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This week’s Luisa TV episode, I share how, Death is NOT the End.

Click here to watch, ‘Death is NOT the End

We can often think that we have all the time in the world, but like love I have come to lean that death too, does not fit into a schedule, we cannot reschedule it, it does not work in alignment with our calendar diary, it can happen when we least expect it.

I wanted to share with you that my mother very unexpectedly had a heart attack a week and a half ago and transitioned and my intention for this episode is that my journey to healing may in some enable your own path to heal though grief.

Grief is different for everyone, there is no manual are there is no timeframe and there are no rules.



My mother’s death was really a shock, I don’t know if its better to have long slow death, so people can say their goodbyes, but she did choose a quick and easy way to go.

I wonder if we can grieve more for guilt, words left unsaid, hurts left unhurt, expectations never achieved. In the last few months, I had a challenging relationship with my mother, and I hadn’t told her ‘I loved her’ for several months.

In fact, I had a great relationship with her, I just did not realise it.

I cried out to my mother when I heard of her passing, ‘please forgive me.’ she communicated that there was nothing to forgive and the only person I needed to forgive was myself.

She told me, she knew that I loved her.

I am deeply honoured and grateful that I chose the mother I did, I would not be the person I am today if it was not for her strong presence in my life.

Grief can be the price we pay for love.

I perhaps don’t mourn death like others do, it most certainly does not mean that I loved any less. We are often taught – the more we grieve, the more we suffer, the more we loved, I don’t believe this to be the case for me.

This is the duality of living, without death we cannot appreciate life, without sickness we cannot appreciate health, without sorrow we cannot know joy, without heartbreak we cannot know love.



With all my interview and speaking with hundreds of Near-Death Experiences and my own personal experiences with the nonphysical realms and dimensions, it is my belief that consciousness does not end when the physical body dies. Now we all have different experiences as we transition to the higher realms based on our human environment, our culture, our society, out thoughts and beliefs but we all return home. Home with God, source, the creator, pure divine love, which is within us all along, it is just that in this reality, we so often forget the truth of who we are.



My mother came to me very often in the days that followed her transition. Did it make it easier that I could communicate with my mother, perhaps? Perhaps not? I know nothing different, it seems normal to me, but I don’t assume to know what it is like for another person, I only know what I perceive though my own consciousness.

In the first 2 days after my mother’s death, I became extremely sensitive to everything, every sound, every word and I would lie in bed silently in the darkness, waiting for sleep to come and I knew that my mother was there, offering me a blessing, I could feel her energy it was unmistakable, I could feel she gave me a final gift, my body tingled, this went on for over a day and I sensed an incredible powerful sparkling energy in and around my body – an energetic upgrade is all I can describe it as.  I don’t know exactly how this will work or how it will unfold, I am still processing it myself, but I am a new, changed person, a new version of Luisa.

My mother’s presence was very strong in the days that followed her physical death and she communicated to me telepathically several messages. It felt like it was not only my mother but also a collection of energies, aspects of consciousness, a co creation –  intertwined as if there was no division like we perceive here on earth.

This is what I received.

My mother was enveloped in love, she was free, she chose her time to transition, it was planned perhaps well before her birth, it was a choice to return home.

Everything is in divine order, including death and the nonphysical angelic realms allow each living human effected or impacted by the death of another person an opportunity to transform, recycle the expereince, learn and grow as a means for the evolution of their soul.

Every physical death is chosen on a soul level – without exception although we may not consciously know this to be the case.

I was shown a moving image with lots of colours – it could be described like a rippling wave of energy that, if you could imagine sound has form – every thought, every action, every life, every death, every birth has an effect on everything. We are all interconnected and much has been pre planned for our lives.



Last week was brutal for me, some days I was just happy to make it through the day, I felt like I was treading water, at times I thought I was losing it, twice I woke up in the mornings and wished for night to come again so I would not have to feel that day.

While I fully embraced the feelings, never pushed away grief, never pushed away sorrow, knowing this is a process to be endured, I too knew that the more I embodied and embraced it the sooner it would flow though me.

I too know that all these human experiences, these almost seemingly unbearable experiences, unfair and unimaginable suffering, do not damage our soul.

I was lying in the darkness in bed one night and I received a message, ‘be present, there is only now’.

This was the key to my healing. I only focused on now, now, now, just getting though each moment and then more moments would come and I was very conscious of my thoughts, analysing them, trying to really take note of this whole process. To become really present in the now, I started small, I did small things I liked; even as small as making a coffee and putting honey in it to make it sweeter, I went for long walks, I swam, I allowed myself to feel each and every breath, I retrained my thoughts, again and again in the moment of now.

I realised that despite what had happened, despite the circumstances, I still had my freedom of thought, and I made a choice,

I made the choice to love myself enough to want to regain joy, because it felt so much better than grief,

I made the choice to create a deeper relationship with myself because ultimately if we can be comfortable with ourselves, our aloneness, we are much more equipped to move though life’s challenges and fully embrace the opportunities for personal growth.

I made a choice to understand that my loneliness was a state of being and not dependant on how many people surrounded me

I made a choice to understand that I have a unique opportunity to transform suffering into growth

I made a choice to find moments of appreciation, gratitude and happiness and even joy in the knowledge that this is life a gift a precious gift and we choose how to experience it.

This experience will continue to always teach me, there is no beginning, and this is no end, only now, time is not linear and the lessons flow though my timelines of existence.



We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and learning to love both ourselves and others, expediates the spiritual evolution of our soul.

The main reason we are here is to learn love, so please ask yourself in any situation – “what would love do?”

We come her to learn love, for both ourselves and others, everything is in divine order, and everything is going to be ok.

My deepest deepest sympathy and deep love for those of you who are suffering and for those of you may be grieving in whatever capacity.

This episode is dedicated to you today and you are watching this for a reason and know that in our darkest moments there is ALWAYS hope and there is ALWAYS light.

Life is short, tell those who travel alongside you -both in the physical and nonphysical realms that – you love them and say it often, they will hear you.

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  • Angela Thomas says:

    Beautiful, heartfelt comments. Recognizing that we move forward from this world into the next, that our consciousness lives on, is vital and guides us through the process of grief.

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