted to ask.
You so the the the.
Physical body and the energetic body or and then.
The the soul.
Or the higher self, who, who, what, who? What are we in essence, aside from our physical body?

00:25:54 Joseph Selbie
Well, I can’t tell you this necessarily because I have fully experienced it. I have experienced it to some degree through meditation, but overwhelmingly, what spiritual teachers in traditions that I call experiential spirituality yoga.
Buddhism, Zen Buddhism and many others.
Charismatic Christianity. There’s there’s many, many experiential traditions woven within the world of what we think of as religion.
The teachers, the Saints, the sages.
Are are within those tradition?
Universally say that the soul is spirit. The soul is God.
And that God is the soul, that their inextricably connected.
Because we have.
Free will.
We can decide to.
Wander off and experience anything we want.
And you might ask why, if we are the bliss of God, the peace of God, why would we ever wander up?
And that is, you know, perhaps a longer a longer story. But suffice it to say we we do and yet.
When we decide to turn back.
Becoming aware of spirit again of being aware of spirit again habitually.
That is a choice we can make and when we dive into it, if you read the lives of.
Saints and sages, where you read what?
Near death experiences often have in their near death experience.
Is that?
It’s just blissful to go into the divine and.
That whenever we make that connection, whenever in this life we make that connection.
We can.
We can turn back to that and then know.
In a in an experiential way, not in the mind.
That we are spirit, our soul, the the essence of who we are is that bliss, Yogananda.
Author of the autobiography of A Yogi.
And it was my spiritual teacher described God as ever new joy.
And that the soul is that ever new joy.
And we can return to it.

00:28:50 Luisa
So I guess my next question is, but so why are we having this human experience? Why? What was? What is the purpose of it all?

00:28:59 Joseph Selbie
That is a great question with.
Maybe dozens of answers, I don’t know, but.
People have difficulty with this question, which is.
If we.
Are divine beings.
And if.
God is a loving God.
Why would?
He or she.
Or our friend God.
Put us in a situation where we no longer know our own identity and that in that.
Time when we no longer know our own identity.
We suffer.
We make mistakes. We.
Look for happiness. Look for love in the wrong places. We.
Try to seek satisfaction by.
Perhaps owning things or controlling things, we try to seek love by trying to control other people.
We make.
Mistake after mistake.
Seeking that.
Satisfaction seeking, love. Seeking joy.
Outside of ourselves.
We would try to get it from someone else or we try to get it from something else.
And it doesn’t.
Work, but we we keep, you know, we think oh that didn’t work because I didn’t do it right. You know that last relationship.
Didn’t make me happy because.
I did XY and Z so my next relationship.
I’m going to do it differently.
I probably make the still the same fundamental mistake, which is I’m hoping that person is in some way going to make me happy that that’s some that person is in some way going to love me and then I will always feel love.
This is what’s often called, you know, the the lessons of life, the, the sometimes challenging, difficult things that we have to go through to.
Finally, become convinced that the answers lie within that.
The real love we’re seeking the real joy. We’re seeking happiness we’re seeking.
Is and always has been inside that that we are love we are joy.
But it’s been not.
God or spirit.
Setting us up for this.
So much as it is.
Giving us free will.
And we make those choices to.
Seek for happiness in all the wrong places.
10 minutes only by.
Finally, making the choice from our own free will.
To go within that that has real power for us, we’re just told.
That that’s what we should do. We don’t tend to do it. We don’t tend to, you know, take it seriously, but.
When we experience the pain of not doing it and then we experience the bliss.
Of doing it.
It has real power to change our life.
I’ve often wished that’s not the way things were. I wished many a time that.
It would be easier to experience that depth of divine bliss.
But I’ve become.
More and more convinced in my life and just practical terms.
They’re going within, in fact.
It does give me the greatest happiness. It does give me.
What I’m really looking for?
That has convinced me.
Of that power.
And has convinced me.
To the extent that that’s what I really seek most deeply all the time, I still live, you know, a life that pretty much anyone would recognise as a normal life. I’m an author, I write. I have to.
Make money. I pay bills. I I do all the things that you would expect a normal person to do.
But now I do it not because those things are going to make me happy.
But that there are opportunities for me to.
Be of service to others to give to take care of my wife and family.
But they’re not.
I don’t have any expectation that those things in and of themselves.
Are going to make me happy.
I don’t need them to make me happy.
They can be wonderful and and often are, and I think in many ways things become more wonderful when you don’t have any attachment to them. When you don’t need them to make you happy or you don’t need them to be in a certain way in order for it to fit your life plan.
When you can just be at peace with it all.
Give to it all. Then both come together. Your life supports your spiritual life. Your spiritual life supports your life.
Your experience just deepens and and gets richer and richer as time goes by.

00:35:02 Luisa
So true, it is a hard one though. I mean, I get this question asked all the time. How do I love myself? We.
The majority of people, as you said, look outside for happiness. Sometimes I do as well or you just kind of answered it. How does one learn to love themselves?

00:35:24 Joseph Selbie
Well, I think that.
I often have.
A hard time with that concept of that you need to love yourself.
Unless I define it in a certain way.
Which is.
That you do need to recognise.
That you are.
You do need to recognise maybe more deeply that.
You are loved.
But not necessarily by.
Other people.
But by spirit.
That because you are love.
And God, his love spirit is love.
When you.
Make that connection.
You can have an overwhelming feeling.
That you are loved and that you are loved.
So if that is what it means to love yourself, then by all means I think everyone should pursue that. But if?
And This is why I often have difficulty.
With this concept.
If you’re thinking that.
Loving yourself exactly the way you are, with all the faults that you have.
Going to bring you the kind of satisfaction.
That you hope for.
I’m not sure it will because.
Those faults are still there. Those faults are what are making you unhappy, so loving them I think.
Could be at best.
Think again from my point of view.
Just accepting that you have those issues.
And that by accepting that you have those issues.
You can do something about them. You can create their.
They’re opposite.
Antidote by creating new ways of thinking and feeling, and building up those neural circuits that support those.
But those faults are never going to.
Make you happy despite there being false.
And it’s kind of a hard truth, but I think a starting point.
Can be and should be.
Knowing that you have the potential to be.
Everything you need to be.
You have the potential to be loved, to be joy, to be peace.
And that you’re not?
Broken. You’re not.
Made in such a way whether you know a lot of people think of.
Their DNA is their destiny or their young emotional life as.
A irreversible imprint that they’ll never get away from in this life or.
Mental abilities they have or don’t have our.
I don’t believe any of those things are true. I believe that we have the potential to become anything and everything we could possibly want to be.
And perhaps that begins with loving yourself. But I think that.
Is only the starting point.
To actually experiencing.

00:39:12 Luisa
You spoke about fixed and potential. We can often get so fixed on the life even if whether we’re happy or not happy that this is it. There’s no there’s no way out.
There’s no other possibilities, but what you’re talking about is anything really is possible, and we have the potential to be or to do or to change anything.

00:39:36 Joseph Selbie
Yes, and a lot of people talk about, well, how can I possibly have free will if?
I’m in this life circumstance which is.
And generally they’re asking this question because they’re not happy. They’re maybe even miserable. Maybe it’s just a terrible life.
And my heart goes out to people who are trapped in difficult lives because there are many people who are.
And so when you say to them or they hear.
They have free will.
It might even just get angry at you because it seems monstrously.
Inaccurate monsterly asly monstrously impossible.
That they could get away from their circumstances and and I know it’s hard. And as I say, my heart goes out to people in those kind of situations.
But nonetheless.
Has the free will.
To make their next choice.
And it’s their next choice.
That is going to lead to the choice thereafter, and the choice thereafter and so forth.
That will take you to happiness. That first choice can be really hard.
To do.
It’s not a matter of wishful thinking, but you can actually choose.
I want out of this.
Situation I’m in. I want out of this life and I’m going to.
Get out.
And what that?
Could mean in terms of a specific choice could be thousands of things. Millions of things.
But everyone does have that.
Power Free will to make their next choice.

00:41:42 Luisa
Thank you, Joseph. I’ve got one more question for you. Well, maybe it’s a big one.
You speak about the holographic principle in relation to is this like, what is reality? Are we living a dream? Do you mind just exploring that a little bit for the audience and for me?

00:41:59 Joseph Selbie
Sure. That’s one of my favourite.

00:42:01 Luisa
Me too.

00:42:10 Joseph Selbie
So your first question was about us having.Two bodies. And what did I mean by that? And why was one with a foot in heaven and the other with the foot on Earth?
The holographic principle that.
Comes to us through M theory, which is one of the sort of.
Disciplines of physics on the frontier of discovery, of the nature of reality.
Has put forward.
As a I have a core.
Axiom of the way reality works.
Is that?
The information.
Creates our physical universe and the information is, you know, maybe it sounds like a vast understatement. It’s all the information.
Determines what every atom and molecule in the entire universe, every wave of energy of electromagnetic energy.
In the physical universe.
Is determined by this.
Holographic information.
And that this holographic information in combination.
The pure energy of this realm, this non local realm where our.
Holographic body. Our astral body exists.
To Holographically project.
The entire physical universe.
Oftentimes people run into this concept.
Having no idea that it actually comes from the heart of physics that it is not.
Just kind of a speculation that I don’t know a science fiction writer would come up with.
It’s actually at the heart of the way.
Some disciplines, not all disciplines on the frontiers of physics.
All all of reality.
It is formed that it is central to the fact that we have a physical universe at all, so the holographic principle.
Also connects to us each individually, not to abstraction of A and in the entire physical universe in that our.
Our one foot in heaven are.
Subtle spiritual astral body that is pure energy.
Is the hologram.
For our physical body and that.
We wouldn’t have a physical body if we didn’t have the subtle astral body, and this is important to us, and obviously it’s important to this to us in the sense that if it didn’t exist, we would not exist either. But it is important to understanding how we.
Spiritually, progress towards happiness, towards greater peace and well being.
Because the more we connect to that subtle energy body.
That is.
Holographically projecting or in a real way determining every atom and molecule in our physical body.
The more we.
Create a physical body that’s healthy. The more we create.
A experience in the physical world.
That is positive, and the more we, the more we centre our reality in our subtler self, in our spirit.
The more.
The physical world that we live in and all the things that we need to do in the physical world.
Are are, are blessed. They’re improved, they’re made clearer, better, more successful. Our health improves.
All of this.
Goes automatically.
With making that deeper.
Connection to our hologram body, our hologram self.

00:47:08 Luisa
Thank you for explaining that. So simply I mean it’s such a complicated subject, but that was that was great. Thank you so much, Joseph. A big congratulations on your book. Now where’s the best place for people to connect with you? And I will leave a link below in the.
Show notes as well.

00:47:24 Joseph Selbie
Well, a good starting point and the simplest to remember probably is you can go to my website [email protected].
And for those of you are just listening to this and not.
Seeing anything I always like to point out that the spelling of my last name is somewhat unusual, so most of the time, if you run into the last name, Selby, you will assume it ends in a Y but mine.
Is in an i.e., so it’s SELB, i.e. And.
Go to You will learn about my other books. There are many articles you can read. There are courses that you can take if you want to go deeper into and many of the things that we were talking about here. If you want to get in contact with me, there are ways to do it.
And there are first chapters of my books. If you’d like to have a, you know, deeper taste, be before you head off to purchase it. But all of that you can find in that website.

00:48:40 Luisa
Thank you, Joseph. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?
Today, on a final note.

00:48:48 Joseph Selbie
Well, we’ve covered a lot of ground. I don’t know if there is anything.
I would just reiterate, meditate. If there’s nothing else you take away from anything that I said. Try to meditate, try to make all of this stuff that right now might seem like a lot of words that are interesting or confusing.
The way to make them.
Be of value in your life.
Is to.
Take the time to have inner experience of the things that we’ve been talking about, and that is where the real difference is made.

00:49:25 Luisa
Joseph Selby, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. Wonderful way to end the show. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

00:49:33 Joseph Selbie
Bye bye. Thank you, Luisa.



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