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This weeks episode of Luisa TV I share The Path to Paradise

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The path to paradise is an old walking track and it’s a climb of more than 500 metres up, but at the end of the road is paradise!

A time long ago, during funerals the procession would follow a small and very irregular dirt path winding up a steep cliff to Gourdon, a small village – the only place in the surrounding area with a church and a cemetery.

This small medieval village is perched on this incredible mountain top and served as a fortress since the 8th century, when pirates would invade the coastal areas.

Its of the most dramatic villages in Provence, France and is literally situated on top of a rock, overlooking the valley, all the way to the Mediterranean, the view is absolutely amazing.

The town is tiny, perhaps 4 streets with a few small shops and restaurants and chateau that Queen Victoria stayed during a visit to France.



So, the path itself is simple, beautiful, in a national park, there are hills and flat areas to walk, in parts of the journey it was hot and the sun relenting and in other parts the cool breeze from the mountains was so refreshing. There was a waterfall along the way, a natural spring fountain to drink from, it was silent and peaceful, and it was a long way up.

At one point I thought, gosh no hope of calling an uber, the only way is up and all I have to do is put one foot in front of the other and I know I will get there.

But where is there and is there an end and is there a beginning or is there only now.

My friend who I was walking with asked me, what do you think most people want, and I said quite simply – happiness. Everyone is searching for paradise, happiness, joy.

But what we often forget is that we can have it right now, we don’t have wait to feel joy until we reach the top, until we make the goal, until we get the job, or buy the house, or the car or have the baby or find the lover. It is there on offer right now and we miss so much of life, we can miss so much presence, life is a gift that is why it’s called the present.

Paradise – happiness is an inside job and freedom is a state of mind, it is a feeling not a physical destination.



This takes me to the point that in life it is all about the moment of now. Life has ups and downs and there really is no end goal because when we reach the end there is always another end, another goal, a new passion a new desire.

But we so often forget to appreciate the journey, the path, the present moment, to look for opportunities to find joy, or in my case, look at the magnificent nature, appreciate the silence, get to know a little more of me, connect with thoughts, my feelings, my body, my breath.

The destination must be there to inspire you to set out on the journey.  The destination is your vision and your end goal. In between, there are smaller destinations and a lot of travelling.  Reaching your destination is just a moment in time but travelling towards your destination is every moment in time.

Very often we need to be flexible and adjust the initial goals if the process takes us somewhere differently. As we embark in a process of change and on a journey towards reaching a goal, our expectations might change. So, we continuously examine where we are and where we want to be.

Often the more intentions you create and fulfill, the more you’ll desire. And that’s the point: the journey, the ascents and descents, longings, passion and aspirations are the destination. Know that there isn’t one final destination, there’s just more to the journey, new segments that will begin even if and when you do achieve your dream life. You are an ever-changing, growth-seeking being, and you’re supposed to be.

If you find the going gets tough, that’s a sign too, perhaps to take a different tack or pursue a different desire. But the desire for living, and expanding, and dreaming never ends. Dream, yes, but if you have yet to achieve your greatest dreams, know this: when you do achieve them, you won’t just stop and live happily ever after in an idyllic cocoon. You’ll go on to dream new dreams.



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Don’t be discouraged when your path takes sudden turns and is filled with obstacles. These are the defining moments that test us in order to help us grow and prosper. It may feel like you will never get on track again or will never recover, when in fact you will feel stronger than ever when you decide to keep on going. It’s difficult to know where your path will lead, and which direction you will go in next. But when you trust in yourself to know the right way to go, you’ll be more likely to adjust to whatever comes your way.

Remember that we are all on our own journey and everyone’s path takes sudden turns and has unexpected obstacles. How quickly we can walk our path does not define us. What really defines us is how we adjust to change and how mindful we are about which direction we choose to go next.

In the path of life we are all traveling, there will be plenty of hills and turns. There will be showers and storms. The path of life is meant to be a journey, not a destination.

If you should ever feel lost in your journey, don’t panic! We all get lost sometimes and more often than not, we get lost over and over again. Usually, this is because we are trying to rush it, looking for a shortcut. We get side tracked, oblivious to what we are doing and where we are going. You may think that it’ll make your life easier to hitchhike with someone and let their path become your own. But we are all made differently, and are meant to pursue our own walks of life.



I wonder without the climb, the journey, the path, would the goal have been so rewarding?

I arrived at the top, and it was so nice to sit for a moment, admittedly sweating and breathless – overlooking this magnificent view it really was breathtaking and I said to the universe thank you, thank you for this magnificence and thank you for bringing me here, right here and now and thank you for the climb, the journey and thank you for the challenge and thank you for the reward and again I surrender to your glory and from now on, remind me if I forget as I so often do – I ask that we co-create and that you. Please always guide me, you know far better than I do, what I am needing and what is for my best and highest good. Thank you

OK so, we eventually reached the top and I can’t tell you how rewarding it was. Admittedly we sat at a restaurant, a small table for 2, a red umbrella, in France overlooking the valley and the Mediterranean Sea, the sun was shining and we ate a well-deserved and most delicious meal, with bread and wine and it was absolutely glorious and so well deserved.

I have to tell you, the walk back was a lot easier and what a wonderful, wonderful day and memory – each and every moment of the journey was.

So Paradise, is not some far off place, its not some far away universe or dimension, or town on top a cliff – its right here in your heart, it’s an emotion, it’s a feeling, it’s now – its freedom. Embrace the journey.


Lots of Love X


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