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EXIT the REINCARNATION TRAP! What REALLY Happens In the Afterlife! Quantum Travel, Timelines, Extra Terrestrial, Reincarnation Trap | Isabella Green

What happens after death? Is reincarnation entrapment awaiting you? How do we prepare for the final departure, and is the departure really final?

Isabella Greene travels beyond the veil and explores realities of other dimensions in search of the answers to her most burning questions. One of these questions was about exiting the cycle of reincarnation on Earth. She also journeys to explore past life memories, beings that greet us after death and astral projection into Heaven and Hell and much more.

Isabella is the author of LEAVING THE TRAP: How to Exit Reincarnation Cycle.

Isabella A. Greene is a Metaphysical Specialist, Spiritual Healer and the author of “LEAVING THE TRAP: How to Exit Reincarnation Cycle”. Isabella is in service to evolution of consciousness and ascension of humanity. She helps people access and embody their higher essence on Earth.

​​With strong paranormal gifts since childhood, years of advanced yogic practices and pure lifestyle, Isabella has accumulated a wealth of insights and experience, deepened her own abilities and is now sharing her discoveries with others.

After years of living life to the fullest, travelling the world, working in Financial Services Industry and “playing” in the New York “underground” music scene; Isabella had a re-awakening and became a Metaphysical Specialist, Spiritual Healer and a modern day Mystic.

Isabella studied numerous modalities, philosophies and schools of thought and was strongly influenced by the work of Dr Joe Dispenza.

She is certified in life coaching, energy work, Reiki and hypnosis but her intuitive and paranormal abilities led to creation of her own unique method of healing work. As a result, Isabella’s following and spiritual healing practice has grown internationally.

Isabella now lives in purity and service surrounded by gorgeous Arizona landscape. Along with personal remote sessions offered worldwide, she also offers workshops, speaking engagements and guided meditations.

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Read the FULL Interview Audio Transcript Below.

Transcript Isabella Greene Interview with Passion Harvest

00:01:05 Luisa
Welcome to the show.

00:01:23 Isabella Greene
Thank you for having me. I’ve been looking forward to this.

00:01:27 Luisa
Isabella, a big congratulations on your book leaving the trap. How to exit the reincarnation cycle. I’ve got so many questions for you, but I guess the first one is how do we never reincarnate again?

00:01:42 Isabella Greene
Thank you for that. But well, I think that it takes a little work and it takes a little practise and preparation, but it is doable and achievable within this lifetime if a person desires to no longer continue being recycled within the Earth.
When a lot of people prefer to be recycled within their when they love it here and I had people asking me questions such as like why would I even want to get out of the incarnation cycle? So these are the ones who are staying, but the ones who want to.
Go can go through some practises and exercises and prepare themselves both emotionally, mentally and also in a way of learning to operate their non physical form while still alive. These are the recommendations that I give in my book.
And so I am. I’m pretty sure that they’re going to be able to hop out once they take their final breath and after this life.
So we so.
We have a choice whether to reincarnate or not.
This is the main idea. We’re not usually presented with this choice. We’re not presented with this choice by the handlers of their incarnation cycle. Who those who had near death experiences can confirm that it’s always kind of going around in circles.
Until you agree to go back and it’s the same after you pass. And so it’s because it’s the same dimension, the afterlife dimension handled by the same kind.
Beings so that, but we’re not really taught here on Earth. Now that information is starting to come out. But we were never taught that there was a different option. And just knowing that you can, if you want to is very important.

00:03:42 Luisa
Thanks, Isabella. So for those that haven’t read your book yet, and I do recommend you do, what are some tips you could offer? The Passion harvest audience of how if they choose to not to reincarnate again?

00:03:55 Isabella Greene
Well, first of all, it’s very important to prepare emotionally and mentally, because since day one here and since the very inception of the human race, we were conditioned that we are inferior to the spirits and angelic looking beings that pop in and start.
Trying to convince us to reincarnate again, they give us our our life review and tell us that we’re not good enough. We didn’t do so good. We need to go back.
And so, first of all, teaching yourself that you are a sovereign being who is as celestial and as divine as any operation that’s talking to you, so that you have discernment and not blindly and not blindly following.
What they’re telling you that’s number one. Number two. Conditioning of feeling guilty. A lot of people feel guilty for their own existence here and also conditioning.
Of feeling not good enough, which goes hand in hand with what with what I just said. But it’s also something that is being pressured onto us. The number one wound that the humanity has is feeling inadequate or feeling unworthiness.
And since the whole industrial complex started couple a couple 100 years ago.
That’s been utilised in markets and and and consumerism and just being you’re being pressured to believe that you’re not good enough unless you have this car, you have this job or you have some material possession. But so we’ve been conditioned to believe that we’re not good enough from all directions.
And so I recommend if you want to get out of their incarnation, cycle is to do the inner healing work so that you are able to.
To get past this condition and heal this wound within yourself. So when you face the handlers, they are not able to guilt trip you or tell you you are not good enough and and convince you that you need to go into better another thing.
Is what I call, so this is guilt tripping. Guilt tripping is used very, very efficiently by the handlers of the reincarnation cycle. But there’s also what I call love trapping.
And that is.
Something that we do here when we’re really in love, we say, oh, I’ll see you in the next lifetime. A lot of people say to their loved ones. I would loved you. I would love you cross time. I’ll. I’ll love you in my next lifetime or on the deathbed people say I’ll see you in my next life.
So if you you have created this kind of vows with your loved ones, these are definitely going to be shown to you.
And you’re going to be presented with again feeling guilty that ohh if you don’t go back, then that soul is waiting for you in vain and you’re breaking your word. Also. I just suggest that you go into.
11 agreements, 11 contracts. Loving relationships here as much as you want to, but make sure that you have closure with the.
Is by the end of the lifetime, so that you are not guilt tripped or pressured based on these vows to come back. So these are the foundational ideas. There are more in my book, but these are the cornerstones of.
Preparing yourself emotionally and mentally if you face negotiations with the handlers.

00:08:02 Luisa
And just to thank you, thank you. And just to what what are the handlers?

00:08:07 Isabella Greene
These are the beings that run the reincarnation cycle. Earth is surrounded by what we know is the astral plane. And because I’ve done a lot of astral projecting in early in my life and then I started what I call quantum travel and past that dimension.
And looking back.
And I also had a couple of near death experiences, and I’ve also interviewed a lot of people who were discussed, not, didn’t really interview, but talked to a lot of people who had near death experiences. I’ve come to the conclusion that the astral plane is what encompasses the afterlife.
That’s where the afterlife dimension is. This is where the near death experiences take place, and this is where we go after we pass, and that realm is operating, or that whole system of incarnation is operated by.
The shape shifts in beings that some call arcons, but you don’t really. They’re going to present to you what you believe in.
If you believe in Jesus Christ, you go into face of Jesus Christ. But it’s not the real.
Thing if you.
Believe in angelic beings. You’re going to be surrounded by angelic beings if you are in hinduist tradition, for example, and you believe in Krishna, you’re going to faith meet that being there.
Telling you that you have to go.
Go back if you don’t believe in any of these. You’re going to see your loved ones or the ones that you miss the most greet you and tell you that you need to go back because they literally shape shift into just anything that is going to be the most convincing for you.

00:10:03 Luisa
Wow. I mean, that certainly explains one of the theories of why everyone has so such different near death experiences. What whether you call them arcons or shape shift is what, what, how do they profit from?
This reincarnation experience what? What have they got? What’s in it for them?

00:10:23 Isabella Greene
Well, there is a belief that they are harvesting energy, vital energy of the human beings. That energy is called loosh I. After I wrote the book, people started reaching out to me saying that that term was coined by Robert Monroe. I never read Robert Monroe.
Never even heard of him until after I published the book and started giving the interviews and people start reaching out to me, saying.
But it is the vital energy of the human being that is especially delicious for the handler is when we are in suffering. So all gradations of suffer. And if you zoom out and look at the whole human experience, I mean suffering.
For the majority of the population is pretty much a standard kind of type of living. We don’t even notice that we have these beliefs like no, no pain, no gain. Love hurts. And like that kind of stuff.
But it’s very much ingrained in the human psyche that we have to suffer to get something in life that we have to suffer just to that. It’s just the way it is. But the suffering is what produces the highest amount of that energy. And this is what the handler is.
Profit or actually live off of.

00:11:52 Luisa
It sounds kind of scary, in my humanness.
I have heard that.
The the more negative we are or.
Suffer or in?
A fear based state. The more energy that’s produced. Also the other question is.
Are these thoughts our own?

00:12:11 Isabella Greene
I would suggest that there is a whole different structure to our thoughts because I work with people. I do spiritual, human work and I always start with childhood conditioning and then we have entities who attracted.
To the wounds that the person experienced during childhood conditioning, and let’s mention that the person came in into a specific family because they.
Or pain of the karma. You know, that’s what they they were sent back to Earth to do. And so the family produces the kind of suffering and the kind of trauma is that continues recreating or creating that kind of trauma. And so.
So that the entities are track.
Said. And so the person carries what’s called or attachments or or hitchhikers. And the energy field. And that is something that is the next layer. And these energies or these spirits that they dwell around Earth plane and they amplify the thoughts.
That the person is already having based on the childhood condition and so there.
Are a few.
Layers to that, but it’s all interconnected. This is why when I do the healing work, I go on to.
All I look.
At all of it, so that the person can.
And correct the entire package for themselves.

00:13:45 Luisa
Amazing, so complicated and intricate.
How would we best avoid?
The handlers or the arcons?
I’m trying to think of the right word here taking out.
Energy would it be?
Such as getting happier or being in a more positive frame of mind.

00:14:08 Isabella Greene
Yeah, but faking it. You know, there’s this whole, like, High Vibe Tribe kind of idea that you always just like. Yeah, but that’s fake because there is a lot of pain behind it. And that’s just the way of escaping and also the self love very often is used as a mask. Ohh, I love myself. I love myself.
You put that person in front of the mirror for 30 minutes and then they cried because that was just the thing that they believe that they’re supposed to be saying and doing but it.
Hides the trauma even deeper. So, uh, the true path, in my opinion, is going into processing and releasing the traumas, and it’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight. And yeah, developing a more positive.
Outlook on things because.
Everything. Technically everything is neutral. Everything how we respond to it, how we how we react to things. That’s what make it good or bad. Technically, you know, of course there are, you know, big things that are.
Bad by definition, but in our everyday life, how responsive thing to things determines what we feel, what we think. So there are three. There’s a formula. What you think, what you feel and what you focus on.
Determines your state of being the state of your energy and the state of the field that you carry, and your vibrational state, and so that also creates the match to what you experience within this reality to which you draw to yourself by the law of attraction.
But if you have learned to generate inner peace, you’ve done your inner work, and even if you’re in the process of doing inner work, every next step will take you to the next octave of your of vibrational state, and then you meditate in and you are doing spiritual practises to generate.
Inner peace and stay in balance. That’s plenty, and you will reach. You will naturally reach the state not of the burning high excitement, but the state of peaceful content.
Moment and that’s neutral. So you’re not feeding anyone in that space in my opinion.

00:16:42 Luisa
Umm you did?
Mention the law of attraction in that in that in some way we create our reality by our thoughts. Do can you expand on that little a little bit more for the audience?

00:16:53 Isabella Greene
Please. Yes, of course.
The question why is this always happening to me?
Right. There are some people that experienced the same thing over and over. That’s source from a childhood condition. And let’s say a person felt overpowered by their primary caretakers. And so they step out of the house and as they are constantly expecting to be attacked.
From all directions and because they are expected to be attacked and they are also feeling that anything can just come in and overpower them. That’s the childhood imprint.
It happens. They see it in everyday life and they constantly they’re just constantly trying to get away from that. And this is just the neutral vibrational match to the childhood trauma that took place or the childhood imprint condition, and that took place when they were little or another thing.
Or with relationships like love and print.
I do exercises with people when they come to to me for Sessions where I show them what is running behind the scenes, what’s generating their reality for them, what conditioning is generate, and even those who who’s been, who’ve been through therapy, they are always.
Maybe they have, like, an aha moment with that short exercise that I give them so the love imprint, for example, if the child was conditioned since birth, that love was abusive.
And they didn’t know any better because when the child is brought into a home, they expect it’s a natural instinct that they are loved. That’s that’s what’s imprinted in in their subconscious mind. They come out of the their parents home and they are.
The most attracted out of 100 people in the front of them, they will be the most attracted to the one who would reproduce that same love imprint with them, and they keep are going to keep saying.
Why am I always in abusive relationships? So this is the neutral vibrational law. There is no punishment in it whatsoever. What we put out, we get back what we are vibrating is shown back to us from the outer reality.
So correcting what’s going on internally also corrects the outer reality.

00:19:28 Luisa
You know, so true, so interesting. Sometimes it’s hard in our, in our humanness, just a question that that came to me. Many of the audience have lost loved ones and are grieving or mourning or missing their loved ones. What? What is your advice for them?

00:19:44 Isabella Greene
Talk to them.
My advice is talk to them because they didn’t go all that far.
I know that from my own experience with my father, my father passed last year and I was able to communicate with him as soon as he was out of his physical body, more so than when he was alive, because the telephone or or anything was no longer required.
And I also work with people who.
Even in grief not, I don’t. I don’t specialise in grief, but sometimes they come in for the whole entire session and then mention that, you know, like they they can’t get over their father passing or whatever. Very often I just invite that spirit into the session. And that spirit talks to them.
It tells them I don’t channel that people, but I kind of transcribe what they’re saying because I can hear what they’re saying literally as soon as I call them in, I can I start hearing communication from them. So I I convey the message to the people and and it makes it much easier.
For them, literally, it generates closure for the people because.
The whole thing is that you feel that they’re gone forever and there is no way to reach to them or talk to them or feel their presence. But they are around. They they are able to observe you. They are able to send you messages very often. These messages come through music. Birds carry the messages from the other side.
Or mediums you know just and there are people who specialise in communication with the other side, for example.
Rinaldi is the last name II, Sonia Rinaldi, Sonia Rinaldi and the the documentaries on YouTube, and she has a website that she created, the device that actually generates the images and the voice of the person from the other side.
You can literally see and hear your loved one from the other side. It’s incredible.

00:22:00 Luisa
It’s it’s so fascinating and I guess you said talk to them, but maybe.
It’s just.
We have to be mindful. They’re not going to be communicating in the same way. You can’t pick up the tilt. They’re not necessarily going to communicate in words you might not.
Hear the whole.
Conversation it’s it’s a different means of communication.

00:22:16 Isabella Greene
Right. It definitely is more telepathic, although I did. I do hear words quite often. The beings from.
Higher dimensions do not use words. Use concept.
But they loved ones the human souls. They very often use words, and sometimes they’ll be just one short phrase or a couple words. But I could hear my my father loud and clear in words. So the ones, the ones, the ones who.
Within the human realm and the human afterlife, they do use word.
Yeah, although again the messages can come in as music. Let’s say you wake up and there is a song, a chorus of the song, with specific words. Just playing in your mind. Look at the words that could be the message from your loved one. Very often they communicate in that way. If they cannot reach.
To the person, and if the person is in high grief, they’re heartbroken and everything is contracted. They’re not able to hear anything other worldly, then the loved ones are not able to reach out to them in words.

00:23:36 Luisa
Thank you. You you travel beyond the veil.
Have and still do all the time. I’d love to ask you about this first. I guess you did detail it.
A little bit.
But what happens when we die, when our physical body dies?

00:23:53 Isabella Greene
I’ve observed a few different scenarios and these short observations in my book at the beginning of my book I give examples, and so I’ve observed that sometimes there is just a tunnel of white light.
Sometimes I’ve I’ve seen there are two tunnels. One of them is of a different kind of light, different quality and different kind of beings there which are extraterrestrials that they participate in in our reincarnation cycle. Sometimes it is just extraterrestrial beings there. And that’s more for the soul.
That perhaps is connected to this particular consciousness, and especially for those who have been interacting with the non terrestrial consciousness. But there are certain planets that are involved in.
Earth’s reality and a certain level of developed consciousness development. So you come out of the body and there’s going to be you’re going to be vacuumed into one or the other. Most commonly it’s the tunnel of white light. There is this, like, blast of white light and you light through it and and it spits you into the afterlife.
And you face immediately face the beings there and they present you with the life review and then you make you agree to go back to Earth after a little bit of rest, usually about three years in Earth time. And I just.
And just gauge that through the sessions that I do because I read past lives for people and I notice that about three years in, in our time goes by before the person returns, sometimes more, sometimes less. But this is just the general kind of scenario. The number one thing to know.
Is that it’s a relief. We’re all terrified of of passing, but.
It’s an incredible sense of relief. I know this from my own near death experiences, but also from what my father told me from the other side after he passed. You’re not dragging the physical body on yourself and your longer, so there is this lightness, there’s no more.
Pain. There is no more emotional pain. There’s no more physical pain, and there is a certain sense.
Liberation of freedom, although that freedom is not.
Not as all encompassing as we wish it to be, because you’re still within the constraints of their incarnation cycle, but.
It is a.
Relief getting out of the body is much easier than being in the body in in my perspective. So this is what I know.
But there is also a different way of you. You asked about going out of body. So we’re.
Talking, passing away, and we’re talking astral projection. But there’s a different way of travelling out of body that I practise now and that’s I call that quantum travel and that’s a whole entirely different ball game.

00:27:12 Luisa
Oh my gosh, that sounds amazing. I’d love to ask you about that in a minute in a minute, but just in the.
The astral plane or where we rest for a certain period of time. You called it a restful place, but before you mentioned we also see.
Based on our beliefs, whether we believe in Jesus or God or Krishna.
Does this do our beliefs encompass what we experience as well? During this astral phase after that?
And the the even the afterlife.
The afterlife dimension.

00:27:47 Isabella Greene
I’ve observed that it’s the beings that greet you that come in different shapes and forms depending on your beliefs. But as the actual after level dimension is pretty much the same, but it has variations like if you.
Expect the garden. You’re going to be in the garden if you expect.
Any but see like something that you have in mind that is like heaven. Like that’s what you’re going to experience. But it’s a you’ll see the transparency of yourself and the lightness of being and transparency of the souls and beings around you. You will also feel kind of the music.
This fears, and it’s not really, you’re not really hearing it through your ears because at that point you don’t have ears, but it feels like you are just.
Floating within that music, the colours are very soft, like pastel colours, and the it’s like a rainbow wish kind of feeling. So this is the majority of the stories that I have experienced, although I when I had my first near death experience I did not go into that.
I just want to completely white space just there was absolutely nothing there. Everything was just white light.
But let’s just say in the majority of cases it’s a very pleasant experience and.
People are changed by their near death experiences because.
It allows them to kind of dip their toe into the freedom of the soul, which again is not in in presented in its entirety, but the lightness of being that is our innate right.
And so people come back transformed because they experienced that and they also experienced the sense of love, which is not, which a lot of human beings are starved for here on this planet.

00:29:53 Luisa
And just a last question on this for those that believe in Purgatory or they’ve been a bad person or there is a hell yeah. Do they experience that?

00:30:02 Isabella Greene
There is a lower astral plane and you go there temporarily. If you were a bad person, there’s kind of like a rehab short period of time until where you really kind of bounce around, really uncomfortable experiences.
It’s nothing is burning there.
And it’s it’s it’s a little worse than what it’s what’s happening on Earth. Like, there’s a lot of conflict. There is a lot of bullying. There’s a lot of little mazes, there are astral wars there. So it’s it’s a dark place, but very pretty soon afterwards you’re going to be summoned by the handler.
And presented with the live review and you’re going to be told that you see you did all this horrible stuff. Now you’re gonna go back and be be the same done on to you. And this is your karma and you say yes, of course. And so and and then they hang out in the afterlife.
In the upper astral, which we consider heaven just as well as everyone else. That’s as far as I have observed, and that’s.

00:31:14 Luisa
No, no, no, thank you, Isabella. You spoke about the soul. It’s the higher self or the soul. The same thing. And and what?

00:31:14 Isabella Greene
As far as I know.
Is what is.
So, well, what lives within our physical form is just a tiny speck of the entirety of the soul that we belong in within called over soul or the fabric of.
Reality the infinite field of information. If you wish, that’s the.
Essence of everything. That’s the energy that creates and sustains worlds and it creates our soul. It doesn’t create it. We’re just an extension of that into this physical experience, our bodies are made of the same energy, except they’re more condensed.
And we’re just once we enter this reality in the Earth plane, we get cut off from the awareness that we are part of the bigger energy of the soul. But we never cut off from it for real. We just don’t.
Have the awareness of it right here.

00:32:34 Luisa
You know all the remembrance. So you spoke about the all over. I have heard that all our lives past lives or future lives as depending on the term you use are happening now. What’s your thoughts on this?
It this is the concept of time which only exists within specific dimensions so.
Are there parallel timelines?

00:33:20 Isabella Greene
Definitely. But we don’t have the awareness of them because we are limited within the awareness of our immediate physical experience. But there are such things as timeline shifts.
For example, where you literally shift and experience the same almost the same reality, except it’s a little bit different. And that’s when you shifted the timeline and that could be done by choice or that could be done spontaneously, and we’re constantly shifting.
Timeline spontaneously. That’s happening and so.
We are multidimensional beings having multiple experiences in infinite amount of possibilities simultaneously, but we’re blocked to the awareness of that. So yeah, I agree that everything is happening simultaneously outside of the.
00:34:07 Speaker 1
Limited dimension of time, space continuum and especially when we are when we have philtres to philtre that out.

00:34:17 Luisa
But you explain that so well. Thank you. So how if we if we would like to how would we jump timelines to potentially a higher frequency or high vibrational timeline?

00:34:30 Isabella Greene
Well, it it it is right back to doing the inner work and also they have engage in and spiritual practises that allow you to experience a different state of being.
Because when you experience a different state of being, you experience a different timeline. I have literally worked with people who, let’s say, came to me at a certain point and I read their past lives and it was all horrible experiences. I don’t know, let’s just say.
Crime and this and that and they just in this lifetime just came out of gaol. And so they’re matching the timeline that links them to all of the.
But then they do the inner work. They clean up their lifestyle, they engage in spiritual practises that allow them to elevate their state of being. They come back to me three years later, for example. And I read their incarnations and they imagine.
Ascended Masters is like the an entirely different story.
And this is an example, because again that also works based on the vibrational match which you pull in into your awareness in which you connect the timeline that you’re connected to is linked directly to what you experience and on right now, and what you are focused on right now and what you’re vibrating right now.
So you vibrate differently, you’re on a different timeline.

00:36:06 Luisa
Ohh thank you you.
Spoke, I have to ask quantum.
Travel. What is this?
And what? What does it look like?
And what do?
You experience that I’m going.
To leave the answers to you.

00:36:17 Luisa
Of course, quantum, what I call quantum travel, is a very different form of outer body experience than the than astral projecting, for example. So astral projecting for astral projecting, you relax as deeply as you can and you.
Softly float out of your body and you stand in the same room where you your body is laying. You can turn around and look at it and you are limited by travelling.
Astral travelling within the astral plane. If you reach the outer skirts of the astral plane, you’re going to be hitting the glass ceiling or you’re going to be hitting the layer that is not going to let you come out past that layer, and you’re also going to have interference trying to get you.
Back into the body, so and also astral travel is associated with speed, meaning you are moving from one point to the other and it takes some sort of time.
Same. So you’re not just instantly there, but these are my experiences with also travel and I’ve done also travel since I was like 17 to maybe about 23 four or something like that. Recently though I learned the no recently.
Nine years ago.
I learned the meditative technique and the breath work that I do in the middle of the night that awakens the kundalini energy and also helps you come out of your physical form, but you bypass the astroplane. I call that the quantum travel. It’s not gentle at all.
Shakes your body like crazy and you literally like a rocket fly out of your the top of the head and.
You instantly find yourself in a different dimension that has nothing to do with Earth reality at the present time, I land predominantly in the void, what’s called a void, and it’s not a place. It’s a state of being. That’s the energy that creates and sustains.
Worlds the source conscious.
And because it creates everything, if you have a desire to go elsewhere, have that in mind before you launch out of your body and you will instantly be in that other different reality that you want to check out.
So this is the quantum travel. It’s very different and it’s instant. Yeah. So the difference between astral and and quantum is how fast you go, and also where you can end up at.

00:39:16 Luisa
Thank you. So I just want to.
Ask about the.
Void this is a.
You said the source of creation. This is a positive. I guess we’re gonna use the word positive. This is a.
Positive space.

00:39:27 Isabella Greene
That’s the only. That’s everything.
It encompasses everything. It’s not positive or negative, it’s.
Neutral. It just is, yeah.

00:39:37 Luisa
And so hard to put in words. Can you describe it for the audience?
And for me, I can just.
I can describe the state of being that I experience.
When I’m and saying I’m there makes it sound like it’s a place, but it’s not a place. It’s a state of consciousness. It’s a state of reality. It’s the energy that generates a reality. All of it. So technically it’s God, or technically it’s the source consciousness.
When you have left your body behind and you have entered that state of being.
There is an awareness.
There is a very slight awareness of yourself as a human being, as a matter of fact, you don’t remember yourself as a human being.
Any longer you.
You but your consciousness, your conscious, in that state of being, and you experience the presence of.
Literally everything and at the same time, nothing at all, because that space isn’t completely black.
There isn’t nothing there, absolutely nothing there. But so for for those who landed there, and I’ve only talked to three people so far.
Aside from myself, so two other people so far who?
Landed in that space during the near death experiences. And my big question is why?
These three people.
Actually, three. Yeah, my I’m. I’m the 4th. 3 people went into the state of the void while the rest go through the tunnel and interact with the handlers. So this is something I’m digging into right now. But those who landed in the state of the void without adequate preparation, without knowing what it.
What it is?
They usually terrified because there’s nothing there. It appears like there is nothing there and the human mind wants, you know, something. Presence, company, terrain of some sort, something you know. So that was one person that I.
Heard saying that he was absolutely terrified and two other people experienced the same that I experienced was the that this is the most incredible, the best state you could of consciousness you could possibly experience.
And the state of love.
You know the unconditional love is neutral.
Really. So you experience that state from all directions? You’re just in the state of complete peace, complete, unconditional love and.
That’s about all that I can put in words because and then there is presence of everything and at the same time, absolutely nothing there. So I want to go there after I pass in this lifetime and just stay for a while for a while at least.
You know, until my soul decides or my a part of me a part of my consciousness decides that I want to personify or take some sort of shape form in a different reality.

00:43:02 Luisa
I’m talking from my humanness here. Right. Do you have any? When you’re in the void, the thoughts are you.
Thinking about anything.

00:43:11 Isabella Greene
You can’t think because you don’t have the brain right, but.
The consciousness is there and so there is an awareness of everything. It’s very hard to put in words. But let’s say if you have a question before you launch, before you go into the void into that state of being, if you have a question.
When you come, you go and you have that experience. When you come back into your body.
Chances are you going to have an answer right in your mind right there, because that’s the field quantum field of information, or whatever else is called. It’s called the infinite field of possibility, the.
Well, I don’t even remember all of the words that I used that I used to describe that. Yeah.
He he touched on this. But what? So what? What’s the point of it all? Why?
Are we here?
Big question.
The only the only the question, only the only the question of this. You know the whole existence really.
I only know my own experience because I I’m not really very I I don’t really.
Pay too much attention to what other teachers offer, only very few select ones because I want to keep my information pure, right? I don’t want something to influence me, but so my experience was that I remembered and that story is in the book.
I remembered how I got lured into covenants Earth plane and I was in an entirely different state of being entirely different environment, entirely different consciousness. I was on the Red Planet.
Met by the way, someone just read my book and created the whole bunch of artwork from the Red Planet and it’s on YouTube. Just they reached out to me and said that it was so inspiring they they seemed to be having the similar memory. So it’s so incredible.
So I was in an entirely different state of being. We were sharing consciousness, but at the same time we were individualised and.
I received the we we received the distress call that came through the transmitter that was on our planet. Like a mountain kind of thing because everything was alive and everything we were connected to all expressions of life. We were all non physical except the actual planet. So.
I remember the feeling.
I’m infinite, yeah.
I’m powerful, meaning like I’ve never experienced any limitation within that reality, and I want to go and help that world in distress. That’s sending out distress calls and that was Earth.
And literally the second I had that idea or that feeling that, yeah, I started being pulled into an entirely different state of being, which felt dancer and dancer like, let’s say, from the state of air into water into mud. And then I was in a.
Physical form, which was not huge.
And 1st and then I then I’m trapped because I got killed and not non physical. That other form. And then I started going into human. So why am I here? I came here to thinking that I can assist and get out but.
Until this lifetime.
Until right now, I had no idea in all of my thousands of years of incarnations on Earth that I can actually get out and how. But is this lifetime? I’m aware of that. So why are we here? Think we’re volunteer? A lot of us volunteered to come here for one reason or another.
00:47:37 Speaker 1
And now we’re just running in, in circles around Earth, plane being like a battery for the beings that lured us here, I think.

00:47:48 Luisa
So so I get.
I get the impression you’re not planning to come back.
That was a definite no.

00:47:57 Isabella Green
Definitely not, and I I I have an eye on a different reality that I enjoy visiting very much and that’s within the Andromeda Galaxy. There is this lovely little planet there in the state of being there that I really appreciate, and I’ve discovered it.
You know, my quantum travels, and I think that after I’m done enjoying the peace of the void, maybe I’ll go there and and and.
Our like a light body experience there. So we’ll just see and it’s not gonna be me. Like the way I’m talking right now as a human, I wouldn’t even remember that. But that’s something, you know, just the thought that maybe that reality could be something I could check out next.
So there’s so many other planets and dimensions and galaxies.
Out there and life forms in whatever, not necessarily in human life, but in life forms of some some way.
Yeah, yeah. And my recommendation to the people who are planning to get out is to scope what’s out there. I had no idea about most of what I know now or where I’ve been now. What I’ve experienced now outside of Earth.
You see, you know, we know our neighbouring planets and constellations that are being talked about, but there’s so much more and you can just go ahead and experience what you resonate with, what feels good to you. And then that could be something.
Where you will.
Stop after you pass this time and are the ideal case scenarios that you’ve learned how to quantum travel while you’re still alive, which means when you’re while you’re passing, you’re not going to go into the afterlife dimension, you go straight into.
The void or you go straight to the place where you selected that you have already selected for yourself. That takes away the fear of death and then gives you infinite choice.

00:50:15 Luisa
Thank you. One more question, you’re I I read that you’re influenced by the work of Doctor Joe Dispenza. I think he’s wonderful. What? What? I guess what’s the key takeaway or the few key takeaways from his work that you admire?

00:50:22 Isabella Greene
Yes. Oh yeah.
While Doctor Joe Dispenza, I encountered the work of Doctor Joe Dispenser in 2010 when I was first starting to wake up.
Again, after 20 years of kind of being in a spiritual coma and his meditative techniques assisted me tremendously, and I I used his meditative techniques to process my traumas. So not exactly what he’s teaching.
But I saw how powerful that was, and I figured that I could utilise it for that. And then the whole quantum travel that’s based on what he was teaching he taught in 2014.
He thought the mid sleep night time meditative technique to activate your pineal gland and to awaken your condominium energy. And I started doing that and I don’t use his guided meditations at night anymore.
But I definitely use the breath work and so the breath work that he offers is called the cosmic Cobra breath or the Tantric Korea kundalini pranayama and that is called the biggest gift of Babaji.
To humanity, part of Korea yoga. And that’s what assists people in self actualizing. And that is the practise that changes your life. Even if you are not believe in in one way or another. It was very dense. I was very.
Corporate I was a rock and roller also like a rock star at night corporate during the day, Super Analytical, super traumatised, addicted and sick. And every part of my body and that was 2010 and now.
I am in in the best health I’ve ever been and I quantum travel, Cosmo the Cosmos, and I work to help humanity heal their traumas. So it, if you would have told me that in 2010 when I first encountered Dr dispensers work, I would have never believed it.

00:52:53 Luisa
And look at you now, yeah.

00:52:55 Isabella Greene
Well, thank you.
Yeah. And that, yeah, it all happen. It all happened gradually piece by piece, but if you start engaging in the practises that he teaches, it will change your life given that you allow it, you allow your life to.
Change and things take time. Unfortunately, sometimes we want things.
Instantly, but it doesn’t always work like that.
00:53:19 Speaker 1
Yeah, yeah. And everything is expanding slowly based on your comfort.
Known a lot of people want it immediately and if it happens immediately, they freak out. If I was told 10 years ago where I was going to be today, I would have probably turned around and and gone back to the corporate world because it would have sound like complete inside and it’s.
Me. But so we are fed in small portions. Our abilities open up in correlation with our own comfort zone and we just proceed as long as we don’t stop.
You know, and I was very curious and very had very strong intention to find out what I can do while still being alive.

00:54:06 Luisa
Yes, well, definitely. You’re calling Isabella. I’ve loved having you on the show. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?

00:54:18 Isabella Greene
I believe that the number one recommendation for anyone is to learn how to generate inner peace, because once you learn how to generate inner peace and put yourself into that state.
It at least for 15 minutes a day you’re going to influence your reality. You’re going to influence your own state of being. Your life will get easier. And then this also contributes to World Peace. I think if we all did that every day, all of us, then we would live in an entirely different reality. So my recommendation?
To the listeners is to learn how to generate inner peace.

00:55:04 Luisa
Ohh, what a beautiful way to end the show and I will leave a link for listeners or watching to contact you on your website which is behind you. If people are watching this but I will leave a link in the show notes.
Below, Isabella Green, thank you so much for being on passion harvest. My gosh, what a wealth of information. Thank you.

00:55:23 Isabella Greene
It is my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me on the.

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