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He MET the LIGHT! ATHEIST Awakens. NDE. Near Death Experience & Mystical Experiences | Jack Morrigan

He had a Near-Death Experience that permanently altered his world view.

After this transformation, Jack Morrigan developed telepathic relationships with otherworldly beings including angels and deities. His awakening experiences also revealed the embodiment of non-duality.

Jack is dedicated to supporting you to heal from the wounds of our collective human consciousness and awaken to the magical realities of your own life.

Jack is dedicated to supporting you to heal from the wounds of our insane collective human consciousness and awaken to the magickal realities of your own life. “You can form otherworldly relationships, discover peace of body & mind, live harmoniously in your human connections, have the soul-aligned career of your dreams and enjoy financial abundance. You can do all this, and you don’t have to do it alone.”

Jack was atheist for most of his life and studied medicine and psychology before a chance encounter with a spiritual teacher awakened his consciousness to higher realities. Soon after he went through a kundalini awakening which he describes as “a near-death experience that permanently altered my worldview”. After this transformation he developed telepathic relationships with otherworldly beings including angels and deities. “It was quite a shift in perspective to go from seeing the world as separate from myself with only humans as the intelligent form of life, to the world being simultaneously within and outside me and populated with countless beings far more aware any human I had ever met”. Jack studied with the mystic, Fran Bennett, for 5 years. Fran is part of the spiritual lineages of Thomas Merton, Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche and Adyashanti.

After a long-term relationship ended, The Morrigan, Celtic Deity of Death, Sex and Magick initiated Jack into a tantric romance and they soon became married. “I love Morgana [The Morrigan’s informal name] – she’s my teacher, lover, wife-husband, friend, mother, child, land, goddess – everything. I never knew such a relationship was possible and now I see it as an invaluable bridge between realms that enables the evolution of human consciousness. This is my role, to evolve human consciousness by serving as a bridge between worlds.”

Jack has connections with other deities, including Hela, the Nordic Deity of the Underworld. Hela asked Jack to serve as a vessel and teacher of her Hellraisers programs. “Hela is the creative force behind those programs. I had students going through them and I had no idea what I was going to teach them, then I’d get a download from Hela and I’d suddenly know the whole teaching and I’d have tears in my eyes because I had no idea such a beautiful teaching could flow through me. Hela made it possible. She’s so misunderstood and part of my calling in this life is to fight for her name to be cleared from the taint of anti-pagan propaganda so she can be honoured as the beautiful, loving, sacred being that she is. Her essence is woven into my bones. I am Hela. We all are.”

Jack was called to Mt Etna, an active volcano, in Sicily in October 2022 to perform a ritual at the summit. “I’d been speaking a strange language for some months before my pilgrimage to Mt Etna and when I arrived at the summit I spoke that language into the ash and volcanic rock. It was such a powerful ritual I felt like I was taken to another world.” When he returned his friend informed him the language he spoke was Dragon Light Language and sent him a video of another person speaking in the same way. He was shocked as he’d never heard another person speak like this and realised the potency of the ritual he’d just performed. Moments later a Flight of Dragons introduced themselves to him and soon asked him to found a School of Magick that evolved into My Rising Rose School of Goddess & Dragon Magick.

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Read the FULL Interview Audio Transcript Below.

Transcript Jack Morrigan Interview with Passion Harvest

00:01:01 Luisa
Welcome to passion harvest.

00:01:19 Jack Morrigan
Well, thank you so much for inviting me on. It’s a real pleasure to be here. I always feel very curious when I step into a a situation like this because I.
I don’t plan anything.
And I’m curious where the conversation will take us and what it will bring forward.

00:01:39 Luisa
Me too. It’s kind of like diving into the unknown. Well, maybe it’s known, but that’s a whole nother maybe episode. I would. I mean, I just love the way you describe your experiences. I would love to start for the audience with your near death experience.

00:02:00 Jack Morrigan
So it’s a little different to most near death experiences where someone is actually in real physical danger. Like for me it happened after a period of very intense meditation where I was meditating on the nature of my own being and.
That led into a shift in my consciousness that felt very much like dying. And so I was practicing.
Ramana Maharshi’s teachings Ramana Maharshi’s, a teacher, an Indian and a teacher from the 19th century for the 20th century.
And he has this little book called Nanya, which means who am I?
And it’s it’s really short. And I was just practicing that very.
In, in a very focused way.
And just doing it constantly, like every moment of the day.
And it started to create, first of all, a lot of clarity in my mind, a lot of peace.
And then I started having mystical experiences.
Often when I’d be going to sleep and my consciousness would remain very strong.
Through all that, they.
Sleep. So I would see what that’s like.
And and eventually it led into me having a lucid dream where I was sat in front of a spiritual teacher.
And so I was conscious it was like like now gave me this spiritual teaching, he said. Feel the awareness in your left hand, which I did. And then he said feel the awareness in your right hand, which I did, could feel both my hands and he said the the hands are different. The awareness is 1.
And I realized that like as a direct experience like, I could feel that the awareness that was aware of my left and right hands was the same awareness.
And that recognition?
Caused some kind of reaction inside of my psyche.
Where the dream itself collapsed in on itself.
And everything was plunged Into Darkness.
It didn’t feel like I even had a body. And just like I was some kind of point of consciousness.
And there was darkness all around me. There was light in the distance, and the light got brighter and brighter as it did. I felt this very intense dread.
Fear more intense than I’ve ever felt before, and and as it was building in the light, was growing brighter. There was also like an ecstasy, like I can only describe as an orgasm. Like I literally felt like I was dying and that I was about to die. I think if I fell off a Cliff.
I would probably have a similar feeling, you know, just to give it some kind of a context. Like I didn’t have any context for it like it was some more intense than anything I’d ever thought.
So then I got very close to the light.
And it was all that I could see. But there was some kind of barrier.
Between me and the light.
And I felt this very subtle invitation to cross over that barrier.
To which I was like no ******* way.
Like if I cross over this barrier, I will be annihilated. Like everything that I’ve known myself to be will be destroyed like I like. I’m not that brave.
And then there was some some kind of what felt like an external.
Force or being?
With thinking about it now, like it having some kind of paternal quality to it.
Like this loving kind of. This is for your best interest and it just gave me.
Like a little nudge.
And it pushed me over the.
This threshold and and when it when I crossed that threshold, all the fear completely disappeared.
And as if it had never been there, all I was experiencing was this like.
Like pristine.
And golden light, like that’s all that was there.
It’s a difficult thing to describe because even if we’re.
Having an orgasm like in our body.
There’s other things that are there that are kind of clouding that experience to some extent.
So this was like an orgasm with all of that stuff stripped away.
Which might sound like a really desirable thing, like people might want to hunt after that, but to me like it was just incredibly intense.
It was like.
You know, it’s a sensation turned up to 11.
And this beautiful golden light.
And so after that I came back into my body.
Because I had, like, a thought came in that was like, I hope my.
Body’s OK.
And then I went back into my body.
And that same orgasmic feeling was moving up and down my spine like lightning, just like, really rapid.
From the base of my spine up.
To my neck.
My body was in this very strange posture like that that the force of the energy was so strong it was.
Changing the shape of my body.
I was drenched in sweat.
And eventually it calmed down. And then.
I fell asleep.
I didn’t know anything about Kundalini awakening.
Where it?
Was intense.

00:08:05 Luisa
Wow. So that’s what the the the energy going up and down your spine. It can be described as it quintiliani awakening.

00:08:15 Jack Morrigan
Yeah, I. So I I found out afterwards and.
That in many cultures all over the world they talk about this type of spiritual awakening, where energy is stored at the base of the spine.
And through spiritual.
Practice. It can become awakened and move up and down the spine like lightning.
The accounts that I was reading were really accurately describing what had happened to me.
It’s an interesting thing because a lot of people kind of hunt after this and and want to have this kind of experience and I expect if I hadn’t had it, I probably would too.
And there’s lots of good things that come with it. But you know, it’s a mixed bag. Like with everything in life.
Because it it changed me like it it permanently changed.
My experience of myself and life.

00:09:17 Luisa
Gosh, I’d love to ask you about that in a minute. I just wanna.
Ask you so.
Once you moved through or were pushed through.
The the barrier.
You said it might have been some sort of maternal figure. You lost. All your fear was dissolved.
Was that a relief?

00:09:37 Jack Morrigan
Ohh yeah, it was amazing. Yeah, it was like this huge burden had been taken away.
You know, and I’d, I’d never felt that before.
Like it really highlighted, like how much fear is a constant part of the background of my life.
And and to not have it, there was amazing. I felt so light.

00:10:03 Luisa
Well, I would say many of our lives have. Many people have have filled with fear.
And once you cross the threshold or the barrier, you saw this huge. It’s so hard to describe in words. You’re doing a great job, but what do you think the gold and how what would you say was the golden light?

00:10:20 Jack Morrigan
Yeah, like I, I’ve managed to piece parts of that together since and I see it as the light of our being. Like all the light of the soul.
In now you can go through lots of religious texts and and stories of Mystics, and they talk about us primarily being like.
You know.
And so that’s what it was like. I feel like my mind was coming in contact with my own essence.
Like a truer part of who I am that’s more constant.
So my soul or our being the light of being, I believe that’s what it was.
There’s a lot to say about that, like and how that has then.
Kind of woven into my life.
And as an understanding.
You know, generally we think that we are the person like I am this person I.
Am this body.
And on one level, we are.
But there are more fundamental levels to who we are that if we can awaken to them.
Then it can give a context to our lives that can bring in a lot of.

00:11:38 Luisa
Peace area of the Golden light. You describe the the point of creation. Some people call it source or or God.
Is there still a part of you there?
I’m putting this in human terms, but.
And and my other question is and I.
Just have to ask you.
Is it over there or is it here?

00:12:02 Jack Morrigan
Yeah, it’s great. Great questions. Yeah. So it’s here.
It’s always been here.
And so there’s a few interesting parts to it, like so this light like.
I feel the light is almost.
Like not the most.
Is not the source almost. It’s like the light comes from the source.
And the light is somehow eternal and constant in itself, but there’s a source.
To the light.
That isn’t even like like it’s.
Even in a sense even less than that, or even purer than that.
And to me, that’s like the here and now.
And so that here and now is always here and now.
Like, that’s the origin of all experience. Like, that’s the most constant part of our lives. Like, no matter what’s happened in your life, it always happens here and now.
00:13:08 Speaker 1
Whether you’re awake or whether you’re dreaming can always recognise that it’s happening here and now.
And that light also has that quality of being here and now, and one of the reasons that I know that for sure is that I see it all the time now.
And five.
Shortly after that experience, I started being able to see it.
And so I can see it around every single object and in my vision and feel it as well.
So it’s like everything is kind of humming with and and shining with this light. That is the origin of all of these things.
And actually is who we are.
You know, we all are this light and we all are. The source of this light.
It’s just that we’ve temporarily forgotten that.

00:14:05 Luisa
Thank you. That was beautiful.
You you it’s kind of explained. But when you talk about who are we? Well, who are? Who are we? What are we?
It’s a big question, but.
I know. I’m sorry I’m giving you.
Hard ones here.

00:14:22 Jack Morrigan
No, no, it’s good. It’s good.
And it’s interesting because because hearing these questions and talking about it, it evokes energies within my body and.
And deeper understanding and awareness.
Surely before this kundalini experience happened, I had my first ever spiritual experience which came about when I was.
Basically atheist.
And it was.
A recognition that there’s this peaceful presence that exists.
And I was able to quiet my mind enough to experience it.
And it was really breathtaking and surprising that there was this level of peace.
And that I could access, but it it felt like it was something external.
Like I’m here, this human being looking at that presence and it’s wonderful and I’m happy about that.
But over the years.
Following the kundalini awakening.
I’ve had a growing sense that.
Actually I am that presence.
And that’s, you know, it’s taken a long time for that to sink in and it’s happened gradually. Sometimes it’s more obvious than at other times.
But there are times where it’s very strong and for me it’s often when I.
Go to a cafe.
And sit there surrounded by people.
And I’m just sat there by myself quietly, and I can feel.
The ocean of our being.
And it will move me to tears because.
I’m looking at all these people.
And I know that each and every one of them is like a wave on the surface of this being.
And they are all that being and that that’s all there is.
So who are we?
Like we are, we are being.
And then.
That can sound abstract.
And so it needs to be explored.
Individually like we need to explore that on a personal level to understand what that means for us and to experience it directly.
Because then you just know.
And it’s.
Surprisingly easy to know.
It’s who you are.
Like so it’s it’s a you just remember.
And and you remember.
When you stop.
Buying into.
The fantasy and the belief.
That you’re something other than.
Who you are.
And why do we forget? Why do what people call it the veils placed upon?
Us why is this?
So one of the.
Other things that happened following the Kundalini Awakening was they started to connect with other.
Beings, deities and things like that. Things that I totally thought were completely fictional.
But now have quite a.
Relatively detailed understanding of of who and what they are and.
In relation to me and human beings, but through connecting with these beings, I have a greater understanding of.
And and why these things have happened.
So the cosmos is a single living being.
And each of us is like a cell.
Within the body of the cosmos.
Each of us is going on our own journey, yet we are completely and separate.
From the cosmos as well.
And we are the same being that the cosmos is so we are all one.
Each of us as individuals is going through a process of living and awakening.
A deepening of our understanding of ourself.
And as we know from our own experience, that has ups and downs.
It has moments of clarity and moments of confusion.
The move in a.
Continual spiral.
Sometimes you know, we revisit old things. That’s why I say spiral. It seems like we’re going backwards, but in actuality we’re just spiralling through the same ground.
So our life moves through seasons.
You know, we have our summers where everything’s clear and we have our winters. When everything’s cold and withdrawn.
But that process of.
Expansion in the summer and contraction in the winter.
Fuels are awakening through.
The movement of experience, our awareness becomes stronger. We burn through our ignorance through that.
The Cosmos does the same thing.
You know, there’s a famous saying as above, so below as below so above like.
What applies to us as smaller beings also applies to faster beings like the cosmos.
So the cosmos moves through seasons and it moves through seasons in different parts of itself at different times.
So right now there’ll be parts of the cosmos that are in summer.
Parts that are deeply awake to.
Itself as being and all the.
Arts of the Cosmos, all the all the beings. You know, the individuals in that area will deeply understand who they are and live from that place and be in a wonderful place.
But there are parts of the cosmos.
That are impacted.
And a very disconnected.
So there’s horrible things happening. You know it’s it’s the opposite.
That’s what we’re in.
We’re in that winter.
You know.
And we can look around us and see the evidence of that all around us, the disconnection.
The loss of.
Awareness of who we are, the the madness that we’re suffering from.
But that madness has a context.
And the context is that it’s part of the natural movement of the seasons of the Cosmos, which inevitably lead to the awakening of the cosmos.
Over time.
So we could look at our situation now and think this is so despairing and awful.
This is all happening.
Or we could look at this situation and go. We are incredible courageous beings because we have chosen to Incarnate into a realm that is in the depths of winter so that we can play our parts in the awakening of the cosmos, which is like the grandest masterpiece that we could ever.
00:22:13 Speaker 1
Pot and.

00:22:15 Luisa
Beautiful. I usually sometimes ask this question towards the end, but how can how? How can we live to assist the cosmos and and and to nourish our soul and be the best version of ourselves?

00:22:29 Jack Morrigan
The simple answer to that is that that’s what you’re doing.
You’re already doing that.
I think sometimes we put a real burden on ourselves to try to.
Kind of be the best that we can be and and we.
We lose sight of what we’re already doing.
What we’re already providing.
So some of the beings that I work with, they will say things like.
We admire you so much because we know what you have sacrificed.
To be here.
We know that you have come from.
These incredible heavenly realms that you cannot possibly conceive of now.
And you have chosen to give that up for the benefit of the cosmos. And that’s true of every single one of you.
Every single one, no exceptions, it doesn’t matter.
How wonderful and magnificent you are, or how terrible and awful you are. It that remains true for every single one of you.
So you’ve already.
Done it.
You’ve already given so much.
So that’s, that’s the given that you know you’ve got that.
Then it’s the kind of. Then it’s a question of.
Awareness, I think.
It’s like OK.
What can I do in my life to be more aware now?
Because we’re constantly presented with Crossroads.
Like I had a situation recently where I went through a breakup.
Like a romantic breakup. And I was presented with the crossroads.
Like do I want to go into?
Frustration and bitterness and sadness and fear.
Or do I want to choose something different?
And normally I would have chosen.
The frustration and fear and just unconsciously gone into that, that’s like my pattern.
But this time it was different.
Like I saw that happening, I reached out for help. Someone gave me a really good pointer.
I chose to take that pointer.
And I what I saw.
Was that?
There was an opportunity to let love win.
That day.
And instead of serving my own fears.
I chose.
It’s gonna make me cry.
I chose to serve love.
And in such a way.
That this wasn’t like an idea.
Like it was completely tangible, like in my body and I was having mystical experiences around it where I realized that I am love.
And that we all are.
And that by being loving.
To my partner during our breakup.
It was.
Allowing love to enter.
This world.
And my humanity and hers.
And it showed me that.
That’s what I’m supposed to be in service to, to love itself.
Which is me.
And everyone.

00:26:18 Luisa
Ohh I feel like giving you a big hug.
What a guy, really. It’s amazing, but I mean.
I I just loved your explanation that you had the choice to choose above that day. But why? What would? What would be your advice to people that suffer? We can suffer so much in our humanness.

00:26:42 Jack Morrigan
Like it’s it’s a matter of timing like so we all have our timing.
Even shortly before that, I wasn’t ready for that.
I really wouldn’t want anybody to hear this and start thinking that they’re supposed to do that.
Every time and put some kind of burden on themselves.
Like to live up to some kind of standard because I don’t live up to that standard. You know, I think it’s easy to to watch something like this and go.
To to kind of assume that I’m in that place all the time.
And I’m not.
You know, yesterday I was getting frustrated about tiny things. I didn’t even really know why.
You know, so I I slipped down a bit and I really want to be honest about all of that, because I think there’s a lot of people who.
Go through these kinds of experiences and start.
Speaking publicly about them and then.
Only shared the.
The UPS and don’t share the downs.
And I I really, really want to be.
And and show my humanity. When?
I talk about this.
It’s like I’m in there with you.
So what people can do? Sometimes the only thing that you can do is just put 1 foot in front of the other.
Like sometimes the pain and the suffering is so much that there’s nothing else that you can do and you can’t get out of it.
Right. And that’s OK.
Like you’re still contributing to all of everything I’ve spoken about.
Is still fully involved. Is still.
Part of it you’re still worthy.
You’re still worthy of existing. You still belong here.
Your suffering does not mean that you don’t belong.
Sometimes that’s what’s needed, and that’s all that you can do.
Sometimes when you’re in that place, you need to reach out for support. If there’s people that you know who.
You trust?
Who can help you to come out of that spiral?
Because really, it’s like a spiral of negative thinking and feeling.
And ultimately.
It’s a kind of dream.
It’s a kind of delusion, but when we’re really stuck in it.
That’s often not the right.
Approach to how you know we need to be human and compassionate toward that.
That as as your awareness starts to build and become stronger, you will start to have a choice.
So that’s something that happens over time. Initially, there isn’t much choice.
But as your awareness becomes stronger, you do get the opportunity to choose.
So then you can say.
Do I want to go down this road of suffering? Do I want to fuel this suffering?
And you can reach a point where you can.
See yourself doing it.
Like I’m feeding suffering with my life force with my attention.
OK, I’m going to choose to give attention to something else.
I’m going to choose to create for myself.
Something happier.
And this.
But it changes every time and.
We move in a spiral, so there’ll be days where that’s easier and days where that’s harder. And I think one of the things.
I’ve learned is to.
See that you know and not beat myself up on the days where I’m spiraling down and and understand.
That there’s like a deeper purpose to to.
That you know.

00:30:49 Luisa
I love how you explained before about the reincarnation and higher beings that have chosen to Incarnate on this, in our humanness, for for the benefit of the benefit of the Galaxy or the universe or whatever terminology you choose to use.
You spoke.
A few times about the angels and the dieties or deities, depending what your accent is. Do you mind sharing more of those experiences? Who are they? What are they and how do they assist?

00:31:25 Jack Morrigan
So who are they? Fundamentally they are us.
Like we are them.
So I started having experiences and out of body experiences when.
Shortly after that Big Kundalini awakening.
And I started meeting beings.
And that led into meeting angels. They always struggle to talk about this because they are so beautiful.
It’s hard hard to put it into words.
It’s like they’re so loving.
And so pure.
But it makes me cry.
Like even just thinking about them.
Like it reminds me.
Of their energy.
And it’s like it’s shocking.
It’s shocking to me like how anything can be that pure.
And something about it, it just cleanses my heart.
So yeah, I had experiences of meeting them.
And hearing their voices.
And one in particular.
So first of all, every time I’ve met those beings like, it’s so obvious that I am them and that they are me.
And I mean.
That of all of us. I’m not trying to single myself out special like I’m saying.
That they’re so pure that.
Being or God, if you like, it’s just so vibrant and shining through them that it’s easy to see. It creates this clarity. Similar things happen, you know, with Saints and Mystics like where they’re so clear. They’re just this very clear mirror of our divinity back to ourselves.
And sometimes we we mistake that for their specialness. But in in actuality, what we’re experiencing is the incredible beauty and peace of our own being.
The the good Mystics will often talk about that like that. Then there is.
So the same is true the angels. When I met them.
So they they helped me to see that.
On another level.
So it’s like, so the cosmos is 1 being, but that includes all of these different levels of reality. So including the heavens.
Those are just like different levels of the same being.
That are populated with all these different.
Beings or creatures or whatever you want to call them.
But in his sense, what they all are is just one psyche.
That’s what we all are like. We’re one mind.
Could call the cosmos a mind if he wanted.
So we’re all part of that.
Just like in a dream.
All the different characters represent different parts of your psyche.
The same is true of our waking lives, including all the mystical experiences.
All these beings in the heavens are actually just a higher part of your own mind.
You know, in a sense like a higher thought or a purer thought.
Or more spiritually intuned level of your own psyche.
We can experience them as separate from ourselves, in the same way as we do with our bodies.
Yet on another level, they are us.
And they can teach us a lot about ourselves. And that goes both ways. They learn about a lot about themselves by interacting with us.
Because they are, they are very clear on the fact that we are all one. Like sometimes I wondered like, why are the angels even coming to help? Why are these beings even coming to help?
And at the time I realized that it’s because it makes complete sense.
Like because it’s like one hand bandaging the other hand when it’s been cut.

00:36:13 Luisa
Beautiful explanation. Thank you so much. I’ve also got one more question for you. It’s one of my.
Favorite topics? Do you mind just talking briefly about your the Dragons or your Dragon experience?

00:36:31 Jack Morrigan
Like a few months after I after my counseling awake, and I’d had all these experiences with angels and deities and everything and.
I was walking through London where I was living at the time and I in my mind’s eye I could see this huge dragon like just flying through the sky and like coming up to me it was green Dragon.
And I was like.
I’m losing it.
I can get on board with angels and deities like my psyche can handle that the Dragons like.
I must be going mad like.
That can’t be real.
So I blocked it.
I was like, no, and I didn’t see them again for years.
And and it was actually only last year, in October, I felt really cold to go to Sicily.
And so I went there and I was near Mount Etna.
I had been speaking this language that I didn’t understand for maybe a year at this point. Like just saying all these words and they seem to carry like a a frequency of vibration that made me feel peaceful and calm and powerful.
You know that was going on and then I.
I felt like I was supposed to do a ritual at the top of Mount Etna.
So I go up there and.
I perform this ritual and I film myself doing it.
And I instinctively start speaking that language that I’d been speaking just felt like the right thing to do.
Felt all this energy moving through me and then I just felt this incredible peace.
It was beautiful. Amazing.
I came back down.
From the mountain, when I sent the video to a friend of mine and she was like ohh you should look at this YouTube video.
And I so I watched this video and it’s a guy and he’s speaking with the exact same.
Style of language that I was speaking in and it blew my mind because I was like.
I don’t know where this language has even come from, like and I’ve never heard anyone who speaking it.
And this guy was speaking it and the title of the video was dragging light language.
Yeah, it it blew my mind and.
I think minutes after that I just felt this wall of energy, just like one. Like just hit me so strong.
And this dragon started speaking to me.
And because I realized I’d gone up and mount, I’d gone up a volcano, an active volcano. I actually went up there on Halloween. So, like this day, when the veils between rounds and the thinnest.
And performed A ritual speaking dragon like language into an active volcano.
And he was the dragon was like you don’t. You didn’t realize what you’ve done. Like what you’ve, you know, you’ve opened yourself to to us, you know. And we’re here.
You know, and this was always meant to happen like that, you were going to form this connection.
So I started to grow accustomed to that energy. It didn’t feel as intense over time and.
So many of them introduced themselves over the following weeks, and there’s been 10 so far.
Each one with a completely different energy.
And seven of them relate to the seven chakras. They each have their own color and quality.
And personality.
And they’ve been explaining to me.
The nature of the cosmos like what I was saying to you about the winters. You know the seasons. They explained that to me.
And they said, you know, we have come because it’s time for humanity to return.
Like the great return?
Because we’ve been in like a seed, a seed of consciousness trapped within itself.
But the seed is opening.
And that opening isn’t just.
Down to humanity. It’s not just in humanity’s hands.
And there are many, many beings from all over the cosmos that are coming to aid this awakening.
And and these Dragons are part of that.
Sometimes I reflect back on.
On my life, you know, I was training to be a doctor and I I worked in.
Psychological science like I’ve got published research articles.

00:41:31 Luisa
Amazing life doesn’t always work out as planned, does it?

00:41:31 Jack Morrigan
So to hear this.
Yeah, I’m. I’m glad you’re very fortunate.

00:41:45 Luisa
Ohh well thank.
You so much for sharing those experiences. I will leave a link below in the show notes. But Jack, where’s the best place for people to connect with you?

00:41:55 Jack Morrigan
Yeah. So it’s my website, which is my rising that’s named after the Dragons. They told me they’re the Dragons of the rising row.
And I do healing sessions with people. I also channel these beings with people, so I channel the Dragons and then they do healing sessions for people.
And also my Facebook. I’m Jack Morgan on Facebook. That’s where I’m most active.

00:42:22 Luisa
Well, I guess what I’d like to say is that if the is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion and harvest audience that.
I haven’t asked you.

00:42:42 Jack Morrigan
Yeah. So some of you will be losing hope.
Yeah, because we’re disconnected.
We’ve lost our place.
And we feel.
Like we don’t belong, and we’re overwhelmed with everything that’s happening. There’s so much happening in this world.
And sometimes that can feel bleak, and sometimes it can feel like where?
It doesn’t have the purpose.
And we don’t have a purpose.
You do.
Even if you did absolutely nothing for the rest of your life, you would have purpose because you exist.
And because you are completely inseparable from our living world and the whole cosmos, which is.
And its core.
True love.
And everything that you’re going through in your life.
Is an expression of true love. Even you’re suffering because you’re suffering for something greater than yourself, even if you don’t remember that.
Which makes it even more beautiful.
That you would forget.
That you can remember.
You can remember.
And as you remember, it changes your life.
There is hope and you have purpose.
So keep going.

00:44:15 Luisa
What an amazing, beautiful message to in the show. Jack, thank you so much for being on passion Harvest. Wow, wow.
Can’t wait to really listen to this episode. Thank you so much.

00:44:28 Jack Morrigan
Yes. So welcome. Thank you for having me.

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