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Man DIES & shows PARALLEL LIVES, Multiverse, FUTURE & End of his REINCARNATION Cycle | Rafael Garcia

He died and was given the meaning of life.

Rafael Garcia floated above his body and went into the light. He met lost loved ones on the other side and was introduced to the council of light where he experienced a life review.

Afterwards he understood the dimensions of life from 1 to 11, the Origin Consciousness, or the Creator of our Multiverse cluster where you start seeing the fabric of all creation from the multiverse.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Rafael Garcia

00:01:01 Luisa
Raphael, I’m so excited to have you on the show today. Welcome to passion harvest.

00:01:08 Raphael Garcia
Thank you so much guys. Thank you so much for inviting me today. I’m really happy.

00:01:11 Luisa
Ohh my God, it’s my pleasure. And gosh, your experiences are unbelievable for the audience and there’s so much more than this. But I to start, I’d love to start with your new death experience.

00:01:26 Raphael Garcia
Yes, of course.
You know, so I’ve basically in 2004.
I I had a a near death experience and.
And this is just an energy that came into.
My room and.
I was actually.
Asleep. And then I woke up and I thought.
It was a spirit, I thought felt.
The present and then all of a sudden I.
Knew there was like a.
A portal that came right above.
And as I saw that portal, I saw the.
Light the light.
And then once I saw the light.
It was just all this.
Overwhelming love and light and live that my soul I did not. They didn’t even question it. I just flew into the light and like you know, I came out of my body and I just dived into my into the light and I went into that portal.
And as soon as I I.
Stepped into that portal, I saw my family members.
On the other side.
And they were all smiling and they were all happy.
And they were all really.
Just laughing and you know, they came and cuddled me and I was just like, it was really ever, you know, it’s just like, like, what’s going on with you guys over here? Like, Nice to see everybody. And then so it was like this welcoming party. And they, they, they greeted me. And then after that, they all told me, well, we’ll see you a little later and then, you know, like.
You you have.
To go there, I saw a a door and a chamber and they told me you have to go.
Over there now and.
Then we’ll see you in a little bit. And I was.
OK. And then so then I I went into that door cause I knew I just knew I had to go in there. And once I walked inside that Chamber, I saw what they called the Council like, which are like these like angels or archangels or.
Just really old souls.
And and they were there really me with so much love.
You know it. It’s no, there’s no judgement.
There’s not like you’re.
In a courtroom or.
Anything like that?
It’s like you know this.
Is just imagine like.
Being your parents or your grandparents or.
Your mom and.
It was like family members.
That love you. You know, there’s, like, there’s your judgement. And so there is like.
You know, so poor.
People that sometimes all.
The counts so lightly, like they’re there to judge me. Nah, they love you unconditionally, you know. And so.
So I felt this peace and love it.
Just felt so.
Much love. It was like, Oh my.
God. And then like so once I walked in there.
They were like, OK, you know, you’ve done a great job. We’d like to show you your life review which.
Is, you know like.
A whole movie about your life.
Because so your whole life is.
Being recorded as a.
Movie. And then so then I was able to.
So then I.
Realised that each one of those councils actually represented like a different lesson life lessons.
That we’re here.
To learn and to master so that so that every life experience everything is to teach us.
The lesson, you know, and the lessons basically, are like the virtues. So it will be, you know, to be unconditional, loving, to love, to be unconditional, love, to be compassionate, to be kind, to be honest, to have integrity. Then then, you know, there’s none to be non judgement, to not to judge anymore to to forgive.
To let go to be patient, you know so.
All the virtues that we’re here to.
There are basically all life experiences.
Come to us to teach us.
One of those lessons so if if you if people are going to like a heart shape in life or whatever, it is challenges in life, you know, it’s basically they’re going to be to teach you like to, like, go right like oh, you go. You need to like go with this person or you need to let go of these circumstances or you need to let go of of of your life you know.
Maybe you’re in?
A. You know, in a bubble of comfort zone.
And then, you know, we’ll have to leave.
You, or the universe itself, will bring your experiences will.
Use your job.
Where your marriage, you know, you basically end up getting divorced or separated or different circumstances in life that that will have to come down into will can come.
Into your life.
By your higher self.
To teach you the lesson. So that’s what I came to understand. So they they showed me that everything in life was there to teach us. And then and then in the life review, when I was shown the life review, it was really incredible because I actually once I went the live review I saw like, you know, like I helped this old lady across the.
And when I helped that Lady across the street, this being of life, which is like represented compassion, kind of lit up and and it was like really proud of me. Like, this is what you show compassion. This is when you learned this trait. And then I was really happy. And then also I was able to become everything in that life with you I was able to become other all the other people that were there.
That I interacted with, so I.
You know, I became this old lady.
And crossing the street and.
I saw the old.
Lady Raphael holding. And last night I laugh a lot. So smile. And so I.
Was just laughing and I I saw.
How the old lady was really.
Appreciated of me and then I became the trees. You know, I became the rocks. I became the birds. You start.
Becoming everything in the library.
So it’s it’s pretty fascinating.
That in that space you actually become everything. But I came to understand then at that point that that, you know, that’s one of the messages I think that I would love to just be able to, to, to tell people to share people that don’t worry, you know, all.
Life experiences like any.
People that are going through any difficult.
Experiences try to decode the.
Life experience and try to see what.
Lesson there’s to be learn because you’re.
Gonna learn there’s there.
Is there to teach you, so if you.
See it from a higher.
Perspective, then, is there to teach.
You, as a lesson and then.
So that was.
That part of you know, uh, then I saw the ripple effect too as well. So when I when I when I helped this old lady cross the street.
Then I saw.
How the old lady went home and.
She called her daughter.
You know and cause. Tell her she loved.
Her cause and.
She told her about me that I.
Help you know. Help her across the street. Then. I was really sweet to her. And then her. You know, she was so happy with her mom. And then her. She ripped that Ripple effect with her husband and her kids and then at her work she was really happy because. Yeah. So it was that ripple effect that that you’re able to see how you’re able to have an effect on people. So that’s something you would recommend people to try to do like every night.
Before you go to bed, you know, like, meditate on your on your, on your life review of the day, you know, see like where, where you can have done better like ohh well, you know, maybe I I I got angry. But you know this time or I got upset or I wasn’t patient or whatever situation happen in your life.
Try to do.
A little life with you like you.
Know life with.
You before you go to bed and see how you could improve for the next day. You.
Know. So then comes the.
Next day, and then you’re like in the same situation because the same situations will keep coming back and not.
Back, you know, because you have to.
Learn the lesson. So then you’ll be like.
OK, well I already know that OK this.
I have to you know.
Not get so upset and and or I have to learn the lesson to be patient.
To learn the lesson to whatever it is to to, to, to be.
Honest or whatever it is.
You know, so if you I I you know I feel.
Like I always start encourage people.
To do life reviews like at the end of the night, you know, like a little meditation and that way.
They can reflect so they.
Don’t have to wait until they die. You know every.
Day you can reflect on it.
And you can improve yourself. It’s a personal development kind of tool.
That you can try.
To become a better you or your higher.
Self. Right. So. So yeah, that’s.
You know, basically my experience.
In in the in, the in the likely, but then also they were at that point they showed me all I was like. I became my herself. And when I became my herself, I was able to see all my parallel lines. All these lifetimes that that were all like.
In the little sphere.
Like a like a bubble of light.
Like it was white. And then I saw screens in those little bubbles and they were like like like 1000 all around me. Like, imagine like little bubbles all around me. And they were all. And then I became one with my herself. But I saw all those bubbles. And I knew at that.
Point that each one of them.
Have been alive.
And then I realised at that point that they’re all happening at.
The same time, because they’re all there.
In that space and time, they’re all the.
Lifetimes are very just just.
Happening, they’re all at different frequencies, but they’re all the lifetimes are happening at the same time.
And and then.
And then I was able to to see all that and then I was able to I.
Saw that I still had.
Like 6 more.
Bubbles too, so there’s to complete the cycle. So there’s a.
The way I’ve.
Shown like it’s like we go there is, so they’re.
All happening at the same.
Time, but at the same time you go kind of like in a one by one in the evolution of the soul until you cannot complete the cycle. So there is an end to the cycle and.
You don’t have.
To reconnect anymore and then and then I I was able to see that and and.
Then they show me what they.
Actually told me they they.
Show me that we want to.
Tell you what comes.
Next, so you can tell the world.
Why? What happens after you? You know, you finish the cycle of reincarnation? Cause I, I mean, that was just like, OK, sure. So when the they show me that once I finish we finish the cycle reincarnation.
Actually, some 3 beams of light came and they told me we’ll show you what comes next and and so then I I walked out of the door out of the chamber and once once I walked out of the door, I realised that.
The the this Chamber have been the universe, you know, I as I look back, I was like that’s the universe. Like the Chamber was like. It’s like that was. And then the the three beasts of like they were like my.
Parents so they.
Were like, really involved beings and they oh, then I became. I realised that like when I finished the cycle, I had the feeling like, OK, I’m I’m I’m becoming a sending master. But at the same.
Time. Then I compare myself to this.
Things of like they were like.
My parents, I feel like I.
Was graduating from kindergarten like?
It was like I just.
Like Oh my.
God, I hear. I was thinking you’re becoming one with the universe or, you know, sitting master. But at the end it’s like you just graduating from kindergarten. You.
Know and my parents.
Just really high beings came to tell me.
Like congratulations, you did really well.
OK, now you you are going to show you what comes next. So once we came out of that group, that the universe there were other universes.
And then they had the.
Door as well. And then they.
Told me you can go to that universe if you want in that other universe, you can. You can become a creator so you can start creating.
You know planets you can start creating galaxies.
Science you can start creating life.
You know, so then you start becoming a creator basically. So that’s and then of course.
In each one of.
Those universes, there’s levels as well, right? So you might start creating.
Whole organisms. And then you start creating.
You know, scents.
And beans and they start creating. I don’t know. Like just different planets and they start creating Suns and they start creating. So then that’s kind of like.
So that was the creator world or the?
Earth. And then there was another school where you became like a cashing wrecker, keeper of the Multiverse. And then I was like, OK.
So you have to.
Understand how all the information is stored across the multiverse because there’s many universes.
And then and then and then there was another another school, which is like, once you finish the cycle recognition, you can go to this other school which is it’s like more like you become like a really advanced team.
But like in in, in other civilizations, in other planets where you know everybody teleports, everybody has telepathy, everybody is working for the collective, everybody’s working at higher dimensions of of creation. So yeah.
So I mean it was just like passing.
To see all these, all these other realms or universes.
And then and then they told me after that they’re like, OK. And then they’re like they then they told me, OK, you know, that’s kind of where it is. And then then. OK, well, you can go now.
And then I left that and then I was like, OK, and then I I.
Saw that caching records.
Which is like, you know, it was like columns of like and then I saw it was infinite and then I knew that that’s where all the information stored from lifetimes and just everything, all thoughts and everything was all stored there.
And then and then there was like that cashier record keepers like blocked me and they came and they just gave me.
The book and then I opened the book and the book.
Was the Book of Earth.
So I was able to see the future and I was able to see the that eventually we’ll reach that, you know, Utopia that we were longing for. And so, you know, complete peace like, you know, so then I saw I saw how all the systems is about to collapse. Like all the, you know, political and economic systems. So they’re going to collapse so.
I also, that’s another thing that we like to.
Tell people is.
Like, don’t worry about anything cause things.
Are gonna get worse but.
It’s just so that the system.
Can collapse so that we can and.
Then replace it with a new system.
That is based on integrity and honesty and you know there will be no more military. None of that. You know that’s going to be gone. So all that system of power and division of countries and poverty, that’s all going to end then. Then the countries are going to start uniting like the European Union. They’ll create the American Union and then the African Union, the Asian Union.
So the all the you know, all the countries going to start uniting and helping each other.
And then and then.
Eventually, they’ll become one and there’ll be no more poverty, no more wars, and then, you know, then people are going to be like in the future it will be the norm. Reincarnation. It will.
Like yeah, like like the Earth is round and.
We go around to.
The South and then and then. That’s a collective too. Was really interesting how I saw how we’re evolving to go to dimensional beings so like so this is the we’re entering the 4th dimension now as we are entering the 4th dimension, it’s understanding that.
And that there is no that basically that you know we’re and the the and that there were multidimensional beings. So like I say, all these lifetimes are happening at the same time.
So. So that’s the new, that’s the 4th dimensional and that’s in the future. You’ll be everybody will know like, yes, of course we multi dimensional beings and you’ll be able to connect to your other lifetimes. You know like I mean that’s a long way to get there. But I don’t know. But eventually everybody will be able to connect. So all there’s all these people are having all these experiences are people starting to remember that you know we’re multi dimensional beings and that all these lifetimes.
Are actually happening in that.
Same time and then and then. That’s another thing too. We we’re able to bring once we start having you know this access to these abilities or or this remembering of of our multi dimensionality then we can start basically starting to becoming to having access to our other selves our other lifetimes and and because I’ve seen many of my lifetimes.
I’ve seen many in my lifetimes and and I I I was able to see you that I was, you know, like just different ones. Like I was a banker, I was in in Scandinavia, I was a Viking. I was a a king. But I was a also a slave. I was a soldier. I mean, you’re able to.
We all kinds of things but, but I think once.
You get to.
That point where ultimately the goal is to call to let go of all the sufferings. So that’s the ultimate goal that I realised too, is the letting go because you’re once you’re able to let go of suffering, then that’s when you’re going to start having access to start being able to see all the lifetimes you see. I’m.
Saying maybe in the lifetime you’re a slave.
And or something like that. Something really kind of, you know, horrifically difficult. So, but once you’re trying to send everything, you realised that it was all the it’s all the dream, it’s all it was, all delusion. It’s all the hologram. And then you’re able to transcend that. And then that’s when you’re.
Going to start having access to seeing your other life.
Times and then and then also and then then this after you start seeing your last time, then is the next step you see. I’m saying the next step after start seeing them, they start becoming one with them or start playing things like start. OK. I’m gonna start bringing this ability. You know, maybe I can in that in that lifetime. And you had a I was an artist. So then you could start bringing that aspect of yourself, you know or in this lifetime.
Was, you know, had whatever.
I don’t know.
Castles. So then maybe you could start bringing the ask yourself to into this lifetime. So something that I recently just, you know, I came to realise like, wow, that’s so amazing that.
Then you know, once you start reaching this level, then we can start extracting or becoming one with the other cells in the multiverse, which is there, you know there there’s other use of, there’s other use out there in the.
Multiverse or these?
Parallel lives that they’re.
Going to start having access to.
And then you.
Know I’m becoming one with them so.
I don’t know if you have any questions.

00:17:07 Luisa
I do. Wow, what a.
What a bundle of?
Energy. Enjoy. You are. I’m backtracking. I do have lots of questions. Your native experience. What did the angels and the count. I’m talking in my humanness. What did the angels of the counts of like?
What did they look like and how did?
They what did they feel like?

00:17:35 Raphael Garcia
Yeah, they just look like, you know, like we’re like white and and and.
They were like.
He actually see faces. Didn’t see any.
Faces that they were.
Just like kind of white and tall and and they were like, they were like sitting down in.
Some kind of chairs as well.
And and there were, like, just reading all.
The ready was love.
You know and.
Like even the like the the the.
Counsel of forgiveness.
You know, or the Council.
Letting go, which are like.
The difficult experiences we’re here, we.
Experience as hardships and it.
But that being is just.
True love, because once you’re able to reach this forgiveness.
Oh my God.
That’s when you.
Become this love right and you feel this peace in your me. So you.
Know. So it’s not like ohh you have to.
Travels with people and then you have to, you know, forget like it’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a magical. So that being that all radiated, just unconditional.
You know, incredible love that is beyond.
Human understanding actually so.
But then, you know later on through.
After that experience I started.
Then going back to that place.
And then you know, so then it’s probably the awakening. So once you that was kind of like being unplugged from the matrix of that experience and then later on I went back and later on when I went.
Back to see the Council.
I really it was really incredible because then they told me, well, we’re all you.
I became one with the counsellor like and then.
Ultimately, that’s when you once you start.
Polishing more and more and more.
Of the lessons then you start realising that the.
Council is really you. They’re fractions of of.
Us, you know and.
Then I remember they like even.
Told me you can sit down in one.
Of these chairs.
As well and and I and I sit down with the Council.
And then we all became kind of 1. And so it was really incredible to that that experience but.
Basically, yeah, they’re just.
Really in love and they and you know.
I didn’t see.
Faces. But they were just being so light and and they were white and and and but they.
Did tell me that they.
Were me, you know, and I became one with them. And then.
I became all of them.
And so yeah, that was the other things that I found.
Fascinating with the Council like that, you know, that’s the other thing that I like to share.
Is like they’re.
Really, they really.

00:19:49 Luisa
I know and I yes, I agree. And I love how you expressed your life review.
Are just aspects of us.
Not only for example, you were describing, you’re helping that woman across the street. You’re not an experience. That plus the ripple effect, but how she felt. So it’s like you’re just part of everything.

00:20:12 Raphael Garcia
Yes. So that was the other thing too that.
There was just, like, incredible, you know?
In the life.
Of you, because I did not just become other people, I started becoming. It was incredible, you know, I became the the, the bees. I became the bird.
I became, yeah, like everything. Like all the animals and and the the the stones, the, you know, the build. I became the buildings. I mean you can you actually. I mean it’s it was pretty profound because I was like you kind of start becoming everything start becoming everything and and it was like like very very.
Yeah, it was.
Really powerful.
Wait for sure. I was just like, wow.
You, you know, you start becoming everything and and then also you you start seeing how everything.
Like you know, the tree. When I became the tree, for example, I was reading all this love and accident, and then I was appreciating every everybody that came to my space, you know, and and and and the, you know, the bird too. Like, I was the little bird and I was just like, you know, joining the the nature and then, you know, seeing.
The people and.
Then just kind of like it was really fascinating to be able to.
To become everything to become everything. But you know, I think the life would be was just.
There to to really, you know, to help.
Us understand that like you.
Know to some understand to reflect on our actions on our deeds. And you know that eventually we want to make peace with everyone and and you know, and for you to be at peace. And that’s the ultimate goal, right. So to find that inner peace. So then that, yeah, I definitely, you know, always. I think the life review it’s an incredible.
Tool that we you said that’s a tool.
For people to use that as a.
To to try to reflect you know for this, how can I become?
A better person so.
Ultimately, you want to become the best person you can be, right? And and and that’s becoming your higher self. So that’s that’s in the lessons again. So but yeah, it was pretty fascinating for sure. It was really fascinating and and then I have also become different like.
Know what all the after I saw.
The the the future of Earth which.
Is the utopia. So I would say people like please don’t.
Like, you know, like don’t worry. There’s no more, no more wars. That, that’s all this is the. This is basically the 3D’s coming.
To an end and.
We’re, and we’re already are like entering the port.
Dimension, you know.
We’re like scratching the surface of the 4th dimension, but as we enter in the 4th dimension in the 4th dimension, basically is transparency and that’s why the system is about to collapse. It’s inevitable.
Because in order for the collector to enter.
The 4th dimension.
There can be no corruption, there can be no, you know, lies or you know secrets about the, you know, the government and all this stuff. So that’s why this whole thing is gonna come, you know, and it’s all going to be exposed. Like I I saw how.
The next 10 years.
They will be known as the.
Actual trials there’ll be.
A lot of.
Trials and then and, but then. So then in the after.
That you know.
There’ll be new leaders like you, like a young woman like you. You know, coming in and.

00:22:58 Luisa
Ohh, thank you. I’m I’m not that young but thank you. I know I’m only 19.

00:23:08 Raphael Garcia
But you know Someone Like You becoming.
A president, you know becoming and and.
And and changing.
The world for the better, right? Like and not for these wars. Enough of this, you know, like, let’s let’s all work for the collective. Let’s all work for no more poverty. You know, I’m saying so. That’s how it’s going to shift and then OK.

00:23:23 Luisa
Look you you answered my question because I was about to ask, in our humanness, there is no time. But what’s the time frame that you see this? And after within the next 10 years or after 10 years?

00:23:23 Raphael Garcia
So then after this.
Yeah. Within the next 10 years, this is going to be like the age of trials, like I said, so the, the whole system is going to be, you know, collapsing and then and then it’s and basically then it’s like, OK, let’s let’s let’s let’s integrate a a new system with blockchain and let’s integrate. It’ll all everything.

00:23:54 Luisa
Will be for the collective.
Everything will be for the collective.

00:23:57 Raphael Garcia
And and and then you know this, it’ll be gradual. They’re.
Gonna start creating the unions.
And then you know, they’re going to start, they’re going to start helping Third World instead of putting all the money in military, they’ll put it on the infrastructure of third world countries, and they’ll help out and to help the people, you know, so it’ll be more like it will be more like a system like Scandinavia. I think it’s.
All you know.
For for education and you know free.
Healthcare and and you know and and then.
Bringing new bodies.
Work like you know.
Like like you know, how can we help the?
World become a.
Better place. So then there’ll be a lot of organisations and people will be their work will be, you know, there’s not gonna be.
No more office work AI is going to.
Take care of all that and then people are going to be able to go after you.
Know costs like oh, you know, maybe I want to serve them. Save the.
So then you’re gonna be able to.
Do that work.
Doing that kind of work or I?
Wanna work on on? You know, bring raising.
The level of.
Consciousness so then.
We can do that kind.
Of work. So you’re going to be able.
To do whatever.
They want or I want to.
Do podcasts and you know, I want to?
Do this this and this and.
And you know so.
It’ll be more like people going to be able to do what they love instead of the system that has been like.
Or like you have to go to work in an office and sit down and you know, like it’ll be that’s gonna end as well. So it’ll be more like a system that people are gonna be doing what they love and then the government itself is gonna be like having that balance for people.
And and it’ll be like, you know, creating new institutions and and everything. So yeah, I mean that we’re the.
We’re basically really close to for.
This first is going to have to.
Collapse so then so that we can.

00:25:21 Luisa
Yeah. So almost like 2020, 33 onwards.

00:25:27 Raphael Garcia
Yeah, exactly, exactly. So I mean this.
Is like basically.
Yeah, it it’ll be, you know, for me to.
See that? That was incredible. Just because.
I’m like, why?
Something’s gonna.
Be magical and it’s pretty magical time too.
In the evening.
So I would say for people not to.
Get depressed or upset?
If you know if they gonna.
Start seeing a lot of stuff with.
Government that you know this corruption.
And all this stuff instead of seeing like a blessing. Like, Oh my God, you know, like, like like, like, you know, so then it’s like, OK, then once it goes down, then it’s like, OK, then a new system is to be, you know, integrated and then it’ll be a system based on integrity.
Compassion, you know? So. So it’s what? It’s the one I saw in in that.
In that book, that book over.
And then after that, after the Council, after that, I was at the the Council records.
I gave back the book. I should have been.
I should have brought back the book with me, right?
Right, I guess.

00:26:19 Luisa
Well, you did. You did.
Well, not physically, but yes, you did.

00:26:24 Raphael Garcia
To my life like I can I.
Can share with you.
And then.
Ohh then.
Yeah. And then.
It’s kind of funny too, because I saw like even once we reached that utopia where there’s peas and everything, that’s not even the end, you know, that’s just the beginning of then humanity then going to like the Star Trek level, where civilization from all over the Galaxy will be coming into Earth. And and that would be like. It’s like once we reach Utopia, it’s not even like the end. Like that’s just.
We’re better graduating from kindergarten.
As I said.
And then that’s.
When you know we’re going.
To be interacting with different civilizations.
Across the Galaxy and the universe. So. So, yeah, that’s what I saw.

00:27:04 Luisa
2033 onwards.
That’s still a little while for that, but.

00:27:13 Raphael Garcia
But yeah, that’s what I saw. And then after that I saw they told me, OK.
There’s the you can go to.
Your there’s like different dimensions.
So then I I was able.
To see that there were different realms or.
Actions and then and then they said. And then they actually said.
You can go back to your. That’s your you.
Can go to your group, so there’s like.
Different groups, different levels, they.
Groups and stuff and but at that point.
I realised that if I went to my group, I I.
Wasn’t going to come.
Back to Raphael’s body. So I.
Was just like and.
At that point, I was like, I kind of.
I kind of felt like I needed.
To kind of like, say goodbye to my family in a way, you know. So I was like, now, you know what? Let me go back and and then I’ll come back. I’ll come back in six months. I I asked for like.
A six month extension.
And then they said, OK, you can go.
Back but but I was able to see the there were different dimensions and then I can but.
Then I came.
Back but later on through my awakening.
I was.
Able to explore those.
Other dimensions and realms and which is something that.
Could you know?
Share with your audience as well, which is.
Really I just thought it.
Was really interesting to see what the.

00:28:20 Luisa
Love to hear about them. I just wanna ask you two more questions. You spoke about parallel lives. Just to clarify.

00:28:23 Raphael Garcia
Yes, of course.

00:28:29 Luisa
People talk about, for example, Raphael is living multiple lives in this incarnation. When you refer to parallel lives, is that what we term as past lives or future lives?
Different incarnations, not multiple versions of the self.

00:28:45 Raphael Garcia
Yes, yes.
As we know it.
Me. It’s the.
Same thing. It really is the same thing it like there are multiple versions of yourself or past lives or future lifetimes or parallel lives. For me, it’s the way I was shown, or the way I’ve seen it for myself. It’s they’re all the same you.
Know so it’s like.
You can call it Carl.
Versus or you can call it past lives or future life times or or or just fractions of yourself. So for me it was all the same thing for for me, you know, it’s my my understanding the way I was shown to me and you know, it was like I imagine I’m like my higher self is like up here.
So I became one with my herself up.
Here and then once.
I was up there, I saw like.
Again, I I looked down and then there was.
All around me like.
A circle. Imagine like a whole circle.
Around me with.
Like 1000 little bubbles around, you know, so.
That’s like, I mean, that’s the way it was.
Shown to me. So then I was able to see that.
That was just I was experiencing all those little bubbles through lifetimes through, past and future, but they all happen at the same time. But yeah, they were all just fractions of me. So so.
That I can experience.
All these experiences so.
That I can basically master the lessons.
And but they’re all. Yeah, they were just.
Fractions of us, you know, but but.
It’s like, and they’re all happening at the same time, but the, but there is some kind of linear, you know, because I’ve been able to see many past.
Lives in, like in Greece and Egypt.
But in in the mediaeval times, and in just different ones and and and, you know, being a Maya, being a in in, in in China you know and then. But then I also see a.
Future lifetime as well.
I was able to see one.
Of my future lifetimes, when?
When I was going to I’m.
Going to be living in London.
But yeah, I mean they’re.
They’re all really just. They’re all you and and they’re all just fractions of you. But but it just got you got your goal is to try to become one with your higher self and then it’s I am like saying I am a being of light you see him lose his body or I.
The being of like you see all these other bodies. You see what I’m saying? So I’m.
A being of light.
That I’m just using all these different vehicle.
To experience all of it and and to.
Learn and master the lessons.
And so that I can become one again with my herself and.
Kind of more or less how?
It was shown to be.
In and then ultimately you get to the level.
Once you start kind.
Of not seeing more, the lessons you get to the level you start connected to your higher self?
And then you.
Start seeing all those lifetimes and then, oh, it was really interesting too. The way I travel, I I saw the lifetimes. Once I became one by herself. I I looked at one of the bubbles and.
Then I I.
Travel in like in a warm hole.
And you know, like, like astral projection, like from my heart, stuff I turned into that capsule. And as I went into the capsule, it was really incredible. I I all of a sudden, I’m like, coming in like a comet in into the Earth. And I’m flying in and it’s my soul. But it’s just flying in, like a comet. And then as I’m flying in, I see the first lifetime I.
Ever saw was.
I was a Viking, but I see and I saw the countries like Sweden and I’m flying in Sweden and then I I’m like, you know, like like just kind of Superman and my soldiers flying. And then I see the all the, all the trees, all the nature. And I’m just flying through all.
That and then I see a little village.
And then I and then I’m going into the village and.
Then I see.
A little house and I see this little house and I just go into the house and I once I walk in there, my soul is just like this, all this family, this family with this man, with his kids, and I see this man. And then I go inside him. And I was just like, Oh my God. So here I am. I was like, you know, I was with my kid and I was just like.
And I saw my wife, and they’re they’re cooking. My little, my little girl, my daughters. And I was just.
Like ohh my but it’s.
Just for a second and then I came out.
And then I went back to my herself and and like that, I went into many lifetimes, you know, to fractions of of myself. Like, you know, like, like I was in Greece, like, with the Korean democracy and. And then I was like a slave as well, you know, African American slave and. And then I was just soldier and I was a a king and, you know.
Taking a woman you have. So it’s like, you know, like it’s just you give up to see like all these lifetimes that I’ve seen it. And I haven’t seen that many. I mean, I saw that there were like 1000, but I.
Probably seen like.
Maybe 20, you know.
Like playing like tennis and then and then I.
Saw a future lifetime as well that they’re going to be living in London.
But yeah, I mean it. It’s really fascinating and and the the for me right now we’re it’s so exciting. It’s like it starts it start happening to that level or like the then I’m I I wanna you know I’m not there yet but I I think this this is where I’m my evolution where I’m going is like I’m gonna.
Start coming one.
With my other selves and then start bringing those.
Attractions with myself. I’ll I’ll start travelling there again if I want to, you know, like but again to be able to get to that level, you really have to let go of the suffering cause like imagine you, Louisa. All of a sudden come to your house.
So and then you go to another lifetime.
Where you have another family, kids and other.
Stuff like. Then you know you cannot be attached. It’s like you’re love, I think.
The ultimate goes.
To love everything but do not be attached to anything, because then if you went to the other lifetime with.
Your other kids, you would probably be.
Like, you know, like, Oh my God.
I cannot leave.
My kids now, so it’s.
Like it it it’s the whole thing with the.
Attachment is that it’s it’s ultimately you gotta kinda.
Let go of.
Everything and then realise that it’s all a dream. It’s all the simulation. So I think that that’s also people people say it’s all.
The dream I am I.
Solution. I think that’s just a tool so that people can learn not to get attached so much to things, right? So so that’s one of the tools that I think that is really helpful that, that, that it can help it. Well, you know, so that when you start having more these experiences, you’re ready to see them, you know, cause your higher self will show them to you when you’re ready. You know when when. It’s like when you pass all the lessons right because.
Your house cell will keep bringing you experiences.
And then you have to pass the lessons you have to pass the.
Test. So yeah, that’s.

00:34:39 Luisa
Ohh my gosh.
How it works?
It’s it’s, it’s amazing, but so intricately mind-blowing. Now I’ve got two more questions and then I wanna move on to the dimensions, the the one.

00:34:48 Raphael Garcia
Oh yeah, yeah. Ask me. Please ask me.

00:34:51 Luisa
The future, the.
Future self that you saw in, I think you said London, it’s happening well.
It is happening now because there is only now.
Is that correct?

00:35:04 Raphael Garcia
Yes. Yeah, that that was one of the things that it was really mind blowing up when some of the first time I saw it, I’m like.
It’s so crazy that.
Those life, those six lifetimes more than I have. They’re happening now.
Right now, right this second, you know.
So all those other lifetimes matter past ones. But. But yeah, those future.
Lifetimes in the.
Past one. They’re all happening now as we speak, which is pretty incredible. I mean, it’s.

00:35:30 Luisa
They’re so, you know, you have six. What? What we term as the future that you have six more future lives.

00:35:30 Raphael Garcia
Good, good at that.
Yeah, that’s what I was showing. You know that I had 6.
Months to kind of finish the cycle.
I think that once you finish the cycle, you can extend. You know you can keep coming back.
Like as much as you want, you know, but ultimately you probably.
Get to a point.
Where like OK, I’m master of this. It’s like.
It’s like wanting to stay in kindergarten forever. You’re not gonna want to stay kinder.

00:35:57 Luisa
I know, I mean I have. I have people ask me all the time. I don’t want it. People say to me all the time I don’t want to come.
Back how can I get?
Out of this.
Physical earth life.
Do know the answer.

00:36:09 Raphael Garcia
You get enough single lessons. Yeah, you.
Got a massive?
The lesson?
But I mean, that’s where you know.
You just came to understand that at.
The end is we got.
A master? That’s what. That’s why you have to become.
An ascended master.
In Ascendant Master is a master.
Of lessons.

00:36:24 Luisa
Everyone wants a quick fix though, but there’s no quick fix.
In our humanness, my gosh, and and particularly for the audience that are suffering, whatever the situation might be, losing a loved one or.
Circumstances in life we you spoke about suffering. What’s your advice? And I know you’ve touched on this. What’s your advice?
For the audience.
If they’re suffering, if they’re depressed, whatever the circumstance may be.

00:36:55 Raphael Garcia
Yeah, I mean, I would say that.
First of all like.
Be aware that there is no death you know like because like death doesn’t exist. It’s like like, you know, like if you lost someone or if they’re going through heart shapes or whatever, like, you know, first of all, it’s like there is not that I think that’s probably the most important thing that we’re we’re are immortal that you will never die but you’re so keeps on going.
And it’s probably one you know. And then the second one would be like like try to understand that it’s all to teach you a lesson. It’s so it’s like, what’s the lesson, you know so well, that probably need to let.
Go because I.
Understood that that’s probably the.
Hardest one and the ultimate one. The you know the the most difficult one probably is letting go.
So you know, so it’s so.
It’s like it’s like.
Try just try to learn the.
Lesson and understand that you know that it’s OK.
Like you’re letting go is just to kill you.
And and and and then then.
No matter what like.
You know, circumstances you’ll just.
You’ll transcend it and then you’ll keep going then.
You your soul. Never.
Dies, you know.
So so you’ll keep.
On going so.
Everything is to kill you. So like the letting go.
Is to heal you, right? So.
So don’t, don’t hold on.
To anything and.
It’s it’s just and then look at the positives, I.
Always try to look at.
Like, you know, like.
Like, OK, well, maybe this situation didn’t work in my life with this relationship or whatever. But look, look how much you you know, you you go so much, right. You are the person you are now.
Thanks to that relationship, right? Like you wouldn’t be who you are today if you hadn’t been through those hardships or those difficult times or or, you know, those kids, you might have children with, you know, maybe you got separated. But at the end, it’s like, you know, you wouldn’t have your kids and.
And that that.
So turn folks on the positives on the gratitude.
I think.
It’s it’s. It’s instead of focusing on the hardships.
Focus on the gratitude, like, well, at least I’m. I’m still here. I’m alive and have.
My beautiful children.
Or, you know, or I’m just.
Breathing for me like every day is a blessing just because I was able to come back you.
Know like. So I feel for me like.
I already know where we’re going, but it’s.
Like another day, you know?
It’s just OK. I’m just gonna enjoy it and have a good time. Cause just being alive is like a.
And people don’t. Most people don’t even realise like you’re like. We’re in the lottery. You’re.
Like God, you’re you’re still alive, Joan.
You know, so.
So just try to look at the.
Positives. You know the gratitude.
Everything you have and then understand that.
Maybe totaling illusion?
That’s I mean, but I see that as it’s very.
Difficult for most people to understand, but.
For me, it’s like it’s all a dream so.
And not to get too caught up on all the dramas and the news. Ohh, whatever it is, you know, like so that’s just a tool. So I would say then you know to sort of to forgive as well. You know if you have to forgive someone, it’s like it’s and again it’s all for you. Right it’s everything’s for you like your heart where electromagnetic beans that attractive.
Experiences into our lives to teach us.
So it’s everything for you. Like everything, everything. So if you try to hear from.
That perspective and.
Like I I have you know, I.
Try to decode life.
Lessons and I say, OK, what is this like? So if you sit down and do a meditation and.
Time and then you know whatever is triggering you. Whatever’s difficult experiences you’re going through. Then I’m trying to decode it. Try to say, OK, this life experience. Why? Why? Why am I so upset? Or why is this hardships you know?
OK, well, you know I need to.
Let go or I.
Need to forget you.
Know so. So then. So then meditate on that.
Right. So so I think I would.
Say like I would recommend like.
A process that I think is.
Really helpful. Like, let’s say forgiveness.
So I would.
First, say the first step is.
Like maybe you need. Maybe somebody needs to forgive you.
You so maybe start with that. You know, like you don’t have to talk to anybody. You just within you say well maybe, you know, maybe I did something that I wasn’t proud of, you know, with my parents. Or I said something to my husband or I say something to my kid or whatever, you know?
Something that you?
Might regret that you said something. You did something.
So you can just start there so.
Say, OK, you know, please forgive me you.
Know like you can say it inside you.
Can say it to the person or you can just say it inside you like.
Like so first start from that space like.
You asking for forgiveness.
You know, so that kind of.
Like sets to everything. Emotion. So I was like.
OK, so you’re asking for.
Forgives because you feel maybe you shouldn’t said something or whatever. So then and then that’s you’re working on that. And then the next day step is like understanding that it’s all to heal you, you know, and then it’s all to. And then the third step is for you then to let go, you know, and and again, just to understand that it’s like.
It’s the best for you, right? Because if you keep.
On holding on to things.
And then the only one that is hurting.
Is yourself, you know, so I understand.
And that that the best thing is just to to let it go so that and then focus on whatever positive things you have, right, the gratitude and and then focus on your dreams too. You know like, you know, put your thoughts into something that are going to be productive or put your thoughts in a dream you know. Ohh my dream is to move to France or to another country or.
Or to travel.
Or to start my own business or.
To do a podcast.
You know, so your energy you’re focusing on on your dreams. So that way then you’re instead of like, the thoughts of the past, you know. So I think that that could be something that people can also try to do so. So try to learn the lessons. They call the lessons.
Let go forgive.
Whatever. And then focus on positive things that gratitude and then on your dreams. So that’s what I would probably recommend for.
If you put it in.

00:42:18 Luisa
Beautiful advice? No. On a final note, I’d love.
Any other questions?
You to talk about your the the the dimensions.
Yeah, OK, of course, which is a massive subject, but.
I’m I’m. I’m leaving it up to you.

00:42:34 Raphael Garcia
Yeah. Yeah, no worries. Yeah.
I’ll, I’ll talk about and again.
It’s like.
Looking I say I I feel like.
I I barely opened my.
Eyes too and and I I really.
That’s really what it is. I I’m just.
I feel like a baby crawling and just, you know.
Like scratching the surface of.
Sorry of of.
Of of understanding or.
Seeing them, you know it’s like.
It’s like, you know, I I don’t know anything about. I’ll share with you what I’ve seen, which you know it’s just very, you know, scratching the surface again. But but I think at the end it’s it’s yeah, it’s pretty magical and I don’t think many people have seen him.
But at the.
End it’s just to share it so.
So that when people start having experiences as.
Well, or just for people being aware, I think that.
That’s really interesting.
So yes, I would love to share with you.
My so when I you know.
So they get when I have.
My ID up to look.
To see that.
There was different dimensions, so I think.
Going to those dimensions.
At that point and then I I.
Just I ended up coming.
Back, you know, but then later on I had.
Started with my awakening, my experiences.
Basically, with my awakening or kundalini awakening is you basically. Then start having out of body experience.
And you know, then you start becoming one with the universe. And then I would start, you know, I would go back to the Council alive, you know? So then basically it’s this whole process of of then remembering, you know, and. And then I went into the the dimensions as well. So that’s that was then. Later on after my and he was more like the Awakening. So then that’s how it started, you know, exploring all this.
Other realms with dimension so.
So what I was showing basically was that we.
All from different dimensions or else and and that and so from what I saw was like in like again, you know and it doesn’t mean that I’m right with, because sometimes people will say different dimensions, they characterise them differently. And that’s just a point of reference. You know, at the end, even forget to mention this whole one right. So if.
For me, if I say.
You mentioned 6-7, you know.
Dimension 8 that might be.
Dimension 6. For another person, it might be 10. You know, like there is no right.
Like if I said there is 11 dimension or.
12 Maybe there that is actually infinite.
Like at the end, it’s like I’m just, you know, don’t worry so much about, you know, for people like ohh, this person said there’s this dimensions. This person says that dimension or this person said this dimension is this. You’re saying you know it’s like don’t worry about the so much about you know how you label the dimensions. It’s just information.
At the end you.
Know so. So that’s.
You know, but for me, the way I.
Experience it myself.
Was when I saw them, it was I was basically able to explore the different dimensions. First I went into the first dimension, so when I went into the first dimension it was like the realm, so that was.
The quantum realm and.
And I was able to then become.
The Adam.
And then as I came to Adam.
He was going into the quantum realm.
It’s pretty incredible.
I was able to.
I was able to see all the codes.
There’s all the.
Codes like in the matrix like in the movie The Matrix.
I saw all.
These codes in the like I would be it.
Became one with.
The centre of the atom and then I saw.
All the coats that were flying all.
Over the atom, you know?
Like it was something incredible.
It was like I was just like.
Wow, there’s all these.
Codes inside me or in the.
In the atom, you know and.
And then all those codes are like the the.
Codes in the simulation.
Basically, and because everything is made of atoms.
Is codes you know, like we’re living.
In a simulation.
That’s kind of what they want. I came.
To understand that that like wow.
That’s where people talk about.
Their work in the simulation? Yeah, we’re in a simulation.
In there and then there’s like all the codes, right? Like that, they’re close the simulation and then and.
Then all those codes kind of like store information.
You know? So then, like, so like all your, like, lifetimes and everything. They’re all storing those codes kind of like, imagine the codes, kind of like being like a.
Like in media cashing record, like a cashing records.
So basically, so that’s what I saw that all the codes and again.
I just seen the codes and I haven’t been able to, you know.
Like I I know that there’s a level that you can start modifying the codes and then you can start modifying the simulation, but I’m not there, but I I just.
Know that.
That’s how it works, but yes, I.
Was able then to become.
The Adam and then I saw the.
All the all the you know all.
The all the codes and then I so I just saw that everything was connected at the.
Quantum realm, you know? And then.
And then that it was all happening at the same time and and and that really helped me come there to.
Really help me.
Later on, understand a little more about how how.
All lifetimes are entangled. Like you know, all these parallel lives. There are quantum entangled like so, they’re all connected, and all they’re all entangled. And that’s the whole thing with the quantum world, right? Like quantum physics talks about, you know, everything’s connected. Or atoms are, you know, communicating each other a different time. Space at the same time. It’s the same thing. Like all your lifetimes are connected.
And interconnected, and they’re all communicating with each other and but yeah, so that was the the, the first dimension that was able to see was.
The quantum realm.
So then then you know so it.
Was really. And again, it’s just scratching the surface, but, but that’s something that I think was fascinating. I was able to see the codes and.
That was a little.
Time stand that that. Yes, we’re living in a simulation.
And so and then and then after that I.
Was later on, I went into the second.
Round or the?
Or the OR called the mention too, and that was more like than than understanding that we then becoming like microorganisms like cells and and you know and then and then you know. And then you and then we become and then you you then you and then you so again.
Everything’s for the soul to experience all these different levels of consciousness. So then in the second dimension around then, you know, then there’s the microbes. And then there’s like, you become plants like trees and then animals.
So that’s kind.
Of like the.
The the second round thing and then and then I became the, you know, became the plants and became self.
I I and then I became animals as well. So he was like kind of becoming all of them. And then and then again it just for the experience, you know, just for experience of revolution, of having an experience, because the universe itself just fragmented itself.
Into zillions of of of, of, of beings.
Just to experience.
You know, just for the fun, basic and then.
Yeah. So that was in the second round, the.
2nd dimension and.
Then the third was basically kind of like where we’re now, you know, having this.
Your experience of of duality and and and this experience of of understanding you know the life experiences and and and and hardships. But then it’s all about mastering the lessons, you know. And so and then just to experience where it.
Is to be.
A human being, you know? So then.
That’s the second. The third well.
The third dimension. And then there’s the 4th.
Dimension at which is where we’re heading.
You know as.
A collector and then in the 4th dimension for.
Me and that’s again.
For when when people have an index?
You know when they have see the light. For me, that’s the portal to the front of the enter in fourth dimension.
You know, so.
Or or people.
That are having out of body experiences is the same thing they’re having access to the 4th dimension. So in the 4th dimension, for me, it’s basically when used to be start becoming one with yourself. So saying like that’s when you’re.
You’re scratching the.
Surface of opening your eyes to your higher self and then at that 4th dimension then you start seeing that. Then all these other lifetimes right then you start seeing like all OK, the parallel universe or or your parallel lives or and. And then you start where? That’s where time and stays collapses, you know. And then then that’s where also there’s like transparency.
Right, like in the 4th dimension is complete transparency, because then you’re you’re already in in the realm where everything.
Is known, you know.
Like telepathy and nothing can be hidden in the 4th dimension and that’s why as a collective, that’s why the system is about.
To collapse because it’s in the 4th dimension, there is no.
There is all transparency.
You see, I’m saying so all the the system that we’ve had all.
This time is, you know, based on lies and.
Corruption. But that’s why.
It’s gonna collapse. It’s inedible because for us to ascend to the 4th dimension.
As a collective.
It could only be transparency.
But nothing else.
You see what I’m saying? So. So that’s why it’s about to go collapse and then that’s why there’ll be a new system based on integrity and transparency and stuff and then that’s why, you know, reincarnation will be proving. I don’t know. I don’t know.
I don’t have an exact date.
But I don’t see within the next 20.
Years 1010 to 20 years.
Like maybe 20?
Years, I don’t know, but drinker nation.
You’ll be like.
Scientifically proven through quantum quantum mechanics, you know, like the how the parallel universe are connected. So they’re like like, you know, noble, they’re, you know, Nobel Prize like, yeah, the power universe theory is true and recognition is true scientifically. So that would be the norm.
And then so.
So then at the 4th dimension, then basically it’s like when we start becoming this quantum being so you know. So then that’s what the and then in the future too like in the near future of the future, you know talking about your other selves that that’ll be the norm, you know, and then you’re going to start be able to travel to the.
But that’s a little further down, but that’s not the 4th dimension at the 4th dimension. Then you start becoming your herself and then you start. Basically you know, start seeing all this other lifetimes in the parallel universe or these other lifetimes are happening up, and then you’re going to start having having access to those other lifetimes. And then and then you start having and then you start understanding.
Like OK, I can actually start becoming one with my other selves, you know? But but at the end, it’s like you understand that it’s it’s about like mastering the lessons.
So that’s kind.
Of like the 4th dimension and then.
The 4th and the 5th.
I mean I I label as the 5th.
Just in, in a sense, just to be able to give more of a reference point like like, OK, you, you you kind of already know that time stays is all one all that stuff happening simultaneously but then at the 5th dimension basically that’s when you become like.
An ascended master.
So that’s when you kind of like basically under.
You know, able to see all the lifetimes.
Completely and and you.
You sort of kind of like graduate from.
The you know from the.
When your cycle.
And and then at that point you start then.
You can then start becoming.
Anyone for a time and space in history?
So then you can just start becoming the collective you know, so like, OK, I want to become, you know, Christopher Columbus, I want to become Abraham Lincoln or I want to become anyone to a time space at the 5th dimension. Then you could start becoming all of them you know and and then you start becoming the whole collective to our time space time and and and and.
Thank you.
It’s human, you know, start becoming everything so then and then you become the console, like completely, you know, so the 5th.
Dimension is becoming a console light.
Is becoming an ascended master and then it’s becoming one with the collective.
And then at.
That point too, you then you start going into.
That kind of.
Like where all the universe where I told you that then you start exploring yourself as a really advanced being in other civilizations.
So it’s.
Kind of how I.
Live at the 5th dimension, then, then.
You know you then you.
Could start from yourself to.
Being in in another, you know in other planets and.
And then you know you’re.
I don’t know.
Millions of years you can start for yourself as many beings throughout through the.
Universe and then and then.
And then even on the multiverse as well.
So that’s kind of.
Like the fifth of the 5th dimension I.
Think it really goes home for a.
Long time because because.
You start throwing yourself as ascension.
Being but yet you know with really advanced abilities and and throughout the universe.
Through different planets and throughout the multiverse.
And then and then at the 6th dimension.
The sixth round. That’s kind of.
Like where you kind?
Of don’t even need a body anymore and that’s.
Kind of like where I I said before, it was like the creator of rounds.
So that’s kind of like where you then start creating planets. So for me like the six is more like you start becoming a creator of planets and then you become the planets as well. So then you become the planets and then and then at the 7th dimension, well you start becoming a creator of of stars. So then you start creating Suns and then you become Suns and then at the.
8 dimension you start becoming, you start becoming a creator of galaxies and then you become galaxies.
And then at the 9th dimension you kind of become the universe or or start creating universe the universe, and then you start to understanding how the whole universe works. You know that’s in the 9th dimension and then at the 10th dimension it’s you start becoming the multiverse and then you start creating different multiverse. And then at the 11th dimensions you.
Kind of become the.
Source like the source of the multiverse.
And and and then at that point like for. From what I’ve seen, you know, then you can start at the 12 dimensions, kind of like start exploring other sources with other universes. But yeah, I know that’s kind of like as much as I saw. So yes.
Something like that that.
Was like again just scratching the.
Surface of of of kind.

00:55:03 Luisa
Ohh my call, I mean call us I mean.
Of show this every evolution.
What incredible experiences you had, and it doesn’t, you know, we talk about time, but this this information you came back with was wow.
I mean, it’s lifetimes of information. It might have happened in our time as of minutes or hours, but my gosh.
And it’s still, you know, it’s still processing. I from all media experiences it, you know, it can take years in our time to process and and receive more information.
Pretty amazing.

00:55:38 Raphael Garcia
Ohh no yeah like.
It’s taking me. I mean it was 2000, it’s taking like 17 years, 18 years to.
But now it all seems like normal and it still seems.
Like simple, you know like.
They were. We’re very normal and passion harvest.
I know, like all of this for me. Now this is like.
Oh yes, it’s so normal, but for a long time. Like wow, man. Talk about just being like, overwhelmed.
Like it took.
Me five years as well, like five years.
To feel like I landed back on Earth, you know like.
When I was first having experiences.
It was overwhelming, like I wasn’t here anymore. I mean, I was here and I was working in a restaurant and I, you know, and I was so. But I wasn’t really.
Here and it was, it took me and.
Then I remember for.
Five years I felt like I finally landed back.
On earth and.
I was like, ah man, I I.
Needed to land back on earth because.
It’s pretty overwhelming with all this experience. It’s not.
Yeah, it it.
Took a long time, definitely too fantastic.

00:56:39 Luisa
I I can’t. I’ve got.
The biggest smile on my face. You just make me smile. I can’t stop smiling the whole time you’ve talked and I want to say you thank you so much for sharing all your experiences.
They’re just incredible. Is there anything that I haven’t asked you that you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience?
I love you.

00:56:59 Raphael Garcia
You know again.
I would just say that you know whatever, like follow your dreams, you know, like follow your dreams. Like for everybody, right? Like whatever you’re passionate about, you know like like.
Please don’t, don’t. Don’t hold.
On, you know, like what? Whatever is.
It that you want to do in.
Your life. Please follow that like your.
Compass is your heart and and.
You know, so whatever is it that?
So what and?
That’s the direction that you need to.
Fun. So follow your dreams and then follow, you know, and then try to always come from that perspective of, you know, one of these life lessons to to, you know, why either here to teach me like, why am I to learn from these life lessons and you know, because I I have a website as well where where I you know I’m.
Trying to help people.
You called their life lessons and so my website is the coding and I I’m trying to help people. Then basically it’s like like, yeah. So I would just say trying to think of your lessons, whatever lessons you’re going through your life, it’s like like, just understand that everything’s to teach you to make you wiser, to make you ascended. Master. Maybe that would be a good.
Wait to say you know.

00:58:03 Luisa
Fantastic message and I also will leave a link in the show notes below for people who didn’t get that you just have to click on.
The link to your website.

00:58:14 Luisa
Raphael, thank you so much for being on Passion Harvest. Wow, wow.
What a bundle of of information. Thank you so much.

00:58:23 Raphael Garcia
Thank you so much. I’m really.
Happy to to share this with you.
It’s my pleasure.
And yeah for the.
People to to hear and to how that it helps them, you know, in their life and just to understand that it’s all going to be fine, that there is a divine plan.
And you that, you know, we’re all heading for that utopia and and don’t worry about anything just you know focus.
On yourself and.
And that we’re eternal over. You know, we’re moving the mansion and that. Yeah, that that you.
Know. Just enjoy.
Life. Enjoy every day, all your dreams.

00:58:49 Luisa
Thank you. Beautiful. Beautiful. So also true. Thank you so much.

00:58:56 Raphael Garcia
Thank you, Luisa. I appreciate it. Thanks so much.
For having me on your show.

00:58:59 Luisa
OK, bye.

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