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REVEALED Future of HUMANITY 2024! WAR is Coming…? REINCARNATION & What Happens Next? Barbara DeLong

The Universe has a plan for all of us.

Barbara DeLong is a seeker of the mysteries of spirituality. Signs and symbols from Spirit, Angels and Guardian Angels, The lost city of Atlantis, Cosmic Forecasting, and our unlimited transformation potential. She is a podcast host, ordained minister and author.

She painted the Cosmic Deck of Initiation, a hand painted deck of Mandala Oracle cards to be used for private divination and spiritual growth, and wrote the handbook, How to use the Cosmic Deck of Initiation.  Her website, is a teaching site combining personal information and a plethora of spiritual material, intended to supply insight and light, laughter, and love for all those seeking their own personal pathway within the spiritual spheres.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Barbara DeLong

00:01:00 Luisa
Barbara DeLong. Welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:01:19 Barbara DeLong

Thank you so much. It’s a pleasure to be here.
00:01:21 Luisa

Ohh, it’s my pleasure. And there’s I’ve been this. I have a whole list of things I’d love to discuss with you. First, I’d like to start with science and symbols and you talk about synchronicities from spirit.

00:01:35 Barbara DeLong
Absolutely. Actually I think that’s one of the biggest things that I I want people to think about, to to pay attention to in their lives, because synchronicities and coincidences.
Are not happenstance. There’s the spirit. They’re your spirit trying to get a message through to you. And if you pay attention to them, the more you pay attention to.
Them the more frequently they occur and and the more intense they become. I’ve been doing this for a very, very long time, so I catch almost all of them and it’s really it. It’s a joy to say, oops, what am I supposed to learn from this instead of isn’t that cool that happened? What a coincidence.
It’s it’s I tell people to journal them down because the the more often you journal them down, it’s almost as though you are anchoring them into your reality. So Spirit recognises the fact that you’re catching them and will continue to send them more frequently. If you’re just saying, isn’t that cool?
It’s a coincidence to move on. Your spirit doesn’t really have any idea as to whether you actually are paying attention.
And you know, our consciousness, our physical consciousness and awareness is very different from the spirit that we carry within. So the spirit that we carry within has to work through our ego and our personality and all sorts of other little barriers in order to get messages through to us in.
In our physical sense, so.
Catching those coincidences, writing them down anchors that link between you and spirit, so spirit more easily is able to get messages through to you as to your direction, and maybe, possibly, sometimes, sometimes even warnings, so, but more likely messages.

00:03:33 Luisa
So for those of the audience, or perhaps even me, if we have questions and say, well, I’m not receiving any guidance and I need to make a big decision, what what’s your advice of how how to work through this or how to ask the questions to receive sign symbols or synchronicities?

00:03:53 Barbara DeLong
You can ask yourself for a message through a dream state when you go to sleep, and quite often your dream will give you an indication or or you can take some time out of your day and meditate because meditation is the clearest link you have to the spirit you carry within.
I’ve interviewed.
I want to say thousands, but I’ll say hundreds for sure of people and and in all walks of life, but all of them in a spiritual pathway and every single one of them is said meditate. Whether it’s only 10 minutes a day or 15 minutes a day, meditation will clear you and balance you.
And open that portal between you and the spirit you carry within. And when you get messages, it’s not going to be a yes or a no. It’s going to give you an indication of a direction that you might take because.
This we have free will. We came into this lifetime with free will. The spirit really knows where we’re supposed to be going, but it it can’t really determine it for you. It can’t give you the declaration of. No, you idiot. Go the other direction. It basically is going to give you.
Nudges. And if you pick up on the nudges and follow those nudges, you cannot go wrong.

00:05:17 Luisa
I’d also like thank you. Thank you, Barbara. I’d also like to discuss with you the Angels and Guardian angels.
Who are they? What are they and how? How can they assist us on our life path?

00:05:29 Barbara DeLong
I have a very strong opinion on angels and Guardian angels and it it it is different from most peoples. I believe that when the spirit enters the body before birth then it brings with it its spiritual DNA that’s interwoven with our physical D.
Today that that we have all the information that we need and quite often we are insecure about making choices and decisions and are hopeful that there is somebody else out there kind of merging us in the right direction so.
If you aren’t listening to your spirit, quite often, your spirit will send a holographic projection that will appear to be a guide or a guardian Angel.
And because you are more secure in accepting advice from external sources, you’ll pay attention to that holograph where you won’t pay attention to something that the spirit will send you. You know, in and of itself, to you. And as a coincidence or a feeling or or something like that.
Many people who we do believe that that there are spirits out there that that you know are attached to us and.
My in my philosophy, those are holograms from the spirit we carry within other people who believe they are actually spirits externally that are around doing good deeds for people. Any way you look at it, we do get guidance and.
It it doesn’t matter whether it’s from yourself or from what you expect as a guardian Angel or a guide.
That getting that that advice is the important thing for you. The most important thing though to realise is that that you are here in control of this lifetime as a spirit that you carry within the avatar that is your your physical body.
And many people forget that that we are not our physical body. We are the spirit that is carried within, and that spirit links you directly to the source of all correct creation. What better source to go to for advice?

00:07:41 Luisa
And and as.
You said we forget we get so focused on our human as our physical form and suffering, my gosh. Conflict and contrast that we all experience.
It’s hard to detach from that physicality and remember we are in essence a a spiritual being. Having a physical experience.

00:08:03 Barbara DeLong
And we’re eternal.
I mean it. You know, I I I said to somebody once, you know, if you screw up royally at this lifetime, your spirit will come back.
And you know, if there is Karma that has to be paid back, it’ll get paid back. But it it’s very easy to forget, you know, when you stub your toe, when you, when you cut yourself, when you’re disappointed in in a relationship or something, it feels like, you know, the world is coming to an end quite often.
And this this particular lifetime may, but, but your spirit is going to evolve and grow and come back time after time after time after time.
And it’s an event.
Sure, it’s not monotonous it it doesn’t get boring. There are always.
Things to work on. There are always challenges that are put before us that we have to work through and get over and and and go through so that you know when I find challenges now, it’s like, Oh my goodness, I must have grown. There must be a new level for me to go to. Isn’t that?
Exciting and damn. You know, I I should have gone slower because I I didn’t.
Really want to.
Have another challenge? Quite so.
So but but it happens. And if you look upon it as an exciting adventure, it makes a lot of things a lot easier.

00:09:30 Luisa
Many I have many clients that say to me I never want to come back. I don’t want to reincarnate on this Earth plane again. What’s your advice?

00:09:38 Barbara DeLong
Oh, you know, I I got that a lot many years ago. And and I I usually tried to argue it and I finally realised that that.
That I say to them.
You know, you’re absolutely right.
Your personality will never come to the Earth plane.
Man, but your spirit may have a different idea.
So that you know the personality. Yeah, I know you’ve taken every class you have. You have a notebook full of certificates that tell you how much you’ve learned and how evolved you are and.
And and maybe you are, but the reality is that’s just this is this is like a A grade this is not the end all you you you’ve done as much as you can this lifetime that’s terrific. But that means that you’re ready to go on to another level the next lifetime you’ll have.
Other challenges that the spirit will need to.
Grow through and open portals to the gifts that you carry within. So yeah. Yeah. You don’t have to come back, but, but your spirit will.

00:10:49 Luisa
So is there an endpoint to the human incarnation on Earth?

00:10:54 Barbara DeLong
Uh yes, definitely.
We will Incarnate.
In my philosophy, the source of all creation.
Sent out seeds of itself, scattered them throughout the universe, and those are our spirits. Our spirits have chosen to Incarnate on different planets, on different in different dimensions, in different forms, to grow, to evolve, to, to expand, and to eventually throughout time.
And and here’s.
Thing it could be millennia.
But at some point in time, our spirit will grow to a point where it will breakthrough into a dimension where there is nothing to become the source of our creation for that dimension.
So we’re not returning to our source. We’re growing to the point that we become a source.

00:11:55 Luisa
It’s it’s. I get it. I understand it. But it’s very complicated so.
In in, as we’re talking now, Barbara and noise, so we’re having multiple incarnations on galaxies and planets and lives.

00:12:11 Barbara DeLong
Not at the same time, at least, I don’t think it’s the same time. I I think that we we have a choice when we pass pass over to the other dimension and to the either we have the choice to decide.

00:12:12 Luisa
Another the same.

00:12:24 Barbara DeLong
Where we want to go next and and and wherever that place is. We we will wait for an avatar to be created for us to enter into in that particular place so that you know you could be an orange BLOB or you could I I don’t think I don’t think there are orange.
Cops out there, but for the most part, I believe that that we’re in human form. Thank you.

00:12:54 Luisa
People, I mean, I felt this with my mother personally when she transitioned. What’s your thoughts on people choose the time and point of death?

00:13:08 Barbara DeLong
And yeah, I’ve seen it too with my late husband. I know that I sat with him in Hospice, and all I could think of is I just don’t want to see you go. I I I can’t do that. And I was saying that to myself, and he was he was very close to passing.
And I heard a voice and it was it wasn’t his voice, but it was a male voice and and the voice said, go home.
Now and.
I got up and I went to the nurses station and said I’ll be back. I have to go home and feed the animals and I’ll be right back. And when I got home there was a phone call from the nurse that said he had.
Just passed over.
I think I don’t know if it’s choosing the time exactly as much as feeling when it’s appropriate to pass over, and I do believe they do. They there is a point in time where Spirit knows it’s time to just to exit and and move into the ether. I I don’t think it’s anything that they write down.
Any place and say you know, you know, I want to go at 11:53, but I think that there’s a certain amount of kindness to the people that are around them that they have that option to to choose the moment to leave when it is.
The least stressful for those that are.

00:14:30 Luisa
There and what would be?
I mean, many people that watch this show of, well, everyone has lost loved ones or grieving. What’s your advice to those of the audience that are suffering through grief or loss?
Of a loved one.

00:14:46 Barbara DeLong
Well, grief is is a very personal thing.
And I think it’s inappropriate to say that anybody, well, you’ve been grieving long enough to get on with your life. I think grief is something that we we go through on a very personal level. And, you know, there are many people that, that, especially elderly couples, that that actually.
Pass very close to one another because they just feel the connection.
So so great.
Like it’s it’s something everyone works through on a personal level and and there are many ways to get through with. There are grief groups. There are ways of of, you know, making sure you keep yourself busy and and remember that you have a personal life and a personal destiny as well.
But when you’ve lost somebody that you that you love, when you’ve lost somebody that has been a part of your life, when you’ve lost a part of yourself, literally, it takes a long time. And I don’t think you ever really get over it. I think there’s, I know my husband passed 10 years ago, and there are moments when it’s like it was yesterday.
So it’s and you don’t forget and. And I think sometimes people worry I’ll forget them and that’s that’s impossible when you’ve had love in your.
Life or trauma? It doesn’t go away. You deal with it.
And you move.
On but that memory is still there I.
I think to.
Be gentle with yourself and to not feel that you have to.
Do things according to other people’s agendas. Understand that this is personal for you and your soul. Your spirit will will move you forward when it’s your time and and not a minute before. So tell them to buzz it. ******.
Off you know I.
Mean my sister lost her husband three years ago, and she still grieves.
And she asked me, you know, well, when is this briefing over? And I said and I give you the same answer that Michael Angelo gave the Pope when he was, you know, painting the Sistine Chapel. It’ll be over when it’s over.

00:16:55 Luisa
Yeah, great advice.
I’ve I’ve read some of your blogs and it’s incredible you you speak about where magnets and we have the ability or unlimited potential to change our lives.
We do well, what are your tools and tips? And I’m going to pass this on to you. This is your show today. What? What, what would you like to say about?

00:17:21 Barbara DeLong
Well, it’s true. And and we create our reality by our perspective of it and it’s it’s we are in total control literally.
And I’ll I’ll hit hit the the obvious one. And that’s relationships when when you have.
People who are looking for the perfect relationship and they don’t like the people that are coming into their life. The reality is that you’ve drawn them to you because they are you.
And if you don’t care for aspects of them, look to yourself to see where that aspect is within yourself and.
Change it.
Because we do, we attract our to ourselves. We they become a reflection of who we are.
In many ways.
And and and it’s. It’s really amazing you you. But The thing is you can’t pretend the the the one place you just can’t fudge it is with the universe.
And you know, I’ve tried and I’ve tried and I’ve made all the changes and nothing’s happening. Well, nothing’s happening because that’s what you’re perceiving, among other things.
If you go out there with the attitude that that, you know, I am the person that I want to attract to me and I’m looking for.
I I am a generous, kind sense of humour. Whatever the things it is that you’re looking for. If you become those things, that’s what you attract to yourself and and.
Anybody, if you sit back and you take a look at what you’re surrounding yourself with.
You recognise there are aspects in all of those people that that have some part of you in them and if you change that part and you they drift away.
But it has to be a genuine, shifting and changing of your own self, rather than trying to change other people we can’t change.
Other people we have.
Much as I’d like to, I would love to change a lot of people I know, but that’s just not in, you know, it doesn’t work that way.
But and and the other thing is the more joyful you are, the more joy you attract to yourself.
And and I’ve been called a Pollyanna a lot. And I’m actually really proud of it because because if you can see something positive in any situation, then you get through it a lot faster.
And and it’s hard. Sometimes it’s very hard. And I’m not saying it happens overnight, but I am saying if you are constantly looking for joy, you will constantly find it. If you’re constantly saying ohh, I just attract jerks, that’s exactly who you’re going to attract.

00:20:14 Luisa
So in order to change your life, change yourself.
It’s it’s tough. It’s yes, I agree some something that just came to me. What’s your advice for people that are feeling lonely?

00:20:33 Barbara DeLong
That’s that’s something to really explore within yourself, for sure.
And oftentimes, people isolate themselves on purpose.
See that there are people that, that, that enjoy being lonely. I I don’t know many, but I I know that there are people that just don’t want to.
Put the effort out there because they’re afraid of rejection, so they reject themselves before anybody else can.
And quite often, if somebody is really stuck in loneliness, I I would certainly advise getting some help from a counsellor.
Because and I would, I would.
Also suggest.
Finding a a place where you can spiritually.
Be comfortable whether it is a non denominational church, whether it’s a formal church, I I think that the churches are a wonderful place to meet people.
I I once told a friend of mine that who wanted a healthy, handsome.
Dedicated, loyal men and I said go to go to born again church.
Get a free Bible and and sincerely go into the programme and I promise you you’ll find someone. But but you know it it. And if if that’s not appropriate for someone, there are meditation groups. There are lots of places to find groups of people who are spiritually oriented. And if you’re lonely, being with spiritual people is the best place to go.

00:22:11 Luisa
Thank. Thank you. Barbara, you speak about the power of affirmations.
Would you mind sharing some powerful affirmations for the audience that they may use in their life, whatever the circumstances may be?

00:22:28 Barbara DeLong
Well, I think the most powerful things that I I have used in my life is thanking the universe for providing me with whatever it is that I’m looking for, you know.
Thank you universe for providing me with enough money to get through.
The day. Thank you. Thank the universe for.
Resolving problem. I thank the universe all the time and and I do it.
You know, for, for for very simple things and for very large things too. Certainly with the situation in the world. I’m I I thank the universe for straightening us all out so that we have peace and prosperity for everyone. I’m gonna have to work a lot on that one, I’m afraid. But. But the more you’re thanking.
Rather than asking.
Is is thank thank the universe because it’s already happened. If you’re if you are thanking because something has already happened, the universe will will will make it happen. It’s.
Sort of like.
The universe as a whole doesn’t know the difference between reality and A and a thank you know.
It’s sort of like if you thank the universe for something happening and it hasn’t actually happened in in some way. You attract it to happen for you.
And it and it, you know it. It does. I won’t warn you that it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something that you do consistently. And if you’re doing it consistently, the universe.
Takes a hand and makes it happen.
I know that sounds so simple, but it but it is it is that simple and and again the element of meditation comes in here too. If you can calm yourself, if you can quiet yourself. If you can listen.
Meditation is listening, prayer is talking and and I think both of them. I advocate both of them. But if you’re really looking for answers from from spirit and from the universe, you have to listen.

00:24:30 Luisa
And we often we often forget to listen. We want things in, we live, we live in a world where we want things instantly. We’ve spoken about manifestation or creating things and and positivity. What’s your advice? We’ve all suffered trauma, conflict, however great or small that may be.
How can we?
Let go of.
Past hurts past conditioning, past expectations, and not take them into our future expectations.

00:25:01 Barbara DeLong
Good question.
Your spirit inside of you has.
An agenda?
And it isn’t necessarily the agenda that you might have for yourself.
And quite often, traumas are are are.
Presented to us to open us up and allow us to understand greater dimensions that we carry within.
Traumas are are stepping stones. They’re big stepping stones and to understand that the traumas happen.
To people in order for them to grow beyond them.
They open portals for us to move into other dimensions of understanding and awareness, not consciousness. But awareness of our own, of our own potential as a person and as a spirit so.
Working through the traumas, understanding what they presented to you as far as what you know about yourself and embracing that allows you to let go of the hurt.
Gather the lesson and move forward.

00:26:20 Luisa
It’s hard. I’m just going to give an example. You spoke before about love. I might have never attracted the right guy. I don’t. I’m unsuccessful in relationships. How? How to.
Move on from that and not have those expectations and things not working out.

00:26:38 Barbara DeLong
Well, that’s a really easy question to answer.
Take a look at yourself and see what you’ve done with your life. See what you’ve accomplished with your life and realise that you may have a destiny and a purpose in your life that having a.
Relationship that was everybody’s dream was in many ways deter you from achieving what it is you’re here to achieve.
It doesn’t mean you can’t have friendships. It doesn’t mean you can’t have relationships, but but it feels to me as though you have a purpose and you’re being dragged kicking and screaming, but you’re being dragged towards achieving that purpose and.
If you if you enjoy the ride and then allow yourself the freedom to every now and then to schedule a time where you can relax because it feels like you are constantly filling your time and not leaving yourself time to really.
Welcome a relationship into your life.

00:27:46 Luisa
Ohh you make it sound so simple.
Thank you, Barbara. I’m digressing here. You’ve spoken about the lost city of Atlantis.
I would love to hear about that.

00:28:02 Barbara DeLong
I’ve had the good fortune to speak to a lot of people who have.
Philosophies and theories on Atlantis.
And the more I read, the more I study, the more I talk to all of these experts on the field, the the more it becomes very clear that Atlantis is.
Quite possibly a story of a civilization that happened. Frida Levin, you know, going back maybe 4050, sixty 100,000 years, there have been a lot of civilizations and cultures that that have been destroyed over and over and over again.
I I recently have have have.
Been been working with some material on on not only Atlantis, but Lemuria and Milo.
And while they may have.
I I don’t believe they were advanced civilizations as much as lost civilizations that appeared as the as the the sea levels rose and sank because of my goodness. The The ice ages and things like that quite quite frequently the levels.
Rose 400 feet and then sank 400 feet so that I believe there were cultures and civilizations that that did occur on those those areas that.
That have have fallen beneath the sea at this moment in time.
Was did decide and really have the and I don’t think that God created it. I think there were civilizations that were destroyed by by water rising and they become the myths and those those stories, those myths are past generation to generation, to generation and.
Was there an Atlantis?
Probably not. I don’t believe there was a a moon or a Lemuria either, but. But there were civilizations that were destroyed by waters rising and floods and tsunamis and cultures have told those stories, generation after generation after generation has been passed.
You know generations for for hundreds of generations, so that the myth.
Is is really a representation of a reality that happened?
100,000 years ago, and in order to remember it, a myth was was created for it. And you, you. It’s. It’s like the great flood. You find that in in all different cultures and all different societies throughout time in summer.
In the Bible and.
Babylonia, I mean, they all have a flood story.
And there were floods that happened, but depending on, you know, what source you want to go to. Either God was angry and flooded the world to get rid of giants or.
Or or one of the one of the North Scotts flooded everything and and and you can go way, way, way back. Even the Native Americans have stories of great floods, so they’re they’re woven into a story to be able to be preserved by time, told generation to generation, to generation.
Generation I I don’t believe there was the kind of glances that everybody would like to think there.
Was but I think there was a culture.
That that no civilization that no longer exists. That probably developed a lot further than than what we currently give ourselves credit for.

00:31:56 Luisa
So interesting. Thank you, Barbara.
I want to move on.
To cosmic forecasting and the incredible and well, this is 2 elements that the the cosmic deck of initiation that you’ve created that is life changing.

00:32:16 Barbara DeLong
It is.

00:32:17 Luisa
That’s two elements cosmic forecasting, but wherever you would like to start first.

00:32:24 Barbara DeLong
The cosmic decking initiation was created 33 years ago.
And they’re hand painted mandelas and I painted them. And I’m not an artist, but I painted them and.
When I created the I I did it because I I felt I I had already been doing readings and things like that and I just felt there needed to be a tool that was not.
The traditional tarot.
And it’s just my opinion I the only the only cars that were out there was the rider weight and the aquarium.
Today, there are 40 million decks, but at the time there were only the two.
And I felt strongly that they for me.
And that’s just me. Personally, I felt they had negative connotations and that.
They were inappropriate to to use because.
People saw a death card and they were, you know, you lost them right away. I’m going to die. I might as well leave now. I so I I I felt strongly that there was a need for a spiritual development card deck.
So I decided.
I would make my own. You know, it was very cavalier of me. I can now just make my own deck.
And because it was my own deck, I I said I won’t do any of the traditional stuff.
I will make it a personal development deck where the first grouping has to do with your physicality, your chakras, your there. There was a there’s a section that is.
Cosmic laws and there’s a spiritual enlightenment area and there are some wild cards and there’s the.
What? What am I leaving out the astrological signs? And there were mandelas for all of these. There are 52 cards in it and.
I did it because first of all they’re pretty and second of all, they won’t scare anybody. And third of all, children can play with them and not be, you know, totally, you know, whooped. And so when when I created the deck, US games bought it and published it. And I said to them.
It’s ahead of its time.
It’s, you know, it’s going to be a sleeper and he said no, no. And he and he published it and he published it for 20 years and he finally stopped publishing it. And.
I thought, geez, you.
Know it’s it’s almost time when it would be. Now would be a good time, but I you know.
Can’t afford to publish it and.
The US game said they would publish it for me and I just had to buy.
3000 decks is $6 a deck which you know, first of all, what do you do with that many decks of cards? And second of all, where do you find that kind of money? And I had somebody on my show.
Who happened to be a publisher and I was talking to him and he said, well, publish it for you for free.
So it got published again last well last year. Now almost a year ago and.
00:35:55 Barbara DeLong
It’s and he asked me where was the handbook for it, and there was a handbook with there is a handbook with the deck, but I said that there should be a handbook with it and he said where’s the handbook? And I said.
Well, I kind of didn’t write it yet and he said we have to write it, Barb. So and I thought this was going to be easy. And as I started to write the different interpretations.
It got more and more and more in depth.
To the point that.
That I gave them a 400 page book.
And I was.
So surprised at some of the material that came out in the book that that I hadn’t figured of putting in. There’s there’s there’s all sorts of extra stuff in there all over the place and.
00:36:51 Barbara DeLong
So the handbook got published along with the deck and.
It it really is a spiritual development.
Book and deck of cards masquerading as a.
Deck of cards.
So I’m.
Very proud of it and I’m very happy with it and it’s, you know, I I have no idea how it’s doing. I just know that I turned it loose and it will find where it’s supposed to be.

00:37:20 Luisa
Well, a big congratulations, Barbara Cosmic forecasting.
Yes, what’s what’s happening for 2024?

00:37:35 Barbara DeLong
Well, the actual actually the.
The 2024.
Forecast is on the website. If people are curious, they can go to and go to the cosmic forecast on.
It it, it feels a little dire, to be honest with you. I I think that.
The one thing that surprised me that that came out for for the 2024?
Forecast is the King Charles is going to be the last monarch of Great Britain. It appears that when he passes and I don’t see him passing, you know. But but when he when his time comes.
That the British will will say that that’s it for monarchy and and they will become private citizens. They’ll maintain their titles as all aristocracy does.
But they will not be supported by the British Government any longer.
So that that was one thing that surprised me.
The Ring of Fire is going to is going to certainly be reignited. That’s in the Pacific. We’re going to see volcanoes going off in, in places where we never expected them to before borders are going to be changing for countries as well as states, which I found fascinating.
Uh, it looks as though the UM.
The border issues that we have here in the States are going to.
Are going to create the need for better borders and dense zones so that so that there will be zones where.
Nobody is so that people will be able to pick up people who are trying to invade, because what we have here in the States now.
00:39:33 Barbara DeLong
Is an invasion.
00:39:36 Barbara DeLong
And and especially over in in Europe, it feels like that the borders are definitely going to be changing and we’re going to find.
Military buildup in every county.
Which frightens me. But you know the only need for an army is the fact that you’re getting.
Ready to go to war?
If we’re going to find that Japan very well may have major issues with tsunamis and flooding.
Because it feels like Japan is most most islands have a rather large foundation that goes down. You know, this way Japan’s foundation goes this.
So that it could, the stability could be lost with a really good earthquake and and it looks like that could happen. It does feel that it’s going to be very unstable. I believe Taiwan is going to be taken back into China.
It was there’s to start.
With, but it’s going to be an unstable year. It really is.
And and yet.
In order for.
I do believe in the US also, there’s going to be.
A lot of.
The government is going to be crumbling in many places. Many aspects of it are going to have to be rebuilt.
And that’s going to happen.
But in order for something new and better to be brought in, something old has to be destroyed first.

00:41:21 Luisa
Gosh, I’m. I’m. I’m just.

00:41:22 Barbara DeLong
That’s just the.

00:41:23 Luisa
Taking that all in, just with.
The US you spoke.
About dead zones and invasion and I.
The word war. What? Do you mind? Just since most of the audience is US based. What? What do you mean by that?

00:41:39 Barbara DeLong
I I believe that the the populace in the US has become very unsettled.
And confused and as as as truth is coming out on all levels as far as corruption and conspiracy, I mean it, it’s it’s becoming more and more clear that the populace has been lied to, has been cheated.
The more that comes out, the more people become angry and dissatisfied and not trusting. The last time I voted.
I went to vote and I was.
Given a blank white card.
And I was told to put it into the computer and make my choices and punch them and then take the card out.
And then put it into another machine for it to be counted.
When I took the card out, it was.
Totally blank.
There was nothing on it.
And when I went to put it into the other machine, I said, you know, nothing’s on here.
And he said, oh, it’s there. You just can’t see it.
And I said.
It’s not there. There’s nothing on the card.
And he said, Ohh, trust me, it’s there and I put it in the machine and I walked away and I I said to the lady next.
To me, I didn’t vote.
And I don’t believe I did. And yet we are so programmed.
To trust and to whatever they’re finding ballots from the last election that have been hidden away that were never counted as well.
So you get to the point where you can’t trust that the police forces it is. You can’t trust them. They they’re just not that many. There we have, we have.
The the the crime here is is horrendous and when you have this kind of thing happening over and over and over in in shootings and then nothing is done, people are just released. Eventually the populace will rebel.
And I think that that that’s what we’re going to see, we’re.
Going to see rebellions and and we are already seeing people deciding to retire from government before. Before you know it’s let’s leave leaving a sinking ship. We’re already seeing that.
And you know, I don’t, I don’t mean to be negative. I mean there, there have been a couple of years that I just didn’t do the forecast and I felt that now is the time I I do a yearly one and then I do a monthly one as well.
So the yearly one is is on the website already.
And the monthly one well and December’s up and the yearly one for 24 is up and by the.
End of the month.
The January 1 will be up.

00:44:36 Luisa
It’s a big one. I will leave a link below in the show notes as well for people to head on over to your website.

00:44:43 Barbara DeLong
And if they put, if they, if they put their name onto the mailing list, they’ll get notified when when things go up, which is, and I’m trying to be a lot more.
Sensitive to the fact that that people.
You know, you know, I’ve done this for a very, very, very long time and there are the times when I wondered, you know, is.
There any point to?
This you know, and when I stopped it, I got so many people saying, what are you doing? You know? Where’s the where’s the forecast and?
And they’ve been pretty accurate up to this point in time, so.

00:45:19 Luisa
Very interesting. We’ll have to have you back on the show. I’ve got one more question for you and this is a big one. But on a final note, and I know you’ve written a book on it, UFOs.

00:45:31 Barbara DeLong
Ah yes.
I have my late husband was Patrick Cook.
And he was a forerunner. And the UFO stuff he wrote the Barber UFO connection and and.
He had a huge website when he passed away.
I couldn’t keep my website and his website going and so I made sure that everything from his website that that were in his books and on on his website that I didn’t have to replicate them and there were two sections that were not in any of his books. One was his UFO material and the other was his giant material.
And all of them are are on my website. I got contacted by my publisher who noticed the the material that I had on on UFO’s on on the website and.
The material went back to sightings that went back to 27,000 BC.
Which is, you know, no newspapers then, but you know, certainly, you know, carvings and caves and stuff like that. And he wanted he was going to write a book on UFO’s before Roswell.
And he asked if he could use the material. Some of the material. And I said, you know, oh, go for it. And then he said, would you like to write the book with me? And I thought, well, most of it’s already written. This should be.
A piece of cake and.
And so he divided a lot of it into sections, and we each we each wrote a little bit about each section, and we published before Roswell. And the book I I I’ve read through it a lot of Times Now and I have to admit I didn’t pay a lot of.
Attention to it when it was.
On my website and the website has even more that’s in in the book and it’s, you know, it’s on the website, but the book is is fascinating and that it is.
Articles that that of UFO sightings that would go from Roswell in 1947 all the way back in time and I.
Mean all the way?
Back and and.
It’s fascinating to see how, before Roswell, the reportings of UFOs.
We’re we’re very casual and you know.
They were very.
I don’t know. They were kind of fun, you know, farmers ploughing his field and he sees something in the air. And after he’s done ploughing, he puts the plough away and goes and has a beer and says, oh, by the way, there was this thing in the sky. No Fear. No, no.
Horrible experiences and terror or anything like that. After Roswell, there started to be. The government started to stop.
To to keep information back from us, the government started to lie to us and and at this point in time, theoretically there is already a secret space programme, and yet we have a space programme connected with our Armed Services. Now, if there’s a secret space programme, why did we bother?
00:48:55 Barbara DeLong
I mean, there’s just so much.
So much is being kept from us that we become fearful.
And and it’s. It’s really a terrible thing to do to a population and I don’t believe I, I do believe that that there are aliens here on the planet as we speak. I also believe that that the aliens probably were here before we were.
So in essence, we’re the invaders. We’re the aliens, not the ones that we’re seeing in the sky.
And the things that we see in the sky are mostly probably drones. I mean, I mean, they they may be alien drones, but they’re not spaceships. They’re as much as they’re drones that are kind of.
Checking on us and and if you.
If you look at the Rendlesham Forest.
Incidents where the drone came down in Rendlesham Forest and and one of the men from the local there, there was a there was a military base there, touched it and he was downloaded with binary code and the binary code when translated.
Said something to the effect of the the the the project of human development is worth is ongoing.
You know, and the the origin of.
The the drone that landed was 8100.
Which means that it was a time travelling drone.
00:50:34 Barbara DeLong
So it it just seems to me that that we are being.
Kept in the dark on in so many ways in so many areas that sooner or later there will be an uprising and material will have to be released.
Hopefully and one of the other things with the cosmic forecast was that, that both the Moon and Mars may well.
Have have faces on them, only to discover that there have already been bases there.

00:51:08 Luisa
Human bases? Yep.
Yeah. And we don’t know about it.
Ohh my gosh so interesting. So when you said that extraterrestrial aliens have whatever name we want to call them already here are they in the what we would call in the guise of a human form.

00:51:29 Barbara DeLong
I think they are in human.
Form so many in.
So many depictions of.
Extraterrestrials show them in human form with, with helmets on and stuff like that with ear.
Looking at, you know the the South American planky guy and the two cover can’t remember the the King’s name, but but he’s he’s obviously in a space.
Ship whatever. Or if you’re looking at a lot of the other.
Depictions that, whether they’re, whether they’re on, on cave walls or whether they’re, you know, just, I mean, look at some of the vincis da vincis where, yeah, had spacemen in it. I mean, you know, they’ve been around for a long time and they all look human. So I have no reason to believe they’re not.
And I know the Anastasi and some of the other Native Americans talked about the Ant people protecting them from the floods and stuff like that. And people have done all sorts of horrible caricatures of what these Ant people look like. And the reality is.
They lived underground.
So they were called Ant people.
It means they lived underground, not that they resembled ants.
And and you know so often.
People try to throw fear in into things where fear doesn’t belong. I I believe that there are extraterrestrials out there on other planets that are in human form. They may be slightly different, you know, if they could be, colouring could be different than a lot of things could be different. But I think they’re recognisable.
They aren’t something that that will be fearful for us and I do believe that that.
They’re already here. Hmm.

00:53:32 Luisa
And in some way, we’re being watched.

00:53:39 Barbara DeLong
I think I I I think.
00:53:43 Barbara DeLong
I my feeling is that they are trying to blend in with us. I don’t believe that that we’re being watched to be taken over or anything like that. I do believe that that.
Hopefully if they have come through space or dimension to be a part of our society that that they’re here to hopefully help us.
Before we destroy ourselves.
And you know, that could easily happen. I I think that that.
I I am sure that there is a non intervention code of sorts.
Kind of like in Star Trek. You know you can’t can’t interfere with a A, you know, a planets, whatever. And yet they already have because we have got a lot of their several of their down saucers and we’ve reverse engineered it. And you know, I think we developed the atom bomb all by ourselves and that was a mistake.
Too so, but I I I think they’re trying to blend in. I think they’re trying to in some way help us without intervening. And that’s a very hard thing to do and it’s a hard thing to watch.

00:54:58 Luisa
Sure. So in the end, do we make it as a human species on earth?

00:55:07 Barbara DeLong
Your spirit is going to be fine. Your spirit is going to go forward in time. Do humans actually make?
Well, let me put it this way. A lot of people are saying we’re in the end times.
I don’t think we are. I think we’re in hard times and if you look at the evolution of the human.
Race the homeo sapien sapiens.
We go through through cycles and we are constantly cycling upwards.
And we go from, you know, advanced races to lower, to lower, to lower and then back up again each time at a different level. So I don’t, I think I think we’ve got.
A long way to.
Go. I don’t think we’re done, but I think we’re in for difficult times.

00:55:59 Luisa
Well, thank you so much for your honesty.
Gosh, Barbara, I’ve.
00:56:03 Luisa
Loved having you on the show and we’ve covered so much. Is there anything else you would like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?

00:56:12 Barbara DeLong
We think the important thing for everybody to remember today is that that we are in control, even though we don’t feel it and that we are in control of our own personal destiny. And if you take care of your personal destiny and not interfere with other peoples, then then.
Everybody will move ahead.
In a calmer, gentler way, it’s when you try to manipulate other people, other societies, other countries, that that we get into trouble and that’s not our that’s not our responsibility. It’s just not if if each country took care of themselves.
Literally took care, took care of themselves, then we’d be in a better position. But you know there there are people out there that want to gather power, that want to take over and you know those people.
Should not be allowed to gather the power to manipulate and unfortunately, today that’s what’s happened. But but if you take care of your own self, your own pathway, your own life.
And and everybody does the same thing, be happier world.

00:57:32 Luisa
Agreed. Well, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest.

00:57:39 Barbara DeLong

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