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Every single one of us has the ability to access a source of higher wisdom within us.

I’ve discovered that intuition knows way more than I do, and I’ve learned to listen.

In this episode of  Luisa TV,  I share a little glimpse into my life.

“I sat down and closed my eyes, something happened…”

Allow you to the full multidimensional self that you are. Be open to all possibilities, ask yourself questions you don’t know the answers to…

I share pieces of my life with you with the intention that in some way I may inspire you to live a richer, a fuller life a more passionate life.

Time is moving so quickly that our consciousness of the present – what you think you see now is the past.

These are the questions I asked myself; What is the time when the clock is broken? What happens when my idea of what should be is no longer there?

In some ways the ability to dilute the past – this perpetual change of intentional forward motion allows us to advance our souls growth and dislodge our old patterns becoming.



There were 3 things that profoundly changed me this week which all related to my questions.



I recognised that I had an imbalance in my auric field, in my subconscious – I was open to giving but not in harmony with receiving.

This imbalance can show up for all of us in many ways in our reality – love, romance, career, finances and while we can feel we are trying our best, working hard, sometimes struggling we do not reap the rewards we desire. We in essence are not open to receive – we can push and struggle – and in turn block ourselves off from the constant flow of Divine Energy that is always willing to give. Having become aware of this I consciously gave permission myself in all areas of my life to receive, and much changed.

It was that simple, “I give myself permission to receive.”



I have met a new wonderful friend! I talk to her daily – my inner child, my subconscious. I spoke to her though all my lives, through all timelines, I gave her attention, I told her I loved her, and I asked her to please forgive me for ignoring her. I was ever so gentle with her and I have realised now when any emotion is revealed to me – I go to my inner child – I stoke her, I tell her I love her, I take the time to be present with her – recognise the emotion she is remembering –I thank her for bringing it to the surface and I ask my inner child and the Divine to remove it from my memories of lives.

I do this so I don’t live in the past, past hurts, sorrows, fears, pains, traumas and in doing this I clear my timelines and I can start anew, without these emotions dictating my choices and I therefore allow and am open to new insights, not based on past memories. It really has changed my life, my thoughts, my emotions, the way I react to situations, the way in which I no longer replay emotions and events over again.



Many years ago, I saw a future memory of me in a clearing – singing and channeling energy from above to the earth below – well this week I found the place in my forest – I wasn’t even looking for it but I knew this to be the spot from my visions. I don’t know how I will channel this energy but I am sure the insights will come in time.

I sat down and closed my eyes, something happened… while the forest is quiet, or we think it is there are always noises when we are silent, but when I closed my eyes there was not a sound – in fact the no sound was almost deafening, I felt a wind, but there was no wind and the leave didn’t move on the trees and I realised the wind was not wind at all but in fact energy swirling around me, I sat in this energy – swirling, welcoming, it was almost warm in temperature, I could feel it on my skin and I felt as if the top of my head was covered in stars. 

That night I had a very clear dream – I was walking though the forest and arrived a the clearing- there I saw life, energy, movement, colours and I looked ahead and out came the head of a dragon. He looked at me with his giant eyes, welcoming me and then he grinned, his smile was so beautiful, peaceful, serene I nearly cried with love and he said to me,

“I have been waiting for you.”



On a practice note, this was my week… (you can watch all of this in this weeks video)

I had a firewood deliver from my neighbour, the farmer Patrick.

I got to hang out with a beautiful cat called Randall

Amelie the puppy has a friend visiting, his name is Aubrey

I took care of two beautiful horses, Longstreet, and Traveller.

🗝️ I met with many of my Passion Mentoring clients, one of my joys to give back and see their incredible transformation to be the expression their full multi-dimensional selves. If you would like to work with me, please head on over to my Passion Harvest shop page for details or click here to find out more.

I discovered a new wonderful fresh produce market in my local town – filled with the most incredible vegetable, cheeses, and breads. Awe… the baguettes tasted like crunchy clouds.


Listen to your intuition first and always believe in Magic! 


Luisa x


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