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CLUES to TIME TRAVEL! Expert REVEALS Time Travellers, Parallel Realties & Portals | Mike Ricksecker

Are there clues to Travel Through Time?

Mike Ricksecker explores the fabric of the cosmos and his ‘Stacked Time Theory’ through ancient symbolism and alchemy up through today’s modern science and technology.

He is the author of ‘Travels Through Time’ Inside the Forth Dimensions, Time Travel and Stacked Time Theory.

Researcher Mike Ricksecker is the author of the award-winning Travels Through Time, Amazon best-sellers A Walk In The Shadows and Alaska’s Mysterious Triangle, as well as several historic paranormal books. He has appeared on multiple television shows and programs, including History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and The UnXplained, Travel Channel’s The Alaska Triangle, Discovery+’s Fright Club, Animal Planet’s The Haunted, multiple series on Gaia TV, and more. Mike is the producer and director of the docu-series, The Shadow Dimension, available on several streaming platforms, and produces additional full-length content on ancient wisdom, lost civilizations, UFOs, and the supernatural on his extensive YouTube channel.

For more than seven years he has hosted The Edge of the Rabbit Hole livestream show and he also hosts the Connecting the Universe interactive class on his online learning platform, the Connected Universe Portal. He operates his own book publishing and video production company, Haunted Road Media, representing a number of authors, and winning the award for Excellent Media In The Paranormal Field at the 2019 Shockfest Film Festival.

Mike also hosts the annual Stargates of Ancient Egypt Tour, an exploration of Egypt’s pyramids and temples for lost advanced technologies, the secrets of esoteric alchemy, and ancient stargates.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Mike is a U.S. Air Force veteran with a background in Intelligence and a degree in computer simulation programming. He’s been researching unexplained phenomena across the world for over 30 years.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Mike Ricksecker

00:00:42 Luisa
Mike Ricksecker Welcome to Passion Harvest and really excited to have you on the show today.

00:00:49 Mike Ricksecker
Thank you, Luisa. I’m really happy to be here and I appreciate you having me today.

00:00:52 Luisa
This is one of my favourite subjects. Time and and A and a big congratulations on your book.
It travels through time inside the 4th Dimension, Time travel and stack time theory. I guess I’d love to start. It’s a well in the concepts of time for the audience. What is time?

00:01:12 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah, that’s a fascinating question. Cause time doesn’t really exist. It’s it’s something that we as humans have devised to really explain our reality. So it we use it to keep track of the, the seasons, when to plant the crops, when to show up at works or supervisors.
Don’t get upset at at us, that sort of thing, but.
Time itself.
Really, it really doesn’t exist. It’s our our existence here in the 4th dimension, which is where our consciousness resides is in the 4th dimension. And so when we look at what we call time, we have this analogy, the river of time, which is is a nice analogy.
And the time is actually the water in this river. But it’s not the water itself that’s making that river flow. It’s the banks that are holding that water that time in place.
Please now if we were to remove those bags, all that water, all that time would spill out and just be stagnant and wouldn’t be moving. It would be like this giant lake and we could move about in it as we wish. Another way to look at that is take a a small town that we may be driving through maybe.
Speed limits 35 mph. That’s the speed that we’re driving through it. Couple of houses, a church.
Gas station, little store, that sort of thing and maybe it takes us about 10 minutes to drive through this town. So we have a time relationship with the town and the objects within it.
Now let’s say instead we’re going over that town in an aeroplane and we’re able to see all of those buildings all at once.
The little store, the houses, etc. It’s all there at one time and so now instead of having a time relationship with it, we have a relationship with it in space, A spatial relationship. And so this is what Tom really is, is that it? It is everything as a whole. And I mentioned before.
That we are really in the 4th dimension, our consciousness. But there are up to 11 hyperspatial dimensions according to our theoretical physics physics.
So everything above that 5th, 6th, 7th dimension would have complete access to everything that is in the 4th dimension or have complete access to what we call time.

00:03:42 Luisa
I mean, I just love this subject. It’s such a hard concept to grasp, in our humanness. So.
From birth to death, whatever time frame that may be.
There is only now. There is no time.

00:04:00 Mike Ricksecker
That’s one way to look at it is everything is 1 consistent present and in fact Socrates got into the the idea of what exactly is the the Now what is time. It is this, you know ever persistent present we are not in the past.
You’re not in the future. We are right here, right now.
So the the Greek philosophers battled this and debated this, he, Aristotle, etcetera. When you get into their different concepts of what time is, you can see the kind of gears grinding as they’re trying to really figure it out.
So I have a theory that I’ve called stack time theory.
And in a lot of ways it’s it’s very much related to Einstein’s idea of the block universe, which I came to, to my concepts independently. And then when I did my own research, I’m like ohh.
Einstein has some similar ideas, so in this you take where you’re sitting right now. Every moment that has happened is happening and will happen or all there concurrently. Again, it’s it’s ever present and each of those moments are like a photograph, all stacked on top of each other, this great giant.
Well, every once in a while, since everything is energy, frequency, resonance, vibration, every once in a while, two of those moments will resonate at the same frequency for just a moment, and we will get what we call a time slip, where one moment in time can see the other. And sometimes we relate it to something.
Like a ghost or a haunting or something like that. But we’re actually getting a glimpse of another point in time where we can look into the past and the past is looking into the future or vice versa.

00:05:51 Luisa
Fascinating. Fascinating. I mean, I think Einstein talked about. It’s almost like we’re looking. You know, we can look at our life at a point in space and time. It’s already there. I guess my question is, the past has already occurred.

00:06:05 Mike Ricksecker
From what we?

00:06:07 Luisa
Remember of it or our memories? Has the future already occurred?

00:06:12 Mike Ricksecker
It has, so it’s it’s it’s all there. It, it’s again, all ever present. That doesn’t mean that the free will doesn’t exist or you know, we’re kind of trapped because there is this idea of the future influencing the present or the future influencing the past. Where moments that for us.
Aren’t going to play out until somewhere down the road or actually.
Again, because it’s all right here.
Are able to influence our existence now or our existence previously, and I’ll give an example of this. So my fiance Jennifer and I, we we’ve known each other since we were in the 1st grade at about 6 years old and we didn’t start dating back then and we’ve been together ever since. So we just kind of came back together.
Year over the past year and a half, but we had this incident in first grade when we were in the library. We really hadn’t had much interaction up to that point and all of a sudden one day. So I’m just looking.
Through stack of books and trying to find a good book to read, she just suddenly plants a crit. A kiss Mack right on my cheek. Like, whoa, whoa. Was that I’m blushing and I’m all embarrassed and everything. And and and that was just like a, you know, a random moment out of nowhere we had.
4th grade together we were in 7th grade together. We actually kind of quote unquote dated for a little bit in 7th grade for a for a total of about a month I was you know we’re 12 years old and I was too afraid to hold her hand. So she broke up with.
And then the following school year, 8th grade, I moved away and we didn’t have any contact with each other for about 20 years. And finally, you know, Internet, Facebook, all that sort of stuff, we were able to reconnect and you know we were, you know, friends, you know, just kind of, you know, reconnecting with each other.
I was married at the time. She had somebody in her life. And so, you know, any time that our paths would cross, we’d get together and maybe have a dinner or something like that and just kind.
Of catch up.
Well, about a year and a half ago, she came out on my tour that I had in Iran.
And you know the the timing was just right. We were both single at the time we hit it off really well and we got together, so we were.
Together and we decided to go visit our old hometown and her her parents still live there. So it wasn’t too far out of the way. And we, you know, checking out our old haunts and, you know, places that we had gone as kids. And we went back to that elementary school, which is now a performing arts centre for the college. And so we’re.
Walking the grounds, peeking in Windows, that sort of thing.
Thing and just really having a great time. So we end up over there at the windows of the library and we’re peeking in to the place where we had had or she had kissed me on the cheek and over the years I had asked her, you know, what, what in the world was that kiss on the cheek? And she kind of shrugged her.
Shoulders that I I don’t know. You just had this, like, chubby little cheek sitting out there and something told me to kiss it.
So as we’re over there by the Windows now adults, you know in our late 40s peering in.
Go with.
Pointing at the spot there it is there and it’s, you know, it’s a it’s a room they’ve set up now for, for music, but we could see the spot from there and all of a sudden, Jennifer starts calling through the window. Kiss him, kiss him. And, you know, we thought it was funny. We’re laughing. And and that sort of thing. But it got us thinking later on.
Wait a minute here.
In the past, when we were six years old, had told her to kiss my cheek and she didn’t know what it was. But it was, you know, like somebody had told her to. So was it her, you know, 48 year old self calling out to her six year old self that intention you know traversing.
Time and so therefore, the future, you know, 48 years old, influencing her at six, two kids. So then you makes you wonder. OK, which came first because we would call that a a paradox if the one actually influenced the other. But if all time is here at concurrent.
That’s the way that we can interact with other moments in time and still have free will.

00:10:43 Luisa
I absolutely love that story. Thank you for sharing that, Mike. So if we can, I mean, if we can remember our past, what we call as our past, our past memories, can we remember the future?

00:10:57 Mike Ricksecker
Oh, that’s a great question. I believe that, yeah, we can. We can tap into that. We can get glimpses of. I believe that happens a lot of times when we sleep and we have these, you know, premonitions or premonitory dream where we’re getting some glimpses of the future and then it might be the next day or a week later or what have you and all of a sudden the whole thing.
Plays out in front of us. We’re like, Oh my gosh, I just had a dream about this. So in that sense, that is really remembering or getting a glimpse of the future.

00:11:28 Luisa
So your advice, I mean just tools and tips, tips of the audience to tap into their future is through dreams or the sleep state.

00:11:37 Mike Ricksecker
Well, that’s one way you could also do it through meditation and a lot of times when you meditate, you’ll get different visions. And I believe that’s another way to do it. And in fact, I believe real time travel will have more to do with the consciousness and meditation than, you know, getting into some sort of time machine.
Or like in back to the future, getting into a DeLorean and taking on.

00:11:56 Luisa
I love that show.

00:11:57 Mike Ricksecker
I know. No, I I grew up on that. I absolutely loved it. It was fun. But I don’t think it’s gonna be that.
As fun as it would be.

00:12:05 Luisa
So we we we feel that we’re bound by the constraints of time in our humanness. What would it look like for someone who’s not bound by time constraints?

00:12:16 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah. So this would be somebody because there are other life forms beings, entities within those other dimensions beyond ours. And so for them.
You know, time would be like an object that they can slip in and out of, so you know like, like with us access to all of the dimensions that are below ours, we’re same things for those other entities and beings that are beyond our dimension, they have free rein and access over time so they can slip in and out of.
Past present, future at will and a great example of this I think was in the movie Interstellar. That was a Christopher Nolan film about I think it’s just almost 10 years old now.
And within that, toward the end of the movie.
The main character Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, ends up in what they call a tesseract, which is really a three dimensional representation of time. So he’s given access to every single.
Moment of his daughter’s bedroom. He’s trying to find a the correct moment to be able to send a message to her, and they do it in a really interesting way. It’s very it’s very abstract. All of these moments are connected together in these fibres or strings, kind of harkening back to the idea of string theory, but this is.
I think a fairly close representation to what somebody in another dimension would see time as but.
Because we are stuck within this dimension, we we’re going to have a hard time really grasping what that would look like. Yeah. And I think a great example of that.

00:13:58 Luisa
It’s hard.

00:14:05 Mike Ricksecker
By Michio Kaku. We were in episode of Ancient Aliens that that we were in together. We’re talking about.
Other dimensions he gives us great example of take a fish in a pond and we’ll say that that’s, you know to them A2 dimensional world. You take the fish out of the.
And it’s like another dimension to them. And you know, that would be like 3D space, you know, to us, you know, lifting them out of a pond and they get to see a whole world that they never knew existed. It would, it would completely blow their mind, you know what they would see and experience being pulled out of that pond. And so I think the same thing with us, if you were to pull us out.
Of our 4th dimensional existence into five the 5th dimension, 6th dimension. Beyond it would just completely blow our minds as to what we would actually.

00:14:58 Luisa
See, you spoke about time slips. What?
What does that mean?

00:15:05 Mike Ricksecker
So time slips. Yeah, this is the idea that two moments are resonate at the same frequency for just a moment. And the one bleeds into the other. And you really get a, a, a vision of something playing out from another point in time. And so a good example of this.
That I like to use is.
A lot of people are familiar with what we call. At least you’re in the states of what we call The Conjuring House, and this is the House that the First Conjuring movie was based off of the the the parent haunting and really that haunting lasted for 10 years, very, very different than what they portrayed in the movie. In fact, you could probably say about 1 or 2% of the movie was.
Actually true and everything was and everything else was Hollywood. But you know, but there is an actual house that is in existence still to this day, several 100 years old.
And again, that haunting lasted for 10 years. The big incident wasn’t an exorcism. It was a seance that had gone bad and couple of weeks following that, the eldest daughter, Andrea was a very good friend of mine, was up late at night. She was in the parlour doing homework.
And her mother, Carolyn, had woken up and came out to the parlour and asked Andrea if she could, you know, heat up some of the leftovers, which I guess was beef Stew and, you know, put on a.
Short pot of coffee.
Carolyn was really the victim of that. Sansa had gone bad since she’d been kind of under the weather for for a while, just didn’t have a lot of energy. So she’d been sleeping a lot. And so so, as you say, you know, very helpful. Yeah. So go ahead and and do that. Take care of that. And Carolyn sits down at the parlour and as she’s sitting there.
She’s looking out into the dining room area and all of a sudden morphing into existence is this.
Only like out of the 1700s, there’s a woman cooking over a hearth fire, raging in the fireplace. Now this is a fireplace that at that point in time had been boarded up for the last 100 years. But all of a sudden, here’s this woman cooking over the fireplace. It’s a couple of kids running around, and there’s two gentlemen sitting at a table.
With Peter Steins and they turn and they look right at Carolyn and they basically acknowledged that that she’s there and the one guy kind of nudges the other and says, well, would you look at that?
As if Caroline was the ghost.
And then the scene kind of slowly dissipated away. So that was a moment there where, yeah, Caroline was looking into the past.
But those gentlemen from the past are looking at her.

00:17:48 Luisa

00:17:49 Mike Ricksecker
Into the future.

00:17:50 Luisa
Yeah. Wow. So what does it say? I mean we we term it past lives, if you, I’m not sure about your thoughts about reincarnation. Yeah. What does that say about multiple incarnations?

00:18:05 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah, great question. So I do believe in reincarnation and it took me a while.
So to kind of to to reconcile that one, OK, if I believe all time exists, if it’s all concurrent and then it’s all now. So how do pass lives come into play with that well?

00:18:17 Luisa
So it’s all now.

00:18:25 Mike Ricksecker
This would come into play if you also believe that our consciousness is being projected from outside of our dimension now. It could be projected from 6-7. It could even be projected beyond our known dimensions.
So you know, we could get into all kinds of ideas about simulated universe or you know, where we go when we die is that heaven? Is this like the home world? Where is that? It’s someplace beyond. So if our consciousness is being projected down into this world on this dimension then.
Yes, that would mean that our consciousness is projecting multiple lives at the same time. So all of our past cells are present, self and our future cells are all here, right?
Now and when we have some of these, like deja vu moments, some of those, I do believe are like remnants leftover from dreams, which is still be a a glimpse of the future or some fragment leftover from travelling to the future while we’re sleeping. But I believe some of these deja vu moments also are when we walk.
Into a room and one of our past live cells are right there right now with us and that’s why I feel so Dang familiar. Because we’re there at the same time in multiple lives.

00:19:50 Luisa
Gosh, this could be like 10 episodes, but I’m trying to condense it. You spoke about a simulation. So are we living in a a simulation?

00:20:01 Mike Ricksecker
I believe so. I I don’t necessarily believe it’s a computer simulation. I believe it’s something more organic there. There really are and you know it’s we use the idea of a computer simulation now because it’s the height of our technology. But you look at our technology.

00:20:06 Luisa
There’s so many theories, I yes.

00:20:17 Mike Ricksecker
You know, a hundred 150 years ago and you know some of those guys, especially like Nikola Tesla had some fantastic ideas of technology that we would have in the future, but they had no idea of how that would actually be pulled off. You know, like Tesla actually had ideas for drones, artificial intelligence, that sort of thing.
And he thought it was gonna be like gears and wheels and radio waves. Well, because he didn’t know the silk. The silicon microchip was going to be invented, which is really what’s what’s propelling that right now?
So the idea of the simulation, I don’t think we have a grasp on two. We have ideas of how it would work, but we don’t know the technology behind what would make it work. That said.
Our ancient cultures, ancient religions, have been talking about a simulation for thousands of years. They just never really used that term when we.
Talk reincarnation. It’s the same idea of logging. It is. Yeah, it it’s. It’s the same idea as logging in and out of a computer programme or logging in and out of a a simulation like a flight simulator or even, you know, we could go down the road of computer games and and what have you. You know, you’re you’re entering into a.

00:21:16 Luisa
It’s a fancy word, yes.

00:21:35 Mike Ricksecker
World outside of our own generally to to learn something, whether it’s flying or whether you’re just interacting with some sort of.
Environment playing something out for a while and then you log back out. Well, this is the same thing as like being born come into this world, living out your life, learning some lessons along the way, and then you pass away and you start the cycle over again. Even Christianity, you know, talks about that we’re here right now in this world, preparing for the next World.
Just you know what you do when you interact with this simulation you’re preparing for something, so we’ve already seen this concept in, in our culture for thousands and thousands of years, just not the same word. So yeah, I I do believe that.
We are in some sort of simulated environment that we are accessing this world from beyond. I just I don’t think that we have a.
Pure grasp on how that truly functions, but I think we have some interesting ideas of how it does.

00:22:42 Luisa
So then I guess the question is why? Why are we having this human experience?

00:22:48 Mike Ricksecker
Ohh, that’s the that’s the biggest question, right? Why? Why are we down here? And I think that’s something that humanity’s been trying to.

00:22:49 Luisa

00:22:56 Mike Ricksecker
That we’ve been trying to answer that forever. You know, what is our purpose here?
You know the larger grand scheme of it all, I I don’t think we really know, but.
That’s that. I think that there are some other things that we can do while we’re here that are very purposeful and meaningful. You know one.
Love each other to help each other out.
In three, the knowledge that we gain while we’re here, we pass that on to the next generation of humanity. Gets into these vicious cycles and they forget lessons that they’ve learned. And so if we can pass on that knowledge, then perhaps we won’t enter into some of those cycles again, or maybe lessen the blow when humanity.
They’re going down that road again. So. So those are some reasons I think of, you know that we can look to as to why we’re here, but that overarching why are we playing all this out?
None of us truly know.

00:23:58 Luisa
Yeah, perfect answer. You spoke about interdimensional beings or?
Various dimensions. What are your thoughts on extraterrestrials? It’s again. It’s a term. It’s a name.

00:24:11 Mike Ricksecker
Right. Yeah. I mean what we are defining as extraterrestrials right now, these can be a lot of different things. So are they beings from another planet, across the cosmos? That’s that’s one answer. I believe some of them are. I believe our governments do have material from from.
Ashes of beans that have that have come here.
I believe some of what we are witnessing or experiencing as extraterrestrials are some sort of interdimensional being that has, and that could still be traversing the cosmos using using the dimensional space to to come here. But you know, some of these seem to to live within those other dimensions and when.
When people have some of these like time loss events where they’re abducted or they just, they don’t know where the time went.
I I think a lot of those time loss incidents are they’re being pulled into another dimensional space, so maybe this is a being that is from the 5th, 6th or 7th dimension and pulls them into there which time is going to work very differently and dimensions that are outside of time.
So I think that’s why some of this time loss is happening and we even see like in our.
In our history, some of these legends in lore from the past that you know, like fairy lore and things like this very, very similar to what we’re calling, you know, aliens and extraterrestrial encounters. Now it’s just we’ve attributed to a different type of being. So is it.
May be the same phenol.
Comma and we have a more modern context to it now. It’s possible and some of them can also be time travellers. They could be human time travellers. You know, some sort of UFO or UAP or, you know, they could be, you know, another life form that has evolved millions or billions of years from now that has also developed that type of technology.
And is come.

00:26:14 Luisa
Gosh, I love this subject. I was going to ask you another question that you mentioned time travellers. What’s that about?

00:26:20 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah. Yeah. The ability to to move in and out time. I’ve already said that. I think it’s going to be more consciousness related than a machine. It doesn’t completely rule out the the idea of machines. I think right now humans could, you know, use their their consciousness to move to another point in time. So.
Yeah, the idea of being able to.
Locked, you know, energy frequency, vibration and you know, time slips being to those moments resonate the same frequency for a moment. Well, imagine if you could control that.
If you could control that frequency and hold on to that so that you could experience a more prolonged moment, or even spend a couple of days in that location and.
I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie somewhere in time with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.

00:27:12 Luisa
I haven’t, but I should watch.

00:27:13 Mike Ricksecker
It you should. Yeah, it’s it’s fantastic. And the the the premise is basically he he falls in love with this image of a woman, discovers that it was this old lady that had given him a a pocket watch when she was much younger she was, you know, very beautiful Jane Seymour.
And so he wants to go visit her back in 1912 and he essentially.
Really tricks himself into believing it’s 1912, so he’s at the hotel where she’s supposed to, you know, be at back in that year moves out all the modern amenities. He gets dressed up as somebody from that era, gives him. He gets old money, old coins from that era. And so he basically.
Tricks himself or wills his consciousness really to that other moment in time. And so I believe that’s more of what it’s going to be. Again, it’s a fictional story. But Richard Matheson, the.
His research for that book, he actually in the written novel for this he had actually referenced when he has his character, Richard, go to the library, he actually references his material that he had researched. So like the book man and time by JB Priestley.
And several others that are the basis of his research on the nature of time. So this isn’t just, you know, something that’s just a real fanciful notion of it’s he actually studied the concepts and the nature of time incorporated that into his book. So I again, I think it’s going to have more to do with consciousness and being able to.
Control that you know frequency and resonance and vibration to be able to experience more of these prolonged.
Time travel type moments.

00:29:06 Luisa
Thanks, Mike. I’m digressing here. What are you? I just wanted to ask you, what are your thoughts on parallel lives people talk about, for example, for example, there’s multiple versions or infinite versions of Luisa.
Living now, based on the choices and decisions I make.

00:29:23 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah, I have a bit of a hard time with every decision making a, you know, spawning off or branching out to another parallel like that would we would have infinite ones branching out every single day like right now, me deciding to take a sip of coffee.

00:29:43 Luisa
Or having this interview.

00:29:45 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah, you know that apparently would spawn off a whole other universe. I have a hard time with that. So some people in in that argument have said, well, it’s some of the major decisions, you know, like, you know, getting married or divorced.

00:30:00 Luisa
Force. Yes. Not, not not. Putting a butter on your.

00:30:03 Mike Ricksecker
Toast, right? Exactly. But then it’s like, OK, well, if if that’s true, then you know who sets the rules for what’s a significant decision and what’s not. And sometimes what might be.
In insignificant decision for one person turns out to be very significant for another like, let’s just say I’m crossing the street. Pretty insignificant decision for me, but let’s say there was a person that was about to turn as I’m crossing the street and they have to stop for me which changes the time that they’re going to enter into an.
Intersection down the road somewhere and because of that little bit of difference in time they end up in an accident down that road that ends up being very, very significant for that person, even though the decision for me was insignificant. So how did those rules read?
Work. That’s so that’s why I have a hard time with that one right now. But that doesn’t mean to say that there aren’t other universes out there.
Theoretical physics actually saying say that there are other physical universes out there that have different physics applied to them, different chemical makeup. And you know that’s, you know, we are one of many that are out there. So you know they are going to have.
You know, different galaxies, different planets, that sort of thing. You have totally different physical.
But there’s also the research that has come out here recently from the from the Anita project and the Ice Cube project down in Antarctica.
And they’re down there doing neutrino research, and they just release a really fascinating image of our solar system based on the neutrinos that are, that they are detecting down there. And basically, you know, those are particles that are coming in from space that are supposed to have, you know.
Basically data.
Our solar system and Galaxy and beyond. And so that’s kind of the crux of their research down there. However, while they are.
Doing that research, they suddenly started detecting neutrinos that were running in reverse coming out.
Of the earth.
Without a source, which was absolutely bizarre to them, so of course they started studying that too. And the paper that they released almost two years ago, these are the scientists saying this.
That the behaviour of these neutrinos.
You know, coming up out of the earth without a source.
Were indicative of a parallel universe running in reverse time.

00:32:52 Luisa
Oh my gosh.
What does that mean in in simple terms?

00:32:57 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah. What does that look like? And you know, and and just kind of thinking about that well, OK, parallel universe running in reverse time. So if we have one universe running for it or one universe running backward, which one are we, you know we would presume we’re the one running.
You know forward, but that might not be the case. We might actually be running backward and don’t realise it, so this is actually.
The indicative to me of duality, and when we talk about the, you know, the hermetic tradition as above. So below we look at the the symbolism of the yin and the Yang, that sort of thing. It’s just that sent me down a whole rabbit hole of, OK, you know, how does our ancient symbolism relate to?
You know, to this sort of thing, you’re parallel universes running in reverse time, so started looking at one of the other symbols. Start looking at was the oroboros, you know, snaking in its own tail the the symbol of constant recycle and renewal.
Feel closely at that, especially the particular illustration, the 1400s by Theodorus Pelecanos. You see two colours in that track, red and green. And so if we liken that to the to parallel universes, say the green is running forward and the red is running backward.
Means the the beginning of one is the end of the other and the end of one is the beginning of the other. So you’re you’re talking here.
You know.
Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end where they meet where they converge. You know that beginning point or again the end for the other, I believe is shown to us in that symbol of the oroboros, where the mouth of the snake is actually eating the tail.
And that’s actually.
The Big Bang. So for one universe it’s going to be it’s going to be the apocalypse, right? But for the other one, it’s going to be the beginning of the universe. What we’ve been calling The Big Bang. So when one ends, the other begins. So when people start asking what was before our universe.
The universe what comes after our universe? The universe? Because it’s all recycling the continuous cycle.

00:35:10 Luisa
A continuous cycle because people are about people ask about the future, what’s going to happen, and it’s just one continuous cycle.

00:35:19 Mike Ricksecker

00:35:20 Luisa
Has today like such a so, so fascinating. You speak about portals to other dimensions or?
Perhaps past lives, what would turn the past lives just so it’s a a common term. What? What are these?

00:35:39 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah. So portals are really just a a gateway or a tunnel to.
Somewhere else you know could be another place in the universe, could be another place on Earth could be to another dimension, could be to another point in time, NASA.
Admitted that we have portals right outside of our planet now these are they call them ex points. But they say yes, they are a type of portal and what they do, they’ve been studying this for 10.
But they where the Earth’s magnetic shield meets up against the.
Solar wind and as these portals open and close, they allow more of the protons and electrons from the solar wind to enter into Earth’s magnetic sphere. And then we get, like, more brilliant auroras and things like that.
Now in their studies, or is they sent up satellites?
There’s like almost no rhyme or reason to how often they open, how big they open. It’s it’s really kind of all over the place, so there’s no, there’s no pattern. And as as humans, we like patterns so that we could try to make sense of what’s going on. So it’s not, it’s something that we haven’t been able to to really control. But those are a type of.
Portal in in other senses of where we see portals, a lot of the research that I’ve done in in ancient Egypt, there are several locations that are actually designated by the ancient Egyptians as stargate areas. So this would be the idea of utilising.
Some sort of portal or wormhole to again maybe go to somewhere else in the cosmos, go to, you know, somewhere else here on Earth. Is that why some of these pyramidal structures between South America and Egypt are so similar?
But then you also have to take into consideration. OK, we’re also talking about.
You know, entering into altered states of consciousness, are we talking into, you know, time travel and these sorts of things that’s on the table too?

00:37:55 Luisa
And I know you have a retreat coming up in Egypt next year.

00:37:58 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah, yeah. April 16th the 28th. So if anybody would like to join us, stargates of ancient Egypt. Two is the name of the.

00:38:08 Luisa
Tour and I will leave a link, but now in the below in the show notes, where’s the best place for people to contact you?

00:38:14 Mike Ricksecker
Best place for just go to my website and I have the links in the events and tour section that can take people right to that registration.

00:38:24 Luisa
So now what do physicists say about the possibility of time travel?

00:38:30 Mike Ricksecker
So our theoretical physicists, when it comes to time travel it it’s interesting cause they’ve been kind of all over the place with this for for many years.
So right now they what they say about time travel is that well.
We could sure build a machine, but then we’d have to harness the entire power of the sun into this machine.
Which of course would annihilate our planet, so we can’t do that. Or we could use a black hole because a black hole bends space and time. If we were to slingshot around the black hole and and wind up back at Earth, then the the person that had made that travel would end up back at.
Earth at a.
You know, very bizarre point in time.
Couple of.
With that you get too close to a black hole you pass across the event horizon. You’re gone. But even if you don’t, the gravity is so strong there that it would stretch you into they they call spaghettification. So it would essentially stretch out your the craft that you’re in and your body like a long string of spaghetti.
Which would pretty much kill you. So. So these ideas aren’t really.
Physicists back in the 80s had this debate as well, and there was a Russian physicist.
Navcom you came up with this self consistency principle for time travel, which basically said that you know, theoretically time travel is possible, but you couldn’t ever change anything because if you were to change something the the using math the the math wouldn’t.
Eventually equate out to zero. You know you can’t have a remainder hanging out there, which changing something in the past would do so he said. Yeah, it it’s not really going to happen. So then you had a a couple of other physicists.
Kip Thorne and Joe Polchinski debating this back and forth, and there’s a a paradox out there called Polchinski’s Paradox where he said, well, if we if we use an Einstein Rosen bridge, which is really the the basis for a wormhole, you know, the idea that you could bend space and time and.
00:40:47 Mike Ricksecker
Connect two very very distant points using that wormhole or bridge. If you shoot a billiard ball through a Einstein Rosen bridge and you had the other end of that, that wormhole come out and.
Hit that billiard ball just before it entered into the worm hole to begin with. You know, then you would have a moment here in which it basically is basically creating a paradox called the polchinski paradox, But basically saying that you would be changing the past.
You know, with something from the future in that case, which is really very, very similar to what we call the the grandfather paradox and we see play out in, in back to the future and in a lot of other movies which always made me laugh because physicists kind of.
Kind of dismiss the idea of some things like the grandfather paradox and when they play out in pop culture, but yet this one was acceptable because instead of talking about dead grandfathers and in sci-fi movies, this was we’re, you know, we’re physicists and we’re talking about wormholes.
And billiard balls. That’s really the same type of concept so.
To I guess to answer your question, which I kind of did in a long winded fashion, a lot of physicists do believe that time travel is possible, but I don’t think they’ve been able to wrap their heads around how exactly it would work as I think it will in a.
Lot of cases they get.
Way too wrapped up in all the math behind it and I think it’s more of a.
Of a philosophical question.

00:42:32 Luisa
I agree. It just reminded me when you’re talking about time travel. Have you seen Doctor Who?
I used to watch that the TARDIS I used to love that show.

00:42:39 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah, not a lot. That’s hardest, yeah.
My my kids watch a lot of doctor.
Who? I I’m so busy and.

00:42:46 Luisa
It’s an. It’s old, it’s very old now, right. I’ve got two more. No.
And well.

00:42:50 Mike Ricksecker
There’s yes there. Yes, it’s been around for a long, long time. There’s a lot of old Doctor Who, but there’s a.
More modern version of it too.

00:42:57 Luisa
Ohh I haven’t seen the modern.
Two more questions.
Do you? Well, I I guess.
After speaking about the complexities of time travel.
Is probably the best way if I’m expanding to the audience or the possibilities through our consciousness.
Not necessarily going in a space machine, but through our consciousness to time travel. What are your thoughts on that?

00:43:28 Mike Ricksecker
Yeah, I think that’s the more really, the more practical way to do it, to be able to rather than step into a machine, you know, will our consciousness to another point in time, whether that’s the past or into the future. Because I believe that our our consciousness already does that, you know, talked about time slips.

00:43:47 Luisa

00:43:49 Mike Ricksecker
Here and there, and I’ve also talked a bit about, you know, our dreams and when we’re sleeping that, you know basically our, you know, consciousness is visiting these other moments in time.
And so yeah, I think that is more of what it’s going to be rather than a machine. Now, will we eventually be able to make a machine to do it?
Maybe and and maybe that’s what some of these UFOs may actually be there. And some of these may actually be time travellers, but I.
Think for the time being our best way to be able to time travel would be with the consciousness. I think that’s the way you’re really supposed.

00:44:28 Luisa
And through intention really, I mean, you spoke about dreams, or perhaps.

00:44:29 Mike Ricksecker
To do it.

00:44:34 Luisa
Quiet time or meditation, but really through conscious intention. Perhaps correct one more question. What makes you so passionate about this concept of time and time?

00:44:45 Mike Ricksecker
Travel. You know, it’s something that I’ve I’ve always really enjoyed the concert. Well, I I I enjoy trying to.
Figure out the the inner workings of the universe.
You know those?
When I first started writing been writing since I was like in second grade, I I was.
Little mystery stories and even my my first book that I I ever published as an adult was actually a mystery novel. These ideas of how time works, how the universe works, how all of this unusual phenomena works, how our conscience works, you know what’s what’s beyond.
In other dimensions, these are like the biggest mysteries of the universe, and so, so that really drives me. That’s that’s a passion. And in time, specifically, I’ll go back to, you know, the movie somewhere in time I I saw that when I was a.
When I was a kid multiple times and I just.
Always fascinated with the idea of how he was able to will himself from one point to another, and just something struck me like.
That’s really the way it’s going to be a real time job.

00:45:54 Luisa
I’m gonna watch it and again goes back to conscious intention, like anything in in this human is what that we’re living.

00:45:58 Mike Ricksecker

00:46:03 Luisa
Mike Ricksecker, I loved having you on the show. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?

00:46:11 Mike Ricksecker
Luisa, I really just want to thank you for having me on the show today on people can find me. Mike I also have a a, A community that I’ve put together at what I call the Connected Universe portal. You know, that idea that, you know, we are all connected to each other, to the planet and of course to.
The universe. And so it’s a group of like minded people that have come together to discuss a lot of these topics and have a tonne of content out there and that’s connected universe portal dot.

00:46:41 Luisa
And I will leave a link below in the show notes.
Mike, thank you so much for being on Passion Harvest. I’ve loved it. It’s one of my favourite subjects. So thank you so much. Thank you. Bye, bye.


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