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My incredible FIND, FOLLOW, FEEL method is transformational in you embracing your passion.

I love helping you to find your passion, harvest your passions and live your passion.

And guess what “Your Passion is the only thing standing in between you and your Goals!”

I am going to tell you how to incorporate my FIND, FOLLOW, FEEL method to unlock and live your passions.

What is A Passion?

Passion is power, passion is purpose, passion is momentum passion is your soul connecting with you, passion is fun, passion is power, passion is joy and passion completes you.

And life without passion is a big no thank you!

You don’t need some epic world changing goal or dream, especially if that feels out of reach or overwhelming. You also don’t need to know how you are going to make this dream happen.

You just need a clear mark because it’s pretty impossible to hit a clear target if you can’t see it. Here’s what else is exciting about our process, here’s what we love.

Once you clarify and commit to your dream, powerful and miraculous forces begin to occur and that’s what we do at Passion Harvest, we guide you every step of the way.

I found a system to evaluate and make the necessary changes to where I want to be, to live the life of my dreams. I am going to summarise it for you in this audio, I like to call it the FIND FOLLOW FEEL Sounds simple? –

Don’t get me wrong I am no sage or guru but I discovered that I have the intuitive ability to connect you with your intrinsic passions, your souls yearning, your truth, recognising your fundamental desires and execute strategies to bring you back into alignment with your most empowered self, to help you create a life with meaning and purpose.

Changing your life, can be scary, tell me about it, I used to be overwhelmed with fear but by taking small steps and embracing my passions wholeheartedly, choosing in favour of my passions, I have transformed, I have purpose and power and I am alive, I’ve got the juice back.

Once I started following my passions astounding things started happening in my life

Let me tell you a little story, When I first stated Passion Harvest, I was concerned and perhaps a little fearful of what my friends and family would think of me, they had not seen this side of me. I didn’t want them to think I was to ‘alternative’.  But as I continued and grew it became a natural progression for me and this is my journey, my life and I it I feel is right, even if I make mistakes, it is right for as I speak this to you know I know that both you and I are exactly where we need to be!

After my first meeting with my website designer developing Passion Harvest, I was overwhelmed and unsure of myself and didn’t know if I could do this? Me, Luisa, what did I have to offer to change people’s lives, to be a motivational speaker, to inspire. I was sitting in the café below the website designers office and I looked up and saw a chalk board on the wall that said, ‘Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire’. In that moment I knew what I was doing was right and doubt and fear left me.

You already have this power, it’s not something you can buy, its free.

How to live a fulfilling life?

A life you are connected to and a life that you really feel and love and jump out of bed and smile at the day ahead and say- Yes!

Let’s start with STEP 1: FIND

Finding your Passion you can read all about this in How to Find Your Passion, watch some inspiring Passionate Interviews with though leaders who have discovered and are living their passions or enroll in the foundational Get Passionate Course, or just check out the website there are so many free awesome resources.

How do I find my Passion?

What matters most to you? So, let’s focus on the areas that you can help to improve and recognise your fundamental desires, your purpose, your dreams.

Life is such an incredible journey,  it meant to be fun, its meant to be happy and you are meant to live it to the fullest, to thrive and to find joy and yes to have contract and conflict along the way but…. If you feel inclined, if this kind of wakes you up and if you want to be the navigator of your life, do it. Here’s how to start.

What do you want? Is it creativity, is it a family, perhaps its travelling, or perhaps it’s an abundance of money to have more freedom?

Listen to that gentle whisper, what do you like doing, what lights you up, what did you love doing when you were a child, what makes you laugh and what can you do for hours and lose track of time.

Be specific – and don’t focus on the outcome here, it’s really important that you write down what you like to do, stay with me.

Here are some fundamental tips and questions you need to follow – dig deep, your passion is worth it

  1. What is it you want more of in your life?
  2. How can you put in place some actions to achieve it?
  3. What is the purpose and the why?
  4. Why do you want to achieve this passion?
  5. What will it do for you?
  6. How will it make you feel?


Be really really honest with yourself and find a passion that really does it, that excites your soul, that make your stomach flitter with butterflies and that makes you unable to think of nothing else in the doing of it. Be courageous and own it!

What do you like to do? If you know – amazing and if you don’t that’s OK trust me it will come, I would recommend you ask the question and write down everything, don’t think about it, don’t analyse it – you can’t get it wrong that’s the most beautiful thing about passion – it is unique to all of us.

When you have finished writing your list, choose one!

So, let’s start with some helping tips to take action on your dreams. start with 1 thing (numero uno), one desire, one passion, one dream.

Right now, write down one thing that you really want, what motivates you, the sweet spot, what are you passionate about?

Write it down on a piece of paper in bold and underline it and look at it and close your eyes and imagine the feeling of having it? what does it feel like,  what does it feel like, what does it feel like in the having of it?

Ask yourself the question; How does it change you?


How do I follow my Passion?

What steps can you FOLLOW in order to reach your goal?

Now the next step I call the Passion Principle.

This is so important and if you follow it – it works. If you are uninspired DO IT!! – this is essentially the Passion Principle.

Once you are clear on what you want you need to take action. Look I get that the vibration needs to be ready first and you need to align yourself BUT while you are waiting – take a jump- be brave – what’s the worst that can happen. You are brave, you are fearless

So, if you are passionate about writing a book and that is your number one passion – start writing – be consistent – do it. If you are passionate about losing weight – commit to doing exercise every day – if you are passionate about meeting new friends – get out there – push yourself and engage with others!

Serious it takes 30 days to change a behaviour and get off the couch and go you passionate being!

Fake it to you make it! OK so I don’t always advise this but… guess what it helps in the face of doubt… it helps you change habits and negative thoughts.

Follow the Passion Principle – it allows flowing – it allows clarity – it embraces momentum! Yes, that momentum is a wonderful thing. Star Becoming the conscious creator of your life.

When should you start? How about now

And then finally


How can I manifest my passion?

When you close your eyes, you can see the world you wish to create within. When you can see it, you become a passionate magnate and your world manifests with intention.

Feel it, imagine it, dream it, remove any tension and let go and allow passion to come into your life.

Let go – release and when you let go magic happens.

So, in summary let’s review FIND, FOLLOW, FEEL.

  1. FIND your passion -get really clear and be specific
  2. FOLLOW your passion and embrace the PASSION PRINCIPLE – focus and action
  3. FEEL your passion. There is nothing greater than aligning with your passion and remember the how is the job of the universe!!!


And with that I say congratulations! – you are on your path to embracing your passions.

You can get even more Passionate by follow Passion Harvest on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

We would love to hear from, tell us how you are living your passions.

May you be more and more passionate every day.

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