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The daughter of Dolores Cannon.

Julia travelled extensively around the world with her mother, Dolores for over a decade helping to train others in the use of this miraculous healing technique, Reconnective Healing and Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis.

She is the author of, Soul Speak – The Language of Your Body.

Julia Cannon brings with her in depth experience in the health care field having worked as a registered nurse in Intensive Care and Home Health for the duration of her 20+ year career. She then decided to explore other aspects of the healing profession and has trained in Reconnective Healing while mastering QHHT.

Her energy healing has taken on its own dimension and has formed into something she calls “Lightcasting.” Intuitive lights come from the hands to direct energy where it is needed to balance any deficiencies in the body. This balancing may be happening on the physical, mental and spiritual level. While she is working in someone’s energy field, she gets intuitive messages and impressions of what is happening and what is needed to help the person bring about their healing.

With her extensive experience in health care and the after working with Dolores Cannon practicing and teaching QHHT, Julia authored the book “Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body,” intended and written as a guide to decode the messages from the different systems of your body and how you can heal any situation by understanding the message that is being delivered and acting appropriately on it.

Julia continues to share Dolores’ legacy and journey by teaching QHHT, editing Dolores’ new books yet to be published, and planning the future of Cannon University, Ozark Mountain Publishing and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy.

Dolores Cannon

Dolores Cannon’s career as a hypnotherapist specializing in past life regression spanned almost 50 years and had taken her on an incredible journey along countless fascinating destinations. As the range of topics her work covers and sheer volume of original material she had produced places her in a category of her own, this section has been provided to give you insight into each stage of her career and how it has progressed over the years. Read about her early days in hypnotherapy when she first discovered reincarnation, learn how she developed and refined her own unique method of hypnosis known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® (QHHT®), discover all the captivating areas of research she had explored on her path.

Part 1: Early Life and Pre-Hypnosis

Dolores Cannon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA in 1931 where she lived and grew up with her family until completing her academic studies in 1947. She married her husband Johnny in 1951, a career US Naval man with whom she spent the next 21 years travelling all over the world to accommodate his various overseas assignments. She raised her family as a typical navy wife throughout the 1950s and 1960s until 1968 when several major events ultimately changed the course of her life forever.

Part 2: First Exposure to Reincarnation

In the 1960s, Dolores and Johnny were using simple hypnosis for habits (stop smoking, lose weight, etc.). Dolores was first introduced to reincarnation in 1968 when she and her husband were asked by one of the doctors at the naval base he was stationed at in Texas to help one of his patients using hypnosis. The woman suffered from Nervous Eating disorder, was extremely obese, had high blood pressure and suffered from kidney problems. The doctor thought it would be extremely beneficial if hypnosis could be used to help the woman simply relax.

Midway through the session, the woman unexpectedly began describing scenes from a past life where she was a flapper, living in Chicago in the roaring 1920s. Dolores and Johnny watched as the woman literally transformed into a different personality with different vocal patterns and body mannerisms. Despite being highly strange and completely inexplicable, they decided to go with the flow of the session and see what they could find out by exploring. Over the next several months, Dolores and Johnny regressed the woman through five different and distinct lifetimes back to when she was created by God. The entire story of this event is told in the first book Dolores ever wrote, Five Lives Remembered (2009).

These sessions took place at a time when past life regression was a nearly unheard of concept. There was no New Age movement yet, Metaphysics was still decades away and there were simply no books, instructions to guide or resources she could use for a case like this. This, however, proved to be a blessing in disguise as it prompted Dolores and Johnny to write their own set of rules, develop their own technique without oversight from an established medical body and meant that they were not limited or confined in their approach in any way. As a result of not having anyone to tell her what to do, how to do it or what was or was not possible, they experimented with insatiable intrigue and enthusiasm.

Later that same year, Johnny was almost killed by a drunk driver in a horrendous automobile accident on his way to the Naval Base. As a result of his injuries and being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life as a partial amputee, Dolores and Johnny decided to relocate to the hills of Arkansas where they thought they would be able to afford living on a military pension with their four children. During this time, Dolores” explorations in hypnosis and reincarnation took a back seat as she was completely focused on her husband and raising her children.

Part 3: Practicing Hypnosis Full Time

Once her children had grown and left home to start their own lives, Dolores decided to begin consistently practicing hypnosis again with clients in the late 1970”s. Although she lived in a small country town with a very small population, she was able to successfully attract a diverse range of clients due to her desire to take on any case, regardless of the circumstances.

Her early work was heavily focused on reincarnation, which got her acquainted and comfortable with the concept of time travel. Many of her early clients described scenes from past lives where they had lived in past decades, past centuries and even past millennia in a variety of social settings in different locations all over the Earth. She would then spend weeks researching the characteristics of life in the locations and time periods her clients had described living in to verify the authenticity of the results she was recording. Dolores would ensure the food they ate, the clothing they wore, the language they spoke, the money they used, the job(s) they described, the social norms they abided by, the entertainment they enjoyed/participated in, the religious philosophies they believed in and the geographic scenery they described were all typical of what life would have been like in “that” particular time. It was through this vigorous verification process that Dolores ensured the authenticity of her results.

Her early understandings of reincarnation seem rather simplistic compared to how far her work has evolved. However, in looking back at where she started and how she received the information, Dolores realized “they” were starting slowly to lay the foundation upon which she would understand, communicate and explain far more challenging and complex ideas and concepts she would be receiving in the future.

Part 4: “The Subconscious” And The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique®

Having conducted sessions with thousands of clients, recording the same results time and time again and spending vast amounts of time and energy verifying the authenticity of her clients” past lives, Dolores was able to decisively conclude that her results were indeed genuine and that she had tapped into an incredibly powerful source of information. As she explored further, she gradually became aware that the information she was receiving about past lives, different periods in time and a variety of other topics were not actually coming from the conscious minds of the clients she was hypnotizing.

Just as developing her technique of hypnosis came slowly and with great patience, so too did the answers to these questions. After many years of practice and investigation, Dolores eventually realized that the memories of past lives and the additional information she was receiving through clients was being supplied by a much larger, more powerful and more knowledgeable portion of her clients’ selves, which their conscious minds were completely unaware existed.

She decided to label it The Subconscious as it was a part of every person”s mind that absolutely exists, but lays just below the level of our conscious minds, observing. When contacted and communicated with, there is simply no question it cannot answer about an individual”s current life, or about any of their past lives. After developing and refining her technique over many years, replacing time-consuming and tedious induction methods with an approach that involves the use of voice, imagery and visualization, Dolores established her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠. This technique enables direct contact and communication with the Subconscious of any individual for answers to any questions and can also provide the basis for instant healing.

Part 5: Jesus And The Essenes

Due to the sparse but slowly growing interest in reincarnation in the 1970s and early 1980s as well as the unwillingness of established book publishers to embrace this emerging field, it took Dolores more than 9 years to get her first book published after almost a decade of research, writing and patience. She set up her own publishing company, Ozark Mountain Publishing, in 1992 which now publishes more than 50 authors on 4 continents. Dolores” books have been translated into more than twenty languages.

As her understanding of reincarnation developed and her ability to take on more challenging concepts expanded, Dolores came across a female client who was an exceptional hypnosis subject. Dolores was able to take her back though 25 separate life times by jumping backwards in time in 100-year increments. Each personality the woman displayed in each life was distinctly different to the others and it was a truly remarkable way for Dolores to explore history and life in different time periods. She wrote two books based on the work with this client. The first book was A Soul Remembers Hiroshima (1993), which reports the life of a man who describes his experiences as a Japanese man in Hiroshima in 1945 when the atomic bomb was dropped on the city in World War II. This shocking account of the dropping of an atomic bomb from the perspective of a person who was there provides a chilling lesson into the horrific effects of war and nuclear weapons. The second book was Jesus and the Essenes (1992), which describe the life of a young man who was an Essene teacher of Jesus. Many truths about Jesus himself, his personality, his background, his life and the times he lives in are revealed in this fascinating account of a teacher who describes her personal relationship with Jesus in loving detail. Dolores also published They Walked With Jesus (1994) as a follow up to this book, which describes the past lives of two women who accompanied Jesus throughout different periods of his life, giving tremendous insight and detail into who he was as a person, his feelings towards those he met, his visits to homes and leper colonies, his healing methods, his political dealings and his crucifixion.

Part 6: Dolores’ Abilities Expand

Throughout the evolution of her career, a recurring theme is for Dolores to reach a “comfort zone” in understanding regarding a particular area. Then a new concept may be introduced to her by The Subconscious which often completely challenges her belief system and forces her to expand her way of thinking. An example of such an occurrence was when the Subconscious put forth the idea that time does not really exist as man identifies it. Every moment is NOW. The Past, Present and Future only exist in the NOW. We have been trained to view time as a linear progression of events based on the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. Using this rationale, we would have a completely different concept of time if we lived on another planet. What “time” would we use if we were traveling through space without orbiting the Sun Time is simply the perspective we adopt. This concept was first introduced in the Keepers of the Garden (1993), a book which explains the extra-terrestrial origins of mankind and describes a group called “The Council,” who have been with humanity from the very beginning. In the book, it is explained how mankind is the only species in history to invent a way of measuring something that does not exist. The expansion in thinking came with the acceptance that all things, events and lives exist simultaneously in the NOW. These concepts are elaborated on in significantly more depth in later books, particularly in the Convoluted Universe series. It has been stated by The Subconscious that mankind will never truly reach the stars until we release our deeply ingrained concept of time and recognize the universal reality that everything exists in the NOW.

Another example of having to expand her belief system was when her interests directed her to investigate what happens in between one life and another. The findings of this quest were published in Between Death and Life (1993) and eloquently describe what happens at the point of death, where we go after a life, how we look back on and analyze our lives once they are complete and what the purpose of a life was.

Part 7: Nostradamus Contacts Dolores

In the early 1980”s, Dolores came across a fascinating case where she regressed a woman who began describing a life where she was a student of French prophet Michel De Nostradame, more commonly known as Nostradamus. Nostradamus is famous for writing prophesies proclaiming events of great destruction and devastation throughout history. Indeed, his abilities were incredible, as he predicted the assassination of JFK, the attack of the “flying birds in the city of hollow mountains” (referring to the September 11th attacks) and the ensuing war in the Middle East, to name a few. Midway through the session as the woman was describing the life, her personality suddenly subsided and Nostradamus himself began speaking through her directly to Dolores. He told her that he wanted her to write a book (which turned out to be 3 books) to provide humanity with greater understanding and clarification of the true meanings of his quatrains (prophecies).

Building on what was discussed in the previous section about the concept of time, it is important to note that one of the fascinating features of Dolores” dialogue with Nostradamus was that he spoke with her directly from his time as he lived in the 16th century. It was not his spirit communicating from the spirit side, but rather, Nostradamus himself communicating as he was living his life in France with Dolores as she lived her life in Arkansas. Nostradamus explained to Dolores that he would never lose contact with her and that he would come through to deliver messages regardless of who her clients were.

He describes that as a result of the Inquisition, he was forced to disguise his messages so that they were not destroyed and they could be deciphered later in time. As a result of how the French language has evolved, modern-day interpreters have contributed to misrepresenting many of their true meanings. Nostradamus” intention was to correct these misinterpretations by dictating the true meanings of his visions to Dolores to publish for the world. He wished to warn us so that we understood we are the ones creating our future and that it was our choice to simply take a different path, thus averting the worst scenarios he foresaw. One of his most powerful and chilling messages was, “If I tell you the worst things that your minds are capable of creating, would you do anything to change it?” Nostradamus speaks in great details how our minds work to create the reality we experience. In recognizing this, it is easy to understand how the constant barrage by global media outlets with negative information regarding politics, education, finance, religion, war, disease, drugs, crime and the environment keep many people focused on (thus creating and experiencing) these scenarios in their lives.

After several years of working with Nostradamus dictating the true, intended meanings of his messages; Dolores published 3 books in a series entitled Conversations With Nostradamus, detailing the precise meanings of 1000 quatrains and predictions directly from the prophet himself. Prophesies discussed include the creation of supercomputers, the rise of the internet, erratic weather patterns, Earth changes and the effects these changes will have on major countries and cities, war in the Middle East, world governments, politics, 2012, simultaneous time, the Anti-Christ, nuclear weapons, AIDS originating in monkeys and its deliberate spread by world governments, the British monarchy, the state of the world subsequent to The Shift. The Shift itself, the break-up of the Soviet Union into various independent states, the Pope, hidden information of great importance to mankind buried somewhere in the desert in The Middle East, the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and visitations by Extra-Terrestrials races. Please visit the books section and read more about what you can expect to find in each individual volume of this series.

Part 8: UFO’s, Extra-Terrestrials and Life On Other Planets

Throughout the mid to late 1980s, Dolores work slowly began taking her in a completely new direction of exploration. She was introduced to the area of UFO and ET investigation in 1985 when she attended her first annual meeting for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), one of the largest and most respected investigative UFO organizations in the world. One year later, Dolores’ interests took her to the United Kingdom where she conducted on-site studies of suspected UFO landings and investigated numerous crop circles found in the English countryside. In 1987, at one of the annual MUFON meetings, she was asked to conduct a session with a woman who felt she was having abduction experiences but lacked the ability to remember anything in detail. Up until this point, Dolores’ hypnosis technique automatically propelled her subjects backwards into a past life. She had to modify her approach to keep her from going into a past life to concentrate on current events. As a result of the interest in this woman and Dolores herself, over 30 observers were allowed to attend the session, which was far from a conducive environment for an “experiment.” Amazingly, both the diversion from her usual approach and the highly unusual environment the session was held in worked very effectively and produced some amazing results.

Dolores learned that some people have had experiences with ET”s from early childhood and that often multi-generational relationships exist between Earth family lineages and ET races. The little greys have in fact been created as a type of biological robot by another race far more advanced than humanity. This explains why so many people report the little greys to be extremely cold, almost removed of any emotional expression. The races that created them are the much taller greys with very slim torsos, skinny limbs and large, black eyes. Throughout her adventure into ET and UFO exploration, Dolores came into contact with numerous ET entities that come through her subjects to deliver information and understanding. There truly is a wealth of life out there in the universe existing in all shapes, forms and sizes.

Her book The Custodians (1998) signified a groundbreaking publication for Dolores after more than 20 years regressing clients with ET and UFO experiences. We learn that almost all so called abduction cases are actually mutual agreements made prior to incarnating for the purpose of helping one another. Just as we experience amnesia about who we are and where we are from prior to incarnating on Earth, so too do we experience amnesia regarding the contracts and agreements we made with others before coming here. The problem existing today is that the majority of humanity’s perspective on extra-terrestrials has been shaped and manipulated by mainstream media, religious belief systems and scientific dogmas. How few people are truly able to approach this area with an objective, unbiased stance. In recognizing this, it is understandable that so many people approach this subject with fear, dismissal or complete denial. The Custodians helps bridge the lack of understanding between:

(a) Identifying that mysterious events and experiences are indeed happening to millions of people on every continent on the planet.
(b) Having those events and experiences dismissed, denied and ridiculed by the scientific, governmental and religious institutions so many people depend on for answers.

Other books which were published as a result of Dolores’ explorations into the fields of UFO activity and Extra-Terrestrials include Legacy From The Stars (1996), which explores the vastness of our individual beings and our off planet origins, and the Legend Of Starcrash (1994), which describes a life where a woman is regressed back to a time when a spaceship crashed in the Alaska/Canada region thousands of years ago. It is the story of the origin of the Indian races in America.

Part 9: The Convoluted Universe

After more than 30 years of investigation and writing about concepts ranging from life and death, reincarnation, the origins of humanity, UFOs and extra-terrestrials, the prophesies of Nostradamus and a wide variety of other topics, Dolores began to realize that the information she was receiving was becoming too broad and diverse to categorize into one, or even several, specific areas. As she has had to adapt to change her entire career, she decided to publish her new work in a series entitled The Convoluted Universe. Dolores has currently published 5 volumes and states that these books are for those people who want their minds bent like a pretzel. Please visit the Books section to learn more about what you can expect to find in each volume.

Topics covered include the power of the human mind, what consciousness really is, the power of our thoughts and intentions, parallel universes, alternative realities, lost civilizations, ancient history, Earth mysteries (such as the Bermuda Triangle, Stonehenge and the Loch Ness Monster), details the experiences of people who were regressed to lives on other planets, beings who are made entirely of energy, how reality is merely a holograph, how we are fragments of multifaceted souls, lives in non-human bodies (as plants, animals and insects), how much help is being given to the Earth and humanity as we move through this period of transformation and maturity. How many people who live on Earth now are Volunteer Souls who have incarnated on Earth at this time to help raise the vibration of the planet and its inhabitants.

Part 10: The 3 Waves of Volunteers

Throughout her career, Dolores identified a pattern in many of the clients she saw over the years. While many people reported past lives in all types of situations, societies and cultures on Earth throughout many different time periods, certain individuals who came to see Dolores described that the life they were currently living was the first and only life they have ever had on Earth. When asked where they were from, they simply say the “Source” and they express deep sadness they are here and how much they miss “home.” Further sessions with such individuals revealed that first time incarnates have actually volunteered to come to Earth at this specific time with the intention of helping humanity raise its vibration in the process of ascension. Some volunteers have never lived in a physical body before, others have lived as space beings in extra-terrestrial civilizations on other planets and others have come from other dimensions. As a result of the amnesia we all experience before entering the Earth dimension, they remember neither their assignment nor their origin. Thus, these beautiful souls have an extremely difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world and have a vital role to play as they help all of the rest of us create a New Earth.

In The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth (2011), Dolores describes the call that went out for volunteers to help the Earth as a result of the atomic bombs that were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The first wave of volunteers that came were the “way showers” and certainly had the most challenging time as they plowed the route those who came after would follow. The second wave act as antennas of energy, their job is to simply exist and affect those around them. Third wave volunteers, many of the children with incredible talents, abilities and memories, are literally the gift to the world. They possess the knowledge and wisdom that will help humanity complete the transition and overcome the many obstacles that lie ahead.

Part 11: The Journey Continues

Dolores Cannon, who transitioned from this world on October 18, 2014, left behind incredible accomplishments in the fields of alternative healing, hypnosis, metaphysics and past life regression, but most impressive of all was her innate understanding that the most important thing she could do was to share information. To reveal hidden or undiscovered knowledge vital to the enlightenment of humanity and our lessons here on Earth. Sharing information and knowledge is what mattered most to Dolores. That is why her books, lectures and unique QHHT method of hypnosis continue to amaze, guide and inform so many people around the world. Dolores explored all these possibilities and more while taking us along for the ride of our lives. She wanted fellow travelers to share her journeys into the unknown.

After Dolores Cannon’s passing, her daughter Julia Cannon, who taught QHHT by Dolores’ side for many years, became Director of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy which teaches Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® online and around the world. Julia is also the CEO of Dolores’ publishing company, Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc., which Dolores founded in 1992 to publish her books and other authors exploring, researching and writing about metaphysical subjects.

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Read the FULL Interview Audio Transcript Below.

Transcript Julia Cannon Interview with Passion Harvest

00:00:52 Luisa
Julia, welcome to Passion, Harvest. My gosh, I’m so excited to have you on the show. Today. Welcome.

00:01:05 Julia Cannon
Thank you so much. Thank you.
For having me.

00:01:08 Luisa
Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to have you on the show.
I’ve I’ve got so many questions.
Are you?
UM Dolores cannon. Your mother. What an incredible woman. Yes.
Wow. And I don’t want to only focus on that, but I know you travelled extensively with her and worked on quantum healing hypnosis. Do you mind sharing a little bit with the?
Audience about that.
And what is it for those that don’t?
Yeah, is.
Know of what is this crazy thing? Quantum healing hypnosis technique.

00:01:43 Julia Cannon
We lovingly call it QHHT.
It’s a short note down a little bit. That’s a hypnosis technique that my mother founded. She created it over her extensive time of hypnosis.
Close to 50 years.
Of working with clients, it started with my father. He was the first one and then she learned from him and then he just kept rolling. So and they stumbled into other lives.
It was really, really cool growing up.
With a life experience. But then my mother, when when we were all leaving everything she’s.
Like I really want.
To learn more about that hypnosis stuff and about time travel because when they stumbled into these other lives it was like this is a time when this didn’t happen. You know, we didn’t know that my Western world about this and so.
She wanted to learn more about that and explore that more. So that’s where she started learning about the different techniques and what works really well. And so she kind of taught herself and and that they came up with her own technique. She learned what worked, what didn’t work, what she liked, what she didn’t like.
Like and just kept going from there and that’s where she created this technique. And it was really cool. In the beginning. It was just about getting, like historical information. It was going to other lives past lives and and she had all this wonderful historical information. That was her major love, you know, absolutely love these things. So it’s.
Time travel and then as it kept.
Developing and growing.
And she got more comfortable with it. Then more things kept opening up to her. And that’s where, I mean, I don’t know if your audience is into extraterrestrial, but that’s where she was exposed to that, you know, and she was communicating with them and and got to understand exactly what their whole programme is about. So she’s got a couple of several books on that. And then it went from there.
It branched out even larger into accessing the all knowing part in each and every one of.
And that’s what ultimately became QHHT. And that’s what the quantum and that everything so grand about it is where when you have a QHD session, you are accessing that part of you that has all the answers. You, we, you know, we say that all the time we all have the answers all answers.
Right within, it’s just a matter of contacting.
That part of.
That has it, but that’s what we do.

00:04:07 Luisa
Sorry to sorry. So what is the?
All knowing part.

00:04:11 Julia Cannon
It’s that part, it’s it’s the connection to source to God, you know. And that’s what this is. It’s it’s. We can call it the bigger, the higher self. I mean we love I think.
A lot of us termit that with.
The I can’t talk the higher self.
The older soul.
The you know all knowing unconscious, you know.
I get visuals a.
Lot and so that part of me will communicate with.
Me and visuals a lot of people.
That’s what it’s doing, you’re.
We’re we get information from this part of ourselves all the time. If we will just allow it. And so that part showed me pictures. It’s like, gave me pictures to draw and I do that in classes and different things about.
Like what it is we’re actually working with and in that picture it was showing we all have this part of ourselves. We it’s that bigger part, I call it big me. There’s big me and there’s little me, you know little me is this part and the human body and this is the part that we so it’s so funny because we think this is the big deal you know hey I’m the I’m the one.
Here that means.
That is so important and it’s like this is nothing compared to who we really are and that’s that grand part.
Of us that just sent.
The peace of itself.
Down to have this experience called you and me and and everyone.
So, but that part.
Bridges and is connected to source or God. So in essence that is what makes the statement true that we are God is because all of this. That’s the all knowing part of us is the source of all.

00:05:44 Luisa
And we take our we take our lives that we perceive so seriously. But through this quantum healing technique, we can can not Only Connect with source but connect with all.
These fractals, or elements of other lives, or as you said, time travel and extraterrestrials and other dimensions which.
That you explore, which is just.
Mind blowing.

00:06:09 Julia Cannon
Yeah, it shows us who we really are and I feel like.
That’s the biggest thing that.
We need to understand is we’re.
Not like you said.
We take this so seriously, and this is such.
A small degree.
Of what? It’s all about, this is the part of us that has having experiences to learn from. That’s why we’re here. We wanted this plane of existence.
Gives this wonderful material.
And medium to learn from. So that’s why we do it and then.
We have and.
It’s then to figure out this connection and to figure out who we are this.
Is what I feel like.
Why we’re here now at.
This time is to.
Understand that who we really are.
I I want to ask you about your incredible reconnective healing in a minute.
But first I just.
For the audience to question the suffering, why do we suffer? What, what? Why do we need these experiences of suffering in this human experience?
To learn from.
I just that we have experiences to learn from now how you term it is going is the big part of your experience. You know all and and that’s something.
That I like to this is like become a mission for me anymore. It’s like it’s to catch words like that. It’s like, oh, I’ve been suffering for this from from this.
For so long and.
Like you know, when you say words like that, you are defining your experience. You know you’re having a suffering experience. How about we reframe the wording and maybe you’re having an experience that you’re learning tremendous things from or something? Whatever. Just shift the wording and you will shift what’s happening in there. But as long as it’s suffering.
You are defining everything all the time and so and you’re always creating. We are majorly great and powerful beings. We are major creator beings. So this is what we’re learning and part of who we really are. We’re understanding our powers of creation.
And all start with our thoughts, our words.
And our beliefs.
So if we believe.
We’re suffering, then we’re going to keep creating a suffering existence, see how that that’s why reframing things and shifting the wording and like, oh, that’s so simple. It can’t be like that. But it really is.
And that’s what we’re discovering more and more is you change this and this and your beliefs, your whole world changes.

00:08:35 Luisa
It sounds so simple, but sometimes it can be hard. So if you were to give some tips for the audience if they wanted to change their life or what, what’s your advice?
00:08:48 Julia Cannon
Change your thoughts.
It starts with your.
Thoughts. It really does. You want to look at what’s going on in there. I mean, if your life is not our lives are reflections of our.
It’s that simple. So you want to look at what’s going on in here. So if you’re looking at your world and like, you know, I don’t care for what’s happening here, then look inside. It’s nobody else.
‘S fault it’s.
It’s it comes down to each and every one of us, and this is a big thing that we’ve got to accept with personal responsibility.
For our own.
Lives. People aren’t doing things to us.
We are creating situations that we can learn from so and those are based on again our thoughts and our words and our things. We believe that we’re supposed to.
We having a hard time. I mean, look at how we say a lot of times things you know, it’s like ohh, I’m having such a difficult time with it so well that’s you’re defining it again. You’re making it going to be difficult and I know that seems like it can’t be that simple but it.
Really is the universe is.
Very, very simple and it’s very, very literal.
So that’s why it’s.
Very important I.
I like to.
Say mindful, let’s be mindful of our thoughts, mindful of our words, because knowing that these things create, then then you’re you’re the one that’s choosing what you will put out there. So as far as.
It starts there, so the points are it’s check in with yourself. What am I thinking? What am I doing? What am I contributing to this situation that could be causing this? You know, what am I wanting to learn from this? Always look at things. What am I learning? Because that will pull you out of any victim.
Mindset that you might be having, and it’s easy to go into victim.
And not even realise you’re there.
So that way you can as soon as you’re gone. What am I learning from this? See that shifts the whole.
Perception that you have of it, you’re looking at it as something that you can benefit, that you can learn something from rather.
And what was me? Why is this happening to me? I don’t understand, because as long as you’re in that state, nothing can happen. You’re in a spiral and it just.
It just can’t.
Work. You know, you’re you’re going to keep going down and you’re never going to get what you want from it. You’re always going to be more creating more and more of the same.
If that makes sense.

00:11:06 Luisa
Of course. And and it’s.
It’s kind of similar to the very popular terms the the law of attraction or manifesting whatever you think about, you’ll get more of.

00:11:17 Julia Cannon
Absolutely. Yeah. And it’s just, you know, but let’s just take it just goes beyond that. I mean that that is absolutely it. It is what you think about you create and so, but let’s take it literally because that is what is happening. I think sometimes we we pass it off as Oh yeah, that’s that positive mumbo jumbo. Yeah, I just, you know, think positive things and it will happen.
But it’s it’s literally.
What you’re thinking. So you want to be very mindful of what you’re putting into this calculator and this computer up here because it’s creating?
It’s taking information in and it’s creating from that.

00:11:55 Luisa
Absolutely great. Just that that the reminder we all.
Know this well.
The audience out the passion half this audience will that. Thank you, Julia. Big congratulations on your book soul speak the language of your body and reconnective healing. I know you’re a nurse for.
20 plus years.
Healing how do we connect with our body and what is our body teaching us?

00:12:20 Julia Cannon
Yes, yes. So that.
Is something else. When we came into our lives so.
This kind of.
Back again to who we really are. You know, we’re great and powerful beings and we chose to have an experience this life and so. But before we came in we with our guidance team because we’re never alone, we always have guides. We have our higher self. All of this is our team that helps us through.
Our lives so.
With that guidance team, before we came in, we.
Created a blueprint.
Of what we want to accomplish, what we hope to accomplish in our life, and then everything else like we have certain things that must happen. So those are like Nexus points and things that we we design in there and then other things are experiences to learn from. OK. So we have these different.
Thanks. So we’re going on our path and I like to compare it to a maze. You know those mazes like you have the really tall walls and you can’t see over them. You can’t really see where you’re.
Going you’ve just got to fumble your way through and you’re hitting, you know, all these blocks and things like that. I like to compare life to a maze and it’s like sometimes that’s how it feels.
Or just, you know, wandering aimlessly, not really knowing. We kind of have a long term goal. Maybe I’d like to do this, you know, in this conscious state. But then we.
Get confused. We get knocked down a lot.
Like a lot.
So you know these things happen and so we get lost in our maze a lot of times that part of us our guidance team has the overview.
OK, so it can show us. You know, it knows when we’re off course and it’s like, you know, you needed to be over here. You’re still going this way. And your your plan before you came in, you had this plan and you gotta be over here by whatever point, you know, it’s like you’re running out of time. I use my own.
Situation as you know, it’s not really a health, but it shows how the message is. We’re always getting messages. Our guidance team is always communicating with us and they’ll do it in many, many different ways. I mean, we can actually hear them if we will allow that and we’ll believe it.
Believing and allowing that allow you know that that makes that happen. But if you don’t believe that’s OK, they have other ways to communicate. And so it might be through other people just saying things to us. It might be signs it might be animals, it might be numbers, it might be all kinds of things, the ways to get messages to us, to.
Shift course go a different way. Go some way. Whatever. Whatever the message needs to be. But let’s say, like in my case, you know, I was on the wrong path or I was, I was done with the path I was on is what it was saying. And it kept telling me I kept getting messages. You need to go over here now. And it’s like it. It was a big.
Shift from where I was and I’m.
Like, why would I do that? I I’m very comfortable over here. Why would?
I do that and they’re like, and I would make. I would kind of try to play. You know, I’d go along with it and then I got scared.
Uncomfortable. So then I go back.
To my comfort zone.
And that happened over the course of, like, 2 years I got 4 messages, 4 very distinct messages. And this I was hearing them, you know, it would just be like you gotta go. You gotta. It’s time to go you got.
To do this, and I’m like, well, I just.
Think well, why would I do that? Why would?
I do that, but then I would make some moves and.
The fourth time I said, I said, I think I said the magic word because I said this time and they’re very clear. You need to go to Arkansas and make a healing centre. And I’m like, I’m in Missouri at the time. And why would I do? That’s why. Why?
Would I do this I?
Don’t makes no sense to me this time. I’m.
How how in the world am I going to do that? I think how was the secret word? And it was as if the universe said, well, we’ll just show you how very, very facetiously and what I like to say is, don’t wait and let the universe do it because it’s not pretty. If you’re getting messages.
To shift and do something different, do it. If you wait for them, it is not pretty and what happened?
My life is I.
Knew it ceased.
To exist completely annihilated, wiped away, everything was gone, and I was plucked from that world and put into the world of.
My mother where?
What are we doing?
Now the Healing Centre, I mean QHT could be conceived as a healing centre. It was like.
You know.
Many years later, yeah, I.
See exactly what happened. I was put.
Over there now.
I was not getting ailment messages, but that’s.
How the universe will work it looks like.
They’ve got to.
Get you? Because this is our guidance team that we say it’s the universe, but This Is Us. Maybe we had a plan. OK, so this is just us giving ourselves the details. It’s.
Like you got.
To get over here.
At this point, OK, gotta.
Get me there however you need.
However, you need to do it so.
Guidance team. Do it now.
If I would have.
Maybe I I’m not going to even use that as an analogy. I’ll just use. That was my situation with that, but other times some people have the aches and pain messes and illnesses. All these different things. And if you look at them, they are ways to get you moving. Something has happened, you know, many times their messages about.
You are stuck. You’re in the wrong direction. Whatever you need to shift, you need to move and go somewhere else in another direction, or you just stopped moving all together and we gotta get you going. So that’s where a lot of these come in, and you’ll see these in the in the body. How they.
Translate. And so that’s where our guidance team. Like I said, they will talk to us, they can communicate with us in all these other wonderful ways, but if.
We’re not getting it.
Then they’ve got to use something that we will get no matter what, and that’s the body cause we are with the body 24/7 7 days a week. We are with it constantly so that is something that we will get and the best way to get our attention with the body is pain.
Pain will get your attention.
So that’s showing what?

00:18:29 Luisa
I just want to clarify, when you say moving, it doesn’t necessarily mean a geographical location a a moving, but just a change of.
Direction. A change of career or whatever it might be. It doesn’t mean physically moving to a different state or country or.

00:18:42 Julia Cannon
Whatever it might be.
It might be, but it’s but usually.
It’s just a shifting, it’s a.
Shifting of maybe a?
Career. Maybe a yeah, it’s some.
I think I’ve seen a lot of times people had dreams. There’s so many times this is.
What low back?
Translates to a lot of times when there’s stuff going on the low back or at the back in general is.
That there was something they wanted to do when they were younger, it the back and it goes down into the hip. So it’s like there’s something they wanted to do and they never went through with it. And now the, the, the that was their dream that may have been what they really wanted to accomplish. But see, they let it go.
And now it’s the their guidance team is.
Like you need to pick that.
Back up, you need to do.
It and then so see, that’s a.
Shifting of what you’re.
Doing maybe you know your all your goals and everything, but it’s what you really wanted to do when you came in there.
I’ll get messages as we go.
This is what’s happening right now.
00:19:41 Luisa
No, I love.
I love the messages. Keep going with the guidance.

00:19:45 Julia Cannon
Yeah, they’re they’re saying right now is pay attention to what dreams you had when you were little, because though when you were little, you were.
Really connected when you were.
Younger and look at what was happening there because you came in knowing what you want.
To do so, pay attention to that. So if anybody’s really far off and you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing, go back and look at what you really wanted.
To do when you’re little.
That’s a good indicator.

00:20:14 Luisa
Thank you. I’m just thinking about dreams. When I was younger, as we’re talking so specific pains that show up in locations in their body that they’re related to.

00:20:28 Julia Cannon
Things we’ve repressed or didn’t change. That was our souls calling.

00:20:35 Luisa
Is it current?

00:20:35 Julia Cannon
Right, exactly. Yeah. It’s like this is what you came in to do. What? You. You know, that’s. Yeah, it’s what you planned. And then somehow if you got off course or it’s just time and you’re not understanding.
That you need.
To sit, we get really comfortable and we a lot of.
Times they don’t want to.
Change. It’s like even though.
We’re miserable in this one.
And it’s like, I don’t see how to make this one work, and that’s where like you got.
To go over.
Here, and I hear that a lot, I see.
That so much lately that people are like.
Maybe they had corporate.
Professions and everything, and then now the spiritual thing is calling and going you need.
To do this or like.
How does this work? I mean and.
How do I live with?
This you know.
I’m used to corporate work and and I’m used to that kind of money. I’ll just get real. We’re used to that money and that lifestyle and then the spiritual world is like, look here, come over here and do that. They’re like, how on Earth can I do it with?
That you know, how do I make money over there?
And I will just there’s.
Somebody wondering about this, that’s why this is.
Coming up, so I will let you know that.
It’s like in my situation. They were like this.
Is how we’ll be you.
One way is you cut off your lifestyle you completely.
Cut it off and then you can.
Make it.
Not recommended. You know, it’s just really harsh. That was what happened to me, but it worked.
But I will tell you.
Just sallow them. You will always be supported. Follow your guidance. You are never left.
Without a net, you’re never left.
What’s the word over a / a barrel? You’re never. You’re always supported. So follow it because and and you.
Will be supported.
I I was forced to shift, I’ll say that, but I understand now. It was all part of the plan. I’m. I’m so glad I’m over here now. I went kicking and screaming at the time and I didn’t understand it for years. But now I get it. And now that you know, after embracing it, see, then everything came in and supported.
And I, you know, I live fine in the spiritual world. So just follow the path that has been set for you and the guidance. Follow your guidance. OK.

00:22:54 Luisa
I I’ve found I’ve found in my own life. If I resisted, the universe has a funny way of pushing you kicking and screaming for the audience of those that have.
Of diagnosed serious illnesses, what is your advice?

00:23:10 Julia Cannon
Well, we’d have to look at what it is, what it is. The thing is, if it’s a diagnosed serious illness, that means you’ve been getting messages for a long time and not listening. And so the message see, then the body is now talking and it has to get louder and louder and louder. And that meaning it’s got to go.
It’s going to get worse and worse and worse. It’s trying to get your attention.
When it gets your attention and delivers the message and it wants to deliver.
It will go away.
And I know that sounds crazy. It’s like how that can’t be because this is really, you know, this is.
I’ve had this forever.
And the doctor say this is going to be it for me, but it’s really just it’s a message we just haven’t.
That that’s what it is.
As soon as you understand the message and you take action.
See, there’s no.
More need for the message and that’s what it’s all just a message.
It’s like a postman delivering once they deliver it.
To you and.
You read it and now you do whatever it’s wanting.
You to do.
They’re not going to keep delivering.
A A letter to you, right? You’re they’re they’ve done.
Their part? That’s what that is.
Until you when, as long as you’re not.
Listening, they’re going to.
Keep they have to deliver. This is.
Their job, I mean.

00:24:25 Luisa
Look, I’m not diminishing what anyone who may be listening to this, nor you experiencing, but it’s interesting. I heard the term. I mean, I’ve heard it for a while. Disease is disease within the body. For those that have illnesses and they say.
Ohh my God, I’m not hearing the messages. What do they do?

00:24:46 Julia Cannon
Just ask your body it it’s however works for you. If you believe in an all knowing higher part of yourself, you can ask that part. Or you can just ask your body. Ask the body part because it’s trying to tell you something. So just say, well, what are you trying to tell me?
Just that simple. What are you trying to tell me and then?
But get quiet. Just be quiet and.
Because so much of the time, we’re just constantly and that’s why it has to get louder and louder as we talk over it. And we have so many distractions and it’s like not going to listen to that. But that’s and sometimes that’s a big part of it. They just want us to get quiet and listen and go within sometimes that’s the whole thing. But just get quiet.
And whatever comes in whatever you hear, feel, sense, whatever. That’s your answer.
Now, sometimes, like in in the beginning when I was first getting answers, I wasn’t sure if I was really getting something. And so there again the universe starts sending a confirmation. So within a 24 hour period I would get 3 confirmations and then that was showing me to trust.
Trust myself and the information I’m getting, see, and that’s huge. That’s huge for us. We’re we’re in a society, we’re in a world right now where we have been giving all of our power out to all these other beings, doctors and whoever else, you know, anybody else with with to take care of us.
Put me back together, make me whole whatever you know, fix me, fix me. Fix me and.
The time is for us to take our power back and that’s what they say. Go within. You have the answer. So ask yourself what it wants you.
To do so.
Your first thing is what are you trying to tell me? You get the information that’s building that trust there and then you can go further. It’s like, OK, what? What do you want me to know? What do I need to know about this? You go. You keep asking questions because you’ll get an answer.
And then it’s what do.
You need to know.
What do you need to do?
You know, so all of these things are leading you to the next step. And when you act on that, the doing is you’re acting now once you do.
It see then it will go away.
And you know, again, we got to go back to the beliefs. You know, if you’re.
And I totally get it. You know, there’s a there’s a habit that happens when we have pain and we have illness and we have things. It becomes a part of us sometimes and. And so I I just want.
You to be.
Aware that even if a doctor, even if somebody of a professional nature, says this is your fate, this is how it is. It can never be cured.
I want you to take your power back and say you know what? How about I make that decision? How about my body decides for me, and let’s and then and then just do this. Try it. What have you got to lose?

00:27:48 Luisa
This is almost like as you turn the secret language of the body.

00:27:53 Julia Cannon
Yes, absolutely. Your body, our bodies are.
Yeah, you’ve got to lose.

00:27:57 Luisa
I love that I have to ask you about you keep getting this guidance you spoke before about spirit guides or guidance. What what, what does that mean to you?

00:28:08 Julia Cannon
Well, we have. They they told me to call them the guidance team because there’s like many part of it’s the higher self because we have that plan. And so that’s I we could call the universe whatever it’s it’s our guidance team but.
We have some.
People call in guides and guardian angels. You know, it’s assistance.
From the spirit realm, that’s through our entire life, we every single person has.
At least one.
Guardian Angel guide. You know that that’s with them their entire life. And then as they go through different things, they might have another one or two or something different ones come in and out depending on what is necessary.
For whatever they’re going through, whatever they’re working on or something, they might come in.
With a field of.
Expertise, you know, to help in there, so that’s important.
One to know that we’re never alone. We all so many times we think, Oh my gosh, I’m. I’m here. And what am I doing here? First of all, and then I’m all by myself and trying to navigate this crazy.
Know that we came in with a plan. We had a team where we’re not. We’re just the one on this side. We have a whole team behind us and with us helping all the way. So it’s a matter of just acknowledging that and allowing them to help. They cannot help. This is this is important. Don’t know why somebody needs this because they’re like, why are they helping me have you?
Ask. They cannot help unless you ask. That’s because we have free will.
Here I’m single.

00:29:37 Luisa
And how do you how I was my next question, you’re a perfect.
How do we ask?
What do we do?

00:29:43 Julia Cannon
Help, can you please help?
For me.
You just ask whatever it is you’re wanting. You know I need assistance with this.
Please can you please help me?
And can you tell me, can you show me how to do this? Can you remember I said that one? I was like, how in the world am I gonna tell? Was asking. At that point I was asking.
And they showed me like, we’re going to take you from here.
And put you over here. This is how we’re going to do it.
I asked.

00:30:10 Luisa
And I guess the more you establish a relationship with them, the easier the whatever form the communication. However, it comes is easier to interpret.

00:30:21 Julia Cannon
Absolutely. And but it starts with that beginning. You have to start someplace and that’s what I’m saying is, whatever comes in, then you’ll get confirmation. Usually you’ll get confirmation, but that’s to help you start developing the trust.
The broader the trust goes, see, then, the easier that communication gets. So you’re developing trust so that you will trust that information. I keep going over here because this is where it tends to, I feel.
It from over here.

00:30:44 Luisa
That’s on your right hand side. I like that.

00:30:46 Julia Cannon
For my right, yeah.
So that’s what that means, but it’s.
00:30:49 Speaker 1
That, I mean, it’s all around us and everything. It’s not definitely.
You know location.

00:30:52 Luisa
So are you hearing?
It just out of interest or is it?

00:30:56 Julia Cannon
I I I used to hear.
It now it’s more like a an an integration. It’s like a no way. I just I feel it. I just know something and it’s really hard to describe it sometimes and only isn’t.
Ability. You know, as soon as.
We think ohh I have to be.
Able to hear.
Things or see things or but knowing.
Is an ability.
And many, many people have that knowing.
Ability and don’t realise.
It. But you know something, you know that you know that you know and.
You don’t know how you.
Know saying that that’s knowing.

00:31:25 Luisa
Yeah, all or all.
Many times we ignore it for whatever reason that may be.

00:31:31 Julia Cannon
Yeah, absolutely, yeah. And that’s where sometimes that’s a testing thing is to see, you know, when you.
Ignore it and.
You’re like, oh, man, I should have listened. OK, so next time that happens, listen. See, those are little things to help us.
Gain that trust. Build that.
Trust with ourselves. This Is Us.
It’s us and our bigger self.

00:31:52 Luisa
The nudges, in whatever way they come, what’s your advice to the audience for those that are afraid of dying?

00:32:01 Julia Cannon
Through QHT we this has been wonderful because we can see exactly what happens in the death process. I have died many, many times. I’ve gone through many lives and so I’ve gone through the death process and it’s not. You’re not done. I mean, you’re just shifting.
From one plane of existence to another, it was described in one of the sessions that my mother did. This was early on when she was really curious about that whole death process and she was like, So what is happening there? And they said, well, what? What does it feel like? And they said it’s it’s really as simple. It’s as easy as if you’re getting.
Stop out of one chair and sitting down in another.
That’s what it is like.
And so you’re just transitioning from one place to.
Another you are still feeling like you.
You know, and I know when I’ve done this in the session.
Your your consciousness is still there, you are just shifting in from a physical body into an energy body. You know you just shift and you’re just not.
Visible anymore, it’s.
Still there. And then you just have different.
Awareness at that point.

00:33:11 Luisa
So I’m talking from.
Our human experience here, but where do we go?

00:33:16 Julia Cannon
We go on, we can go anywhere we go. Primarily it’s to the spirit side. You know, it’s like that, that realm. It’s a dimension, is what it is. We go into that spirit dimension and there’s all kinds of things we can do there. Some people might turn to this heaven. But my mother wrote about this. There’s a book just on.
People going that it’s called between death and life.
And that’s where what happens to you when you.
00:33:41 Speaker 1
Die where you.
Go all of it. Maybe there’s, like many places in the spirit plane that we can go. And it’s like the the library, the Healing Centre, I mean.
There’s like healing.
Rooms or we heal. If we had a very traumatic life, we can go to the library where we’re learning.
You know, from maybe preparing for the next life or whatever.
We’re always learning.
Thing and that’s why we come here. Earth plane or any physical existence is accelerated learning. So we’re learning on.
The spirit plane.
Theory. It’s just, you know, we’re reading. It’s essentially we’re reading all these books and then we want to put it into practise. So that’s where we come. And we have a life of physical life, is to experience what we do in reading about.
Basically, that’s really simplistic way of putting it. So and then we learn we have sole growth is so much faster and why we pick Earth.

00:34:32 Luisa
Because people say I’ve never want to come back.

00:34:36 Julia Cannon
Exactly. I don’t want to come back, but we once we get back.
Over there, it’s.
Like, oh man, I oh, that was so.
So such a fun experience, that’s what we’ll say. You know, I don’t want to be.
Here but then.
We get over there.
It’s like, oh, man, that that went.
So fast I.
Want to go back? I learned so much. I mean, we forget when you’re on that side. You you you’re not attached to the emotions and that’s why we want to come to Earth.
Because because of.
All the wonderful emotions that we have here, we can learn 10 times faster by experiencing those emotions and we.
And on the spirit plane learning theory. And so we’re coming in. It’s like, oh, yeah, that’s going to be easy. Hey, love jealousy. Ah, no, no problem. I can handle that. Then we get in here in the middle.
Of it all like.
Oh my gosh, what is this crazy place?
You know what it says?
But we’re learning and that’s why we the faster we can go to what am I learning from this see the the faster will move through different things that we wanted to create for ourselves experiences you know to learn from.

00:35:44 Luisa
And and do you feel there’s an endpoint or the when we no longer reincarnate?

00:35:52 Julia Cannon
You know, it’s like I think there probably is, I.
I’m to some degree there there is, but I. But it’s like when do you ever stop learning? I mean, when you look at the whole, if we don’t keep going out and looking.
At the whole.
And if we are all every time we learn more, then that expands.
Everything and that expands the source and that then at what point is there an end point so?
It’s always expanding.
So it’s like.
I don’t know.
That why, why?
Would we?
You know, if it’s always for the greater growth, we’re growing and everything grows. So I mean, I know we always want when is this over? When is this over, but when you if we can pull back and look at it that way.
We’re, you know, we’re always investing in this huge growth process. So I don’t that’s that’s a good question is I don’t think it’s ever been asked and I what I’m feeling is I.
I don’t.
Think there is.
An end point I think it’s just always expanding.

00:36:53 Luisa
Thank you for your honesty. Gosh, growing up with a mother like Dolores must have been incredible with your past life regressions.
Have you seen or experienced other past lives whatever however you want to term them other lives that have influenced this life or are connected with this current life you recognise as Julia.

00:37:18 Julia Cannon
Yes, yes, there’s two.
That are significant and funny enough, they were like the.
Some of the two.
The very first one I experienced was just a real calm life and I think that was nice to introduce me to the whole thing, but after that there were two lives that.
They were very traumatic and they both link to this life, which is really interesting. One of them was the life apparently, right.
Before this I.
Was a newspaper editor in San Francisco and.
I got involved with.
Some underground mafia kind of thing. I don’t know. It’s something in the 40s and and.
I was distributing.
Information through the newspaper for these people is like somehow distributing codes that they could use in their gambling or something. I don’t know. I didn’t know all the INS and outs, but it was something used that way in the race forms.
And then I didn’t like to do that. I wanted out. And so they they killed me.
But the thing that was interesting, I was an editor and see in this life.
Things like that came very, very easily to me. I was reading 5th grade books before I even started school and I editing comes very easily. I’m very you know, I I pick up on things like that very easily. See that’s something transitioning from that life. So sometimes talents that we have are coming from other.
Not the other life. That probably has the greatest impact that I’m understanding more and more all the time. It you can only roughly gauge and and time period based on the dress and everything but.
It was probably back.
In you know, around the time of the witch trials and stuff, but I don’t know if that.
Was even part of it, but I was.
I was into herbs and I was growing things and I was helping people, you know, with, with herbal medicines, essentially. And someone didn’t like. Something happened one point and they decided I was a witch and I was burned for being a witch.

00:39:25 Luisa

00:39:26 Julia Cannon
That impacted this life and that I had many phobias that were related to the way I passed in that life and when earlier, younger on and once I understood where they’re coming from, then I don’t have a problem with those anymore. So that’s nice to know. You know, many times we’ll bring over residue from another life. The way we passed in that life.
So in that one, I was definitely afraid of fire when I came into this life.
And there were different things that happened that that like they had a hood over my head and they had my hands and my my ankles bound. And so I was very claustrophobic. I was very. I didn’t like things like that. I don’t like, don’t know whole thing. So see things like that that make you very uncomfortable. That was all coming from that happening. Now the part that.
I really enjoy that I brought forward. Was that healing nature? See, that’s apparently been a theme in in several lines that I’ve seen. It’s like there’s something there that is probably a a, an integral part of me is to.
How we tick and and how we heal?

00:40:31 Luisa
No, that’s beautiful. Experiencing past lives or recognise and can bring not only like your gifts, but also understand and alleviate, as you said, phobias or fears in this life.
That’s great. Gosh, I mean, it’s such a delight to have you on the show. Is there anything else you’d like to? Oh, first of all, where where’s the best place for people?
To connect with you

00:40:57 Julia Cannon
You. Yeah, well, I have My my website. where I have.
Like we have the book and that’s available at or And then I’ve now created an online course where you can be certified in helping others to understand the language of their body. And that’s at And you can find me. I also have see Facebook, Julia Cannon, soul speak and on Instagram.
Canon official and TikTok.
I think it’s.
Still, you can official. That’s a new one, so I’m.
Not really sure.

00:41:33 Luisa
Julia cannon. I will leave a link to your.
Website in the.
Show notes. Perfect. Julia. What else would you like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?

00:41:42 Julia Cannon
You know everybody.
You have the power. You are the one.
In control of you, that’s. You know, we always if we want to control control and it’s one that you have control over is you and your responses and your reactions and who you are and and what you think so that’s where your power lies. Take it back find your answers within we are great and powerful.
We just forgot.

00:42:12 Luisa
They’re like clapping, so simple and so true. Thank you, Julia. So, Cannon, thank you so much for being on passion harvest.

00:42:21 Julia Cannon
Thank you so much. Wonderful being here.

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