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AWAKEN to YOUR FULL POTENTIAL! Live YOUR Soul Purpose, Freedom & Follow Your Dreams | Kute Blackson

Are you ready to move past struggle and discover the freedom and possibility on the other side of surrender.?

Kute Blackson is an inspirational speaker and transformational teacher.

He is widely considered the next generation leader in the field of personal development and has been featured on Larry King Now, Fox and Friends, Dr. Drew, as well, Inc magazine calls him ‘The Mindfulness Guru Billionaires Go To For Advice’.

Kute Blackson offers a fresh, bold look at spiritual awareness for a whole new generation. Born in Ghana, West Africa, Kute’s multi-cultural upbringing as the child of a Japanese mother and a Ghanaian father has spanned four different continents. His unique lineage lay the foundation for his approach to breaking down barriers and unlocking an individual’s true gifts and greatness.

For over 20 years, Kute Blackson has been inspiring audiences around the world. From the first time he spoke in front of 3000 people at age 8, to speaking in over 300 venues by age 18, to helping organizations develop authentic leadership and achieve extraordinary performance over the last decade. His electrifying presentations, not only offer real world practical ideas and soul stirring wisdom, but also ignite the heart and inspire courageous action.

He recently received the 2019 Walden Award in the New Thought Wisdom category that Unity Organization honors once a year to recognize socially conscious leaders who are making the world a better place. One of the previous year’s winners in this same category was Oprah Winfrey.

His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

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Read the FULL Interview Audio Transcript Below.

Transcript Kute Blackson Interview with Passion Harvest

00:00:44 Luisa
Kute, welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m so excited to have you on the show.
Today welcome.

00:01:06 Kute Blackson
Thanks for having me.

00:01:08 Luisa
Thank you. I love. I mean, I love all that you do and I’ve seen some of your videos and they’re so inspirational. I I guess I’d like to start with how can we be one? How can we awaken?
To our full potential.

00:01:23 Kute Blackson
I mean, it depends what you mean by full potential and it’s a pretty it’s kind of a a broad question. You know I think ultimately.
We all have.
A sense of infinite potential. We’re born in touch with that full potential. If you look at a child, a child is fully alive. A child is fully in touch with their lessons. The child is fully connected to their divine nature. A child will jump on a table and they will sing and they will dance and they will shout and they will, you know.
Cry and they will laugh. They don’t care if they don’t sound like.
Céline Dion, you know or Adele, or they’re one naked and fully expressed. The child is fully in touch with that sense of who they really are, you know? And so the question.
Is what happens.
What happens to us as children? And so we’re born unconditional.
We’re born in touch with that potential. We’re.
Born alive. Alive.
And whole perfect complete.
And then we Incarnate into the human experience, and we meet our parents and our parents. They’re just doing the best that they know how to do based on their conditioning based on their parents, based on their grandparents. Based on, you know, generational patterns. And so now we income into this human experience.
And the conditioning process begins when we start losing touch with our true essence. We start losing touch with our full potential, so to speak, and so.
You know, maybe, you know, and we were all born into certain paradigms and and and patterns. And so maybe Dad was an alcoholic. Maybe Mum was crazy. Maybe they were fighting all the time. And so slowly we started learning all sorts of strategies to shut down, disconnect and not feel we started.
Learning all sorts of ways in order to disconnect and avoid the pain of what was going on around us, and we also started learning the sense of who do I need to be in order to get love, validation and approval. So we started to, shall we say, contort ourselves into a kind of shape in order to.
Get love and to be validated and to fit in and and before you know, before you know it, we became a version of ourselves that we thought we needed to be in order to fit in and be loved and that version of ourselves is kind of who we think we are. But it’s really a conditioned version of ourselves. And so in that because we hold so tightly to the version of ourselves that we become.
We start losing touch with our essence. We start losing touch with our full potential. And so I think first we have to recognize that we have been conditioned in some way. And I think if we can start recognizing that the degree to which we’re conditioned is the degree to which.
We’re not really free.
Then that’s the beginning of awakening. That’s the beginning of transformation. Just to recognize the ways in which we’ve been conditioned and have the willingness to question our condition.

00:04:28 Luisa
I just felt I mean as.
You I mean I.
Love, I love how you speak in your message.
But I just.
Felt sad in the way you’re right. You see a beautiful child full of life and you know, not worrying about what people think. And then somehow.
We are so conditioned.
And we get stuck and we forget our freedom.

00:04:48 Kute Blackson
Yeah, yeah, we, we, we’ve forgotten I think.

00:04:49 Luisa
And life can be hard. There’s challenges, of course.

00:04:52 Kute Blackson
Yeah, I think life can be very difficult. Life can be very challenging. It takes a lot of coverage to live in this human experience. But I I really believe This is why we’re here. We Incarnate it into this human experience in order to learn in order to grow in order to evolve, we incarnated into the shooting experience in order to remember who we really are. To me, life is like a.
A university for our souls evolution life is like a school for our souls evolution. So our souls, we’re our souls, and we incarnated to the human experience in order to learn in order to grow in order to evolve in every situation, every hardship, every difficulty, every challenge is really kind of the the lesson, the curriculum. Everyone is our teacher. And so I.
Think if we.
Recognize that we are souls and then as we go through every challenging experience, if we have this awareness that we ourselves, then I think we can go through each experience with a different lens with a different awareness, with a different understanding, so that as we’re going through difficult situations rather than kind of contracting and collapsing, we can go through it.
From a.
Sole perspective and ask ourselves, OK, what is the lesson that my soul is seeking to learn in this situation? Why did I attract this situation? You know, what is this situation teaching you? What am I seeking to learn? And I think if we will, if we’re able to learn the lessons where we are with who we’re with, it gives us the ability to go through the situation differently, to learn the lessons.
And despite the challenges of life to grow and to evolve and to expand and to and to hopefully then transcend the situation we experience in a less and then attract something different. And so, yeah, I think life is life is challenging in the.
Way and there are many limitations in a certain way, but I think part of the game of life is we incarnated into this.
Limited experience called being human, you know, in the physical body to learn how to become masters in limitation and through that to remember.
Were who we really are, and I think our true nature, our true potential, our true essence is infinite, is unlimited, is divine. Our true essence is beyond physical. Our true essence is not limited.
And so I.
Think part of life is in the process of life is to remember who and what.
We are, which is not easy.

00:07:16 Luisa
It’s not an easy process.
As you mentioned from you know from children, whatever the baggage we just hold on to all these baggages. How? How does one not only in their own situation but free? How can we free ourselves from past hurts, past conditioning? How how do we do that?

00:07:35 Kute Blackson
Yeah, I think I think part of the first step is to even realize that your condition. And I think if there’s one I think.
It it, it’s not a step by step 12345 formula. I think it’s a process because every human being is unique. Every human being has a different experience, has a different, has different baggage, has different wounds, has different pain, has different traumas. And so I don’t think there’s a like a cookie cutter approach. I think we have to be willing to have the courage to acknowledge our pain.
And to feel some of that pain so that we can let go. But I think if there’s a place that we can maybe all begin and all start, I think one of the things that keeps us stuck in patterns keeps us stuck in our conditioning.
I would say in, in certain ways all the ways that we we lie to ourselves and I think in many ways we’ve become so conditioned growing up from childhood becoming who we thought we need to be in order to get love, validation, approval, having to betray parts of ourselves in order to have mom and dad and the world.
Of us, that’s.
We’ve we’ve learned to lie to ourselves in a certain way in order to not feel the pain of our environment in order to function survive.
Cope that in in many ways, we may not even know that we’re lying. We’re in denial in a certain way. So I think one of the places that we can just stop the process of transformation as a beginning is is.
Is is having.
The courage to tell the truth to me, there is no transformation without truth.
There is no healing without truth, and so I think if we can just.
Look at. OK well.
What are the? What are the ways I’m lying to myself? How am I lying to myself and just begin acknowledging that begin questioning that? Because in many ways we’re afraid the question because we learned to not question in order to just survive. It was a survival mechanism. So I think if we can just start with, OK, well, what? What lies am I telling myself and just sit with that and really ask ourselves that hard.
Question and and and really be willing to tell ourselves the truth. Like what lies am I telling myself? What am I pretending to not know? And and I think in many.
00:09:41 Speaker 1
Days we lie to ourselves. We don’t even know that we lie to ourselves. But then the effect of lying to ourselves is we feel pain in our life. And that’s how we know. Like we feel emotional pain can manifest as depression or.
A sense of disconnection from joy and aliveness. A physical.
Pain in some way, a temporary physical pain like a back ache, a shoulder ache, a neck ache, you.
Know it it.
Even though it’s temporary can be sort of a unconscious speaking to us, maybe an ongoing disease in some way can be some something, some part of us that we have denied manifesting that energy, that emotion that suppressed emotion.
Manifest in in our body in some way. So I think pain in many ways is a signal that we’re not necessarily telling ourselves the truth. So if we’re willing just to start with the truth, I think that’s when things can begin to shift. And so.
The challenge is also, I think in many ways we feel pain.
00:10:46 Speaker 1
But we’ve learned to deny it. We’ve learned to distract ourselves, we drink it away and smoke it away, and social media away and shop it away and work it away, just so that we don’t feel.
The pain that’s.
There, but for me, pain.
Is a blessing. Pain is a signal. Pain is a sign. Pain is simply for.
Feedback that there’s something we’re not really paying attention to, and so I think if you’re.
Willing to to.
To embrace pain as feedback, embrace pain as communication and just sit with, OK, what? What is the message of this pain? What it what is it that I need to feel that I’ve so suppressed for decades? What is it that I need to acknowledge? What is the sadness?
The pain, the resentment, the hurt that I have not allowed myself to feel that is so buried deep inside of me.
That I’m carrying that into my life and relationships and experiences, and often we end up recreating situations over and over and over again based on the suppressed feelings that we’re not willing to acknowledge. We’ll tend to manifest experiences in our lives that will recreate the things that we’re avoiding. And so I think if we’re willing to.
Start with the truth, if we’re willing.
To just start with.
Acknowledging the pain that we may not even be aware of and feel it to me, all feelings remain present until felt fully. And so I think if we can start with the truth which takes some courage, this is a foundation and a beginning. To me, the truth is what will set us free.

00:12:07 Luisa
You know beautiful. I mean, fear is such a pain or suffering or or fear of whatever the fear may be. It’s such a powerful thing. And it we justify it in so many ways.
How do we?
Overcome the fears which you just detailed, that someone that’s I’m giving an example. I’m just speaking for the audience. OK, well, I’m in an unhappy marriage. I don’t like my job.

00:12:31 Kute Blackson
Tell tell the truth. Tell the truth. Tell the truth. Most of the times we we stay in relationships that we know what we know is not right. We we we work jobs that we hate. But we kind of you know.

00:12:31 Luisa
I have to.
Pay the bills.
Yeah, we we don’t.

00:12:46 Kute Blackson
We we’re often afraid to tell ourselves the truth because we’re afraid of the consequence. Ohh ****. If I tell the truth, then what will that mean to my marriage? I’m gonna have to leave if I if I. If I acknowledge that I really don’t like my job. In fact, I hate my job. Then how will I pay the bills? And so we kind of like, well, we suppress the ship.
I should be grateful. That’s when we distract, we deny we suppress rather than just acknowledging the truth. So I just would invite people, take the take the the pressure off of yourself from having to take any action.
You don’t have to take any action because sometimes the fear of taking action is what suppresses the ego kicks in, and that’s what suppresses the truth. So we’re playing the consequence. So the self protective mechanism kicks in and we start denying it’s a well intended intention to keep us safe, but it keeps us stuck. And so if we can just start with.
The truth? You don’t have to take action. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to change anything you don’t.
Have to make any.
Decisions just tell the truth.
I’m not in love. I haven’t been in love for 10 years. Just acknowledge that you start there. Just feel.
What that feels like just to tell the truth, if you start there, that will begin a process inside that will start a process inside that will take you to the next steps. Many times we jump to like 50 steps ahead. Oh my God. It’s gonna mean this. It’s gonna mean that. It’s gonna mean this and we go into a negative future fantasy and we create a negative future fantasy.
About all the bad things that will happen.
Many of which.
Often end up not happening. If we’re really honest, but but if we’re able just to start telling the truth.
Without the pressure of taking action, then we get into relationship with what we really feel. You cannot really shift something and transform something if you’re not in touch with. If you don’t get into relationship with what is and to me getting into relationship with what is which might sound like I hate my job.
In that scare me for me, then, if you can acknowledge that it’s scary for me, then you can maybe get in touch with the fear and then you couldn’t.
We can begin to explore the fear and deal with the fear, but if we’re so busy being in denial, the fear that we’re suppressing will block us and run us and prevent us from moving forward because we’re so busy suppressing it that we’re not acknowledging it, you know, so if we can acknowledge like, yes.
I hate my job. Oh, my God. I’m terrified. And then? And then you can just even just be with the fear. Because when you’re able, you will often find when you’re able to be with the fear.
The fear begins to soften and the fear begins to lose its grip, and many of the things we’re afraid of will never happen. Many of the things we’re afraid of aren’t based on sort of reality. Like often people say I’m afraid. I’m afraid I won’t have any enough.
Money. So like like.
What is it?
We’re really afraid when I asked when I asked.
Somebody the other day, like what is it? You’re really?
Trade off in pursuing your dream and letting go and and and leaving your job. And they were making up all of this. They they actually couldn’t even tell me so. So I.
Asked them is it?
Is it that you’re afraid that you’re going to be, like, homeless living in downtown on the street, in a cardboard tent? And they said, well, no, I said so. What is it? Well, I guess what’s the worst that would happen sometimes when you can make peace with the worst case scenario?
It frees you because.
You realize the worst isn’t as bad as you’re making it up in your mind.
And many times people realize that the worst case scenario that they’re making up in their mind, like in the case of my friend.
Her worst case was, well, if I leave my job and pursue my dream and it doesn’t work, OK?
Then what? Then what?
Like, seriously? Then what? Well, then you’d be homeless. Well, no. Then I would.
Go live with my.
Parents. No. Then. Then what? Then I guess I would.
Issue my gene.
For three months, run out of money.
And go get.
A job doing what? Doing what I’m doing now. So in a sense, you’re already living your worst case scenario. You’re right now in the job that you’re in. So the truth is, like, what do you have to lose? And so I think if we’re willing to just acknowledge the fee.
You will often find and feel the fear that the fear dissolves and as the fear begins to dissolve and loosens its grip a little bit, then it can free you up to just see what what, what is the next step. And I think that’s that’s important to focus on. Like what is the next step and what I.
Will also say too is.
If you don’t feel some fear in your life.
Because people often think fear is bad. But if you don’t feel some fear in your life, chances are the life that you’re living and the goals that you’re pursuing is actually too small.
You’re playing small. If you don’t feel something, probably you’re playing it very, very safe where you’re not expounding outside of your comfort zone in any way, so you feel zero fear. Like it doesn’t. You don’t feel any fear thinking about walking from your living room to your kitchen. There’s No Fear because there’s no growth there.
But if you’re thinking about taking a step that is outside of your comfort zone and doing something you’ve never done and going somewhere you’ve never gone, yes, it’s.
A bit scary.
It’s meant to be scary because you’re going into the unknowns. So I would say acknowledge the fear.
And breathe through the feet.
Don’t resist the fear. Welcome the fear cause when you can acknowledge the fear in your body without projecting, without resisting, without judging, without pushing it away, and just experiencing. You’ll see that fear is really an energy. If you take the label off, it’s just a sensation that is moving through you. Because we put labels on it and what we think it means, and we project.
In the future then it it kind of blocks us it. It makes us afraid. And so I think it it it keeps us stuck, I should say so. I think I think if we can just acknowledge the sensation that is that we’re labelling as fear, you will find that it it it kind of moves through and it doesn’t have to sort of grip you.
In the way that it will tend to grip you when we make up all sorts of scenarios and resist it and fight it and push it away, it just it can just pass through you and it’s it it it can pass through you much more fluidly.

00:19:03 Luisa
Oh my gosh, I I just loved how you explained that it’s so. I mean, gosh, I’ve done it myself with the fear. You know, what? If and then you we project all these future plans and scenarios.
It’s it’s so true. No, I know.

00:19:14 Kute Blackson
That didn’t happen.
That and so then that then we kind of freak ourselves out about things that haven’t happened and make ourselves miserable now and then we stay in a small little.
Zone and and end up living a small life when in fact none of it’s even based on reality. So when we feel a fear we.
Have to really ask ourselves.
Is it true? Is it based on any reality? Is this fact? Is it fiction? Is it, is it, you know? And I think if if we’re willing to question like, is this based on any reality, many of the things we freak ourselves out about are not based on reality and not based on what is actually happening now. And often when we can acknowledge the fit and bring ourselves back to the present moment.
Now we can just breathe. We can scan our body and get in touch with our body. We can scan our environment and look around because often when we’re in fear, we’re not in the present. We’re in the future and we’ve gone somewhere. So if we can bring ourselves to the present, we will often find.
We will often find now there are exceptions, but we will often find that.
Yeah, I mean everything is OK now, but then the mind goes to, but it might not be. And then the. Yeah, but aliens might come from the sky and kidnap you, and you might die tomorrow. You might hit your head and get run over by a by a fire truck or a motorcycle. I mean, we we don’t know. And so I think if we’re able to bring ourselves back into the present moment, breathe.
Connect to your body, scan your body, look around the room, take a deep breath, you know, and just be present here right now.
Rather than going into the future, then you can focus on, OK, the future is not even real and the future is not something you necessarily have control over. What you have control over when you’re in the present is OK what’s the next action? What? What do I have control over now and what is the next action step that I can take now?
Because it’s the actions that you take now and what we do in the present moment right now that is going to determine our future anyway.

00:21:17 Luisa
Beautifully said, I mean someone said to me once and you know just the simplest quote that you by often think of it, she said to me, why would you think that the future would be much worse than your present and it just made me, you know, it’s just like that light bulb moment.
That we do that so often.
I would love you to.
Talk about your book, the power of surrender. Your latest book for the audience, for those that haven’t read it.

00:21:44 Kute Blackson
Sure. What would you like me to?
Talk about I’m.

00:21:46 Luisa
Gonna leave this one up to you. This is your show today.

00:21:50 Kute Blackson
Yeah. Look, I.
Wrote the book The Magic of Surrender. This was not the book that I thought I was going to write. This was not the book I wanted.
To write in fact.
I had. I had my own agenda of the book I thought would sell the book. I thought publishers would want the book. I thought my audience would want, and I started coming up with a with what I thought was a clever plan and a strategy. And I had a whiteboard one day of probably 75 ideas of book.
Vitals and they were all smart and clever and great, but.
None of those felt real, and none of those felt authentic. And none of those felt sincere. And none of those felt in.
Alignment the only.
Word I wrote on that board of the 75 was a little word at the bottom of the white Board that said surrender, and I thought to myself.
Oh ****, I don’t.
I I I feel that that has energy and nothing else.
That’s energy. That’s the word that has energy. But I don’t want.
To write about that because.
There’s some of.
The misconceptions that we have about surrender, it’s kind of like we know we should do it and we hear.
All the great ones in you know the the, the monks and Jesus and Buddha and what have you talking about. Surrender. But we often have so much resistance in terms of surrendering. And so I had to surrender to the book about surrender. And when I did, that’s when I think the magic flow. That’s when I feel as though.
Everything just unfolded in ways I could not have imagined, and the the book came together. The writing came together. The the publisher came together. And so I think also.
The seed for the book was planted a few years before, but I also wasn’t aware and I wasn’t paying attention in that in 2000 of 2016, my mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer and she was the person I love the most, and when I.
Looked back I.
See that the book was seeded then?
In there, when my mother was diagnosed with stomach.
Answer I began. I live in Los Angeles and so I began flying back to London where my mother lived literally every month for a week to be with her for 12 for 12 months. So three weeks in LA, one week in London, 3 weeks in.
LA and I would just.
Be with her and take care.
Of her for.
The week and be in chemo sessions with her and.
We’ve got to have some of the.
Most profound, beautiful, amazing conversations there.
I I just, I don’t.
Know I don’t know what happened. I just I was so I.
Thought I was.
So busy living life and helping people that somehow I didn’t make time for them. So what ended up what started out as the worst year of my life became the best year of my life because I got so close to her.
And and about seven months into the process.
00:24:35 Speaker 1
Trying to get my mother better, the doctors came up to us and.
They told us in the hospital room, look, there’s nothing else that we can do for you.
You’re going to die.
So get your affairs in order.
And I never forget that moment. You know, when the.
Reality hits you.
And you realize there’s nothing that you can do, you. You’re not in control. And I looked my mother, we went outside and I looked my mother in the.
Eyes and I said to her.
Two questions, are you afraid?
And my mother, this little Japanese woman said to me. No, I’m. I’m.
I I’m not, I’m.
Not afraid because I know I’m not this body.
This body, it’s a temporary vehicle for my soul. This body will die. This body will dissolve. Yes, it’s true. But.
What I am?
My true essence is eternal. We’ll live, we’ll continue. And so even when I’m dead, I’ll be with you from the other side, guiding you. And I felt the conviction.
In the knowing of who she was, and I felt the freedom in her knowing her true essence, her infinite potential, her true nature. You know, beyond this physical body.
And she had.
Peace. And then I looked my mother in the eyes, and I realized for me, this is where the seed of the book was planted, where I looked in the eyes, and I wanted to be a good son.
And so I said to her.
What can I do for you in?
Your final days. Like what?
Where do you want to go? What do you need? What can I buy? And my mother looked me in.
The eyes and she said simply.
But there’s there’s nothing I need, and there’s nothing I want. All I want is what God wants for my life.
And in that moment, it was a very simple statement. But I realized what she meant. I realized that she was totally free. She wasn’t attached to dying. She wasn’t attached to living. She was permitted and open to the highest unfolding of her soul’s journey. And.
In that in that she was.
Surrendered, you know, and she.
Because she was free.
I mean, she was in complete peace.
And that’s what where I saw that surrender was the password to freedom.
That surrender was the real key to the next level. Surrender was the real secret to manifestation. Surrender was the real key to the the real secret to the great ones. Whether you look at Jesus or Buddha or Gandhi or Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King, or Mandela, or Bruce Lee or Muhammad Ali, at some point they all had to.
Surrender themselves to life, to the universe, to God, to to.
To to the.
Sole highest impulse and expression to the deepest truth inside of them, and in that surrender, I think they were able to transcend their.
Limitations they’re human limitations and tap into another another dimension of life, and that’s what life was able to flow through them and move through them and express through them and use them in ways that.
I don’t think they could.
Have planned them manifested on like with their own limited person or human power. They transcended themselves, you know, and that’s when I think the magic happened. That’s.
Why for me?
The book is called the Magic of Surrender, not, not the art of surrender, not the power power of surrender, but the magic of surrender because.
Magic is that which is.
Young, our human ego’s capacity to imagine what’s possible. It is beyond our imagination, is beyond. The persona is beyond the mind and and I think when we truly surrender, that’s when magic happens. Not look like a hocus pocus kind of magic, but more joy, more abundance. And I think if we look at the best things.
That have happened in our lives, all of us. If we look at the best things that have happened, meeting that soul mate, meeting that person, that magical moment.
Much of it, we didn’t plan it kind of happened in the process of living life. And if you look at many of the best things.
They kind of unfolded better than we could have.
Imagined. And so for me.
If you want more magic in life.
The key is you have to surrender and surrender is the key. And so for me, also in our culture, I think there’s so many misconceptions about surrender, this idea, that surrender was weak. Surrender was passive, that surrender is giving up. That surrender is waving the white flag, that surrender is.
You know, it means you’re gonna get left behind. You’re gonna be.
A doormat you’re going?
To be a victim, you’re going to be taking advantage of. You won’t manifest your goals, your dreams, desires. If you surrender us and don’t surrender.
But so when that means you sit there and do nothing and and so who the hell would want to surrender? That’s that’s kind of how we hold surrender as some weakness. And I’m actually saying no, if you understand the whole essence of surrender and if you so truly surrender like the great ones demonstrated, what if you?
Didn’t get less in life.
But what if you got more more?
Than you could have planned for.
Yourself and so.
So when there is a, it’s a letting go of control, or I should say.
I should say, letting go of the illusion that we’re.
Even in control in.
The first place but but it’s a letting go of control control of being the master addiction surrender is when you stop trying to force and manipulate life to fit your limited idea of how you think it should be, and how you think it should look and who you think.
You should be and how you think life should be so that you can take the limitations off of life. And that’s when you surrender and you’re you’re totally.
Open to the.
Infinite possibilities and unfoldings of this intelligence that is light itself, the same intelligence that is living you, the same intelligence that is breathing you, the same intelligence that is digesting your foods, the same intelligence that if you cut your finger, it knows exactly how to heal you. The same intelligence that is functioning, the sun, the star, the moons, and all of existence, this intelligence is.
The very essence talk about potential of what we are. And so it’s a surrender to what we truly are, which is our true essence, which is an aspect of the divine. And so I think.
When we truly surrender, that’s when you know the magic happens. That’s when the miracles happens. That’s when the the the miraculous unfolds. That’s when we unlock the key to the next level. To me, the old paradigm that we’ve been kind of conditioned into is a paradigm of, like, you know, even a lot of the self help books talk about this. You got to know what you want.
You gotta get them what you want and know what you want. And I’m not saying that’s not helpful and that’s not a a level of the process, but a life that is created from the mind or the personality.
Or the ego.
Will be limited.
Because the ego.
That which we perceive ourselves to be and identify as based on our conditioning from childhood. The ego is not able to see the entire.
Perspective the entire unfolding, the ego’s perspective, is very limited in a lot into a very limited perception. So when we’re manifesting from the ego.
We can manifest good things, but life will often be limited in a certain sense, and so.
This whole idea of.
Know what she want?
But many times, I think many of us.
Have had the experience.
Where we we didn’t manifest what we.
Or I should say what we thought we wanted.
And we got what we.
Thought we wanted.
Only to realize that what we thought we wanted.
Was only what we thought we wanted.
Based on who we thought we were and we achieved it, the car of the House, the job, the relation or what have you only to be filled with a sense of like, I don’t know if this is what I really want. I thought this is what I want. But I’m not happy. I’m not fulfilled. I mean, is this it? And I think we’ve all had that sentence. So I think many times.
Our goals can be projections.
Of unmet needs from childhood, I didn’t feel enough. I didn’t feel lovable, didn’t feel beautiful, didn’t feel so that it didn’t love me. So if I can achieve that thing, then I’m going to finally be enough. But it doesn’t work that way. So for me, there’s a different question that I invite.
People to ask.
Yeah, get clear what you want. That’s great.
But don’t get.
Attached to it.
But the bigger question is.
What is it?
What is it?
That life is seeking to express to.
Him. What is it that the.
Universe is seeking to express.
To him, what is it that my soul is seeking to manifest? What is my soul seeking to express? What is the deeper intelligence? What is? What is life seeking to manifest, and what is the deeper impulse, the deepest?
Impulse of what life is seeking to express through me. And then it’s kind of like aligning and tuning into and aligning with this authentic expression.
When you can then align your personality, your ego yourself, with this deepest authentic impulse, then you can catch that vision. Then you can go into action. Then you can bring your personality and your planning and your strategy and your marketing and your resources to support the the deeper intention of what’s truly authentic. So what you’re surrendering to is the truth. Again, what you’re surrendering to.
Is your soul what you’re surrendering to is what’s authentic within you, aligning with that and giving 100% so?
Just to be clear.
It might mean you work harder than you’ve ever worked. People like Gandhi and Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King. They were not.
Lazy, they worked.
Hard, but they were in alignment with a vision and a purpose that was truly their highest.
And so it might mean you.
Work harder than you ever worked, but you’re now working.
In alignment and.
The key is yes, you give 100.
Percent but part of surrender is you. You’re not attached to the outcome.
You, you. You.
Don’t hold so.
Tightly to the outcome or the idea or the thing, or the relationship that you think it should be that you you remain open, you you high involvement total like 100% commitment but low attachment and when you can be open.
Without attachment, then you’re available to allowing life to lead you, allowing life to guide you. And I think that’s part of the essence of surrender is where you can allow life to show you and guide you. And that’s, I think when the magic happens.

00:35:19 Luisa
Ohh what what?
What a powerhouse of inspiration you are.
Just another question.
What’s your advice for the audience? Or tips how to connect into that sole purpose? That intuition and how one might say, well, how do I surrender? I don’t know.
What? How do I do it?

00:35:41 Kute Blackson
Well, first, let me just decipher your question. You said how do I connect to the sole purpose or intuition?

00:35:45 Luisa
That was 2 questions.

00:35:46 Kute Blackson
Or how OK so so so just just.
Just so I can stay.
Clear. OK, I think. I think part of it, you know how to connect to your sole purpose or your soul. I would just invite people to create space and time.
To be still.
Many times we’re so busy running around being in action, running around, trying to manifest running.
Around busy, busy, busy, busy, busy.
Enough. And if you ask us, well, what are you busy doing? We don’t even know why we’re so busy. We’re just busy running.
Around because this.
Is what we we are conditioned to do. Sometimes we stay busy because when we’re busy, we don’t have to actually.
Tuned into our soul.
Because there’s a part of us at the deepest level that knows everything, there’s a part of us at the deepest level that knows everything because at the.
Deepest level we are connected to everything.
But sometimes we’re afraid that.
If I actually am still.
And I sit and I listen.
I might actually listen to my soul and hear my soul guidance, and that can feel a bit scary sometimes to to to listen to your soul, because sometimes what your soul guides you to do will not always make sense to your mind. What your soul guides you to do may not always be what you think you want to do, you know, and so sometimes what you’re so guide you to do.
Because it arises from a deeper dimension than your logical your mind.
Or your ego.
There can be a fight and so because of that we sometimes create so much business so that we don’t have to listen to our soul. Because when we listen to our souls and we be still.
We’ll become quiet. We will begin to sense. We’ll begin to feel. We’ll begin to intuit a sense and energy. A feeling, a a whispering. Your soul will speak to you even through the sensations in your body. Your soul will speak to you through your intuition, through voices, your soul will speak.
To you through.
The nudges that you feel inside, sometimes your soul.
Doesn’t speak to you.
And a loud, silent bell, like turn left. But it might be a kind.
Of a subtle.
Sense. Hmm. Something’s off here. Hmm. Something doesn’t feel right. Hmm. You know, call that person. Hmm. You know, listen to that podcast. Hmm. Go to that coffee shop or it just might be a clue that shows up. But because we’re so busy, we’re not.
Sensitively paying attention to what tune to be to, to be able to notice that the winds of our soul is kind of blowing in a certain direction. So I think if we can just take time.
Daily to just be still and listen, we’ll begin to tune and see and sense things. That’s that’s something I would say. Stillness is key, you know, be still and know.
We still know because there’s a part of us that really doesn’t know. So let me just stop there.

00:38:32 Luisa
Yeah, beautiful answer. Thank you. And does that tie in with surrendering?

00:38:37 Kute Blackson
Yeah, I think I think surrendering. I think part of surrendering goes back to one of.
The things I said.
Which was started with the truth. Surrender starts with the truth.
One of the ways look, one of the ways.
That we resist.
Surrender is it’s the ego that resists surrender.
And the ego is that which we mistakenly perceive ourselves to be based on main body, mind form, past experiences. The ego is a reaction to certain things that happen from a very young age. The ego is a reaction. The ego is a reaction. The job of the ego.
Is to protect you from getting hurt.
And the job of the ego is to reinforce its existence. And so Mum wasn’t around. Dad wasn’t around. There was so much instability in our environment that was painful. So we learned to shut down, disconnect and not feel we learned to close our hearts in a certain way. We learned to disconnect from our feeling capacity, close our hearts, disconnect, go into the mind. Over.
And lies shut down our sensitivity, our feeling capacity, our connection to our body, our connection to our feeling.
Because this way.
If I don’t feel anything, I don’t have to feel the pain that mom isn’t around, that that has abandoned me, that I don’t feel my emotional needs being met because that’s too painful. So if I can just shut down, disconnect, not feel and control my emotions in some way, then I don’t have to feel the pain. And so I think now we then take this.
And decent way of being that worked.
For us, when we were five.
To 10 to 20 to 15 to 15 to 20 to 25 to 35, and now we’ve become this version of ourselves. That’s kind of like closed or not feeling or disconnected and not in touch with our emotions. And so we learn to control as a strategy to be safe. And so this holding.
On is what ego is.
So when you now say surrender.
Wait a second.
You know, it’s quite it’s quite natural that.
Surrender was scary.
It’s quite natural that letting go.
Is terrifying, so when the for the ego, this condition conditioned version of ourselves. So when the for the ego.
There was like a death.
And so This is why we tend to resist.
Not because the ego was bad, not because something’s wrong. It’s just survival. It’s how we learn to survive. Because now you’re saying. Well, surrender and let go to love and opportunity and a new relationship. But if I have learned how to not feel my feelings and.
Not need anyone because mom and dad weren’t around. So I learned that I don’t need anyone. I’m going to be the independent person because my needs aren’t met. It’s painful to have my needs not met. So now I’ve closed my heart to not have needs to be independent, to take care of myself.
It’s a bit difficult to surrender to love. It’s a bit difficult to surrender to life.
It’s a bit.
Challenging to surrender to the universe because like.
If I spend my whole life taking care of myself, and now you’re saying trust life like to hell with that. I can’t trust life. I gotta trust myself. And so ego kicks in and and says no, I I am going to do it all. I am going to be in control. So even control is a strategy and often defense mechanism that we’ve learned to avoid pain.
And control we mean well, it’s just limited, that’s all. And I think that.
If we can acknowledge.
The nature of the ego.
What it is?
We have to then acknowledge. Ohh the ego is a collection of patterns that we have developed and held onto and hold onto so tightly and have identified as me.
So that we end up thinking that, oh, if I surrender and let go, we think mistakenly I am going to die. But what we have to realize is you are not those patterns.
You are not the eagle. You are not those patterns. What you are is so much more. And So what? We’ve been conditioned to believe ourselves to be, which is ego is a collection of patterns that can change and shift and evolve and is malleable. It’s just conditioning that we hold on to.
So we can.
Understand the nature of the ego. You can start seeing unless you surrender. It’s not you.
That’s going to die. The patterns are what loosen. And so rather than, let’s just say, rather than forcing surrender.
Which can create more resistance.
If we can meet the ego.
To see for what it.
Is and meet the ego with love?
Meet the ego with compassion. Meet the ego with some kindness and hold the ego with kindness and understanding because often.
Ego was terrified.
It’s terrified of surrendering because we’re afraid if I surrender, I’m gonna get hurt. If I’m if I. If I surrender, I’m not gonna be safe. If I surrender, bad things might happen. And I learned how to make bad things not happen by being in control. So if we’re able.
Just to hold the ego with some.
And compassion and understanding, that’s what we can, I think, begin to the ego. Come relax and we can begin to bring some healing to the ego which we thought of as ourselves. And I think healing is when we apply loving to those parts of ourselves that are hurting and that’s when ego can relax and soften.
And surrender can begin happening and blossoming within us.

00:44:23 Luisa
Ohh, that was so beautiful. I love that. Where’s the best place for?
People to connect with you.

00:44:30 Kute Blackson
Yeah, I would.
Say a couple of ways. You know people can get the book the magic of surrender. That’s number one. It’s available on Amazon, and people can also go to my Instagram proof blackson and find me there.

00:44:42 Luisa
Thank you. I’ll leave a link to your.
Website in the show notes.
It’s been an inspirational delight having you on the show. Is there anything you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you?

00:44:53 Kute Blackson
Ah well, I would say is, you know, surrender is the key. I’ve seen the power of surrender in my life. I’ve proven it. Not just this theory. I could bore you with so many stories after stories, after stories of of how surrender has.
Manifested in my life and the lives of my clients, for what I will say is surrender is the passport to freedom and if you want more magic in your life, surrender is the key.

00:45:19 Luisa
Beautiful. What beautiful way to end the show. Thank you so much for being.
On passion harvest.
Thank you.

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