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Looking back on a 2020, what an incredible year it has been for me and for you too I am sure. Such growth, such fear, such surrendering, such loss, such gain, such love, such abundance and so many lessons, so many lessons on how to live a full lived life.

I really have to divide up the lessons I have learnt between the two parallels of life – love and fear.

This is really what it all comes down to in a very simplified form. There are many intricacies of this, many avenues, my paths, many stories but ultimately for me, this is what its about. It’s a delicate balance between the two opposites of the reality we consciously or unconsciously create for ourselves, Love and the heart or Fear and the ego. Its our choice.

So I have learnt to always choose love, make freedom my prime concern. Learnt to say no more often and set boundaries. Understanding where I am so I can prosper from the experience of it. To make the appropriate choices and changes, be consciously aware of reality.

There really are alternatives to present circumstances, but first I must always recognize what needs to be changed inside of me.

If you want to be free, you must start living more freely! Get away from old routines and do things differently.



Choose in every moment.

When you hear those thoughts of fear and the ego, think, hey, that the past version of me. I am so different to the person I was yesterday, a week ago, a month ago. Choose again

I am free to choose again and free to choose with my heart and free to choose to create how I feel, despite the external circumstances, I am free to choose in every now moment.

When I experience negatively, fear, doubt, anger, what a gift and an opportunity to practice surrendering to my heart. To step deeper into CHOICE

So the lesson here is, what are you choosing right now?

Am I giving permission to fear or to my heart?



I have learnt to say no more often. Its hard I’m a people pleaser. Its about putting myself first, you see you can’t be a beacon of light if you are depleted. I care less what others think and more importantly what I think, no one knows what’s best for me except me.

Sometimes we give so much that we are tired and then become resentful to those who you gave to, when in fact it’s not their fault.

So, the lesson here is don’t give all of yourself until there is not much left because you wont be able to be of help to anyone if you don’t nourish yourself first.



So, I thought that I had removed all my fears, I WISH! but I was wrong a few came up for me this year. I now always, always embrace fear knowing that once I have recognised it, it must eventually disappear.

Fear is not real. I’m talking about the fear our minds create. Because our minds, our thoughts create our life, our reality, everything is a reflection of our internal landscape.

The thing about fear is, its not real and it takes you off the right track, bucks the current of life, the flow and denies the divine essence of you. It will stop you singing your hearts true song – stop you from singing your full spectrum of colours?

For me, I found the only way I can align with fear, is to agree with it and give it permission.

Fear is false, evidence, appearing, real. That’s it, fear is not true.

What about my fear of starting passion harvest and everybody, my family and friends would think that I was weird, one of those alternative people, a hippy, I soon stopped caring but it was a very real fear for a while. I’ve realised that people will like your or love you or not and both are ok if you are being you, because the most important love is the love that you have for yourself and the most important thoughts and words in the universe are the ones you tell yourself.

FEAR has been a big, the biggest lesson for me and all of the elements and ways that it manifests, in fact it’s a wonderful yet perhaps unwanted teacher, a masterful professor, a camouflage of reality, when in fact it is never real.

Fear keeps coming back to you until you learn this lesson and the best advice I can give you is don’t answer the door when it comes knocking, don’t be fooled by its disguise, don’t be taken in by its willingness to please the ego, don’t engage with it at all. Fear is the destroyer of dreams, fear will ruin you hopes and embrace your sorrow, fear will stop you from following your passions, fear will hold you back from living a lived life, it’s a very tricky, relentless energy than can only be removed by;

  • Recognising in your life where you are holding fear
  • Changing your patterns of though
  • Choosing love



The opposite of fear is love. Love creates liberation and freedom. It feels so much better, so much lighter, so much happier.

Its amazing how you can change a belief about something, someone, something and all of a sudden you are free.

We are not victims, having that attitude from my own personal growth, would never have allowed me to be free and I take 100% responsibility for my life.

Often, we can feel that life is stagnant, monotonous when in fact it is moving at a rapid pace, If you keep doing the same things you are going to get the same results – so perhaps its time to change.

I did say to myself a few times this year as a reminder, I AM FREE.

I chose each time love, ok sometimes I’m a slow learner and on occasion my ego gets the best of me and goes crazy with all these stories, although I have now learnt to distinguish between ego and intuition – it’s quite simple – one feels good and one feels bad.

I walk a lot, and I also think a lot when I walk. I was thinking about love and the whole concept of love.

Love is a force of nature, it can happen when you least expect it, pulls you unawares and without reason, asks you to be vulnerable and surrender, offers great riches but also suffering. Love can sweep you up and pull you down, love asks you to do things you may not normally do, it doesn’t make sense to the mind, love excites you and makes you fragile and vulnerable. But also, in accepting this great changes can occur.

I thought to myself when I look back on 2020, my heart gave itself away, I chose love as if I had no choice in the matter, in fact I wasn’t even consulted at all.

How wonderful life would be if we lived from a place like this in all aspects of our life, a place of love and surrender to the divine, to the true essence of ourselves. Living from a place when you don’t have a choice is an ultimate act of faith.

How life can be so much easier, softer, gentler, if we open our hearts to love and follow it, not so caught up in the end goal, in fact there never is an end goal, life is always evolving, moving never stagnant, but if we can offer our heart to lead the way, the journey, this I think is a key.

I gave my heart to Passion Harvest, well I didn’t give it, it offered itself, I followed and what a wonderful journey it has been.

In giving my heart, in that process of surrendering, not knowing the outcome, the final destination, just appreciating the journey it has rewarded me with so many riches, the riches that cannot be bought or sold and that the love that I receive from the community and the incredible interactions I have with the guests.

The connections I have met along the way are remarkable, life changing. A few times in a lifetime, those special kind of people, those one of a kind, kind of people come into your life – well I have had already more than a life’s share, and I am so blessed to I share this with you.

Earlier this year I had an image of a globe and I saw lights all around the globe lighting up, I realised then that all my guests are soul family, I called it, ‘Soul Family Star Constellation.’ There was this intricate connection, an energetic web.

I often am asked why my guests say yes to an interview and how do I find them, I call it divine guidance, only because I haven’t thought of a better phrase. But this is what passion harvest is and you too are all part of this family, that is bigger than me born out of love and passion with a vision to inspire hope and truth and freedom and what a wonderful journey it’s been and continues to be.

I haven’t really said this before, but in some way all of the guests are a remembering, an activation, a word, a phase, a soul memory, a trigger, a smile, something happens in these interviews that in turn ripples out to the audience, perhaps you could call it freedom, or love, or hope, or passion or joy, but I do know that many of you receive what you need, to hear or see or feel.

There are so many of you who are so kind and send me remarkable messages of gratitude, I cannot name you all but each and every one of you have touched my hearts in some way.

So really, without you the audience, there is nothing, what’s the fun of doing it alone? Its you that have created this wonderful platform and my lesson is my gratitude for you. Thank you for being you, thank you for sharing this journey with me, thank you to being open to the many guests and what they have to say, thank you for embracing passion harvest and thank you for evolving and when you do this, not only do you change, but your friends and family change too, this is the power of community, collective consciousness, this is the power of people, this is the power of love. Love tuns into love, there is no other way.

So having said that, many of you ask me, how do I find my passion? I would say to you, do something you love, offer your heart, fall in love, be vulnerable, throw loves dice, take a chance, don’t get fixed on the end goal and embrace the journey.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney

Everyone of you have a special gift, a talent, that no one else has, we all are really one of a special kind.



  1. LOVE – is real and guides you on your highest path, allow your heart to lead you always with love and kindness
  2. FEAR –is not real
  3. BE YOURSELF –never be anyone or anything but yourself, speak your truth, its liberating – like dancing in the rain
  4. FREEDOM – recognise you are free right now, despite your external circumstances, this is your birthright
  5. BOUNDARIES – say no more often and ask yourself what do I want?
  6. TRUST – always trust yourself, listen to your intuition
  7. NOW – there is only now, in each moment we have a choice, how to be, how to create, how to live, how to die, how to feel, how to be remembered, there is only now.
  8. COMMUNITY – the power of others and the power of the collective far exceeds the power of an individual, it’s much more fun to co create


Always choose love.

Much love to you, happy new year and see you next in 2021.

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