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Hello and welcome to Luisa TV, this is the first episode in a 4-part series, Afterlife Communication.

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I was guided to share just a few of my experiences with the afterlife, the other side, the realms of the nonphysical that have communicated with me.

Many things are a mystery to me, and I don’t always know the answer, but the intricate web of connection is there to support you, the energetic exchange of other souls is ever present, even if not seen with our physical eyes.

As we become more conscious with the subtle aspect of ourselves, the nonphysical we start to tap into that vast flow of energy that builds this world.

It is my belief that we do not die, we are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience – we always have our spiritual body, but we do not always have a physical body

At the end of this episode, I will offer you some very simple tips to connect with the nonphysical realm and signs that your loved ones are trying to contact you. Learning new methods of communication will not come overnight for most, rather it will come over time, with intention and patience.

A fundamental truth of life is connection. We are love and we come here for love, this is the greatest power we have.


What happens when we die?

This is what I consciously believe to be true, from my research and hours upon hours of speaking with individuals who have had near death experiences, sharing remarkably similar experiences of death. From my own multi-dimensional experiences, memories of past lives, future lives and what feels intuitively right for me.

In simple terms, when our physical body dies, our spirit leaves our body, the energetic chord that connects our physical body to our spiritual body is cut. Depending our of perception of consciousness, we all experience fragments of moving through time and space, we experience light, we experience familiarity with energies, this could be called soul family, we experience guidance from beings of light, we experience altered and deep expanded states of consciousness, unification with everything – we are not separate as we have come to believe in our physical incarnation and we experience deep profound wholeness, completeness otherwise known as unconditional love. 

Time and space do not hold us in these realms, though consciousness of thought we are able to travel to many points in time and space simultaneously.

Some souls cross over quickly with no additional contact, some linger waiting to share messages, some cross back and forth. It does not mean that they are no longer here, it does not mean the bond of love is no longer – love knows no boundaries, even death,  they could be a thought away, they do communicate with us, they just don’t always remain here in this realm, they recognise their transition into the nonphysical.

Although some spirits can remain earth bound, this can be for many reasons, such as not recognising that they have passed and they cling to this familiar life, unfished business, a loved one left behind. This too is a realm of free will and they can remain tethered in this world until they are ready to leave.

In this episode I will discuss my experience of a of Sprit release – enabling an earth bound soul to transition from this earthly realm to a higher dimension, her name is Emille Corbert.


Emile Corbert – Earth Bound Sprit

I found Emile, or perhaps now I realise she found me in room at the top of a house she had lived.

This house is also incorporated with my Future Memories, click here to watch part 1 and here. to watch part 2. I had travelled here as a soul, time travelled many times to visit Edward, but Emile had never revealed herself to me until recently.

If we perceive time as linear, I have not been to this house in my human incarnation as Luisa, my soul, my spirit has travelled though the home, but my physical feet have never touched the floor.

I never consciously requested this time travel it was as if I was drawn there, as if it had always been -my soul kept pulling me there.

My first experience of Emile is when I was transported to a door, I knew this was in Edwards’s home, I recognised the vibration signature, but it was not to see him. I walked though the door as an energy or consciousness and I saw a sun lit room, the light was so soft coming in through the window, I could see the dust in the light  – it was a different time period, everything was silent and my senses were remarkably heightened – time traveling takes on a higher form of conscious perception. I have communicated with many loved ones in the nonphysical but not like this, this was hyper real.

In the middle of the small room, I saw a young woman sitting on a chair, her head is bent into her knees, she hides herself and she does not look at me, she appears fragile.

I look, I can’t stop looking at her, I want to turn away but I can’t, its like watching some bizarre scene and you don’t want to look, want to turn away but you can’t it’s so intriguing. I cant believe I am having this experience with an earth bound spirit.

I try to pull my energy back out of the room, not wanting to disturb her, not wanting to impose and wondering how on earth I found myself in this position.

The woman still does not look up at me, but she begins to telepathically communicate – she can’t believe that I can see her, and she wonders if I am like her – an earth-bound spirit, it has been a long time she tells me, since she has been seen. I laugh when she wonders otherwise – how I could have entered the room without opening the door.

She is more at ease now and I understand, she likes the quiet, the calm, does not like loud noises and prefers to be alone. She is glad no one sleeps in this room anymore she tells me; it was rather disturbing for her when they did.

I notice her dress is long, with a high neck, made of thick material, her hair is up and a little messy, her hands are thin and long, delicate and she wears soft slippers on her feet.


Emile shares with me pieces of her life.

She was born in the year 1852 and I is the daughter of Henri Corbert.

Her mother’s name starts with the letter F, she died when Emile was a child. She was raised and educated by her father, he was a priest or worked in a parish, he was a kind and educated man. Emile was sent into service with the family that lived in the house, but her father arranged for her to have a higher position that a maid.

She shows me her hands, they are not rough she tells me like the other maids, my life has been easier than some.

I have the impression she looked after a child in the house, perhaps as a governess, when I ask her, she does not answer me.

Emile tells me she waits for her fiancé, she is 21 years old.

Emile tells me she waited for her finance at the house, he never came – I believe this is why she remained earth bound.

She takes me to her to a time near her death – she does not die in this house. She is in a small dwelling and she lies on a bed and looks out though a small window, the glass panes are old, and it is hard to see though, there is a large tree outside, blowing in the wind, it is cold, her feet are freezing, she is alone and she is very poor and terribly sick.

I speak with her openly and tell her she has been alone for so long and how funny life is – she fears the living but she dead and we laugh.

One last piece of Emile’s story is that I was energetically transported to this home several more times, but never inside. I found myself in the garden, looking up at Emile’s window and to my shock I saw her looking at me, and to her shock she saw me looking at her and I knew I had to release her.

I knew that the final release would be to send her into the light, so she no longer remains tethered to this world and to call on her soul family for assistance.

When Emile told me her story months ago, she asked me to share it so that she may be set free. She told me also that in sharing her story of Freedom, in some way it would enable freedom in others. So, I speak for Emile today because she called for my help and because she gifted me her story, pieces of her life and she trusted me.

So, goodbye Emile it was an honour, to know you.


Intuited Reading

I am so excited to continue to offer to you, Intuited Readings.

Click here  to learn more or click here  book a Reading. The information source may vary from the Non-physical – the Quantum Field, the realm of thought – although always the communication is of the highest vibration.

This is a multi-sensory experience and I have remembered my ability to access portals where I can receive information that you are ready to hear at this point in time in your life.


How to communicate with the Afterlife?

For me connecting with the non-physical began from an earlier age but the connection has become easier with practice, trust and intention.

The communication most often occurs when I am in a calm state of consciousness, with little mental thoughts. I often get goose bumps and I see images with my mind’s eye and hear though telepathy a nonphysical person or energy communicating with me.

This communication I would like to think usually only happens with my request but there have been many occurrences in the past when it was not asked for, sometimes I feel they are so excited to communicate with a loved one and they see me as a gateway.

The capability to communicate with loved one’s past, nonphysical energies, guides, angels is open to everyone. Some of you may find it easier than others to experience.

We can often assume because we can’t see them with our eyes, they are not real. Well, we can’t see internet, radio or TV waves, but we know they exists, we can’t see thoughts, but we know they exist, we can’t see love but we know it exists. Spirits vibrate at a frequency above the visible range, and much higher than our frequency and density of matter – our body.

Here are some signs and tools connect with transitioned loved ones.

  1. Feel their presence around you
  2. Songs that you hear repetitively.
  3. Sequence of numbers – when you look at the time
  4. Dreams open your portals of subconscious to the nonphysical realms
  5. Ask them to communicate with you
  6. Raise the frequency of your own vibration by thinking of happy memories
  7. Write a letter with the intention of connecting to a loved one.


I have learnt from my experiences that our lifetimes our short in the larger picture of all that is – moments are important, not things, it’s the memories we take with us, the experiences and the way we choose to experience them is what enables our growth and evolution.

Thoughts turn to things – Be mindful of what you say to yourself, be mindful of your words, as your soul will move mountains to achieve your thoughts, so too – listen to your thoughts and choose them wisely.

Don’t allow circumstance to limit your potential, but rather see them as an opportunity.

We have incarnated into this humanness to be human, to have experiences and to learn to be the best version of ourselves we can be. To find love, meaning, purpose and passion.

What matters is the relationships that we have with ourselves primarily and with others along the journey, nurture relationships and those that travel alongside you – both in the physical and nonphysical dimensions and tell them what they mean to you… often.

Charles M Schultz, who wrote the Peanuts cartoon, once said, “In life, it’s not where you go, its who you travel with.”

You are deeply loved and cherished.

Bye for now.

Luisa x


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