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Most people identify with their physical body and firmly believe that they ARE their body.

Consequently, they believe that they cease to exist when the physical body dies.

Also, they do not think that they have a spirit or soul in addition to their physical body.

They think that only that which can be seen and weighed exists. They do not acknowledge that matter of a non-physical nature exists.


Nevertheless, they make use of non-physical matter every day, when they speak on their cell phones, watch television, listen to radio or roam on the Internet from their cordless tablet.

They use these things without realizing that they are making use of a type of matter that is invisible: electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation is a type of energy and it has the specific quality that it can hold information.

We all know that when we google something, then the information about the thing we wanted to know about comes flying through the air at light speed to our device.

We find this completely ´normal´ and we do not realize that we are making use of an invisible type of matter.

When then, minutes later, somebody says to us that invisible matter exists, we may deny this vehemently and get quite upset about this claim.

However, in this day and age, it is not up for debate whether invisible matter exists or not. We all know that it does, as we make use of it every day.

For that reason, it should not be hard to convince anybody that our spirit can and does consist of the same type of matter.

Electromagnetic radiation exists in a huge range of frequencies and wavelengths, so it is not just one ´thing´.

It has so many different ways to express itself and so many frequencies that we do not know them all.

From our use of electromagnetic radiation, we know that this type of ray-formed matter can contain information. It has the double characteristic that it contains energy and information at the same time.


The same is valid for our consciousness. It also consists of a type of electromagnetic radiation. It also contains energy and information.

We cannot see our consciousness and we cannot weigh and measure it, but we know we have a consciousness, because without it we would not be able to think, reason and make decisions.

Our consciousness holds all the information about who we are.

Our consciousness sits like a bubble around our physical body and it can also be visualized as our aura.

The consciousness enters the body via the brain, but it does not dwell in the brain and it does not originate there.

It is the consciousness that keeps the body alive because it is a field of energy, and it is the same as our spirit.

Our consciousness holds all the information about who we are. We can also say that we ARE our consciousness.

It holds our ´I´ or sense of self and everything that defines who we are, such as the totality of our thoughts, our memories, our intelligence, our character traits, and personality, our likes and dislikes, our emotions and patterns of reaction, our morals, the basis for our behavior, and all the knowledge that we have accumulated.

These traits are a very important part of who we are, indeed the most important part, and yet none of these are physical. None of the ´ingredients´, that define who we are, are physical.

Yet it is obvious that we have them. Without them we wouldn’t be who we are.


We ARE our consciousness and it is something that we build up over our many lives on the physical plane.

All our experiences and talents are stored in our fate element, which forms part of our supra consciousness, and it accompanies us from life to life.

All the tings we have become good at through practice in former lives, are stored in the fate element, and this means that we take our talents with us into each new physical life we live.

Isn´t that great?

All the abilities we have worked hard to achieve are not lost, but we take them with us.

This explains why so many child prodigies have huge talents for singing, playing a musical instrument, for painting, reading and writing at a very early age.

On YouTube there are many examples of this and it is awe inspiring to watch how good the children are at performing their practiced talent.

See for instance these clips:


So, we are the result of our many lives on Earth, we are the accumulation of all the things we have practiced, all the experiences we had in former lives and all the things we have learned.


If we have suffered a lot, we will be compassionate and humane, and we will want to help others who suffer.

Not everybody has come equally far on their journey, but that is of no consequence.

We are all on our way to becoming perfect human beings.

When the spirit or consciousness leaves the physical body, during the process we call death, this body becomes a corpse, because it was the consciousness that supplied energy to the body.


What we need to understand is that we are our consciousness and that it is a field of energy.

This field of energy does not cease to exist when the body dies.

It then moves on to the spiritual plane, where it stays for some time until it is again ready to reincarnate.

We always have our spiritual body, but it is only occasionally that we also have a physical body.

When we reincarnate into a physical body it is because we have something more to learn on the physical plane. We then go ´back to school´ and we stay ´in school´ as longs as our physical instrument serves us.

When it is worn by old age or injury, we discard it and go back to the spiritual plane.

We are spiritual beings who have a physical experience from time to time. We always have our spiritual body, but we do not always have a physical body.

We are NOT our physical body, but our spiritual body with our consciousness and sense of self.

We are eternal beings on an everlasting journey through spiritual and physical realms in a universe where the basic tone is love.


Guest Author. Else Byskov

Else Byskov was a guest on Passion Harvest interview series.

The Episode is titled, ‘HOW WE CANNOT DIE: Martinus, the Danish Philosopher, Visionary & Mystic

Watch the Passion Harvest Interview with Else Byskov


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