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REVEALED: Don’t GET TRAPPED on Earth! Man Discovers SURE Path to HEAVEN. Lost Souls | Kevin Jeffers

Are we trapped here on Earth?

Kevin Jeffers experienced a profound life-changing event that changed everything! He explores the nature of consciousness, afterlife, soul entrapment, past lives and out of body experiences.

From an early age, Kevin Jeffers encountered many unexplained experiences and phenomena that have expanded to include consciousness shifting, soul retrieval, past life recovery, energetic healing, and soul travel.

When meditating, Kevin encountered an opening of his consciousness to the amazing interweaving of Spirit, society, and the Uplift of Consciousness on the planet Earth. In his thirties, Kevin started writing a book that eventually became titled as The Pattern: An Exploration of Consciousness.  The heart of the book is a discussion of this life-changing event that changed Kevin’s perception of life in Spirit.  Much of his book is written as a stream of consciousness directly from Spirit.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Kevin Jeffers

00:00:32 Luisa
Kevin Jeffers, welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:00:44 Kevin Jeffers
Well, thank you for having.
Me come to your show today.

00:00:47 Luisa
Ohh I it’s my privilege. You’ve had so many incredible experiences, if you wouldn’t mind, just to start with sharing some of your experiences and profound life changing events with the audience.

00:01:03 Kevin Jeffers
Ah, I’m going to jump right into it.

00:01:05 Luisa
Sure, if that if you feel comfortable with that.

00:01:09 Kevin Jeffers
That’s fine. I’m just trying to sort through them in my head, which ones would be particularly interesting, but life changing?
Yeah, I’ve got one.
When I was about 20, I was travelling through Greece and Crete.
And Turkey.
Took a little took a year off from college.
Go out and stretch a bit.
And I went to Crete, which I was very, very drawn to.
And did a walkabout.
On the island.
And I came to a place.
It was called the Princess Palace, which is a little bit South of a a small town called the giggling. I much further South than Brackley in the capital.
And I wanted to go there.
And it was interesting. I didn’t know where to go cause the signage was confusing and it was all in Greek.
I had this.
Flash immediate flash of being a young child, a young boy on a cart with my grandfather.
Single horse cart. Very old.
Going up the mountainside.
But my friend who I was travelling with said no, you gotta go down this road and then take a right and do this and do that.
And I said.
No, you go that way. I’ll meet you there.
So I took a right, I did a switch back up the hill over the hill was the Princess Palace.
So the life changing part was I’ll I’ll kind.
Of get to that in a minute.
I walked around the ruins.
It used to.
Be a beautiful place. There were murals still intact at that time. I don’t.
Know what happened to him since?
And I did the absolute tourist. No, no. Picked up a little piece of rock, but B20 and a long, long time ago. That was really wasn’t a huge issue.
And I took the.
Rock carried around with me for the rest of my travels and went back to Chicago, where I was living at the.
And coincidentally, if you believe in coincidences.
My sister had met a.
Psychic. A lady who professed to be a healer. A psychic.
And in connection with the spirit world.
Which I knew there was a spirit world because I’d had experiences, but someone coming into my into my mother’s house was where we were sitting at the kitchen table and talking about these things was.
Pretty incredible for me.
So she said I can do psychometry.
And I’m thinking.
Hey, that’s cool.
I’ve heard about that. I’ve never seen it in practise.
She said. Do you have something that I?
Could read and I said.
I have this rock that I picked up.
Without any background, just I picked it up in my travels so she holds.
It in her hands and.
I don’t know it.
Just OK, what did she?
Get, she said. Just hold on and.
She’s holding it.
And in Chicago, you have double doors. You’ve got the outside door and the inside door, the screen door and the wood door.
And the screen door popped open.
And I said, well, that’s really not the way.
That works because it’s got a little.
Device on it that closes it immediately as soon as it goes open. Well it opened.
And it stayed open and then.
The wood door went open.
So now it’s a little cold.
It’s in the winter.
And I’m thinking, wow, I had never experienced anything this so evidential of someone’s ability to do something. And then came MacLeod or a haze. It was like a greyish haze and took the took the shape of a person.
And at that point, I’m speechless.
I really didn’t know what to make of.
This and also what came into the room.
Was this incredible pungent smell of lilac?
A very strong lilac.
And the medium looks over, he says.
Hey, Kevin, you’ve got a visitor.
I said. Ohh well, who’s that?
It said this rock came from a place that experienced a a huge tragedy. It burned down.
Which I knew all the history to where I found the rock. So I’m like checking in the boxes off.
And in that experience, there was a woman who you were very intimately involved in.
Who set a fire in that in the the Princess Palace?
And gutted it.
And she died and you died trying to save her. And then suddenly I recalled running down a hallway, yelling out persiflage. Persicae, where are you? And then everything ended.
And I looked at the the psychic, and I said, what was that all about? She said.
The lady who set the fire who killed you came back to.
Ask your forgiveness.
And I’m kind of seeing something and I’m kind of not seeing something.
And I said.
I looked at whatever I was supposed to be looking at towards that haze.
And I said.
Yes, you’re forgiven.
And it was like everything contracted and there was a, like a pause or a sigh.
And then the.
One door closed, then the other door closed and.
Everything was back the.
Way it was.
20 minutes ago.
Except for the smell of the lilac followed me around that house for a week.
And I’m kind of young, little and little.
Naive and inexperienced, I finally got.
I didn’t like the the the smell going with me into the bathroom.
It was embarrassing.
Said even spirit or no spirit was just embarrassing.
So I said please.
Go now.
I forgave you. Everything is good.
It was kind of like, OK, and then the smell went out away and it.
Never came back again.
So was that kind.
Of evidence that let me know that what I was experiencing at that age, which started very young.
And some validity to it.
And it wasn’t a it wasn’t a magical gig because.
Nothing. It was my mom’s house. Nothing was set up.
All of these things happened, and then they stopped happening.
So it it took.
Something very tangible of very real.
To affirm to me that the work that I had been doing in Spirit wasn’t just my imagination or not something.
And that changed my life.

00:08:32 Luisa
Gosh, Kevin. Well, thank you so much for sharing that experience. Incredible. Incredible. I mean, yes, you know, there’s so many things that are unexplainable. I know you do some amazing work with soul retrieval, soul entrapment, but.
For the audience.
In your opinion, well, this is your show today. What?
What happens in the afterlife? What happens when our physical body?

00:09:00 Kevin Jeffers
Well, it’s all very clinical.
Your body dies.
Your soul continues.
And I’m not saying it goes somewhere I’m not at that point yet. It just it’s it continue. You don’t die is the essence of you is registering everything.
You probably know what happened to you, unless it was a very abrupt, violent death.
You see things differently. People that have had near death experience.
Talk about floating. They’re floating above their body.
I experienced something like that. That’s another story.
But what I see from my from myself now being a bit older and a bit more experienced than these things.
Is that the soul lifts?
Out of the body and then.
Depending on what your wants and needs and intention is whether it goes on to the lights.
Or whether you stay. Maybe you you want to comfort relatives or have unfinished business.
Or you simply don’t know what’s going on, which happens a lot. People don’t know us, so.
If you’re fortunate.
One of your guides as an example, or an Angel as some people see them.
Assist you to go to the lights.
And then your your.
Carnation, your your your presence on the earth.
Stops and you move into the light. You don’t need. You don’t need the earth anymore. You’ve accomplished your life.
You go into the lights, you have a little chat with your higher self.
And the question usually is and. This just really surprised me. What I found out.
Is that the guy will look at you with enormous love and compassion.
There is absolutely no judgement when you pass. The judgement comes from inside yourself.
And all they want.
To know is.
What did you learn?
Tell me your life. Tell me your story. What did you learn from that experience that you just went through? Whether it was a short one or a long one?
If you don’t know where where you’re going or what you want, or you’re trapped in the earth like I call, like the earth impulse.
Where you.
Just don’t want to leave.
You want to.
Hang out. You want to check on people?
Then you don’t go to the light and you’re here. You’re earth bound.
Because that’s your desire, your intention.
And then the third category that I’ve.
Come to call confused.
Are people who die with no clear intention of going into the lights or heaven? I say light because they never learned about it. They were never taught about.
There are the moving forward of the soul.
And they become bound into that layer around the the earth energy system.
And they can’t.
Move and then finally they become immobile.
And then.
Till they get to the point where they ask.
To go to the lights.
I mean.
Existing in an immobile state.
For hundreds of years is probably kind of boring.
I want to get out of here I.
Don’t like those and that’s.
All it takes is the request they’re asking.
The people that are confused.
People that don’t know where to go.
That’s a little bit different situation.
They will lift out and become stationary and this this I call it the this ring around here, the earth energy system.
And they can’t. They don’t know where to go. No one has redeemed them. No one has carried them forward into the light.
And that’s where I think developed a skill over many, many years.
Of going out of my body, my consciousness lifting out of my body.
And going to that place where people need.
To be moving up.
Your goal isn’t to hang out on the earth. Your goal?
Isn’t to stay here.
Your goal is to go into the light and to look at the.
Next programme for you?
Whether it’s another incarnation, whether it’s learning something, whether it’s moving on into.
The light you’re not.
Meant to stay here.
So the people that don’t know where it goes.
Need assistance but but what’s interesting is that.
My guide.
As people like to call these.
Spiritual beings.
Points to me. Someone who needs to be retrieved.
It’s not a random event. It’s not like. Ohh yeah. Well, let me look around and.
See who needs to be retrieved.
It’s like.
Go to that person.
And then as I developed some efficiency and skill, it was more than one person. We just started out with one person.

And it was.
Kind of like training camp.

00:14:37 Luisa
Yeah, I mean, the work you’re doing is so much needed and I can’t wait to dive into it. I just wanna ask you, you speak about the ring around the earth or the energetic ring. What? What does that mean?

00:14:50 Kevin Jeffers
Well, it’s like a magnetic field and then it’s.
It’s a higher frequency of energy, but it’s a lower frequency than the light, but it’s a higher frequency than the earth.
So when you’re released by death, your Soul is released.
You can get trapped in that location if you don’t have a destination. If you don’t have an intention.
To go into the life.
You can get stuck there.
Sometimes when I travel out, it’s like walking through a.
A Halloween situation where they’re just have floating spirits, moaning and groaning and this kind. I mean, it’s very sad.
To watch this, to experience this.
You might run across a a relative.
And then there are things that you can do.
But mostly it’s just.
The old the old saying lost souls.

00:15:54 Luisa
Yes. So for someone who’s watching this thinking ohh my God, when I transition, I don’t want to be a lost soul. What? What intention should they have or what’s your advice?

00:16:08 Kevin Jeffers
It’s what intention that you desire.
What you’re willing to spend time forming?
You can have the intention.
To go into the lights.
You can have the intention to stay and to.
Oversee your children or your relatives.
Some people want to try to reexperience.
They want to reexperience Bernie making money.
It’s all what your intention is.
So what is my advice? I don’t want to hang out here.
It is just not fun.
So as you when you pass.
Developing an intention now.
Of what you want to do when you pass.
There’s no no, really.
Supportive material other than the new literature about.
Creating an intention to go under the lights.
It’s like all that information stops when people die, or now you’re getting to the near death experience where they go into the light and they.
Come back.
And they know that.
The planet earth is.
Not the what they thought it was. They change.
That their energy changes, they’re being changes.
But then they know.
And when they finally do die, the final one.
Then they know where they want to go.
Which is into the light because they know that this place is not a good place to hang out.

00:17:46 Luisa
Well, for me personally, I definitely want to go into the light once I’m go into the light then then what is the process? What happens? What happens then?
Just go.
And then am I in a a void, an afterlife situation? And then I have a review and I choose to reincarnate at some point in time.

00:18:09 Kevin Jeffers
Well, that event is in the light.
So when the when you have the intention to go the light, you go.
There’s no fooling around.
You go directly into the light and there’s a reception committee that will.
Say hello. They will make you feel comfortable. They will help you to adjust from a death experience and to a new life experience. And when you’re adjusted, there’s endless opportunities for learning.
Learning about yourself, learning about your life, learning how to change your modes of behaviour and your decision making processes.
You learn those things and sometimes, well, actually a lot of the times people come back from the Earth life and they’re damaged.
They’ve been damaged by events they’ve damaged themselves. They needed. They need to be healed. Their energy body needs to be healed.
You know the physical.
Body is over there. That’s fine.
The energy body sometimes goes into the light, needs to be healed because of damage that is collected or experienced well in the Earth incarnation.

00:19:22 Luisa
Gosh, this Earth incarnation is incredibly.
Challenging at times just another question if if, which is my conscious intention, I go into the light from your experiences to say I’d leave children behind or partners or loved ones, can I still communicate with them even though I’m in the light?

00:19:46 Kevin Jeffers
Well, if your.
Intention is to go in the light. You’re.
Not trapped there.

00:19:49 Luisa

00:19:50 Kevin Jeffers
It’s not a trap.
It’s not like the door closes and then you’re stuck in the.
Light for yeah.

00:19:55 Luisa
I I’m.
Thinking in the humanist experience is no, of course. There’s no distance between time and space. I’m thinking in very human terms.

00:20:05 Kevin Jeffers
There is time and space in in human terms, but.
In higher frequencies there’s.
No time and space happening simultaneously, everything is half.

00:20:11 Luisa
Of course.
Of course.
This I mean I.
Actually had a few clients that I’ve started doing this work, this amazing work that you’re doing about.
Our souls trapped souls that are stuck on the energetic field of the Earth.
Do you mind sharing a bit more about that and how you do this incredible work?

00:20:36 Kevin Jeffers
I don’t know.

00:20:38 Luisa
Good answer. Yeah, really.

00:20:42 Kevin Jeffers
Been this long this long, I’ve been doing this for close to 50 years.
And it all started very innocently. And I I I am what I would call a sensitive a natural sensitive but the development of the work in spirit was more of an inclination.
That’s what I liked, and I’ve looked past in my previous lives and said, well, there’s there’s a foundation for that interest.
Because that continues, each life continues.
So it’s more of an inclination.
And it came out of.
Finally, reaching the point where I was not encumbered.
With emotions, I’m saying I don’t experience emotions. I I love my kids.
But I’m not encumbered by emotions. I’m not encumbered by this. You know, the seven deadly sins.
They keep you here, they keep you wanting to come back here. Jealousies, read desire.
Fear they keep you here. They drag on you.
So it seems to me that I reached the point where I was no longer interested in that stuff.
That was just a series of experiences in life.
Where I think I came in without a.
Lot of stuff.
A lot of not a lot of attachments.
And that bore itself out in the ability to do soul retrieval or healing whatever was involved.
So I think that.
Without imagination, there is no creation.
When you say.
What are you?
Talking about, well, look everywhere around you. Someone created your environment, some create. Someone created the mechanisms to move you from here to there.
It all came from their imagination, and then it itself into structure and then reality.
So I would say to folks.
Everything you do is based upon your intention.
It’s like.
Putting energy into an arrow and shooting the arrow off and the arrow is your intention. Point into a target.
So it’s all about you.
It’s all about what you.
Want what your intention is?
To me, that’s the heat. That’s really the core of life.

00:23:13 Luisa
Of course, so this sole retrieval work that you do is this. You do this alone, well, obviously.
You have guides.
Not with the collective other humans.

00:23:24 Kevin Jeffers
Well, someone asked me that question the other day. Said do you see anybody else when you’re doing this thing? And I said that all the years I’ve been doing it, I’ve seen one other, one other person doing it.
And it was kind of funny because it was like, wow.
You don’t expect that. I mean, there’s not like a whole crew that go out and and do this. There’s a lot of people, but at different times and places and it’s like I looked at this person and they’re they’re doing their work and I’m doing my work. We kind of like wave.

00:23:56 Luisa
So do you go into a meditative state doing this?
Work. Or do you? Yes.

00:24:03 Kevin Jeffers
Well, I have a meditation chair. It’s a lazy boy. It’s not where you pull the handle and the lights go up. Nice. Nice fabric cushion material.
So I go into that chair.
Which I’ve now.
Set up impulses and triggers to go into deep meditative state. But when people that are starting this.
Process. Yes you.
Need to meditate.
And why do you need to?
Meditate because you’re all hyped up from life.
You had an argument with the spouse. The kids did this. Somebody did that. The boss did this. You’ve got to put all of that away.
And that’s a process all by itself.
Learning to take all of your emotions.
And events of your day and putting them away.
Now for me, I’ve learned this in a in a process. Imagine a big box.
And you take all of your your day, all of your thoughts, all of the things that drag you down, and you put.
Them in the box and you close the lid.
And the lid won’t open again.
Just like taking everything.
And putting it off to the side.
Then you become.
A clearer channel for these kinds of experiences.

00:25:22 Luisa
And with your guide or.
Guides you assist these individuals that you see that are.
Stuck on earth.
To transition to the light, if they choose, I guess everything is free will.

00:25:35 Kevin Jeffers
Absolutely no one’s going to tell you.
To do anything, ever.
There’s no there’s no policeman, there’s no religious figure. It’s all up to you.
Your choice.
I mean, if you think you’re gonna go in the white and suddenly you’re gonna become enlightened, then they’re a bunch of things. And people gonna tell you what to do and direct.
You know, forget it.
Every you are a soul. You’re immortal. You are a forever being.
And you’re learning and you’re learning and you’re lifting your consciousness up into higher frequencies.
So it all comes.
Back to what do you want?
Not what do they want?

00:26:15 Luisa
Well, you just you.
Just kind of answered my next question. Why?
Are we here?

00:26:20 Kevin Jeffers
Ever since you were a child, people were telling you what to do. Yeah, mom and dad and teachers. And you went to church or temple.
And then there are the laws and the rules and the regulations. Everyone all the time is telling you what to do.
So you have to come out of that frame.
Of beliefs and preconceived notions.
To cut, it’s like a box.
And you’re in the box and.
You and all your stuff is in the box.
How do you get out of the?
Box very simple which is, but it’s really hard to get you imagine yourself out of the box.
You recognise the box for what it is? You recognise all of these beliefs, you.
Dragged around all your life.
They’re not serving you.
They served the purpose.
You needed those to survive. You needed those to cope and deal with all of the stuff, but they are not limiting factors unless you make them.
So learn to step out of the box by imagining yourself on the other side of the box. You’ll go into another box, so it’ll just be bigger and a little more roomier. Little bit elbow room in there.
But it’s a new space of creating, creating for yourself who you are.

00:27:45 Luisa
Yeah, it’s it’s can be challenging to push push aside, although that baggage I get this question asked all the time, is there an end to the reincarnation cycle?

00:27:58 Kevin Jeffers
It all depends. It depends.
That’s a good question.
What I can see from my own experience that there’s no web.
And there’s no end because it you don’t feel like you’re enslaved to a system you know, God is saying, yes, you’re going to have to come back and Incarnate and Incarnate, no.
Striving towards the light is indicative of where you respond to the frequency of the light.
And I was kind of shocked to see that when I went into the lights.
And this place was just.
Brilliantly light that there were gradations of light.
That are connected to the purity of my soul.
And the message to me was clear. You. Hey, you got a lot of work to do.
You want to go over there?
What are you going to do to go there?
Is it’s all about frequency.
And a frequency is. It’s like an uplift of consciousness that you learn and develop lifetime. The lifetime, the lifetime. You do this for a purpose.
And what I see is the purpose is to move into the next stage of consciousness.
As you probably notice.
This planet is does not have a highly evolved sense of consciousness.
You the forever.
Being came into the limitations of the body.
To learn something.

00:29:29 Luisa
So how do we find out?
What our learning our purpose in our incarnation?

00:29:37 Kevin Jeffers
Well, you have a couple methods. Meditation is a great one.
Responding to.
Your intuition.
Being responsive to intuition and acting on it courageously moving forward.
Learning from spirit. If you’re so fortunate to recognise and work with your spirit guides, which are frankly nothing more than low level angels.
But that’s.
You have many avenues.
But if you’re not intending that result you, you won’t accomplish it.
No one hands it to.
You because you’re a great person.
You just you’re tired of what? You’re what you’re dealing with.

00:30:28 Luisa
So for someone so so for someone who’s listening says I’m off track and I don’t know what intuition is, and I can’t hear my inner calling, how? What’s your advice to connect with one’s intuition?

00:30:44 Kevin Jeffers
Well, coming from an era where no one had.
An answer to.
That question.
Coming into this era where everyone has an opinion about everything.
Choose someone who you respect and feel comfortable with and learn about these things.

00:31:00 Luisa
And there’s so much information.

00:31:03 Kevin Jeffers
Huge amount of data.
I remember many, many years ago when I was young.
Listening to lectures by psychics.
Or by healers, or by somebody, something, something.
And it would be massive. Crowds of people even then would want to hear what?
They have to say.
Wow, you can do that.
And it all they were doing was relating their experiences.
There was very little analysis or thought.
That went into the experiences.
The shift that I see now.
Is that folks are thinking about those experiences, what their impact means, what is what?
What does intuition do for me?
Well, it points you to where you need to be going.
What is education you?
Get you it gives you some basis or foundation.
For looking inside.
Of yourself.

00:32:05 Luisa
And it’s so interesting because it’s not even a learning, it’s almost a remembering. It’s always been there. It’s just remembering it.

00:32:13 Kevin Jeffers
Or remember who you are. You’re assault. You’re.
Eternal you’re forever.

00:32:19 Luisa
But the veil that some people call it the veil is placed upon us. So.

00:32:23 Kevin Jeffers
None. Excuse me. The veil is what?
You put in place.

00:32:26 Luisa
We put so.
OK, now I’d love to explore that. So we’re born with the veil or it’s placed upon us by our choice.

00:32:36 Kevin Jeffers
Well, take a step back even further.
You planned your life.
You plan your energy, you plan your intelligence, you plan your physical, physical structure and appearance. You plan the family, you’re great to go to that family.
Well, that family is toxic. Well, guess what? That’s what you need.
So you plan your life and then when you formalise the plan you get the, you know, the benevolent wave of the hand of your total self and say, go forth and live your life and see what happens.
But just keep in mind you’re going into the predator environment.

00:33:16 Luisa
Ohh gosh.

00:33:20 Kevin Jeffers
That’s what this is.
You have elected to come into the planet Earth at this stage of evolution and consciousness that still depends on survival skills.
Because it’s a predator world.
I think that’s valuable not to forget that.
And there’s a lot of.
Talk about spiritual uplift, which is true.
And this and that and you’ll be saved maybe.
At the end of the day.
When you acknowledge and recognise that you’re in a hostile environment for your survival.
And if there’s.
Some question about the validity of what I just.
Said look at places like India and China.
And in Russia?
Those are obvious examples. They’re everywhere. I’m not picking on those countries.
There are places now and even in the.
United States, where I live.
They were very hostile.
And very and if you’re not the correct.
Sex. Gender. If you’re not the correct skin colour. If you’re not the correct education.
You might just have a very rough life.
Yes. So again you, you chose to be.
Here. Yeah.

00:34:44 Luisa
I just forget sometimes.

00:34:47 Kevin Jeffers
From this point of view of the soul.

00:34:50 Luisa
Yes, of course, of course.

00:34:51 Kevin Jeffers
Doesn’t care.

00:34:53 Luisa
And nothing really damages the soul. It’s all experiences.

00:34:57 Kevin Jeffers
Yes, and it and it’s.
Then become damaged or you go into an what I call toxic environment. If you go, if you’re wrecked.
It doesn’t matter so much except for the moment where you’re experiencing it. Of course moments, because when you go into the light.
There is, in a sense of redemption, of who you truly are.
And then that’s where you sit down with your buddies. And believe me, you’ve got a lot of friends on the other side, family and friends and people that you’ve been with life, afterlife, and you’ll sit down and you get.
Your imaginary paper out and pencil and you start making notes.
Gee, what did I?
Learn and that goes back to the.
Thing I said.
Earlier, when you pass and you go in front of the guy, they ask you what?
Did you learn?
Because they come here and to learn nothing is a waste of energy.
It’s a waste of who you are.
Whatever you learned. Good stuff, bad stuff and different stuff.

00:36:02 Luisa
I’ll probably say, gosh, I took it so seriously.

00:36:06 Kevin Jeffers
Yes, it is. It’s a combination of a joke and it and laughter at yourself and and serious because you’re here.

00:36:15 Luisa
Umm. So from your out.
Of body experiences have you seen? And I’m talking in a humanist terms. So you of of course you’ve experienced past lives, but have you experienced the future of humanity?

00:36:31 Kevin Jeffers
Yes, we all make it.

00:36:35 Luisa
And we just keep reincarnating and learning and growing and evolving.

00:36:40 Kevin Jeffers
Yeah, we’re we make it everything turns out.

00:36:46 Luisa
And so.

00:36:46 Kevin Jeffers
It just doesn’t.
I said it doesn’t look like it all turns out it doesn’t look like we make it because of such profound.
Damage that this planet puts on us until you step away from the encumbrances of the earth.
So as an example, you today.
You could you could stand up.
And say, you know I’m done with.
All that nonsense.
I’m gonna live my life fully. I’m gonna live my life.
With this notion of light spirit.
And then you.
Just you stop worrying about a lot of things.
You know the the praise God will provide. It’s your spirit will provide.
But his waiting is like knocking on your door.
Saying ohh you ready to move on?
Is it time? I mean, have you learned what you need to learn you?
Know there’s.
More to go.
Yeah, but where you go?
Is up to you is it’s your intention.
To move it into his space.
Where you’re not encumbered by the stuff.

00:37:49 Luisa
Of course. And that’s our freedom. We can choose to think, at least think.

00:37:54 Kevin Jeffers
So rarely, so rarely experienced because we just don’t see ourselves that way. We don’t see the vastness of the soul. We don’t see our potential.
We don’t see.
That we are creators, we’re creating our life. You created your life.
Everything around you you’ve created.

00:38:14 Luisa
So from your.
Experiences. So for example, we have a soul an over soul. There’s many different terms.
For it.
Are we are we experience experiencing multiple incarnations?

00:38:31 Kevin Jeffers
Here’s the deuce you’re experiencing all of them simultaneously.

00:38:35 Luisa
So what people term as past lives, future lives.

00:38:37 Kevin Jeffers
Everything before and everything after all happening now.

00:38:41 Luisa
And what about on other planetary systems or other worlds?

00:38:48 Kevin Jeffers
Well, they operate under different rules, OK.
The higher the, the higher the frequency, the higher the higher level of consciousness they work under completely different rules.
But they’re still existing.
It’s not until you.
Are released from this stuff that you move on past everything else.

00:39:12 Luisa
So it’s like an evolutionary scale.

00:39:15 Kevin Jeffers
It’s like love. It’s like lovers moving into the light is is a is a progression of moving through frequency through moving through levels of consciousness.
And at some point, you just wash your hands, the whole thing. You’re not dumb.
On the left this last.
I got the sign off from the big guy.

00:39:37 Luisa
So I’m like, yes, no, I agree. So I’m leaving all my incarnations in the now, not that.

00:39:37 Kevin Jeffers
I find.
I recall them.
All that, they’re all happening right now.
They’re all there for they you can access them.
The most obvious ones are the ones in the past is. It’s like you believe. Once again, we’re going back to beliefs that every past life, every all the past, is written in stone.
But you could go from this life and you could jump back 500 years and become something else. I don’t know why you’d want.
To do that, but it’s a possibility.
You could jump ahead.
Why would you do that? Well.
I think the question is.
What have you learned here?

00:40:19 Luisa
In this incarnation, yes, this one.
It’s so interesting. What’s your advice for people to connect?
Or recall or.
Remember, in some way their past lives.
Or future lives.

00:40:36 Kevin Jeffers
Find that meditation share. Find that meditation couch, whatever it is.
Set the nonsense aside, put it in a box, push it off to the side and become available.
Become available to the experience.
Have a plan. Have a plan? Yeah.

00:40:57 Luisa
I’m getting technical here, but for example just for advice. Is it sit in that chair or just sit quietly and meditate 10 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day? Is there a a time frame for this?

00:41:11 Kevin Jeffers
It’s what suits you.

00:41:12 Luisa

00:41:14 Kevin Jeffers
Sometimes in meditation I normally get up around 3:00.
In the morning.
Which can be annoying if I’m tired.

00:41:22 Luisa
Or if you have a partner.

00:41:24 Kevin Jeffers
As well, they’re asleep, you know. OK.
Leave them alone. Let them get their sleep.

00:41:30 Luisa

00:41:32 Kevin Jeffers
So I I didn’t meditate a process that early in the morning because the energy.
In this in this area that I’m existing.
In is quiet.
It’s like the quiet of night.
People go to sleep, you know they.
Do their thing and then they go.
To home and then they sleep. We all have to sleep.
Everything quiet sound.
And it’s that.
You don’t have.
That it’s like a ping pong ball of energy going back and forth all the time.
When you’re awake like now.
But in the in the middle of the morning, where people are drowsy, they’re they’re off into dreamland and there is a.
Dreamland, by the way.
They’re recharging their brain.
Is a really good time to do what I’m talking about, but that’s for me. I didn’t start out that way.
I quit when I was younger. I wouldn’t dream of interrupting my sleep at 3:00 in the morning.
Did you get?
Some really good stuff.

00:42:39 Luisa
Interesting how things.
Changed a couple.
Of more questions, if you don’t mind, you mentioned dreamland. What is? What is dreamland?

00:42:46 Kevin Jeffers
We all go to a place that our once again our soul goes into a place where we dream.
We experience all the levels of reality.
That we’re going through before and after which is not before after it’s all. Now we go through all of our experiences, the emotions.
If you’ve had a particularly trying day or an upsetting day, or a traumatic day, that’s the time where you recreate those experiences internally to help you stay on track.
So you do need your sleep. That’s a scientific fact. You need your four or five hours.
To stay steady. Or you just go crazy.
If you don’t sleep.
You have a nervous breakdown.
And that period.
Of time. Once the value of the sleep, you know the deep Theta levels of sleep is.
Connection to spirit.
Or you just go to try to jets and off, or release all of the emotion of the day.
And we wrapped that.
In dreams, which is in an enactment.
Of our intentions and desires and our daily life.
You’re in.
Touch with your dreams and.
You read again and.
Again, people, highly creative people learn so much in their dreams.
A song, a piece of art, a new mechanical device suddenly comes in.
In his totality.
Through drinks.

00:44:29 Luisa
Just a matter of remembering them.

00:44:32 Kevin Jeffers
Yeah. Well, you.
Can train yourself to do that too.

00:44:36 Luisa
Yeah, well, often I’ve had guests that have said put a, you know that pad and a pen next to your bed and write it down.

00:44:44 Kevin Jeffers
Well, there there’s a there’s a.
There’s something called lucid dreaming.
And lucid dreaming is training yourself to remember your dream, to be existing in a in a dream state, but aware of the dream.
So you can train yourself to remember.
Probably it starts for me. It started with. I wrote everything down. All my dumb dreams.
And then it started getting interesting. And then it got more interesting, but it started with just.
Writing out what did I dream?
And that and at the.
Beginning it was hard to remember what I dreamed, so I started programming myself.
Remember intentionality I intended.
To remember dreams.
And it was a slow process because at that age, all I was interested in were.
Young men’s things.

00:45:37 Luisa
You said that so, well, God, you’re a wealth of information. Kevin, I’d love to talk about your book. The pattern. What’s it about?

00:45:49 Kevin Jeffers
Well, the the pattern is a 30 year adventure.
It started a long, long time ago when I wanted to finally just write down.
What I was experiencing.
It it was like.
The the.
The bottle was full and I need to process what was there. I started writing about spiritual things.
I didn’t write about phenomenal things. I wrote about spiritual things, about my experience and spirit, whereas I tell a friend if you can’t.
Sleep. Read my book.
It’ll put you out in 10 minutes.
So I finished the book and then just adding and adding and adding all these things that I had experienced in spirit. And then I gave it.
To my editor and my editor said no.
And I said, what do you mean no?
She said it’s.
Just going to put everyone to sleep, I.
Said I already know that.
Add the experiences.
Peg and experience to an observation and spirit.
That brings a sense of reality.
To the person who’s reading the book.
And she was right.
So I came up with a whole.
Bunch of experiences.
And put them in the book in the appropriate place that correlated with.
Talking about spirit.
I mean.
Seriously, if you talk about spirit a long time, it’s just.
Like it becomes fluff.
It’s like Christmas all day long.
So I put in the experiences and we all tied it together and I could. I was trying.
To think of what I wanted to call and then I had an experience of what I call the pattern.
And I named it the pattern in exploration of consciousness.

00:47:42 Luisa
Well, a big congratulations on your book. Where’s the best place for people to connect with you? And I will leave a link below in the show notes as well.

00:47:51 Kevin Jeffers
We’ll go to Amazon, go to Amazon or Google.
The book is there, sales have been brisk.
I want everyone to know I have not made a penny from writing that book.
Whatever. Whatever proceeds come from the book are donated to organisations that needed a couple bucks to do something.
So the books are the books are selling.
It’s not like a bestseller, but they’re steady.
And I get a lot of lot of interesting emails and communications from people that read the book and they talk about the pattern. Ohh, I saw the pattern.
And I said, really tell me about it.
And they described exactly what I experienced. I said it took me 40 years to experience.
The pattern they got it in two months.
That is very.

00:48:45 Luisa
Well, maybe. Maybe it’s an activation. So after reading it, can you give us?
A sneak peek of.
What the pattern is?

00:48:52 Kevin Jeffers
Yeah, but if only I had.
A sneak peek 40 years ago I’d be a good shipper.
So I’ll I’ll kind of wrap it by talking about the experience of the pattern that seems to be of interest.
Because I was in my favourite meditation chair.
My go to.
Met and relaxing. Put the the day aside. Put the emotions aside. Clear the slate.
Wipe off all the chalk. Perfect piece of blank paper.
I felt something grabbing me in my chest and.
Pulling me out of my body.
Now this has happened in other times in other circumstances, but it’s it’s pretty rude.
Out you go.
And I was in spirit in the soul form the energetic body. And I started going into these layers of reality that I call them.
And I’m thinking, why is this happening? Because I’m really not the captain of that ship.
And I kept going into the deeper levels of reality, the underlying imagery, the underlying energetic structures.
And I could see a grid.
It’s almost like a holographic imagery or repetition, but it’s in a grid format, and the closer I got, I saw the Milky Way Galaxy.
The closer I came in, I saw little golden sparkles of light that I was told were individual consciousness of people.
And then I went in further.
And it became a very emotional experience.
Because I was experiencing the beginning.
And the beginning was the pattern, and the pattern was the construct put together by the creator.
I don’t like to say things like.
Religious things. The creator, the creator put into place the grid.
To be like our universal library.
That we can call on.
A practical example is that.
When you get stuck.
The pattern provides a template.
To help you move forward to help you lift your consciousness.
So it’s like a.
It’s it’s background pushing out into our reality.
And as I mentioned, it was very I couldn’t.
Even talk about it.
Spent at least six months. I try to articulate this and I just I couldn’t talk about it without getting emotional sounding. I just quit talking about it or trying to.
And then I started.
That talking to my editor, who is in the process of the book that I had written.
And she said just write the description of what happened.
And those 3 paragraphs.
We’re traumatic.
But once I got out.
The emotion and and the the impact.
Of that experience.
I started to articulate it in writing.
And then eventually after that I they talked about it. We’re talking about it now. It only took me two years to get there.

00:52:25 Luisa
Oh well, thank you for sharing that.
The pattern it it I I mean I love the name. It’s almost like tapping into this quantum field of source or the the creator.

00:52:35 Kevin Jeffers
Exactly. It’s a quantum field.
It’s a quantum field.
Quantum energy as related to structure.

00:52:45 Luisa
Which is there which has always been there. It’s just I guess I’m using my simple terms that tapping into it.
Then how do we do this? I want to do this more often.

00:53:00 Kevin Jeffers
You know, I don’t know.
There was a lady who was a pastor in North Carolina at a church, kind of like I think it.
Was a Baptist congregation that was old school.
And she read the book.
And she’s always looking and always discovering. And she experienced the pattern and I said.
How in the world did you do that?
For me, I had. I was forced into it.
And you just did it.
And I was hoping for the answer and she said.
I don’t know.
I concentrated, I saw the grid and then everything filled itself in.

00:53:46 Luisa
Interesting, yeah.

00:53:46 Kevin Jeffers
So clearly ready to experience in that moment in time when I had spent a lifetime.

00:53:52 Luisa
Well, maybe in some in some way, the book is an activation for others.

00:53:57 Kevin Jeffers
I’ve got that feedback.
I did a a lecture at the International Association of Near Death experiences.
And I started talking about the pattern, exactly what we were.
Talking about now, no change, no variants.
And then people started standing up and sharing. They had seen the.
Pattern all their life.
But it wasn’t. It wasn’t that.
Impactful. An experience that they saw that their life.
Had a pattern.
There was a structure, there was a design and that goes back to when you decided to come here and to.
Take on the form that you take that you took and learn. There’s a pattern.
And you follow that pattern and the pattern correlates to the big pattern.
So I think.
The actually well, the scientists are a lot of doctors and.
Scientists that go to those those meetings.
And he said, look at nature.
Nature is a naturally occurring pattern.
A structure with a pattern of a geometric pattern.
And within that fits different patterns.
They said all you have to do is look around you and you’ll see patterns everywhere.
And I hadn’t even thought of that. I thought I had this unique experience, and then I found that it’s a common experience.
It just had a little kick added to it.

00:55:36 Luisa
Of course, and you’re sharing it today. So thank you so much, Kevin. I’ve loved having you on the show. Is there anything else you’d like to talk about to the passion, Harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?

00:55:49 Kevin Jeffers
Yes, and this.
Is what I say all the time, it’s.
Kind of like because my.

00:55:52 Luisa
Ohh good.

00:55:54 Kevin Jeffers
You are more than who you think you are.

00:55:59 Luisa
Very simple. You are more than who you think you are.
Well, perfect. Perfect, perfect. And a beautiful way to end the show.
Thank you, Kevin Jeffers for being on passion Harvest. It’s been a delight and so insightful. Thank you very much.

00:56:22 Kevin Jeffers
Thanks for having me here. I appreciate it.

00:56:23 Luisa
It’s my pleasure. Bye bye.


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