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How do you stop negative thoughts?

Whatever you think mostly about, you create it… What do you think about?

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Negativity and judgment can often hold us in negative thought patterns. Luckily, we can start to override those patterns and replace them. 

In this episode of  Luisa TV,  I share with you my TIPS for how to clear negative patterns of thought  and  how to live your Dream Life.

We all have these limiting beliefs that hold us back, and once we recognize and reprogram them, we can start to manifest the things we want in our life. 

“My intention for you is to reboot your system and turn any negative patterns that your mind is running into such relief and freedom.”

When it comes to attracting what you want, the universe can’t tell the difference between positive and negative thoughts. If you want to change anything in your life, its simple… change your thoughts. Only you hold this power of your own thoughts.

It is not always easy and our human existence can be brutal but we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. There is plenty to be grateful for amid everything we have. If you’re not paying attention, you can miss the tiny things that bring you joy.

And PLEASE .. never stop Dreaming. 

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“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

With Much Love,

Luisa x



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