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What is the soul in logical, tangible, scientific terms?

Guest Blog by Else Byskov.  

These are exciting times because just as 2021 starts Netflix has launched a series titled: Surviving death. This means that what I have been `preaching´ for decades, viz. that death is an illusion, has finally reached the mainstream media. Now, it seems, we can talk openly about why death is not the end without being disbelieved and ridiculed. At least, I hope so. I know this will take time, but at least a decisive step in the right direction has been taken.

In this connection I have found it relevant to define and explain in logical, tangible, and scientific terms what the soul is.

The soul is a very old term that everybody has heard, but maybe not understood in modern terms. We have probably all been taught that we have a soul, but how can we understand this intangible item today, in this well-informed, modern world with a scientific outlook? A lot of people will even claim that we do not have a soul, because to the tune of religion losing ground in the mentality of a lot of people, the existence of the soul is being questioned and even denied. But the existence of our soul has nothing to do with religion. Its existence is real and factual whether you believe in it or not.

So, let us have a look at how the soul can be defined in modern, tangible, and scientific terms.

The irrefutable existence of invisible, intangible matter

In order to understand what the soul is we must first realize that the world does not only consist of visible, tangible stuff. This is no longer up for debate as it is an irrefutable fact that non-visible, intangible matter exists in the shape of electromagnetic radiation. We use this type of matter every day when we speak on our cell phone, roam cordlessly on the Internet, use GPS, listen to radio or watch television, have our leg x-rayed or heat our food in the microwave oven.

So, claiming that invisible, intangible matter does not exist is futile because it is a proven fact that it does. Electromagnetic radiation has a double characteristic: it holds information and energy. Martinus calls electromagnetic radiation ray-formed matter, but it is just two different ways of naming the same thing, and even if it is invisible it is a type of matter because its existence is irrefutable.

Electromagnetic radiation holds energy and energy is key if we want to know what the soul is.

Our soul is reflected in our aura

Around our body there is an energy field also referred to as our aura. The existence of this field can be measured, so it is pointless to claim that it does not exist. It can also be photographed with the use of the Kirlian technology:

The aura

The energy field of the aura penetrates the whole body and it reaches about 50 cm. out from the body.

All living beings have an aura but a dead body does not. This means that the energy field of the aura is in fact identical to our soul. But what is the function of the aura? What does it mean?

Our aura is our life force

Our aura is a field of energy. Energy holds force. We need energy to move things, to take action, to walk, talk, think and act, and this energy is held in our aura which is then identical to our life force. As long as this energy field / life force is present in and around the body, the body is alive. Once the energy field / life force leaves the body, the body is dead. It is dead because it has lost its source of energy.

Our aura is also identical to our consciousness

Our aura is furthermore the field of energy that holds our consciousness. Energy holds information as well as force. Energy has a double characteristic: it holds force and information at the same time. As we can see on the photo, our consciousness is not restricted to the brain although that is how it has traditionally been perceived. Because the aura is a field of energy, it is present everywhere around and inside the body.

What is our consciousness then? Well, it is this energy field that holds our ´I´ or sense of self. It also holds the totality of our thoughts, our memories, our level of intelligence, our character traits and personality, our abilities, habits, tastes and tendencies, our emotional intelligence, our likes and dislikes, what we can accept and are willing to do, what we can find it in our hearts to do to others, what we dare or are afraid of, our possible phobias, our emotions and patterns of reaction, our morals and moral compass, our ethics, the basis for our behavior, our cardinal virtues, all our experiences, all the knowledge that we have accumulated and our talents.

These consciousness traits have been accumulated by us over a whole series of incarnations and they are totally unique to us because they are based on our experiences, mistakes, and sufferings.  No two persons have the same ´ingredients´ in their consciousness, because no two people have been through the same events, set-backs, disasters and sufferings in former lives.

We take the essence and lessons from our experiences with us from life to life because these lessons are stored in our ´fate element´ which we can envisage as a kind of storage `room´ in our supra consciousness. This means that for each life we live, we grow in experiences and learnings, and all those lessons will eventually result in wisdom, insight and finally: enlightenment.

We also take our talents with us from life to life. Our talents are the result of practice that we have performed in former lives. What we did often in a past life and became good at will become a talent and we will take this talent with us into our next life, because the know-how of the talent will be stored in our fate element and transferred to our next physical body via our consciousness or soul. Today a lot of children are born with huge talents for a whole range of innate abilities which are impossible to explain without reincarnation, because often the children will display talents that none of the parents have.


It is also our soul/ life force / consciousness in its energy field that reincarnates into the fertilized egg at the moment of conception and that creates its new body in the womb. This has been explained in depth in her book: Reincarnation in a Nutshell

So, to sum up the hands-on definition of the soul: our soul is the energy field that holds our consciousness / life force. It holds our I and all the wisdom we have accumulated over many lives. And because energy cannot be created or destroyed according to the first law of thermodynamics, our soul is eternal. It cannot be dissolved, and it is who we really are. The many physical bodies that we have used over our many many incarnations are just instruments that the soul has used for its visits to the physical world. And each time we reincarnate we get the latest body model, all shiny new and polished, with new, updated soft-ware, better looking and cleverer, wiser, and more all-loving.  How cool is that?


Else Byskov was a guest on the Passion Harvest interview series.

Find our more about Else in her interview with Passion Harvest below.

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