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WANT to KNOW YOUR FUTURE! Explore FUTURE VISIONS, Manifest YOUR SOUL Path | Guided Meditation

You will be guided through an exercise to connect you with what you really want in the dimensions of your soul.

Explore your future life, your hearts truest desires. What is your heart trying to tell you? What does your soul call for you? What would make your heart sing? Why are you here? How you live your fullest life? Where is passion guiding you? How can you redesign your life?

You already know all the answers, this Mediation will help you remember.

During this meditation Luisa will be working on your quantum timelines and field. You will be taken to the ‘Void’, the point of creation, Home.

Allow what you see in your consciousness to be the essence and knowing of your true self.

Design a life that is true to you.

You are extraordinary!

Luisa x

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Are you ready to align with the future version of yourself?
The future version you wish to be.
To align with your dreams.
How you want to be how you want to think, how you want to act, how you want to feel.
Start by sitting.
In a quiet, comfortable space and.
Take long.
3 slow long inhalations and exhalations and just relax your body. Try not to be distracted.
By the aches or the OR the pains, and allow this to be more than anything, a feeling, sensory experience. Try not to overthink too much. Allow your heart to feel. Allow your.
Intuited guidance to show you the way. Trust what you see in these visions in your mind’s eye.
Continue to breathe and relax. Leave your worries and perhaps the fears that entrap you behind you. You see, the universe does.
Work miracles, and sometimes we try so hard to think with our mind to figure out the solutions.
Today we will align with the future vision of you, your future memories, your most aligned path, your Souls path, your highest path of alignment.
I will start by taking you to the void.
This is a sacred space.
It is safe.
It is divinely protected and guided and time looked so you can.
We listen to this audio.
This guided meditation as many times as you wish. There, in fact, is no time and space, and the future version of you that we are creating today. Moving timelines is already there.
You you see thoughts?
Feelings always come before form or energy before matter. Again, dive into your heart and just listen to my voice.
Allow yourself.
Your consciousness to.
Be taken to the void.
This is where.
Your higher soul resides.
I feel the angelic realm here and I’m smiling. They are working with us today, working with the collective.
Their task today and the words I hear are freedom.
That can take so many shapes or forms.
Everything first.
And foremost happens in your internal landscape.
And is everything is energy. Then it resonates to your external landscape.
Thoughts. Create things.
Continue to breathe.
And focus on your heart. Allow your heart to guide you.
As you listen to this.
This void is a place the point of Creation source.
Your higher soul, your higher consciousness.
Some call it home. You have been here many times before.
Not consciously.
But this is where we always return.
Allow yourself.
Be in the void.
There is no weight your energy consciousness.
As I say this, I feel the tingling.
Of course, there is no form, no.
Body if you had.
A body. I feel the sensations, the sparkles, the the movement. The energy in this space there is much, but there is nothing.
There is absolute darkness, but it is not dark.
It is filled with light, divine light, light from the central sun.
Not light as we know it.
It is filled with no pain.
No suffering.
It just is.
And this is a space you can return to to create.
You are the ultimate creator.
You have come here too.
Paint your canvas? There is no one.
As unique as you.
Again, focus on your heart and.
Rest in the the peacefulness, the grace.
The beauty.
Of this void.
There are sounds, but there is nothing.
It is.
Quiet and still.
There are energies and souls, but you are.
An individual unit, A collection of consciousness.
Today I will take you on a journey to remember your future memories the future.
Vision the person you wish to be.
You see, once you can energetically align with that. Once you know the vibration of that.
Things start to change guidance and intuition comes to you.
The energetic web of connection with the future you pulls you closer.
To the future.
Version of who you wish to be.
00:07:55 Speaker 1
Continue to breathe and bathe in the.
Silence of the void.
The love.
There are no thoughts here you feel with your heart. I’m going to tap into whoever listens to this, to the future version.
Of who you wish to be.
Your thoughts, your dreams, your desires, your passions, feel all of those with your heart.
And then I will ask the.
Future version of you.
To step forward in the void.
To reveal themselves.
To you.
Continue to breathe.
Don’t overthink with your mind.
Focus on your minds eye and your heart.
They come slowly closer towards you.
This is you.
What do they look like?
What are they wearing?
Are they smiling? Are they filled with joy?
Happiness. Peace.
Contentment. Are they strong wind?
I found in some way the purpose.
And passion in life.
Who are they surrounded by?
Remember anything is possible.
If you dare to dream.
Take your time and.
Take note of.
This future version of.
And then they look at you.
What do their eyes like? Are they sparkling stars or they brighten?
Smiling like gens.
You see, sometimes it’s a heart can be hard to.
Aligned with this version because it is such a a different vibration from the one that you consider to be in your present.
You are not the person you were yesterday, and you are not the person you.
Will be tomorrow.
You are changing all the time. Everything works in a spiral in cyclic patterns.
How close?
Can you connect with the future version of you? I I am opening up the doors of timelines now.
To allow you to recognise the vibration of you, the future you.
As they look at you.
And smile.
And perhaps their cry at the joy and delight of sharing this magnificent experience.
With you.
Looking back at you, the person they were long ago.
This is a beautiful connection of timelines as of versions.
Multiple versions of our incarnation.
Remember this vibration and remember you can always return to this sacred void, this sacred space.
And they were there to guide you, always in loving, divine light and love. Continue to breathe.
It is now time to unlock the telepathic communication with the future. You.
You can ask them questions, but remember to ask from your heart. It is not as if we’re talking in our humanness. You will receive the answers and perhaps after this meditation you would like to write down some of your reflections.
They have just agreed and are willing to connect and communicate with you. You are both the same, just different parallel timelines, future, past and present. They are all the same.
You can ask them questions about.
Their day.
Perhaps what is their career?
How is their health? What insights they have gained?
As we call time has passed.
What would they like you to know?
You. What would they wish you to know and learn?
What would they wish you to remember?
How can you fast track to this version?
How can you become this version?
Continue to breathe as you.
To communicate with you.
You see, getting clear on who we want to be or wish to be, and the vibration of this version speeds up timelines.
Take a while to share this beautiful connection. They hold your hand. If you had an hand.
Stroke you.
With such tender love.
They have all the time in the.
World to share.
With you, what you need to know, remember.
What we need to know and.
What we want to know may be different, what our soul desires.
Sometimes the answers may not come.
That you are not meant to know, and I would say, surrender to this knowing.
When you are ready.
When you are ready to return.
You can pause this audio and continue the conversation.
Insights and knowledge and knowingness have you gained?
What wins? Have you healed? What reflections have you perceived?
What traumas have you bypassed? What fears have you lost?
What strength have you gained? What insights have you?
Discovered more about this miraculous, this incredible.
Spiritual being that you are living in a physical incarnation.
You are all here for a reason. Even if you feel that you’re not doing anything, this is not always necessarily meant to be a doing experience. It’s the art of being.
You are here.
For a reason.
And you are divinely guided.
As you take some long, deep breaths.
I think the divine and the angels and my guides for sharing and offering this experience to you to in some way encourage your growth, your connection, your recognition that you.
Wonderful. You are special. You are kind and funny and you have so much power and strength and you know.
And slowly.
When you are ready.
Open your eyes.
Always remember.
The future vision of you?

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