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The PAST Can Be CHANGED? It Can! … Here’s How…

We’ve been told …. You can’t change the past.

But in a way, that’s not correct.

You can change the past.

Our memories are our truths only because of the meaning and filters we give to them…

The way we view our past very literally determines how we live today.

When we think about time, we tend to divide it into three dimensions: past, present and future. We also tend to accept certain beliefs about each dimension without much questioning.

Want to know the good news?

We can change the past simply by changing the way we feel about it!

The only thing we can control in life is the meaning we give to things. And this is magical. Because meaning is everything.

Your past mistakes are what shaped you into who you are today. Without those failures you’d be far less equipped to take on the challenges ahead.

Rather than giving up your future to live in the past, how about allowing the future to unfold that your past has prepared you for?

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