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The Truth of Ourselves

We exist within a body, which exists on the Earth.

The power of this connection used to be self-evident – the raw and natural context of living in nature provided an inherent connection to the stream of our life force. Some people call this ‘shakti’. Shakti is a sense of potent aliveness, a rich and vibrant living force felt in the blood that connects us to all things.

In the movement away from hunter-gatherer, tribal type realities, into cities, our deep Earth connection and all it gave us was diminished. Our focus and energy needed to be directed in a way to uphold the functioning of larger, more complex societies and was no longer deeply tied to the Earth and her cycles of fertility.

Basically, this lack of connection to the Earth and our vibrant vitality is at the heart of the human yearning to become more. In recovering this connection we find the foundation for health, fulfilment, inspiration, and grounded truth.

I have found that connecting with the Earth’s Energy Lines is a way to bring my awareness back to its essential nature though deepening into Earth connection and a practice that also helped me on my journey to regaining my health.

What are Energy Lines?

Energy Lines exist all over the planet and conduct the particular vibrations of the Earth’s local energies to those who connect to them. Energy Lines have a gravity, and this gravity is deep and ancient. In connecting to the Earth’s Energy Lines we can recover an ancient and foundational aspect of our own being which has been diminished by living in the modern world. When we realign ourselves with the Earth’s natural flows of energy, we re-vivify those flows within our own being – enabling us to embody the true nature of ourselves as divine creatures on the Earth. Reclaiming and activating these parts of ourselves allows us to fully ground our spiritual work into our bodies.

Basically Energy Lines help humans connect to the Earth.  They don’t belong to anyone or any one culture, and exist independently of people meditating into them and accessing their energy.

You may have heard about the Earth’s Ley lines which are like meridian pathways on the planet. The lines I am discussing here today are similar but different to these. Ley lines are more like superhighways of energy whereas these Energy Lines are like local walking paths through the forest – smaller and more subtle. But don’t be turned off by their subtle nature – they offer us powerful gifts.

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How to Find Energy Lines

The easiest way to find an Energy Line is to go to a rocky place in a part of nature which has been preserved. This is because rocks magnify the magnetic fields of the Earth. But any nature place will do. It’s likely that you will be more attuned to Energy Lines in your own local area so perhaps start with a place that is nearby to your home.

Finding Energy Lines involves feeling, sensing, Earth based intuition, so connect with the land, take some deep breaths and drop your awareness down out of your mind and into your body. Perhaps sit down on the ground for a while and just be present in nature.

When you feel like you’ve relaxed and connected into the environment, gaze around and see if you feel drawn to a particular place nearby. Sometimes the placement of energy lines is obvious, like a nice flat rock that faces a distant mountain or island. If you are drawn to a spot like this then stand or take a seat there. Other times the placement is less obvious so follow your intuition. There’s a good chance that you may have naturally gravitated to an Energy Line when you sat down initially!

If you have well developed psychic senses you may be able to scan the environment and sense the power place. This is the case for me – when I am out in nature I can usually sense one of two kinds of Energy Lines, one appears as a line moving through the location, the other is like a puddle – a small pool of energy about half a meter wide on the ground. When you are able to find a line, you can sit on any point of that line or sense the place with stronger gravity or power. If you find an energy puddle, sit in it to access its medicine.

‘Seeing’ on the level of life force can be remarkably subtle. It is as much a sensing as a seeing, sensing that the body knows something, not the mind. It doesn’t have to be intense or obvious – it’s often just a moment, a flash, sometimes a vision superimposed on top of physical reality. Allowing this moment to be, so its message can be known and allowing its current to continue to flow, is one of the greatest skills to cultivate. Try not to grasp the experience or to work out its meaning with your mind, just trust and follow the sensing.

Of course, finding an Energy Line might seem hard at the beginning, but try to persevere with your intuition and senses until you find a place that makes you feel connected with your energy flowing deeply and calmly.

Once you’ve found a spot to sit, its time to drop deeper into connection with the Earth and feel the energy of the line.

How to ‘use’ them

Direct your attention down into your Dan Tien – the place below the navel where your body gathers and stores energy. Breathe into this space until you shift away from the mind and enter a felt state of being.

Place or intend your perception onto the Energy Line (even if you’re not sure if you’re on one!) whilst simultaneously remaining centred in your Dan Tien. Just keep a gentle focus, surrendering into the felt experience of what is happening as you’re connecting in the moment.

In years of connecting to the Earth’s Energy Lines, my friends and I have felt a range of common sensations. Some lines give you a sense of pulling downward; others cocoon you with their energy. At places which face a mountain or island, it is common to feel pulled from where you sit towards the distant location – the line itself running from the spot you’re on to the other locale or sometimes splitting off in two directions to connect with another mountain or island in the distance. You may also experience a sense of being ‘lifted up’, like you are very tall or just a felt sense of balance and expansion. The different manifestations access core levels of life-force, which innately exist in our human bio-field.

Whatever you’re feeling, just try to stay with the sensations and keep breathing and gently connecting with your lower energy centre and the Earth.

When you feel your consciousness shift into feeling full, centred, enervated, complete, calm, fulfilled and/or creatively inspired, you know that you’ve made a strong connection with the energy of the Earth at that place, which has reached a deep level of your awareness, below social conditioning and way below the mind.

Stay with the meditation until you feel a sense of closure and completion which usually comes after about 10-15 minutes. Sometimes the energy beckons you to stay longer, drawing you into to a deeper experience of coming home to yourself and the Earth.

If you’re meditating and not feeling anything, practice directing your intention/attention towards the place just underneath your belly button for around 10 minutes a day. When you feel a shift in your awareness, you can try it on the lines. Dropping out of your mind and connecting yourself to the Earth is powerful medicine in itself, so your practice in accessing Energy Lines can never be fruitless.

Once you have cultivated the art of connecting to Energy Lines you’ll have a powerful tool for grounding and actualising your potential as a mystical human on the Earth, as well as a practice that will deepen you into connection with the planet and its own shifts and evolutionary changes.


Good luck!

Chris-James Melchizedek

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