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UNBELIEVABLE! Child SAVED in MULTIVERSE. What happens next is AMAZING! Ghosts OBE | Tiyi Schippers

She met her Guardian Angel and was saved by her Future Self.

Antoinette “Tiyi” Schippers was born in the Chicago area during the mid-20th century as the third child in a family of ten. Tiyi grew up in a Victorian home and experienced paranormal activity that unlocked the unseen world. She was shown the Multiverse and the Dimensions of Conscious Reality.

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Tiyi Schippers

00:00:44 Luisa
Tiyi welcome to Passion Harvest. I’m so excited to have you on the show today.

00:00:50 Tiyi Schippers
Thank you so much. I’m excited to be here.

00:00:53 Luisa
I’ve had a look at a few of your interviews as well. It’s fascinating for the audience. Would you mind just sharing a little bit?
Briefly, your background and I guess I’m briefly your background and growing up in a in Victorian home and some of the incredible experiences that propelled you on this life journey.

00:01:13 Tiyi Schippers
That’s right. So when I was three months old, my family, I was third child of 10.
And in 13 years, so there were a lot of children all the time, and we moved into my father’s ancestral home, which belonged to his grandmother. When she was moved into a a rest home, I guess is what they called it at the time.
And it had been in my family since the 1890s, so I was the 4th generation.
At the at that.
And we prior to my family buying it, my my great, great grandmother bought it for my great grandmother as a wedding present from the original builders who built it. Shortly after the Great Chicago Fire.
And it was the first home built in the in the area called Portage Park.
And it was.
It was just alive with spirit. We were.
All the time it was it wasn’t like something happened. And then a month later, something else happened. It was every single day we were experiencing counters. So one of my earliest memories was when I was still, like, sitting on the toddler on the floor. I was in early language acquired so I could speak early.
And they say there’s a correlation between memory and when you have language. But I remember sitting and playing with the cars and I heard my name called in my ear.
And I turned to look and I felt I felt this.
This energetic something nearby and I turned to look to see who it was. You know, you could feel when somebody is near. That’s what it felt like. Someone was near and no one was there. And my sister and brother were playing with their things, so I just.
Continued to play.
And then it came even closer, and the pitch of the voice dropped. So it went from T.
And I looked again startled.
And I was like, huh?
Wonder what that was, and then would feel that presence all the time. So this is a time when, as a toddler, I’m figuring out the world.
I am learning what things are. I am naming things. I am recognising this flower, this person, this thing, and I was also interacting with or being interacted.
With at first.
This these other things that were unseen at first.
And then they became visible, and there were several that were that would manifest in, like full body or partial body operations.
My siblings and I all shared a big room upstairs. It was the master bedroom. Originally my parents took a.
Smaller room because.
Anyway, we had all our beds and shared beds lined up in this one.
And the way the house was is it was a hallway that went from a bathroom with the door to the room and in the hall down the hallway. And then there was a stairwell that had 18 stairs that went down and below that was a hallway on the 1st floor that ended at another room and the basement door was there on the left.
And we would see this person, this lady.
Who would walk every single night back and forth, so predictable that we could count.
Knowing when she would appear and reappear and we called her the Slinky lady because as she walked we could see it was like there was light from somewhere behind her. But we saw this like white profile outline and she would just look forward. She never turned and looked at us, other things. They looked at us.
But she was always looking straight ahead, and she had this long gown and long her hair, and she would take a step. And when she would step, her body would catch up slowly. So it was like, trace her lights like the light spread out and then caught up to.
Like this and so back in the.
Middle of the last century in the US we had this toy called the Slinky, which was a spring that you would do this, and they made a slinky dog that you could pull on a string and had the slinky in between and had the front part of the dog and the back part of the dog. You’d pull it and stretch out and come together. So he named her the Slinky light.
And we were just watched the Slinky lady go back and forth and we tried, you know, we we never wanted to run into her. We didn’t know what would happen for the longest time, but we just didn’t want to.
We didn’t want to run the risk of doing that. We all of us. So if one of us woke up in the middle of the night and needed to use the restroom.
We would, we had a pact that we wouldn’t leave each other alone at night or day or anything, and so we’d wake up the other and ask them to watch for us and we wait till we see the Slinky lady walk into the bathroom. And then you could count 11000 two 1000 three 1000 up to about 15 and then she’d come back the other way.
And then you knew you had about 65 until she came back, so you’d be like, go go and run into the bathroom, do your business, jump back in bed just as 60, four, 1065, and she would appear.
Again in the doorway.
Every single night.
And day we would sometimes see her, but more in the day. In the night time you could look directly at her and see her in the daytime. You’d see her.
Move out of.
The corner of your eye, your peripheral vision.
So she just did this. She just like like clockwork. Just continuously one time.
We also had if.
The deal that we would never.
Leave each other alone. Was my sister and I moved to our own bedroom when we got a little older. So now I’m about 5 years old and my older sister Kate and I shared a bed in a small room at the top of the stairs that shared a closet with the great room with the with the master.
Bedroom, which is very odd. The door on each side open to the same place that you could go through, but we would never do that because we avoided that closet.
Like the plane we just did.
Not want to come and.
I thought it.
Was creepy. So much so that on Sunday evenings after my mother did laundry.
We would have to take our laundry upstairs and this was a time when all the dresses needed to be ironed and so my mother worked like a dog her whole life.
Imagine, and so we would take our laundry out and have to put it in the closet. Hang the dresses up. And so we would always do rock, paper, scissors or any meenie.
Miney Moe or.
Some way to determine who of my sister and I putting the clothes away together, who was going to stand outside of the closet, put their body in front of the door.
So it couldn’t close.
And who would have to step into the closet to 1st grab the hangers?
And then close the classic real quick, put the dresses on.
Hangers and then open it again and go in to hang them up, and then we would quickly slam that door shut and run like crazy. My sister was older than me. I never quite figured out that she always got to hold the door open and I was always the victim who had.
To go into the closet.
And they never played in our rooms.
You never spent any time anywhere except in the main room altogether in piles, because if you were alone anywhere.
Things would.
Things would touch you and come into your space in very.
On unfriendly ways, so this one time I went to bring the laundry and I didn’t see my sister Kate.
And I had the dresses and my mom said she took the stuff for the dresser up already. So I said OK and I hightailed it upstairs because I figured she’d be right at the top of the stairs. And I got.
And she wasn’t in the.
Room. And not only that, but nobody else.
Was upstairs and.
All of a sudden my heart starts pounding.
My I’m like.
I need to I need to get out of here and I just set the dresses on the bed as carefully as I could.
And headed down the stairs to go get my sister to come put the dresses away with me.
Halfway down the stairs now, I was in such.
A panic to leave the.
Room that I didn’t wait to see where the Slinky lady.
And so I just ran out and I got halfway down the stairs.
At the bottom of the stairs there was a huge China cabinet and I was holding on to the railing and I saw my sister Kate. And so I said, Kate, come help me put the dresses up and I’m still holding the railing because my father would holler in and hold the railing and block. It was his steep long staircase.
Long, really. And I was holding on to the railing, I said, she said I already put those away and I’m like, please don’t make me go into the closet by myself, she says OK. And she starts to come. So I let go of the railing. And as I go to turn around to go back up the stairs, I felt this force as if something came right through me.
So strongly that it literally pushed me off the stairs and I just went poop and I landed like 3 stairs from the bottom, tumbled into that China cabinet that fell on me.
There was glass everywhere and I’m this little girl. I was probably six or seven and this thing is on top of me and I’d say Mommy, Mommy, Davy pushed me, my older brother, because he was the only one that could move that fast. You’re just like bam into me and down I went. Well, meanwhile, Kate is standing in the hallway just screaming.
At the top of her lungs and my mom and dad came running and.
My dad picked the thing up.
And then he picked glass out.
My hair and everything, and I later said.
That you know that Davy pushed me and my mom says no, no, you just fell down the stairs. You just must have stumbled. And my sister kid said, oh, no, she did not fall down the stairs. She flew up those stairs. She wouldn’t jump and leap into the air to go down those stairs. Something pushed her down the stairs. And my mom says, well, it’s OK. Nobody’s hurt. So it’s OK. My poor mom was just trying to keep everything.
Keep us from being freaked out all the time.
When she herself.
Was experiencing many things as well.
So I found out why we didn’t want to run into this slinky lady, because I’m guessing that she was on her way down the stairs and I was just in.
The way and her energy, just look.
And not right.
What is?

00:11:53 Luisa
Scary experience growing.
Up as a child.

00:11:56 Tiyi Schippers
It it was scary growing up, but it wasn’t. It was also normal. You know, I I did not know that these things didn’t happen everywhere until I, like, spent the night at my grandmother’s house. And it was so quiet. And. And then I thought that everybody would experience it and if.
Those things were there.
And I didn’t have a name for it. I didn’t wasn’t able to call it ghosts until later on, until we were a little bit older. And my grandmother, my father’s mother, lived next door in a cottage.
Next door to.
House and she she told my mother that one of the spirits there was my great grandfather.
Who had passed away in the womb up there and we saw him from time to time. We saw other spirits and had other things. There was also something dark that was like this bundle of black.
Darkness and I’m not sure if that was an entity or if it was just an energy from.
Terrible things happened in that home before my family bought it. I wrote a book about it that my first book is it’s called Beyond brick and bone, and it tells all the stories.
Are encounters of my personal encounters, and then the second half of the book is the ghost story. So they.
Started coming to me as I was writing the first book and and I was afraid of them. And I’m not afraid of ghosts. I.
Deal with ghosts all the time.
And it’s just part of nature, you know, that’s that’s how I it’s just part of who we are and they it doesn’t scare me. But these scared me and I realised that it was because I was traumatised as a child.
And also I was afraid to hear their story because I was. It was part of my.
Story as well as a child, but I I let I let them in and as a spirit medium I can communicate with with the dead. And so I let them tell their story. And the second half of the book is their story. And it was, it turned out not so scary, but so tragic, you know people.
People don’t stick around in places and try to get your attention for no reason at all.
And a lot of times, what seems terrifying is trauma.
And and if we can just have compassion.
For those spirits and those those souls who are still suffering in that and.
So then by telling their story.
I was. I’ve no longer been visited by they’ve I received some gratitude. And then they moved on, which was really quite pathetic.

00:14:48 Luisa
That’s beautiful. So.
I mean, there’s so many different terms, would one call them earthbound spirits or people that have died that haven’t transitioned to the afterlife?

00:15:00 Tiyi Schippers
There’s there are some earthbound, but how I I how I describe Earthbound is someone who does not realise that they have an option.
You know that. So they stick with what’s familiar and what I’ve experienced from different people who I consider Earth bound. They either aren’t aware that they have died.
And this happens very often with people who die suddenly, or it’s almost.
Or from like if they were intoxicated or on drugs or something. When they die, they’re not sure. They think they’re still tripping. I’ve had that a couple of times, which is crazy. And then you just tell them, you know, then I just let them know. And they’re like, oh, wow. OK. So that’s earthbound, others that are earthbound are some who are.
Choose to not go forward because their.
Their thoughts about the afterlife? They’re afraid of judgement, so we’re, you know, so often.
And so many religions were raised in so much shame, and in that shame.
Is comes the guilt and then fear of judgement and afraid that you’re going to go to hell or you’re going to suffer in in your afterlife. And what I found is helped with my experiences is that hell does exist, but it’s our own creation.
So these spirits in my childhood home were in hell because they were trapped in that guilt and shame and trauma.
And they needed to be released by by the Slinky lady. She was she was the anchor there. And once her story was told and she was no longer just completely erased, then everything was like, OK, I’m ready.

00:16:58 Luisa
And it’s just. And that’s beautiful. So once you.
Shared their stories. They were able to remove their fear and release.
Yeah, from the.

00:17:07 Tiyi Schippers
She just did not want to be.
Having never existed.
It was she. Her life had been erased, she’d been disappeared. And and and.
And she just wanted to know that she lived a life and she was a a valuable soul and had made an impact and.
I am very grateful to her and I’m very grateful to the other spirits whether or not they were terrifying.
Or startling or uncomfortable because.
As I grew, just like you learned to recognise flora or fauna, I could recognise spirit and I never lost that. And so I’ve been able to continue to exercise that muscle.
With that part of my brain where I can perceive spirit and it’s brought me.
Just wonderful experiences and and stories and.
Being able to I’m the type of person that.
Likes to help.
People and that to have something that can help.
People who aren’t carbon based anymore, you know, to I feel like I’ve been given a gift by spirit and now I can help spirit with with that gift.

00:18:33 Luisa
And there’s, I mean, there’s so much in the unseen. I know you’re a guardian of the unseen world, and I’d like to explore that further. But there’s so much in the unseen that’s there that we don’t.
Consciously know or are not consciously aware of.

00:18:47 Tiyi Schippers
That’s true. If we paid attention to everything happening in the room we are in right now.
We would it, it would be more than we could fathom. You know, when you just think about just little particles of dust flying around that we don’t perceive, we ignore that we ignore the the just the background sounds in order to exist, and that’s where people who have ADHD or sometimes people on the.
Autism spectrum, who can’t philtre out stimuli like.
That it’s very disconcerting and causes a lot of anxiety.
What I’ve learned is for myself, I can stop and philtre in what I want. I can live my day to day life not.
Paying attention to every dust speck going by. But I can stop.
And find one.
And so if the opportunity is necessary, I’m using the expression dust spec because it’s something that’s pretty invisible and yet it exists for real. And I believe that.
People, the beings, sentient beings in the spirit world and all different, you know, we talked about this side and the other side I put make that plural. It’s the other sides because there is not just.
Other side other than our physical lifetime, but I’ve been able to tune into that those different places.
And pay attention and focus on those parts.

00:20:22 Luisa
What do you mean by the other sides as in plural?

00:20:26 Tiyi Schippers
Well, there’s there were spirits in my house growing up that we’re not aware of each other.
So they were occupying the same space and they were simultaneously interacting with us, but they were not aware of each other.
And in when this was something that Kara, who was the woman in the house, the Slinky lady, showed me that right when she died her it was it, it was. There was another death and that person who died was in spirit right by her but couldn’t see her.
So everybody’s in their own place.
For a while, but there are also things. So this is the like the dead and the newly dead or the long dead to that can occupy different layers.
Of space.
And but it’s not really space, it’s different layers of reality. That’s better because it’s not. It’s there’s no space involved. But then there are other things that are on different vibrations, things like force spirits, things like grief feeders and burial grounds, guardian.
Spirits nature.
Spirits. I’m not sure what else these are. All the different things that I have encountered, beings that having never were human.
And exist and are sentient and can interact with us if we can focus.
On that.
I I it’s so it sounds so appreciated talk about vibration, but it really is it’s getting your mind in a different wavelength. It’s like they talk about.
You know, don’t let your kids watch television before going to school because he gets their alpha waves and they get zoned out. So and just before we go to sleep, our brain, the our brain waves change. And so I imagine that it’s my brain waves changing to connect to these different things on their own.
Different wavelengths. They exist all around us all the time.

00:22:39 Luisa
It’s gosh, it’s it’s, it’s so interesting. I have to ask you. You had an experience with your guardian Angel. Do you mind sharing that with the?

00:22:47 Tiyi Schippers
Ohh yes, I’ve had. I have more than one garden the the I think the one you’re referring to was when I was little in the room.

00:22:50 Luisa
Ohh, please go ahead, this is your show.

00:23:01 Tiyi Schippers
With my sis.
Sister in in our haunted house and my sister Kate and I would get in bed and we would tuck everything in so that only like you’re breathing, you know, was outside of covers even on hot days. We pull sheets up and we would scoot to the middle of the bed and stick back to back.
And face outlets and tuck everything in. If your hand was out or anything was out, it would be touched or, you know, pulled. So we would just tuck everything in and we didn’t want to fall asleep.
Sleep and leave the other one awake or be the one that’s awake so she and I will just chant softly and whisper you or just say.
Until we simultaneously fell asleep.
And then we would wake up in the daylight. Well, one night I woke up and it was still dark. And our room, it was a small room and to my left there was a low window, large window.
And then our bed was up in the east. So there were two small windows above the bed, and I lived in a city. This was in Chicago. And so there was a street light out front.
And I woke up and I was on my back and this made me nervous because I was no longer tucked in and protected, and I felt.
So I opened my eyes and the first thing I did was listen to see if I could hear my parents. They would be awake downstairs and have a television on, or they would be talking in their bedroom. And I listened and I could hear nothing. And so I listened outside and I couldn’t even hear cars on the busy St on the other side of the alley.
So I knew it was very late and I was wide awake and I reached over to try to grab my sister’s hand to squeeze it.
To wake her up because I.
Learned the best defence to not be interacted with when you’re alone is to try to be invisible and not let them know that you.
Know they’re there.
So I closed. I felt something coming in and it’s coming from the foot of the bed and at the foot of the bed was the closet door and I just felt this heaviness coming toward me and I recognised it. I I I knew what was coming and.
It was this.
Darkness that was in that.
Was it?
And so I just laid very still and I just moved my eyes and I closed my eyes. So I was looking through my eyelashes, and I was.
Looking around the room.
And I was trying to do these relaxation thing to try to get myself to go to sleep and I’m feeling my heart pounding so hard that I’m thinking whatever is there.
Is going to know I’m awake because my heart is pounding. I could hear it. They must be able to hear it and.
I looked and and I averted the closet until I heard the click of the doorknob. It was a brass ornate, carved brass door knob on the closet, and the light caught it, and I saw it starting to turn, and I was like, oh, don’t look at that. Your eyes are.
Playing tricks on you click.
And then I looked away and looked away. And as I I couldn’t.
Out of the corner of my eye, laying as still as I possibly could, the door opened probably about 2 1/2 feet.
And I was like, oh.
Well, no. And then I looked in the closet. I was just compelled.
And there was a man in there, and he was looking right at me, but also threw me.
So he wasn’t. He was not.
I wasn’t sure if you really saw me, but he sensed me. I’m not sure how, but he was looking right in my eyes.
And he was wringing his hands like this. And he had this sad expression. He was as soon as I caught his eyes, he stood a little forward. So he was at the edge of the doorway. And I pulled back. So I didn’t want.
Him to keep.
Coming into the room.
But he stopped, and in the doorway.
And I noticed that from about knees down, he disappeared and the top he was wearing a night shirt. I didn’t recognise a night shirt at the time and just and he had long sideburns. That meant at that time didn’t wear.
And he caught my eye. And I had this rush.
Of unbelievable grief. Just.
Horrific. Hopeless.
Agonising grief and I wasn’t afraid anymore. All I could fear, all I could feel was was his sorrow and his his.
Just hopelessness and I tears started falling out of my eyes and I couldn’t move and I just.
I just felt so much compassion for him and I felt what he felt.
So I suppose it was more empathy. I just, I could feel what he was feeling and I did not like it. But somehow I know it’s crazy. I fell back asleep and everybody who experiences a ghost watching them falls asleep. I totally get it. I know babies when they’re over stimulated, will fall asleep and then maybe just to a mechanism, a safety mechanism.
And when I woke up in the morning, I was back on my side.
Kate was still sleeping and I was like, oh, that was a terrible dream because I’m on my side again and I turned and sit up and that closet door was open.
And just then, Kate is stretching to wake up, and she looks, she says, why did you open the closet to her and said I didn’t?
The door. I didn’t open it and she said, well, what happened after that is I had made this connection with this gentleman with this ghost, and frequently it wasn’t every night. But I could never tell when it would happen. I would wake up in the middle of the night and I hated it.
I it I wasn’t afraid, but I didn’t want to feel his sadness and I didn’t want him to step into the room. I didn’t want it. I didn’t want it to expand anymore. I I wanted that to.
Stopped and I did not know how. So one night I woke up.
And I I was starting to wake up and I could feel him there and I was still.
Laying on my side.
Because I found out I didn’t even have to be looking at him to get his to feel what he was feeling, and I didn’t open my eyes yet and just starting to wake up when I felt someone else next to me. And it was somebody.
Felt, I just knew she loved me.
I just felt this this protection and love. It was as if my mother was standing there almost only more so, and she leaned down and she was like, don’t open your eyes.
And now we every night would kneel down and pray. You know, Angel of God, my guardian, dear. So I figured it was my guardian Angel. And I’m going to do whatever my guardian.
Angel says because.
I knew the difference between that that that dark and this light, and she said to me, lift out, lift up.
And come with me.
Something to that effect and I have no idea how I knew what she meant, but I kind of started to it didn’t mean, like, get up out of bed. I was moving into the space where she was, and she was, like, pulling me into that space. And so my astral body, I know now. But I called it my spirit body.
Lifted up and went with her.
And I just joined with her energy and went out in front of the house. And it was the most amazing thing. It was night time. But I could see everything clearly without any shadows. Everything is like amber lit so clear, like every leaf, every.
Everything was like glowing energetically and I she kind of communicated to me in ways, but I remember hearing her voice and she had this very calm, loving voice. And she said you can fly and I said.
And so I took a few steps and I leaped into the air and I started flying and I flew up to the top of the House and I played and bounced off. You know, I pretended out of the ball and bounced off the house, and I was just. I went up in.
The top trees I was just.
I was out of the house and I was light and I wasn’t cold. I couldn’t feel the wet dew. I I was just in this amazing place, absolutely safe and out of reach of the man in the closet.
And then pretty soon I was just playing and I wasn’t aware of my angels still being there and my all of a sudden the sky starts getting light and I realise the morning is coming and that if I am outside when my mother wakes up I will be in big trouble but I have no idea how to go back.
And all of a sudden, she’s there with me. And she said it’s OK, just fall back in.
And again, I knew just what she meant, and I was like, and I went this like, I felt this like moosh like falling from a great height. And the next thing I knew, I startled myself awake.
And I was like, oh, I was so rested. My body was fully rested. My mind was rested. I felt so great when when Kay woke up, I I, she said. What are you doing? I said I was outside flying last night. She says, oh, so I stopped telling when I told my mother, she said I love flying.
Dreams. And I’m like it wasn’t a dream. I really left, you know. Anyway, so then.
I knew how to do that and on subsequent nights when I would wake up in the night when the man would wake me up.
To feel his pain.
I would not interact with him and instead I would lift up and lift out and go outside, and so my guardian Angel taught me how to.
Ask what you know.
And so I would stay in the yard and then pretty soon I got boulder and I’d go down the block, and then I go to the playground and then I could go to Lake MI. Then I could go anywhere I wanted in an instant just by lifting out of my body. And I could do it so easily as a little little girl. It’s it’s a little more arduous now, but I still.
And travel like that. And I’ve always, I’ve told people my whole life that I could leave my body and travel in my spirit. I even connected as a teenager. I got really sick that I never fully recovered from. I’ve been disabled my whole.
And when I was in a wheelchair, my friends were going to a friend’s basement and I was couldn’t go long. They said, oh, no, no, we we won’t go. Then we won’t go and it’s. But go ahead and I’ll just join you a different way. And so I stayed in the backyard and I left my body, and I had been to Ted’s basement when I wasn’t in the military. So I was.
Able to visualise and get myself there, I saw what they were doing. I saw listen to the music they were playing. I watched them. I listen to the conversation and later I told them this and some of my friends were very curious and wanted to know more and some were really creeped out and others were. That’s not grow, you know, it’s just a good guess. You know, that’s what we always do down there.
Except they were doing something that we never did. They were making a chain out of those can pop tops. When they came off the can. And we’ve never done that before. So anyway. And I had told people about when people had asked me. How did you learn how to do this? I would always say my guardian Angel taught me.
And so my husband, I, you know, I would tell Thomas story about how my guardian Angel just, you know, came and and took me out. And it was once I knew what it.
Was like it.
Was fine. It’s like riding a bicycle once you know?
How to ride a bicycle you can.
Ride a bicycle so.
Then, in my 40th year, I had been misdiagnosed as a teenager with something that was supposed to kill me.
But I would not survive into my 30s. I would get more and more disabled and then until I I had a life, you know, expectancy about 3035. Well, I fooled them because I found out at my 38th year that what I had was a misdiagnosis. And I was able to be treated. And although the disability is still there.
It’s not progressing and now I’m I’m an old person and I’m still here, but my 40th year was after I had been treated and.
New lease on life is new mobility this this just this awakening in my body and in my spirit. My children were older. They didn’t need me as much as a mommy. And so I had this amazing time of spiritual awakening. This is when I really connected.
The four spirits and other ether.
Your entities and beings I I was just waking up again after having been, you know, kind of suppressed for a while. But I always I was always able to leave my body. So one night I dreamed an entire day of my childhood when I was about five years old, 5-6 years old.
Saw myself get up. I saw everything going on, but it was like a movie. I just watched myself. It wasn’t being myself. I could see the spaghetti on my shirt. I I could, you know, everything was so vivid and I woke up from that dream.
Just feeling so good and seeing my.
Family and and I started thinking about that house.
And I wondered if those spirits were still there and I was in a place where I was interacting wilfully with spirit. And so I thought, huh, I wonder if I could go there and see if they’re still haunting the place, and if they are, maybe we could have a conversation or something and you know, so.
Instead of just going back to sleep, I lay down and I.
Did my meditation to leave my body and I, Astro travelled to my old house and I was standing right in front of it at that same spot where I was as a little girl that first time I travelled.
And I looked up at the house and it looked exactly the same, the same siding, the same everything, and it was all dark inside. And then I noticed that the car in the driveway was the station waggon that we had as a child. It was my old car and I looked up the street and the other cars on the street.
Were from 1960.
I I thought I knew I wasn’t dreaming because the dream feels different than the the colour. The light is different. As I said, it’s an amber light. I knew I was in on the astral plane, but I was not in the present. I somehow was in the past and I thought to myself, Oh my goodness.
I’m going inside.
So I went inside just gleefully enjoying, you know, the toys scattered on the floor. I noticed the hole in the couch. I noticed every little detail I was able to see my parents spooning in their bed, and they were so young, and I went to and I didn’t like, walk.
It’s it’s odd. It’s like you just kind of you. You move like a ghost moves. You don’t have to climb the stairs. You just kind of go to the next space that you will yourself to. And so I was next to my bed and I saw my little self sleeping.
And I saw my sister sleeping and all of a sudden I see my little self start to.
Move and grown a little bit and I feel the man in the closet start coming, start manifesting just beyond that closet door. And I thought to myself. Ohh no, you don’t. You’re not gonna. Not this time. Not this time. Not not, you know, got to go through me first.
And so I just leaned down and I whispered.
Don’t open your eyes.
Lift up, lift out and come with me.
And I pulled her little spirit into my grown up spirit, the same one we.
Were the same.
And we went outside.
And then I just step back and let my little it was like.
It was. You were the same.
I had been more by my lived life.
So it was me the whole time.

00:40:18 Luisa
Wow. Goosebumps. Goosebumps. That was just unbelievable.

00:40:23 Tiyi Schippers
I know and and it’s. So it’s so bizarre. It’s and I’ve tried. I have to say that when I when I that morning when I told my husband he was like you know he’s like you’re outspoken that I even thought but I I’ve tried to do that again.
And to maybe go other places and go in the past or something and I have never been able to and so.
So I’m pretty sure that my other guardian Angel.
Helped me get there to help me.
That’s that’s what I think my my guides and my angels hope to get me to that place to to help me on my path, to get me on my path.
Because as a little girl, I needed to feel the connection with whoever woke me up or I would not have gone with anyone. I would never have gone with a stranger, and I think it’s because.
I knew she loved me and I just, you know, I I think it’s because it was me, but I was able to learn.

00:41:31 Luisa
And then I guess the question is past, present future, is it all happening now?

00:41:37 Tiyi Schippers
I have no idea. It’s so bizarre. Not in this world, not in this physical world.
But it is all happening now. When you remove the matter, you know when you are just on the energetic level, it is all happening now.
Like I I’ve.
I’ve tried to go in the past and I I can’t and and I have tried to go in the future even and and you know, I don’t know if anybody can ever do that willfully. I think they’re you have to have a special key.
And somebody?

00:42:11 Luisa
But in some way you went your future self connected with your past self and offered it.
Most incredible guidance.

00:42:20 Tiyi Schippers
Yes, yes.
Yes, and it was beyond.
I was already at an age beyond what?
My original lifespan was supposed to be.
So I had outlived my expiration date already and I.

00:42:38 Luisa
Well, maybe it was always meant to be.
Who knows?

00:42:40 Tiyi Schippers
Maybe it was always meant to be. Of course it was because you know.
We make the most of what happens to us and not it. You know, it isn’t all.
Fate things happen that aren’t planned. What we can do is react to them in a way so that we make meaning of what happens to us.

00:43:00 Luisa
Have you been physically back to the house that you grew up in?

00:43:04 Tiyi Schippers
Yes, I have. And Oh my goodness. So I went with a couple of friends.

00:43:05 Luisa
How was that?

00:43:12 Tiyi Schippers
We were visiting in Chicago. I live in.
Michigan now and.
I was telling the stories and we just drove by to look at the house. And so I we parked on the street so I could point out places and and tell some of the stories and point things out. You know, the the childhood tour kind of thing. And one of my friends said, why don’t you go up and knock on the door and see if we can go inside? And I said, oh, no, I don’t want to go inside.
And So what am I? You know, what am I going to do? Look up.
There and say.
Hi. You know, can we come in and?
She said yeah, go and say you lived there before. It’s it’s it’s not that unusual people do that and I’m like no, I’m not. I don’t want to do that and but I’m easy when it comes to my friends. And so we did and we knocked on the door and I said.
Hello I’m TI shippers and this nice young 30 something fellow answered and he says TI shippers are you one of the shippers who lived here and I said yes. He said Ohh I have so many questions. Can you come in come on in come and.
Though he gave us a tour of the house, they had remodelled the whole place. It was beautiful.
I did not feel my my uncle when we moved out. My uncle moved in with his family and we visited a lot from time to time. Shortly after we moved out. Over the next several years, and every time I went in.
It was like this.
On me this, you know, like, you know, it was it was so oppressive.
But this time I walked in and I didn’t get that at all.
It was light and airy and open, and it gave us this whole tour and said wait till you see upstairs and I put my hand on the railing and all of a sudden it just all went right through me. And I said this is the same railing I said, wow, you have such a great memory. The guy whose house it was and I said yeah.
Only it wasn’t me who had the memory, it was the house who remembered me, and when I touched it and connected to it, it was like there you are and all of a sudden I was energetically connected to it again.
And the upstairs the stairs were OK. The upstairs was OK, and then he took us into.
The basement which?
Was always the most terrifying place. That’s where the slinky lady would end up and turn around and come back and.
That hadn’t been changed at all. No remodelling, as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that some of my fingerprints from 1968 are still on the back of that door in the basement. It looked exactly the same, and it had the same.
You you know the same happiness.
But I told him he didn’t. He was saying how they were going to raise up the foundation and make a rec room down there, and the neighbours all call the place the haunted house. Everybody in the neighbourhood refers to it as the haunted US and and he said they had a lot of things happen when they first moved in. But it’s.

00:46:05 Luisa
And that didn’t bother them.

00:46:07 Tiyi Schippers
Well, it was a different time. Lights would go on and off and that happened with us. There’d be bumps. They’d feel they’d walk through cold spots, you know, all the typical haunted house things. But no, it didn’t so much. And he said after they finished remodelling it all just settled down.

00:46:23 Luisa
What’s your advice for people if they feel they have?
Energy. We’ll call them energies, energies in their home.

00:46:32 Tiyi Schippers
Well, there’s a lot you can do. I help a lot of people who deal with this and when somebody is like I I for example, what you do is you, you have to change the energy in the in the moment you have to change that energy some way.
And for example, I helped the woman who was waking up.
In the middle of the night and seeing this black entity raised up at the foot of her bed and she was terrified you could, you could imagine she lived alone in apartment in Chicago and it was like this looming thing that her dog would freak out. And she was just.
You know, and I couldn’t get there right away. And so it was going to be weeks before I could get there. So I told her.
To laugh.
Laughter is the quickest, most accessible way to break up that energy in the room, if you.
Don’t want to.
Interact with it and you know different. You know, crystals have different energies and candles placed in certain places. We think plants change the energy.
There’s all different ways to just reset energy to bust that up a little bit. Things don’t just stick around to some things like to torment cause they’re there. That is true. There are some things that find it very entertaining to terrify us in the middle of the night and but you can also put up just like having a roommate.
You could set up boundaries. You could set up boundaries with the unseen as much as the seen, right? And so there are ways to do that.

00:48:12 Luisa
It’s interesting and I haven’t talked about this on the.
Show before when I.
Was in my young teenage years. I lived in a very old terrace.
House and every night I told my mother and she said, don’t be silly.
I would hear something walking up the stairs, the stairs old and the stairs creaked and I would it. I never saw it, but I could feel it and I like clockwork. I’d hear it all the time and I ended up just. I always covered my ear with blankets. I still do that today, out of habit. Not, not that I’m scared and I’ve moved on, but it’s just.
The the habit that I’ve got into the habit of and then I’d block my ear so I just wouldn’t hear.

00:48:51 Tiyi Schippers
It’s comforting.

00:48:53 Luisa
It it was.
Annoying. I wasn’t afraid, but I’d hear it creaking on the stairs every night and walking across the landing.

00:49:02 Tiyi Schippers
Yeah, you had somebody like the Slinky lady walking around and.

00:49:06 Luisa

00:49:08 Tiyi Schippers
A lot of times you just you just, you know, for something like that that’s not bothering you in any way. It’s just you wake up with the sound.
Of it and cover your.
Ear and go back to sleep and I don’t. There’s nothing to be done for that. I mean, why? Unless somebody is in distress, unless the spirit is is distressed.
They’re just taking a path that’s comforting to them. Oh, have at it. You know, we’re all working things out through our life. And maybe after life, who knows.

00:49:38 Luisa
And as you talked about different levels or realms or we can call them vibrations or dimensions, no one else in the house heard it except me.

00:49:48 Tiyi Schippers

00:49:48 Luisa
Night after night.

00:49:51 Tiyi Schippers
That’s so you were just. You were probably as just as you’re going to sleep. You probably somehow just got on that wavelength and and and paid attention to it. I’ll bet you others started to hear it and just slipped out of that wavelength quickly went to sleep or just woke up more up. But.
You pay attention.

00:50:13 Tiyi Schippers
And so that’s why you kept hearing it. That’s my guess.

00:50:16 Luisa
It’s it’s interesting. I mean, I don’t want to see you guys just personally not with my physical eyes. I’ve seen them, but in my mind, I mean, I’ve I’ve experienced, not like what you’ve experienced, but some things you mentioned that you have a, a, A technique to Astro astral travel.
Would you mind sharing that with the?

00:50:39 Tiyi Schippers
Sure. Well, it takes practise and.

00:50:41 Luisa
OK, everyone wants something right now, but me too, I know.

00:50:45 Tiyi Schippers
OK, so so start so so start by getting aware of your astral self, your energetic.
And this is there’s a real simple way to to start getting it. You rub your hands together, friction, so that they kind of warm up. Pay attention to the palms of your hands. Focus on just the how the palms of your hands feel. And then pull them apart. Close your eyes.
And pull as far as you can still feel it, and then come closer.
Pull away.
So what you’re doing is you’re playing with your energy just outside your body, and when you become aware of that, when you get good at the hand thing, then you do the same thing and you do it from here, from face, and you pull. So you’re expanding your energy, your aura, so to speak, away from your body.
And then the next.
Step would be to lie very still.
And feel.
First of all, you go through this.
Like you do.
The whole physical body scan thing and feel your heels on the on whatever you’re lying on and or sitting in the chair you feel where you are connected and then focus on feeling beyond that feeling your energetic self inside your body and and if you’ve been doing this.
And know what that energy feels like. You could feel your energy.
I feel it most strongly and like my solar Plex.
This right here and then is that as you focus on that, you focus on instead of pulling it out with your hands, just pushing it out and pushing it out.
And then feel it just get right off your skin.
And then you’ll come back.
And you keep doing this and what happens is when you start to do that, I’m also at the same time my eyes are closed and I’m focusing right on this.
In my forehead between my eyebrows, and when I do that and look there, it first starts dark and there’s like light on the side. But pretty soon I see a pinpoint in the centre of my focal point in the distance and I pay attention to that and for me I’ve heard different people.
Describe it usually starts white and then turns smaller. Indigo coloured and starts to swirl.
And very often, especially early on, really scary faces and things will appear on the side, and for most people they feel like, oh, good, schemers will go back and and and and immediately start on your your back well.
I’m not sure what those are. If they’re guardians or what.
I just keep going.
Pass them.
You know I’m, I feel.
I feel I first know I know for a fact.
I am strong as my spirit and body are the strongest connection, stronger than something that’s just in spirit.
And so as I move through this world, I am not disconnected from my physical self. I’m just outside of it, but I’m always still connected to it. And so I don’t fear these things. And that gets me past that place until all of a sudden, I’m like, well out there.
Then for the longest time.
I would always move through.
Does that make?
Sense what I just said does it?

00:54:16 Luisa
Yes, it does. I it’s well, I’m going to practise that technique.

00:54:20 Tiyi Schippers
OK, see, let’s see if it works and and get back with me and I’ll you know, because it it it’s different for everybody. What you see will be different because we are all surrounded by different beings that are part of our part of our.
Spirit team. You know, there’s things that look.
Really scary that are part.
Of our city, they’re we. We all are made of both darkness and light, and some of their darkness we are witnessing as we’re expanding.
And don’t be afraid of it. You look at you, look at it.
Go. Wow, that’s dark.
And then go and I used to move through space where my astral body.
Was stuck the same way that my physical body is, so it looked like like 2 Mees one was a spirit me walking through space or flying through space and the other was a physical.
For me and then I realised that my energy does not need to be contained in the shape of my physical form. And once I did that, all of a sudden I no longer had to like turn my head.
To see what was over.
There I could experience 360.
Everything at once.
And be like in a forest where you are the forest, you’re one with the forest spirit. Where I’m not standing in the forest. I experience what everything in that forest is experiencing the wholeness.
And the connectedness from roots up through little flying things and justice be all of that. So I just let my energetic self.
Become part of what is what other energetic things are, which is. That’s like a A later phase of mine that that I’ve been able to do that it’s amazing. It’s just.

00:56:16 Luisa
Life is you’re amazing. Life is amazing. I understand the concept of being part of as you were describing it, not like you’ve experienced, but just being part of everything.

00:56:17 Tiyi Schippers
It’s snowing.

00:56:28 Luisa
Because we are, I guess in essence we are, we forget in our physical vehicle.

00:56:35 Tiyi Schippers
We do forget and I think that, you know, when people talk about like.
The sacred or deity or whatever. I think that is that’s the collective oneness, the whole where all our energies connect together and there’s no separation you.
Know from the.
Moment we start to form inside our mother’s body, and then we come into the Earth and the court is cut and.
We are separate.
Being we spend our entire lives seeking connection.
And trying to not not but but finding finding those who we connect with, who we who we.
Can understand who we love for trying to find that until and I think what can happen is when we shed our bodies, we no longer are separate. We’re once again part of that whole. And there are those when you talk about talked earlier about Earthbound spirits though, they’re people who are still experiencing.
The spirit world, in the form of their physical body. So they’re still kind of.
Not releasing into every into one.
And so like.
I hear you know that go towards the like where where people say go towards.
Light is it?
It isn’t go towards the light. It’s become the light.
It’s not a place we go. It’s a state of being. And so as I have discovered that.
My energetic body does not have to remain as my physical body is formed, I can.
Communicate with spirit with the dead who are still manifesting in their physical form, only just spirit, and in a way explain how to become one with everything you know how to not become. Well that that sounds, but it is. It’s exactly what it is. How to let go of all the.
The the little.
Things that we happen in our life that keep our molecules together, that keep our atoms all stuck together.

00:58:42 Luisa
To be free.

00:58:42 Tiyi Schippers
And to be free.
To be free and peace, you know, we talk about rest in peace.
That’s exactly it. To find peace, to become peace.

00:58:55 Luisa
I love how you explain that and I think what we have to understand is it’s not. I often say it’s not some far off universe. It’s here.

00:59:02 Tiyi Schippers
It’s here.
It’s here and it’s everywhere.

00:59:07 Tiyi Schippers
And in its marvellous, marvellous, wonderful.
I think you know I’ve. I’ve heard people, many people who with near death experiences and they go to a place and their in their physical form and stuff. And I think it’s I think that maybe like a for for some folks to understand it like a transitional kind of thing where you are now in a place.
Where you feel?
So good and part of everything, but you are still proceeding yourself as.
And I think that’s not the end game.
I think the end goal is to no longer perceive ourselves as separate, but as the great collective, the great whole. And that’s not just with the human people. This is with everything. This is with the energetic.
Tree outside my window that in the astral world, I could see it’s Oracle alone and this is this is the, you know, this is the the terrifying grief eater at the cemetery. This is the the fairy folk. This is the, you know, the angelic all is a part of this great collective.
Yeah, it’s it’s a wonder.

01:00:28 Luisa
And does that relate how you call yourself a guardian of the unseen world?

01:00:34 Tiyi Schippers
Yeah. So I, I, I consider myself a gatekeeper and that it’s.
I am able to.
See through and experience those who come through other places and I see it more as a gate than a veil. A veil is you have to lift a veil to really see through a veil. You could see partly through a veil. But a veil is still.
It’s always closed in a way, but a gate can open and a gate can open two ways, so things can come in and things can go out. And as a gatekeeper, I don’t mean keep things at Bay or keep things from going through the gate. I am more tender of the gate where.
Things that want to come through. I come from my side at the gate. I can open the.
Gate and let them through.
Things from my side that want to go through there. I can open the gate and let them through to the the other places.
And so that’s, that’s what I consider a gatekeeper. It’s more welcoming.
You know, a fence. A veil is something that that blocks us, that needs to be.
There to protect us.
You know, we build a wall to protect ourselves. We put a veil up to protect ourselves, to hide and protect. But a gate.
Is something that is designed to connect us.

01:02:07 Luisa
Oh yeah, I’ve loved everything you shared on the show today. Where’s the best place for people to?
Connect with you.

01:02:15 Tiyi Schippers
Well, I have. I have a website it’s called Spooky Miss MSTITIY You can reach me there on there. Their links for my books. I have three books. I’m also a poet.
So I have a book of poetry and two books in the gatekeeper series. The third is with the publisher coming out in the.
Fall, I believe.
And I’m working on the 4th. I have a YouTube channel where I tell stories of my experiences during lockdown. I would always tell stories of everybody wants me to tell.
A ghost story.
And because I’ve had so many experiences and.
I don’t tell.
Like traditional ghost stories, and I don’t make anything up, I just tell what’s really happened and that’s enough and.
So when we were locked down, my children grown children far away and friends far away. And I just put it out there. How about? Hey, what if we do? Since nobody’s going to work Monday mornings, how will we do Sunday night storytelling? And I’ll tell ghost stories on Sunday nights. So I started that as a Facebook live event.
And I have a spooky Misti Facebook page.
As well, and then I saved all the videos and I put them on YouTube because there were people that wanted to hear the stories, watch the stories and they don’t do social media, don’t do Facebook. So I just put all the stories on YouTube and I’ve got 50 some different stories.
Of real experiences that have.

01:03:45 Luisa
That’s a lot.

01:03:47 Tiyi Schippers
Yeah, I guess so.

01:03:48 Luisa
I will any for anyone that didn’t get that. I will leave a link to connect.
With you in.
The show notes as well, but great.

01:03:54 Tiyi Schippers

01:03:56 Luisa
Is there anything?
You’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t asked you today on a final note.

01:04:04 Tiyi Schippers
I I think my main the reason that I tell these stories is I know there are so many people out there that experience the anomalous things that are not considered normal.
And aren’t sure what it is and aren’t sure if they’re actually experiencing those things. And so I I tell these stories to let people know that there are others that experience these things, but my main.
My real main purpose.
Is to let people know that this is all part of our natural world.
That this is no more scary than a honeybee.
You know that this is.
This is exactly how it’s supposed to be. The spirit world, the physical world, the ethereal world, the faith, the whatever else is there.
All are part of the natural world and the natural world is a beautiful and a wonderful place that.
We, as the main keepers of this physical world, need to start paying attention to, and stop despoiling this beautiful, beautiful space that.
All these other beings are part of.
That it’s not just for us that we.
Take care of.
This earth and that we take care of our our world around us and the people and the beings around us, and that each of us.
Needs to do.
Our part for this planet, for all of us here, all of us, the living, the never living, the non living, all of us here.
To share this place.
And it’s our job to keep it well.

01:05:48 Luisa
Yeah, I feel like clapping TI shippers. Thank you for being on Passion Harvest. Thank you so much.

01:05:55 Tiyi Schippers
My pleasure. Thank you so much.

01:05:56 Luisa
OK. Bye, bye bye.


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