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LIFE-ALTERING! Woman Shown PAST LIVES & DEATHS! TRUTH In-Between Lives & Afterlife | Dr. Toni Reilly

Why are you here?

Dr Toni Reilly is Australia’s foremost Past Life, Reincarnation and Afterlife Specialist. Toni trained under renowned psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss and at Arthur Findlay College in London. She is the author of AWAKE, exploring The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here.

Dr. Toni Reilly is Australia’s top Past Life, Reincarnation and Afterlife Specialist. She is the best-selling author of Awake The Purpose Of Life And Why You Are Here, and founder of the Toni Reilly Institute. With her visionary, intuitive approach to personal development, Toni has helped thousands of clients and students worldwide. Her unique methods of application and training have taken her across the globe, delivering programs, seminars, and training to audiences in the USA, Denmark, India, and the UK.

Toni’s credentials are second-to-none; she trained with the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss in New York and honed her mediumship skills at Arthur Findlay College in the UK. She earned her Diploma of Metaphysics and a Doctorate of Divinity, both of which support her research and visionary teaching. Her fresh approach to personal development has made her one of the most sought-after intuitive teachers today.

It has been two decades since she embarked on a mission of intensive development of visionary spiritual psychology and resources to help people navigate the complexities of life, grief, and death with ease. Over the years, she has dedicated herself to creating a comprehensive toolkit that offers guidance and support to those in need through her Diploma of SoulLife® Coaching.

Through her work, she has emphasised the importance of cultivating a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around us. Her approach focuses on integrating spiritual principles and practices into our daily lives, providing a foundation of inner strength and resilience that enables us to live with greater clarity and purpose.

With her resources, individuals and families can learn to navigate the many challenges that life presents, including dealing with loss and grief. Her work acknowledges the natural process of mourning and offers tools for coping with the emotional pain that accompanies it.

Dr Toni remains committed to sharing her knowledge and wisdom with the world, empowering others to live their lives with greater meaning, purpose, and joy.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Dr. Toni Reilly

00:00:21 Luisa
Doctor Tony Reilly.
Welcome to passion, harvest. I’m so excited to have you on.
The show today.

00:00:28 Dr. Tony Reilly
Thanks for having me know. So I’m excited.
To have our chat too.

00:00:32 Luisa
Ohh, it’s my pleasure. I’m gosh. I mean, we were just talking about your incredible life but.
And your expertise in certain very, very interesting fields, I’d love to start for the audience about past lives.

00:00:50 Dr. Tony Reilly
Past lives all Luisa. So those are my passion and they come from a place of.
Making this life better so when people are recalling their past lives, of course they can do it for curiosity. But my passion has been that they are doing it to understand their circumstances now or to fix something now fix and feel or leave them.
Of a physical ailment that.
Is carried over from then, so the the the therapeutic value of it is what intrigued me and proved to be very effective.

00:01:32 Luisa
So past lives, whether they’re happening now or not, we we can carry certain fears or cyclic wounds through our lifetimes. Is that correct?

00:01:47 Dr. Tony Reilly
We can, we can. I, I do wonder, actually, if it’s happening in order for humanity to at this stage in the evolution of humanity, to wake up to the where we’re actually from, because it seems like from my observations for 20 years going into these spaces.
Beyond past lives, even it’s it’s.
All planned or destined, and it’s like there are no glitches. So nothing’s happening by chance. So the fact that someone has to recall something that happened in the past life to relieve themselves or the wound or healing seems to be ohh. It’s part of this, this plan. If you like to wake people up and to realise that there’s more.
Back back 20 years ago when I started it, it’s quite out there.
Now it seems that it’s come a whole long way towards being somewhat mainstream, and I remember back then my guidance was that this to to help this become mainstream. So it’s it’s worth. And yeah, I think that’s part of why.
People have.
Things following through from the past lives to help us delve again, realise where we’re from.

00:03:10 Luisa
You did mention where.
Are where we’re from. Where are we from?

00:03:16 Dr. Tony Reilly
Well, I go at home, but it’s it’s a collective energy that will part of and I think there’s always a bit wide discussion about God and universal energy and consciousness. And I suppose it’s all of those things because they’re just names.
Or what seems to be or certainly feels like it when you get to visit there.
Have a transcendent experience there. Just this collective energy that we’re all part of home so.

00:03:50 Luisa
How have your recalling your past lives or remembering your past?
Lives helped you?
In this life, as doctor Toni Reilly

00:04:02 Dr. Tony Reilly
Initially, when I first became aware of past lives, I was in my 30s and having my own tumultuous time divorce and that kind of thing, and I was delving for.
I I’ve been told I was intuitive and I was intrigued as to how I could reach that age and not know that I was in fact have no clue. So I started delving. I started meditating. I was guided to. I was told to. You have to meditate if you want to understand this. So I started to do that and in that process.
The lady who I found to start meditating with.
She told she ended up telling me to read the Brian Weiss book, which was when I became aware of past lives. Many lives. Many masters is what I read, but because of reading that not only did I have my wake up call like ohh my goodness, this is what I’m doing and I also obviously wanted to try it out.
And I so I went to marry the lady that told me to read it and said I I must do this. And she said Ohh I can do that so. Oh, less than a week later I was on her couch having my first past life regression and I had a couple of symptoms.
To be honest, at that stage of my life I didn’t really realise.
That I had anything wrong with me per say kind of thing floating through life, motherhood and working and everything.
And I thought, oh, OK, yeah, I.
Do have some weird things one of.
Them was I went.
Through school, covering my writing, and if someone was behind me and.
I thought they.
Were leaving. Ohh, couldn’t be cringed. Me.
And I thought.
Gee, that’s actually a bit weird if you think about it.
So I asked.
For that and I asked for speaking in public.
I couldn’t do it. I.
Couldn’t speak in front of anyone.
And really my only speaking in public thing was at my wedding where?
You stood up to say.
Thanks for coming. And no, it was just the worst thing felt like I was going to spank. And so I asked about that.
And I also asked about how my my mid 30s and I don’t know that I’m intuitive. What’s what’s this about? So those are my three things and.
On Mary’s couch.
And she regressed me. I immediately kind of textbook, I suppose, could see in here, could see how my eyes closed. Of course. And it was just.
Happening without trying or was getting glimpses of images and I was knowing and I felt really emotional.
So I saw.
Who lives actually that address those things and from from that session there was nobody could tell me that I made.
That up, I know I didn’t make.
It up, it was an imagination.
It was all happening and I thought.
It was just extraordinary.
And of course, the wonderful thing was it did fix those issues for me. So and I didn’t realise then that my life would take off in this direction and that would become the past. Those specialist and and even beyond that. But it cleared those things that would have stopped me doing that.
I had access to my really strong intuition and my psychic ability.
And of course that same stream is what helped me write and develop the programmes that I did, and I of course had to speak in front of people and write articles and things. So all of these things were cleared in my in those couple of past lives that I saw and.
Here we are now a little later and it’s like shut that.
Girl up now.

00:07:54 Luisa
So for those that.
Haven’t experienced their past life or had a past life regression. You say you see it with your minds eye. Do you mind explaining to those who haven’t experienced? What is it? Is it like watching a movie? I’ll leave it over to you. But is it like watching a movie and and?
My other question is, do you do?
You feel the emotions.
And all the pain.

00:08:17 Dr. Tony Reilly
Yes, I can. I can. I can explain this. First of all, it’s like it is a bit, I liken it to a dream because when we’re dreaming, we’re not awake. So it’s coming in without imagining or.
Daydreaming even. It’s it’s.
Just there. So, though it’s not metaphoric.
You know how.
Dreams are often odd, and you’re you’ve got people in there that you have maybe never thought of before, and suddenly they’re in a dream and it’s very, very metaphorical. But the past lives are very.
Are structured just as a life would be, and you’re seeing very normal everyday everyday things that one would experience in life. But so yes, it’s happening in your mind. Your eyes are closed and I suppose it would be what we call it comes through our clear senses.
So our Claire.
Violent sense is when.
We’re seeing things in here without our eyes.
So that’s how it’s coming in, but all of the senses are at play, so we can feel so you can feel pain if it’s pain, you can feel emotion as if you’re there and you can see you also know. So you might see a snippet of an image, a home or a road or something.
And they know that that’s your house. You know, it’s not your house, but your work there, you know, all of this information that goes with it.
But as far as feeling the pain, some people are prolific and others are kind of observing it. But one thing for sure is nobody has to feel the pain again when it’s physical pain. So what we can do is just to have them just look at what’s happening so that they don’t have to.
You look particularly if it’s.
I was going to say horrific like.
Extreme pain.
People say themselves on battlefields.
Yeah, yeah, there’s no need to fill that again.

00:10:16 Luisa
So I guess well, this is your show today. So when you when you see, I’ve experienced past life, so I know, but I’m just trying to explain it for the.
Audience for you.
Obviously it doesn’t look like too.
Are you an observer or are you that other person?

00:10:37 Dr. Tony Reilly
I find that I find that people go between the two sometimes you’re.
In the body.
As the person. So you’re looking out and usually when.
We start, we have the person.
The client looked down at.
Their feet so it.
You’re literally in the body then, and you’re looking down at your feet, but then you could be looking back at yourself as well, and then you can be observing the scene.
You could be seeing yourself walking away or on the battlefield, so you’re observing, but I do find it goes between the two.
And even if people are doing multiple regressions, it can switch from regression to regression. I think that’s why it’s such an extraordinary or maybe intuitively LED therapy, because you have to be comfortable with being able to move with whatever’s happening as the facilitator and not forcing it to be a certain way.

00:11:31 Luisa
Yes, and it’s hard following our intuition to sometimes some you can think this is made up or it’s just some.
Bizarre thought. So I have to ask you how? What? What did you see or experience that helped you change? For example, your fear of public speaking or covering?
Up your writing.

00:11:50 Dr. Tony Reilly
Ohh noise. I love talking about my experience. I can still remember it even though it was a really long time ago. So the.
They’re speaking in public like I saw myself as it was the 2nd past life that I saw in my session, but I saw myself as a man in my 40s. I was plump, but I could see I had those black buckle shoes on with white stockings and knickerbocker pants, and I knew that I was someone of significance in our town.
And I also could see myself writing with a quill in the most beautiful handwriting, and a in a big leather bound.
Book so I could see that.
I did that I.
Knew it was someone of note in my community.
And what what I saw was I had gone to the people I I thought I was the mayor or of that type of calibre. And I’d gone to the people to warn them that we were having a storm and that we have to kind of batten down the hatches, if you like. And.
It sounds so simple. It’s not even.
A A scary thing to see, but they wanted to know how could I possibly know, and the people were very.
Suspect of me? How would I know that and as part of that they also found my book that this writing that I’ve been doing, which apparently was all of my insights, and I don’t think I told anyone about them, but I was journaling my insights and.
The dreams that I’d had.
And when they saw them and read them, they thought I was nuts and they locked me up. So. And I died in the in the lock up. So that’s what I saw for the public speaking.
And for the intuition, I saw myself as a young girl in my teens in Scotland, and I saw that I was. This is a very short version. I had quite a lot of detail, but I saw myself that I was to be hung old, deemed a witch in the witch days it was in this.
Eight 1700s.
And I could see where I.
Was to be hung.
On a platform in the little village and the people were there jeering.
And and yeah, so that’s what I saw and I also.
I remember that was my first even.
Insight into Scotland or.
History was not a history buff, but I since have been to that town where that happened twice. I went before I even realised that that was the same place where that had all taken place in the 1700s, but.
I did. I found out so much information because I regressed for it. Probably another 15 years later to get more information. So, but it fixed it made me both of those things, made me be able to speak right and.
Yeah, all the things I.
Needed to do.

00:15:02 Luisa
That’s amazing. All of that. And also you actually went back to the town, so you had an incredible amount of detail.

00:15:07 Dr. Tony Reilly
I know.
Yes, I know to have gone to that town in Scotland twice, twice and it was so special, it was not, even though obviously I was. I was.
Killed there and died from being a witch there. I loved it there and I loved it there before I died as well. Used to, you know, make poulters and things to help with people’s wounds and all of that kind of thing. So.

00:15:34 Luisa
So all the yes, yes, I’m just thinking we take our humanness so seriously and.

00:15:34 Dr. Tony Reilly
Yeah, most extraordinary. Yeah.

00:15:40 Luisa
It is very real.
But I guess on a soul level it doesn’t damage us.

00:15:46 Dr. Tony Reilly
No, not at all. Not at all.

00:15:48 Luisa
Which is hard.

00:15:51 Dr. Tony Reilly
I think it’s very hard to fathom and it’s I guess it’s one of the challenges when you’re speaking about all this, this kind of thing when you’re talking to people who’ve not had any sort of transcendent experience, I think some just naturally believe it because they must feel that it’s true. But for people who haven’t.
By the transcendent experience, it’s almost like.
They just cannot fathom that there’s something more, so it’s so much easier to speak to people who’ve had some sort of transcendent experience, whether they’ve experienced it spontaneously themselves. They’ve had dreams that feel so real past life, even, or they’ve had something facilitated.
Near death experiences, which would be spontaneous, but if they’ve had facilitated past life regression or in between lives sessions, that kind of thing.

00:16:44 Luisa
Oh my gosh, I’ve got so much to talk about. One more question about past lives. Have you have you experienced a death in your past life?

00:16:53 Dr. Tony Reilly
Always, always the most important element of past life regression is the death scene. It’s the it’s the point in the lifetime where that client actually gets to speak with their soul, or that’s how that’s what’s actually happening even while they’re experiencing the past life. But when they die.
Also, when we die in the past life, it’s often where the true.
Well, carries over now because it might be that we.
Fell off the horse or and it caused us to.
Have us all.
Back now, whatever it is.
The death scenes super important, and when I’ve experienced death scenes, I’ve had many regressions. By now, it’s always and this I I must say this is 99% of the case with the thousands of people I’ve regressed. It’s always peaceful.
Even when people die unexpectedly in an accident, or worse, their life was taken by someone else they murdered.
Still, it’s their time to go, and that actual soul knows that, and they pop off straight home and.
I guess what happens at that stage if it wasn’t so before they remembered? They remember who they are and where they’re from and that we were down here doing this.
You know, in the spirit of.
Whoever we were living.

00:18:15 Luisa
As So what happens when we die and?
Where do we go?

00:18:21 Dr. Tony Reilly
Well, from what I can from what I have experienced and observed on the thousands of with thousands of people is we go when we go home, we basically go home. So this soul go straight back into collective energy or back to solar energy free of the body free of.
Anything human, which are our thoughts and our physical feelings and senses, we’re free and we go back. And I think even when people are dying.
As a person and they talk, seeing their loved ones and of course we have mediumship as well where we can connect with our loved ones that are passed over. But they seem to come and see us while we’re still human because once we leave our body, it’s quite different. The energies are all. They’re all there.
The spirit that we were or what we were doing here, it’s almost like it’s. What’s that? What goes on on Earth stays on her. We we head back to our soul energy and it’s kind of all.
Heaven, if you like, just a beautiful peaceful.
That well, it happens to for those that have lost loved ones. You’ll explain from what I understand is that our loved ones really are always watching us or with us in some dimensional way.
Yeah. One of the beautiful side effects all past life regression was developing a few ways who help people now, and one of them was it it. It happened spontaneously. It’s of course now we know we can facilitate it. Is that.
Rather than have a medium, I’m totally into medium ship. I think it’s a beautiful thing for people in grief, but instead of having a medium and we have a passed over person and of course someone who wants to hear from that passed over person, we can connect the person who’s here is still alive with their person, can get them to.
Come in and visit them.
And justice in a similar way as if they are calling a past life, but their person comes in and visits them. It’s very special and very beautiful for anybody who’s still here and grieving and wondering how their person is on the other side if they’re still there. All of those things. So yeah.

00:20:40 Luisa
Yeah, that’s beautiful. For those maybe perhaps aren’t.
Ready to have a past life regression? What would be your advice if they’re looking to connect with their loved one that’s transitioned?

00:20:57 Dr. Tony Reilly
Ohh I feel like.Just telling them to trust the signs. The signs are subtle, yet they’re there. And I think when people lose someone, I feel like for a lot of people, it’s their very first.
Ohh foray into that. There is something.
More to life than.
Our body and this. So I would say if they’re wanting to connect with their person, look out for the signs, the subtle signs that come, things like.
Maybe something’s moving, maybe lights turning on. Maybe they’re seeing butterflies or the all sorts of things that people maybe even some people make fun of. But if it’s for you, you know it. You know it, because it goes beyond chance. And I think people who.
Are connected with the person they’ve lost. They know when their person’s there or there’s a bird or whatever it might be.
But I think as far as having a real connection with them, I don’t know if other people do this, but all I can say is, is the most beautiful experience. There’s nothing to fear. And I also would like to say with mediumship, if you want to seek out a medium then.
To trust your intuition as to.
Finding yourself a good one.
There’s so many good ones I I find. I guess it’s tricky because there’s a lot of. I don’t know. I guess scammers because our social media is so far and wide now, but I am not a.
I’m not negative about mediumship, and I’m certainly of all of the mediums that I know, which is many. They all come from a good place and wanting to help people move through their grief and connect with their loved ones. So I think you you will be able to find a fabulous meeting to work with.

00:22:59 Luisa
Thank you, Tony, I’m digressing here, but.
Intuition. People often ask me how do I follow my intuition and that might be for someone who’s listening. I’m not on the right path. I know what’s right. I’m too afraid to do it. How? What’s your advice to follow your intuition?

00:23:18 Dr. Tony Reilly
Intuition is I feel like we need to teach our children this from the day dot to trust their instincts, but I feel like because.
If we can.
Trust that inner knowing we will have it.
If we trust it, then life is just so much easier, and I think the the one thing with intuition is.
Often, if not always, it defies logic and but it never leads us astray, so trusting is.
Probably getting used to your way and we all it all comes to us in in our way. So being able to understand how that is is key. Probably meditating helps or even doing development.
Classes or courses and.
There’s so much out there now on the Internet that you can help to develop your intuition.
But I think it’s really.
In a nutshell, it’s getting to trust the feeling when it feels.
Right or not, right, but I feel.
Like what happens is.
They come in louder, as in they’re clear and they repeat. It’s almost like if you’re supposed to take.
Notice you’ll hear it again and again, even if it’s something like take the next left, take the next left when you’re out driving. Then you supposed to take the next left. No, listen. Listen to those thoughts that persist.

00:24:41 Luisa
In between lives that you mentioned, it was heaven like.
Do you think we choose to Incarnate?
Again, cause many people say I never want to come back.

00:24:54 Dr. Tony Reilly
And I I know they do because it’s so hard down here and I think something that.
A lot of people just cannot comprehend is that.
Living life as a person is. It’s literally that, and it’s fraught with emotion. I feel like that’s the purpose of being a person, actually, because it’s something that we we just don’t have when we’re not in the body. In fact, there’s lots of things we don’t have when we’re not in a body, but we come here to experience emotion and.
Everything that happens.
To us, whether it invokes a fabulous emotion or traumatic emotions, it invokes emotion. So that’s what life is all.
About and everything that we’re doing down here is part of our blueprint. Each time that we come and yes, we agree every time we we agree and we’ll know what we’re doing before and it’s actually why maybe something that can help people.
Trust that this.
Is, so is even. Things like deja vu.
Yeah, you get, it’s almost like you get this tiny insight for a moment, but you can’t deny when it happens. I I’m sure everyone’s felt deja vu just now and again. It’s almost like you get just this tiny insight into the plan or blind people are into it and they can see or sense what’s going to happen.
As a child, they feel like they’re going to do a certain thing, and of course they do do it. I think what happens in society is we say you made your dreams happen, but actually it’s like this was what was going to happen and it’s why you have this drive for.
It and you you knew.
As a young person, or whenever the time comes that you know.
And you follow it, the compulsion happens. You keep following it. All of these are kind of.
Assurances that everything is planned. I guess the hard thing is when we’re going through trauma and we have bad relationships, but all of those things are also part of the plan and they are to help us.
I guess.
Grow as an.
Individual while we’re here and whatever, be courageous, be vulnerable, whatever we have to do while we’re here to grow.
As a person.

00:27:21 Luisa
Interesting and and the French translation for deja vu was already seen, so it’s it’s.
Which I’m sure you knew well. Well, now.
That’s a fun fact for the day.

00:27:32 Dr. Tony Reilly
That’s a fun fact for me, then. Love it. Yeah.

00:27:38 Luisa
What’s? Your thought on spirit guides and angels.

00:27:43 Dr. Tony Reilly
OK, I have someone, I think that.
Basically, when we go home beyond between lives, because between lives is essentially this reincarnation planning spot.
And we can visit there.
And see soul families and that kind of thing. But some of that is still a little bit human oriented or inspired. But our spirit guides and angels. Yes, I think they’re.
They’re real and they’re probably assurances that we need as a person that we are, that we are not alone when we are going through hard times. It’s the assurance that we have help from beyond and they also sometimes appear to people in as very human like forms.
So and I guess that happens. All my observations are it happens for each person as they need it to be.
For wherever they are at in life, because there’s some people who will be very connected with the afterlife and the spirit realms, and probably very, very happy to see colour or energy more so than humanist forms or human forms. But yeah, I think angels and spirit guides are just energies.
I actually would go so far as to say there’s sometimes the there’s sometimes people.
That we’ve been before.

00:29:08 Luisa
I’ve got a.
Couple more questions, if that’s OK with you.

00:29:11 Dr. Tony Reilly
Yeah, please.

00:29:13 Luisa
Is there an end point to the reincarnation cycle?

00:29:18 Dr. Tony Reilly
Oh, oh, that’s a big question.
I’m kind of surmising here because from what I?
Stan is there is a trajectory of this human experiment. That’s what I call it. Human experiment. But I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon. But yes, I’m sure there’ll be an endpoint to it at some stage, probably thousands of years from now. But.
I feel like I feel like what’s happening though or not. I feel like it’s a bit feel like and also messages that come through is.
Humanity is changing and it’s very evident when we see the young kids that are born now. Actually, they’re not kids anymore. The young people born since 2000 are predominantly more sensitive than we were, and it’s because they default to their intuition, whereas we defaulted to logic doing that alone.
So those kids are now 23, they’re.
Young adults. So what?
Happens is they because they’re more?
Intuitively and heart led, they have more natural compassion, natural empathy. So.
What will happen is these these young people soon will be in positions of power, so our schooling.
Will change and our.
The the way that we educate our corporate world, all of these things that have been part of Western culture for so long or life really will change as these young people.
Start to make that big or have already, but make those big changes and I’m sure what’s happening now is we’re moving back towards how when we started, when humanity started. And we’re very much more connected and less probably less logical because we didn’t need to be back then. We needed our intuition.
You know, just stop being eaten by animals or dinosaurs. Whatever.

00:31:17 Luisa
Of course. So. But you we. Yes, thank you. So we’ve talked about past lives. Have you delved into future lives?

00:31:25 Dr. Tony Reilly
Yes, a little bit, a little bit. And even when I did future lives, it was more to help somebody. Now if they’re a little bit, we’ll call it stuck on maybe a partner coming back who was not and you were able to ask them to go forward and five years, 10 years.
Thing like that to give them some peace and acceptance, potentially if that person wasn’t going.
To be there.
So for that reason, they were allowed to go forward.
Here and there.
But yes, even in a group situation, you can meditate forward and ask people to go into the future and see what life is like, and they will. I think that each individual also gets what they’re allowed to know for the future. And yeah, so various experiences come back for what’s happening in the future.

00:32:18 Luisa
It’s so it’s so interesting, yeah.
It is, it really is.
Do you are we touched on it before?
Do you think all our lives are happening now?

00:32:30 Dr. Tony Reilly
You know what? I bet they are because the energy is just it’s so one when you’re beyond. When we’re in this sort of dense energy, it it truly is all one. So it must be.
Forgive my unscientific description of this, but it does my head in because I’m.
A person now, and it’s like, oh, come on, need to see these things in a bit of a timeline. They’re having said that it’s very obvious. There’s no time even when you have a transcendent experience. Even when people go into their past lives, they’re.
There maybe for an hour and maybe longer, and it feels like 5 minutes.
They’ll come back.
And say that so it’s timeless, but yeah, probably everything is, but I don’t know. I think as humans now in what are we in 2023 then when people see their past lives, they’re in history. So it’s.
Historic. So at some point in time, you’ll go back and recall a lifetime. It doesn’t get all jumbled though having said.
I must say we do go elsewhere as well. We go to other places they go to. I just, I call them other schools. Yep. Yep. Other places, other planets. So yeah, it’s not just.

00:33:38 Luisa
Planet of the planet.
You’ve done regressions with clients that are on that are potentially extraterrestrials or different life forms on other planetary multiverses.
Us here on Earth.

00:33:56 Dr. Tony Reilly
Yeah, yes. And because I was not in the know about really any of this and I never studied it actually. So every most things that I’ve seen or heard of have come through my clients, but yes they they go to other places and one of the most exciting things was.
When they do go to those other places, they they were usually people who were as surprised or shocked to see what they thought and they were not in the know about it either. So it made it very credible as well.
You know, come up and go. What happened there? But they see what they see and I feel what they feel. And one thing I can say is when I go elsewhere other than Earth, it’s a much more energetic and I’m going to say a much more beautiful experience. So Earth is the hard one where we have our emotions there. It seems to be.
It’s different. We’re doing something different there, a different experience, I suppose.

00:35:00 Luisa
And it’s.
Your from your experience that.
We have almost. Maybe my.
Words aren’t correct and oversold.
We’re we’re here in our humanist, but we.
Have a soul.
Well, not up there, but.
We have a soul.

00:35:15 Dr. Tony Reilly
Yes, Luisa, we do. We do and that’s all energy is all collective as well, but if you.
If we talk.
In as you or me or anyone else.
For that matter, if.
We look at it as as we have a soul, yes. And that soul has the memory of each life that we’ve led.
Wherever that may be.
And that’s why we can access it. And I guess we return.
To that energy.
And when people go to the in between lives, if they’re interested, or it’s important for them to do so, they can see the other souls that they come here with.
Over and over again, so meet their whole family per say so. Yeah, we’re a soul. Each of us has a soul. We.
Are a soul, yeah.

00:35:57 Luisa
It’s so interesting. Well, that takes me on to your sole life coaching programme.
Do you mind sharing a?
Bit about that with the audience.

00:36:04 Dr. Tony Reilly
I don’t so.
All of this work.
There were things we discovered about life being planned, so we were able to develop a new psychology. I call it. It’s a spiritual psychology, and I teach it to people so that they can use it with others to help them navigate life and heal. And and I call it solar coaching. So.
We have our next intake early next year. So at the moment we are taking application.
Or solar coaching. And if people are interested in learning it, they can find it on my website which is, but rather than me give a big story about it, please go have a look. If you’re interested. Of course, passive aggression is a big thing and taking people to looking at their loved ones.
Going in between and a lot of human stuff as well to help us get through our, you know, our day to day life.

00:37:06 Luisa
And I will leave a link below in the show notes below. This show I’ve loved having you on is. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t?

00:37:09 Dr. Tony Reilly
Thank you.
Is there anything else you would like to share with the Passion Harvest audience that I haven’t asked you today.

00:37:17 Dr. Tony Reilly
Ohh Luisa I the one that’s coming to me is to say is upon yourself. I think that I feel like people, we’re almost our own worst enemy in life where we’re beating ourselves up for one thing or another. And if we if you get in touch with yourself.
And then and trusting yourself, then all of that becomes a whole lot easier. So ease up on yourself.

00:37:45 Luisa
Simple excellent advice, doctor. Tony Reilly, thank you so much for being on Passion Harvest.

00:37:51 Dr. Tony Reilly
Thanks for having me. Ohh, you’re welcome. Bye bye. If you liked this episode, please do subscribe.


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