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Have you ever thought, How can I Grow from this Suffering? 

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Suffering is not what any of us chooses on a conscious level and I would certainly not wish it upon anyone. Suffering is an inevitable part of life, from aging and death to deep heartbreak and disappointment, to sickness or just the simple act of being ignored.

You are most likely not going to be the first person in history who avoids any suffering.

But if we are able to harness these experience and adjust our sails accordingly, we can recycle our suffering and allow it to be an opportunity for growth.


 Suffering is the price of the ticket for this ride we call life. Suffering can be the price you pay for love.

Whether we lose someone close to us, a relationship, a deep love lost, a career or something else that was incredibly important, we have based our reason to live on this thing external to us that has been taken away.

The only thing we can be assured of at the end of the day is everything external to us will disappear – people, places, things and at some point, all that will remain is – us.

The vast majority of our mental, emotional, and spiritual suffering comes from what we demand with our expectations of reality.

We live in an inner world of feeling and when we can recognise that we have sovereignty over our thoughts our feelings, the freedom to choose how to think and how to act.  It doesn’t mean we won’t experience grief, it doesn’t mean the universe will bend to our will, but it does mean we have the capacity and capability to move though experiences with a lesser degree of suffering.

This is the power you have through thoughts your thoughts and point of consciousness.

All our experiences in this incarnation, good or bad, life has a tendency to sweep us up and pull us down, offer us great joy and immense sorrow and while these experiences may not be easy, they can all be turned into an opportunity for enrichment and been seen as a treasure.

Suffering and trials of life may increase the lines on our face, but it can also strengthen the love inside of us.

When we are able to surrender to a higher power, far greater than us, call it god, source, the universe, higher self, when we acknowledge that God doesn’t create suffering – we create our own suffering – it is then that we are able to transmute and transform and what matters is that we are able to recycle our suffering into growth.


The key thing to remember is this: As long as you’re alive, you have the chance to make changes, learn from the past, and grow.

The only thing guaranteed in life is change. Whatever is difficult now (whatever seems impossible now) will change. Every winter turns into spring – growth is the commonality of life – everything grows.

We live because we have hope and want to see what happens in our tomorrows. My hope for you is that you live a full lived life, because life can be wonderfully good.


We are here because we have chosen this incarnation on a soul level, to connect, to inspire, to grow and evolve.

You don’t need to change the world, the world only needs your heart to be warm and present.

We are here because we have a story to tell. We are here to look up and delight in wonder and see a shooting star, we are here to find beauty in a sunrise, we are here to experience the depth of emotions, we are here to feel inspiration, we are here to remember our passions, we are here to follow our fun, we are here to move with the seasons, we are here to understand that our reality is a perception of our consciousness, we are here to hold someone we love, we are here learn love, we are here to love and to be loved.

Love is the fundamental meaning of it all, love for yourself and others makes you whole and complete.

The journey of life, is our story, a chapter in the bigger picture of all that is and when we can surrender to a higher power, we then can open ourselves to possibilities and probabilities and magic and miracles – then we can touch a whisper of the divine, we can hold the realms of the subconscious portals, we can open up to new ways of being and seeing, we can listen with our hearts and feel with our eyes, taste with our spirit and allow the unreal to become real.


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Basically, what this means is that I have remembered my ability to access portals where I can receive information that you are ready to hear at this point in time in your life.   We all have this ability, it’s just that some of us have just forgotten.

The information source may vary although always the loving communication is of the highest vibration.

If you feel called to this service, the link to book or find out more will be in the show notes, or just head over to the Passion Harvest website shop page for more details.


No one is immune to suffering and we all experience it, I certainly have. Just like the ebb and flow of the tides and the fullness and emptiness of the moon and the seasons of nature – we too have our cyclic patterns and rhythms and experiences.

In the depths of suffering the miracle of life can still shine out.

If you want to change anything in your life, one of the most effective ways is to change your thoughts. This shift in awareness holds great potential for growth and transformation.

Know that time heals all wounds and a change in perspective allows emptiness to become fullness and despair can turn into hope and even joy – and if we realise that all these experiences of our life are a way in which to enrich our self– this is one life in many lives that we will have and think how miraculous and how remarkable it is that we are here right now at this point in space and time.

What a miracle you are and my deep wish for you is that from all these lessons of your journey in life, while you breathe the precious breath, you learn to enrich your soul and recognise each moment can be seen as a treasure, as a gift.

Thank you so much for listening to me today, please leave a question below and I will answer it.

Much love to you

Bye for now

Luisa x


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