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She was CLINCALLY DEAD: Powerful Journey in HEAVEN, Spirit Guide & Life- Review | Karen Thomas

She was clinically dead.

Karen Thomas had a verified NDE, Near Death Experience while undergoing spinal surgery. Her near-death experience occurred during this surgery when the surgeon lacerated a major artery and she bled out on the operating room table.

She experienced beings of light who communicated with her telepathically. She had a choice whether to return or not and she was shown how her future would unfold if she returned.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Karen Thomas

00:00:45 Luisa
Karen Thomas, welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m really really so honoured to have you on the show today and I can’t wait to Share your story with the passion Harvest audience. Welcome.

00:00:57 Karen Thomas
Ohh thank you so much and I’m glad to be here and I’m glad to share my experience with your audience.

00:01:05 Luisa
I’ve done a bit of research. You’ve had a profound new death experience and clinically and verified by doctors. Excuse me.
This is your show today, so wherever you want to take it, if I would love you to share your life changing experience with the audience.

00:01:24 Karen Thomas
OK. Well, I guess I will just begin at the beginning and the beginning. As far as my experience goes is that my husband and I and our two children who were nine, my daughter and six, my.
Them had moved from our lifetime home in upstate New York to Alaska and I where I was working as a physical therapist, and my husband was working as a machinist, and I injured my back. A second injury to my back and was.
The Laminectomy that had happened prior and.
With this ruptured desk, they I knew I was going to have to have surgery and just didn’t know whether they were going to be able to do another Laminectomy or a spinal fusion.
So anyway, the operation day, it was one of the first surgeries of the day, and my husband and children were there and they walked with me by my stretcher as they was taken down to the OR suites and the surgery was taking place, by the way, in the same hospital.
That I worked in so anyway.
I was taken to the OR.
In the OR, I was moved on to the table and.
Turned on to my stomach so that they could reopen an incision in my back, and so the anaesthesia was given. I was out, as one would expect, but mid surgery.
I suddenly was cold.
And I was found my consciousness to be up near the ceiling, up near the corner of the operating room.
Near ceiling tiles as a ruckus was going on where I could hear the the surgeons swearing and I could hear a lot of activity, which turned my attention toward what was happening just in time to see my body being flipped over from laying face down to face up.
And realising that that was me.
And so I was feeling very calm.
Very much detached from this body that I was observing.
And yeah, I was realising that if my consciousness was separate then I must be dead. And if I was dead, then somehow I had to get to my husband, then my children.
And so that was my impetus. And as I thought that.
My my consciousness was literally able to move out of that operating room through a wall and into the hallway that I had come.
No. And I retraced everything in terms of my path to get into the OR suite and out into another hallway in the hospital.
Trying to get to where a waiting room where my husband and kids were.
And as I was in the process of moving.
I suddenly heard a telepathic voice.
And it said.
Pay attention to this man.
And so my attention was drawn to the man who was rushing back in the direction that I had just come from, and I was immediately able to, like, zoom in on him very close to see what clothing he was wearing to see his eye colour, his hair colour.
Just really a very close look at him, which was pretty startling given that I’m very near sighted and without my glasses, I normally can’t see my hand in front of my face.
And not to mention, hearing this telepathic voice and as he rushed past me and toward the operating suite, I also heard in my mind.
As though I was hearing his thoughts and his thoughts were about needing to get in into that oh R urgently.
And I also heard the thoughts of a man who was just happened to be standing in the hallway and down near that area, and that man’s thoughts were about how how can this guy think that he can just go in there? You know, he’s just dressed like everybody else and people aren’t allowed to go into there.
And so the man I was told to pay attention to slowed down.
For a moment.
And then the doors or double doors doors to the OR suite opened and he rushed inside and then I immediately was thinking.
The waiting room still have to get to that waiting room, but before I could.
I felt as though I was no longer directing where I was going, but I was being pulled.
Literally up out of this floor, up through the ceiling into the following, the next floor of the hospital continuing to be pulled like this until I was completely outside of the hospital and way up into the sky.
And as I was up very high in the sky.
I suddenly the direction that I was being pulled was changed and I was pulled horizontally instead of upward and rushed out over the whole city of Anchorage, which was where this hospital was located.
And Anchorage sits on the Bay. And as as I was reaching the water.
I suddenly was pulled into what looked like an enormous dark cave or or tunnel, and once inside this tunnel type thing, it was extremely dark, but I I went from moving quickly to moving extremely fast.
I saw nothing but darkness for a while until I saw a pinprick of light in the far distance. And yet, at the speed that I was moving, this light pinprick of light became bigger and bigger and bigger. Because I was approaching it that fast and.
I just as it got too huge to take up the entire entrance. I just burst right into.
To it, and as I burst into this light.
In addition to the calm and peace that I have been feeling all along, I suddenly was filled with this enormous sense of.
Huge unconditional love.
And and peace and joy and and bliss and just adjectives don’t even begin to describe this feeling of how it changed. And yet I thought as I burst into there and into this huge light.
Where am I?
And so I.
I thought, well, I to look down for some reason and as I my attention was drawn down.
I noticed just brown, rocky, very arid looking ground.
And I thought immediately.
Ohh I thought I was going to be in heaven. You know if I’m dead and.
And is that where I am? This is bizarre. You know, it didn’t seem right. And then another telepathic.
Voice spoke off to my left and it said follow me. And so as I my attention was turned that way, I saw that there was a man who was climbing up out of this area that I had come out into. If there was like a slope to come up and out of it.
And I was immediately just a few feet behind him.
And so I was examining him pretty closely from behind and noticed that his hair was almost black, that he had it tied back with a a piece of leather.
That what he was wearing was like just kind of an off white simple.
Toga like garment.
Came down only about midway on his his thighs, and it was tied with another.
Piece of leather and then on his feet, he had sandals that tied crisscrossed up his calves and tied off below his his knees.
So again, my thought was.
Well, I thought I should be in heaven and I thought that the first person I would see would be Jesus. And so I thought somehow this guy doesn’t. I isn’t who I thought.
Jesus would look like and so I was puzzled and it’s continued to be puzzled. Followed him up over the slope, and as it opened up at the top of the slope, it opened up into a a totally different landscape that was extremely green and lush and.
Filled, just dotted with beautiful flowers and and colours that you can’t even begin to describe. And the grass and the flowers. And in the distance there were trees. Everything that I saw.
Had this same brilliant light that I had burst into within it and also emanating light out as though everything I was looking at was alive and filled with this light.
And the man that I was told to follow, I I thought of. Well, he’s guiding me. He’s and he had gone on ahead.
And spoke again for me to follow him, and I was instantly behind him as he was standing on the bank.
Of a river.
And this river was just beautiful, glistening.
Clear but sparkling, like diamonds and and giving off this same light. And just the most gorgeous water. And on the opposite bank.
I saw her began to see my deceased relatives and the 1st and was my father who had passed away when he was 7 and my brother who had been killed in the car accident but and they were in the midst of a huge group of family members and.
Several of them I recognised as uncles or aunts. Cousins that had had Pat.
Away and there were also four that were.
I knew I should know who they were. It was this feeling of I should know these people and is instantly as I thought that I had the realisation. Oh, these are my grandparents because all four of my grandparents had passed away before I was even born. But I somehow knew that’s who they were and everyone was so.
Thrilled and happy to see me as I was to see them. And it was like, oh, this is so wonderful. I can’t wait to be with them.
And yet my guide.
Said no, we have to go somewhere else 1st and.
So I was really disappointed, but I wasn’t steering myself throughout any of this part of the experience I was having. I was being drawn and so I continued to be drawn with my guide down until the the river curve and around this curve.
There was a huge opening and in the centre of the opening was a hit.
Glowing white building that looked like you might think of Greek or Roman architecture. Enormous white columns in front, a a huge entry doorway area, lots of stairs going up to that.
Country way.
And I began to see other spiritual beings.
There that I didn’t know, but just were spiritual people and they were in small groups at the foot of the stairs and coming down the stairs. And my guide went up to the very doorway and said to follow him again. So we entered.
Into the building.
And once inside this, the interior of it appeared.
Very different than you might see from the outside. It became as though it was an enormous library, and it was very, very, very long.
That that you just could keep walking on and on and on and on either side as far up as you could see, as though there were no ceiling there.
Floor upon floor, upon floor, upon floor of of packed in books and scrolls.
And down through the centre of this whole entryway were tables and the spiritual beings were sitting at the tables or standing and and we’re looking at books and and the my guide mentioned that this was where the books of life were stored.
But that we were not staying here and we had.
To go down to another area, so I followed them all the way through this very long area.
And into another hallway, and then through a doorway, into a much smaller room.
And in this area.
There were spiritual beings who were already there and they were around sitting as though around like a huge Oval conference type of a table.
And as as though waiting for us.
And I felt as.
Though I should know who these things were and that they knew.
Me very well.
But I didn’t. I wasn’t able to identify him like I was with my my family members.
And my guide then said we’re going to show you your life up to this point.
And as he sat there.
The whole centre of this Oval that had appeared to be almost like clear, like a glass bottom boat or something, it suddenly.
Raised up out of it.
Like a hologram. And we began playing from my birth on through. And as it was happening, I was. I wasn’t just watching it like a bystander.
I became myself at all of those different points in my life. All the interactions with the different.
And I felt my emotions again. But I also was able to feel as though I was the other person that I was interacting with. And if I had behaved hurtfully, I was feeling that hurt of that other person, and not only feeling it.
But also.
Seeing how that person carried it away and how it ended up.
With them, act in ways that hurt people totally separate from this interaction, and it just rippled out. But the same thing was true with very nice and kind things and loving things that I had said or done I could feel ohh wow that impacted someone a lot more than.
Realised and they felt that that.
Increase in in, in good feelings that they felt they carried and and treated other people, and it rippled on continually from there. So it was just this beautiful, beautiful experience.
But also a real depth of understanding of how everybody interacts with one another and what the long term impacts can be.
And so it seemed to happen in an instant, but but still to go on and on and on. That time really is totally different than what it is.
It’s like everything can happen all at once.
But then still be very, very long and going on.
So at that point I I was told by my guide, you can stay or you can return to your life. But if you choose to return to your life, we want to show you things that definitely will happen and things that very likely will happen. But it can’t be.
Said to be certain because every person has free will.
And the people that you will be interacting with?
They they may possibly choose differently than what we anticipate, and so this entire event may not even happen or may not happen in this way, and so then they showed me all of this.
And at that point, I know that something else happened.
Because I was, there’s a gap in what I’m remembering and I am instantly in a totally different room with my guide, a much smaller room.
And my guide is saying I want to show you.
The prayers of people that you ask to pray for you, that you wouldn’t have to.
Have this spinal fusion.
So off to my right, I saw what looked like musical notes on a score.
And you know, there were whole notes, there were quarter notes that were darker coloured and instead of being like going horizontally across across the score.
They were one note at a time linking upward and coming closer and closer to where we were.
And like I said, every every prayer has its own unique vibration.
And though I didn’t hear sound, I wasn’t hearing music. I just saw these prayers represented as though they were musical notes.
And then my guy said I also want to show you what’s happening in the hospital waiting room and so off to my other side to my left.
I looked and it was as though there was no ceiling in this waiting room and I was looking from above and seeing my husband standing at the door with the Doctor Who had operated on me and my two children sitting behind and and toward small couch that was in this room.
I saw that my daughter.
Who was frantic and worried that I had died and that that’s what that doctor being there meant was that? And she prayed at that point that I wouldn’t be, wouldn’t be dead, that I would live.
In her prayer, then became the last musical note that attached.
And as it attached and reached.
Where we were.
It was as though it was the culmination of everything that that then caused me to be able to feel all of my emotion of being.
Karen of being my kids. Mother of being my husband’s wife of, of all of my human emotion. And I knew.
That the decision I would need to make would be to come back to my life. I did not want my children to.
Grow up without.
Their mother, like I had grown up without my father.
And so it was. It was. It was set. And at that point, my guide said.
You’re not going to be remote able to remember anything about what we showed you of your future, because that would remove your free will.
We will allow you to remember enough of this experience that you will know that it absolutely happened and will even give you a sign and proof that it took place.
And with that, I don’t remember travelling back to my body going into my body. I only remember waking up in a recovery room with my husband and kids there and instantly being still filled with this enormous love and peace that I had felt all during.
In near death experience.
And instantly I knew how that it had actually literally happened and.
That was my experience and during the 12 days that I followed while I was in the hospital.
There was a Doctor Who came in to follow up with me.
And in the instant I saw him, I knew he was the man that I had been told to pay attention to.
And he had been.
Was had called. Been called in to be able to try to repair an artery that had been caught that had caused me to bleed out.
And had caused my whole near death experience.
And after discharge and after I was home and have told my husband about my experience.
My husband and I went to have staples removed from my incision and I decided that I was going to ask this doctor.
If what I saw.
When I had my experience is what happened.
And so I did. I described seeing him in the hallway. I described what he was wearing, these regular street clothes, and his response was how could you know that?
I was in my office seeing patients and that’s when I was page stat to come in to try to save the life of someone who had bled out on the operating room table. And yes, that’s that’s how I came. So that was my.
And that’s my experience.

00:24:45 Luisa
Wow. Well I.
Got goosebumps so many times during that. Thank you so much, Karen, for sharing that that what a a powerful experience. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

00:24:57 Karen Thomas
Not at all, no.

00:24:59 Luisa
So clinically dead and verified by the doctor, I mean there is no. There’s so much evidence that consciousness survives beyond the death of the physical body.
When you realised you saw your body on the operating table, you were still I were you still identified as Karen or the Karen I’m talking to now. Or you. What does? It’s hard to describe in words. And you did such a good job.

00:25:28 Karen Thomas
Yes, I I felt all of who I was. I didn’t lose my identity.
The as my consciousness was outside my body. In fact, that’s why I had that impetus to try to get to the waiting room because I was very conscious that I was Karen. And so none of that was lost as my consciousness was.
Outside my body.

00:25:58 Luisa
And and you know, we always think in in human terms that of course you, you know, your heart was directed towards your husband and your children. You travelled there in thought in some way as a point of consciousness. And it’s so interesting that you were able to read other people’s thoughts because really, I guess all thoughts are not secret.

00:26:22 Karen Thomas
Well, certainly not. On the other side, but even as I was there, yeah, it it just seemed as though because I no longer was using the body, the whole means of communication was different and it was all mental.
And it was all thought.
You know, thought process, but not actually even thought process. It was literally like my spiritual being.
Being able to communicate completely with other people.

00:26:55 Luisa
And it was almost effortless. It wasn’t hard work, this telepathic communication.
It was almost like you’d done it before, perhaps.

00:27:04 Karen Thomas
Right. As though I completely knew that that was.
How to communicate or didn’t even have to try it just was instantaneous.

00:27:15 Luisa
It wasn’t like learning another language. It wasn’t hard work.
It was just.

00:27:21 Karen Thomas
Exactly. And you know, I’ve come to believe that your, your spiritual consciousness.
In your bodily consciousness are two very different things.
And that was really made clear to me when I in that recovery room when I came back into my body because as I explained I I was filled with that same peace and love and and awareness of the experience I had just had.
But my bodily consciousness.
That is filtered through the brain.
That consciousness.
Was under anaesthesia still coming out of anaesthesia and.
I literally operating through that consciousness. I look, I did not know why I was in the hospital. I had forgotten that I was having a back operation. I couldn’t figure out why my stomach was huge and bloated and had all these staples down it.
And I was befuddled and and wondering if I had just had a caesarean section and had a baby. I mean, that’s the way my brain consciousness was.
Befuddled and operating, but at the same time my spiritual consciousness was.
Fully aware of the experience I had just had, so I I literally think there are two totally different consciousness.

00:28:55 Luisa
So, so interesting and and many near death experiences or most of them recall the experience as if it was so real. It had always. It’s just there’s absolutely no doubt. But it wasn’t a dream, wasn’t imagine it was so real. And 20304050 years later it’s so real.

00:29:14 Karen Thomas
Yes, 40 some years in my case and.
And so real and so detailed that it is it has been a part of me.
At at that level, for all those years since.
Whereas for example, I never went back to Alaska. Shortly after this, we moved back to New York and I’ve never been back there since, and I’ve often thought if I went back to the hospital that I worked at and where this took place.
I wouldn’t even be able to.
Find my way to the the therapy department that I’ve worked in because it’s just been that long ago. I just wouldn’t, wouldn’t I have? Memory is gone, but not this.

00:30:01 Luisa
Profound. I just wanted to ask you about your spirit guide. So he he. Well, maybe they didn’t have a humanist, but the agenda that he appeared in a physical form as you described.

00:30:14 Karen Thomas
Right. And yes, sorry.
And over the many years since this happened, I’ve.
I have tried to.
Study and find explanations and try to understand all of what took place because I changed so radically afterward, and so one of the things I learned to do was to meditate.
And fairly early on in, in my meditation, I would be able to see.
My guide that had been with me during this near death experience and would always appear within my mind’s eye dressed as he was then looking as he did then, and so yeah, but he I realised that he was.
One of my spiritual guides.
And so that was something that was part of my learning process afterwards.

00:31:17 Luisa
And the the library as you call it. Some people may call it the Akashic records. It’s so interesting or the the the histories of of souls.
I would have. I would have would have wanted to look at mine and see.

00:31:35 Karen Thomas
You know well, it was like I I wasn’t really given a choice. And at that point I wasn’t really even fully understanding that. That’s all of those books and scrolls represented different lifetimes.
Of individual souls and that there would be.
Within it.
One or several that would represent lifetimes. I had lived, or the one that I was currently living it. It just didn’t click together until long after as I would study and learn about that. There was such a thing as the Akashic records.

00:32:18 Luisa
And reincarnation and so many things. After this powerful, memorable.
Incredible experience.
What? What do you think happens? What? When we transition into from our physical body and do not return to the earthly plane?

00:32:38 Karen Thomas
Well, it’s.
It’s hard for me to know for sure. I do believe that this.
Area this realm that I I visited.
Certainly isn’t just one that just I personally happen to to be. I honestly felt, having seen my my other deceased relatives there, that this is.
And afterlife location.
Realm that people do and have it and experience when when they pass away and.
So in learning about that.
I I ended up over many years later finding a a book or being referred to a book that’s called Journey of Souls by Michael Newton and in it.
This hypnotherapy person Michael Newton kind of stumbled upon the fact that as he was doing hypnosis with individual people.
That they would be able to tell him about.
Where they were and what they were experiencing before they were born in this life.
As well as talk about.
What what? He termed past lives.
And so that all kind of made sense to me as well.
And one of the things that struck me that he said and explained that really made things make a lot more sense to me.
Was that all of us who Incarnate into an earthly life only take a percentage of our?
Higher self or true soul.
With us as we’re living this incarnated life and that the other percentage of us remains always in the afterlife.
And I’ve had people talk to me and say, oh, I’m so afraid that by the time I die, if my daughter who passed away, or my son who passed away, they will have already reincarnated into another life and I won’t see them when I die and we won’t be together.
And that really solved that for me, because there’s always that percentage of our true higher self that is there. And so there’s no chance that you don’t.
I mean my grandparents got.

00:35:17 Luisa
And not reunited, yes.

00:35:19 Karen Thomas
Yeah. Yeah, and that.

00:35:21 Luisa
Love. Love is eternal.

00:35:24 Karen Thomas
Oh, for certain.
And and again, it’s the lack of understanding of time being eternal and yet time not being linear.
In the afterlife, like it is here. So it’s not like, oh, you’ve got to get from point A to point Z. And by the time you do, somebody else will have, you know, because you’re thinking linear time.
And linear time is not.
What exists in the afterlife and so multiple different time periods are happening at the same time.
Multiple things interactions can take place that can’t. If you’re just simply thinking of a straight line linear time.

00:36:13 Luisa
Thank you. I mean, of course, this was life changing this experience.
How has it changed the rest of your life?
What effects did have on you?

00:36:27 Karen Thomas
It changed things dramatically. I think that’s true for pretty much all near death experiences.
I’ve I’ve come to believe that the reason that people have a near death experience.
Is because.
They have. They have been a part of a plan for what their lifetime will encompass and what they would really like to experience and and have happened within that lifetime.
And I think.
When people are getting way off track of what they had really hoped to accomplish in that lifetime.
That, that, that may be the impetus behind a near death experience taking place.
Because it always seems like it is a major reset for who the person is when they come back and how they change how they behave and what they do afterward.
Think a big part of that is that that perception that you gained from the life review of how every small thing that you think of in an interaction with people can have long ranging.
Effects going out from them in that ripple. And so when you come back with a real grasp of that, it very much changes how you interact with other people and.
What really are your priorities in life?
And you know, just so many other things.

00:38:09 Luisa
I think you just kind of said of it based on your experience, what’s your advice for the audience to how to live there? Most aligned life, what matters?

00:38:20 Karen Thomas
Well, I have a friend.
That I’ve met.
Through, you know, my interactions with other people who are interested in near death experiences or have had them themselves and this friend, his name is Jeff Jansen. And what he has done is he has written books and basically in his books he did not have a near death experience.
He has has utilised the entire concept of a life review.
And you and helped to instruct other people to basically do a mental.
Life review.
Of themselves in particular.
Almost like a daily meditation. OK, I’ve closed out this day. This is the interactions that I had. You know, how could I have acted in a more compassionate, positive way with everybody I interacted with?
Knowing that they will take that interaction and it will ripple out from.
There. So I think everyone has that opportunity if they give themselves that opportunity to really benefit from the actual life reviews that near death experiences do go through and just start using it within themselves.

00:39:54 Luisa
And yes, every thought, every action matters, and has an incredible ripple out effect. I’ve got one more question for you, but first for the audience, I will leave a link in the show notes. Where’s the best place for people?
To connect with you.

00:40:09 Karen Thomas
Well, I typically have tell people that they can reach me via my email.
And my email address is BLANCETH.
Dot com.
And if they do have thoughts or or questions that popped up to them, if they send that email and in the subject line, they put saw your ND E interview.
In that subject line, then I’ll realise that it is someone who has a genuine thought or question or.
You know, just a desire to ask me something and then I can respond from that.

00:41:01 Luisa
I hope you don’t get too many emails that thank you. Final question. I get this question all the time. You probably do. Many people are afraid of dying. What is your advice?

00:41:19 Karen Thomas
My advice is.
I I think.
When people are afraid of dying, what they’re truly afraid of are.
One is the actual physical process of dying.
And the pain and.
Depending on what is causing the death.
That they fear having to go.
Through and then the other thing that’s I think just as big a fear for most people is their fear that they will be extinguished and no longer exist in any form at all. There will be no more meat.
You know, and that that I will.
Disappear, as though I never had.
Had occurred and I won’t. There will be no me any longer. So I think those are the two big fears.
For the second fear of that extinguishing of self.
I think near death experiences are a great help for people to read about them and to understand that like for example in my case there was no pain whatsoever and and that myself as I was continued to be.
Myself and and in terms of the physical death, pain, fear.
Again, I think sometimes near death experiences can be of help there.
In that many near death experiences who had a traumatic thing happened to them.
That caused them to leave their body.
They report that.
They before they felt.
Any sort of pain of the injury, they had already. Their consciousness had already separated from their body and they would not. They were not aware of that pain. So those are two things, two ways in which it can help, I think.

00:43:34 Luisa
Thank you, Karen. Well.
Thank you so much for your openness, vulnerability, honesty. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t?
Asked you today.

00:43:48 Karen Thomas
No, I I think it’s been a very comprehensive, you know questioning.
You know, there’s always different things that people are aware of or think about and and concern them.
But those those are very individual to the people themselves. So I can’t think of anything other than what I’ve already said in terms of.
Really trying to be aware of of.
How a life review?
Can be a tool that you can use to help yourself act with more compassion and and understanding in all your interactions with people.

00:44:35 Luisa
Yes, be kind. Well, Karen Thomas, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. It’s been my pleasure.

00:44:43 Karen Thomas
Ohh, thank you. I’m I’m glad that you got to give ask me and I’m glad that I could share what I what I.

00:44:49 Luisa
Thank you. Thank you.
So much really, really, really an honour.


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