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This week’s Luisa TV episode I share, my encounter with a DRAGON.

Click here to watch, ‘LESSONS FROM THE EARTH… My encounter with a DRAGON. Nature Spirits, Elemental Beings & Ley Lines’.

“I turned off the light and closed my eyes and instantly my consciousness was sucked from my body”

I have recently spoken about my upcoming travel and aside from my own personal agenda, challenging myself and making a choice between love not fear – there is also something very significant to work on while I am in Europe and that is the earth and assisting various geographical locations that require healing or realignment – something I haven’t really spoken to you about before but I have felt this calling for nearly 3 years now, it is a part of my Future Memories.

Nature rises in awareness and always shows us what is true. Great changes are occurring on our planet in all realms and all dimensions.

Our soul has a presence in all dimensions at all times. Which dimension (or reality) we are consciously in at any moment is, in part, a matter of where we focus our attention. Those we are not focused on form a large part of our subconscious.

Ok so I feel kind of weird talking about dragons, and I have been hesitant to share these experiences with you. Experiences that seem often to be more real than what we call reality, experiences that have left me shaking to the core in excitement, experiences that set my heart on fire and filled me with passion, experiences that created such a shift within me that the world as I knew it was no more and experiences in consciousness, the nonphysical, the realms of the unseen, the realms of feeling and sensing with the heart.

These unseen dimensions are very real, Dragons are elemental beings can travel effortlessly between dimensions and I will share with you my first encounter with a dragon.



Dragons can be called the angels of the earth and with their fire – they clear and transmute dense energies into love. Dragons are the Guardians of Earth, and harness the energy of creation and balance.

They are masters of the Earth elements, and through this they can help us to heal ourselves and others, understand Earth magic.

The Dragon’s fire has the ability to burn through the veil of illusion, and to transmute fear, and density to reveal the underlying light and truth. Very relevant in our current global climate.

Illusion is often all that blocks us from creating blessings in our individual and collective experience, and with the Spiritual Dragons as allies, we can learn to see past illusion to reclaim our full power as spiritual beings here to create positive change in the physical world.



Another important task of the Earth Dragons is to maintain the ley lines, or energy lines, electrical currents that runs around the entire planet – rivers of supernatural energy.

There are hundreds of thousands of energy lines running around below the earth that have been classified according to their size, the largest, most powerful and the rarest are the emperor dragon lines which can be measured up to 100 paces wide.

Where the Lines intersect there are high points of energy or high concentrations of electrical charge, called nodes or vortex.

These Lines transfer information or energy from these higher vibrational nodes and carry them around the world, spreading knowledge and raising consciousness.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of blockages preventing the energies running smoothly along the lines.

Negative energies, produced mainly by humans and absorbed by Earth, cause the blockages. The Earth Dragons are masters at moving along the lines to clear the blockages.



My first experience with a Dragon, happened about 3 years ago while I was lying in bed trying to sleep, I will try to describe in words what occurred.

Going to sleep

I turned off the light and closed my eyes and instantly my consciousness was sucked from my body a most powerful force overcame me. It was like I was on a roller coaster and free falling backwards and at some point, I knew I would find my feet.

My consciousness was transported all I can describe in words is this other realm, another dimension, a realm of thought. In this dimension there is no identity of physicality so I perceive and interpret space, material object, width and depth with my intuitive senses, with my heart, with my feeling. There is no space and time here so I can travel at the speed of thought in my consciousness, I don’t have a physical body to drag along. This is the way in the nonphysical dimensions of worlds.

Where I found myself

I found myself in what I understood to be southwest Germany under the earth inside a tunnel or a round channel about twice my height. It was defiantly an energetic tunnel, although the tunnel was not constricting, it had no edges, no surface to confine it.

It was dark below the surface of the earth but I could see everything with my mind’s eye.

It felt was like being pulled into an energetic highway, it was so powerful the sensations, and it felt like there was a collective of energies in this void or tunnel, multiple energies, although intricately combined as one force.

I felt engulfed in this energetic web in the tunnel, like being under a waterfall, sparkly, my skin tingled, very much alive but there was no water, the energy felt golden, like honey, warm, nurturing, as if I was being embraced. I soon learnt that this was the prelude to the energy of the dragon, welcoming me home, what felt like home. The reason I say this, and I know it may sound strange but, it felt so familiar, so known, like I had never left and perhaps a part of me in another reality never had, had always know this meeting would happen, had happened, when or wherever that may be.

It was the noise that alerted me that the dragon in its entirety was coming, it was like a fast train was passing but much louder than a train and it was travelling at lightning speeds coming rapidly towards me, it was the sound of movement, furiously fast and powerful although the sound didn’t bother me, I found it very interesting that the sound also held a frequency, everything in essence is sound and vibration but the sound was a communicator of the dragons mighty power, the massive force was overwhelmingly magnificent, and it was then that I felt the dragon or my whole being open up to this magnificent creature.

Describing the dragon

It was like looking at fire, giant fast furious fire, it was the tunnel, and it was the fire, and it was rushing towards me, it did not burn me, it cried and embraced me – but at the same time as it was embracing me it was able to fly though me, past me and continue to move global energy. It could direct aspects of itself in multiple points of consciousness.

I understood that this dragon resided in this emperor dragon line and its role was to in one continuous current of light to balance energy flow around the earth, raising the vibration of the planet and that of its inhabitants.

Healing the Dragon

My heart opened to the dragon, my whole body felt it telepathically communicating with me through my heart, every cell, every particle, every organ, all my senses acute and heightened and aware that it had called me.

I felt such affection for this being, such overpowering love, almost like a mother would for a child. My child was damaged and required my assistance.

The dragon communicated to me that it was injured, this is one of the reasons it had called me – I did not focus on who or what had done this but rather how could I mend it. (I had no idea, but at the time I just knew what to do).

I looked back down the tunnel, and I could see at some point that the dragon was damaged, if I had to put it into a visual, it would look like skin that had been shredded in parts and pieces were flapping in the wind. There was no wind as such, but it felt like wind or energy – the flow was created by the force of the continual movement of the dragon, it never stopped circling the earth.

The damaged pieces of the dragon I understood constricted the correct directional flow of energy, and I this has implications for the entire tunnel.

This whole time I was amazed at the energy I was receiving from the dragon, I was so energised, alive, like I had never been before, my heart raced and my sprit abounded in the close proximity of this powerful being, it was like I was being charged to full maximum capacity.

My consciousness travelled towards the dragon’s injury, and I began to sew the line, the dragon with a golden thread. The dragon did not complain, nor did it cry out, it just focused on its task of flowing, pulsating, always moving with energy and being energy.

Eventually I came back into my physical body, and I looked at my phone, the time was 6 am the next morning, it seemed like only an hour had passed in the night, I hadn’t slept a wink, I wasn’t tired, I was so wired and exhilarated from this spiritually transformative experience my first encounter with a dragon, one of several to come.

I did mend the line to some extent, it is not fixed, and I knew I would need to travel to the geographical location to completely mend it.

I spent the following 6 months on a weekly basis, so inspired by my experience – mapping the exact location of the dragon and I have found it.

This is one of the places I intend to travel to in the coming months.


Intuited Reading

I am so excited to continue to offer to you, Intuited Readings.

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The information source may vary from the Non-physical – the Quantum Field, the realm of thought – although always the communication is of the highest vibration.

This is a multi-sensory experience and I have remembered my ability to access portals where I can receive information that you are ready to hear at this point in time in your life.

If you feel called to this service, the link to book or find out more will be in the show notes below this video, or just head over to the  Passion Harvest website SHOP page for more details.

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There is so much in the ‘unseen’ world, this earth has the most remarkable life, just on different realms that we can tap into, if we are open and willing.

In order to connect with these realms – Look with your heart and feel with your eyes and touch places and realms of being, or portals of worlds that are waiting to be explored.  Be childlike, curious and don’t forget to play.

Spend some more time connecting with nature, its grace and majesty always rests patiently and lovingly, ready to embrace you, nurture you, offer you guidance and clarity and peace.

Remember the foundation of everything is love, we come here to remember love and when you act from a place of love, operate from a place of love, be in a place of love, make choices from a place of love you can’t get it wrong.

When you can see past illusion, we reclaim our full power as spiritual beings here to create positive change in the world.

So, Trust yourself more than you doubt your circumstances.

This episode will be upload while I am on the plane to Europe. Wohoo!!! So exciting!!!

I can’t wait see you for the next Luisa TV Episode, I will be broadcasting from France, and I will share with you some of my new experiences.

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Much Love

Bye for now, Au revoir

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