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For over a year now I felt strongly called by Spirit to start a new global network to raise awareness, network, and promote sharing of all types of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STEs). In June 2020, together with my dear friend and co-founder Robert Bare, we launched Spiritual Awakenings International, (SAI).  SAI builds on my passion of the last 30 years, which was to advocate as a medical doctor, for persons who have had STEs.  I am and was horrified by the mislabeling as “crazy” or “hallucinating” that has been happening to so many beautiful spiritual souls – souls who were having diverse types of STEs such as: Near-Death Experiences; Mystical Experiences; Kundalini Awakenings; Psychic Experiences of all types; After-Death Communications, Mediumship experiences, past life recall, and more.  I feel as a multiple NDE and multiple STE Experiencer myself, as well as a medical doctor, I need to stand tall and affirm loudly that these experiences are real, and not a sign of mental illness.

My heart felt that now, in 2020, was the right time to start this new global online network to raise awareness of STEs.  My passion was also to give STE Experiencers a forum to share their stories, and to encourage networking between STE Experiencers as well as different interested groups and networks worldwide.  “Bringing us Together” is Spiritual Awakenings International’s motto.

I helped create our beautiful and informative new SAI website   which provides a wealth of online information about STEs.  Readers are given suggested further readings on each type of STE, including my new book Touched by the Light: Exploring Spiritually Transformative Experiences.

Our SAI website also showcases our affiliated groups worldwide, and our SAI Circle of Honor.  In the Circle of Honor we honor and say thank you to the ground breaking pioneers of the last 100 years who helped raise global awareness about STEs.

“Spiritual Awakenings International Presents” offers free monthly online speaker events with fascinating STE related speakers from around the world. Dr. Nicole Gruel from Australia will present on October 17, Raymond O’Brien from England on November 21, and Dr. Christopher Kerr from USA/Canada on December 5.  All are welcome.  Register and find more information on our SAI website. .

Spiritual Awakenings International was launched on June 15, 2020.  I am absolutely delighted at how SAI has blossomed and grown in just 2 months.  We already have about 500 subscribers from 22 different countries around the word, from 6 continents – every continent except Antarctica!  I invite you to subscribe to Spiritual Awakenings International, tell your friends and colleagues about us, and help “Bringing us Together”.

Yvonne Kason MD


Spiritual Awakenings International

Author: Touched by the Light


Dr. Yvonne Kason was a guest on Passion Harvest interview series.

The Episode is titled, ‘MY 5 NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES.’

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