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He LIVES with a GHOST for 15 Years! She Changes His LIFE. Intuition, Ley Lines Dowsing 

Are you listening to your Intuition?

Are you affected by ghosts or spirits? Can they impact you and your soul path?

Tim Walter moved house and discovered it contained a female ghost energy that introduced Tim to the concept of “earth energy”.  He intuitively communicates with the assistance of Higher Beings to the over-seeing subtle energy fields of our existence, that are out of harmonic resonance, seeking to align and harmonise these energies to encourage positive change on our life paths. He is the author of “SPIRIT & EARTH – A HANDBOOK FOR MODERN HOLISTIC LIVING”

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Read the FULL Episode Transcript Below.

Passion Harvest Interview with Tim Walter

00:00:25 Luisa
Tim Walter, welcome to Passion Harvest.

00:00:28 Tim Walter
Thank you for having me.

00:00:28 Luisa
It’s wonderful. I just said before this interview. I love everything you do and how it’s evolved, but for the audience, I’d love to start with you. Move from a a big career and moved house and and discovered a female.
Entity or ghost energy in your home that introduced you to the concept of earth energy.

00:00:52 Tim Walter
Yeah, it doesn’t. It doesn’t sound believable, does.
It When yeah when you.
You are.
Hear it back. It sounds like a movie or something in.
Itself, no, I.
That that’s fundamentally what happened in 1998. My family and I moved house. We we were living in the very crowded SE of England.
And it was just getting completely unbearable, really, just too much going on in in the in the world that we were living in. So we decided to move across country and and go to the Welsh borders. And we bought this amazing old.
Georgian townhouse that needed a lot of work doing to it and moving in there. We we met in the spirit of a deceased lady, basically. And that meeting completely changed our lives, completely changed my life, probably more so than than my boys or my wife, but.
I was working as a video producer and conference producer and this sort of thing and in meeting this this encounter entity, which sounds a bit of an odd way to describe her. I mean we we would call her a ghost to start with and we can maybe talk a little bit about what a ghost is, what a spirit is and this sort of thing, but in meeting.
You know, and having a conversation, we were introduced to her by several dowsers that came to the house and basically said, look, you’ve got this issue with earth energy lines and there’s a guardian here that is, you know, wanting to be part of the family. And she’s been looking after these lions for you.
And protecting you from their energy, as it were. And in that conversation, you know, so much changed. It was such a short conversation, but so much changed and.
This whole sort of spiritual path, I suppose, if you want to be a little bit kind of pompous about it.
Is the is the you know what’s happened since then. Since that point and it introduced a way of seeing the world that is so utterly and completely different to how I had experienced up to that point. So.

00:03:00 Luisa
Interesting. So I’m talking my humanist here. Did you see this?
Earthbound energy with your physical eyes.

00:03:09 Tim Walter
No, it was. She was very much it. It was a bizarre experience from that point of view in terms of.
Just anybody that had been in the room, that was not sort of.
The party to what was going on would have seen a three ladies, a young lad that came with those ladies. They all had dousing rods.
So basically, dowsing rods of these sort of things. I’m sure your listeners viewers will know about them. So they basically respond to yes and no responses. So they would anybody looking in would have seen those three people, 3 ladies and the young lad.
Standing there with rods and then there was my wife and I standing there, looking completely bemused. I’m sure because I had no feeling of the the entity, the guardian energy, the ghost who we end up calling Jane, basically, because that’s who she was when she was in car.
On it.
We I had no feeling about her. I had no impression of her at all at that stage, but.
Because fundamentally, we lived with her for 15 years, that whole kind of side of things, that sensitivity to the subtle realms changed completely. So, you know, these days, I’m aware when she’s around like she is.

00:04:29 Luisa
Now, so you’re still in the house.

00:04:32 Tim Walter
No. Interesting.

00:04:33 Luisa
She followed you.

00:04:35 Tim Walter
Yes, that’s another aspect of the story. Yes, she she was introduced to us as a guardian energy of that particular place. And when we go to sacred sites.
You know, such as Neil of thick stone circles or anything like that. So over here we’ve got sites like Avebury or Stonehenge if you want. But Avery is a much better site, better subjective term of reference, but it’s a it’s a much more interesting site. And so you go to a site like that and you’ve always got a guardian energy that’s present now, Jane.
Was the guardian energy that was present for the space in our House for the energy flows that were in our House?
And as such, you know you think, well, OK, so that guardian energy is allocated to that space.
As it turned out, Jane in particular was not just tied to that space.
In the 15 years that we lived in that house, she did take a.
Brief period of time and I could. I honestly can’t remember how long it was, but she took a brief period of time where she left and a different energy came in and took her place.
And she’d told me some days I think it was a couple of days beforehand, she said. Right. I’m gonna be going soon, but somebody else will be coming in to take over. And I’m like, what, what, what’s going on? You can’t just you can’t just. You can’t just leave us. But she did. So this other energy came in now and then, this energy, this other energy, came in. It was a male energy. It was a very different.
Energy and by that time I could, you know, feel this sort of difference in subtle energies but clearer than I could right at the start.
So that energy was with us for a while and.
Then one day.
They changed again and Jane returned. And so we finished off the last few years of living in that house with Jane as the Guardian energy present and my wife and I used to go down and talk to her in the room that she used to hang out.
In and although.
She she had access, you know. She went all over the house and other thing there was always Jane’s room. So she had a chair in there.
And she she basically stayed in that space. Now when we left the House and we.
Moved to a different part of the country we’re now living in the Yorkshire Dales rather than the Forest of Dean.
Which is where we used to live.
I was meditating one day fairly soon after moving up to the north, and there was the familiar feeling of familiar presence that came to me and I said, well, Jane, is that you? And yes, it was so. She is now part of my what I call the healing team. So in other words, the entities that work in the subtle.
Realms, when a client comes to me for house healing.
Jane is quite often involved in working on that house as well as part of the energy that is.
You know, affecting change?

00:07:22 Luisa
Of course I’m thinking in my humanist there’s no distance between, you know, time and space. Oh my gosh. I’ve got so many questions for you. First, I’m just thinking, talking about dousing rods. I have some somewhere in the house. I have to. I have to find them. Rory Duff introduced them to me. Who’s been on the show? I absolutely love Rory.
He’s amazing. I didn’t realise that.
You know, we assume dousing rods are essentially to find water on the land or gold or people like to find all sorts of things. I didn’t realise they could be used to find energies within a home.

00:08:00 Tim Walter
So dousing people usually come to dousing, they usually become aware of dousing in connection with finding water.
Now I spent a lot of time to start with using it to just speak to Jane to to communicate with her, and really for so long I had actually forgotten that it was used for finding any or for doing anything else apart from speaking to dead people, because that’s what I was doing. That’s what I was using it for and I was going to. I started to.
To explore sacred sites more. And when I went to sacred sites because I knew about the presence of Jane the Guardian energy, I would always ask to speak to the guardian energy of those sites. So I literally was just using dousing as this way of communicating with deceased people.
It basically dousing as a technique can be used for absolutely anything for finding anything that is not in the three dimensional visible realms. So whatever you want, you just TuneIn to what you’re looking for and you ask the questions when you’re having a conversation with a deceased person or a guardian energy.
What you’re basically doing is just.
Really holding the rods and allowing them to free flow and they will continue to give yes and no responses. They’re doing that now because I’m talking to you and they’re affirming that, yes, this is correct, but they’re doing that and all the time that the conversation is basically on on point, they’ll remain in a positive kind of, you know, yes and no. If you start to.
Lose the connection completely. Then they’ll go to a, you know, like my fell out of my hand, but they’ll go to a no.
And that means you.
Know you as as somebody that is not terribly sensitive in terms of channelling and mediumship.
Housing is a brilliant way just to connect and to see that you actually ohh yeah, we’ve got this established. You know this established link going on. It’s just the simplest way that I put it.

00:09:51 Luisa
That’s amazing. Ohh my gosh, I have to find them there somewhere in my house.

00:09:56 Tim Walter
You should. You definitely should.

00:09:58 Luisa
Well, I bought it to douse dragon lines and energy lines and so many things, but life got in the way.
I’ve heard that earthbound spirits are not necessarily not necessarily positive, so if if you don’t mind explaining the difference between ghosts and spirits for the audience, and ohh I just wanted to say most of our audience is US, and if they don’t get your accent, you’re in the UK so.

00:10:25 Tim Walter
Yeah, that’s fine. A lot of my, a lot of my clients actually are in the US, but yes, a lot, a lot of them do comment on.
That’s a you.
Know what’s that accent from? Where’s that from?
So yeah, OK, so the the way.
The reason I’m.
Pausing is because actually in the house healing modality and the framework that we use when we’re we’re exploring the space for somebody in order to help them shift a point of their, you know, their reality, what we tend to do is to look at ghosts, spirits and trap souls and and then you go into the guardian aspects as well. So these are all sort of different.
Aspects of the non Incarnate form of you know, I mean basically we’re the Incarnate form of as a human being.
A ghost tends to be a almost like a recording that is within the ether of the space. So.
The physical dimension is built from the quantum layer and I’m sure that your your audience is aware of what quantum physics is about. It’s about dealing with that energy that basically forms at the the smallest of the smallest dimensions and it comes out and and the physical world is formed from that kind of layer and we come up in vibration.
Right. So.
A ghost will be a kind of a kind of trapped recording in that in that kind of layer of dimension it’s it’s not really the astral. I’m tempted to say Astral, but it’s getting a little bit. Let’s not get too technical about these definitions, but it’s closer to the quantum than than than we are.
Right. Because we’re here in the physical and our awareness is here in physical. So a ghost can be simply dealt with by by interacting with it.
It and as soon as a person interacts with it with the intention of allowing that energy to dissipate for the recording to stop, and what will happen is the recording stops and the ghost disappears. Give you an example, did some work on a A fellow’s house where at midnight he was getting 3 knocks on the door.
Every night this this three knocks would happen at midnight.
He would go to the door and of course there was nobody there, but it was spooking him out. So that was OK. Fair enough. He was a bit freaked out by it.
But when when I looked at the energy of his house and and what was going on at the doorway there, there was somebody that was coming to the door to give news about the fact that one of the love that, you know, a loved one had died in the First World War. So they were coming to the the doorway to tell the the the I think I can’t remember. It was the the wife of the you know the of the person that had died.
But there was an emotion ladened in that moment of transmitting the the communication knock on the door. Speak to this woman to tell her that her husband or boyfriend.
Diet. So there’s a huge amount of impact in that emotional point. That is what I’ve got left and stuck in that space. But it created the ghost because somebody that was more sensitive than the guy that was living there probably would have seen somebody knocking on the door to deliver the news, right? So as a ghost.
A spirit is something slightly more different. It’s not just something that is trapped within the energy of the space. It’s got got far more flexibility and free will, and it’s the spirit energy that’s coming through and communicate with us. They’re fine, but there are also aspects of the lower energies, like guilt and fear, that will also keep a spirit trapped in this.
Those sort of spirits are not helpful to have around. They’re not harmonious, they’re not beneficial to the individual occupant of the space for obvious reasons, because they’re energy draining.
And then you get on to a different classification about Guardians and all of that sort of stuff as well, but.
The ghosts and spirits. That’s your basic sort of definition as far.
As I’m concerned, so how can?

00:14:16 Luisa
They affect an individual.
If the entity I’m just going to call it an entity with which is a spirit, if they’re in a home or a, a place of work.

00:14:28 Tim Walter
Well, well, I mean.
For one thing, the the individual that’s living in a house that is affected by a spirit. If it’s going to be an adverse, you know, interaction.
The the individual is going to be.
A. What you.
Know classically is known as a highly sensitive person, so they’re going to be somebody that is very sensitive to this. The subtler energies that are around.
How that person is affected is is completely open to you know it’s it’s it’s as unique as the individual is.
And this is.
Where we start to get into the real nature of reality and.
What is it and?
What? What are we doing here and and why are we like this? But fundamentally, if a person is being troubled by a spirit, I even just feel.
Uncomfortable out of sorts, you know? Not not happy living here. I don’t. You know, classically, some people say, well, I’ve. I’ve bought this house. I thought I liked it, but actually I’ve never felt comfortable here. That can be due to spirit activity. But there are a whole host of other things that can also influence and affect and highly sensitive.
Person in a property.
When we do the House healing and you mentioned there that we we’ve got a.
House healing network.
That the the House Healing Network is a group of people that I’ve trained or a colleague of mine has trained, and there are 50 or so of us in the network now. So we’ve developed a network because there’s a need for this sort of work at the moment. Now this is probably something to do with.
Earth is in its.
Journey through the Cosmos and the energies that we’re going through is affecting all of us, and there’s, you know, you can’t deny that there’s some kind of awakening going on, and that’s what’s happening is that we’re all becoming far more sensitive to the subtle realms.
So when we do a house healing, there’s there’s a list of 50 or so section headings that we actually look at and analyse and ask questions about and what we’re doing is we’re basically we’re using dowsing to interrogate the energy of the space, what’s present, what is adversely affecting the individual that owns that home or place of work.
And then we’re.
And we’re asking the management, the, the, the, the higher echelons of creation, if you like, and some people just call it spirit. But I use this term, the manager.
So we asked the management about what the information is. So they give us the information as a house healer, we’re simply sitting and and bringing this out into our three dimensional realm through dousing as I say, and we write up a report and then what we do is we sit in meditation. We sit in that healing space, ask the management to affect.
The individual. So in other words, if if a person is being.
Badly affected by adverse spirit.
We are basically asking the management to, you know, kindly move those spirits on and take them through to the light if that’s appropriate for the rest of their journey so that they are no longer affecting the individual and that kind of process interacting with an open heart and with that compassion seems to be most of the time enough to actually affect a subtle change for the individual.

00:17:44 Luisa
That’s just amazing. I mean, I I love it. Maybe I need that. No, I’m fine.
But do you also look at the?
The energy of the land you spoke about Guardians of the land. So not only the the actual dwelling, but the land, the the home sits on.

00:18:00 Tim Walter
Yeah. I mean, broadly speaking, we’re looking at several different areas of subtle energy. So we we look at the personal energy of the person as well. That’s one of the first things that we do just look at and remove attachments and all this sort of thing, the general day-to-day.
Rubbish that you know, everybody picks up as some people are more affected by. So we look at personal subtle energy, we’ll quite often do a balancing process on the chakras as well, just to aid, you know, and support energy change.
We’ll look at the energy of the House itself, the the space that they’re living in, and part of that is to look at the the energy of the land and earth energy itself as a concept comes into that kind of category.
We also look at.
Historical activity and emotional activity that’s been left on that space as well, but.
The one that really fascinates me is is actually the the whole kind of healing aspect of Earth energy and what what these earth energy lines that people often call lay lines, what what it is that those things are and how are we affected by them. And we could talk a little bit about that if you like.

00:19:12 Luisa
Ohh so I was going to ask you what? What’s your advice if someone?
Feels that they have.
Something in their home, or perhaps their behaviours changed or.
Emotions in some way. What’s your advice?

00:19:26 Tim Walter
Well, I mean, say it would be easy for me to say, well, what you need to do is to get on to, you know, get on to one of us in the House Healing network and we’ll, you know, do a dousing evaluation of what’s going on. That is one way. But.
The the real.
Excitement, work, passion for this is actually in helping the person understand their relationship to the energy that they’re experiencing, because that’s when.
That’s when you get the fun. The the real fundamental shift. Because part of this process.
That we’re all going through this process of everybody waking up is waking up to what? What is it that we truly are, which is that spiritual being, having the human experience and so therefore we asked the question of, well, what is this, this human experience? What is this interaction that is troubling me? What is this showing? What is this illustrating? What is this highlighting? Why am I?
You know, why is this person getting this now?
And in in helping them understand what what that picture is about, which we do really through you know, it’s what comes up from the management, what the management is showing us and when we’re talking to the individual client it’s it’s revealed sometimes in conversation as well the the you know the some of the issues that are facing.
But in understanding that there’s this whole raft of influences that is really affecting.
I mean, it really is affecting the subconscious more almost than the conscious. You know, the the bit that comes into the conscious awareness of the individual is really the tip of the iceberg. It’s the subconscious effects and that’s where we are creating our reality from is our subconscious programming. So really we start to really kind of shake the box and and try to.
That understanding for the client as much as possible, I can’t remember what your question was, but.
I seem to have gone off into.

00:21:26 Luisa
No, that was that was.
That was perfect. What? What, what? What should one do? And you kind of explained that it’s it’s, it’s holistic. You keep saying. Management. What? What do you mean by management the management?

00:21:38 Tim Walter
The management is a term that my dear or mentor Hamish Miller used Hamish Miller. If anybody wants to Google him.
Was a a philanthropist and a metalworker. He was a a fantastic human being. He he died in 2010. I had the pleasure of working with him for the last seven years of his life. He he had a tremendous impact on so many people because he was a guy that Co wrote a book that many people have read.
About Earth energy, which is the sun and the serpent, and that’s the story of Hamish Miller and Paul Paul Broadhurst, his Co author, their travels, they took 10 years to actually douse Earth energy lines across the South of England. And that’s this story of discovery is told in that box.
And Hamish Miller used this term the management to refer to he he used it to refer to the the upper echelons of creation. So those energies that are personalities that are very, very close to the ultimate creator.
Hamish had a near death experience if only had a couple, but he he has one that is the the most.
Recorded, I guess and the one that he talked about the most.
Where? Uh, he was on an operating table and he died and he he went upstairs and he met the management and he had the whole kind of classic ND discussion about, well, you know what, you know, do you want to stay or do you want to go back to Earth and they, the management showed him some examples of their concepts.
At that level and he said, I just don’t understand those. I think I’d better go back. And they apparently laughed and said yes, I think think we we think you should too. So he came back to Earth and his ND completely changed him from being a an award winning.
And manufacturer of furniture is what he used to do. He he stepped out of that life and he became a a a blacksmith, which is what he’d always wanted to do since he was about 8 years old. And but the thing was that he was then passionate about helping people understand.
That they are connected to the management and the management are connected to us and and effectively we are a fractal of God as the expression is that.
Other people use.
But the management, as far as I’m concerned, is the term that I use to represent.
Really, all of those personalities are on the other side of the veil that are there.
To that will help us if we ask them to help us. They it’s all of those edges of creation that go towards the manifesting process. Our experience of creation, because we are the babies here. We’re the kiddies, we are, you know, we are not the ones that know. What the Hell’s going on.
That’s not a very good expression, but we we managed to create hell in in our sense of living our lives half the time and part of the point of being in this dimension is to understand how responsibility of creation and part of that understanding comes from being able to call on the help of these.
Guides and other spiritual beings and aspects of creation aspects of.
Nature, understanding that actually they are a part of us and we are a part of them and there is no separation whatsoever. So this you know this dimension that is driven by its nature of being separate separation doesn’t exist. There is no separation at all and that is how and why we could communicate with these energies.
And they are so present for us. If we want to call on them. That is the fundamental driver behind.
Why I refer to it as the management, it makes them very, very approachable because they are very approachable. There are aspects of creation in the subtle realms that are.
Not good for us.
But once we understand why they’re not good for us, as I’ve previously described, you can then step on and actually embrace the relationship to the management.
And understand that it’s all a learning curve and that wave that you’re then on is actually going to take you to some remarkable places.

00:25:49 Luisa
Thank you, Tim. I mean, I love, I love the term management. That’s that’s great. I often get asked this question how can I connect with my intuition or my guides or angels? What is your advice for the audience?

00:26:05 Tim Walter
Well, I would say simply you pick up a dousing rod or a pick up a pendulum because that is the easiest way to actually start exploring your intuitive connection to everything that is.
That dousing is a door opener.

00:26:17 Luisa
So you can ask yes or no questions with the dowsing rod almost like kinesiology the.

00:26:18 Tim Walter
It is.
It’s it’s. It’s very, very closely aligned to kinesiology. Neology is basically the muscular movement, right? And dousing is as far as we know.
And this is the explanation that I completely go along with cause it just feels right to me. As far as we’re concerned, dousing is a is these subconscious reactions. So it’s a muscular reaction and it’s the tiny muscular movements that are moving the rods or.
Moving the pendulum.
But these are unconscious. They’re completely unconscious. The Douser is oblivious to those signals that are taking place.
But that’s because you’re accessing the subconscious intuitive response. It then gets transferred to the physical body and it moves the.
Needles, because these are simply metres, they’re indicating a response. And so when I was talking earlier on about talking to spirits and stuff, the the connection is.
The connection is in here, obviously in the inner universe. And so as you connect what what you’re basically doing with the dousing rods or the pendulum is using it like a key to start the motor so that you can actually then go into that space after a little bit of time of practise. And it does take practise to start with and you.
Do go through several hoops of learning.
But once you do that, then you start, which you realise that the dousing role, the connection and then you are connecting in a deliberate and intentional way. And that’s a that that could be a game changer.

00:28:04 Luisa
Oh well, I’m. I’m really excited. What’s what’s the difference? And I know you mentioned before the difference between lay lines and earth lines.

00:28:15 Tim Walter
Earth energy lines are natural natural flow across the landscape, and they they weave like rivers, so they follow very much that kind of natural flow of energy and.
They’re usually found in pairs. There are all sorts of levels of earth energy, and that’s what you will have discussed with Rory. Rory Duff is that there are some huge earth energy lines. Absolutely massive.
But there are also really, really tiny ones, and if you relate it, earth energy, if you relate Earth energy to the clean system.
Then you know that you’ve got big lines of power going through the human body, but you’ve also got tiny ones as well. And like with the blood supply in the body’s massive arteries, but you’ve got tiny fields of capillaries as well. And what’s really, really interesting, from my point of view, actually is not the big massive lines which Rory is.
You know, really keen on and. These are really they’re they’re really reasons why they’re really exciting and really interesting.
To work with, but equally you can work with the tiny capillary for manifest in your environment. You’ll have a positive and beneficial earth energy spiral vortex. You’ll have several in that room that you’re in. You’ll have a very, very positive and beneficial one in there and.
Wherever your focus is for most of the day, you will find the most positive and beneficial Earth energy vortex.
Lay lines are not.
Like that, lay lines are basically straight alignments.
Which can be traced on a on a. You know you can. You can look at a map and you can trace a lay line. You can see if you use Alfred Watkins definitions of you know, the specific sacred sites or the specific objects that you’re looking for over a certain fixed period of, you know, distance. Then you can find a straight alignment. Now there is some kind of thought.
The straight lines that the lay lines might be.
Aspects of earth energy, which we simply aren’t recognising as they’re they’re both the same thing, because what happens at A at an earth energy power centre at an earth energy vortex, which I was just talking about earlier on was that you get the spiral, the big vortex shape that you can douse and it’s there in a wonderful.
It’s there in the classic Fibonacci spiral pattern. Yes, yes. So that sits there as a spiral. And you can douse that spiral and you’ll find that wonderful Fibonacci spacing as it expands out.
But also out of that power Centre you will get straight line radials being emanated and you can you can douse those and you can count those. And what’s really interesting is that actually if you sit in meditation and you send love you send compassion to that space. The number of radios will increase. So in other words, what that illustrates and this happens.
Time and time again, this is not a one off. It’s completely repeatable by anybody. It’s simply a matter of adjusting your vibration so that you’re sending compass.
Slash healing into that space and earth energy reacts. So Earth energy is reacting to our consciousness and the reason for that is, as we said earlier on, there is no separation of these facets.
Earth Energy is a part of the conscious field of the earth as we are.
So all we’re doing really is interacting with an aspect of the management, which is an aspect of us.

00:31:56 Luisa
Thank you. Gosh, I was just thinking amazing. Amazing. But we just me too forget so much in our humanness that we’re we’re separate and our suffering and everything that goes on. We take it so seriously when we forget that we’re all connected.
To everything.

00:32:17 Tim Walter
It it it is, it is. It is an incredibly effective system that we are experiencing.
Because the depth of forgetting.
In order to be in the human form is virtually complete. It’s.
It is enough to make us feel isolated completely 100%, whereas that’s not our real nature and that is part of the problem is that because we are.
So able to be in that depth of isolation in that that real feeling of being separate from everything, because it’s what the three dimensions have have necessitated.
And you add to that that actually we are extremely programmable.
Then we end up with a sort of a hypnosis that has occurred over the centuries where we just completely believe that we are this these isolated individual beings, whereas we’re not and that is the that’s the paradigm shift that we’re we’re currently experiencing is to.
Be reconnected with.
Everything and to understand our connection to everything and that has a an implication, not only for things like we’ve just talked about earlier on which the house healing.
Which is kind of like distance remote connection.
Through the quantum field at that level, but it also means that we have an intimate connection with the actual experience of our environment, so.
With climate crisis or climate change that.
Some people believe is occurring at the moment. It’s this is a difficult.
Subject Actually which?
We’ll just explore it if we may.
A little bit. It’s a difficult subject because as soon as I start to talk about this in these terms, people would accused they either say, well, there’s no such thing as climate change or or you’re a climate change denier and there’s no middle ground, right? But what I’m saying is.
We believe that there is climate change if we believe there is a climate crisis.
The answer is actually in connecting to it and understanding our connection to it because.
As soon as we stop perceiving our world as this isolated lump of rock hurdling through space, and we just accept that we are beings having an experience.
It’s rather like being on the holodeck of the Star Trek enterprise.
It is what you make.
And therefore, we know from shamanic practise and all of those sort of subtle activities where you communicate with nature spirits and all of that aspect that they and it and you are one and therefore you are involved intimately in the way the weather manifests now.
It to to people that are new to this concept. It sounds absurd. It sounds ridiculous. How on earth could you be affected by the weather? Tim, you’re delusional. Well, actually, no.
Because it’s part of us, it’s part of the experience of being here. It’s part of our connection to everything.
And each individual person’s experience of being connected is slightly slightly different, which is why I say forget about the single Earth. Forget about that. It’s about experience in this.
It’s about the experience of being here as a human being, in other words, being that spiritual, being, being connected to everything, and that includes the weather and nature because we are nature. That’s all we are. We’re just bits of it that have the ability to plan and to be organised and we’ve lost.
Our way in being able to be so.
Organised and and in in in that ability to plan.

00:36:18 Luisa
Yes, please so often forget.
A big congratulations. I’ve got one more question after this. A big congratulations on your book spirit and earth. Where is the best place for people to connect with you? And I will leave a link below in the show notes as well.

00:36:34 Tim Walter
That’s fine.
The best place to find me actually is on either that’s KNIGHTSROSE.
Dot com or on my YouTube channel which you can find by digging out me so doing a search for Tim, Walter, Walter, Tim, Walter Downstair or Tim Walter House healer will always find me. If you don’t put the douser or the house healer in, then you’ll find some German football manager. And I don’t think you’ll really appreciate questions about house healing.

00:37:06 Luisa
OK, now I looked at your YouTube channel the other day. It’s great. So I encourage everyone to have a look at it on a final note and this is my final question.
In the concepts of time, are we living in a simulation?
Ohh yeah, well I’m trying to make it easy for you.

00:37:28 Tim Walter
You know it’s.
Fun it’s a it’s a, but, but it’s a great. It’s a great question and it’s a lovely question. It’s brilliant because it’s it. It actually echoes back to the conversation of that we’re having just now about our connection to nature and about the world around us.

00:37:28 Luisa
Near a wealth of information.

00:37:43 Tim Walter
And I suppose.
When I think it was Neil De Grasse Tyson, wasn’t it that, that, that that was famously said to say, you know, the chances are that we do live in a simulation. Chances are we are in a product of some other civilizations manufacture. And my response actually was like does it matter? You know, does it, does it actually matter?
Because really what we’re it doesn’t change what we’re here to do. It doesn’t check as long as we recognise that that simulation is created for our benefit.
OK, so the big the big, the big crucial paradigm shift.
Is about understanding the role of your heart in the creative process and the creation process. Now if if if we live in a in a simulation and that simulation has been developed so that we our energies that learn and part of that learning is to understand our heart, then what we’re doing is learning compassion and we’re learning that.
Unity and that’s it enables us to go take another step forward in whatever the.
For you know, the the future halves are that we manifest in.
Part of the learning is to understand and have that humility and that compassion and one of the aspects that is not in harmony with that concept of humility and compassion, is the idea that.
Everybody’s out to get me the idea that the world is a terrible place and that that that there is nothing in this world that is of any good. And every time I turn a corner I’m faced by problems and evil and wrongdoings and control and all the rest of it now.
Given that we’ve said that everybody talk, everybody talks, everybody lives in their own unique world, because that’s basically what we’ve been alluding to is that you’re in your own vibration in your own bandwidth, in your own experience of being alive.
If you choose to accept that the world is a terrible place, and that’s exactly what you’ll see, and that’s exactly what you’ll experience. And therefore healing is simply a matter of changing that paradigm shift to see that no, it’s not.
Or the fact is.
No, it doesn’t have to be because to the person that sees the world like that, it is like that because that’s what being created. That’s what the resonance is.
Once you live.
From the heart and see it as a much, much, much more wonderful place.
I nearly said. Wonderful. Yeah. I don’t think there’s such a word as wonderful. It’s such a wonderful place.
Then actually every single experience changes to be far more wonderful as a result of that, and it’s a very simple process.
Sort of.
Allowing the heart to do the job that it’s supposed to do, which is to connect with compassion in every circumstance that you’re able to connect with compassion.

00:40:48 Luisa
Absolutely. And our consciousness creates our reality and the heart. I have to remember that one on a final note, Tim, I’ve loved having you on Passion Harvest. Is there anything you’d like to share with the passion harvest audience that I haven’t?

00:40:53 Tim Walter

00:41:04 Luisa
Asked you today.

00:41:05 Tim Walter
The the point.
Is that actually we can live very simply. We can’t we it’s so simple to live and to always try to remember, to refer to. What would love do in this circumstance. When we meet a problem, when we meet a difficult person, blah blah blah. Any of those things. It’s always about connecting to the heart and understanding the compassion.
Is absolutely the key.
It’s not even about necessarily thinking about consciousness as a concept, it’s just that aligning to the feeling of being compassionate.

00:41:39 Luisa
Beautiful. Thank you, Tim. And you’ve inspired me so much to find my dousing rods that are somewhere in the house. Thank you for being on Passion Harvest.
00:41:49 Tim Walter
Thank you for having me. It’s been great.
00:41:50 Luisa
It’s a pleasure. Bye bye.

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