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We can often think winter will never end, life revolves cyclically in seasons…

I emerged from my journey from one of the coldest seasons my soul has experienced – revitalised and I finally remembered that I was free.”

In this episode of Luisa TV,  I share with you my past life memory as a slave and that within us all lies the opportunity for remarkable freedom.

Antika came to me as a vision and communicated to me telepathically, messages to share with you.

Somewhere – somehow the pull for freedom is far more powerful and infused with love than the pull for bondage and filled with fear.

I thought I was going to Marrakesh for a vacation, warm weather and sunshine, but I did not realise that I would heal so much not only physically but on a deep quantum soul level, and I found myself in the exact point in space and time, exactly where I needed to be.

This experience is not only for me, but also for you too, you who happen to be watching this episode to recognise that within you lies the opportunity for remarkable freedom. I trust that the messages that Antika telepathically communicated to me are for your freedom too.


ANTIKA: Meeting my other self

I walked for hours in the souk Markets in Marrakesh and eventually found myself in a small room on the second floor of an old antique shop.

The owner, a most passionate man invited me to look at his ancient antique treasures and I can only describe the room as a bit like Aladdin’s cave.

He pulled out artifacts and pieces centuries old, describing each item, its origins and history it was remarkable. This tiny room was full of stories, memories, lives, history

At one point the owner carefully pulled out from under a bench an elaborate box, with an inlay of marble detail. He opened it with an old key he took from his pocket, and he explained that inside, were metal bracelets for slaves.

I picked up one particular slave bracelets in the box, and then something happened.

The room seemed to go dark, my vision clouded, energy swirled around me and I remembered – a cellular memory. I was amazed how I found myself in this place in space and time, in a small antique shop in Morocco– exactly where I needed to be – and I absolutely knew that this was my bracelet in another life, I had worn it. Her name was Antika.

It was remarkable, the vision of her was so clear in front of me.

I saw pieces of her-my life, like photos, her fear, her pain, the way she looked out at the world – silently watching, her body not her own but I felt none of her pain but I felt emotions it was like watching movie stills. It was more than anything a feeling experience.

I saw the slave bracelet welded onto her right wrist, what a lifetime of servitude she experienced. On her left arm I saw 3 lines from her wrist to her elbow. They had been cut and were now healed and white and the skin welted up. I don’t know what this means but perhaps I will in time.

Antika stood there right in front of me, I could feel her shock when she recognised that I was her – we were one in the same -there was no sound, time stood still, and she looked at me she wept…  tears of joy because I was free.

And I felt from her heart to mine a radiance I had not felt so strongly for a long time…

What a gift she was for me and how she suffered so that I may be free.

That night Antika came to me very clearly in a vision and she conveyed to me telepathically – this didn’t come in words as we have come to hear or understand them but all at once, as a knowing. She conveyed words to the effect, that I wrote down that I would like to share with you.


Antika’s message

Luisa you are free, live Luisa, Live.

Allow yourself to be free to love whom you choose and if that love is not reciprocated you have the freedom to choose again, to be free to whom you give your body to, to be free to live where you wish to live, to be free  to walk when you choose to walk, to be free to look at the night sky when you choose to look up at the moon and stars, to be free to sit when you choose to sit from fatigue, to be free to warm your body when you are cold and wet, to be free to rest when you choose to rest, to be free to smile when you choose to smile, to be free to eat when you are hungry, to be free to drink when you have thirst, to be free to feel safe, to be free to work at your choosing, to be free to create as only you can, to be free to be you, to be free to sing when you choose to sing with joy, to be free to walk proudly and upright.

I have none of this.

Do not let my life, this life, our life –  your life be in vain. You are free to choose and to be and to do anything. what a gift. Allow me to live though you Luisa and may this remembering of our meeting always be a reminder that you have freedom. You are not in chains, you are not branded, you are not used and abused, how proud and happy I am. It seems impossible for me to imagine such freedom exists, but I feel it within you Luisa and you are a part of me. and when I take my final breath in this life as Antika, I will know that in seeing you today – I am truly, truly free. At this point, now here in space and time, has always been and always meant to be and the cyclic wounds are healed across lifetimes.


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Everything happens in divine timing, two parallel lives and we both pulled each other into salvation.

Somewhere – somehow the pull for freedom is far more powerful and infused with love than the pull for bondage and filled with fear.

I thought when I first arrived in Morocco I would return, but I will not in this life as Luisa. There is no need and there are so many more other journeys to experience.

I thought about buying Antika’s bracelet, just for a moment… But I didn’t want it, it holds to many memories, too much energy, it is not mine to have.

It’s the experience, not the thing – what a gift of freedom she helped me to remember.

So what’s left? Life throws us much. The only fear now is that I may forget Antika – but in this life – I never will

I send you so much love and –  my wish for you today is that you recognise that you are free.


Luisa x

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