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Dreams off track? Life isn’t going as planned? 

Life doesn’t always go the way we planned, does it? Something unexpected happens. We hear bad news. There is trouble at work. Family members say things or do things that hurt us. Someone promises something and then disappoints us…

Have you ever wanted really something that you became devastated after many attempts to get it?

Has the same pattern kept repeating itself no matter how you tried to change it?

In this episode of Luisa TV,  I share with you a glimpse. Click here to watch.

I’ve felt this way for the last few weeks and I was at a total loss for what to do next.

I wanted this thing in my life, and I knew it would make me feel secure, provide clarity and direction. But it kept eluding me. The harder I tried to achieve it, the further away it became.

I didn’t think I was asking for too much.

After searching for answers, I kept hearing the same messages from my Guides

  • When things aren’t working, you need to stop trying so hard.
  • It’s better not to be so emotionally attached to the outcome.
  • Things will work better if you drop your expectations and work with “what is” instead.
  • There are always other possibilities

It took me a while to admit that I might be controlling.

I recognised the underlying reason that we try to control things. We do so because we’re afraid. We have deep-seated, often hidden fears about life. By trying to put our lives in order the way we want them, we feel more secure.

And this new way of thinking changed everything.

I decided to see what would happen if I had goals but let go and let things unfold without directing them toward a specific outcome.

An opportunity to start over without trying to control—without expectations—with less fear and more faith. I set my mind to believe that things would work out if I relaxed, trusted, and went with the flow instead of against it.

I still had goals, but I started going with the flow and being open to other possibilities instead of insisting on specific outcomes I thought would make me happy.

I asked the universe and my angels and guides,

Please help me. Please reveal to me the path and outcome for my best and highest good, allow me to be open to receive your guidance. I surrender to your Divine Love”

Dropping my fear let me experiment with observing what was going on around me and allowing things to unfold. I began to see openings and opportunities I never would have found had I kept trying to make things happen. It was like opening gifts.

There is no other way to know what it’s like to drop your expectations and go with the flow unless you try it for yourself like I did. There definitely is no way to trust it until you experience it working.

Many of us are wired to pursue specific outcomes that we believe will give us security. If only we realized we could be happier if we open up and tap in to what comes our way while we’re busy making other plans.

TIPS in summary

  1. You cannot control anything other than yourself
  2. Try not to get too emotionally attached to the way you think your desires should turn out
  3. If you want to change something, change yourself
  4. Surrender to the Divine. Allow space for your best and highest good to be revealed to you and remember there are ALAWYS other possibilities.


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As I was writing some words for this episode of Luisa TV, I had phone call, more wonderful than I could have ever orchestrated. Perhaps not getting what I wanted in the way I had desired, what a wonderful stroke of luck. My prayers were answered.

At a deeper level, if you can realize that life is impermanent, the better off you will be. Letting go of the struggle to control the outcome and allowing it to happen—just as it is—makes life easier.

I thank you for listening and I hope this has inspired you in some way, and I thank the always loving divine presence of the nonphysical realms, always willing to collaborate with us, guide us, show us the path, if we ask and are open to receiving.

Much Love

Luisa x

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