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What is your DREAM? How would you like to LIVE?

So … I made one of the BIGGEST decisions of my life! I followed my heart!

When you have faith in yourself and your dreams, this is when the magic happens…

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I made one of the biggest decisions of my life I moved across the world and left all that I had known, all that was familiar behind.

Something happened to me last year, deep within my being – I knew I had found my soul’s home. It was if I didn’t have a choice but to move, to be in this new land I now call home.

I will say there were moments, I was terrified, sleepless nights at what I was about to do, but fear does not move me anymore, not like it used to, because I know if I operate from fear, it would only rob me of joy, and destroy my dreams.

I had no idea where I was going to stay, to live and so each day I went for long walks to a field and I sang, I sang with all my heart to the land to find me my home. I sang to the universe, and I sang to the elementals, and I sang to the trees, and I sang to the earth.

Lucky no one was around, because my singing voice is really not the best – but nature didn’t mind.

My heart longed for peace and silence.

I live now outside a tiny country village in a little house in the southwest of France. It felt like coming home it is a dream.

I speak only a little French, it can be challenging, but I am learning quickly.

I am alone most of the time, but not lonely – it has given me the opportunity to get to know more of me, to rediscover me, who am I, why am I here, what is my purpose? It is in this peace that I am able to hear my heart speak.

I bought a dog, Amelie, my best friend. Living so close to nature, I have discovered more passions, to be of service, to dream, to work in my garden, explore in my forest, filled with deer and I have a found special oak tree where I sit and rest and receive insights. There are hawks that tell me when visitors are coming and there is a white owl that has made its nest above my bedroom window. Sometimes at night I wake up and look at the stars, it’s amazing – breath-taking.

It’s in all of these moments immersed in nature – I am so inspired to create more of Passion Harvest.

My wish is to offer a gift to this world, something that breaks though barriers and reaches the soul.

I spend my time thinking about how to create more of this, interviewing incredible guests for the show, meeting with my coaching clients and expressing my heat in all its fullness.



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My wish is to inspire you, to live a life filled without fear, live a life filled with passion and joy and move through life’s obstacles with an awareness that each experience is perfect for our growth. It doesn’t mean that life won’t be challenging and there is no doubt it will be, but life can also be filled miracles and wonder.

Many years ago, when I embarked on the spiritual journey, I began to question the meaning of my life, I started on the loneliest path that I could ever imagine, yet I was surrounded by others – I felt as if I didn’t belong in this world. This loneliness propelled me to see my truth, my origin, my home – this is as close to home as I could ever be, this is my paradise.

When we take time to ourselves, we give ourselves space to imagine, to create, to live – it provides the opportunity to have a deeper relationship with us.

I have learnt so much – mostly that we create our reality, and it is us that can change our lives, to discover our passions and to recognise anything is possible and everything is probable. That when we overcome fear, the universe rewards us in the most remarkable ways.

We set our own limits, we are our own limitation but when we can follow our heart, our intuition, not our head, this is when the magic happens.  This is when faith and grace and love are our leaders, this is when miracles happen, and this is how our life changes.

Each day I wake up in awe and gratitude for this dream I live. I too have learnt that there is great power in gratitude.

You are not the person you were this morning, or yesterday or a year ago – my advice, live, live your life to the fullest, find gratitude in the simplest things, live a full lived life and follow your heart and your passions, live a life without regrets.

Many of us make the mistake of suppressing our creative desires because we’re afraid. Faith allows us to always choose love over fear.

You can’t get it wrong, this is your life, your paintbrush, your story, you are the captain of your ship – so, sing your hearts truest song, sing you.”

We set our own limits, we are our own limitation but when we can follow our heart, our intuition, not our head, this is when the magic happens.  

Never give up on your dream!

And I’ve learnt – Never be afraid of making a mistake because sometimes that will be the best thing you ever do.

Luisa x

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