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SCIENTIST Held by GUARDIAN ANGEL: Prayers Answered. Are THEY Manipulating Time?

He was saved by his Guardian Angel.

Mark Fiorentino explores how the universe really works based on his study and research of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. He explains the pattern of God who is connected to every one of us and how the universe was created and how it will end.  He is the author of Master of Reality.

Mark FIORENTINO | Researcher | Physics | Research profile

My name is Mark Fiorentino and I am the author of Master of Reality which is a book about the completion of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory. As long as I can remember, I have been blessed (or cursed depending on your point of view) with insatiable and unrelenting curiosity. I remember reading about Albert Einstein and the Unified Field Theory when I was just ten years old. I found it fascinating and became particularly intrigued by his discussions of this theory.  As I read about the Unified Field Theory it seemed to me to be the most interesting thing I have ever encountered. I knew for certain that if I could understand this I would know the most important thing in the world of humans.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Mark Fiorentino

00:00:44 Luisa
Mark. Welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:00:52 Mark Fiorentino
Thank you. It’s good to be here. And this is gonna be a lot of fun, a lot of good information. I want to get out today.

00:00:58 Luisa
Yes, and and just incredible mix of science and spirituality. It’s incredible. One of my favourite subjects, well, aside from time that I guess is angels and I know you speak about how a a guardian angels saved your life. Do you mind sharing that with the audience?

00:01:15 Mark Fiorentino
Yeah. Over over the years.
Like became aware of my first experience with with Martha McKay, a medium who told me I had two guardian angels, a male and a female, and and there was more said there. But I’ll skip away from that and we’ll go to the actual incidents that happen. Incident that happened many years later.
So at this point in time, I’m working at IBM and I’m driving home from work and I go this there’s two paths. You know, there’s a choice involved.
There when I hit this T intersection, I can go left the quiet country roads takes a little longer, much less stressful or go right. Lots of lights, lots of traffic. It’s a little shorter and if I get lucky I get home 5 or 10 minutes earlier. And today I’m thinking as I’m approaching the intersection.
I think to myself.
I’m going to go left today most of the time I do, and as soon as I thought that, then I hear a voice in my left ear. It voice says clearly. Don’t go that way.
And I look around behind me and I’m saying it sounds like there’s somebody in the car with me because I heard the voice not in my head. I coming into my ear and and so I shook it off. I I kind of was aware maybe this is a guardian Angel experience, you know, because I know about them.
But I’m a scientist and very sceptical and doubtful. Well, I’m technology person. Let’s just say that and.
I shook it off and I and I started to turn and said don’t go that way again.
And uh, so I just stopped and I’ll let you guess which way do you think I went?

00:03:03 Luisa
You followed the Guardian Angel’s advice. You’re here today with no.

00:03:08 Mark Fiorentino
No, I went that way because I’m still sceptical. So I says OK.
Not really thinking this well through, right? Because uh, they wouldn’t give you. They don’t break protocol like that unless something serious is about to happen and.
But I needed proof, so I needed to go that way and see what happened.
You know, see what the danger was. So I went that way instead of going the other way.
Most people, I don’t recommend you doing that. I recommend you follow the directions. So I went that way and I’m thinking, OK, there’s going to be an accident. Maybe head on collision maybe and through an intersection. So I try to get behind a big vehicle and use them as a kind of a blocker.
But I’m looking ahead the whole time looking for something unusual to come at me and about 3/4 of the way home. I’m going down this long stretch of Hwy. A straight Road 2 lane.
All of a sudden I see this truck, a pickup truck swerving wildly back and forth across the lanes, and all the other cars are pulling out because it’s pretty busy, little Rd and they’re pulling into the ditch and eventually the van that was in front of me, he pulled out and went into a ditch. And then there’s this guy.
Coming right at me head on. I turned the wheel as hard as I could, spun and went wound up into the ditch we missed by inches.
And I remember looking as watching the guy go by as he was swerving and back into the other lane, now spun around and then stopped in the middle of the road.
Missed the accident.
Only because I was aware.
Of something coming so I could look ahead to see what was going to happen and take action. And then as I sat there, I said to myself.
The next time somebody tells you not to.
Go that way.
Don’t go that way and I apologise to my guardian Angel because the man, the spirit, the male who was I’ve come to find out is responsible for making sure I don’t exit early.
As we all have our Guardian angels, one of their primary duties is not to to go out at an early exit point.
And and so I did manage to dodge it. I did apologise. I told my wife about it when I got home.
And UM.
That’s what happened. That’s really what happened and that I can’t come up with any more rock solid evidence that we have guardian angels, and they’re helping us.
And it’s for everyone.
Not just me. I’ve heard other stories very similar actually happened to my wife as well. This is more common than people realise.
The big message here, what everybody should get is there is an afterlife, there is a God, there is a Jesus, there is a guardian angels. There are other types of guardian spirits.
The helping with the creation, helping with everything that’s going on here, that’s the bigger picture. That’s the real picture. That’s part of the immense whole picture of what’s happening in this universe. We earthlings are just a little small chunk.
Of reality, even in this just this universe.
More than likely I’ve come to realise there’s multiple universes and they’re spreading out toward Infinity and they’re making new one. God is making new ones all the time through the power of intention. So that’s basically that one story I’m also seeing guardian angels in my room at night.
They came to me in a years later in a very stressful situation to help let me know that they’re there.
Basically, that’s all they wanted to do that night.
And in that particular case, I see.
My mind is closed, but I’m in this state that happens sometimes when I wake up.
And I’m still very relaxed. I hear this buzzing.
And I can hear the other side. I could hear even.
Moments in time, past history, old baseball games. It’s like a radio playing in the background.
And I I I see them like through my eyelids. I see these pinkish orange objects moving around in the room. My hand. I’m sleeping on my side. My hand extended forward.
And this is a very stressful time. I was going through a divorce. There was other things going on. I was like a zombie. I was so intensely messed up and stressed out. And I prayed that night for help, for evidence. I actually prayed and the prayer was answered.
They came to me that night.
And as my arm was stretched out there, I.
Could hear this.
Voice saying something and suddenly I felt my hand being squeezed.
This is unusual, but fortunately I have an open mind. I didn’t panic. I didn’t say. Well, there’s ghosts in the room or something like that. In a normal reaction. I said no, these are guardian angels.
And I’ve gotta listen to what they’re saying. So I would feel the squeeze on my hand.
And then I would hear this sound. It was metallic sounding. I wasn’t able to quite make out what was being said. It sounded like Jing Jing Jing Jing.
And I said, OK, calm down. Listen carefully. I felt the squeeze in my hand. And then finally it broke through about it the third time. And I heard the voice say, did you feel that?
Did you feel that? And I thought my head. I know. OK. I’m communicate telepathically. Yes, I felt it. I felt it. I I could feel this thing. And and then.
After a few more times.
It all just faded away.
All they wanted to do is let me know that they were there, that I was not alone, even though I’m going through this terrible time. And so there’s more personal experience I had. They’ve given me evidence beyond any shadow of a doubt.
That we are not alone here. And that’s kind of the message I wanna give to people.
Women, they have their stressful moments in time to know and to pray.
They hear all the prayers.
Everything throughout the universe, there’s full awareness. We are at the centre of God’s attention. All of us, not just some of us, not just the important people and the President or whatever. Everyone.
Everywhere on this planet, as well as every other planet. So there’s the message that people need to to understand the bigger picture is the real picture. We’re just the part of this smaller.
Dimension to smaller universe that a place that we can experience things that can’t quite happen. There’s suffering here. There’s there’s difficulty. These are the. This is the specialty of this earth realm. And this is a place where you can struggle through things and.
Learn to have faith. Learn to believe and acquire knowledge.

00:10:57 Luisa
What I mean, gosh, you’re an incredible guest cause you answer all my questions. What a beautiful message. Because so often we can feel like we’re incredibly alone.

00:11:07 Mark Fiorentino
Yeah, yeah, that’s by design. As soon as, like Tom Campbell said, we’re we’re avatars, right? The body is.
Am a mechanism that was design.
Human body as well as any other alien that you might want to think of that exists out there. A specific avatar with certain traits, properties the mind is where the soul, the consciousness goes. So the mind is not your consciousness, it’s the interface.
Unit. It allows your consciousness to.
Become aware of sensory inputs that come through your eyes, through your ears, your touch. All that is worked on magically in your mind, and so that your consciousness can build like when you’re looking and seeing things that’s being built and manufactured in your brain.
Your your whole ability to see is a miraculous thing that your brain works with your consciousness. Your consciousness can connect and experience.
This physical reality.
Via your body and your brain.
Your brain is not you. It is your personality type.
That uh is affects your thinking in your free will and choices, but is not ultimately you. It’s a part of you for this life experience only.

00:12:37 Luisa
And you spoke about suffering, and gosh, we suffer incredibly, in our humanness, how in some way can we detach from that, that, that brain and that suffering part of us to recognise that we are eternal beings.

00:12:51 Mark Fiorentino
Well, there is a way, but it’s really hard. I try to do it. Uh.
And sometimes I’m successful but but you you hit the keyword there, detach. In other words, instead of emotionally personally taking offence.
You say?
Alright, well, they’re in a bad state. They’ve said something. Maybe they don’t really mean it. Or maybe they do. But if I just don’t get angry about it and detach and then try to communicate in a loving way a peaceful way.
That’s the best choice I can make and and what the problem is. You’re in the dream and you know when you’re in a dream that dream seems real. You don’t even question the weird things are happening while you’re in this dream. Unless it becomes lucid and you wake up enough.
To realise you’re in a dream and then you can start to control it. But the life experience is very much like the matrix a dream, and it takes a lot of.
Realisation, OK, step back, detach and don’t take offence. Don’t get wrapped into it very hard to do. And when I was young.
I had no clue. I had no clue. I was just getting like in the, like in the ocean with the waves just washing over me and knocking me down.
And you can’t beat the waves unless you start to flow with them and or the current and the river go with the flow and then use your ability to steer this way and that. Don’t try to go directly against.
The flu.
Ohh you you know how you get rid out of a riptide. You go at an angle.
To safety. It’s the same thing in life. Don’t keep trying to run against the wind. It’s not gonna go. You gotta do that detachment technique. Realise you’re in the dream.
Don’t take whatever’s happening personally and react in the most positive way possible.

00:15:04 Luisa
I’m digressing here because there’s so many other things I would love to talk to you about, but if we are in a dream or we are in Avatar and it’s a popular term manifesting, how can we create the dream or the reality that we desire?

00:15:20 Mark Fiorentino
You have to come to a conclusion several conclusions. First, you have to accept there is an afterlife God.
Guardian Angels open up, start to pray and talk to them. God, from what I understand.
Wants to have a personal relationship.
With you, with everyone.
And and so opening up that Channel then begins the process that you want to manifest this or that well, what you really want to manifest is what you came to Earth to do and experience when people just wanna manifest wealth for the sake of wealth.
It’s probably not going to work if that’s not in your life path. What I’ve learned from many near Deathers and from mediums now who?
Let me into the secret of what why I’m here and what what’s going on is that you you have a life path and a people who have had near death experiences where they go and they see their pre life.
And and they they talk about.
Well, you come down here with a plan. You go into a room, you raise your right hand, you swear to God that you’re gonna try to remember what it is. You came here to do and to experience, that is what you want to manifest. You want to keep the promise you made before you were born. The purpose of why you’re here. Very important.
For everybody.
So once you open that Channel and then make that prayer, I want to experience the things that I came in life to Earth to do and want to enjoy life. God wants us to enjoy life, not suffer. You gotta learn how to steer your boat, play the hand of cards you were dealt.
You could win the game of poker with a pair of deuces if you know how to bluff and play your hand.
It’s the same thing in life. Take what’s been dealt with you and then try to manifest. Listen to your yourself, your inner voice.
What you love to do do that, even though it may not make sense materially. Well, if I want to be an artist, fine artist, well, that’s a struggle and hardly anybody is successful with that. I’m not even gonna try.
No. Now you should try if that’s what you love to do. If you love to paint and so forth and uh.
I wish I had this knowledge many years ago when somebody asked me for advice. I gave terrible advice.

00:18:03 Luisa
So OK, but for one that doesn’t know how to pray. Perhaps me as well. And to ask the universe for to take us on our soul path and follow our passions and our journey and what we chose before our incarnations.
How would we do it?

00:18:20 Mark Fiorentino
You just open up the channel and you have a conversation. It’s not like you gotta say, you know, a Hail Mary or an our father doesn’t hurt to say. Those in in general, especially if you’re praying for somebody on the other side.
The prayer I’m talking about in general is having a conversation.
With God or even other people that have passed away, I’ll give you another story. This is startling story for evidence that prayer really works, that you are heard.
When I was living in North Carolina and when I go to bed at night and my mom had just passed.
Away, a year or so before and I missed her very much and I would pray and I would talk to her. And I I would invite her to sit in the golden Yellow chair next to the bed, a soft, comfortable chair and said sit there and I’ll tell you about my day. And I’ll tell you about things. And I’ll just let you know what’s going on.
And and that’s what I would do. That’s prayer. That’s perfectly good. They hear everything.
Everything you think throughout the day, throughout your life, and so when you direct that energy, that prayer and it’s really especially if you paid attention to so few years later after that.
That time I went to see a psychic uh, June Riggs, who was recommended by a counsellor for my wife and I were having marital problems and because I had this other thing going on about something coming up in the future, some destiny.
Something that was being interfered with with the way our marriage was going, she recommended going to speak to this medium, so I went there. My wife and I went. It was amazing. And the first thing she said was in your final days, you will be talking about spirit. You will be a spiritual leader.
This is not the first time I heard this is the third one that said that I mean they use the same words. The first thing they said. So I’m saying somebody on the other side.
Keeps talking to these people and telling them this. It’s it’s way too coincidental, especially since I’m in science electronics. Nothing to do with spiritualism. So I said OK, that’s fine. And then the next thing she says is your mother’s here and she wants to tell you she’s been sitting in the.
Golden yellow chair in the bedroom and I and she’s heard everything you said.
How did that Lady? I never spoke about. I never spoke about that, not even my wife knew that.

00:20:56 Luisa
That’s amazing.

00:21:03 Mark Fiorentino
There is more rock solid evidence that what I’m telling you is real, and if you can get that in your minds that the people of the world can raise their consciousness, except that it’s the truth. No, it’s the truth. We’ll be a better planet.
Because there’s there’s really only go ahead.

00:21:21 Luisa
Yeah, it’s almost sorry.
No, no, no. It’s almost like starting a conversation with God or with our loved ones that have transitioned.

00:21:30 Mark Fiorentino
Yes, it’s it’s just a conversation acknowledging they’re there and that God loves you and and you’re, you’re your loved ones who have passed away, love you, and they’re on the other side. Connect.
Anything they say is you might as well just accept. It’s like coming from God because when they’re in that connected state.
Everything was is done with intention, positive intention and love, so you’re not going to get bad advice because somebody doesn’t like you over there and wants to screw you. That’s not gonna happen. It’s going to be loving knowledge that’s given to you in the way that you can accept and understand.
And and it’s helpful. And so that’s, that’s all it is to prayer acknowledging.
That there is a God and guardian angels and then beginning a conversation with them, telling them, uh, you know, I’m unhappy because of this and that. How can I get around this?
That whole thing.
I cannot tell you how many times.
My thoughts were answered.
Ah, in in this way. So it’s some it’s almost, it’s comical. It’s so hard to believe.
You know, I’ll, I’ll tell you on this show. I wouldn’t go on a science show because they would just go get outta here. But you have an open mind. You’re at a higher consciousness level. The people that watch the show at a high higher consciousness level. So sometimes I’m thinking, you know, because I’m in this struggle.
Right now.
I I work on scientific things and I get my knowledge as has everyone before me through a method of infusion that comes about when you get connected to God and when you start your thinking is really kind of almost prayers in a way. So if you’re trying to solve a problem.
And you’re, you know, like I’m talking to Einstein like, when I was reading, when I was writing my book, the four years to write the book.
And I’m I’m researching gravity.
And I’m saying, come on out. You have to somewhere in here, say, gravity has to do with the contraction of space. Everything I’ve read, everything I’ve experienced. My math says this. So I want to find that.
And I do eventually find.
In a book by Amir Excel, where he where?
Gravity is related to contraction, but that’s not the end of the story. I go to a psychic, A Tamara Calder. Richardson years later, not about the book. Not I have a a weird thing that happens that triggers a fear response.
Having to do with contracting rabies, and I was afraid that I had maybe had it and I couldn’t get the.
The health department that give me the shot now, well, the circumstances are very rare. Very unlikely. You’re OK. Don’t worry about it. Well, I was panicking. Had to find.
Somebody that could talk to the other side.
So I I do find that person and she alleviates that question and says no, you’re not. You’re alright. You’re gonna be alright and along that.
Discussion was like a three hour. It was supposed to only be a one hour, but when when the people started showing up.
One of them was Albert Einstein.
I you know, at that point when that happened, she was channelling the the meeting was channelling at this point and it said the theory that was in my book was actually correct, which I was like, this is a hobby.
Are you sure?
So they’re they’re saying that in Albert Einstein comes aboard and he gives me evidence that it’s actually him. Because, you know, I’m still.
This is kind of hard to believe.
But he says to me, it’s not even something he says the the meeting is saying. Why is Albert Einstein going like this?
And I I get chills. I said. Yeah, I know what he’s saying. He’s saying gravity is a contraction of space. He heard me. He heard me thinking about it all those years ago when I was writing the.
And so he sent me a message from the other side that only I would recognise as knowing that, hey, that’s actually Albert Einstein. I better listen closely to everything he says. And. And he did say quite a bit that day. I’ll leave it at that. But I wanted to tell you that.
Because there’s more evidence that prayer, your thoughts are being heard, and I want people to know they are not alone.
Wound, you know, this could help drive down the suicide rate and and and a lot of things. Good things can happen if people would stop feeling like they’re all alone.

00:26:39 Luisa
Yes. And and thoughts, thoughts create things, mark. A big congratulations on your book Master of Reality. I’m going to move on to science in a second. I’ve got one more question on spirituality. You’ve noticed you’ve noticed you say you speak about how you’ve noticed some sort of pattern.
With negative experiences in God and that God is always with us or always connected with us, do you mind just exploring a bit about that for the audience?

00:27:11 Mark Fiorentino
There’s enough, you know, it depends on your circumstances. Right before you die and you die. What experiences you’re gonna have.
In a near death experiences, typically speaking, if you’re an atheist, the near Death experience initially is not pleasant.
Not always, though, if if you’re not a seriously rock hard atheist, you have pretty much the normal experience that most people you go up the tunnel.
Not always, but there’s a tunnel.
There’s the great light.
Many people see the great light. Uh interactions with loved ones. Jesus. One particular case. There’s three people that were struck by lightning and died at the same moment and shared the near death experience. In other words, they came back to tell the same story.
Seeing God standing in front of God.
And each one saw God differently.
Uh, the Christian saw a Christian version. The Muslims saw a Muslim version, and the Hindu saw and the version. And then as they looked at each other, they said I could see that you’re seeing this other version.
But I’m seeing this one, so there’s a lesson there. God is universal and it’s, you know, we’re getting all wrapped up. And ohh, he’s this way. He’s that way. He believes this. He says that.
We’re we’re missing the whole message. Father Rick Wendell.
Gives the message that this is part of the pattern and it’s a simple thing that God is love. And he says there is one commandment for man.
Love one another if you do this.
All crime evaporates. All wars go away, all lying, cheating, all greed.
Because you would never do things that would hurt people.
If you truly love them.
And and and then he he confirms with many others confirmed and some of the people on your show he God claims to Father Rick I created the universe all of this three dimensional world is within God there’s a there’s a key there is within God.
There is nothing outside of God. Everything within this physical universe has to correspond to laws, and God set those laws. They are immutable, as God is immutable. None of this what we see in experience is an accident. It is intentioned.
God and and so forth. Time time does not really exist. You’ll notice on the other side everyone says time is all.
Hard to explain. It’s like based the basic thing that I get is that all of time is happening.
At the same moment, it’s eternal. There’s one giant eternal moment, and we’re we were born into time segments, and I cover that in the book. But he says time does not really exist. God is outside of time.
Very understandable. We have a perception of time in the physical world, but that perception changes according to our circumstances. It’s a relativity of time. Absolutely correct. That’s the pattern basically.
We are part of God’s dream. You could say that you could call it the matrix. You could call any number when you’re really talking about the very said same thing. And and it was created, you know, ultimately.
So that we could have these experiences and and and learn.
I don’t know if it’s just purely for recreation that some people come down here, I don’t know, but there’s certainly a spiritual aspect, a very important one, and and that’s going on at a universal scale.
This is the pattern. It’s basically the universe, you know? So my theory is an intelligent design theory. So when a scientist like myself, who is a self taught metaphysician.
Goes about the process of studying the nature of things.
I am really studying.
God, because he’s the source of all things of everything except our free will and thoughts. I mean, he created us, but we have the gift of free will, which is vitally important. We would not have it any other way.

00:32:08 Luisa
One of my favourite subjects as well. Well, I think we could talk for hours, but in the concepts of what we call time. So there is only now is that what you’re explaining I’m talking in?

00:32:19 Mark Fiorentino

00:32:20 Luisa
Let’s do let’s do kindergarten here.

00:32:24 Mark Fiorentino
OK. Yeah, I like the subject of time. I I dedicated a chapter of my book the time because it it keeps bugging me. I I wanna understand it completely. So you.
Time is 2 things. There’s the big global time, that’s.
In the afterlife, that is.
Ongoing the you you have access to forward time, backward time, you name it, it gets a little confusing, especially for the future, because the future is.
Ammo in motion. So as you’re talking and speaking as people are doing things, future is shifting. The reality keeps moving back and forth. This is why so many near deathers see.
At an instant in time, our physical time here, they’re seeing some catastrophe. The next guy sees another similar one, but it’s different. The circumstances are different.
That’s how I kind of explained that it’s not that they’re being lied to or they’re making something up, it’s it’s shifting all the time, depending on our consciousness level. If we’re moving in the right direction, we can avert the catastrophe. But what? What is time here? That’s what I explored.
And it’s really simple.
Time equals distance equals rate over time. Simple formula. You get that in elementary school and junior high no later than that, and that implies something you have to think about the terms of the equation if.
Time does is emergent, it does not exist unless there is something that must be true. Where you’re at. And what is that thing? Space is a real thing. As soon as space emerges as something physical, material and real.
Time emerges and why? Because it takes a certain amount of time to go to from point A to point B.
We always observe this to be true. It takes about 8 1/2 minutes from light to get from the sun to the earth. If there was nothing there and outer space, like many physicists, will swear to, it would take zero time for the particles of light to get here because there’s nothing there. And if you put that into the equation.
And you solve for time you will see that if distance becomes 0.
Then time to traverse it becomes zero and we never see that. That means that space is a real thing and it’s a basic part of my theory of super super relativity. That space is a ether.
A quasi elastic solid.
That really exist was formed and maybe even a part of.
The God consciousness.
And that’s it’s eternal.
It is in this dimension, this physical realm, so we have time here and we we’re we have time segments. We’re in our time segment that supposedly has a name that was given to me by a.
Government person who claims he was a time traveller. I don’t know if it’s true or not.
I’m still debating whether I’ll put that.
Video on my site interesting guy, but he actually gave me the name of our time segment. He contacted me. He’s not on any shows. He contacted me to tell me you got it right. There are time segments. This is our time segment number and we are succeeding.
We have succeeded in time travelling.
But for right here, right now, in order to have the physical linear experience of time, space has to exist. It has to be a real, physical thing that takes time to traverse it. Once that happens, intervals appear. We have a reality, and time works for us as we.
Experience it here one thing after another, events can occur in a linear fashion and and that’s that’s why we have time here because we have space.
And has to also do with the density of that space. Time flow is affected if you change the density of space by using fields of force. You know there’s this like a infinite set of possibilities.
And it’s entirely possible, and this is something that you.
People who believe in quantum theory and quantum mechanics, which, but it’s entirely possible that all the.
The possibilities are happening all at once.
And we only experience one timeline.
The one that we’re on.
Regardless of how many other?
Deviations and shifts are going on out there. We’re locked into one and you know, we can only affect or change that one, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any others, because it’s as I’ve.
Come to become aware of there’s infinite amount of universes. There may be an infinite amount of dimensions, and there may be an infinite amount of timelines.
God is really good at handling infinite eternal things.
Since he is **, *** it I like to be personal, but you know, respectful. Go along with what Jesus said and he says our father who art in heaven. But that’s what he says. I’m going to go with that and.
Basically say that.
Time in the future is a tricky business.
A very dangerous to try to mess with it.
I believe the United States government is trying to mess with it to get an outcome they desire, and this is not a part of God’s plan. It’s a part of man’s plan. Big mistake. It’s not gonna work.

00:38:52 Luisa
Thank you, mark. So back to your powerful comment about the US government.

00:39:01 Mark Fiorentino
Among the you know, I wasn’t going to put in my book.
Uh. Anything having to do with Stargates?
I was instructed by the other side who.
Told me that you they want me to do it. So I then said, well, I don’t really know that much about Stargates, but I only know this one thing.
If you’re going to do time travel, all of time has to exist in the same moment. Otherwise there’s no way really to get to.
And the other thing is, a Stargate is going to have to do something to space. It’s going to have to bias it in a certain way. And what it’s going to have to do.
Is accelerate photons or some electromagnetic device electrons, photons beyond the speed of light because space needs to oscillate at super high frequencies that don’t normally occur in order to open the portal?
So when the Stargate turns on, you get this jump slip. You know, from your location dimensionally, physically, to another dimension location, either in space or in time.
So I started writing the book they gave me I.
They gave me clue, she says.
They’re you. They’re.
Doing this because only time travel I knew about was magnetic resonant technology.
Philadelphia experiment Montauk experiments, where they use high powered Electro Electro magnets to create a resonant field that would open a portal through time and dimension.
I was familiar with that, but I was told that that’s been abandoned. That route has been abandoned. They’re using something now called.
Ohh, why are why is this always escape my?
Fractal lenses.
I never heard of Franklin, so the the medium was.
Doesn’t know anything, she said. They they’re using something called fractal lenses. I have no idea what that is, so I go back to writing my book and I look up fractal lenses to see if something like that exists.
And it does.
And and coincidentally, fractal lenses are made from metal materials. So here we are, back connected. There’s a connection here for metamaterials. Time travel faster than light. So the thing.
That projects the photons because you have a metamaterial called a fractal lens that when light shines through it.
Compresses the frequency because it’s increasing the rate of its motion. Imagine in your mind’s eye you got a sine wave. You know you got a frequency of.
100 Hertz.
Imagine it goes by you at one second at a time. It’s 100 Hertz. Now imagine that thing. Same frequency is going by you in one millionth.
Of the time, what happens to the frequency it goes shrinks because it’s moving by you quicker.
Right strength and now you have this very compressed frequency of something moving very fast. That’s what’s gotta happen. That’s what happens through the metal materials, the fractal lenses that they’re using.
In conjunction with high frequency sound and some other stuff.
That’s my would be my design based on my knowledge of how to manipulate time space. I’m surprised I don’t get interrupted here when I’m talking about this.

00:42:52 Luisa
No, I’m not gonna interrupt you. Ohh.

00:42:54 Mark Fiorentino
No, I’m talking about them, you know? Yeah. The another glitch.

00:42:56 Luisa
00:43:00 Luisa
So from what I understand about Stargate, it was more consciousness based or remote viewing and things like that. But you’re talking more in physical terms, physical time travel, not mental time travel.
Not through consciousness.

00:43:14 Mark Fiorentino
My book.
My book deals with this universe and the metaphysical aspects, properties and things. I don’t really talk much about. Not in this book about the spiritual realm, but there is that method too remote viewers.
That when you jump into that mode you you become outside of time.

00:43:40 Luisa

00:43:42 Mark Fiorentino
Your consciousness becomes outside of time so that you can slip and jump into the future of the past.

00:43:51 Luisa
Time travel is possible, and certain governments are potentially working on it or experimenting with it.

00:43:59 Mark Fiorentino
Yeah, I I don’t like it. Especially I don’t like going into the past and trying to manipulate things that have already happened.
I think it’s extremely dangerous.

00:44:07 Luisa
So it’s not necessarily for the benefit of humanity.

00:44:11 Mark Fiorentino
No, it’s for the benefit of the people who who? The dark government, whatever you call that. Whatever they’re you don’t know how organised they are and how.
I know they’re powerful, but I don’t know if they’re fully organised. I feel that they’re probably controlling the news, the media, I have evidence of that and knowledge of that. So how far reaching they are, I’m not sure the guys that are into time travel and all.
Of that stuff.
They have their own agenda.
And there’s people out there that claim that no, they’ve made.
Technology and they’ve travelled through time and they’ve done all these stuff. I keep an open mind to it. I have not personally experienced anything more than what I’ve read about and it’s in my book.
Uh, just to warn, I guess people need to know this need to become aware of this, that that this is something that’s probably happening because the other side wouldn’t.
Tied me up into it and got me into that. And you know, I had the time.
Explanation in my book laid out very well. I I was just I’m very you know, I don’t really like him going back in time. I’m not not so bothered about the future time but I I just don’t believe it’s morally right to go back and try to change.
The cards that have been played.
It bothers me at some deep level.

00:45:54 Luisa
Well, thank you, Mark. I’ve got two more questions I won’t keep you too much longer. First of all, where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:46:02 Mark Fiorentino
Ohh my website
Uh, I got all the stuff, the links right on the front page is a series of buttons that you can go to my YouTube page, become a subscriber, sign up for that. I have shows like this on there. If you grant me permission, I’ll I’ll put a copy of it there.

00:46:30 Luisa
And I will leave a link below in the show notes.

00:46:33 Mark Fiorentino
Thank you.

00:46:33 Luisa
I know you’ve talked about, well, how does the universe? How did the universe begin and how will it end?

00:46:41 Mark Fiorentino
I got 3.
Chapters on that, that’s a big subject. I’ll try to condense it down here so we can fit it in in a few minutes, but basically.
God creates all the universes and there’s been near Deathers who’ve seen that. I’ve talked to them personally to see what they had to say.
Uh, but leaving the divine and going to the actual mechanics, that’s where I pick up.
So you kind of have to like, read the mind of God or know his thoughts. As Einstein said, in order to get that. And what I have come to the conclusion here is that in the beginning.
The mass, all the mass and energy was created.
By the divine and compressed into something called the cosmic egg, a massive black hole, what we would call it from our perspective, a massive black hole made of something.
Scientists misinterpret what a black hole is. That black hole is made of solid neutronium neutrons. Just neutrons compacted together and incredible densities.
When you have enough of it, the pressure becomes so great in the centre of this cosmic Age, which is light years in size across of neutronium, with all the matter and all the energy required for this particular universe. That pressure causes great heat trillions of degrees.
And then then the expansion occurs the explosion.
What comes out?
Neutron plasma.
And neutronium spheres, neutronium spheres are small super dense objects that wind up creating the stars, the galaxies and the planets. So what I’m saying very this is this is Nobel Prize worthy right here. This really is going to get proven. I am absolutely sure.
Right, that within the Earth is a small neutronium sphere, rock solid, very dense. It attracted all the hydrogen, the hydrogen. When the solar system was forming, the Sun has a neutronium sphere. It’s attracted all its gases, started the fusion process. But you need a great powerful.
Gravitational source to gather the gas, overcome its resistance.
Together because its electromagnetic force is stronger than its gravitational field, particles of gas, hydrogen will never come together unless it’s compressed by a strong gravitational field. How do I know that stars have a gravitational field or or neutronium core? Because every time one blows up?
The thing left behind is a neutronium star neutron star every time.
And if it’s not a neutron star, it’s a black hole. It’s just the neutron * That’s 8 or so solar mass is larger than a typical star, and when they’re that heavy they go black. They go dark because the gravity is so strong.
That is someday going to be proven.
When I don’t know, but I am so rock solid. Sure that that’s the way it works and that’s how the whole Galaxy is formed. A whole universe is formed because these.
And the whole key. The whole trick to discovering this because I started studying the neutron because there was an anomaly with.
If you take a neutron and you take it into outer space all by itself and leave it alone within 15 minutes, it turns into a proton and electron. Why is that significant? Is that an accident? No.
It needs to do that. Why? Because in the beginning of time, when the universe explodes and you have nothing but the basic material which you need to build a universe which is neutrons.
The neutron turns when it’s isolated into a proton and electron. And what is that?
Now the universe has got the fuel.
To build itself.
Perfectly designed because the neutron will not be stable when it’s by itself, but on the other hand, when it’s next to other neutrons, it’s stable for the length of an entire lifetime of the universe. Billions of years when it’s near inside of elements like hydrogen or or heavier ones gold.
Platinum. Silver. It’s stable. It doesn’t decay.
Because it needs in that situation not to, but in this one unique situation at the beginning of the universe that neutron.
The only thing there is the case into hydrogen, and now the hydrogen can be fused into helium can be fused into the oxygen, can be fused into carbon, build the rest of the universe from these neutronium spheres. They compact the gases hydrogen.
And form all the elements, everything we need.
To build the.
Universe and to have life on a planet. Everything we have, all the elements in the periodic table right here on Earth. How did that happen? Did they just fall out of the sky? I don’t think so.
They were built right here at the centre of the Earth.
That’s the theory is as as short as I could cut it.

00:52:22 Luisa
Fascinating. Well, Mark, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the audience? On a final note, I haven’t asked you.

00:52:32 Mark Fiorentino
Well, I I would just say father, the follow the advice of Father Rick Wendell, love one another. If you do that, you’ll be on the right path.
And the world will be a much happier, better place.

00:52:49 Luisa
Great ending to the show, Mark, thank you so much for being on passion harvest.

00:52:55 Mark Fiorentino
Thank you. I enjoyed it.

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