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Woman DIES 6 Times! Meets Angels & Jesus. Told TRUTH of CREATION. NDE | Tamara Caulder Richardson

She has had 6 Near-Death Experiences, NDE’s.

During her NDE’s she floated above her body, greeted by Angels,

Tamara Caulder Richardson is an International Evidential Medium. She is also a Trance and Conscious Channeler of Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ and Mother Mary.

And, How My NDE Affected Me Throughout Life and What I Learned – Awakening to Life Through Death

* My first near-death experience was prenatal where I just did not almost make it to this world. I was feeling, hearing, seeing and “knowing” without a body and having memory of that.

* 3 yrs. old, I was playing “hide and seek”. I bounced under a dresser, a nail underneath pierced through my head. I passed out. I saw my body from above with a 9 ft. angel healing my head. I communicated with spirit people and angels from thereon.

* 4 yrs. old, I was in a car wreck where the car spun out of control when hitting the black ice and then it went into a tree. I was wedged into the windshield where my nose was broken in many places. I was cold, scared, then went down a dark tunnel, which as the end I saw Jesus. He told me I had to come back. When I did come back into the car, I was in my mother’s arms. I also saw at the same time into different dimensions – all layered into various time periods. I saw the surrounding spirit people as “my friends”, and saw large angels by my side, and then I got a message of prophecy from a spirit woman that I would be “the one” to carry their voices.

Jesus – the Grass, flowers, the Sun All followed Him as He Walked in Heaven

* At 5 yrs. old, I arrived at Rex Hospital, Raleigh, NC after being DOA for 15+ minutes, I was “code blue”. Once the doctors did get my vitals back, my lungs were still collapsed so I was put in an induced coma. I was gone from this world but journeyed to another more beautiful world where I was meet by Christ in Heaven. Jesus told me I had to go back. I argued to stay. He agreed to let me stay awhile with him. I did not want to leave him. I had never felt so much love in all my life. In Heaven, he gave me lessons about life as we sat under the “Tree of Life”, which he told me not to eat from. Then we walked, talked and laughed. Christ told me many things…He told me many things as we sat on a rock in front of this magnificent tree which had reddish grapes on it and white flowers that looked like a dogwood.

* Jesus told me that he had something to give me I asked if it was a toy. He laughed and said, no. He took a part of his rope belt and wrapped it on my left wrist and said, “I wrap you in my love and protection. Much is given and much you will give. Through the little things the big things would be done, and through the big things the small things would be acknowledged.”

* He said people have forgotten to laugh and that he thinks I can help with that! He said people’s guard is let down when they laugh and they open their hearts ready to receive healings and joy.
Jesus talked about how people create in Heaven and how we can do the same on earth but have forgotten. He explained how we create and manifest things. I asked if I could try it. He agreed. So, I visualized us in a small boat, and then we were there. Three fish swamp up to him and he picked one up and said, hello. He put it down and said that is how you fish in Heaven.

Jesus laughs, loves and is human like us!

* Jesus told me He understood my suffering and child abuse but that one day it would end. He said he has someone picked out “just for me” which would make it all worthwhile. He told me that understanding and truth come from suffering. He said it purifies the soul to grow and to be able to serve God and others more compassionately. He told me that I would do things others cannot for I have the light of God shining through me and I would be a great example of His power and love. He said some would hate me for this but far more would love me for witnessing God’s and Jesus’s love to them.

* Jesus also told me to, “Be love, receive love and give love. For in the end that is all there ever was and why we are here.” He told me that he wants me to help bring “Heaven to Earth”. I told Him it seemed like a lot of work! He thought that was funny, and laughed. He told me I was not alone in this task. He told me to speak of Heaven and then show it’s wonders to all, for God will is stated over me.

I need to sleep with a nightlight on, please!

* 10 yrs. old, I was on a family vacation at Myrtle Beach, SC. I was playing in the hotel pool while a group of teen boys was playing volleyball. I got hung up under there feet. They did not know I could not get above water. I begin to panic, and thought, “Not again!” Then I hear a choir of angels sang to me in unison as the underwater a horizon of bright light opened up to greet me. Then later, I woke to found myself choking out water.

* I use to receive regular spirit chatter at night… I must keep it to myself, and pray for help! I had no one to speak to about this. With each near-death experience my ability to hear, see and speak to spirit people became enhanced. I often wondered why did I know things? Who are these spirit and what do they want from me and who are they? Later in life, I would find out that they knew what I did not, it was my destiny to merge earth and Heaven and help those grieving here, let others know their loved ones are okay and love them. And one day we will see them again in Heaven.

* 28 yrs. old, after a 1-pill reaction from a prescribed migraine medication, “The Matrix” became real! Life was seen from a spiritual view of nothing but white lines constructed into things such as outlining objects such as furniture and structures. I found myself in the galaxy, not being male or female and not even knowing my name. I just was, but still thinking and very much aware.

* With not much guidance growing up, I was still trying to figure out what was “normal” and tried to fit in and be that by going to college & getting an education, getting marriage, creating friendships, and even started an ad agency that lasted 25 years. Rage was my friend for years. Love saved me and kept me sane… and happy.

I was lost and then found… MY GENUINE SELF!

* In my late 30’s through to I was about 48 years of age, I found myself lost to why I was here. I went into deep sadness and regular prayer to God for 14 years.

* One day I was watching the news, crying and in prayer, I asked God why there was so much violence in this world. To my surprise, He replied and said that the world required more love to change the direction of the tide. He told me that he wanted me to use the gifts He gave me. I told him I was afraid of what people would think. Jesus replied and said to me… “It is not about you but what you can do to help others. This is your service to me.”

* My spirit family came to help me with my gifts… by beloved grandmother, granddad, and sister-in-law, Marcy

* Hiding out in “Ghostland USA” – I started to explore my psychic and medium abilities through ghosthunting which did not last more than two years. I did not want to be around lower energies (ghost and demons, which you find in ghost hunting) but to only work with the angelic and heavenly realms. I did learn a lot about the lower realms during those two years.

* Initially, I was not accepted by my immediate family for having and using these spiritual gifts or speaking about them. That has changed over time. Much of my family knows this is who I have always been and my gift gives many comforts from Heaven.

I decided to NOT be a victim but to succeed in life!

* Putting all childhood trauma behind, not be a victim, and learning how to love me.

* Standing up for “me”… my truth even when opposed. (To-date, I am also a Black Belt in American Hapkido Combatives!)

* Learning how to “be” and not reacting to life but creating my reality and world of joy. Seeing the many blessings that my life holds in it every day!

* Realizing that I have helped many people and that my life is worth a lot and counts! Seeing that the past is not a total of who I am but a small fragment of me, and mainly just memories which do not define me.

Answering God’s Call to Service

* Accepting my spiritual gifts of – “knowing” things, mental and physical mediumship, prophetic, healing, remote viewing, knowing intuitively other languages and more!

* Learning from the best to also be the best – Mediumship training with famous mediums.

* Go BIG or go home… at the Omega Institute spirit said to me, “Take your place” on the stage before national mediums and my teachers; John Holland and Janet Nohavec.

* Demanding standards of excellence of mediumship by training with two top British mediums, authors and TV hosts; Tony Stockwell and Lisa Williams.

* Seeing my spiritual gifts up against International mediums. This Southern gal held her own and went past her even her own expectations!

* Taking on bigger audiences and working to serve the biggest boss of all… GOD!

* Now, telling the masses that Heaven is REAL. Then giving evidence of that in live medium demonstrations! Jesus said this is the highest vibrational message there is to state in life, that Heaven, He and God are real. Jesus told me to occasionally expect attacks from the enemy to shut me down. Jesus told me He was giving me more warring angels to help with my assignment.

Lessons from the astral plane

* All life is constructed with an agreed-upon structure held together through thought “energy forms”.

* Our thoughts manifest into reality. Dependent upon one’s intention and ability, those thoughts can manifest immediately or not.

* Spirits were human and now are limitless beyond time and space.

* Ghosts are people too, they just had issues when they passed or are struggling with sadness, rage, being dead or some other form of upset.

* There is no time. Therefore, there is no past, present or future. (I have had over 300 hrs. of past life regression and it makes me wonder what is “past life” or is it just segments of an overlapping life.)

* Eternity means not forever but “eternally in a particular state”.

* Spirits are “all-knowing” and can communicate quickly through thought. They know all of our thoughts and who we are.

* Spirits are us, we are the soul (body optional).

* In Heaven, they create, play, learn. (I see that all the time in my medium readings!)

* There are many otherworldly dimensions and astral planes.

* Upon death, people go to where their mindset is. Destructive minds go with others like them. Loving thoughts gravitate to others like theirs.

* The veil is getting thinner due to others disobeying God’s instructions to create Earth more like Heaven. Our obedience, love, and prayers are needed!

* Our communication and relationship is wanted by God. We are His children and part of a bigger whole, but we seem to ignore that.

Being my true self through Christ’s help

* Christ speaks to me regularly with messages for me and others. He also brings me others in Heaven that are considered saints that help teach me in my dreams and also in a non-dream state.

* Jesus honors most things my heart desires for He wants me to be fulfilled in this life. He loves to see me laugh and be happy! He loves all people and wants joy for each of us. True joy is being His friend!

* Jesus wants us to learn how to “let go and love” and enjoy the now.
All my life, even in dark times, I realize now that I have NEVER been alone but have had a multitude of help on earth and Heaven – from God, my family, guides, and ascended masters and Jesus.

As I always say, “We all have a fan club in Heaven” !

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Tamara Caulder Richardson

00:00:40 Luisa
Tamara Caulder Richardson, welcome to Passion, Harvest. I am so excited to have you on the show today.

00:00:48 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Me as well. I have really been looking forward to it and you are quite a lovely person and I I can’t wait to spend this time with you.

00:01:04 Luisa
Ohh so you and I’m coming on your show soon, which will be exciting. I’ll advertise that when it comes up. We have so much to cover today. My gosh.
What a wealth of information. I’d love to start. You’ve had six near death experiences. Wow. I’m going to pass it over to you.

00:01:14 Tamara Caulder Richardson
OK, six near death experiences. Well, I’ll go through them and the cool stuff that’s in each one. I think that is really revelant. Then I’ll then I’ll mention and then I’ll talk about the after effects too.
Because I think that’s something that’s so important that people don’t talk about. I’ve always been. First of all, I’m so grateful to be here and grateful to anyone that’s listening to this and hopefully they’ll get something out.
But when I was before I was born and my mother was pregnant, my mother’s one of my first ones and people don’t realise it. It’s a prenatal near death experience which my which is in the book Forever, Angels, PMH, Atwater anyhow.
She was losing blood. She was losing me and I saw above, you know, her and crying. And. And then my my aunt there was in the bathroom that was trying to help her and she was upset. And I really felt.
Just concerned for her, but I really do remember being a spirit person looking out because I wasn’t, you know, born yet. And so I’m looking out the window and I remember all these memories. And so that was really my first one. I didn’t realise it.
Was one till much later on, but I have detailed memory that and emotion behind it.
But but the first one that I can recall, and it was three years old and that’s really what opened the window up for me was for us.
Some spirit people the other side and all of that, and it’s just never closed. There’s just layers of an onion that it has been coming off with each time. And and I do want to point out you don’t have to have near the experience to go on a spiritual journey or for your spirituality to evolve. You can just decide you want to.
You know, you know, ask God.
You want to seek what’s out there beyond this world, but to do it in a safe, loving way and the experiences will present themselves. But when I was three years old.
I was playing with a cousin of mine in a very old Victorian looking antebellum. Because I’m from the South, as you might could tell, and it was an old it was an old house and it was nice though that it was my my uncle. He married this lady. So we’re.
At the mother-in-law and they had they they they were well off, they had money.
So it was a nice place, but we’re playing hide and stick and we’re. I ran upstairs and I’m trying to find a place to hide. And there was a dresser there.
And the dresser.
For some reason I had a nail nailed to it. On the other side. So when I’m jumping.
Without knowing it, because who would have thought a dresser would have been had a nail hanging down? It pierced through my skull, so when it did?
I thought it was water, like a water glass fell.
But it was blood and the minute that I touched it, I was on the floor. I was above my body. I mean, all the things that you would think that someone would say. But it’s true. I was above my body. And I think the the reason for that now, looking back on that is I I just didn’t want to.
Experience the pain because it was.
Painful and so.
I could hear the commotion. I could see it unfolding that my cousin came up there and went and got the adults, and they’re kind of panicking what to do and then eventually my grandmother.
Came over to and my granddaddy to take me to the internist. And so and back in the.
Day. That’s when they.
They she knew people really well in town, so they just kind of got me in through the back door and he looked at me. But what happened during that process is I could see.
Outside of the home in the home, I can hear everyone’s conversation at one time.
I went saw an angelic being about.
It was big 8 to 10 foot. I mean it was huge. It was quite big.
It could have been smaller than that because I’m small. It could have been no less than 7 feet and it was over my head and it had glowy it was glowy everywhere, but I knew. I knew it was an Angel. Now I.
My my grandmother, you know, at this point I’m very young, so I don’t know a lot about religion or.
Anything. But I knew it to be an Angel and so that there I believe it was healing my head. And then I went back in my body and it was felt like an automatic thing. And it was.
Extremely painful.
I did so a pop back out and looked around and kind of waited for things to happen and eventually went back.
Into the body and again.
They had to watch me overnight, not at the hospital they.
Just this is back in the day.
They that didn’t happen, so they just watched me over and at my my grandmother was watching me closely when my mom was young moms and my grandmother was very hands on. And what happened is that I had a hole in.
I had a hole literally because I went through my skull, so it was a soft spot in my head for two years.
Hers. And so that opened me right up to say I always saw spirit people afterwards. And the problem with that is that they.
Would try to.
Talk to me to to now I know trying to get my help, but there were the lower level low souls as we might call it.
Or the ghost.
And I feel sorry for them, but I couldn’t help them. I mean, I was just a kid, and so I didn’t have anyone to talk to about all of this. And then when I was four years old.
My mom was seeing this guy, so we at the time lived in Hickory, NC, which is in the USA and it’s in the foothills of the mountains. It’s pretty and most of my family migrated from Sweden and Germany, so it kind of looks like that. It’s really pretty and so.
That particular day.
My my mom wanted to go on a date with this guy. She was smitten with and.
My grandmother did not want her to go and that it was it was a bad day. It was snowing and it was icing over. It really wasn’t a day you go out, but my mom’s very hard headed and so she wanted me to meet him and in a in a small town, this guy was from out of town. He dressed really snappy, the latest fashions.
Nice looking. She would just had her mind set on this man.
And so I went with her to meet him. And he.
Picked us up.
And then we went out to go eat. I think it was. We went to the Pizza Hut and then had a a pizza. A strange of all things. And then we went and had ice cream and after that we.
After the ice cream.
Went to his D, his DJ. He was a DJ, so we went to his radio station which called Channel 1 and so we went there and they got into a conversation. I was in a room, he said pick out any kind of, you know, LP’s I want. And I remember I picked out a nun song, the Lord’s Prayer. And I used to play that all the time.
As a kid and now I know it’s great protection for anything. It’s a great call to action. So and and I got the monkeys and also a Motown hit. But that’s just a little thing on the side that I could have every anything I wanted, but that’s all.
I want to and so they’re talking about an hour or an hour and 15 minutes or so. They come out. They’re.
Arguing she wants to get married, he wants to wait till it’s the right time. More money. What have you? So we get in the car and he storms out of there and there’s no one? Hardly.
In the roads.
And he puts on the brakes and we turn around in a circle.
And we hit a tree. I go through this is pre car seat day so I’m in the front seat with no car seat I go.
It was a is an old Pontiac and a gold Pontiac and I go up through the windshield and soon as the impact hit.
I don’t. I did not feel the pain and I can tell you from doing a lot.
Of evidential medium readings that, in the moment of impact they do not feel the pain, so people let’s go, do they feel it? And I’m like no, they’re gone. The God’s really good like that. And so the minute of the IMPA.
Fact I was out of my body, but the confusion was it was all black.
And I couldn’t find my hands or feet, so I was confused because it was so quick. I mean, it was just it’s it’s kind of amazing that God is so perfect that he our time of passing, whether it’s, you know, through slow illness or impact, I mean, let’s think about it. You can either go fast or quick, right. You want to simplify things. There’s a lot of way to go.
Do the faster quick, but when it’s fast, it’s hard to register because it’s so fast.
And so you’re there. And then you’re just, you’re just catapulted into another reality. And so when that happened and I was, you know, in this blackness.
I was confused.
And there was no sound. There was no smells. There was no stimuli which think about it. It’s really confusing because you can’t go through life without some kind of stimuli or some kind of reaction. And this was nothingness. Then I saw a little pin light.
And then as it got closer, I saw that it was Jesus and he had some people behind him.
Even though I had never met them, I knew intuitively they were my relatives.
And so he’s coming toward me. And it was like it was just almost like a movie track where he’s in a track coming toward me and his hair is is blowing and his hands are reached out to to toward me. And you think, well, that may sound odd. Well, it was odd. I was in a black space.
I was really happy to see.
So I was really glad and he it was interesting. It was very personal because.
It was just a few months before I was playing with I thought was a ball and I was looking at it was outside and I threw it to balance it because I didn’t understand it wasn’t a ball, it was a. It was a birds egg. So when I found out there was a living bird in it, I like suffered over that. I cried and I cried and I suffered. And so one of the first things that the.
That these relatives that I didn’t know said is that we have your bird, it’s OK and how it’s like that just made me so.
Happy. But he told me that I had to go back and I said, and then I thought about it. I thought, I don’t know if I want to now and then. He’s like, no, we have to. And then I was back and my nose was shattered. And several places it was really messed up. I was bleeding. They did not take me to a hospital.
They did not and they brought me back to that radio station.
And even the maid that was working there because it was kind of an off day. She’s like, I’ll take her and they’re like, no. So from that moment on, because my mom was a single mom at that point, she was married. We’re young quickly, then divorced, live with my grandparents. And so she wanted to move back in with him, and he didn’t have money. So I didn’t like that.
Lived in a trailer which, what is it? England called a caravan. I did not like.
That, and so that was later. Years later I’ve had like 3 surgeries to remove cartilage from my nose because it was shattered. And I have these sinus problems and they said we keep finding Cartledge broken cartilage in there. So it’s a wonder, you know, I just feel really grateful that it could have been so much worse. It could have shattered my face.
I mean, I was such. I had such a little body and I’m just really grateful for that. The next one was. So each time this happened.
I can see with more clarity and here with more clarity. Spirit people now now at this point I can hear whole conversations I still do. I hear whole conversations. I have to tell them to stop. Usually before I have a reading session, they’ll come. I don’t know why, but they come to me in the bathroom. I’m like, it’s your grandmother. She’s come up the flowers and this kind of flower, they’re like.
I’m like she just. I just went to the bathroom.
She was telling.
I don’t know why they tell me the things in the bathroom, but I can’t hear whole conversations. It’s because the bell had been weakened and and I think the purpose of my life path for this happening is because I needed to see there was more to this world.
And what it appears to be I needed to.
Do that and.
I needed to have that connection with the divine, and God and angels and Jesus and all that, and the my my next. So I had an NDE and 345 in a row, and then five years old, and I kept this a secret for many years and most people with near death experiences due to.
So they get older, it it cause it’s just really hard to process and you put it in the.
Dark, you know, like I don’t know what it means. And then you get older. You forget about you go with life. You go to college, you get married, you do what people do, whatever. And then later on it’s like, Remember Me, and then you you are safer to deal with it. And that’s what happened to me at at the time. And I knew what it was. I just couldn’t do anything with it.
So I mean, I wouldn’t call it NDE, we didn’t have those words back then, but I knew it was very different. I knew some, it was something happened. So when I was five years old and and it’s it’s it’s kind of strange to say that.
It’s an endearing near death experience, but it really it was an endearing near death experience. It changed my life in a way that.
I don’t think I would be the same walking through life. I think I would be very.
Disgusted with society and how cruel they are to one another. Sometimes they don’t love people. Of course I love people. But you know all the bad elements. It just. It’s just tasteful, you know, at times. And all the arguing and all the.
Yes. So when I was when I was 5.
I was at this point my my mother ended up marrying the guy against my grandmother and granddaddy. They did not like him. He was a player. I mean, he was known for messing around, you know, with other women.
I mean he.
Was nice looking and he knew that and he cheated and so forth, and continued to actually, she didn’t know it, but she found out later cheated all through the marriage and all.
But he was sexually abusing me and I was a really sweet, innocent little girl. I mean, you say all aren’t all kids. Yeah, they are. But some are, like, just coming to this world.
You know mean as a Hornet, you know? And then. But I was sweet and.
I would start having these conversations with God.
And and also Jesus, because I remember my grandmother said that Jesus was our friend. I was like well I need.
To connect with this guy, Jesus.
If he’s your friend, I need to really connect with him, so I would tell him. I said. Can you just kill him? But see, I didn’t understand that was a bad concept because he’s a little girl.
And so I I kind of got a frown on that, a spiritual frown. And so I.
I was like, OK, well, you can just take me. It’s OK. And I didn’t know, understand sex or sexuality cause I’m five years old. And so I just went. I don’t know what this is, but I don’t like it. And I just don’t want to be here anymore. It’s too hard being here.
And so when you really say that and you really mean it, God listens. So we got to be very careful. And so I was very serious. I was very grieving. I think you can you hear people that are ready to go and they got that you can. I think you can.
And so I remember I I got very sick. And I remember the the sofa we had. It’s so funny what was on the TV, what time it was or we were all the precepts at this point. We have moved from Hickory to Raleigh, NC, which was a bigger city.
And we moved there.
And we were in these new apartments that I remember looking out of the pine trees. I had pneumonia, and though, and I remember them arguing about he said, no, we don’t have the money. But my grandparents had a lot of money, so, you know.
He they would have they.
Would have easily no problem, you know.
Paid for it. So he was just being difficult. He wasn’t a very nice person.
And so she put me to bed. She tried to get me to eat. I was like, no, what what’s going on is.
My lungs were.
Shutting down so she put me in the bed and she checked on me in an.
Hour I was completely drenched, so she goes. That’s it. We’re going to the hospital. Well, at this time.
Doctor Martin Luther King.
You know the civil rights, you know, famous person. He was assassinated.
Well, he was assassinated in the South. I lived in the South of the USA, so it was riots. They had martial law, they had military. You couldn’t leave. And but I was, you know, I was dying. They didn’t know that at the time. They just knew I was very ill. And so they put me in his. They had a it’s called a press car. So he had like.
You know the the letters of the radio station on it.
And so forth. And we had to go through military gates and on the way there I died. And I I they clocked me in when I got to the hospital being dead 15.
Minutes I was.
Still, you know, they still kept working on me, but I had already been dead 15 minutes, but I went out of my body. It was the most.
I hate to make this sound great, but when you have pneumonia.
I don’t know how. Let me see what I can relate it to. And has anyone ever been really, really sick and they just can’t get up? They’re like I.
Just can’t move.
It’s like that, but you just kind of wither away. You just kind of fade away and it’s sort of peaceful, to be honest. It’s really peaceful because you’re like, oh, you just kind of drift away.
And so I drifted. I remember losing consciousness, and then I just drifted, and I was above the car about 200 feet, and I was looking at the the fires and the riots.
From the distance in the city and so forth and then.
We stopped at one of the military and when we had MP on he had an army hat and he’s like, where are you going? Where you going out and said. And they said Ohh, you know our daughter which she was trying to adopt me didn’t really ask me but was trying to adopt me and so he said that he really wasn’t my he wouldn’t my biological dad.
And and so.
They said, oh, we’ll call ahead. Go ahead, call. They will call ahead. So you can, you know that they’ll look for you. We’ll let you straight through. So they called. They said you might. You want us to call the hospital for you said please. So I remember the hospital was called Rex because I was thinking T Rex because I’m.
A kid. So we go there and there’s.
12 people that run out to are male doctors.
Members and the staff. And there’s a big staff comes out and gets me going and they rush me in the back and I see all these lights and they hook me up to things and they start.
Pumping this stuff out of my lungs, it’s it looks like phlegm. You know, honestly, they’re trying and fluid and and that kind of grossed me out because I’m kids again. So like, oh, so I leave the room in spirit. I look for a while and I leave and I go through the hospital.
And kind of just look around in the hospital, there was a little girl on a candy machine that did see me in spirit form, which I thought was kind.
And I talked to her for a minute, and then I will go in different rooms and look at people and see how they’re doing and check on them. And I thought I really enjoyed it. I thought, well, I could do this. I’m like an Angel. This is great. I can check on people. Then I would go back into the room and.
See what they’re doing? And they were saying.
So many CC’s code blue and basically that went on for two hours.
And I was on and off a flat line for two hours straight.
And then eventually.
Everybody was kind, the women were crying in the room, and one doctor said I have a daughter her.
Age and they rolled me out in the hall and put a sheet over me. And when I remembered that part of it, it was. I don’t know if that really bothered me, that because it’s kind of final, but someone saw that there was movement.
And my lungs were very, very shallow. But they put me in one of those, these tents, breathing tents. And that’s where I started. And it just coming three days. But on the spiritual side of things, the really cool story is.
As that that wasn’t my perception of what was going on, my perception was totally different. My perception. I was checking back and forth, I was going and checking on people when Lady was giving birth and she was almost dying and I was telling her to hang in there for her child. Then there was in a spirit. I think I’m like Miss Angel.
Now and then I go to another guy’s room, his old man. And he didn’t have. He didn’t have much water. No one’s checking on him, so I knock.
Off the glass so it makes a noise. So someone will go refill his glass.
And then I go back and when it when I finally I didn’t see the sheet thing till later because I was in this whole spiritual realm.
What happened is I saw they were, we were Protestant, but I knew they were Catholic. OK. I knew because they had the rosary, but there were spirit people. But there was a male and a female unknown and a priest.
And the woman said, blessed are the innocent.
At the time, I didn’t know she.
Was talking about.
Me. But she was talking about me and at the time I didn’t realise it was a Catholic hospital. I didn’t find that out till actually five years ago. I didn’t even know and it was the old hospital they built over at another location, but it it was Catholic hospital. And so they really take their job seriously even after.
And so.
Next thing I know is I’m in a different dimension immediately when they’re doing that, they seem very kind of sad and I don’t understand when they’re sad. And then I looked down and there was a man that was holding my hand.
And he was on one knee. It was a right hand with the right hand, and he was smiling. He had the most beautiful smile in the whole world. And it was Jesus 100%. People said, well, it could be this. Right. Now I’m just telling you 100% your soul knows it and it’s just not just a visual. Your soul knows it.
And Ohh and I I said you’re.
That man, I’ll talk.
To like he’s a celebrity, which he is. And he goes, Oh yeah. And he had all this glowy light coming out of him, and his teeth were really pretty. Cause you never see him small, very much. And so his teeth were really beautiful. His eyes.
To me, he was, UM.
His eyes were like a blue green. They were the oddest things, so it was almost like they were shifting colours.
They were like, so dimensional. It’s hard to explain, but his hair was below his shoulders, little below his shoulders, and he was lean but muscular. And he he said that I had to. He said he took something off his belt.
Earth and we were in this past.
There and to the left, there were about three children that were on these these turn around these. That’s not really as merry go around, but where you push it, you.
Go around in.
A circle and he said I had to go back and I said, well, they’re here. And then he smiled real big and he said, I have something to give you.
And and I said a toy cause I am five years old and he goes and he and he thought that was funny. And I thought ohh, he thought that was funny. But I did. I said you have a toy, he goes and then he took a piece of his belt off. That was just a plain simple rope belt.
And then he put something on my left hand, he said. I wrap you on my love, protection and wisdom. Much is given much you’ll give through the small things. The big things will be done and through the big things, the small things would be acknowledged and.
Then he said that I had to go back and I and I said and I argue.
I said they’re here. You know that whole thing. And then he said your mother needs you. And then he showed me almost like that. The Jimmy Stewart movie where the Christmas movie where you’re seeing the, I can see what she’s doing, even though we’re there, I can see.
I can see at a glance I don’t know how that’s possible, but I could see dimensionally she’s sitting crying. She doesn’t know I’m dad. The doctor kept going out to her when I was.
There and said we’re trying to get her vitals, but she didn’t know what that meant.
And so she was. She was crying. And I said she’ll be fine.
And at this point, I really want to stay with him and she and he goes, she’ll be fine. And and. And he’s like, no, you’ve got more love than you than she has for herself. You have to go back and show her love. I said, well, how do I do that? And he said, well, everybody does it differently. There’s no right or.
Wrong way of showing love.
You have to figure that out yourself, he said. This is something I know a.
Little bit.
About, I thought that was funny, never remember he said that and and so I said I I don’t know. He says OK, you stay for a little bit, he said. Walk with me. So as we started walking.
He had the most he had the.
Prettiest feet too.
Because you know, a lot of men, their feet don’t look that great. I mean, you’re OK, but, you know, he’s look like he went to the salon. I mean, they were, like, so pretty. And as he’s walking the grass.
Curled around his feet and.
It’s like every blade of grass.
And everything and the clouds were following him. And then when?
He you know, he was talking and I was observing that everything. It was almost like it had a whisper, like a soft whisper like.
And worship him. It wasn’t creepy. It was beautiful. It was like harmonic. Everything had a harmonic frequency and I was observing this harmonic vibration there. It was just tantalising. It was just alive.
And then he said, let’s go over here and said.
You can ask me what you want. He was very gentle about things and we sat there on this rock.
And he said we’ll sit here and this rock was a it was a big rock in front of.
This tree he he pretty much so sat there because it was taller than me and I kind of SAT kind of leaning next to his leg and kind of looked up at him. And I he said I could ask him anything and I asked him things like electricity, but then he would tell me through telepathy, mind of mine very quickly. So I was very kind of bored with things like, OK.
And then he would then he started teaching me and he said.
I want to talk about how we create things here. Use more simple words than we would as an adult. And he said that we create.
Here, I said, and in heaven, he said. We create here instantly and he said, but we’re back on Earth. He said that it takes longer, so you need to be very mindful of the words that you use because your words are coming through manifesting the reality that you want.
Are the things that you want. It will show up in the.
And and I said. So I went back to what he said this it’s you could do things really quick here. And he goes. Yes. But to me it felt just like being in a body on Earth. Although it didn’t. It wasn’t the same substrate. Even though we looked the same, it looked like grass. It looked more high vibration. But I wouldn’t say it was made out of the same thing.
But you know, you think about the Lord’s Prayer on heaven on Earth.
Well, of course, Earth.
Is going to look like heaven and heavens going like Earth, except heaven doesn’t have any garbage. That’d be a great name of a book heaven.
Doesn’t have any garbage.
So, but it doesn’t. Everything is beautiful. Every nothing rots, everything stays young and beautiful. And so he he.
He said that, uh, well, if you can.
Try it if.
You want to, so I visualised this being in.
A little boat.
And he was on one end, and I was in the other. We were in the this little.
River and these fish came up to him.
About three of them. You pick one up, you pick one up and he talked to it and said, hey, put it back down, he said. That’s how we fish here and and then he kind of winked at me.
And I was like, oh, that’s kind of neat. And and it it does come through, like, you know, in my readings, they’ll say. Ohh, yeah, we’re, you know, on the Alps, climbing and doing whatever. They have replicas there can’t really get hurt. And so I thought that was fascinating. So he said that be very mindful of what you say.
As you’re creating us, you want to create good things and then he told me that I had to go back. I did argue.
And so when I went back, I did go back to the hospital, but I wasn’t going my.
Body because I’m hard headed.
So I kept going around and playing Angel some more, and then there was a doctor that came up and he had a bald head and a little bow tie. He and he looked like a little scientist. He had little round glasses and he said.
A little girl. You need to go back and remember his name was Doctor Tippin. He and he was a spirit doctor. Spirit Doctor still at the hospital. I guess he was. He felt like the administrator. Like an important person at 1:00.
Time and he said you have to go back in your body. I’m like, no, not gonna do it. It’s gonna hurt. And so Jesus showed up in the hospital and he said you have to go back now. I said no, it’s going to hurt. He said I’ve made it OK for you. And then soon as he touched me, I I woke up in this tent. And so my, you know, my mom and my grandparents.
And then my stepdad was sitting in the chair over there over to the side. And so I, I my mom never told me any of this.
And I told this to her, I kind of.
Came out told.
Her maybe five years ago and she’s like, how do you know this? They didn’t want me to ever know. So that I never broke the link with Jesus. He is my best friend and he’s my teacher. He’s my Redeemer. He I go to him for everything.
I’ve done through him giving.
Prophetic messages to he’s done through. He’s doing it. I’m just sort of helping out, but he’s done a lot of deliverances with people, a lot of illnesses I’ve seen now being it walking in front of people. Sometimes they’ll just start the.
They’ll just come out and start. They’ll it’ll manifest with me now because they know walk with him. Nothing. I’m perfect. I’m not. But they’ll, they’ll they’ll just come out. I’ve had that happen. I’ve been had someone on my show before.
That happened. We’re.
We’re friends now. We’re good friends, but.
But these things could come up through family lines. They can come up with something we did in the past, like Luigi, and he cleanses people and he makes them whole. It’s kind of a miracle because, like.
It’s how do.
You do that, you know it’s it’s just amazing. But he’s very much still alive. He’s multidimensional. And I have a tremendous amount of deep love.
For him, so that never went away. And I I didn’t realise I have.
Journals that I found they’re like 39 years old of journals that I the time I didn’t call it channelling him because I didn’t know what that word was. I just.
You know, would write down feelings I had about Jesus, but he was giving me messages. He also gives it to me. I hear him all the time. I can hear him and he’s really funny. He’s got Jesus has a great sense of.
Humour. He’s really kind, but he’s really funny. He’s very witty and you have to think about it. Back in the day he talked to all kinds of people, even some really base characters, and he had to be able to be charming and to to be able to communicate with a lot of people and I think.
People leave that out, but he is. He’s quite he’s he’s quite entertaining at times. He’s really like you would imagine a friend would be.
So when I was the other one, when I was at 10, I was in Myrtle Beach on vacation with my family and I got hung out with some guys playing volleyball.
And I heard angels start singing and the water started opening it in the middle and I couldn’t get my breath and I could hear a choir of angels. It was beautiful. It was like layers of layers of angels. And I really thought my head not again. I can’t believe this. And then I woke up and the lifeguard.
Was getting the water out.
And then another one happened when I was 38 and my medical doctor, I was having menstrual migraines and.
We’ll take this pill. It’s for menstrual migraines. We’ll.
They didn’t have.
Google Internet access where you could go and just Google what this was. So I took it and I took it like.
I think it was like 3 times and I was like, I can’t. I don’t like this stuff by the.
I think it was the 3rd or 4th time. It wasn’t a lot. I was just taking the evenings. I woke up like bells went off. I went boiling and I walked.
Straight up I couldn’t.
I didn’t have.
I don’t know why I didn’t have. I couldn’t access my vocal cords. I don’t know why I couldn’t. And so and I couldn’t quite know how to wait my husband up and I don’t know why I couldn’t not because I wasn’t aware of that. It wasn’t working. Mentally, it was. I I couldn’t make that work. And so I did.
Get straight up and I went into the living room. How I it was almost like I was.
I felt like Frankenstein, like I had assistance getting up. I don’t know how I got up and like, rising from the from the day I really got up, and then I went and turned the TV thinking. Well, I’ll just if I can follow this, whatever they’re.
Saying then I’ll be OK and that’s not what happened. I started hearing this.
White noise sound I was like ohh man. And then then I started feeling very fearful, which I know what comes after that is you don’t care. You’re very relaxed.
Which is what happened. And then I didn’t know it was male or female. I didn’t know my name. I thought, well, this can’t. I remember thinking this can’t be good. And then I started looking at my living room and it started breaking down into white lines. Now this is way before the matrix, the movie series and all that. And it was little.
White everything was white lines, so they talked about the holographic universe, but my furniture was all in white lines.
So next thing I know, I’m in the Galaxy and I’m at the the nebula and the Milky Way, which are really like apparently other star related family lives there like the Paladins and the Octarians and the dramas where I don’t know. I really like it there, but I remember hanging out there.
And then I willed myself in my body because I could also think, and I was also observing in my body, but also there. And I just took one finger and I put myself in my leg to bring myself in my body. It took a while. I mean, this whole thing went on for a couple hours. I mean, till I finally was aware. But I’m very sensitive to stuff. That’s all I can say. I was just very sensitive to whatever the heck.
They gave me. I stopped. I don’t. I don’t take things. I mean I.
I take aspirins and things like that, but when necessary, but.
I don’t like to take things if if if possible, you know. If possible, I just don’t because I don’t know how it’s going to.
React so having that I did not realise too many, many years later that at the Monroe Institute there is a.
There they do levels, you know, some, like near this experience. You can you can help. You can see that you can kind of have that sort of feeling they take you through this meditative Hemi sync and that you could have some retrieval is one of another one is the white lines. I’m like what?
And you can see that. So our universe is being held up through constructs that we agreed to, which means we need to agree to a better universe that might be good one with a higher low vibration. That’s that’s what I’m trying to bring to the planet. And I know a lot of people like yourself are doing the same. So after so each time.
Each time I had.
These near death experiences. I also have many spiritually transformative experiences in between see and go, and seeing demons as a kid, they were literally called. They were demons. They were not aliens. Just going to make that clear, aliens can’t walk backwards upside down on the ceiling and on the walls that are humanoid size with teeth.
All the way across like a shark with red eyes and a long tail. This happened repeatedly. It was horrifying. And then it especially happened. I began to grab the as I got older, the Bible and start.
Doing it and that would make it worse. That would really **** them off. And so it was just a different dimension. I was looking at. That’s all it was. You know, I was looking at, I could. There’s different dimensions between Earth.
To these higher realms now, I was told there’s 12 Heavenly Realms. OK, I don’t know if that’s true. There’s evidentially no way I can prove that. If I can, I probably won’t be seeing you all again. But.
But that’s what I was told, so I don’t, I don’t know. But some people say 7 and I get I’ve been told 12. So on earth. And I was also told where people go like lost souls. They go to a place called the Merck and they’re just in a kind of holding pattern.
You know, because they have to decide to crossover and they have people trying to help them and you know that they’re just sort of hanging out. It’s not the lobby, it’s the Merck, it’s.
Kind of this nebulous area. It’s kind of misty, like a fog. You just kind of hang out and really wouldn’t. That’s a love. That’s just another level. And there’s the level that’s closer to the demonic realm. Is earth. I mean, it sounds really bad. So my goal is like when I do prayers.
I don’t wanna do any.
Like healing work or or readings. I don’t do any this ascended chakra business. I go straight to my Christ. Crown chakras up there and I go straight.
Christ and the heavenly and the angelic realms, and I bypass all this mess. I don’t have anything but as a child and growing up as a teenager, I didn’t know how to handle it. But I’ve had a lot of the kundalini stuff. All these things in between.
I mean.
I’ve had experiences being out of my body. I remember 14 looking in the mirror and I’m like, what’s this all about? And I stared and stared and stared and stared and stared, and I popped out behind my head and saw the back of my head.
From a from a distance that was freaky. That was what I was like. And then I was freaked out. And then I went. Oh, that’s.
Cool I want.
To do it again.
So I had a lot of these spiritual experiences, a lot with God.
Most you know and I feel sorry for them, but I don’t trust them because they also can be manipulators. They can also, unlike what people have told you, they.
Can’t hurt you.
So I bring in, you know, the power of God and Christ. Angels say no I.
I’ll assist. You can tell Jesus about it.
But you know.
But here are your boundaries and I think that’s what a lot of people and this this spiritual, how do I say it? The spiritual practitioners, that is that or want to embark on that. It’s always important to surround yourself.
The highest you know, God the creator and or angels or or Christ, and depending what you believe in. But I just know he loves everybody and he’s really good with being protective to everyone. He’s he’s a good resource but.
This has. This has changed me now to opening up so much and then also the spiritually transformative experiences.
Over the so at 38, you’re the one. After the the menstrual health I I started doing, I started doing right a little before that. I’ve done about 400 hours of past life and most of it was not on this planet and most of it was evidential. Meaning I was seeing.
Things how they were built, how they were put together, how we used to start cars. I’ve spent a lot of past lives in France too.

00:43:50 Luisa
Oh my gosh. Incredible. Could I just quickly ask you about your near death experiences? We have so much to cover. Oh, my gosh, just a couple of questions and and thank you for sharing so openly and honestly.
Just just backtracking. When you were three, you mentioned lost souls would come to you and you didn’t know what.
To do and you spoke about.
The demonic realm for those of the audience that may be experiencing some aspect of this, what is your advice?

00:44:26 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Law, souls and the demonic. OK. So first of all, I want to tell people.
There is an answer and don’t freak out. There’s different ways. I’ll just tell you my experience that I’ve seen how they can come in to give people OK. So first of all, it’s just something that’s out there, just like bad people, right? We don’t go looking for that, but when it does, we kind of know what to do to stay away, you know, we know.
Right. A lot of people aren’t taught what to do about this. What I find it can come sometimes.
And I’m going to start the more innocent way it can come in. If you buy house houses or furniture. So let me make.
Oh my goodness. We’re going to go here, Luisa. But this is good information, and I really know a lot about this. OK, first hand, unfortunately.
Because I’ve had people and clients and I’m like, OK, we’ll deal with this over the years. So I’ve seen things, but I think it’s made me. I wouldn’t have believed half of this if I didn’t see it for my own eyes and experience it #1 furniture and antiques, carry and energy, so.
Let’s think about it. If someone has a a heirloom, a furniture, or like a wedding ring that has charge, that is someone’s energy vibration imprint in it.
Sometimes when lost souls go on, we’re very big. Our well. Oh gosh, I can’t believe we’re going. We’re going to.
Go deep with this.
So when we’re, we’re here now, we’re also on other planets and we’re also in.
Heaven, we’re huge.
So part of our soul section off, we’re not incomplete. We just can be a lot of places. We remember the whole Jesus can.
Multi task and be different places.
So can we. So the ring or the furniture part of that essence, essence of that spirit can stay there?
Well, what’s so bad about that? Well, even in the friendliest way, do you really want a bunch of ghosts in your house? #1 gets energetically, if they their presence is more known in this piece, it can suck the energy off of you. And now people, I have a whole lifetime of experience on this from.
Other people that I’ve had to do with these different things.
Them up is an even family, a family member. One of these things came out and said you got to stop by the antiques. It comes up in readings. You got a civil war sword. You got a civil war, dude. What? Why do you have this? And they’re like, yeah. And I’m like, no, it’s not good. Nobody needs a civil war soldier hanging in their house. I mean, he’s not evil, but it it’s your energy. It’s your space. It needs to be.
Your space, you don’t need to share it with the civil.
War ghost.
Who’s trying to do a good job to protect you? But it’s no longer requiring your services.
Uh. And so even in the best way that can suck off your energy. And I have people that live in homes that either are old and it’s actually the home itself or the furniture. Or it could just be the chandelier. I can go in and say it’s the chandelier only it’s the. It’s that picture right there. Would you get that in the Orient and a shop? I’m like you got.
To get that.
It’s right there and I can I go right to it? And sometimes there’s more than one. And so and they’ll play off the energy. So that’s not good either. But it in the very least it can make people fatigued if they are around these haunted objects. #2 if there are dark energies. So.
You go here, so if a.
Just like in life, so when someone drops their body, they can still decide to go with God in Christ and they can still decide that. So people you know, in the South, we’re always in the USA. We’re always trying to like, get people to turn real quick, accept Jesus before they die. But honestly, they can accept God after they’ve.
You know, drop their body. They have helped angels around. It’s all.
Good. They still have.
Time, but there are some that refuse to. When those refuse to.
They usually go in clusters of other ghosts, and then those which which is like a a a ghost hive that they’re usually trapped by demons. People don’t like to hear those.
Is that like?
Those they’re demons, so when you see these haunted shows and.
They may see the Lady of the House, which may be benign and not.
Nefarious in any way. The Lady of the House. But then you have other there there. But then there’s another thing that’s evil. Well, yeah, that’s that’s not the ghost. That’s the demon. So it can attach to things. So again, the ghost alone can drain energetically.
Us and the darker things literally want to rob our soul. I used to never believe that, but it’s literal.
Really, literally. They literally won’t to to aspect and drain that and take that. It’s not nice. OK. And so when people know that that’s good information because you always call in a higher power on that and you you I mean you have to be tough too. You have to say no, I’m a child of the most.
Back off. Yeah. You know, you don’t have to.
Really assert yourself and bring that in.
But people also bring it in through doing weegee. I’ve seen that a lot. It’s a lot because you’re basically, it’s like a 1800 number. You don’t. You’re opening the door and two realms that have been closed spirit, people that are loving.
They don’t need, they don’t need a Ouija board to get ahold of you. They they, they love you. They’re around you. They’re around by your heart. They they they. When you think about them and you say, gosh, I love and miss you so.
Much, they’re like you too.
And they they have permission from heaven to come check on you. And they’re there too. And they’re very busy in heaven. They’re doing a lot of stuff. They got a lot of activities.
Do and they help people from there and they pray for us here.
The the demonic realm usually comes in through and Jesus told me that’s the seven deadly sins.
So fine. OK, that’s one of them. Pride, lust. And so I asked. Jesus, how’s that work?
Is it? How’s that?
Work and he goes well. If you had envy of of a brother, had envy of his brothers of his wealth and his wife.
He might kill him for the money. I went ohh. That’s like a bunch of them at once, you know. Lost, you know, it’ll be great murder. You know, it’s quite a few. So you’re getting a demon with each one. It’s somebody’s a really complex. So people open these doors. I think people.
Are some people are oppressed and I think a lot of people that are Christians don’t understand this, that you can be oppressed.
By these darker spirits. But you have a thority over that. So I think recognising it and just like, don’t go down.
That dark Rd. If you know there’s.

00:51:33 Luisa
Praise the power of prayer.

00:51:34 Tamara Caulder Richardson
You know, just don’t do it. So does that answer? I’m just going to tell you flat out how what?

00:51:38 Luisa
Ohh sorry, that was my dog.

00:51:43 Tamara Caulder Richardson
I know to be true.
The whole God’s holy angels are so amazing. They’re so bad at us. We are so protective. But guess what? We got to ask for their help. We got to ask.
Jesus, send your angels. Now. I need you now. Did you feel that? I just felt that Jesus. Send your angels now, do you? Just.
I just felt I just felt.

00:52:01 Luisa
So it’s that simple for those.

00:52:03 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Things. Oh, yes. Did you say high? I’m high. You.

00:52:06 Luisa
You got a cold? I got goosebumps. I’ve heard. Who? Whoever’s listening to this in the audience addictions, is it?

00:52:06 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Gotta call them in you.

00:52:14 Luisa
There’s some sort of attachment there. Whatever, whatever it might be form shape. There’s so many addictions that certainly aren’t for our best and highest good.

00:52:25 Tamara Caulder Richardson
No, you’re you’re absolutely right. And matter of fact, Jesus has a lot of grace for people with addictions because he knows that’s how these lower level entities can try to get through and whether it’s.
You know, alcohol, drugs, but what it basically does, even if you don’t have addictions and I’m not against drinking, I like a rose. I like rose or lavender martinis. And then, OK, so I’m not against that. But you you just anyone has to know if they’re spiritual.
That if you drink.
Ohh especially if you’re sad, like you’re really sad for some reason and then you drink. That is such an open doorway for these things, cause they’re sneaky. They’re real sneaky and they’ll try to come in and say things like you suck. You’re not worth it. You’re whatever. Or or they’ll they’ll hit your buttons and they’ll try to lower your defences and they try to make you less and they try.
Anything they do is try to to remove you away from God.
So the answer is always to go to God and go to God, especially in your weakness or especially.
If you feel awful, even if someone’s an addict and you’re using, go to God because that’s your defence till you get the help because.
God’s gonna let me tell you what Jesus knows all about this. I I did a big presentation on the Ascend for Portal to Ascension and I.
Gave this big thing and big channel I.
Think then, which Jesus?
Which was cool, but they knew about that.
The scenes were the.
Ones that were teachers of Jesus.
Exactly which I believe to be true, but not all of them. But some of them, the big part of it. And they knew about addictions because that was how these things came in, cause they can’t. They can’t spiritually do it. If you put the claim. I’m a child of the most high. You are not welcome here. Just like a vampire, you’re not welcome.
Here, and I do encourage everybody to bless their home, their own home. I’m not a proponent of blessing other people’s home for two reason. It’s not your home, #2. If you do the blessing.
When I do a home blessing and I have a book for that any you know that if anybody wanted that, I’ve got a free book. But The thing is it’s if you bless your home and sage, I do holy water, you can do sage. It’s fine, but it won’t last. I do the holy water with it and there’s you can do salt.
As well. But to do that properly.
You’re going to get rid of the history. Anything on the history of the land, anything in the house. Would it be the furniture? But guess what? The people. So if the people aren’t clean in it and I’ve had.
Were a house blessing so. So it didn’t go well and it’s the 13 year old daughter who’s doing some weird game online that’s demonic.
And they need it. They need a cleansing. And so that’s good news though, right? Because you want to clean everybody. You want everybody up to snuff. Everybody clean. Everybody good. And so anything can come up. So when that.
Funds that person, that family needs to believe in God and just kind of live a holy life. You know you don’t be perfect, but just, you know, really have respect for God and keep your house that way. And don’t let people in that aren’t that way because they can.
They can mess up the vibe of your house if you have these low tone people in, and so I I encourage people to do it, to take responsibility for their own home.
Before that.
And to put the authority of you know, God and Christ over their house as a as a protective covenant. And I pray every night before I go to bed, that the angels, all the archangels, are all that they go, that they’re standing. I have them stationed around my house. I have Michael go through my house and do a clearing. Have angels.
All through the yard, the front and back and the sides, the top and the bottom of the house, I put a protective white like God bubble over the house and put a pink bubble over me and my husband.

00:56:38 Luisa
Tamara gosh, what? I mean, what a lifetime you’ve signed up for. Where’s the best place for people to find you and connect with you?

00:56:49 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Well, thank you for asking. I do. You know, I have the seeking heaven channel on YouTube, which I’m going to be bringing you on. We’re going to do a, an, an interview. It’s going to be a lot of fun. And so if, you know, have them check that I have a lot of free Christ channelings and that type of thing on there also Southern where I do I do.
Offer globally. I do this online, evidential psychic medium and life path, so I get into, you know, work with Jesus. That’s real sweet. And then I get into a lot of detail. A lot of realities want.
To chat things up.
It’s like a reunion. And so that is in southern bell medium. And then I have a.
Ascension School and that is Academy of Academy of And so I guess that can be, I don’t know if you can put that below, but I do have a class coming up on March 3rd and it is called.
It is how to what is it? What is it? Superpower training that I’m going to be offering and that would be for two hours. I’m going to be coaching you, talking about all the spiritual arts because a lot of people like me, they just develop this. What do I do with it? Who do I go that I can trust?
And that you know that, I mean, I think they.
Should know at this point.
Who I work with Jesus. Amazing.
He keeps me.
He keeps me straight on things and he tells me everything is so great, but I will actually link him and and like this last class I told I saw two.
Have hear people up and there would that. We’re wanting to be students and then I would pair them up. Who wants to do this and that? OK. And then I would observe and say, OK, go go in closer to your heart and then some people were using it. I said don’t you don’t need that. Just use your heart. Connect to them as a human being. And so I would help them through because I’ve had so much extensive.
Training I trained 8 years in the British style of evidential mediumship with Tony Stockwell and evidential mediumship and Trance, which I made physical and mental medium and a trance.
And conscious channel. And then I studied and certified through Lisa Williams, which I studied extensively years with, and also John Hall. And so I’ve trained a lot as well as I’ve done a lot of my own.
I’m a reader.

00:59:11 Luisa
A lot of your own experiences that that’s for sure. And I also will leave a link in the show notes for anyone that missed that or.
And March 3 happens to be my birthday, so that’s a lucky number.
Yeah, 3/3.

00:59:26 Tamara Caulder Richardson
But thanks for having me today.

00:59:27 Luisa
Oh my gosh, it’s a pleasure. So every everyone that’s listening, this is a two part episode and who knows where the next part will go to. But I’d love. I really wanna focus on channelling Jesus and have some powerful, incredible messages from him. And also you’re a part of the Galactic Federation. So I can’t wait to go there as well.
I’ve just got one more question about your near death experience that there’s many stories that you shared.
Did you after you left the hospital? Did you return to your sexually abusive stepfather or mother’s boyfriend?

01:00:03 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Unfortunately yes, because I went back into that family and so. But what I began to do is put my time into art and drawing, and I became very kind of quiet, even though that’s not my innate personality. But that’s what I did. And I was a bit gruff with him, so.
01:00:24 Tamara Caulder Richardson
And to try to keep him away. But that sexual abuse lasted till 12 years old.

01:00:30 Luisa
But I’m.
I don’t know what to say, except I’m so sorry.

01:00:35 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Well, it it may be more compassionate. I mean, not that I would recommend that, but it did. It did make me if there was a benefit, more compassionate to those that have had gone through some kind of abuse. And I can. I can sense it and know with people, even the most slick personalities and.
That I’ve seen, you know, celebrity types, I can still tell. I still I can spend just a few minutes and.
I’m like hmm.
It’s unfortunately quite common, and so I feel sorry for them. Anyone that would do that to a child.
Has to be really disturbed mentally.

01:01:08 Luisa
Or unimaginable? Yes. Oh.
Thank you for sharing that and I can’t wait to speak to you for Part 2. Tamara, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest today.
Yay. Me too. Me too. My gosh. Can’t wait to read. Listen to it. Thank you so much. Bye. Bye bye.

01:01:18 Tamara Caulder Richardson
Thank you. I had so much fun.


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