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DEAD Man Thought he made the wrong choice to RETURN! What happened next Changed him Forever. NDE Near Death Experience. | Bob Bloom 

He was given a choice when he Died.

Robert Bloom had a profound Near-Death Experience (NDE).Prior to his NDE he didn’t want to be alive because the weight of his emotions often felt like more than he could bear. When he died, Spirit drew him into a vision wherein he found himself immersed in a field of possibilities, and that changed everything.


Robert Bloom is an intuitive empath who struggled under the mistaken belief that he didn’t want to be here. He hated being human, or so he believed because the weight of his emotions often felt like more than he could bear. Bobby was only ten when he first considered suicide. He hated being in a body because it felt more like a prison than something that was meant to be savored and enjoyed.

Then one day, when Bobby was 38, Spirit drew him into a vision wherein he found himself immersed in a brilliant matrix of light that stretched beyond what the eye could see. Each point of light represented a possibility, a possible story that one could live, and the possibilities were endless.

When Bobby saw that grandeur, he realized that he had been wrong all along. He absolutely wanted to live. Bobby didn’t want his story to end; he just wanted to change it, so he asked Spirit a question that would change his life for the better, forever.

“How can I change the story if I don’t like the life I’m currently living?

Thus began a journey that lasted more than two decades, a journey wherein Spirit guided Bobby into that understanding. His inner knowing led him to just the right people, places, and circumstances wherein he could learn the essential lessons, lessons that he now passes along in this book.

Bobby is an ordinary man who underwent an amazing adventure wherein he completely reshaped his inner world and narrative using a handful of simple tools. It was a journey that freed his heart and mind from the misperceptions of the past so that he could live joyfully in the now.

Bobby is the author of The Empath, Falling in Love with the Heart of the Child Within. He is an expert in the field of inner work, with more than three decades of practice under his belt, and he believes that nearly anyone can reshape their lives in a way that works well for them, so long as they are clear about their why, and have the courage to choose it.

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Read the FULL Interview Audio Transcript Below.

Transcript Bob Bloom Interview with Passion Harvest

00:01:06 Luisa
Bob, welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m so excited to have you on the show today.

00:01:12 Bob Bloom
Well, thank you for having me here.
Luisa, I really appreciate it.
I heard about you through somebody that had had.
Had a near death experience and they put.
Me in touch with you.
And that.
Unfolded when I.
Was just shy of my 20th birthday. I was.
In the Marine Corps at the time.
And we had gone through a day of just incredibly brutal training.
And I’m going to.
Kind of gloss over this near death experience, because that really wasn’t the penultimate moment in my life. It it informed me of a few things. But like the pendulum moment.
Where there was.
A before and then after that actually took place about 20 years later, so we’ll get.
To that next.
But it was a.
Really brutal day when?
I got home.
I was. I was dead tired. I did not feel good at all. I walked in the door and when my girlfriend saw me, she was shocked. She goes. You look terrible. Said. I feel terrible. I I’m just going to bed.
And have you ever had that experience?
Where you lay down to go to bed and you’re just so tired that when your body hits the matter.
It like hugs you. It feels so good.
When I could have felt when I first laid down right, I first laid down. I was like, oh, this feels so good. But then it was like I fell right through the mattress and the next thing.
I knew I was.
Soaring through I I was soaring through this.
It it seems like a tunnel, but it’s really not. It’s just.
That I was.
Moving so fast that it kind of gives you that effect and off in the distance there was this incredible golden orb of light.
And just it was more.
Like moving towards a star than moving towards like a flashlight. It was huge.
And I felt like I.
Was moving.
Faster than the speed of light and all of a sudden it dawned on me that I wasn’t in my body anymore and I go. What’s happening?
And a presence appeared.
And it said you would call it die in just a moment. You’re going to have to make a decision if you go on into the light, you will not.
Be returning to your body.
And now you might.
Think that would be alarming, but it didn’t.
Alarm me at all because for the.
First time in my life.
I was totally at peace.
And a better way to.
Say that I I.
Was completely pain free. There was no experience of pain whatsoever.
And it it was just such.
A wonderful feeling of well being in.
This world was radiating this.
Amazing light that also felt really good.
And in the next moment.
I was I was given.
A taste of my life.
Like some people say they have near or past.
Life reviews. For me it was.
More like getting handed a a glass of water.
That had the meaning.
Of my life in it, and I tasted it and it just tasted unfinished.
And in the next moment I I heard a.
Voice and it it.
Seemed to emanate from somewhere outside of myself and I.
Recognised it as my own.
And it said no, I have to go.
Back I have way too much left to.
So when I heard that it kind of felt like my soul maybe had answered on my behalf.
I don’t really know but.
I intended to stop that momentum going into the the orbit. It took a while. It was really difficult to stop that speeding and all, but when it did happen, it was almost like rubber bands. Finally, it stretched their limits and they just snapped me back into my body. And when I remembered most of anything, most of all was.
The way my fingers felt when they.
Popped back in and.
The way my lips and nose felt.
When they pop back in.
And I hit my body hard enough that it sat me both upright in bed and I’m looking around my room and.
It was just.
It was eerily quiet.
But the moment I was back in my body, I was back.
In the pain.
And and I.
I left my hand or my head flopping in my.
Hand because I couldn’t believe.
I made a decision to return.
I was so at first I was really.
Sad about it.
And then I was really, really angry about it because I couldn’t. Why would anybody come back?
To experience life in a human body.
But I did.
So what? What that changed me was three things. The first was that.
I I.
Knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was a spiritual being having having human adventure, not the other way around.
And I would never fear death again.
It it just.
Never played a role in my life at.
All but the other thing was you.
Know I started considering suicide when I was 10.
And you know, all through my teens, it was that way.
And what this did was.
I knew that I came back for a reason, even though I didn’t know what the reason was, and I’m kind of a stubborn person. I guess maybe stubborn or willful or persistent determined depending on how you want to say it.
So I wouldn’t let myself quit.
No matter how hard it got.
I wouldn’t let myself quit.
And my my 20s were the same as my teens. It it was a horrible time. It was a miserable time. And then finally, in my late teens or my late 20s, I met a man named James Barnett, who was the first person actually act to backtrack just a little.
Bit a few years earlier.
So at 26 years of age.
I came home from work one day to an empty apartment. Everything been moved out and my wife and my.
Two children had left.
And I was shocked.
It was it was devastating because that was the first home I’d known since I’d left my parents home before joining the service.
And there was all I was left was a chair and a few books that were scattered on the floor. So I picked up one of the books, and it was Shirley Maclaine’s dancing in the light.
And when I read that book.
I suddenly realised that I wasn’t alone.
In the world.
I I wasn’t the only one who who perceived life that way, and it was such an eye opener and it really kicked off a journey for me of self understanding. I I had to know more and I I became a voracious reader and I started meditating and I met up with groups and.
And then, like I said in my late 20s, I.
Met a man.
Named James Barnett, who was an expert in grief recovery.
And James taught me a couple of.
Exercises that I’m not going to go through right now because they’ll be too lengthy.
But one of them was inner.
Child work.
And another one was away into the quiet space when you’re meditate.
So I he showed me how to do those and I practise daily every day for at least 1/2 hour for the next 10 years. Now what that daily practise did it was a as much as anything a presence practise.
So for me, everything kind of came together. My 38th year on the planet when.
I woke up one day. At that time I had built a life that I thought this is the kind of life you built to lead a happy productive.
Compelling, meaningful life. And when I woke up this morning, I had the house to myself, which was really unusual. I lived with my girlfriend. We’ve been together a few years. We had five kids between us. I had two. She had three.
And I had that whole house to.
Myself, which was really unusual.
So I got out of bed. I walked into the kitchen, made myself some coffee and after I got the coffee. We’ve been in this new House for a year, just had finished furnishing it.
So I just decided to walk around and start appreciating everything, and I went from room to room to room, and when I finally got into.
The family room.
And and.
And this house was gorgeous, the family.
Room had 15 foot soaring ceilings and.
Floor to ceiling. Fireplace with.
Two huge windows.
That looked out over a crystal blue pool and as I’m looking out there all of a sudden I realised, you know, as beautiful and lovely as all this is.
This isn’t it.
And I had no idea what it was.
So I just said a little prayer.
I just kind of said the.
Spirit. What now?
And three weeks later I got, I got fired from my high paying job.
And I was ecstatic on the day that happened because I realised, OK, I’d asked for change. This is the beginning of change. And I had plenty of money, so I took the last four months of 1996 off.
And during that time, I gave myself anything that I wanted. I played golf every day. I went to all the football games. I took my girlfriend on trips to the beach. We did stuff with the kids. The year before, we had a house fire, so we didn’t have a Christmas. So this year I made an extra special for all the kids, and it was just.
It was such a beautiful experience that by the end of December and it’s strange that I still remember this, but I sat down and meditated. I looked at my clock. It was 8:00 on December 28th, 1996.
And when I got in that quiet space, I finally just said I’m tired of being afraid.
I don’t care what you do to me. I have to know what’s possible. Show me. And of course I was speaking the spirit.
And that was all it was that day. Just it was a complete surrender.
And then the very next day again, it was about the same time at night.
And I got in that quiet station all of a sudden, I hear spirit say you.
And I are one.
And as soon as that happened, all these voices in my head start. That’s crazy. That’s nuts. That’s blasphemy. All of voices from my past.
And I just watched.
And once they quieted down, spirits at a second time.
You and I are one.
And same thing, all those voices just started screaming and I just watched them, you know? That’s crazy. That’s nuts. This is ridiculous.
Blah blah blah.
And then they quieted down. And then for a third time, I heard the same thing you and I are one this time. Ask those voices to identify themselves and follow them to their source. So I did.
The voices would come.
I go. Who are you? And at first it was comical because they said I’m you.
And and I’m observing them, so I know they’re not me.
And when I asked them to take them me to their source.
Every one of them just started disappearing into nothingness.
And all of a sudden.
I was in this.
Incredibly quiet space.
Where I still had my individuated identity, but I also had was aware of the totality of everything.
And so I asked her, and I said, well, if you and I are one, then why don’t I perceive the way you perceive? How come I’m not omniscient and.
I’m the present.
And Spirit said you can have that.
Right now just.
Say the word and it will be.
And in that moment, I was enveloped by this incredible matrix of light, and it it extended well beyond what I could see. And when I looked up at it.
I I was in awe and I realised right away that it was like a map of all the possible stories that a human being could possibly live, and not even that a hint that a spiritual.
Being could live.
And when when I saw it, it was involuntary, but the the words I looked up and I go ohh. It’s like we tell ourselves a giant story. Buy into it hook, line and sinker.
And then we get to live.
Out the stories we tell.
And in that moment, I.
Had a complete change of heart.
Because I knew full well I didn’t want my.
Story to end.
I just didn’t like the one I was living.
And so I asked here, OK well, so how?
Do I change my story?
If I don’t like the one.
That I’m living now.
And right away I saw something, but I didn’t.
Know what it meant.
But it was like this huge cylinder.
Have you ever seen that setup of a piston inside a cylinder?
Right, like in a car engine, the piston goes back and forth inside the cylinder.
00:13:27 Luisa
They I I know what you mean.

00:13:29 Bob Bloom
Vaguely OK. So if.
You have a closed cylinder.
And you push a piston into it.
The more you push that piston in, the more pressure it builds up inside the cylinder, and eventually, no matter how much pressure you push or how hard you try to force it shut, you just can’t, because too much pressure has built up inside.
But if a valve appears on the end of the cylinder and you open it, you can close that piston with one little finger and almost no energy.
So I realised it was kind of telling me that this this is way more about letting things go than it is about picking anything up. You don’t have to believe anything.
In fact, if you let go of most of the beliefs you have about things, you’ll be far happier in life. Just just living life in the moment.
I don’t know any.
Of this at this point.
The the first lesson then transpired about two days later. I can’t remember two or three days later.
And I was at home. I was writing, I was writing a business plan for a new venture. I was I was working on, and my girlfriend’s 9 year old boy kept racing in front of my office door, kind of like Tom Cruise and risky business. We were sliding across the floor, and he was doing waving his.
Terms and making a nuisance of himself in my opinion, and so I I I looked over, I said not now, Jake, I’m. I’m trying to write a business plan.
I don’t see.
That as like.
He slumps and he’s all sad when he walks away, but he does.
Comes back about 15 minutes later and does the same thing and this goes on most of the morning until I lose my patience and I’m about to turn in. Just really tear into them and I hear my inner guidance say.
Hey Bob, this would be a great time for you to learn patience. Why don’t you let Jake be the nine year old for a?
Little while and you be the adult.
And it was just a feather sledgehammer. It was like.
Boom because I realised.
While I’m expecting a nine year old boy.
To be adult like which really is very childish on my part.
And this really was the first lesson in in.
In patience wise, it’s nothing more than stop to stop and pause and to empathise with the present moment. Who’s ever in the present moment.
And most of us think that patience is really hard.
But it’s the.
Easiest thing in the world, it literally is. Here’s how easy it is.
If in any moment you find yourself feeling a little bit upset.
You can bring your attention and awareness right behind your underneath and behind your eyes.
And smell the air.
Because now what happens is since the body is always present and the breath is always present, the moment I bring my awareness there, my awareness is present and the moment I start smelling I bring more senses online because I’m feeling.
And selling or smelling. And if you actually do that now, while we’re talking, you’ll find yourself being a little more present just by.
Doing that and then the next step is let’s say that, OK, the energy is pretty high here, right? Still feeling like my feathers are a bit ruffled.
Is after I’ve taken one or two breaths.
I just remind myself that I don’t.
Have all the.
Answers and that’s not too hard, is it?
Nobody has all the answers.
And So what this does is.
This brings the mind online too.
Now mind body and.
Spirit are all present.
And the next thing.
I do. Is I just listen inwardly while I?
Still am aware of my breath.
And I can be listening for guidance, but most of what I want to do.
Is I want.
To tune into my body and the.
Feelings and sensations within my.
Body and then just breathe.
And that that entire thing we just went through is.
I call stepping into presence.
And it it that was really the that was really what I needed. That’s really what.
Spirit showed me how to.
Do and it took a long time.
Because it was.
So foreign to anything that I’d ever been exposed to before is probably a good way to say it, but it was really that stiff. I just. I stop and pause, bring my awareness and attention right.
Behind my eyes.
Smell the air.
OK. But we don’t have all the answers here. Nobody does right now. Tune inside whatever I’m feeling and I’ll make peace with whatever I’m feeling, whether I like the way it feels or not without making anybody right or wrong for feeling the way that I do.
So that was that’s eight years worth of spiritual training in 3 minutes, right? So.
Now let’s Fast forward eight years down the road. I’ve I’ve grown a lot. I’m I’m more present. I’m more aware, but I’m still driven by a lot of misperceptions.
Across the board, driven by a lot of misperceptions.
And in 2004, I worked for a company where.
They had what was called a 200 car club. I worked in an auto brokerage and there was only a small percentage of people who, on an annual basis, would deliver more than 200 cars. So I set that as my goal.
And I missed it the first year.
And so I I said it.
Again a second.
And the second year, when it got to be December 1st, I was almost there. I mean it was, it was, it was a no brainer that I was going.
To hit it, but.
Instead of feeling good, instead of feeling celebratory.
I was nervous. I had anxiety. I felt terrible until the 17th of the month when I finally hit that number and I felt ecstatic. You know, it just, it was a huge accomplishment.
And the company sends out a company like.
Email and people are congratulating me.
And I’m patting myself on the back.
And the next day, I still felt high as a kite, but by the 2nd day, about the middle of the day, I’m walking down.
The hallway and I notice.
I’m not on that high.
Anymore. It’s just another day at work. It’s.
Just another day in life.
And I go.
Why was that so important to me?
To accomplish that.
And when I when I thought all of a sudden I remember, oh, my God, accomplishment is what was rewarded when I was a kid. That’s what’s got you love and affection and attention and praise, which were all the things I really wanted, not accomplishing something but that human contact, that human affection, that human nurturing.
And in that moment I realised ohh I don’t value.
I don’t value accomplishment at all. There’s a bunch.
Of things I value.
Far more.
And that was really my introduction.
I’ve been introduced to it before, kind of in steps on the way, but that’s.
When it crystallised in my mind that.
I really need to know what I want and when I say I really need to know what I want. I’m not talking about the objects of my desire. I need to take one step beyond that.
I need.
To I need to look I.
Need to imagine that I actually.
Have the object of my desire and then I ask myself.
How is my experience of life different now than before?
For what is it that I’m experiencing now that I have this, that I that I didn’t experience before? Whatever it is, whatever that Y is, that’s what you want.
And then the.
Cool thing about that, that that’s a compass.
Because the moment you feel something inside and you have a felt knowledge of something.
It becomes a compass because every decision can be weighed against that feeling. You know, like if I think about doing this, does it pull me away from that feeling or does it reinforce that feeling? And so that’s how I began making my decisions.
Then, a year later.
Somebody did something really mean that turned into?
One of the most amazing things of.
My life.
There was a A1 that I dated and we only dated for a few weeks.
And then she ghosted me.
And about two weeks later, I was sitting in my office and lo and behold, she appears in my doorway.
And you know, can we talk? And I I really didn’t want to talk because she hurt my feelings pretty bad, but.
Slowly but surely, she kind of flirted her way back into my heart. And I’m sorry. I don’t even know why I ghosted you, but she was. I kind of felt like I lived in a fishbowl because.
You’re so good at.
Reading me that I almost felt stripped naked when I was around you.
But I really, really like you.
I really like to try this again and so.
Yeah, I don’t know. She does.
Come on over the house.
Tonight, let me.
Make you dinner.
I’m not asking for any type of commitment. Let’s just reconnect. And so I said, OK.
And I walk her outside.
And she gives me a.
Kiss. And then she walks to her car and.
Puts her hand.
In her door handle, and as soon as she did.
That it was.
Like a doctor, Jacqueline. Mr Hyde thing because she pulled away from her car door. Her the look on her face changed. She turned around. She goes.
Never mind about this. This is never going to work and I said what choose us? You and me, Bobby. It’s never going to work.
I go. So what did you come down here for? Did you?
Just come down here to toy with my emotions.
Means and in a really mocking, snide way she goes. You know, Bobby pain can take you to God as fast as anything else.
And I was like, I mean, she just spun me.
And I went in my.
Office and I packed it up and I.
Went home and I sat.
Down and and I was stirred up good.
And and I thought to myself, why do I keep doing this to myself? Because it wasn’t the first relationship that hadn’t worked out, and I had experienced a lot of pain in my life, and I was wondering, why do I keep doing this to myself?
And when I checked in, I mean my body hurt. I was upsetting.
Mostly everything hurt.
And and then all of.
A sudden I remembered what she said. She goes, you know, Bob, Pain can take you to God as fast as.
Anything else? So I thought.
I’m going to embrace this pain and say take.
Me to your source.
And it was like riding a wave.
And it.
It took me into this space where.
My my guidance came up and says.
What does it said?
What does the pain give you?
And when I felt inside, it was I.
Got angry because I.
Said pain. All it gives me is pain. It’s pain, pain, pain, pain, pain.
And then Spirit says, well, what do?
You know, because of the pain.
And I was still really angry, so I kind of snidely said, well, I know that I’m alive because dead people don’t feel things.
And spirits? And what else?
Do you feel alive, fully alive?
And the first image that came to my mind was snow skis perched over a steep slope.
You know, right before I’d be bombing downhill. And in that moment it became clear.
That there were only two times in my life that I felt fully alive.
And those were during moments of extreme pain and extreme thrill.
And that was the moment two things happened out of that really bizarre experience, and one was now, from that point forward, I didn’t run away from pain anymore.
I I didn’t go looking for it, but when I felt it, I embraced it and had it take me to its source.
And to share with me whatever message it had for me.
And that made it it it wasn’t just emotional pain or physical pain. It’s all the pains we have in life. It’s all the challenges and obstacles we have in life. So I just began embracing every challenge and obstacle that.
Was was in.
My life and that changed everything.
Because I didn’t, I didn’t realise.
I had done this with Ping. You know, I kind of held that at at arms length.
And it was. It was really a matter of what I wanted to do was I wanted to fill in all those gaps between the thrill and pain.
And that included boredom and anxiety and restlessness.
And excitement and thrills. You know, the whole gamut.
And and that’s kind of how I feel today.
Louis says, you know that that space has been filled in. So no matter what presents us up.
In the moment.
I can enjoy.
It in one fashion or another so.
That’s kind of the Longview of the.
Story the old.
View of the story.

00:26:43 Luisa
Ohh I loved how you. I mean, I I loved how you explain all of that. Yes, we we push away pain and it’s so nice how you explain we have these cyclic reoccurring pattern.
But we often don’t dive truthful or dive deep into. Why is this happening? Why is this reoccurring? And I I love how you get so in touch.
With your body.
People say your body is your teacher in some way.
But it I mean, wonderful, wonderful. Well, not always pleasant experiences.

00:27:18 Bob Bloom
But life isn’t always pleasant.
Yes, but without the unpleasant like.
Without the struggle, like the the part of achievement I do like.

Is doing the hard thing.
How good it feels to do the hard thing.
And it’s so.
Different when you embrace that versus ohh I gotta do the hard thing. Oh, I get to do.
The hard thing, it’s just.

00:27:44 Luisa
Right. It’s so true.

00:27:45 Bob Bloom
A different way.
Of of reading the moment, yeah, yeah.

00:27:50 Luisa
Well, I do as well.
Gosh, avoid the the painful experiences.
I mean, for some of those, I’m just thinking of the audience to say, well, you know, I’ve asked my intuition or my guidance or source or spirit. I’m not receiving the answer. What do I do? What I know you explained it, but what is your advice?

00:28:12 Bob Bloom
I’m not receiving answers as a belief, isn’t it?
Maybe it’s something else.
And that leads me into something called surrender.
We touched on it earlier.
Surrender is nothing.
More than reminding yourself that you don’t have.
All the answers.
You know.
Most of the time in my early.
Life. I walked around as if I did.
I mean, I can’t take any and I can’t take in any new information.
So surrender is a key in any situation, and it takes a lot of form, so I can remind myself I don’t have all the answers and surrender is the only truth I know.
I don’t have all the answers, that’s.
The only truth I know.
I really don’t know anything else for sure.
It can be like when you have a worrisome thought.
Just remind yourself, I’m willing to be wrong about that.
And the same thing could be true when you say I’m not receiving an answer. Ohh.
I’m willing to.
Be wrong about that.
What am I feeling?
What am I sensing? Because whatever I’m feeling, sensing is the answer.
It may not be a voice.
It it it?
May be an impression. It may be a sense. It may be something visual.
Everybody’s got to learn how to connect with their own inner gifts and their own inner resources.
I guess I’m going.
To back up here a little bit.
The first step is always patience, right? Stopping and pausing and connecting.
In the breath.
Yeah, pay. I was just about to say patience.
And if it?
Stopping and pausing get connected in the breath.
And then acceptance, which is making peace with whatever I’m feeling, whether I like the way it feels or not, and without making anybody right or wrong or feeling the way that I do. And that includes me.
So it really is a patience process, right? A presence process.
Is a patients process and to let things unfold as they will.
And when you’re in that situation is to notice your own anxiety about not having what you think you should have.
One of my favourite lines.
Is, well, you’re just shooting all over yourself.
My daughter loves that one too.
I go at least it’s.
Should be really upset about something. Oh, it sounds like you’re shooting all over yourself, she.
Goes. Oh my God, dad, I am.
And we do that a lot. So it’s it’s stepping outside of that zone. Now here’s a here’s a recent embarrassing story I can share with you.
It’s only embarrassing.
You know, yeah, so.
It was the 3rd of this month.
And I haven’t been triggered for a long time.
And I’ve been working for.
Three days on.
On a couple of different platforms, a couple of different apps trying to put up a website, some some of them that said, you know how simple and intuitive and easy they were and they were expensive and complicated. Anything but simple and easy. So the first company.
I had to go through the process of cancelling and getting my money back.
And then I got to a second one and there were just some really simple things that they made really not simple. And so I was, I was frustrated with that process and.
Just breathing through.
And on the 6th of.
This month was my a.
Big birthday for my daughter was.
An important one that she.
Started talking about a year.
Ago and wanted to make all these plans.
And and then wanted to make all these plans for her on her own and then was disappointed because she couldn’t please everybody and nothing seemed to be working out. And and finally she getting this. I’m I’m not going to plan anything for my birthday.
And I go.
All right, now.
Ask her dad what I hear is she’s not going to plan anything for her birthday. What she meant was, I don’t want anybody planning anything for my birthday. Well, I didn’t hear.
That she didn’t say it.
And so.
Now it’s two days before her birthday earlier this week and.
I’m distracted. My mind is here, focused and she’s.
Off to my.
Right in the kitchen.
And she comes and she.
Goes. Hey, Dad, I just learned that a friend.
Of mine is.
Coming at noon on my birthday and and I had made plans for her birthday at noon.
To take her.
Out to a nice lunch with her grandmother and. And So what I’m hearing is.
You and grandma aren’t important enough for.
Me to show up.
On my own birthday, for even though you spent six months trying to plan something nice and sweet for me to make my birthday happy.
I got triggered. I got so angry at and and even though my mind was split.
I see what’s happening, I see myself.
Being angry now, I I didn’t. I didn’t see.
Anything I just expressed the anger that I was feeling.
And that hurt her feelings. And she walked away upset and I walked away upset. And then I went and sat down.
And I just said I did exactly what I just said it.
Connecting my graph.
I don’t have the answers I tuned in and that’s when I realised that I’ve been triggered because.
My body was an incredible physical pain.
So when when we all triggered.
When we’re connected to.
The body. We can feel that pain.
For me, when?
I was younger. I typically.
We’re almost not feel that pain because it was so constant that I.
Got a little bit of avoiding it.
But I I I felt the pain in my body and and that told me, OK, Bob, there’s something here to look at. There’s there’s something for you to recover here.
And when I looked inside and I thought.
And you know, I’ve heard this before. I thought that I’d done this particular recovery work before that I had it turned out to be the adolescent need who thought they were still broken because I heard it say, what’s wrong with me?
Like ohh, there you are.
I go. Who are you? I I could just, like kind of sense and feel this is the.
Adolescent. You’re the one who.
Really believed that they were there was something wrong with them, right? Trying to do something really, really nice and their backfires.
What’s wrong with me?
And so I said. Ohh, sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken. You try to do something really, really nice. And sometimes things go sideways that that just happens. But it was the recovery work was.
You’re you’re not broken. You’re.
Basically, you’re beautiful, which is.
One of the last chapters.
Of the book that I recently wrote.
And I was able to calm that.
Aspect of myself down and of course.
As I’m calling that aspect down, that calmness is somewhat washing over me. But The thing is, when you get triggered, you get whatever got triggered releases all those same chemicals as when those memories were first formed.
And you have.
That same experience, and I just remember in my mouth how hard it was to.
Get my body.
The nervous system.
To calm down.
But I was able to say, well, what do I really want? And the most important thing was, well, I want to restore the relationship with my daughter. I mean, regardless of whether what she did hurt me or not.
It it, it wasn’t her fault and she didn’t deserve the reaction that she got from me, even though she hurt me, right? She she needs to feel safe and accept and all these other things.
00:36:04 Speaker 1
So I I went to her and I said, you know, hey, I apologise. What happened? You didn’t deserve that. I said I I’m not excusing you for the fact that you did hurt me deeply. I I made some really special plans for you that really hurts. But you do as you please and you do what you need to do. But I just want you to know.
I love you and I’m sorry.
And and she accepted that and.
That felt really good to her.
And but as I was.
Sitting down in the middle of all that.
Angsty and pain.
I just said a little prayer to spirit, I said.
I give you this to make.
Something beautiful, beautiful out of.
Right. Whatever. Whatever you want to make of this, you make something beautiful out of it because my mind doesn’t know what.
Anything is or what?
Anything means, but my spirit and my heart do.
And so.
One of my daughter’s friends showed up on her birthday, made these special plans for her.
And Alicia broke those plans, too.
And then her friend.
Had kind of the same reaction that I.
Did and later on that day.
When I went.
And talked to my daughter. She was like.
OK, dad, I get it. I get why you were so upset and it kind of came full circle in this little short period of 48 hours and it solidified our relationship. Instead of creating cracks and chips. And so that was really a beautiful thing.

00:37:31 Luisa
Oh, that’s beautiful. I mean, thank you for sharing that. And communication is so important.
I I just want to briefly touch on it, it’s.
It’s interesting how you you’ve been speaking.
About this whole through this episode.
What we want and what we need on a soul or on a a a growth level is.
Sometimes, often different.

00:37:58 Bob Bloom
Boy, is it ever my first mentor, used to say a lot. He goes, Bob. I always know why I do things and why I go places, but I rarely know the purpose.
And I was just writing about that the other.
Day and it’s.
I can say that at about.
The last 28 years.
Really is.
I think I’m going.
To do one thing and it turns out to be something completely different.
When was it was 2.
1000 No 1999. I got interested in becoming a fire lot facilitator.
And somebody introduced me to a man that lived up on Orcas Island who could certify people doing fire watch. So I called him up and I said, hey, I’d love to come up and learn and be certified as a fire lock facilitator. Is that that’s something that you could do. He’s very non committal. And he goes well, you know, I don’t know you. I’d, I’d like to get to know you a little bit, but.
So if you get up here, give.
Me a call and we’ll get together.
No commitment whatsoever, but I decided to take my kids on a 2 month summer vacation up the coast of California and we finished the halfway point was three weeks on Orcas Island beautiful spot, by the way. It’s in the Puget Sound off of Washington state.
It’s it. It’s like one of.
The most gorgeous, gorgeous natural settings anyway.
And when I got there, I called him up and I went over to his house and we introduced ourselves and made small talk. And then we got to the business at hand. And he said, what do you know about death work?
I go nothing really.
Well, the reality was I’d heard about it before and I just thought it was stupid. It’s. I’m like, I breathe and of course.
Leftward isn’t about moving air, it’s about moving energy.
He went to his book shop and he got a book off the shelf which he had written. He handed it to Migos. I want you to read this practise for a week and.
We’ll get back after a week.
And said OK.
So I’m at this campsite and there’s.
Different kinds of pine trees and granary, and the the beautiful sparkling sound out there. And it was the sun. The sky would blow till 11/11/30 at night, and he was just spectacularly gorgeous. Well, after three days of practise he left work.
I began to notice.
That I had sinked with the spirit of the island.
Because I could, I could.
See and feel the island kind.
Of breathing with me, that little.
You know that in and.
Out type of thing and it was like oh.
My God, there’s there’s.
I had just touched the surface.
But I realised, Oh my God, this is I.
This is something I need to get good at.
And so, you know, then we got together again. He did put me through the facilitator firewalk training. We had a fire walk.
And it was. And that was an.
Amazing experience, but.
I thought I was taking my kids on a summer vacation.
Spirit had another idea. Spirit that.
You need to.
Learn how to do breathwork idiot. So it took me up there because I was too stubborn. Just.
To go do.
It on my own, but that wasn’t.
The only unexpected turn.
Is at the time.
My daughter was 15 years old.
My son was 13.
And we just, I bought a trailer to take him.
Up the coast.
So we’re going to do trailer trailer camping along the way.
And the the first day out, we’re all excited. You guys ready to go? Yeah. Yeah, yeah. We’re ready to go. I I pull out of the driveway and the curb is steeper than I think it is. The trailer bounces. I hear this stud and I’m like, uh oh, so I go around. I look in the trailer and realise.
That the microwave.
That popped off the counter and died on the floor so.
I throw it.
Out I get back in the cab and say, well, it looks.
Like you got an accident out of the way.
So should be smooth sailing from here on in.
And everything was as we went across the Arizona desert into California. We’re 14 miles into California.
And I hear another really loud.
And I’m like, Oh my.
God and I look at my side view mirror.
Just in time.
To see the driver side tyre from the trailer.
Fly by me on my left.
Turn right and go about a.
100 yards out into the desert.
And like and of course the the trailer is now leaning sideways and it’s showering sparks behind it. So I pull off safely to the side of the road and it’s it’s not going anywhere. The axle is broken and the wheel has sheared itself off. It damaged the side of the the trailer pretty good.
But I I have this app right by an emergency roadside phone. I mean it would be another one for miles and miles, but there it was right there. I picked it up. I call emergency services, we get it towed.
But we had reservations for a week at Newport Beach on a RV park right on the sand there. But that’s not going to work anymore because it’s going to take them.
A week to get the trailer fixed.
So I call my sister, who lives near Irvine, see if she can put us up for the the night, and then we’re going to go down to San Clemente in California the next day, which was the city I’m pretty familiar with to see if we can’t find lodging.
Down by the pier.
And next morning we go down there. There’s five or six hotels right down there. And so I tell.
My kids will.
You guys go check on these two.
I’ll check on the other.
Ones and just tell them what.
Open the repairs, ate up all of my emergency budget, plus more of the rest of the budget. So we’ve only got $500 to spend. I said you may not be able to find a place. Guys, that’s not much money to this location.
Like, OK alright so.
They will check out a couple of hotels. The first three I check on, there’s no luck and we meet back up and they’re like no luck at these places are way more expensive than that. I go. Well, there’s one more place left to check out, and it was a apartment building that had been converted into a seaside resort.
It was casual, but really nice.
And I’m figuring, yeah, probably gonna get the same thing here. But I just had this feeling. And so we walked in there and there’s a.
A young girl behind the counter and I I tell her what happened and and she goes well. How much do you have to spend? And I said I only have $500. I don’t know if you can help us out or not. She goes. I’ll be right back.
Goes around.
A corner and.
Then comes back about 15 minutes there shows I.
Got great news for you.
We have one room available.
It’s a one bedroom condo.
I I can’t.
Discount the weekend rate so they have to pay the full rate for the weekend.
But you can stay the weekdays for free and the total.
Cost would be about 5.
$160.00, including tax and I.
Was like, Oh my goodness, this is so cool.
But now here’s the kicker.
So it’s it’s already been like these synchronicities are happening and I’m I’m noticing.
All these synchronicities.
But my daughter found a little coffee shop on the road.
On the the main road, right down below our hotel and every well, I should say every day they got a a daily allowance they could spend as however they want. It was kind of a learn how to use your money wisely.
You know, do it lies or suffer the consequences because that’s all you’re.
Getting for today.
And she would always.
Go down to.
The street go to the coffee shop, order herself a frappe. Pay.
Sit on the.
Sidewalk and just take in the beach. View the beautiful people, the beautiful weather, the beautiful sights and sounds, and on the 3rd or 4th day we were there. She came up to me. Afterwards she came back up and she goes. I love it here, Dad. I would love to live here.
And I go well.
You know what? Set your mind to at.
Least if that’s.
Something you really want that may very well happen? That’s all that was said.
I don’t think anything has changed.
Well, lo and behold, one year later.
She had almost dropped out of school for freshman year. She’d gotten in.
With the wrong crowd.
But from that point forward, she got almost straight A’s through high school and then went on and got 2 degrees out of university again, getting all A’s and B’s outstanding student. And she’s just a beautiful woman now, but who knew?
That that series of unexpected events. The purpose was to change her mind.
So I took them as a vacation. I took them there to have a good time, and spirit said, well, we can use this for a higher purpose and and she’s one.
Of the most.
Beautiful human beings on the planet. So what a.
Blessing for everybody.

00:46:51 Luisa
What a blessing and a miracle. Ohh, that’s a that’s beautiful. Beautiful experience. Bob. Your book. An impact. Falling in love with the heart of the child.
We were speaking before the show about impacts. Is it a lot harder? I mean, but I’m a people pleaser and sometimes I always don’t do what I want and and and it takes me out of touch with spirit. How does one traverse through life being an impact?

00:47:23 Bob Bloom
OK, we’re we’re walking on egg shells here.
You’re going to see something a little controversial. OK, just remember, these are generalities, not specific.
Men tend to be less agreeable than women.
Now, when you’re talking about agreeability, you’re not talking about agreeing with what people say or disagreeing with.
What people say.
It has to do with.
On the disagreeable, on the disagreeably side, you’ll stand up for yourself.
On an agreeability side, you’ll give yourself away.
Does that sound familiar?
Like you sacrifice yourself, you marry yourself with.
These other people.
And so for most women.
Taking themselves in the equation is really important.
To to know what you need.
And to give yourself immunity, first, that’s a hard thing for women to do.
Generally speaking.
For men, it’s taking everybody else into consideration.
Right, there’s a there’s a balance.
Point in the.
Middle where we include others in our decision making, but we don’t exclude ourselves.
And that’s how.
That’s for a lot of people. That’s a lifelong process, right? Because there’s a payoff for giving people what they want.
And you should really look at what is the payoff.
And there’s a cost.
So you know.
It’s one of those things don’t instinctively do what you have always done, because if you do, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
So when you.
Look at a problem. Alright well.
What do I need?
What would please me?
What would please them? What am I willing to do? And then what’s the, what’s the cost and what’s the benefit? It’s, but it’s not a thinking thing. It’s a, it’s an intuitive thing, it’s.
An empathy thing.
Right, I empathise with myself. I empathise with the other person and then I choose.

00:49:20 Luisa
It’s a feeling.
It’s so true, we know and.
We feel it, yes, I beautifully explained.

00:49:31 Bob Bloom
Yeah. So it’s and that’s really what for me, this process has been about, I want to talk about empaths just for a second.

00:49:38 Luisa
No, that’s perfect cause I was going to say is there anything else you want to talk about that I haven’t?
Asked you on a on a final note.

00:49:42 Bob Bloom
Yeah, it’s.
So I’ve I’ve heard varying things anywhere from 1 to 2% of the population to 4% of the population.
Are impact.
And for people who aren’t empathic, it will make no sense to them whatsoever. They don’t perceive like this way now. The biggest challenge for impasse is that and actually all human beings is that we all tend to believe that others perceive life the same way as we do. And the reality is nobody else perceives life the same way as we do we.
I’ll perceive it either somewhat or remarkably differently. OK, so.
One of the biggest challenges for me growing up is like as an empath #1, we don’t absorb other people’s energies. That’s not true. What we do is resonate with other people’s energies.
So if we have.
That pain inside of us? Yeah.
Boy, we ever.
Feel that right?
But we also.
Feel joy. We tend to ignore that.
Because that’s easy.
But we know we remember the pain.
And at some point you have to learn to differentiate between what’s yours and what’s somebody else’s.
And for me, that really didn’t begin happening till I.
Got into my 20s.
And I don’t even know how I came around to it, but I I would start saying to myself.
Like I would wake up and I just.
Feel this overwhelming dreading.
It didn’t make sense. It didn’t fit the present moment. It didn’t fit.
My life, I didn’t know it was coming.
From and I.
Would say to remind him or reminder to myself I this doesn’t belong to me. I kind of say as a statement, but it was really a question. The spirit. It was. This doesn’t belong to me.
Right. And I was just here a yes or no and no was no. It doesn’t belong to you. I would just shut it. I would disregard it totally.
If it was.
Yes. Then that was something for me to look at. So that was really the first part of this whole discussion about boundaries.
I don’t believe in boundaries.
I believe in saying yes and no, which is what establishes our boundaries right. You know what you say yes to. You need to know what you say. No to that, especially to the empal. Because if an impact doesn’t self care, they’re going to burn themselves out. They’re going to be miserable almost all the time.
That’s the that’s the tough part of being impacted.
You’re experiencing things from a feeling standpoint.
At such a deep level, it’s.
So pain is really painful, but.
Joy is really joyful.
So it’s it’s a balanced type of thing that.
You you need to do for yourself.
And then the next step is and this maybe even harder, is to embody, right? Because the impact doesn’t really want to be in the body. That’s where the pain is. So.
For those who are listening, Google that you know embodiment exercises, presence, practises, whatever it takes to have me come back into my own body and be in the body. Because if things are right, the bodies, the teacher, the hearts, the temple and this is the servants, we’ve got this stuff backwards, right?
So I listen my body, my body is my instructor, and then all these inner gifts. Because if you’re empathic, you have psychic gifts as well.
One of the four, or typically all of the four or some.
Of the four.
So for me I’m I was first core audience and Claire Cognizant those were obvious to me, you know, I hear the guidance.
But I could talk to somebody for a minute or two and I.
Would know things about.
Them they they.
Could they? They just didn’t believe I.
Could know that.
Talking to them for one or two minutes, and of course that would be was hold that was.
In sales for 40 years so.
People. How do you close so many deals? Blue I go, I just listen. I listen intently. I listen to what they’re not saying.
The next part is to trust your inner guests.
And that’s hard because the brain keeps telling us otherwise, right? We have all these thoughts that we’re identifying with.
Like for example what I just talked about earlier this month, where there were still.
A part of me.
Believed that there’s.
Something wrong with me?
Well, I was identified with it, right, but so it wasn’t until.
I stepped back.
To look where I dis identified from it.
And just looked.
And so you’re gonna.
Spend a lot.
Of time doing that, right? Just.
Slowly step by step, lead to trust that those inner gifts.
And the way it really happened to me was.
I told you I met my mentor in my late 20s the same week I met him. My my inner guidance made itself fully known to me.
And the way that happened was I I sat down to meditate one night and I started seeing this vision.
And it was of a man walking down a gravel St it was a beautiful location. I get down to a T intersection. I turned right this 1920 something. Ford pickup truck drives by kicking up dust.
And I realise I’m a newspaper man there to.
Do a story about a purported witch.
And when I get to her place of business, I see well, she’s not a witch. This is an apothecary. She’s an herbalist. She’s got herbs hanging from everywhere, and she’s at the middle table, putting something together. And she turns around. I see. It’s a friend of mine. In my current life.
Who? Since that time her nickname is now witchy woman, which is really bizarre. But while I was in that.
Seeing I wondered where am I and I hear Venus.
I go OK.
So the next thing that on the library is back when they had card catalogues. I go through the card catalogues, I see, OK, Bill. Yes, it’s real. There’s a city in Lithuania called Vilnius. So I get The Dirty decimal code and go to that stack in the library at random. I pull a book off the shelf. I open it up.
And there’s a map on either side.
It’s a map of Lithuania before 1936 and after 1936 and before 1936, the city was named Vilnius.
After 1936, it was named Vilnius. The Germans had renamed it.
And so I’d seen in the 1920 something pickup trucks, I realised, OK, so it’s telling me something I have no idea what it’s telling me. It’s just frustrating because I want things to make sense. I want answers.
Next night, start having a vision again.
A Native American comes.
To see me.
Again, it’s. It’s the difference between dream and the vision is the visions are so real.
And he comes to see me, like, takes me by the hand, as if I’m the darling children from Peter Pan up in the.
Air takes me down to where they live and.
I see where they live from overhead.
And I see him and.
And I asked.
So what nation are you from? And he goes Shirakawa. Well, I’d never heard of Shirakawa before, so.
Back down to the library next day I look it up. Shirt up. Sure, Cowell, I go to that stack in the library at random again. I pull a book off the shelf. I open it up and on this page is a picture of the Native American I saw sitting next to Geronimo by Campfire. On this side is the overhead view I saw on the.

00:57:17 Luisa
That’s amazing.

00:57:18 Bob Bloom
And it’s like, OK.
This is really weird. It still makes no sense whatsoever.
And I’m getting.
Really angry and frustrated now because again, I don’t want things to make sense, but I’ve learned since that time. Please don’t have to make sense at all. I’m OK learning how I afterwards. OK, but I’m not in that friend of mine yet.
Third night in a row.
Now I started having a vision.
And I just go now.
Why did I think something was trying to?
Talk to me well.
I’d have a lot of experiences throughout my life, and it wasn’t the first time that I’d received guidance, but this is the first time it had like.
Smack me in the face and I.
Said why do you keep?
Showing me these things.
And it said because you still need confirmation.
And what it was saying was you still.
Need to know that you can.
Trust me, and I was like, oh, wow, yeah, that that’s true. That’s right.
And it said, what do you need?
And I knew.
What I needed because I was.
Pretty much dead growth and all my bills.
Were due in six days.
I said I need $1600.
And it said.
You know, you know that when you have in your drawer and it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. I had been engaged. The engagement fell apart. I’ve been given the ring back and I throw it my dresser drawer. And in fact, I had tried to sell it for five less than what it was worth. And she gave it back. And I.
Couldn’t sell it so.
I just threw it in there, I said yeah.
It said.
Put an ad in the paper or sell that ring, put an ad in the paper on Tuesday. After $1700, the ad will appear on Thursday and on Saturday or so, the rating for what you need.
So all right.
So Tuesday comes around. I call the place the app.
I have $37 left in my account. The ad is $36.00 so it’s.
An all in back.
Alright, so I placed the ad.
And the ad does come out on Thursday.
And to get a couple of phone calls.
Nothing really serious.
Friday I have one woman calls out that wants to take.
The ring out and get it.
Appraised without me being there and I’m.
Like yeah, I’m just.
Going to give.
You the ring.
And let you leave with it. OK, sure. No, that’s not going to work.
And Saturday morning, when I woke up.
I felt terrified.
And now all the bills are due have to pay.
Rent and child.
Support and my car payment and the I mean.
It’s it’s it’s all due.
And well.
And I have no more money left.
The ads expiring today.
And about I’m probably awake for about an hour and a half in this terrified mood before my phone rings.
And it’s this girl on the other end, and she goes. Do you still have the?
Ring and I said yeah.
Because I don’t have $1700, I only have 16.
100 would you take that for the ring?
And I go. Yeah, because I’ll.
See you in about an hour.
Sure enough, in our leadership years at my door.
Steps inside and I see the ring. I show her the ring. She goes. That’s beautiful. She closed up. Puts in.
First, hands me $1600 didn’t have.
To ring appraised.
Right. Just hand you $1600 saved. Thanks. I never see her again.
And it was like.
Ohh my God.
And at that time.
That was really what?
Stood out to me, right that.
This was forecasted unfilled exactly there was tolto.

01:00:43 Luisa
You didn’t need more proof than that.

01:00:45 Bob Bloom
Well, oh, I did. Trust me. I need that whole lot more because I’m a doubting Thomas. I’m not.

01:00:47 Luisa
Ohh you did.
OK, that wasn’t enough for you.

01:00:50 Bob Bloom
Like you know.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m a former marine. You got down that dirt drug.
But it did become a cornerstone. Where I I realised, OK, I can trust this voice, but here it didn’t.
Dawn on me at that time.
It was operating outside of time and space.
Because it had to know ahead of time.
What book I?
Was going to pull off the shelf.
Right. It had to know before I went to the library that I was going to the library. It had to know what book I pulled out the shelf and it showed me.
What I was going to see before I saw it.
Which means that.
I don’t think this is.
Just me.
I think we all have access to that.
Right, that we are not time bomb, not our spirits, our bodies, our time bound.
But our spirits are just about limitless. So as an empathic being.
You have these gifts to.
Explore those possibilities right? Just.
So what I would.
Really recommend is just to say.
I’m tired of holding myself back. I’m tired of letting.
Fear rule the loose.
And for me, that meant for three years all I did was when there were two choices and one was frightening and one was comfortable, I made the frightening choice every time. I just kept walking into it.
And that pays huge dividends. And that’s that’s kind of weird. The way these past.
Ohh I gotta tell this story.
What would be the time OK.
And this is only a couple of years ago, so this is.
Like almost the end of the journey.
This chapter of the journey right?
I get to a point where.
I finally see guilt for what it is.
And the way that happened was.
You know, I I don’t know that I remember right off the bat, but I connected to that part of me that thought it’s all my it’s my heart, right? My heart says it’s all my fault.
And I’m like, what so it’s it’s all my fault and all of us. And I realise that what it’s let’s say is it’s that it’s that little kid who.
Not only did they.
Suffer all the abuse.
And the pain and the trauma and.
The abandonment and everything else, but then they blame themselves for it.
And it’s not blaming ourselves for it. That self convicted child, so to speak.
And it just multiplies that pain exponentially. So it’s bad enough that you suffer this and you suffer this and you suffer this and you suffer this.
But the ultimate?
Pain is that we make it our own faults.
And it’s it’s not your fault.
Right, you’re responsible because it’s your life now. If you’re listening to this, you’re liking an adult.
So now it’s time to step into that new role as an adult, and you do that by reparenting that inner child.
And one of those those big things is it’s not your, it’s not your fault, love. And if you’re on a topic, you’ve got a heart filled with love. And if you wonder why the world rejects you is, well, the world doesn’t value love.
The values, money and power and those kinds of things. So don’t take your cues from the world, right. Don’t take your cues from the things around. You just know that that’s who and what you are at your core.
And then more and more, trust yourself to come from that place. And it’s. I’m not. I’m not gonna lie. It’s a scary process. Cause you’re gonna you everything that’s not you is going to die. And every one of those deaths is scary. But eventually you get reborn into this place. Which is what I was referring to. Where?
All of a sudden.
I realised it I I’m not even sure how this happened. It was just.
I fell in love with that heart that had brought me the spiritual being through all these adventures.
It was so.
It’s so courageous, it and so beautiful and always willing to love and always want to make the best of everything that it can.
In spite of everything that happened to it.
And and that’s when.
I fell in love with the.
Heart of the child within.
Now, as the spiritual.
Being who comes to Earth.
I know why I came because I was shown. I came because I was curious about the nature and depth of human suffering.
And so I embodied, along with an intuitive, pathic soul and no memory of what came before. It doesn’t sound the least bit familiar, does it?
And so.
And then we go on this journey we go.
On this adventure.
And as I come out the other end, I have my answer and it really is us. It’s the fear, guilt and shame.
Right. And it’s the guilt more than anything else.
That process out for impasse of reclaiming your innocence.
And your authenticity and having a sense of courage to step into your own truth and to live from that, that’s really the journey.

01:06:18 Luisa
Bob, you’re amazing. I I resonated with so much. I mean everything with what you were saying and what what a beautiful message you have for the world and what a great way.
To end the show.

01:06:29 Bob Bloom
I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

01:06:30 Luisa
Thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. Really, really inspiring.

01:06:35 Bob Bloom
Amazing. And if anybody wants.
To find that book, they can.
Find it out the the laughing

01:06:42 Luisa
I will leave a link also below in.
The show notes.

01:06:44 Bob Bloom
Oh, perfect. I appreciate that very much, Louisa. It’s a pleasure speaking with. Actually, I I did love the talking, but your beautiful presence is wonderful.

01:06:50 Luisa
That was you. You were.
Great. Thank you, Bob. OK, bye, bye.

01:06:56 Bob Bloom
Alright, thank you.

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