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Are you ready to embrace the future you? Get clear on your dreams!

In this episode of Luisa TV, I share tips for setting your intentions and a Guidance Prayer from the Archangels to assist in healing and energetically aligning your desires with the universe in alignment with your soul’s path. Click here to watch.

Have you set some intentions or goals, or connected with your passions, what you would like experience, or do, or how you would like to be? Have you begun to connect with the future version you.

Every moment of now, creates future moments of now, so what are you creating, what are you feeling and what are you thinking?

So here are my tips for you to allow the creation of the life that you desire.


STEP 1: Take some time alone.

Think about, feel what you would like to occur this year. This is another simple way to connect with the nonphysical dimensions, source, and divine guidance – always showing you, guiding you what feels good, what feels exciting – this is your passion, this is your highest path of alignment.

I went for a long walk in my forest, surrounded by the large oak trees and birds and I sat quietly and imagined what would feel good for me. More than anything this is a feeling experience. So, I recommend you rest in a place that you feel comfortable and allow yourself to dream. Then I took out my journal and began to write.


STEP 2: Write it down.

 Begin writing out your intentions. Here are some questions to ask yourself.

What would you like to happen?

What would you like to achieve?


Where would you like to go?

What do you look like?

How do you feel?

Who would you like to meet?

What insights would you like to achieve?


STEP 3: Send your intentions energetically out to the universe with the help of the Archangels.

I have received guidance from 4 Angels to assist in your hopes and dreams for the New Year 2023. Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Uriel.

The Guidance Prayers below, are from each Angel to say before you go sleep and they will come through to assist you with your intentions and desires for the New Year.

You can say the Guidance Prayers out loud or silently. Then close your eyes and wait to fall asleep.

It’s ok to let your mind wander, be open to anything that pops into your head. If you are energetically sensitive, you might feel their presence while they are healing and assisting you.


So, in SUMMARY here are the steps.

  • Take some time out and set your intentions for the year ahead.
  • Write them down.
  • When you are happy with what you have written, now it’s time to send them energetically out to the universe.
  • Before you sleep read over your desires for this year
  • Read the Guidance Prayers from the Archangels.
  • Fall asleep and allow the healing and assistance to take place.

You may feel someone working on your field, or sensations though your body, or messages in images or you might just fall asleep.


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Archangel Gabriel,

I desire clarity of heart.

Allow me to always walk in the light.

Please assist me to manifest my hearts desires if they align with my soul’s purpose in this incarnation.


Archangel Michael,

Look into my heart and my hearts desires.

Allow me to align with my soul’s purpose.

If my hearts desires align with my soul’s purpose, please allow them to be revealed to me.

Show me the way.


Archangel Uriel,

I choose to raise my vibration.

Allow me to connect with you in all ways that align with my soul’s purpose.

Please show me the path.


Archangel Metatron,

Allow me to experience my hearts desires with the fullness of my dreams.

Assist me to blossom in alignment with my soul’s purpose.

My life is blessed and rich with love.


Please let me know how you experienced this Angel Guidance Healing.

I send you much love and best wishes for this year ahead.

 Luisa x

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