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Messages ANGELS want YOU TO KNOW! How to Manifest ARCHANGEL ABUNDANCE & GUIDANCE with Belinda Womack.

As a child, Belinda communicated with Angels and Loving Beings in Heaven, however when she turned 12, she turned off her special heavenly radio receiver and decided to become a scientist. She did all she could to rely on the logical and rational part of her brain and earned two masters degrees; one in microbiology and one in environmental science.


All of her effort to be practical and rely on tangible evidence was blown away on the day, while working in a pediatric oncology lab, archangel Gabriel visited her and changed all she believed she knew about herself and life on Earth. Belinda loves to work with the 12 Archangels and Ascended Masters to relay their transformational and deepest-healing messages through online courses, advanced training, and personal consultations.

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Read the FULL Interview Audio Transcript Below.

Transcript Belinda Womack Interview with Passion Harvest

Transcript Belinda Womack Interview with Passion Harvest

Belinda Womack, welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m really so honoured and excited to have you on the show today. Welcome.

00:00:09 Belinda Womack
Thank you so much, Luisa, for having me.

00:00:12 Luisa
Ohh, it’s my pleasure.

00:00:15 Belinda Womack
We just spoke before about our afterward, towards the end of the show, I’d love you to channel the Angels for for the audience, that would be amazing. But for those that are not.

00:00:26 Luisa
Aware what are angels?

00:00:30 Belinda Womack
So angels, believe it or not, human beings have put a few different definitions on them, but from their perspective.
They are all loving.
Forces and they work with.
Undiluted love to help us, they say that love is the greatest healing power.
And so they they have a quality in their soul and and we all have a different quality right in our in our essence. So their essence is that.
They like to help.
They want help. They’re always benevolent. They’ve gotten some bad rap. You know, historically that they were that some angels can be troublemakers. But if you go to their true essence at the vibration of love.
They are helpers.

00:01:24 Luisa
I’ve heard before that angels have not had a human incarnation. Is this correct?

Belinda Womack
Angels can Incarnate as human beings, and they will do that in order to embody the human experience, and they do this to bring the love of their totally loving soul into their.
Into the DNA that we all share. So the human collective has genetics that are.
That’s the easiest way to put it. Stories and vibrations that we all share, and so angels will Incarnate in as human beings in order to lift those storeys up in order to bring love where love has been missing. So.
I’ve met a few more than a few angels and human beings. They still have to have such a thing as an ego and the human experience, but.
It’s amazing, right? The the the heart is clear and the mission is clear. And I I think that for.
Whether we are.
Angelic beings here as human beings, or wherever we might have come from throughout the.
Great Cosmos that for the most part, we are here to bring love.
Well, as you were saying that I’m just saying anyone that’s listening to this to this has to understand.
The vibration of you.

00:03:05 Luisa
You’re so relaxed and so calm and this is the frequency the OR the energy that you’re talking about. A big congratulations on your book lessons from the archangels. What what are the 12?

00:03:22 Belinda Womack
So this well that that.
For the lessons.
Was their first book lessons from the 12 Archangels Divine Intervention in Daily?
Life and they.
Have a brand new book out called Angel Abundance Revelations on true well.
So the the 12 Arch Angels, first of all their number is symbolic. The the number 12 represents from their again everything from their perspective evolution is certainly spiritual evolution coming back home to heart and to soul.
So if you think of the number 12, there are 12 hours on a clock face. There are 12 months to a year, so it’s all about moving forward and that’s why they like the number 12. They are here.
As mentors and ambassadors, and I call them, sometimes even governors of school rumour they call Earth school room earth.
And what they really like to make a point of is that.
Just because they’re called archangels doesn’t mean that they are better.
Than human beings.
Or better than a regular guardian Angel or a fairy Angel. They say that we human beings like to make hierarchy, you know, like we like to Make Love. This person has more power than this person or this ones better than this.
But their point being is that we all come from oneness and that the Ark in Archangel, it really means to create a bridge and they help us human beings to create bridges between our egos. That’s our conscious mind.
And our.
Souls between our hearts and our ego, they are always building, connecting links, helping us.
To bring that humanity home to our divinity.
So that our.
Experience changes because we change reality. We have that power.
We do just like an Archangel.
And we do that.
From the inside out. So the more love.
It’s an energy we bring within us.
Then our lives must change for the better. That’s divine law and it and it works. So that’s the mission of the 12 arch angels.

00:05:53 Luisa
Oh, that’s beautiful. I heard you mentioned before about Guardian angels. Do we? Does everyone have a guardian Angel?

00:06:00 Belinda Womack
Everyone usually has a troop of guardian angels, Louisa, because we need so much help to get through school, room Earth and guardian angels are.
They’re like our therapists and our counsellors, even if we don’t know it, even if we have no idea we have angels.
They are helping.
Us while we sleep at night and through our experiences and through our intuition to help us to.
You’ll stop reacting.
And to breathe and to say, OK.
What am I learning here?
What do I really?
Need because human beings for forget to ask for help. We do. We forget to ask for help.
We can get stuck in our heads and think ohh we have to figure out the answers. But when we connect with source, whatever your terminology for sources.
Belinda likes to use every term possible. Mother, Father, God, creator universe.
Divine oneness, infinite, divine source. But when we plug in, that’s when miracles happen. Miracles of understanding, miracles of calmness, of feeling, safe, of understanding what the next step is.
Calmness within helps. Whatever help we may.
Need from other human beings or.
Mother Nature, whatever.
We need. It helps us to come it it the angels help that us to receive it. So that’s what guardian angels do, is they they help us to receive help.
That’s their mission.

00:07:57 Luisa
Thank you, Belinda. Cause I feel so relaxed and and calm now. I’m sure you get this question all the time. I do as well. How can I connect with angels and my guardian Angel or the archangels?

Belinda Womack
It’s very, very simple intention. Intention works to have the desire.
With angels also communicate with action, they communicate through our own intuitive knowing through our own flow, and Louise says, sometimes human being.
They they want something dramatic.
And the angels are very subtle for the most.
Part, they mean unless we’re.
Very dramatic. Then they can show up quite dramatically.
But they want to.
They want to help us and they want to.
Make it easy for us.
So one thing that they do recommend for connecting with them is to go through what they call the divine inner child to go through your heart to connect with them.
So one of the ways that they teach to do this is to find a photo of yourself as a child.
And connect with that part of yourself. 1st through that photo.
And then you say to your inner child.
Show me my guardian angels.
Connect me.
Show me my helpers in heaven and even if you don’t have inner sight, you know that’s not your that’s not your thing. Trust what you feel.
Trust your feelings.
So the more you practise it, the easier it gets, because angels love to prove that they’re real, that’s their responsibility. They understand that this is very dense here on school room earth and that we need help believing.
And restoring that faith so to your listeners, I would say don’t hesitate.
To say OK Guardian angels and archangels and help.
Prove to me in a way that I will understand.
That you are.
With me and that I can count on you and that I can call on you. That’s what makes it really real.
Does that make sense?

00:10:27 Luisa
Oh, that was beautiful. Thank you so much.
I’m just thinking about your book Angel abundance, and this sounds amazing. How do we embrace Angel abundance in our lives?

00:10:45 Belinda Womack
The the point of this.
Book is it’s.
Very much like a treasure chest and a toolkit to help anyone who is willing to move from lack.
To abundance to move out of suffering.
In any area of.
Your life, the angels define true wealth.
As happiness, they say, look, human being. If you’re happy, then of course you have your everything that you need and everything that brings you joy. That is for your greatest good.
It may not necessarily always be what your ego wants.
Because it’s going to be something even better. So Angel abundance is plugging into soul soul.
Is that higher self that we have that is always united with source and as we lean into soul?
It’s it’s about.
Bringing Ego home, right. It’s about bringing ego home to heart and soul so that we can be supported and feel safe.
And so we can receive, we get taught a lot on this planet and certainly in the spiritual genre of manifest, manifest, manifest and the.
12 archangels say.
You know you’re human beings. Oh my goodness.
You manifest constantly.
That’s what creator does. That’s what God does, and that’s what you do. You are constantly manifesting the issue is, is that lots of times you’re manifesting what you don’t want.
So let us teach you how to receive from your soul and receive from source what you do want. What’s gonna give you a happy childhood, no matter your age and the other part of the book is that.
They teach us tools to transform suffering for the collective. So that’s a beautiful thing to participate in because we do have the power to help all the people in the globe and animals and trees and.
Amoebas, we we can help truly all on school rumours.
By going within, because that’s where we connect with oneness within.
Oneness without.

00:13:29 Luisa
Thank you, Belinda. I I just keep thinking.
For you it’s it’s it’s so easy but for.
Many of people.
They’re like, well, how can I connect? How can I connect?
With my angels.
I’m going to give a very simple example that we spoke about before the show. I’ve got paint on my arm. I was choosing shutter colours or bullet cutters shutters for my house in France.
I didn’t know.
What colour to choose? How would I ask the angels for guidance?
It’s the most simple stupid example that I’ve.

00:14:04 Belinda Womack
It’s not. It’s it’s a beautiful question and.
What they would.
Say is, breathe, Luisa, breathe and connect with your heart.
And then.
Ask with your feeling which of these pink colours.
Makes me feel expanded, makes me feel euphoric and lighter and.
Like my space is bigger, like my shutters, right?
Shutters are symbolic for in the human body, the rib cage, and if we open the rib cage, it opens our heart and the angels have an exercise that you open your rib cage. So let grief out.
Well, you open the shutters to let the sun in and the sun is symbolic for love and energy. So.
What colour does that?
Well, Luisa.
And her own divine inner child. Her. Her what they would call your little Luisa.

00:15:10 Luisa
I love that well, it’s definitely going to be green and for synchronicity I’m wearing green today, but there’s so many shades of green, but I think I’ve chosen the one.
But I love that just do what expands, not necessarily. What’s the best interior design colour, but what makes you feel happy?

00:15:30 Belinda Womack
Your happiness metre is really what counts, because it’s all about vibration and as we lift that vibration and we feel the joy, then it’s not just about the colour on the shutters, everything gets better.
And it builds trust.
Between your own head and your heart so that it’s.
Yeah, with let me back up with.
The Angels teach that, hey, school room earth. It’s all about.
Learning the difference between fear and love.
Where you find.
Fear it’s a lower vibration of love.
It does all kinds of things that makes.
Us go into.
Our heads, it makes us feel controlled.
Or makes us controlling it can pull us into guilt and shame and unworthiness.
Not that’s just not where we need to go so.
When we choose love consciously and how do we do that? Will you ask the question, does this make me feel happy? Does it?
Make me feel.
Good about myself. Does it fill me with hope?
Does it make me want to live, or, as Louise would say?
Does it fill me with passion?
So as you ask that question and you feel your vibration go up.
And that’s where heaven is heaven.
Is right here on.
The Earth heaven is abundance. Heaven is receiving abundance. So as our vibration goes up, we’re only naturally, organically.
Going to have far less fear in.
Our lives. That means a lot more security.
And how do you do that?
You say just you be it. The child again does this.
Make me happy.
And that colour on your arms?
According to your little to your little Louisa, she loves the colour and she says it was not an accident that you have it on your on your.
Well, it looks so different from the sample colour, but I figure it’s meant to be and it’s green. It’s so amazing.

00:17:51 Luisa
You spoke about the red cage and the heart. I’ll Belinda. That was beautiful. Thank you so much. Really. That was beautiful.
Spoke before about.
That that earth or our human incarnation as a school of life. What does this mean and why?

00:18:10 Belinda Womack
The Angels say that schoolroom Earth is a school that is truly one of a kind and that the Earth herself is one of the 12 archangels. It’s Archangel Gaia, so she’s much stronger than we may perceive because we.
We we truly are creating havoc all over school rumour.
It is part of.
Our education, and even though it seems like, appears that it is.
Permanent damage. She can heal her body. She can, but she needs us to.
Arise from fear. Make different choices and which again is part of our education. We come here from all over the great universe. Our souls create their personality. So your soul created Louisa to.
Experience fear so that you eventually.
I’ll grow it. And you say I choose love.
I choose to do what is for the greater good. I choose service of my heart. I choose to follow my passions.
Because that is how my soul speaks through me.

00:19:41 Luisa
Ohh that’s lovely and and what? What? What’s your thoughts on what happens when we transition from our physical body when we die?

00:19:51 Belinda Womack
We’re in school, so when we got through 1st grade, it didn’t kill us, right? So when we leave school room Earth.
And we leave our physical body, which belongs to Earth. We are immortal spirits. And so our nature, Angel, which creates our body that is here, creates a new body for us at a different vibration.
So we, our essence, our soul.
Together with the beautiful aspects of personality exit out of the vessel, out of the physical vessel, the vessel returns to mother diet and we have a new body and we continue and it’s amazing right now.
How popular near death experiences are? It’s just like.
Like for Belinda. It’s like, wow, this is I’ve never experienced such excitement about near death experiences, but it’s beautiful because what’s happening for the human consciousness one and all is that.
You know, there’s now scientific proof or some people call it scientific proof, enough evidence, right, tangible evidence that we don’t die.
We don’t die when we leave school rumour.
We may be.
Sent back, we may volunteer to come back.
We might choose to help from heaven.
Lots of choices that our soul makes.

00:21:34 Luisa
Life is so interesting, isn’t it?

00:21:34 Belinda Womack
That’s all.
And if the angels call it the school of Hard Knocks, it’s not an easy school.
It’s tough. It can be tough sometimes.

00:21:48 Luisa
Belinda, you did mention before that the archangels are here and would like to come through and perhaps channel a message for the audience. Would you be comfortable doing that?

00:21:58 Belinda Womack
I am happy to do that. Is there a particular area or question that you have for them that you feel would be the most helpful for your audience?

00:22:09 Luisa
No, I don’t at.
The moment I’m I, I’m blank so.
I’m gonna leave it up to.

00:22:13 Belinda Womack
You OK? OK. We shall see what they wish to share.
We are the 12 archangels of the central sun.
And we exist to help you to evolve through school room Earth. It takes such courage and determination to journey through the many, many lessons of getting to know your authentic self.
Beautiful human beings.
You are divine.
You are capable of everything, and when you choose love and when you choose.
For your actions to be for the greatest good of all concern, sometimes you may need to make this your choice every day.
But you will experience that life gets better.
On the hour.
And we say we are here.
And all angels are here.
So many countless angels to help you think of us as friends.
You are not here to journey through.
Schoolroom earth on your own.
You are here.
To help your soul, that essence of creator that is made of purest creators love your soul comes from source.
And you are here to help that soul experience, love.
By experiencing the opposite of love, which is called fear and fear, creates everything you don’t like, it creates stress.
It creates worries about the future. It creates all of the pollution and violence and.
But when you choose love.
That says OK, high yourself.
OK, soul, I’m getting it for you.
When soul can fill.
You with love the great love which is the highest frequency of power.
And so you lift and you rise.
Out of whatever the trauma.
Whatever the pain is into something far better.
Because you are the creator of your life.
Of course, your soul and your angels and your helpers in heaven are helping you to create what you experience.
Our message is to encourage you.
Let go of the past wherever it hurts.
It makes room for a happier present and a better future.
Choose love.
Ask does this truly make me happy?
This will guide you forward.
And you help us take the rest of humanity and the rest of school room earth with you as you evolve.
We love you eternally, for you are eternal.
We are here.

00:26:02 Luisa
Oh, that was so beautiful. Thank you so much.

00:26:07 Belinda Womack
They say that.
You are so welcome.

00:26:12 Luisa
And it’s so relevant because fear is such a powerful.
Thing I lived.
In fear for years, but particularly in our society.

00:26:21 Belinda Womack
Well, it’s like a big pool. It’s that you’ll be feeling positive and then that fear comes into the mental body, right?
Need it.
It it just comes sweeping into the mind like a tidal wave right now, and it’s like you’re just thrown over the Cliff.
Even if you can.
Recognise where you are. That’s the first step right that we said.
That you practise recognising.
Am I feeling afraid? Am I feeling contracted? Am I anxious? Is my breathing not flowing? That’s when.
We say.
I surrender.
I surrender to the joy of my soul. I surrender to the help of my soul.
And this is an old favourite of.
Belinda’s, you know, been working with these angels for over 30 years now. SOS, mayday. Angels rescue me now.
And so they pull up our vibration, they they.
Help to pull up our.
Vibration and that’s the amazing thing. And then we’re not afraid anymore and we have clarity and we get.
Right. What we’re supposed to learn?
Why? We’ve been giving our power away that we.
Don’t really need to.
Do that, I.

00:27:46 Luisa
Love that and it’s it’s so simple.
So many people.
Me in the past lived in fear, but it’s just such a simple way to assist in moving through it because it stops you from living.

00:27:59 Belinda Womack
It does. It is a real life zapper.

00:28:04 Luisa
It sure is.
And it’s not real, that’s the thing.

00:28:10 Belinda Womack
But it’s a good teacher.
Was so the whole the whole point.
Of school room earth. The reason it was created by creator.
Source divine oneness is so that All Souls, all of divine oneness, all of oneness, would not take love for granted.
So how do you know how good you’ve got it?
If you don’t experience the opposite of that and experience the power, the creative power, the passionate creative power of love, and how miraculous it is.
And it changes fear instantly.
Back into love.
Because love is real and fear is not.

00:29:04 Luisa
And I think once you’ve overcome particularly big fears, it becomes easier. In my, in my experience.

00:29:14 Belinda Womack
I I feel that that’s true for.
You know, for all human beings and.
Prayer meditation intention.
Asking for help.
Is the first step and the step that we need to.
Take all day long.
Is you’re not alone.
It’s you’re probably going through a test.
Or a lesson.
You have not been created. You haven’t been abandoned by creator. There is an all loving team of helpers for.
Each of us.
And our first step and always the step is.
You know to want something better. You know, the angels say that.
Fear is very entertaining for a lot.
Of human beings.
It Revs up their adrenaline so they have to kind of outgrow that that wow, you know, drama is exhausting. It’s exhausting.
Yeah, but it it it takes.
Awareness to come to that place that we have a choice. Do we want to live in a high drama life or do we want simplicity, meaning peacefulness, serenity.
That’s what works for me. Me too, right? But to recognise. Ohh if I say.
More peace please.
And then we receive it, right?
We human beings, we need to experience.
Receiving from source you need to experience miracles.
That’s why we’re on school. Remire is to experience love. And the more we experience love, then the less we have a taste for fear.

00:31:19 Luisa
Thank you, Belinda. I’ve got one more question for you. I won’t keep you much longer. You spoke before about most people create what they don’t want.
How how do we do this? And then how do we create what we do want?

00:31:34 Belinda Womack
OK so.
Create stories. So if we go to our to our ancestors or our family story.
They have.
A lot of trauma and drama for most human beings, maybe even if your own life did not have this.
If you go back a few generations, you’re going to find some trauma there and loss and grief and shock, and then that fear. It’s very heavy. It’s very dense.
So it gets stuck in our humanity.
As low vibration energy. And so it’s called the deep subconscious. Some people call it the cellular unconscious.
It gets trapped in there and then what happens is that we don’t know this, but a big part of the.
The source of creating our reality does come from that subconscious. It comes from the past. So in a nutshell.
What we want to do to no longer create fearful experiences is we need to transform the past. It may not be our own past of this life.
It could be past lives. It could be the past of our ancestors. It could be from this incarnation.
And the angels teach a very easy way to do this. They say to work with the energy of your Crown chakra and the colour of Violet, so they call it Violet fire. You can call it Violet energy or Violet love or.
Violet singing.
Light with it’s the top colour of a rainbow, so it’s all the same energy. All the same colours.
With that crown chakra energy.
Transforms fear into love, and it knows.
How to go to the DNA? It knows how to go into the cells and go into those emotionally and physically locked in stories from the past, the trauma and the shock of the past that we could have inherited from our parents or from our ancestors.
And it lifts it up.
And right now.
Humanity is still in a perching of the past.
But a lot of people don’t know that they’re purging. They feel that this is all there is, and that’s not true. That’s the illusion.
So there’s fun things to.
Do with the colour Violet.
You can swim in it, you can go.
Swimming in the Violet fire lake.
You can take a Violet fire, rain shower. You can stand under a Villa fire waterfall. But the main thing you want to do is to say I forgive it.
I forgive the past no matter what.
Is in the past.
And I choose love.
Because when we don’t.
Have the past.
When we’re no longer carrying the past.
It’s like emptying out that beautiful.
Bowl that now it has room.
For love.
And love can only manifest or create.
Heavens, abundance and happiness and freedom and joy.
And possibility.
And that’s divine law, and it works. And it works very quickly.

00:35:15 Luisa
Ohh, thank you Belinda. I’m imagining a beautiful. I’m looking behind you at your beautiful.
Purple images there, and I’m imagining beautiful purple light around me. Thank you so much, Belinda. Where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:35:32 Belinda Womack
Well, I would love for people to connect with me and so I have a website which is just my name, and we have some free, beautiful meditations to offer and lots of courses. And I give consultations so.
Please do reach out.
And get the Angels books because yes, really help quick.

00:36:00 Luisa
Yes, and I will leave a link below in the show notes to your website Belinda.
Oh my gosh, I’m so calm and relaxed and I can’t wait to put all your simple tools into practise.
Is there anything you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience? On a final note that I haven’t asked you?

00:36:19 Belinda Womack
Listen to Luisa.
And find your passion and then lots of times.
When a human.
Being knows what they’re passionate about. They still need to be filled with trust.
That they know what makes them feel passionate.
So let your angels and swords fill you with trust and let your passions eve.
Because we are always changing and always growing.

00:36:48 Luisa
Ohh yay, like clapping. That was such a beautiful way to end the show. Belinda, thank you so much for being on Passion Harvest. That was beautiful. Thank you very much. And the angels, of course.

00:37:01 Belinda Womack
You are most welcome. Thank you.

00:37:04 Luisa
Thank you. Bye bye.

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